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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  November 24, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PST

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we will have that coming up. bill: we will have the full analysis from every angle. coming up now. martha: we will see you back here tomorrow, have a great day. jon: and we begin with a fox news alert. president obama about to announce a major shakeup in his national security team, resignation of defense secretary chuck hagel. senior official tells fox news "make no mistake, secretary hagel was fired." good monday morning to you. heather: those are some tough words coming out of that story right there. the secretary's departure comes as the president has been battered multiple times including the rise over isis and syria while the news broke settling this morning there are no reports pentagon officials have lost confidence in chuck hagel. there is a quote from november 6.
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jon: writing obama's biggest challenge is active test is whether he can revitalize the foreign-policy team we can make the most of these opportunities. white house officials say obama knows these new blood, wider bandwidth, more intellectual capital, choose your metaphor. joining us now, chief white house correspondent for "the new york times." is it a surprise to you chuck hagel is out? >> yeah, little bit of a surprise it happened this way. it has been known for a long time he was not suited for the job, the white house had recently headed on the chairman of joint chiefs, the secretary felt like an odd man out in a lot of these decisions that were made especially as they sent more troops over to iraq trying to fight the war in syria. >> his supporters answer the
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charge that he was quiet at staff meetings and so forth. he wanted to express his opinions privately with the president one-on-one to avoid the prospect. is that possible? >> that could be. but the only one that the president was listening to one-on-one was dempsey. hhe's going to need to shift strategy in the middle east, he has been pressing on the troop numbers, he is the most vocal and most influential military voice maybe one-on-one. jon: on friday we got almost a stealth announcement the white house has changed his thinking on troops in afghanistan that there would be true to meeting after of this year, which he has said they wouldn't be, undertaking some combat missions, not just
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training. that related were substantively different animal? >> in general the policy suggests their understanding of what is happening in afghanistan has evolved. they need for troops active, there would be advisory or training, little more leeway now in addition to the afghan forces and a sensitivity given would wt happened in iraq at the end of 2011, they don't want a similar type of insurgents in this case the telegram like this saw in iraq. i think the dissatisfaction on any particular issue like afghanistan goes to broader trend he wasn't really working out. jon: the president is choosing to go at it alone time and time again, increasing his use of
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executive orders to bypass congress, he defended those moves this weekend. a lot of people say he is on some dangerous ground and a lot of this stuff can be undone by a later president or later congress. >> survey would not be his first choice to close the borders because it is not going to last. executive order no doubt in effect when the next president comes in. it could be the next president republican would feel he or she is able to reverse some of the things he has done because they are in policies but it is not a permanent solution and does not go as far as he would like to go on things he makes a priority like immigration. but he is stretching the bounds of what is willing to do, he said in the past he couldn't do a lot of things on immigration, now he is saying he can. it does reflect he thinks this next congress is going to be one
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is going to be able to find common ground with. >> you get the impression he doesn't want to try to negotiate. i suppose he could blame the republicans and say they don't want to negotiate either. somehow somebody ought to get the two sides in a room and get something done. >> it doesn't seem like that is going to happen. his argument is slated six years for republicans to come around, it was a bipartisan bill passed the senate, the house chose not to take up in the idea of waiting longer has any better promise then go ahead and acting. having said that, it sets a tone now in a lame-duck congress of what congress to be like, doesn't set the tone of compromise where we had a lot of yelling back and forth and a lot of friction. >> the cottage that is. and great reform such an urgent item he could have done it then.
