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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 24, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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out. >> this has been fun. and don't forget to catch greta later tofblt on on ferguson. set your dvr so you don't misan episode of "the five." "special report" is next. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. we are awaiting a decision in the ferguson grand jury's decision on the police shooting. it could also spark protests in the st. louis suburb as well as in urban centers and other parts of the country, at issue, did white police officer darren wilson shoot justifiably when he shot michael brown on august 9. shep? >> reporter: a number of matters at hand tonight, we're expecting to hear 30 minutes or so from
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now, from governor jay nixon. he is urging calm tonight for whatever decision is made. there will be an indictment handed down on a certain number of counts or no indictment at all. there's a time to come that another matter that we have no idea about. we're hoping that when the governor speaks in 30 minutes, he will let us know when that announcement is to be read. the grand jury still sequestered and held until after the announcement is made. it was considering whether police officer darren wilson should be charged in the death of michael brown, so 30 minutes from now from the governor and at some point the reading of the decision. we have fongs team coverage tonight, james rosen reports the ferguson investigations will not be over no matter what the grand jury decides tonight. but we begin, of course with steve harwhat ar harrigan at th
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center. >> reporter: this grand jury has largely worked behind the scenes, behind closed doors for the last few months. the grand jury of 12, nine whites three, blacks has a range of options open to them, anything from letting officer wilson walk free, all the way up to first-degree murder. so a couple of important decisions to be made by that grand jury, over the past three months since the incident happened, both sides have really been preparing their response and it's really not clear to anyone how that response could go. a number of stores and businesses in the area have already boarded up and i can tell you just in the last couple of hours in anticipation of a coming announcement, more and more stores are closing as the roads are also being blocked off. in recent nights we have seen very small scale protests, 50 to 70 demonstrators out there, just a handful of arrests and really not much violence. on the other hand the law enforcement presence is visible
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and kbroe. also a governor who has made clear that violent unrest will not be tolerated. >> back to breaking news, the ferguson matter is still far from settled. a federal investigation into the shooting is still going on. chief washington correspondent james rosen has that part of the story tonight. >> reporter: within 48 hours after the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri on august 9, violent unrest royaled on the city streets, governor jay nixon suggested that the department of justice open a criminal investigation that would supplement rather than sue plant the one already being done by local authorities. >> the department of justice is getting involved in this and we have been in touch with civil rights leaders both in the area and nationally. >> reporter: those resources would come to include over 40 fbi agents on the ground. critics of the obama administration and attorney general eric holder in
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particulardoubt that doj would conduct an unbiassed probe. >> i think it's a pity that the federal government should be spofbding. >> why is it a pity? >> because i don't think it should be a federal issue, not at this stage of the investigation. we're not living in the era of segregation, of jim crowe, this is 2014. >> cool minds think that bringing eric holder's department of justice in is going to enhance the likely hood that we'll have an investigation that is objective and professional. >> reporter: by august 20, racial tension now at a flash point, holdinger touched down in ferguson himself. many citizens both local and beyond applauded the attorney general. >> by him being here now, i have given up the race issue. >> having the attorney general of the united states involved in a shooting in ferguson, missouri means that the family should get some reassurance, the police officers get some reassurance and the community should feel
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better that the federal government is taking a look at this. >> reporter: but holder widened the doj investigation even further and opening still another federal probe into whether ferguson police have exhibited a pattern or practice of unlawful conduct, one of 20 such probes of different police departments, holder's doj has initia initiated. >> that's twice the probes that have been implemented in the last five years. >> be sure that the justice system is viewed as fair to all americans. >> i think it's really about optics, it's about this president wanting to show black america and his left that he is doing something here. regardless of whether federal intervention is warranted at this point. >> reporter: with his own resignation already announced, attorney general holder has ordered that none of the investigations in ferguson is being held at any timeline, which will mean they will likely come to a head under his
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successor. >> since president obama's repudiation by the voters in the midterm elections, speculation has round ram panel here in washington on who would pay the price. tonight we know, attorney general chuck hagel is out. u.s. officials are saying anonymously that he was fired. we have fox team coverage on that. brit hume with what the decision means for the white house. >> reporter: everyone tried to put a happy face on this move today, but administration insiders tell me and our own jennifer griffin at the pentagon, make no mistake about it, this was a firing. >> i consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have had him by my side. >> reporter: president obama went on for so long about chuck hagel's sterling credentials as defense secretary, he tried to push the idea that he resigned on his own.
