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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 26, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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everybody. happy thanksgiving my best to you and your family at home. i'm bill hemmer live in washington. no online show tonight. greta goes "on the record" right now here on the fox news channel. this is a fox news alert. new pro-says over the ferguson grand jury decision. today, the protest moving to st. louis. hundreds of demonstrators storming city hall. [shouting] and police in riot gear rushing in to break up the crowd. hello, everyone, i'm kimberly goifl in for greta van susteren. we have live team coverage of the continuing fallout from the ferguson grand jury's decision not to it indict officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. we begin with fox news correspondent steve harrigan live in ferguson. steve? >> >> kimberly, as you can see behind me in downtown
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ferguson things have changed dramatically over the last 48 hours that's because the police and the national guard are basically blocking off entire sections of the town where the protests were on omonday. all these stores boarded up. that is those that weren't burned down on monday. all street traffic, all foot traffic being redirected to other parts of the city. now, there was some violence overnight. city hall got hit with some rocks, glass broken. one police car was overturned. smashed with bricks and set on fire. but, overall, a much quieter night and that's due to the large presence of the national guard. about 2,100 strong, we saw some rioting, some looting in this market monday night. can you see national guard officers in camouflage with helmets, with rifles, about every 10 feet. so dead quiet here. but dead quiet for the stores also. one of the busiest shopping weeks of the year. kimberly, back to you. >> you know, steve you were there in the midst of all the chaos and violence. very frightening scene and you were right in the middle of it. what a difference the national guard makes.
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>> stchings incredible. it's dead silent. they have shut it down completely. question they are asking when they come up to us is why wasn't this done monday night? peace and quiet monday night. real order a deserted ghost town. no violence and no building os fire. why wasn't this done monday with three months to think about it where were these plans when they were needed. kimberly back to you. >> especially with a state of emergency declared there to protect the people and the community. we will ask the mayor later about that in the program. steve, thank you. and, last night's protest in ferguson not as violent and chaotic as you just heard as the first night. we spoke to one journalist who came under attack. griff jenkins is live in ferguson with more on that. griff? that is right that's right. we are down on canfield. last night a freelance journalist was attacked and some of the residents here are upset. the neighborhood residents
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are upset because they believe outsiders perpetuated this. here is what happened last night. take a look. >> actually shooting a stand up package for the morning shows. i was crouched down right here and suddenly behind me i hear a lot of shouting, get out of here. stop filming. and turn the light off. so, we start walking away as quick as we can emily got in the driver's seat. and she tried to close the door. as she was trying to close the door they pulled it back open and grabbed her arm and someone pulled out a gun and pointed it to her forehead and said give me the key. they smashed the back window first. then they smashed this. and emily was sitting right here. she was fighting over the door with this guy. the guy with the gun. and my videographer, the one with the camera was sitting right here.
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and i had a lot of stuff in this car. had $5,000 camera lens combination sitting by my feet and also a kevlar vest. if they got that kevlar vest out, there is a bad guy walking around with a kevlar vest now. hey, kimberly the situation is still fluid here. one of the things upset police were not here last night. resident upset all of this has happened. we will leave and check in later. >> we see griff is getting some trouble there as you see. things still very tense in the community. people being hostile even to reporters who are trying to cover the story and tell their tale. check back in with you later, perhaps. >> finally hearing directly from officer darren wilson and he spoke with abc news. answered described the moments leading um to when he pulled the trigger. >> hey, come here for a minute. and that's when he turned and said what the [bleep] are you going to do about it and slammed my door shut on me.