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>> he also had some other priorities, he is working health care his number one priority. he didn't do that in the first two years, with a sensitive issue then. he has not abl been able to gett done with republican house. it is a touchstone issue. one that draws a lot of passion on both sides of the aisle especially back over into other issues. can speak parchment place to one area. jon: they were elected by the people in the same with president was. >> and that is always good for president at this stage of his presidency. have to find a way to work with him or he will do it he can do by himself. jon: of the only republican in his cabinet is on his way out. thank you. >> thank you. >> south carolina republican senator lindsey graham now blessing house intelligence
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committee report that clear the government, military and the cia of wrongdoing in connection with the terror attack that took the lives of four americans. catherine is live in washington with more. senator graham has a plan, what is it? >> thank you very much, heather. good morning. we will start with republicans on the committee. they filed in appendix showing the acting commissioner take on public affairs and policymaking roles when he made snif signifit changes the talking points on the demonstrations that spun out of control. writing it is unfathomable that the white house policy preferences or concerned the state department senior officials did not factor into his calculations of what was fair. reasons we believe the testimony was in times incomplete. in the days after the 2012 assault, he relied on his 30 years as an analyst with the cia
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to make changes but in his public testimony before the committee earlier this year, one republican lawmaker says his plans were not believable. >> did not have a change because you made the changes for them. that is the point, that is why you are in front of this committee today. you made significant substantive changes for the white house what it was on behalf, we don't know but you'r you are the one who me those changes. >> also to evidence of cia allegations of gaza. the director of national intelligence confirmed the cia was tracking weapons moving from libya to syria which adds to the role there. the chairman shut down the discussion stating not every member of the committee hearing had a high enough security clearance to know about this apparent program. heather. heather: thank you.
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you were ahead of that story long ago, i do recall you reporting on that. thank you. >> you're welcome. jon: fox news alert on the big story of the morning. longtime senator from nebraska and vietnam veteran chuck hagel is stepping down as century of defense after just over a year and a half on the job. bret baier now joins us from washington. >> this was a surprise for some inside the pentagon and reporting as jennifer griffin over there that there have at least one official saying make no mistake despite all of the talk of this publicly, chuck hagel was fired. the president and administration looking for somebody postelection to fire and you saw a number of articles come out soon after the election about chuck hagel being distracted or disengaged at national security meetings, the writing was on the
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wall a core into officials speaking anonymously. i think you're going to hear the president praise chuck hagel for his service. the question will be with the next is. the successor. lot of people spake leading about various things. jon: the problems, isis, ebola. does he have a phone a sort for that mark >> that is what the administration would like to see happen. it is piled onto one cabinet official but this is the administration taking a lot of criticism for micromanaging all aspects. that has been the case as is the president walk in with the secretary of defense. jon: we will hear the announcement now. president obama: about a year ago secretary of defense chuck hagel was with the troops in
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korea thanking them for their service and answering the questions they asked about the usual topics, national security, future of our military, and then one soldier, sergeant from ohio asked him what was most pertinent question of the day which was what was your favorite college football team to which he replied born and raised in nebraska, don't have a choice, i am a strong cornhuskers fan. there was a time when enlisted soldier might have been reluctant to ask that kind of question of the secretary of defense. but chuck hagel has been no ordinary secretary of defense. the first, veteran to serve in that position. he understands our men and women like few others because he stood where they stood, he has been in the dirt and he has been in the mud and that has established a special bond.
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he sees himself in them and they see themselves in him and their safety, their lives have always been at the center of chuck's service. when i asked chuck to serve as century of defense, we were entering a significant period of transition. draw down in afghanistan, the need to prepare our forces for future missions as tough fiscal choices to keep the military strong and ready. nearly two years chuck has been an exemplary defense secretary providing a steady hand as we modernize our strategy and budget to meet long-term threats while still responding to the media's challenges like isil and ebola. we are on a firm footing engaged in these issues and looking forward to the future.
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last month chuck came to me to discuss the final quarter of my presidency and determine having guided the department through this transition it was an appropriate time for him to complete his service. but we just say he isn't has been a great friend of mine, i have known him, admired him and trusted him for nearly a decade since i was a green behind the ears fresh and center, we were both on the senate foreign relations committee. if there's one thing i know about chuck, he does not make this or any decision lightly. the decision is not come easily to him but i consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have had him by my side for two years and i am grateful chuck has agreed to stay on until i nominate a successor and that sets are confirmed by the senate which means he will need to guide our troops in the challenging time. i will have more opportunity to pay tribute to his service in the days ahead, for now let me just say this, chuck hagel has
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devoted himself to our national security and our men and women in uniform for more than six decades. he volunteered for vietnam and still has the scars and shrapnel from the battles that he fought. he fought to give the veterans especially fellow vietnam veterans the benefits they had earned. as a head of the uso making sure that always on the troops. any senator he led the fight for post-9/11 g.i. bill helping so many of the newest veterans and families realize the dreams of a college education. as secretary, he helped transition our military and foster america's leadership around the world. during his tenure, afghan forces took the lead in afghanistan, our forces have drawn down, combat mission ends next month and we will partner with afghans to preserve the gains that we have made.
