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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 24, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> when news breaks out we'll break in we're expecting news of the -- whether there will be an indictment in the ferguson, missouri, case. meantime, we're on for another new record on the dow and the s&p. here's cavuto. >> you are looking live at ferguson, missouri, in two hours we'll know that's when a grand jury is expected to release its decision regarding the august 9th employing shooting of michael brown. at issue is whether officer darren wilson with face charges in connection with that shooting. when we do get more information, we'll bring it to you live. but in the meantime we won't because that would just be conjecture and a waste of your time. >> did chuck just get chucked? did he not resign? what he pushed out as defense secretary? the white house is suggesting it was a mutual decision but others, club senator john mccain, say they're not convinced to ed henry at the white house on what exactly happened to chuck hagel.
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>> bottom line is this is coming at a very critical time for the president. he is facing a whole series of national security crises and an odd time to change your defense secretary when your dealing with the spread of isis inside iraq as well as syria, also, "the new york times" story over the weekend suggesting the administration is changings its policy and potentially expanding the mission in afghanistan in 2015, something the president said he would not do. when the president came out with chuck hagel today he went on and on about his credentials as defense secretary. making you wonder why he accepted hagel's resignation as the white house claims this went down. other senior officials in private telling jennifer griffin at the pentagon this was a firing, not a resignation, and you have to wonder after a series of clashes over policy, particularly how to deal with isis, how aggressively to good after them, the syria policy, there have been conflicts between haigle haigle and whitee officials, whether or not they were concerned that the president's previous two defense
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secretaries, bob gates and leon panetta, had written scathing book about the president's leadership after they left. listen to this exchange. >> that play into the divisions raided, in the concerns that secretary hagel was headed in that direction? >> i haven't seen any evidence of that. one of the hallmarks secretary hagels career is loyal to this country and inside in chief. >> republican senator john mccain who has been friendly at times with haigle and has clashed with him at hearings, said today that he had a meeting with hagel last week in his office and hagel was expressing deep frustration with white house officials micromanaging policy at the pentagon. >> all right the white house people are leaking, well, he wasn't up to the job. believe me, he was up to the job. it was the job that he was given where he really was never really brought into the real tight
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circle inside the white house that makes all the decisions, which has put us into the incredible debacle that we're in today throughout the world. >> now, the list of potential replacements include various obama insiders, ash carter who has been serve at the pentagon previously, michelle, she would be the first female defense secretary in american history. if in fact the president nominates her. bottom line is he did not announce anyone today. they're obviously in the middle of a lame duck session on capitol hill, a lot of confusion what nominations will go through and what waits until january so the president has not named the person about with the republicans taking over the senate, expect a very bumpy confirmation nor whom we ever itness terms of tough questions about isis strategy and other issues. >> backing up like planes at la guardia here. so was chuck haig al mid-term
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scapegoat? a retired general thinks so. why? >> i was talking to my source today and they're saying the exact same thing. matter of fact came as a complete surprise to chuck hagel he was leaving, it's clear. we talk about -- some congressmen proposed a moat be built around the white house to secure it. what you have is an intellectual moat run by susan rice and ben rhodes, these are the ones who were always stopping information from getting in there and it's not just chuck haling whole has been complaining. i talked to other senior officials who have briefed the president directly on the current quote unquotes debacles and it becomes inorder natalie hard to get the facts through to the decisionmaker and even when you do, people like ben rhodess are always raising the bar a little more so basically you almost have a 21st century version of lbj from vietnam calling the shots. that's why people like chuck haigle and others are very
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frustrated. >> you mentioned others. the third defense secretary to leave the administration. and you have to wonder what this is doing within and outside the defense department. what are you hearing? >> the word today was, this was meant as a shot across the bow. the real reason he is leaving right now is because of the august briefing me and general dempsey gave when they talked about the real threat of isis. and so what we have seen here is basically you need to toe that party line no matter what, and my good friend and mentor, bud mcfarland, said in the old days, politics regarding national security ended the border. once we get past the border we all focus on what is right. unfortunately everything i'm hearing, everything coming across this, is that the politics are always the first thought the white house's mine. not on what is best for the country or or what is necessary to achieve a level of victory necessary to quash some of the
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crises we're dealing with. >> colonel, thank you very much, think. tony schaffer. in the meantime, when it rains it pours. give us back those ben gentleman minimums. the green mountain state wants the green paid back and the state senate minority leader here to say, now, and they can't take it anymore after hearing jonathan gruber go on and on, selling a healthcare plan that turns out to be more -- vermont wants the health care to shut up and pay up every amount of that vermont has given to him, give it back. have you heard from mr. gruber. >> we have not. and greetings from beautiful vermont. >> a beautiful state. you're not kneeling too beautiful about what was thrown at you here, and the fact that maybe you wasted some money. >> well, there is definitely a concern. first off, eye not even sure as we speak whether or not the contract that we had with him is technically being terminated.