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>> for the first time officer darren wilson retelling the fateful events from the moments before he killed michael brown. >> he threw the first punch? >> yes. he threw the first one and hit me in the left side of my face. >> you know, because some of the witnesses is said that they saw you trying to pull him into the car. >> that would be against any training ever taught to any law enforcement officer. >> bruises in these punches provided to the grand jury. detail after detail. the officer's account of the event nearly identical to what he told the grand jury. >> as soon as i get back i'm going to shoot you. his response immediately he grabbed the top of my gun. when he grabbed it he said you are too much of a [bleep] to shut me. while he is doing that can i feel his hand trying to come over my hand and get inside the trigger guard and try to shoot me with my own gun. >> according to officer wilson's account. that's when he fires the first shots at brown, shattering the patrol car's windows, sending michael brown run from the vehicle. officer wilson gets out, ready to pursue. >> he turned and faced me
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and as he does that his right hand immediately goes into his waistband and his left hand is a fist at his side and he starts charging me. >> what did you think when you first saw that. >> i didn't know. my initially thought is there a weapon in there. >> even though he hadn't pulled something out when he first confronted you. >> it was still an unknown. >> an unknown that leads wilson to pull the trigger. >> i gave myself another mental check can i shoot this guy? you know, legally can i? and the question i answered myself i have to if you don't. >> unrest still in ferguson tonight, we go back to griff jenkins who joins us again. griff, you are in the car. what happened moments ago i apologize to our viewers it was a little hectic there the residents in canfield that location we were at is where the michael brown memorial is we were simply reporting the story it proves that what happened last night and countless stories we have heard from other journalists who have
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been here this week is that the media are not welcome. they don't like us down here. they don't believe we're only telling a true narrative. one of the points i was telling them i wanted to make. police not responding whether it's a business owner or people who live in the neighborhoods didn't want cameras period in that neighborhood. as you saw the situation was beginning to heat up, tempers had been flaring since that decision on monday night. so, we safely wanted to get our crew out of there. we're going to relocate, kimberly in a different location and come back to you a little bit later. >> keep you posted and i know our colleague steve harrigan also experienced some similar encounters yesterday. so things still very tense in ferguson tonight, griff, thank you. >> and now to the "on the record" legal panel who has been covering this case from the beginning. ted williams and former prosecutor katy fang joins us in miami.
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good evening to both of you. as you see just moments ago our own griff jenkins trying to tell the story the tale of what happened in ferguson and aftermath of violent protests unable to stay in position and has to leave the scene. great to see you. people still very upset, very vocal about what happened in the grand jury proceedings. you saw earlier in the program we put some side by side where you see what the officer said to the grand jury and then, of course, in the interview with the george stephanopoulos. shed some light on it. >> well, you know, kimberly, let me say from a -- as a lawyer who has handled quite a few of these kind of cases, i can tell you if the officer was in imminent fear of bodily harm, he could use deadly force. now, what do we know about this? we know that michael brown was involved in what one would define as a strong arm robbery. >> right. >> so when michael brown
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come in contact with these law enforcement officers, it's his state of mind that's there. that has to be taken into consideration. and then you get into the physical contact -- confrontation with the officer. now, when michael brown takes off running after being shot at the car, the big question is did he turn around and charge at the officer. there are witnesses that said that he did do that. if that is the case, it's a good shoot. also though, there are witnesses who say that the officer, that michael brown never charged at him. but one thing we know, kimberly, and i can tell you, being a a former law enforcement officer myself. i would have never confronted michael brown without backup there. >> and perhaps that was the fatal turn of events. but you make an excellent point. i will go to katy on this is the use of deadly force and whether this was a legally justified shooting. when you compare the witness testimony, there is multiple eyewitnesses because the prosecutor put forward a
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tremendous amount of evidence, to put this to the grand jury. then you match that up with ballistic reports. the reports showing gunshot residue or blow back. the d.n.a. that's from michael brown that's on the officer from their altercation in the car. and then the bullet. when you examine all three of the autopsy reports, the state medical examiner report and private ones, i mean, what conclusion do you come to? >> well, you know, you kind of have to rely on the fact that there is forensic and scientific evidence that's going to be corroborating what officer wilson has told us thus far. what's interesting is officer wilson tells george stephanopoulos the thought process that happened before he pulls the trigger or after he has already called the trigger a couple of times inside the cop car is can i legally do this? do we actually think he did said that him toself can i legally shoot this man? i don't think so he did. we also heard from his grand jury testimony and his conversation with george stephanopoulos that he relied heavily upon his
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training. we need to look at what is the training that he received as a part of the ferguson police department. do they have a use of force matrix, which is what we see in all police departments? what is that? it's the escalation of force. can i go the lethal force? can i react by shooting someone if i kneel like i am in reasonable fear of my safety? and if the use of force matrix for the ferguson ph.d. allowed him to do so, which it seemed like it did. he was completely justifiable in shooting mike wall brown. >> you bring that point up, ted, which an excellent one we are able to get inside of the state of the mind of the officer to determine if he felt his life was in danger and the use of force was reasonable and legally justifiable. how did he know? ted, it's very unusual for the target of a grand jury testimony to proffer their testimony during that time
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kimberly you are absolutely. i would never put my client before a grand jury. but, however this is brilliant stroke of genius to put him before the grand jury it permitted him to establish a rapport with the grand jury. let's try to be honest here. his lawyers programmed him very very well before he went into that grand jury. so i also buy into what katy says. what darren wilson was able to convince that grand jury was that his life was in imminent fear of bodily harm and the action he took was justifiable. >> let's bring it back to another point, katie. i'm former prosecutor. you as well. when i'm thinking about the number of crimes, just didn't happen in a vacuum where there is just an altercation or encounter on the street because he does a stop to inquire regarding information he is getting in over his radio. there was evidence, of course, that a strong arm robbery had happened.