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the nato alliance is as strong as it has ever been and we have reassured our allies and increased presence in central and eastern europe. we have modernized our alliance in the asian pacific, updated defense posture and recently agreed to improve communications between the u.s. and chinese militaries. chuck has been critical of all these compliments. meanwhile his insured our military is ready for new missions. today our men and women in the fight against isil in iraq and syria, chuck helped build international coalition to ensure that the world' is meetig this threat together. today our forcer help and support swing effort against ebola in west africa and a reminder as chuck like to say america's mutters greatest force for good in the world. finally in a very difficult environment, chuck is never lost
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sight of key priorities. the readiness of our force and equality the life of our troops and their families, he is launched reforms to make sure even as the military is leaner, it is the strongest in the world and so our troops can continue to get the pay, the housing, health care, the childcare that their families need. reforms we need congress to now support. at the same time, after the tragedies be seen, chuck has helped lead the efforts to improve security at the military installations and stamp out the scourge of sexual assault on the ranks. i want to thank you i personal level. we come from different parties but accepting this position you send a powerful message especially to folks in this city when it comes to our national security and caring for the troops, we are all americans
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first. when i made you for this position you said you'd give me me your honest advice. you have. when it has mattered most behind closed doors in the oval office is always given it to me straight, and for that i'll always be grateful. i recall when i was a nominee in 2008 and i traveled to afghanistan and iraq, chuck hagel a company man that trip, it is pretty rare a time when sometimes this town is so politicized to have a friend who was willing to accompany a nominee from another party because he understood where end up being president what was most important was that we were unified when we confronted the challenges overseas, that is the kind of class and integrity
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chuck hagel has always represented. now, chuck, you have said is only as good as your family and friends surrounding you, in that you are blessed. i want to thank your wife, your son and daughters who the sacrifices they have made as well. they are equally excited to get the husband and father back, and i am sure the cornhuskers are happy a fan will be there to cheer them on more often. today united states america can proudly claim the strongest military the world has ever known as a result of the investments made over many decades, treasure, sacrifice of many generations as a result of the character and wisdom of those who leads them as well including serving as our century of defense. thank you, chuck.
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[applauding] >> thank you, thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. mr. president, thank you for your generous words, your friendship, for your support, which i have always valued and will continue to value. not all, but my dear friend, vice president joe biden, who i have always admired and respected both the present and i have learned an awful lot from the vice president over the
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years. and i want to thank the deputy sick. defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, who also is here. i want to thank them for being here this morning. i also want to thank you both for your tremendous leadership of the defense department in which you mean to be men and women and families all over the world. and for the honor i have had to serve with each of you and the privileges it has been in every way. and i want to thank the entire leadership team at the pentagon. without their support and wise counsel over the last couple of years, our many accomplishments the president noted some, i have been part of that, but it is a team, all these tremendous men and women as you know that make this happen, and i could not be
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prouder of them and what we have accomplished over the almost two years i've had the honor of serving in this position. as the president noted, i have smitty did my resignation of secretary of defense. it has been the greatest privilege of my life, the greatest privilege of my life to lead and most important to serve, to serve with the men and women of the defense department and support their families. i'm immensely proud of what we have accomplished during this time. we have prepared ourselves as a president has noted and national security forces for successful transition in afghanistan. we bolstered enduring alliances and strengthened emerging partnerships while successfully responding to crises around the world. and we have launched important reforms as a president noted, reforms that will prepare this institution the challenges facing us for decades to come.