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>> last month chuck came to discuss with me the final quarter of my presidency and determined that having guided the department through this transition, it was an appropriate time for him to complete liz service. let me just say that chuck is and has been a great friend of mine. >> reporter: hagel went out of his way to say vice president biten was a dear friend and noted that beth the president and the secretary learned a lot from biden. hagued pointedly left them out of his references to team work. >> i want to thank the entire leadership team at the pentagon. without their support and wise counsel over the last couple of year years, our many accomplishments and the president noted some, i have be part of that, but it was a team. >> reporter: hagel has clashed with the white house and insiders are not pleased by suggesting that the syria policy was failing because there was
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not enough focus on the row removal of president assad. john mccain said a the secretary expressed deep frustration in a meeting last week. >> already the white house people are leaking, well, he wasn't up to the job. believe me, he was up to the job. it was the job he was given where he really was never brought into that real tight circle inside the white house that makes all the decisions which has put us into the incredible debacle that we're in today throughout the world. >> reporter: white house press secretary josh ernest ducked a direct question on whether hagel was pushed out. but ernest pushed back on mccain on whether he was a critic. >> i don't think that was full disclose area at the confirmation hearing. >> i have just been handed a note that i misspoke and said i
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supported the president's position on containment. if i said that, i meant to say that obviously his position on containment, we don't have a position on containment. >> reporter: the tension only grew over the summer. >> we must prepare for everything. >> reporter: his two predecessors, robert gates and leon panetta both wrote books they were scathing about the president. >> i haven't seen any evidence of that, i think that one of the hallmarks of secretary hagel's career is that he's been somebody who's been extrordarily loyal to his country and to haze command never chief. >> reporter: senator jack reid has already pulled out of the -- the first female defense secretary ever. but any pick is going to first have to get through a new republican senate come january. >> ed henry, live on the north
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lawn. >> senior political analyst brit hume is here tonight with perspective on the hagual ouster. brit? >> it barely matters if chuck hagel decided to step down on his own or was force it out. hagel was almost no one's idea of the best qualified person when he was appointed. which is why nearly everyone in the senate voted against him. after an embarrassingly inept performance in his confirmation hearing hafs prove bid the smallest margin in the history of the job of defense secretary. but one of the ways it ended badly was a surprise. when the isis threat emerged, hagel started telling the truth about it as did senior military commanders under him. that put him at odds with the
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white house. on that score, his tenure looks a bit like that of his spread skesz sorries, bill gates and leon panetta. which now leaves the president 0 for 3 in his quest for a apply yachbt secretary of defense. >> you have these names, ash carter, jack reid, the next secretary to be? >> reid is out, obviously the most qualified would be michelle flonoid. and enjoys a considerable representation as a defense intellectual and policymaker. i'm not sure the president will pick her, she would be a great choice, but she's strong. and capable and will have her own set of views about what this country needs to be doing with its military establishment.
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that might not be what the president's looking for, but she would be quite a choice. ash carter, perhaps as well. >> thank you, brit. this is a fox news alert, we now know the ferguson place grand jury decision will be released at 9:00 p.m. eastern time tonight. stay with fox news challenge for the latest developments. up next, republican s snipig against each other on the benghazi terrorist attacks. fox 8 in cleveland with the fatal police shooting of a 12-year-old boy. authorities say tamir rice was carrying what turned out to be a replica gun with an orange safety indicator removed. the deputy chief says the officer fired from less than 10 feet away. fox 29 in buffalo where fears of disastrous flooding from a rapid meltdown of the area's seven-foot snoechl are easing tonight. minor to moderate flooding has been reported at several creeks,
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but nearby homes have been largely spared. and this is a live look at los angeles from our affiliate out there, fox 11. they're covering fatal tour bus crash near the oregon border sunday. the bus originated in los angeles. one man died, fraes 31 others were hurt. the same bus was involved in another accident earlier in the day. investigators say driver fatigue may have been a factor in both accidents. that's tonight's live look juice the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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additional washington tactic for
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bearing bad news, catherine harris reports tonight on the surprising findings. >> i think the report is full of crap. >> reporter: a strong reaction from republicans to house intelligence committee report into the 2012 benghazi terror attack. while the 27-page report was widely cited by the main stream media clearing the administration of wrong doing, it also found the state department and white house wrongly blamed an internet video for the terrorist assault. the cia's michael morrell who edited the talking points made a statement. >> we were talking about the demonstration and the video when it was clearly a terrorist attack. >> reporter: the report also documented there was no delay in sending a cia rescue team. >> i said, hey, we need to get over losing the initiative, you know, and bob just looked straight at me and said stand down, you need to wait. >> reporter: former cia defense
3:18 pm
secretary leon panetta arzed the discrepancy with bill o'reilly. >> mr. panetta, do you believe those men. ¤d believe them. report, the cia says it was not collecting weapons, but newly classified testimony buried in the appendiv confirms weapons were being moved from libya to syria. suggesting the program was a closely held secret. >> this report confirms that the u.s. government knew that to syria. this was the first time that's been disclosed to the american people. it's really an incredible development. now work for beacon global strategies, a company with deep ties to mrs. clinton. an drew shapiro, a former policy advisor at state.