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that contract calls for termination0s modifications to be done in writing and executed by both sides and i do not know whether those documents exist. we're in the process of trying to find out whether they do or is not there. oar concerns about that, but you probably have other questions. >> well, one being, why now? he has done his consulting work. might have been shabby but it was done. talked about way to pitch the healthcare law but it's done. maybe you can stop future moneys coming to him but a you can't go back and get the money he was paid. >> i'm not sure when you say, it's done, whether we actually have something yet by way of a work product. what i've seen are two invoices, each invoice is asking for a $100,000, each invoice consists of three sentences, in the first invoice, dated september 3rd, there's a request for $50,000 for his services and another $50,000 for the services
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of what are called research assistants. second invoice dated october 16th, says exactly the same thing. and -- >> he doesn't delineate what those payments were forks like contractors working -- they just give you a bill. [overlapping speakers] in your case you can't be really delineated. >> i'm a trial attorney by trade and when i submit bill to a client that's broken down by hourly work, i always put down what the services were that i did during those hours i'm claiming. these invoices do not reflect that and that's very disturbing to me. >> what do you -- all of this goes? you're among the first to try to say, hey, wait a minute. we think we're getting the run-around. other states are pondering this. that do you hope to gain? start from zero, re-argue the
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law. >> i'm not sure we can re-argue the law at this point. there's a pretty strict directive we are supposed to have a financing plan available to us by january of this coming year, and if that is presented to us, i think we have a legal obligation to debate it and to vote on it to see whether it works for the state of vermont. if it doesn't, that's a problem. itself does, have what reached the point where we are taking something that is now an abstract concept and make that into an actual workable plan that can be presented to be voted on and debated. and until that happens i think we're all just as much in the dark as anybody else. but in the meantime, we have these questions starting to arise about what we have been provided for services. and as i said the only two invoices i've been able to see so far reflect something almost devoid of content, and that is curbing from a contracts attorney's privilege. >> to put it mildly. senator, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me.
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maine lobster, extra jumbo shrimp, and salmon! so hurry in! and sea food differently. a little bit of trouble ahead of turkey day, probably an understatement. mother nature serving up a nsay winter storm for anybody traveling thens coast to janice dean. >> one of your fine employees just said that this storm could cullly delay or postpone his in-laws visit. so this actually could be a good thing this storm. >> that depends if you have a problem with your in-laws. >> so he or she shall remain nameless. there's your current temperatures. look how warm across the east coast. we could break records. the timing of the cold air is what is going to give us our perhaps big jackpot snow totals on wednesday and thursday. so we're watching this storm
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system move to canada. cold air moves south and east, and then we'll watch this storm system develop across the southeast. classic nor'easter setup on tuesday afternoon. so we'll be talking about this low pressure setting up across the mid-atlantic ask the northeast. wednesday, busiest travel day of the year. i-95 corridor will be a complete mess. so, plan your travel accordingly. there's wednesday, rain, wind, causing tee lays. mid-atlantic in the northeast and you're thinking the northeast, always complain about bad weather. if you're traveling across any other part of the country you're going to be perhaps delayed because of this mess. so this could affect you. coastal areas we think it's going to be rain transitioning into snow. interior sections could get six to even ten inches plus as we head into thanksgiving. so, thanksgiving morning, this snow will exit but parts of new england could get a jackpot of snow here, could be a big, big, big event.