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i believe we have set not only this department, the department of defense, but the nation on a stronger course toward security, stability and prosperity. if i didn't believe that, i would not have done this job. as our country prepares to celebrate thanksgiving, i want you mr. president and you, vice president, to acknowledge what you have done and how grateful i am to both of you for your leadership and your friendship and for giving me this opportunity to serve our country once again. i will continue to support you, mr. president, and the men and women who defend this country every day. so unselfishly and their families, what they do for our country, so unselfishly. and as i have said and as a president noted, i will stay and work just as hard as i have over
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the last couple of years every day, every moment until my successor is confirmed by the ress mystates senate. gratitude for my colleagues and capitol hill. my gratitude to them for their support of me, but more importantly the support of the troops and their families and their continued commitment to our national security. i also want to thank my national counterparts for their friendship and their partnership and their advice during my time as century of defense. their involvement with me and their partnership with me in so many of these important areas as we deal with these collisions of common interest as you've noted, mr. president, are so critically important, to them i'm grateful and will be forever grateful. and finally i would like to thank my family, my wife, who you have mentioned, mr. president, who was with me
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this morning as she has been with me throughout the many years and during so many tremendous experiences. this period is an opportunity and privilege to serve as secretary of defense has been one of those. and to my daughter and my son. mr. president, again, thank you. to you and to all of our team everywhere as we know, it is a team effort. that is the part of the fun of it, to help build teams and to work together to make things happen for the good of the country and make a better world. for that i am immensely grateful and to all of you, your famili families, happy thanksgiving, thank you very much. [applauding] jon: three former members was a scotus world's most exclusive
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club standing there at the podium. vice president joe biden, the president barack obama and of course the outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel announcing he has given his resignation. bret baier, the report jennifer griffin is giving us from the pentagon suggests this was not hagel's decision. >> the staff at the pentagon is saying he initiated the discussions in october, soon after all of these article started servicing the president is going to shake up his national security team. those articles intensified with specifics of chuck hagel being disengaged according to anonymous sources in the administration. that started this conversation and they said according to jennifer's reporting it was a mutual decision but others have said hagel was essentially shown the door. bottom line, this was expected praising his service.
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anybody who gets into one of these positions is serving the country, and it is a big deal to do with. he has a listing with record of serving in the u.s. monetary and vietnam and obviously monitoring for this post. it didn't start out so well, it was an inauspicious start that was pretty bumpy. he was behind the scenes, didn't really speak out a lot after getting part of his service as defense secretary, but toward the end when he did speak out and made some news, he was saying things the administration didn't really want him to say. the strength and power of isis and extremism and how much more needed to be done on that front. there was some budding of heads and he criticized privately micromanaging by the administration military, the war effort at the pentagon. jon: the situation, the
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beheadings of american hostages, ebola, all of that the white house has taken a lot of heat over that and after the president's comments isis was in effect the jv team internet not to be the case, so the thinking is chuck hagel is getting, well i guess it sort of the sacrificial lamb for some of that? >> the sense was they were having some sort of a shakeup, some sort of resignation after that election loss and it is interesting because he is not the only republican in the of administration now the veteran affairs republican. but he is seen as one of the people at the beginning was being touted as a bipartisan choice. he is being set aside, to be interesting to see who the choice will be going forward and
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whether that person is in the mold of leon panetta or bob gates, a forceful force inside the cabin and of him or herself ofor that person is a little moe quiet and goes along with what the administration really wants to do on all fronts. jon: some of his big ovation was after five years of robert gates tenure at the defense department that the white house was looking for someone a little more quiet. they were looking for someone who was not going to rock the boat so much and now perhaps they say he was a little too quiet. >> at the end he was saying things pushing back against some of the administration talking points on various things. the bottom line is you have some names being floated out there.
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former undersecretary of defense senator jack reed from rhode island and also ash carter, former deputy defense secretary, think all three of those are possible. it will be interesting. a statement by john mccain. incoming senator saying he hopes it is more than the mold of bob gates. he also praised chuck hagel despite some positive differences along the way. jon: we will let you get to it. heather: that is going to be a very good show tonight. more on the departure of chuck hagel coming up next, and we will talk with retired navy captain to get his take on this, plus media coverage of the grand jury looking at the shooting death of michael brown. and why new york city mayor rudy giuliani is being called out for some of his comments that he made. we will bring that to you next.