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then you take it into the car. that's an assault. a felonious assault against a police officer where he tries to remove the weapon. >> it's at a minimum it's an assault on a law enforcement officer if not some many type of attempted something. i mean, think about it. if you believe what officer wilson said, mike wall brown put his hand on that gun and way was trying to pull the trigger and the gun was pointed toward officer wilson's body. what's also important that you brought up, kimberly and what tell ted has touched upon is state of mind. what he know what darren wilson's state of mind was. let's think about what michael brown's state of mind is michael brown has just committed a strong arm robbery of convenience store. is he walking down the street with darian johnson. michael brown is holding the actual contra band from the strong armed robbery in his hand. what was michael brown's state of mind. what had s. his state of mind when he now encounters law enforcement. does he go to the sidewalk and step out of the road. no he doesn't.
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he actually if you believe officer wilson, he actually has a verbal confrontation first and then it escalates to a physical confrontation. ted mentioned we necessarily go after michael brown without backup? we have heard from officer wilson he called for backup but officer wilson, he doesn't have an obligation to disengage just because michael brown starts to run away. there is no real obligation for him to say i'm not going to get involved. >> big question is wouldn't it have been more safer, once he learned that there was this robbery to wait until backup got there and to have backup assist him? there was no exigent serks at that time. he may that decision. i don't know if it was the wrong decision. but i can also tell that you if the inconsistency of what the witness testimony is in this. this is highly unlikely that they would have gotten a conviction. even if it wouldn't have gotten out of the grand jury. >> you are right about that and then of course the bad spatter evidence is
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consistent with the forward trajectory on the part of the suspect moving toward and charging to the officer and then the fatal shot through the top of the head, head down as if in a charging position. that's the evidence. that's the forensics that the the grand jury also heard. katie and ted, what a pleasure. stuffs. and moments ago. you saw "on the record's" griff jenkins confronted by people in ferguson. let's also check in with fox news correspondent mike tobin. mike, how is everything where you are tonight? >> pretty calm, kimberly. if you look over me i think the vigil of the night national guardsman forced to stand the night before the holiday. miserable weather with the wet snow. thanksgiving approaching. contrast that with the view here across the street. there are your demonstrators. about a little than a dozen of them. not doing much. the weather seems to keep things pretty much tempered. it's kind of a situation where you have just as many guardsmen as do you demonstrators. the demonstrators are now
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outnumbered by the cameras who are here covering the event, kimberly. >> you just wonder why everywhere speaking earlier in the program difference it makes to have the presence of the national guard. you just wonder if they were more concerned about visual and the optics of the situation of the militarization of the police with the national guard there. they let the protesters go to what end and to what loss of property and damage to ferguson. >> well, and i think weather plays a role in it. it's not fun to come out here and have a street party and raise a bunch of cain while you have got a wet miserable snow coming down and cold like this. that's a factor. keep in mind it's early in the evening. number of demonstrators will pick up as the night goes on. >> we'll talk about weather in the program. weather is a friend to the people of ferguson tonight. cooling things off a bit. mike, thanks so much. we will check back in with griff jenkins once he is at his new location and safe spot. you saw it coast to coast.