1:15 pm
there's the forecast. the exact intensity and exact track and timing still uncertain, neil. so we have to really fine-tune the forecast as we get into tomorrow but looks like mainly snow east of the i-95 corridor but a mess for those traveling, and look at all these winter stormss ad -- adviseories. here along the i-95 corridor, a complete mess. plan, plan, plan ahead. >> all right. very nice of you to invite anyone who is stranded to your home thanksgiving day. >> did i say that? >> janice dean, the weather machine. if you want to beat this, good ahead of this. and there's no guarantee. >> you've got that right. if you get out on tuesday, and
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you're driving, great, but if you try to get out on tuesday and the airlines haven't changed their fees, you may be paying a fee to make that change and a difference in fare. >> they have to pull the trigger first. what does that mean. >> they have to tell you they're going to wave fees fees and wave differences. >> what if say day we're going to be delaying a light of flights. >> d a lot of flights. >> we know there will be delay and a know effect, just because you're not in the northeast you might be in texas. if that plane is coming from the northeast, you can get delayed. that's what you have to worry about. >> what do you tell your clients. >> stay home. no. don't visit your in-laws, a great excuse. you mentioned that. >> you're saying, the better part of valor is, don't put up with this. this is what you do for a living. >> i never fly on wednesday of thanksgiving because it's the busiest travel day of the year, it's a headache. the one time i did, it was for a
1:17 pm
business meeting and i was delayed for eight hours on the ground. you don't want to have to go through that. >> you didn't have chance to visit fort lauderdale. you were at the airport. >> i was going back. i was going back. so -- >> they have a great sin na bon there. >> and nachos. >> how will this holiday travel -- we're told a record number hitting the road and the airport. >> going to be one and a half percent in air travel so right -- what does that mean. >> about -- 2.3 million people flying on wednesday, for instance, so with that many people flying, and fewer planes from ten years ago in the air, it means that every seat is taken. i you're bumped, good luck getting on the next one. and we have seen that in the past with storms because of the tight capacity. airlines have gotten good at making a profit by holding back on building and bringing new planes into routes.
1:18 pm
>> you think they would think twice about screwing their customers now. they might want to protect their fees and everything, but these are the same folks who will fly with them down the road. >> 85% after all domestic pacific is covered by four carriers. so they don't have a lot of competition. it's select competition. what i think they're trying to do is modify thinks -- they are trying to keep you happy because they want you to fly and they're also looking at the bottom line. you just saw the jetblue announcement about adding the first check bag now. they charge you a fee. stock went up four and a half% as soon as that was announced. the share holders love it, travelers hate it. >> so you drink heavily before you've get on the flight. >> bring a six pack in. >> mark, you're the best. thank you very much. you make sense of this. forget about bringing them out of the shadow. who knew the president's move on illegals would be bringing thing stars out of the cracks, or are
1:19 pm
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look at the crowd. we have everybody here tonight. black, white, pink, purple, orange, asian, latinos. [cheering] >> and guess what? president obama said we can all stay. god bless america. >> pop star get something laughs and applause over his take on the president's executive order for illegals but a republican
1:23 pm
oklahoma attorney general scott pruitt is not smileling, he is suing. over what? >> i think what we are focused upon is this executive amnesty, the executive branch doing that which only the legislative branch can do. the president said, pass a bill. but the legislative prerogative is to pass a bill or not pass a bill and because congress has not eighted it didn't give him license to fill in the void. with this executive action it put the states in a very adversarial position. we trigger state benefits now because they're lawfully present in the state of oklahoma and state medicaid, state welfare benefits. this is injuring the state and states all over the ken tribecause of the unlawful action of the president. >> that's really the backbone of this suit. it's costing your state as it is a lot of cities and municipalities directly affected by this n fries of deportation of illegals.