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heather: a fox news alert now, president obama moments ago announcing the departure of defense secretary chuck hagel. captain nash is a former u.s. navy captain. he's here to talk with us about the implications of that. captain nash, this came as a bit of a surprise to some watching this this morning. i want to get your reaction to the president's news. >> the ripples have been in the pond for a couple of months now. goes all the way back to some
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articles where secretary hagel sent a memo over to the national security adviser or, ms. rice, and told her that she's getting too in the weeds, and i think he was trying to keep the lid on some broad dissatisfaction within the uniform military and the pentagon, and he was trying to bridge the two. he was assured that there would be some changes in the national security team, and that was immediately prior to the midterm elections. and now post-midterm elections he finds the change is going to be none other than himself. [laughter] you know -- yeah, go ahead. heather: he had also expressed concerns about isis, a message that the president obviously did not want to hear. did that kind of straight talk, in your view, did that do him in in the end? >> i don't know, because i think general dempsey's been saying the same things. so it's coming from secretary hagel, and i think what they were looking at is that
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secretary hagel was brought in to finish doing a job, to manage the downsizing and the cutting of the defense budget. when they started looking at things and all of the criticisms, the wheels coming off on everything all over the world which are the result of foreign policy decisions, and now looking at the military having to do something and trying to manage the dissatisfaction, somebody had to go, and so it was secretary hagel. heather: well, i wonder if they're blaming him for the mistakes of just the administration's policy. you don't have to be a republican or democrat to know that the situation with isis is a bit of a mess. >> it is a mess, and the chinese sensing american weakness are building a robust military, and they're not building defensive weapons, they're building offensive platforms. the russians, we're looking at a resurgent russia under putin. he's annexed the crimea. we don't b even talk about the crimea anymore. that's just a given -- health
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health well, we've actually been covering that here because we recognize that is an important story, at least on this show. but you mentioned the chinese, and what is the takeaway for some of the people that we are fighting right now, whether it be isis, vladimir putin? as the united states will now be distracted by coming up with a new secretary of defense? >> well, i think looking at the apparatus, if you will, the people in the administration, i don't think that's going to make a big difference in the halls of power in russia and china and elsewhere. but what it does show is that we're flipping, we're rolling people over. so now the question's going to be does this indicate a change in policy, or are we merely changing the person who calls himself secretary of defense? heather: that's a good point. i want to ask you about afghanistan. president obama has signed off on some new guidelines there, so u.s. troops will be able to take on a greater combat role in that country despite the fact that combat missions were supposed to end by the end of this year.
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what does that mean for the war in afghanistan? >> well, actually, if you look at the guidance, heather, u.s. troops are allowed to be involved in combat in three situations. one, if they're attacked, they always have the right of self-defense. two, if they can attack taliban or other terrorist groups that pose a threat to the united states. or, three, in direct support of afghan forces in combat. well, that's pretty much what they're doing right now. so really this was we're not going to be doing this, and then i think some cooler heads came in probably in the form of general austin who's the centcom commander and probably up through general dempsey to get in to the president and say, look, the wheels are coming off afghanistan, syria, all of that. we don't need two major issues like that. so the policy changes, yes, u.s. troops are still going to be in combat. we can argue, you know, the wisdom of all of this, but the fact of the matter is there are just too many moles popping up,
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and the whack-a-mole is getting very, very tiring, and it's in a downsizing budget for the dedepartment, it's -- defense department, it's becoming extremely stressful for the folks who have to fight these fights. heather: captain chuck nash, thank you so much for joining us. we'll talk to you again. jon? >> you bet, heather. jon: let's turn to the media coverage surrounding ferguson, missouri, and the looming grand jury decision over whether to charge police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani facing a backlash about an exchange about why so many are protesting brown's death but not black-on-black crime. listen. >> i find it very disappointing that you and i are discussing the fact that 93% of blacks in america are killed by other blacks. we're talking about the exception here. >> well, look, first of all -- >> go ahead, mike. >> this is a trust issue. >> first of all, no black people who commit crimes against other
8:39 am
black people go to jail. number two, they're not swarmed by the police department, so that's a false equivalency that the mayor has drawn -- >> it's hardly a false equivalent. jon: juan williams is a fox news political analyst, rich lowry is editor for the national review and a fox news contributor. what do you think about mayor giuliani's points there? >> i think the mayor is absolutely right. the main threat to young african-american men in this country, unfortunately, tragically, is other young african-american men. and we don't see the kind of media focus that we do on that broad phenomenon that we do on these occasional very tragic police shootings, because they can drive a narrative that this is a racist country with still these racially-repressive architecture in place and all the rest of it, and that's just detached from reality and detapped from the lived -- detached from the lived reality