3:19 pm
5xn my bash, a former chief of staff and republican michael allen used to work for chairman a mike rogers whose house intelligence committee released the latest benghazi report. after fox raised questions in march about a potential conflict of interest, allen was no longer listedzñr as a beacon member online. >> to me this is an issue and something that the select into. >> reporter: the select committee september out a celebratory -- suspended evidence that there was no wrong doing. select committee republicans said they have been aware of the findings for months and their independent review continues. bret. still ahead, will, williams, krauthammer on the grand jury decision in ferguson. and the deadline, iran and the west decide not to decide on its nuclear program. cocoa or eggnog?
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iran and the west have agreed to keep disagreeing for a while longer. nuclear talk that were supposed to conclude today have been extended by another seven months, despite a huge push to strike some kind of a deal before the deadline. senior foreign affairs correspondent amy kellogg tells us what went wrong. >> reporter: there were six days of heavy duty diplomacy that brought in players from china to russia. the stakes are high for everyone, in the end, the negotiators -- rolled back iran's nuclear program for the first time in a decade.
3:24 pm
secretary kerry said they have earned the benefit of the doubt to continue. >> the interim agreement wasn't violated. iran has held up its end of the bargain and the sanctions regime has remained intact. >> reporter: iran's president put a positive spin for his people. >> our nation during this period of talks has been -- >> reporter: the u.s. wants the number of iran's centrifuges reduced to the point where it would take iran a year to make enough fissile material for a bomb if it tried to make a mad dash something that iran swears it would never do. the reason it hasn't make those cut backs yet because it wants the ability to make a bomb some day if it feels it needs one. >> iran's program remains capped. they can't get to a nuclear weapon as long they're not --
3:25 pm
this is like a cease fire and a cease fire is to america's benefit. >> reporter: john kerry wouldn't go into the details of what concrete progress had been made in recent days he said to reserve some space for talks going forward. he said there will be a general flame work in place by january and a final deal by july. president obama has awarded the medal of freedom to an ecollective group of artists and others. actress meryl streep. ethyl kennedy, musician stevie wonder as well as tom brokaw. the dow and the s&p 500 today both set record closes, the industrial average was up eight, the s&p 500 gained 6, the nasdaq finished up 42.
3:26 pm
chief political correspondent carl cameron looks and listens to the president's own words. >> reporter: president obama says he wants a democratic successor and will do everything possible to make it happen. >> i think the american people, they're going to want to have that new car smell. they want to drive something off the lot that doesn't have as much mileage as me. >> that seemedlike a slap at front runner hillary clinton who's been a controversial and polarizing political figure more than twice as long as president obama. nevertheless he said she would make a great president. >> she's not going to agree with me on everything and one of the benefits of running for president is you can stake out your own positions. >> reporter: but clinton's conspicuously avoided positions on hot button issues like the keystone xl pipeline, she stayed mum on immigration for weeks,
3:27 pm
and tweeted her thanks only after the president deferred deportation laws for millions of unlawful immigrantses. said iran should be allowed little enrichment or no enrichment of uranium but otherwise steered clear. conversely, senator elizabeth warren stayed offstage over the weekend. with plans for stops in israel to meet with benjamin netanyahu as well as amman, jortd, all signs of populous efforts are expanding to include foreign policy as 2016 nears. nation foreign -- officially formed a presidential campaign exploratory committee. he's expected to be more hawkish than clinton, who's viewed as the right of many of her -- in the first primary state of new hampshire, 62% of like liz voters have backed clinton.