1:24 pm
it's a costly issue, not political. >> that's right exactly right. these individuals are subject to deportation today and the president has suspended their deportation. they're here unlawfully. he has taken action to replace what congress would do otherwise, and so he has pointed to prosecutorial discretion, as attorney general, i utilize that stress every day and athlete case withs case. when you're talking about four million plus individuals it's impossible for the federal government to engage in a case-by-case review of four million individuals in the way that would characterize prosecutorial discretion. the president is taking too much license, acting only because in his estimation congress has not, and that doesn't give him the authority, and he is handcuffing in an -- acting acting acting al way. >> where are worried your being sucker punched by the administration and democrats in general, who love this talk of being sued and love this talk of being dragged to court and love
1:25 pm
this talk and even threatening to impeach the president. that's not you but there are many republicans who are advocating that. and that it gets people's attention off the issue at hand, which is the good legal one in your case. and then makes it look like runs are antilatino, obstructionists, you heard it all. >> we should care that -- the process does matter. there are ideas that the president put forth in his executive action that may be good ideas and maybe some idead that are not so good. but theft why the process matters and we have michigan -- we have something called rule of law. the president himself recognized he was constrained by the law and cooperate just take executive action. >> what too you make of his argument was i tried work with republicans for six years now to come up with a coherent immigration policy, they dropped the ball, republicans counter they had plenty of options out there and plenty of options they were pursuing with the white house, including tougher border
1:26 pm
enforcement, and that's where the line was drawn expedition started. he is going to come back at you and say, i would have been happy if they hatt had given me a bill. they never did. so there i stand on my sound legal ground. you say what? >> well, if he believes so strongly he had this legal authority to act and it's such a compelling issue america question is why did he wait until after the election to do that? why didn't he act two years ago? the fact of the matter is he acted post election and before the next congress comes in. i think if anything that's brazenly political. we have something that constrains even then president, called the constitution, and the u.s. congress is the body responsible for passing laws-it takes to branches to pass a law, not just one, and the president can't act just because the congress has failed to. >> all right. attorney general, we'll watch very, very closely. thank you very much. >> forget ferguson staying calm. agitators far from ferguson
1:27 pm
making sure it doesn't get the chance.
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1:29 pm
finally, this is the courthouse where it's all about to go down. the decision in the ferguson shooting ahead of what the decision will be, greta, would we're back in 60 seconds.
1:30 pm
ahead of the decision to call for calm, schools are closed, most businesses are ready to close. ferguson, before what could be a firestorm. steve harrigan is there.
1:31 pm
steve? >> reporter: after three months of deliberations behind closed doors we now know that this grand jury has reached a decision. the 12-person grand jury, nine whites, three blacks, has decided whether or not to indict officer darren wilson on possible charges. the announcement of the decision we expect sometime within the next few hours. they'll be deciding children there's reasonable grounds to go ahead with a criminal trial but also what the charge will be. of course that charge could range anywhere from first degree murder to involuntary manslaughter. the penals for the crimes could range from life in prison to just four years in prison. so, a couple of major decisions to be announced in the coming hours, to a region which is anxiously awaiting the decision. back in august when the events took place there was violence and unrest, businesses destroyed in that trouble. and some real concern here among local residents what could happen this time in the past couple of nights we have seen just 50 to 70 protesters out,
1:32 pm
very small numbers but bracing for possible trouble from this announcement ahead. we have law enforcement deployed, fbi deployed, national guard also on alert, for possible trouble. trouble which has many people here very much worried about what could happen. back to you. >> thank you, steve, very much. to greta van susteren. what are we to interpret from the length of time it's taken or the fact it's happening now? >> probably we shouldn't think much about the helping -- length of time because the grand jurors only meet one day a week. so they got this case in august but only been meeting one day a week which is not up usual for a grand jury. so while it may seem like a long time, it isn't quite as long as it appears. >> what are some of the possible scenarios here? >> no bill, meaning no indictment. or an indictarting at the very top, first degree murder, down to a very light
1:33 pm
manslaughter charge. now, what do i expect is the other issue. being an old criminal defense lawyer, now that it's very easy to indict. this is not the trial where it's proof beyond a reasonable doubt. this is that a crime occurred and that -- and that the person likely committed it, which is far below having to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. also in grand jury, the evidence is prepared by the prosecutor. there are no defense lawyers there so it's quite one-sided and that's by design, and the defendant -- the accused doesn't have to testify before the grand jury but may if hi want to and we understand the officer testified but when went in to testify before the grand jury, his lawyer was not with him. he was there all by himself. so we don't know what he was asked, how he answered the questions with also know that witnesses like doctor michael bodden, very well nope to the viewers on fox news, was also one of the witnesses. he was hired by the family of michael brown to do a privateb5 autopsy and the grand jury wanted to hear his findings.