8:40 am
in these tough neighborhoods all over america. jon: juan, you have written that very thing, that young black males are more of a danger to each other than white police officers are. >> jon, i don't know how you get away from it, it's so obvious. the lived reality, to quote rich lowry, that's the realize in my neighborhood. i don't know exactly how you would escape this point. now, i do think when mayor giuliani starts saying we wouldn't, white officers, wouldn't be there if you weren't killing each other, it sounds as if he's finger pointing and then, of course, you get into the racial tensions that typically inhibit honest debate and conversation in this country. i think we as america have a problem when we see so many young men of any color engaged in that kind of criminal activity and killing each other. it's white people who kill white people, black people who kill black people. but, obviously, a disproportionate amount of violent crime in the country is in the black community, sad to say. jon: going back to the missouri
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governor, jay nixon said, rich, in the days immediately after the shooting that the police officer would be prosecuted. he promised a prosecution of the police officer to the fullest extent of the law when nobody knows what happened there. >> yeah. that was an absolute travesty and dereliction of duty on his part, and it may be, jon, obviously, none of us have seen all the e but there have been a lot of suggestions in the press that this entire ferguson protest movement is based on an erroneous understanding of what happened on that awful day. it may have been that michael brown didn't raise his hands in surrender at all, and that, of course, is the signature of this movement. so the key thing here is just to abide by the law and by the evidence and the facts and follow them wherever they'll go. unfortunately, i think, you know, we're going to potentially see an explosion from the grand jury doesn't indict. jon: yeah. juan, you get the impression
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that some people are expecting this white police officer is going to have to lose his job or be criminally prosecuted before some people are going to be satisfied and, again, you know, we don't know really what happened there. >> no, we don't know what happened. but what we can see is that, you know, someone who was unarmed was shot six times, and then his body left in the street for hours. that's pretty disrespectful, and i think played into -- given that we don't know exactly all of the, you know, the things that happened that might have provoked this -- but for the black community i think there's a lot of feelings of being under siege. that, you know, oh, my gosh, so many cops, and the cops often times rush to make racial profiling type judgments and all of that. all of that kind of narrative is very real, and i think feeds fears in the black community. so you see some of that come out. now, whether it's justified is another issue. and similarly, with regard to the governor's comments, i think there's a feeling that this is
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unusual to have a grand jury operating secretly for three months as opposed to a typical one day grand jury deal or even the typical suggestion that you have someone who's been shot dead unarmed by a police officer and that there would be transparent, public discussion and testimony so everybody can know what's going on. here it's been very difficult for anybody to have confidence because, as both of you said -- jon: yeah. >> -- we've been locked out. jon: i hear you on that, juan, but i spent three years on a federal grand jury. i know there would be a lot of people who would be reluctant, begin the climate in that community, to testify publicly about what they might have seen. >> yeah. but, jon, this is atypical to have a grand jury for three months? i don't think that's -- it's typically the case that when you have a shooting like that, you do have an indictment of some kind and then let it play out in a trial. >> but you -- no, you only indict if the evidence suggests it. you just don't indict to have a trial and find out what happens. that's not the way our system works.
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jon: yeah. and you don't indict because the governor says you're going to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law -- >> you can't prejudge. jon: especially the governor who was a former prosecutor for 15 years or so. rich lowry, juan williams, thank you both. >> thanks, guys. >> you're welcome. heather: are you feeling weather whiplash now? temperatures are soaring in buffalo after that area got seven feet of snow last week. we'll tell you how this could create even bigger problems for people in western new york. it is a mess.
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jon: let's check out what's ahead on "outnumbered" at the so much the hour. >> yeah, let's. good to see you. defense secretary chuck hagel is the first political cabinet casualty after the midterm drubbing, as we like to call it. will replacing him inject life into the administration? >> also will the obamacare architect explain himself at a capitol hill hearing? congressman darrell issa asking jonathan gruber to do just that
8:48 am
finally. >> on the hill. and the president is wondering if hillary clinton will pass voters', quote, new car smell test. it's sod to me. how his policies could be hurting her likely presidential run. >> an awful comment. plus, were you born to be single? scientists said they've found a gene that may actually doom romance -- >> but i'm married. that's a so awkward. i hope that's not true. all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy. "outnumbered" at the top of the hour. jon: a lot of people don't have the new car smell because they can't afford new cars in this economy. >> that'd be a good line for hillary. jon: harris, andrea, thank you. heather: well, a fox extreme weather alert to bring you now, it's a wild temperature shift that could spark flooding around buffalo, new york, the area that got seven feet of snow, and now they've had quite a bit of a warm-up. rick leventhal is live for us in south buffalo. hi there, rick.