3:28 pm
and neither of them became president. new hampshire primary voters are split on which party's nominee will care more about people like them, 46% say democrat, 49% say republican. the new hampshire hp poll shows a virtual three' way tile with jeb bush at 16% and rachbd paul at 14. >> all right, carl. thank you. the head of the troubled phoenix veteran's hospital has been fired in the wake of the nationwide scandal over long wait times for health care and falsified records covering up the delays. sharon held mand was ousted nearly seven months after she and two high ranking officials were placed on administrative leave after allegations that 40 veterans died while waiting on treemtz. up naex the panel comes in early to discuss the ferguson case. we'll take you to missouri for breaking news as it comes in.
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>> this is a fox news alert. at the bottom of the hour, a grand jury in clayton, missouri has reached a decision about the shooting of an unarmed man by a ferguson police officer. we'll have live coverage. we're awaiting a news conference from the governor shortly. police, federal agents and the national guard are on alert in
3:33 pm
the st. louis suburb for protests that many fear could turn vichlt they aolent. they are prepared. let's turn to our panel, george will, juan williams, columnist with the hill. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. as we wait, what is going to happen here, this decision or nondecision, george, your thoughts? >> the or kes strags of this is to say no more -- a let it be known for no apparent reason that it had reached a decision and then to say to come back in three or four hours and we'll tell you what the decision adds to the tension. you have to wonder all the media attention to this, if there is a kind of self-fiulfilling nature of this coverage. >> the governor ur-- thoughts o
3:34 pm
the situation as it's developing? >> i think you have some concern over governor nixon's decision, of course to declare a state of emergency, to send in the national guard at this point, whether or not that's inflaming a very anxiety provoking situation, i think for people well beyond ferguson, there's a sense that this is playing out as part of some national narrative. but i think the question for the grand jury, the widespread assumption is that there's not going to be an indictment. the question for the grand jury is why was this such a lengthy process, do we learn what was said to them at some point or don't we. >> george stephanopoulus talked a little bit about this this morning. >> he talked about how this was a fixable problem, it wasn't a systemic segregation or discrimination, i have heard that they will release
3:35 pm
documents, they will explain what's behind the grand jury decision during the announcement at 9:00. i don't know why they would announce it at night and not wait until the morning. >> i'll turn it over to shepard smith as the governor is preparing to speak. >> reporter: i heard some questions during the commercial break, why is the governor speaksing now when there's no announcement until 9:00. my question is why is the governor speaking now when there's no decision until 9:00. >> waiting for a decision, but they are doing their best go about their daily lives, conduct their business and support one another and their community. i also spoke with a number of faith leader this is afternoon who offered their prayers for peace and safety. together, we are all focused on making sure the necessary resources ared a hand to protect lives, protect property, and protect free speech.
3:36 pm
several churches will be providing save havens throughout the area to provide food, shelter and medical care. mental health providers have teamed up to help ease the emotional strain that these events have caused. these health professionals are working right now to provide counseling and other services to the people that need them. law enforcement officials continue to maintain open lines of communication with protest leaders to improve the interactions between police and demonstrators and prevent violence. i want to thank my director of public safety for taking part in these ongoing discussions. state and local law enforcement agencies are continuing to work hand in hand, to make sure the best, most experienced officers are on the street. the men and women of the national guard will also be in the area to provide security at critical facilities like fire houses, police station, and
3:37 pm
utility substations. and offer lodge jirs kl and transportation support. >> things that don't make a lot of citizens. we know that the fbi sent 100 agents to the ferguson area. we know from the feds and at its direction a number of cities across the country have been told watch out because there may be this certain sort of an narc kiss, who like to start trouble with law enforcement at times of unrest. some of them might be up to their dirt yay deeds, that's been the warning. know to seem to get ahead of it all, the governor has come to the microphone to say that everybody's working together and if there are bad times, floor places you can go to seek medical treatment. it's been an interesting chain of events in faerg son. 9:00 eastern or 8:00 central is when they'll announce what the grand jury's decision is. >> this is bizarre, you hear the governor, it sounds like an ined
3:38 pm
a veriant invitation for the vie yacht. he says we're ready for the riot. our best officers from in place, it's as if a stage set has been established in ferguson where as i think the media and the authorities are going to be downplaying it rather than building it up. this is, i think exceedingly strange and dangerous. >> you know what we're going to do? we're going to be covering the other big stories today. next up, chuck hagel out as defense secretary, did he quit? was he fired? either way, he'll be gene soon. she's still the one for you. and cialis for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach,
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now last month, chuck came to me to discuss the final quarter of my presidency and determined that having guided the department through this transition, it was an appropriate time for him to complete his service.