1:34 pm
i eye witness testimony is very suspect. two people see something very different. but when you have team like -- dr. bod 'who can tell you where the wounds are. if we were on the grand jury, i would want know if there was gun powder reese due on the descendent0s class bus gunpowder residue would suggest a closer shot. if there's no residue, the decedent was farer away from the gun and might suggest i was excessive force. so wife think the grand jurors would like to hear more of the scientific because people's observations can be so wrong so easily. >> would we ever found out how the juror broke down on this vote? in other words there of nine white0s the jury so invariably in a racially charged atmosphere people cynically fear that on one side are those wishing for an indictment, if it's nine who vote against an indictment, they got to be in the nine whites.
1:35 pm
do we if find out how that is broken down? >> i would be stunned if we had a confirmation how it broke down. i would not be surprised if people start saying all sorts of things; i would be stunned if the prosecutor or judge or anybody else -- in fact i don't think the prosecutor knows. i suspect inside the grand jury room that the voting itself is anonymous. so people inside might not know. i don't know how they do it. >> you say there's a possibility indictment on manslaughter charms and nothing more severe than that. i know it's all conjecture and something we try to avoid. but would that be poorly received in a community that certainly in the african-american community, it's very angry right now? >> i think whatever happens, whether it's indictment for first degree murder or no indictment or anything in between, it's going to be poorly received by some because these racially politically charged cases people ten to take sides.
1:36 pm
they don't tend to look at the evidence. and they also -- even if they try to look at the evidence they don't have all the evidence that the governor -- that the grand jury has. people are going to be up happy no matter what. people have taken sides. >> people also have come from way outside ferguson to make their feelings known. i think this becomes a sort of a twisted cause celeb. and that can't be good for anyone. >> there are no winners here. there's a young man who is dead and a police officer whose career is rupeed. no big winners, unless people like to riot and they think it does something for them. maybe they think they're the winners. i don't see that. >> you're the best, greta. greta will be live anchoring all offing this. after that i will be doing the same on fox business network. fast and furious reaction to this if it escalates. we are watching this from all
1:37 pm
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. santa stuck at sea? don't laugh. the -- could be stuck at a west coast port, courtesy of stubborn unions. dan springer, say it ain't so? >> the national retail federation told me a few minutes other that for the most part products are getting to store shelves for black friday but at a higher cost because shippers are using ports in canada and some in mexico and others are using air freight. a much higher cost to them. 29 sea ports only the west coast are being affected. containers stacking up and trucks lining up. the delay was a couple of hours at the port of tacoma last week
1:41 pm
as the line stretched two miles. truckers say revenue has been cut in halve and many are getting out of to the container business. some businesses are struggling to get their goods to market, especially agricultural products. a christmas tree farmer here in washington state has 2200 of his mose valuable trees stuck in containers at the port of tacoma. they were supposed to be in hong kong by now, and be decorating shopping malls. this one order makes up 20% of the farmer's annual revenue. >> real people out here. we work our tails off to try to supply good products and find good markets for and it we can't ship them out. >> the international longshoremen and warehouse union has been working without a contract for three months. leadership knows they're a congestion problem but denies the workers are deliberately slowing down. they plame the pacific maritime association for a shortage of chassises and drug drivers.