8:49 am
how warm is it today? >> reporter: it's over 60 degrees here, heather, so all that snow, 84 inches in 2 hours, now melting into creeks like this one. but first, remarkable pictures we just got at the old west seneca mall just a few miles from here where we saw a steady stream of dump trucks bringing in heavy, big loads of plowed snow. they've been doing this for several days and continue doing it for days ahead, 85,000 tons of snow have already been carted and dumped. there are bulldozers flattening those piles, and we saw several massive parking lots like this one, previously empty, now filled with these mountains of snow. of course, the big melt now underway. this is some of the runoff that we're seeing into creeks like this one. this is the casanova creek, one of several in the area nearing the top of its banks. chunks of ice and snow and runoff in there, debris, trees, that sort of thing. it doesn't appear to be moving
8:50 am
because it's clogged with all of this ice and snow. flood warnings in effect through tonight. residents of low-lying areas are being told to pack their bags and move valuables out of basements just in case. >> if you live in an area that typically floods or has flooded or if you live near that area, prepare to evacuate for a flood situation. it's not enough that your house has never been flooded before, right? there's always a first time. and this may be the first time. >> reporter: there's also a concern that more roofs could collapse. at least 30 have caved in already, heather. heather: rick leventhal, thank you, from buffalo, new york. that is something else up there, huh? jon: rick needs sun block today. after more record high on wall street last week, how long can the bulls keep running? we'll try to answer that question coming up. ♪ ♪ i'm an idaho potato farmer
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heather: well, stocks are on a roll late. here's a live look at the dow, up two points today so far after the markets posted a fifth straight week of gains last week with the dow hitting a new record high last week. how long can the streak last? joining us from fox business network, charlie gasparino. looking pretty good right now. >> yeah. i would say this, there's lots of conflicting economic data. you can look at the economic data a lot of different ways, you think we're heading for possibly a slowdown in the economy or possibly the economy to do better, i will say this: president obama has one really good thing, feather in his cap in terms of the economy since he's been president for the last seven years, and that's the stock market. and i'll tell you, you have a
8:55 am
very accommodative fed meaning the fed will do whatever it takes to keep the market up, keeping interest rates low and printing money. you know, listen, i'm not saying this is a good thing. it's going to pop at some point, but i don't see it popping anytime soon. so if you're the average investor, what do you do amid all this? you're cautious, but you've got to buy the market. you've got to buy stocks. heather: is it too late to buy right now? >> i think it's going 18,000 but, you know, here's the thing, you get corrections, a 10% correction might be a time to go in there and start buying again because i think we're heading for something like that. but when you have a fed, janet yellen is accommodative, meaning she wants to help prop the market up. she's very political. you have hillary clinton running in 2016, that's a big thing, keeping the markets close to where they are right now or higher for the democratic party. i think this is political. if you look at around the world in terms of other central banks, they're all doing the same thing, they're all talking about monetary policy, printing money,
8:56 am
keeping interest rates low. what happens when interest rates are low? you have to buy stocks because your interest rate return is too low. heather: we just learned something. easy enough. charlie gasparino from the fox business network, log on to fox jon: all right. brand new stories we are working to bring you in the next hour of howe, 30,000 e-mails, recovered, many of them thought to have been lost forever in what the irs claimed was a computer crash. and a company known for chocolate developing a new drink that might trigger your metabolism into burning fat without even exercising. [ male announcer ] approaching medicare eligibility?
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♪ ♪ jon: sixth avenue, new york city, our fox news headquarters. mild winds, in the 60s today -- heather: feels pretty warm compared to last week, doesn't it? jon: it feels great, if you like
9:00 am
warm winters. but then they're talking snow and 30 degrees on wednesday, the day before thanksgiving. heather: and could effect a lot of people's travel. we hope not. jon: we'll see you back here in an hour. heather: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> this is "outnumbered," i'm andrea tan tantaros, and here wh us today, harris falkler, ainsleyer hart and today's hashtag one lucky guy, bo dietl, and he is "outnumbered." >> yes. >> hey. >> welcome back. >> i'll take the oath. >> so much more than a detective. you're an international man of mystery, you're an actor, you star in commercials. what am i missing here? >> well, we're producing a big series for hbo. >> congratulations. >> nice. >> and wolf of wall street. i do run a bunch of businesses too. >> wow. >> entrepreneur.


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