3:42 pm
>> and then there are these stories that the president wants to change his national security team. is that true? >> well, you would have to ask the president. but -- >> do you concern yourself with it? >> no, first of all, i serve at the pleasure of the president. i don't get up in the morning worried about my job. >> well, he won't have that job for much longer, chuck hagel will be out as defense secretary and u.s. officials tell us that he's being pushed out by the obama administration. take a listen to senator john mccain on the radio show today. >> already the white house people are leaking, well, he wasn't up to the job. believe me, he was up to the job. it was the job that he was given where he really was never brought into that tight circle inside the white house that makes all the decisions which has put us into the incredible debacle that we're in today throughout the world.
3:43 pm
>> what about mara? >> i think secretary hagel would have stayed longer, let's put it that way, the white house has gone through great pains to say that it was a mutual decision, i think the two men were friends, they bonded on the senate foreign relations committee. they may have come to this decision together, but this is not a case of the president asking the cabinet secretary to stay on when he wanted to go. but he did try to give chuck hagel a dignified sendoff and the mission has changed. chuck hagel was hired to downsize the pentagon and supervise the withdrawal of troops from iraq and afghanistan and now we're getting back into conflicts all over the place and they need somebody who can do it better. >> it also seems that in recent weeks, maybe months, chuck hagel was speaking out more about different things including the strength of isis, and other thoughts that put him at odds with the administration at some
3:44 pm
times. >> speaking out is praised in the abstract and often in this town, it was somewhat surreal when nixon went on television and told the -- that they were the finest public servants i have never known and they're fired, leaving the country somewhat bewilders. -first you have to manage the building itself, this interlocking overlapping thief comes of civilians of military and interservice rival rises and all the rest. and then you have to deal with the military industrial complex that keeps foisting unwanted weapons on to the military service. then you have the myriad of cultural differences which grow as we fight wars with no -- and final lay you have and this probably goes to the heart of it with chuck hagel.
3:45 pm
you have the constant attention with the national skurt apparatus in the white house, because every president about three month into his term ask convinask -- >> it seemed like the writing was on the wall as these stories started coming out that chuck hagel was disengaged at the nfc meetings and even when he did that interview with charles rose, he was already out. >> i these this is a situation with lots of backstage, back stabbing going on and it looks like the two primary players were the national security adviser assumption san rice and and chuck hagel and her team making the case that hagel wasn't up to the job, what you heart senator mccain refer to and then on the other side, hagel and his team saying, you know, we think the white house
3:46 pm
being so hands on in trying to centralize control on what we're doing here are over the top and not doing a particularly good job of handling syria and isis. hagel is the last republican in the cabinet. >> the administration pushes back and says the veterans affairs secretary now is a person who supported republicans. >> you understand? >> yes, former republican lawmaker. >> hagel was over his head from the beginning, 234ib who watched his hearings knew that, he knew that. he was sort of a nonpresence for the first year or so. behind it he got tossed and again thrown under is bus because we actually spoke out and spoke the truth that the syrian policy was entirely inco-hernlt and he went p against the white house and against susan rice who were trying to manage the department of deef over his head. and when he stayed the truth, he criticized the administration. became can tolerate a lot,
3:47 pm
cluelessness, incompetence, laziness, but not criticism, he had to go. >> more on hagel, and the lack of a nuclear deal with iran. remember that? we'll be right back. hey matt, what's up?
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i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. did i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. if i said that, it meant to say that obviously his position on containment. we don't have a position on containment. >> chuck hagel with inauspicious start at his senate confirmation hearing. there he is talking about iran policy. we are back with the panel.
3:51 pm
interestingly, charles, when the president comes out today, at the exact same moment that he is with chuck hagel and vice president biden announcing this resignation, secretary kerry is across the world announcing that the deal with iran has fallen through. it is going to be pushed back delayed next year. >> what an amazing coin densz. there is no way they could have held on to hagel for another day or two. the reason is, they wanted a distraction from what is a complete failure. this extension. remember, 10 months ago we were told we were in the last ditch negotiation with iran. it would last six months, we would relax sanctions in order to encourage their cooperation, which, of course completely illogical. just the exact opposite. in six months, if we don't have a deal, if iran doesn't stop the program as we have demanded in six u.n. resolutions, then we will reimpose sanctions.