1:42 pm
>> workers are frustrated and fed up and they're wondering what kind of companies can't get problems solved after sitting down and talking for six months. >> no matter who is at fault, neil, many people say this feels like 2002. back then there was a work slowdown because of no contract and then to north operators locked out the longshoremen for ten day, costing bills of dollars in revenue. >> thank you, dan springer. still plan on shopping after the stuffing in brian rich is trying to stop that, behind michigan called boycott black thursday and is getting quite the following. your opinion is what? you just think it's border line sacra lidge just -- it's beside. >> have the issue of worker rights, people being compelled to work mandatory shifts on thanksgiving, and then you also have just got the american tradition issue where we have had this holiday for hundreds of
1:43 pm
years, and only in the past few years retailers decided it's more important to have door buster sales on thanksgiving than to allow people to celebrate the holiday with their families. >> i commend what you're trying to do brian, but you're a young guy, but there was a time when you couldn't shop on sundays. few and far ten two find stores open on that day and that's gone by way of the birds. >> that is a great opinion except the way i see it is with thanksgiving, this is a holiday that transcends just about everything. the holiday started in 1621, the fir thanksgiving, older than the country itself. and it's something that it's not just religious people, it's not just retail workers. it's really everybody gets behind this message, and thanksgiving is a day where we're supposed to just be thankful for what we have, and i
1:44 pm
think everyone can agree in this country, that's something we could really use a little bit more of, just one day where we're thankful, and that message has been resonating really well with people across the country, and getting a lot of support. >> tell me what you have gotten and what you have heard, how many are trending you and all of this other stuff. >> so, we came into this year dish started in 2011 but we came into this year with 7400 likes on facebook. since the last couple of weeks, we have again up to 107,000 likes as of today. and we're adding between two and three thousand a day on average, up to eight to ten thousand on bigger days. so, people are just really hearing this. they're seeing it, and people of all stripes, the nonpartisan issue. when they think about it the think, this teals wrong at a core level and i just feel like we should not have theseé  sals >> i guess thetheróuds if they>
1:45 pm
are there some sectát shoppers who go, s-h-h-h, he's here, quiet. >> i'm fortunate. i have a wonderful family. multiple generations that all live here in the same city. and we all really have -- we put a high value on the family time we have together and we too have black friday shopperes, and more power to them. they just don't like to city that tradition ruined. >> that's a point. the day after thanksgiving, plenty of time to shop. brian rich, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> is the president shaking up his team or rearranging the deng chairs -- the deck chairs on the titanic. pat goodell things the same old ship.
1:46 pm
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>> the scene at the white house earlier today, just prior to defense secretary chuck hagel joining the president and vice-president for his formal departure announcement. pat good el says not all that far off. it does look like a sinking ship. >> its to. first of all, this continuing of, we're going to pretend stuff, where they go out and he wanted to leave or whatever -- everybody knows he was fired. and then you have a vice-president -- >> why would he have been fired. >> because they needed to fire someone. they can't fire dempsey. he is the chief of staff. >> but they go through defense secretaries like tissue paper. >> they're easier to get rid of. itself would be an outcry if they got rid of dempsey. the problem is the foreign policy of this administration is
1:50 pm
the titanic. whether it's isis, whether it's in sierra, whether it's the not working campaign on bombing, which we know, whether it's the ukraine, whether it's china, it's all falling apart, and the president is surrounded by --uk china. it's all falling apart. and the president had a meeting in the white house headed by susan rice and ben rhodes and joined by valerie jarrett who was the imminent grease behind everything at the white house. they're running foreign policy. the american people should be afraid. >> when you go through these defense secretaries, it does call in the question whether they're in sync with you and whether the defense community is in sync with you or i would imagine they're really bummed out. >> the entire defense community i think is quite shaken. >> they're not serious by isil.