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protesters taking to the streets. our nengs guest says justice was served in ferguson, ferguso. ron christie goes "on the record" next. plus, a a major snow storm threatening to turn the trip to grandma's house into a nightmare. we have all the latest on your holiday weather and travel is coming up. the conference call.
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the ultimate arena for business. hour after hour of diving deep, touching base, and putting ducks in rows. the only problem with conference calls: eventually they have to end. unless you have the comcast business voiceedge mobile app. it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. gf noof not just in ferguson. protesting the grand jury's decision not to indict officer darren wilson. daily beast columnist ron christie writes justice was served and there is a much bigger problem in our country. he joins us now. ron, thanks for being "on the record" tonight. >> nice to see you.
4:21 pm
provocative column and article tell us where you are coming from and you were in the middle of this last night. >> justice was served. we know as lawyers fifth amendment you have to have an indictment or presentment in order to move forward on capital case. it's based on fact and based on evidence. my contention for my column for the daily beast was a lot of the folks that we saw protesting already had a predetermined outcome. if the white officer was not indicted, america was racist and bad. if he was indicted, america is racist and bad. coming home from fox news i ran into the middle of this in new york city. i respect your right to peacefully protest. i don't respect your right to bang on the windows and scratch the car and do physical damage for someone who is trying to do his job and go home. >> you felt horrible for the guy who owned the car driving, trying to do his job, get you to your assignment and they scratched his car to. me they lose such credibility when you engage in this willful and within wantn
4:22 pm
criminal conduct. vandalizing, looting, burning. a lack of respect for people who work hard to try to make a living. >> absolutely. you look back to the civil rights movement. you look back at what the power of his voice and power of him behind him. what i saw last night was a lot of bitterness and hate and so misplaced in the 21st century. >> and a false narrative. it didn't matter regardless of the facts, the circumstances, the grand jury transcript. the testimony by the officer, the multiple criminal and forensic experts experts. it was disregarded it was inconvenient truth. that's what is so troubling. as a country we have made so much accomplishments through the reasonable rhetoric and leadership of people like martin luther king jr. i think it would be disappointed with what he saw in ferguson.
4:23 pm
inconvenient truth is spot on. look at icon john lewis for him to compare what's going on in ferguson with selma is such a disgrace. gives a voice to people who say this is an icon from the civil rights movement. we are right. we need to go out and burn and protest which is absolutely wrong. i just wish the congressman isn't said that wherever do we go from here. move beyond folks who are rioting and looting. we can move beyond this because we are americans and believe in the rule of law. >> rebuild communities, work with the police. police, you know, community policing, i think i have seen it work so well. los angeles and gang ravaged neighborhoods. people want safe neighborhoods for their children, for the schools and for the businesses. i hope we can move forward. certainly been a pleasure to spend time with you tonight. >> straight ahead, you are going to hear much more from officer darren wilson. plus, ferguson mayor james knowles joins us live. that's next. [coughing]
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a grand jury's decision not to indict officer darren wilson sparking riots in ferguson, missouri, and protests across the nation. and now, we are finally hearing officer wilson's account of the deadly shooting of michael brown. >> i used my door to try to push him back and yell at him to get back. again, he just pushed the door shut and stairs at me. as i look back at him. >> he threw the first punch. >> yes. i reached out my window to grab his forearm because i was going to move him back and get out of the car where i'm no longer trapped. when i felt the immense power it was like a a-year-old holding on to hulk hogan. that's how big he was. >> hulk hogan. >> large. >> you are a pretty big guy. >> i'm above average. >> you try to grab but you feel that force. >> yes.