3:52 pm
the president said the sanctions are reversible. what happens at the end -- incident dentally, congress insists on passing a bill that would say, after six months, sanctions are increased. we increase the pressure. which would be, incidentally, the only way you could ever get iran to cut back on the program. if you hurt its economy to the point where the regime thinks it's going to be ousted. it takes away all that pressure. what we get is a four month extension that ended yesterday. and what we got was announcement without any preparation of a seven month extension, which means the sanctions remain relaxed. the iranian economy is rebounding. the pressure on iran is diminishing and it gets closer and closer every week to acquiring a bomb. >> marah? >> you are saying the sanctions had already been relaxed. they are not going to be relaxed as a condition for going forward for seven months. >> they remain relaxed. they are getting weaker by the month. >> the white house believes it couldn't get any european cooperation in making them
3:53 pm
tougher right now. and, what the white house is holding out for and i don't think they are going to get it in seven months. they didn't get it now. is this idea that iran will have a nuclear program that will take a year to quote breakout to get to the point they can make a bomb. i can't imagine they are going to get it in seven months. >> juan? >> the we the question becomes what happens in the interim. most prominently israel watching on the sidelines. very nervous about what the united states might agree to that they would find unacceptable in terms of the iranian capacity to ramp up quickly and to get a bomb. so, what does israel do now in the midst of all their tensions at home and what do the other players, who have been standing on the sideline, carping, including the arab countries but also in this country you hear lots of criticism from republicans who say obama is giving up the shots. >> not just republicans,
3:54 pm
senators bob menendez and other democrats have stepped up as well. >> the whole idea from the obama administration perspective is and i don't think it's only obama. if you can get a deal here, this is a good thick. we should make every effort possible to bring iran into the global family. >> i think. >> losing sight of just how strange this is. is there any precedent in history for negotiations like this. the salt talks with the russians, we had a shared sem met industry of vocabulary. we talked about their number of missiles and our number of missiles. where ours were placed and where theirs were placed. we all agreed we had missiles. now we are having extraordinary negotiation about a nuclear weapons program that the other side says does not exist. and i mean, you laugh, it may be laughable. but, in fact, it's a very strange negotiation. >> do they get a deal in this now extended time? >> the administration
3:55 pm
desperately wants a deal. it needs something to proclaim that it's had some success abroad where everything -- positions everywhere from russia to saudi arabia, to turkey everywhere are collapsing. it's trying to give away the store. but the iranians aren't saying no. because they are already continuing the rebuilding. the plutonium facility parallel program to uranium enrichment. that they have nothing to lose. all they care about are sanctions which are eroding as we speak. it's already export ago lot more oil than it's supposed to be allow of the nobody is complaining. why should the iranians agree? it would put a theoretical cap on their program. but they want everything. i think that they are right in estimating the weakness of this administration's negotiating position. >> you know, there is one new element in january when republicans take over the senate. i think they will be able to
3:56 pm
pass something that says congress will have a say in this. and that's going to be hard to oppose. >> and because harry reid has prevented it from moving forward. >> yeah. >> why would the president allow congress to put the pressure on iran by passing a law saying if there is no agreement, we will then impose a sanctions and strengthen the sanctions. i do not understand what the logic is in not passing that to put pressure on iran. >> we have plenty of time to talk about it, until july of 2015. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for an insider perspective on last week's g-20 summit. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know.
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always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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3:59 pm
finally tonight. angela merkel had an interesting perspective on last week's g-20 summit. >> the whole summit was like a disastrous thanksgiving dinner. illustrationly brought its 20-year-old girlfriend. france brought its wife and its 20-year-old girlfriend. >> did putin ruin the summit by storming out? >> putin, oh, putin is the
4:00 pm
worst. and a brat. not a brat worst now those i like. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at ferguson, missouri, where a small group of protesters is already gathering. they along with the rest of the nation are are awaiting the announcement of the grand jury's decision in the michael brown's case. prosecutors are expected to announce that decision in two hours. 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central. grand jury deciding whether or not to indict officer darren wilson. he is the ferguson missouri police officer who shot michael brown to death in august. rioters and police right now ferguson bracing for more possible unrest. we have live team coverage from the courthouse to the police command center to the streets of ferguson. plus, all the legal and forensic experts are here. brown family lawyer benjami