1:51 pm
>> we're cutting back, we're running out of missiles, the seriousness of our commitments and walking away from them and then these problems keep popping up, isis pops up, libya taking over part of that. we have always seen it behind the curve and the president's attitude is we should leave a smaller footprint, we're supposed to be the people keeping the bad guys in line. somebody said today we should not be involved in being the role of the preacher, we should be an example. but somebody's got to be the cop on the block. giving iran another six months, that is literally more dangerous than isis. the president, john kerry and kim stossel said the other day from "the wall street journal," the two groups who want this are kerry and iran. this continuing letting this go while they continue in iran.
1:52 pm
>> what do you think your old boss jimmy carter would say negotiating with iran, given the hostage situation, given everything that's happened. >> we have deserted the people in iran, which we have in this administration from day one of supporting the people who are fighting for freedom or a voice of opposition. secondly, i think he would say after we have a hostage crisis, he was very tough on thor rain yoons, you touch somebody, bhad things will happen. they got the warning very clearly and we went through, they were totally -- to say that they are less than -- meanwhile we have john kerry who buys everything they say. >> what do you think about hillary clinton right now. >> with talked about foreign policy, hillary clinton is between a rock and a hard place t worse foreign policy gets, like russia, the more she's still tied to it as being,
1:53 pm
quote, the architect of some of this, fairly or not fairly, the more distance she opens with this administration. obama yesterday, this thing about the new car smell? >> what did he mean by that? was he referring to her? >> she would be a great president, but we need a new car smell. talking about the other candidates, i don't think there's any love lost there. >> when he said something about the new car smell, you think he was lumping her into that? >> she may have been, as somebody said, she's the oldest car on the block, not generically. >> she has distansed herself from foreign policy. >> it's very tough because if you go too far, you alienate the president's strongest supporters and if you don't, you look like you bear all of the bruchbt of
1:54 pm
this. what we said today in our article, she's kind of in a trap, i think at the moment, she's looking like a sitting duck, a very strong sitting duck, but nonetheless, a sitting duck. >> we shall see. it's always a pleasure, my friend, pat goodell, i said it before, i always say it. meanwhile, ferlg son the wait, for something i truly think the media has gotten wrong, very over, it's time to get to work fixing our long-term national debt to help build a stronger economy. with a solid fiscal foundation, we can create more jobs, invest more in innovation and infrastructure, and make america more competitive, giving our kids a better future. a bipartisan solution to our long-term debt means more growth today, more opportunity tomorrow. and the time to start is now.
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finally, why do we always assume the worst? no indictment in ferguson? it will be an inferno in ferguson. a skeptical media all but gunning and preparing for it. me, i frankly have had enough of it, always counting on bad news and never the possibility of good news. i always like to think that the
1:58 pm
caricatures are better than what they like to play on tv. some will respond angrily to no indictment in ferguson, as some will respond just as angrily as to an indictment in ferguson. in 1956, friends and sympathizers had gathered joyce the rubble of this mochblt bombry, alabama home, convinced that the remembers would respond to the call to action, but king didn't do that. his niece said for the same reason her own father refused to respond in kind after his house was bombed and destroyed. what poichlt would it serve? instead, martin luther king would tell people assembled in his yard that day, if you have weapons take them home, if you do not have them, please do not seek them, we cannot solve this
1:59 pm
problem through violence, we must meet violence through nonviolence. king's grudging quest for peaceful protests would stand the test of time, even though sadly not in time for him. reverendins who -- shaming the violence is shame violence all together. leave it to a woman whose family was scarred by violence to reject violence. i like to think such inherent decent si doesn't stop with the passing of the patriarch but with the general feeling he leaves behind. that is why i hope and pray for those in ferguson and not to be drawn in to battles others might encourage. they say we are a product of our own inner rage, some justified, some night. yet now history proves we are
2:00 pm
summoned to a greater good and the sum of our greater parts, the parts that bind us and not the parts that at any time, black or white, could undo us. we shall see. i'm hopeful. this is a knocks news alert. hello, everyone, i'm kimberly and a grand jury has reached a decision on whether to indict police officer darren wilson for the shooting of michael brown. >> reporter: kimberly, eagerly awaiting an announcement, this grand jury has been working behind closed doors ever since the august shooting of michael brown. now in the next k


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