4:29 pm
as i hold him i see him coming back around with his left hand. in the shape like this. and it comes through the window in just a solid punch to the right side of my face. >> you are still sitting there figuring out how to get out of this. >> yes how do i survive. after he come at me i fired a series of shots and paused. >> what did you see? >> i noticed at least one of them hit him. i don't know where but i saw his body just flinch a little. after that, i paused and i again yell stop and get on the ground, giving him the opportunity to stop. and he ignored all the commands and he just kept running. and so after he kept running again, i shot another series of shots and at least one of those hit him because i saw the flash. this time he is about 15 feet away. so i start back pedaling because is he getting too close and he is still not stopping. he gets 8 to 10 feet and he starts leaning forward like he is going to tackle me and i look down the barrel of my gun and i fired and what i saw was his head and that's where it went. >> and last night was much calmer in ferguson. but can the city keep the
4:30 pm
peace? ferguson mayor joins us now to go "on the record." mayor, thanks for joining us tonight. a lot of questions remain about what happened the night of the protest and whether or not much of this could have been appreciated by the presence of the national guard. what are your thoughts? >> well, i mean earlier on i thought the national guard was going to be able to respond earlier than they did. frustrating to us that it took until 2:00 a.m. for the national guard to come out into the streets. because clearly, the law enforcement officers who were there on the scene couldn't handle the number of people. the amount of looting and number of arsons that were taking place. so it was very frustrating to us. we did see the national guard deployed last night. saw much more secure scene after their arrival. we're looking at live shots root know in ferguson. still people out on the street. people still gathering, wanting to protest. you also see the presence of
4:31 pm
the national guard just apposed to the protesters. have you been able to get any answers on why they weren't deployed earlier? >> no, i have not. there has been several iterations of the security plan over the past several weeks. and we were told the final plan was the national guard would be available if law enforcement was to be overrun, so to speak. and law enforcement was unable to deal with the size and scope of the unrest. and so we did ask. i know my understanding is the unified command here did ask for national guard how are you going to rebuild your city? what do you say to the people, the family that are running businesses there counting on the protection of the city to be able to make sure that their lives, their jobs weren't in
4:32 pm
tatters as we have seen what's happened? >> well, we have a very good business community here smawlg businesses official round of unrest and obviously the incidence of last night and monday night. i know that the business community, the city of ferguson, i believe the st. louis region, the state will all step forward and work with these businesses to help make them whole help get them back on their feet. especially the moms and pops who clearly have their livelihood based businesses. >> yes, that's senseless destruction of property. the message gets lost when people engage in that kind of criminal conduct. talk a little bit about officer wilson. what is his current status? >> officer wilson is currently still on administrative leave with the city of ferguson pending internal investigation. and we really can't say much more about that as employee
4:33 pm
and personnel matter. >> still ongoing investigation? >> yeah. i mean there is still ongoing federal investigation. ongoing civil rights investigation. and so, you know, he still remains on paid administrative leave. >> and perhaps internal investigations within the police department. of course, the "new york times" releasing his home address and i know that he is recently married and has a baby on the way. is he able to get some protection for his safety? >> well, i hope that he is he not in the same place with the "new york times" he resides. that was completely irresponsible on their part to publish that information. i am sure that officer wilson is taking adequate precautions to protect his family and stay out of harm's way. >> sure. >> i hope that he is. >> we hope so. we certainly don't want any more losses of property damage or personal lives. that's for sure. mayor, thank you so much. best of luck to you in rebuilding your city. >> thank you, kimberly.
4:34 pm
>> we are still getting new details about officer wilson's grand jury testimony. officer wilson described the moment leading up to the fatal shot. saying michael brown was, quote: just coming straight at me like he was going to run right through me. and when he gets about 8 to that's what iall i see is shot. let's bring back in our legal panel. they are back, defense attorney ted williams in ferguson and former prosecutor katie fang in miami. ted, what do you make of that last clip from the grand jury as part of the transcript? it's very interesting. the question on both sides of the fence was how far was michael brown from the police officer even when he was charging back at him? because if the police officer already had a deadly what one would define as a deadly encounter with michael brown and then michael brown goes away from him, police officers chasing
4:35 pm
him. michael brown turns around and comes back at the police officer. then the police officer he feels that imminent bodily harm, he can do and take the action he took. the question is some people are saying that michael brown's hand was up. some people saying they were down at his side. we don't know where mike michael brown's hands was. the officer did what he felt he had to do. >> katie, also, an important point there in the george stephanopoulos interview was officer wilson said that he gave repeated commands to michael brown to tell him to, you know, to stop. and that he did not listen to those commands and kept proceeding, charging towards him. yeah, i mean, if you believe what officer wilson said to george stephanopoulos and to the grand jury, michael brown didn't heed any of the commands given by officer
4:36 pm
wilson. officer wilson asked him to step out of street. officer wilson asked him to come over and speak to him and became a physical confrontation that was by all accounts initiated by michael brown. once the physical aggression and the whole incident occurs within the cop car. then he is ordered, mike brown is ordered to stop and he adding to officer wilson he charges at officer wilson. what's interesting is there is some eyewitness accounts that maybe he was stumbling forward as a result of having been struck. but we also know that officer wilson has advised that he had a 13 round .40 caliber -- five shots were attempted within the cop car. and according to officer wilson, only two shots went off. and then you have the remaining -- and i don't know why that happened. according to officer wilson, i think it's because michael brown's finger was in the hammer. but then he tries to fire off seven more shots, which he must have done when he is outside of the car. how many of them struck michael brown? we only know from the
4:37 pm
autopsy, you know that mr. there were a certain number of gunshot wounds. >> again, i think there are other things we have to take into consideration there are witnesses there. some of the witnesses said that they did not hear officer wilson say stop, get on the ground the brown family wanted this thing to go to a trial. i think kimberly was a lawyer, as well as you, indicatey, of course, realize that a grand jury is somewhat of a one sided event because you cannot cross-examine. you have quite naturally the people on the grand jury, the citizens they can ask questions. they are not lawyers. >> you know. >> they are not lawyers. these are the same people that would be evaluating the evidence in a jury trial and they did have the benefit of the testimony of the officer and all the criminalists including multiple pathologists. there was quite a bit of information and five possible charges and as you
4:38 pm
know. panel, the standard for a grand jury is so low just to show that a crime has been committed. any crime and officer wilson is responsible. it's still a lot of questions but definitely a fascinating legal discussion and we certainly thank you for your time tonight. >> all right. and straight ahead. our live coverage of ferguson continues. we will talk with the president of the st. louis county police association. we're also going to check back in with griff yen jenkins and see how is he doing. weighs just confronted by angry residents. his report is next. e go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign.
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tonight, ferguson residents and business owners hoping for peaceful thanksgiving.
4:43 pm
>>. see some peaceful protesters there. a handful or dozen or so. there was actually a choir out here singing: our viewers what happened before is the journalist we never want to be and the story is not about journalists getting heckled but at least makes a point whether it was marcus de'pal low last night or tonight that tensions are high. nerves are very raw here and you have to be careful. that's why we take to try to get the bigger story out to the world that while the decision has been made and we saw a horrible monday night. things have calmed down through the lenz of the camera but on the street here, it is still very at the bus stop we are hoping this therefore bring a quieter night. one of the things, kimberly, that i really want to talk
4:44 pm
about tonight. was how the residents, how the shop owners feel about the police response. that's been talked a lot in the last few days about how they felt the police were not here. i had a chance to speak with dave corker, the president of the st. louis county police association. i asked him about that criticism. i said, hey, aot of people saying you guys aren't doing enough. you are as i remember plot not there. here is what gabe had to say. take a listen. >> we were there. okay. and anybody that says we weren't there, just doesn't have information. this is a very emotional time for people sometimes and i don't want to cast blame on anyone, but business owners and certain people in the community just don't know what we were doing. they really have noe have one optic, that's usually what they are watching on television. kimberly, again, as you saw earlier at the top of the hour when i was with you. the confrontation we had with the residents. those are the folks that live in the apartments there
4:45 pm
at the memorial. there where michael brown was shot. and was any indication of what things are like now: i think beyond thanksgiving that that neighborhood is going to be dealing with this for a long time and i don't know what's going to happen. i know that the residents here and the shop owners hope that the folks here can move beyond it and the protests can remain and continue to be peaceful there. on or aboutously a lot of emotions high in ferguson. glad you are in a safer he location. my tip would be hang out by the national guard. senator rand paul recently visited vergz. >> a trip took about a month ago to ferguson, missouri p ferguson, missouri, why did you go? >> because i think i wanted to further understand what's going on, not just in ferguson but in a lot of our major cities. what i sense is there is sort of an undercurrent of
4:46 pm
unease out there that people are unhappy because of poverty. they are unhappy because of unemployment. they are also unhappy because the criminal justice system i think seems to have trapped people, i think people of color. african-americans, hispanics are disproportionately represented in our prisons for nonviolent drug crimes. i think because of that there is a sense of, you know, i'm not being treated fairly there is a sense of anger. you see what's going on and none of it i do condone any of it what's going on in ferguson. the violence. i was there i would suggest put out a voter registration table i will help you man the table. i want more people to vote. it's a way of getting people to participate. at the same time there is an anger out there and we ought to understand what the anger is about. it doesn't mean we condone it. but we need to understand is there a way to make our legal system better? a good example is in ferguson last year there were $2 million in petty fines. for you or i a $100 fine. if you are poor and $100 fine and you don't pay it next week it's 125, next
4:47 pm
week 150, 200. petty fines build up and anger built up towards authorities because they are getting nickeled and dimed to death by petty fines. you can catch greta's full interview with senator rand paul later tonight only on and straight ahead. heavy rain and snow disrupting holiday travel for millions of americans. how bad will the great get away get? meteorologist janice dean she is on deck next. is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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4:52 pm
dean in the extreme weather center. our jonathan hunt is tracking and our leland fitters is tracking the roads and rails. first up go right to janice dean. janice. >> hi kimberly yes, we are still seeing the rain, the sleet, the wind and the snow all along the i-9 a corridor right now. philadelphia this is pulling northward, cloudy skies here. late rain for new york. we have kind of being on the cusp of rain and sleet and snow. and up towards boston cloudy skies but again can see where that freezing rain and sleet and snow line is whi to t. as we head further out in time overnight tonight, the storm will move northward and eastward and exit the coast line, leaving behind some snow, especially north and west of boston where they can get 6 to 12 inches, even 18 inches across the mountain news regions and then we are also go to see the blustery conditions overnight tonight. even though the rain and the wind will blow out.
4:53 pm
blustery conditions along the coast line. wind chills are going to be quiet frosty. quite frosty. the parade will be fine tomorrow, just a little chilly. so bundle up. >> thanks for that. >> happy thanksgiving. >> you as well. and hundreds of flights have been cancelled and many more delays. no a good day toe at the airport. that's where jonathan hunt is right now. he joins us live from new york laguardia airport. jonathan? >> kimberly, it has been a miserable day for air travel and there are a few more hours of misery left for travelers. as of right now, some 730 flights have been cancelled nationwide and for little perspective, that compares with just 140 yesterday. the majority of the cancellations have been caused by problems in the northeast airports. in particular the new yorkrk area and philadelphia; many, many incoming flights to
4:54 pm
those airports cancelled. a lot of flights outgoing cancelled and a lot of delays across the board. the good news is that transport officials say that with the storm passing through overnight. they believe most of those air travelers will make it to their destinations at some point tomorrow. but that might be cold comfort for those who are getting cold turkey kimberly? >> i will be right where you are. we are going to swap places tomorrow morning. jonathan, thanks for that update. so are things getting any better on the ground you ask? fox news correspondent leland fit territory is live at washington union station. how are the buses and trains moving? >> well, kimberly, good evening to you. the longest line here is the pickup -- took is a or 20 minutes to make the way around the circle. a lot of warm reunions and smiling faces even after very long trips. especially those who came in by bus or by car. into washington, d.c. the i-9 a corridor has been an sleuth mess. snow piled up and obviously
4:55 pm
there was rain, number of accidents there really making for slow going as folks went over the river and through the woods. amtrak though reports most of their services were on time. 700,000 people rose the rails to see the family this weekend. they say their services were uninterrupted and okay time. they then were able to add some extra trains to get people where they were going. kimberly, even after talking to so many folks cold and wet and waiting for the buss and those kind of things they said it didn't matter so long as we get home for turkey it's all worth it. >> all about thanksgiving for family and friends. thanks so much for update. coming up, more news from ferguson. our live coverage continues next.
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4:59 pm
breaking news, st. louis county police say they are missing -- searching for a a miss arf rifle. police say the rioters took the high powered police rifle and the rack it was
5:00 pm
stored in. 7 for a special marine -- happy thanksgiving everyone, special thank you for our troops serve hog can't be home with their families. thank you for your service. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [chanting] >> protesters storm downtown st. louis today and with all the chaos county police bring order to ferguson. we'll have the latest. [shouting] >> this is cry from the stepfather of michael brown helped fuel the vicious riot in ferguson and did he commit a crime for saying it? we'll have a debate. who is behind the protests that have swept major american cities over the last few days, trying up


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