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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 28, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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the holidays, it really does make an impression. >> i got a special tonight, investing 101. going to show you how to make money, so you don't have to say no to any of your kids. i'm andrea along with juan, david and tom. i've 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." >> since the shooting of michael brown by officer darren wilson on august 9, one chant has dominated the faithful encounter. >> r hands up don't shoot, something officer darren wilson said never happened. >> some of the eyewitnesses have said, when at that moment he turned around, he turned around and put his hands up. >> that would be incorrect. >> no way?
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>> no way. >> so you say he starts to run, he starts to come towards you. >> uh-huh. >> and? >> i gave myself another mental checkup, can i shoot this guy? legally can i? and the answer to my question is, he's going to kill me if i don't. >> how did it come to define the counter and spur a global response. i know you've read over this ed that the grand jury presented. the witness testimony was seemingly all over the place, which created reasonable doubt and reasonable doubt is not enough for a conviction. >> it starts with a lie. it is a lie. hands up don't shoot is a lie per pet fwated by michael
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brown's accomplice in the robbery. let's call it what it is. all of this hands up don't shoot, it has nothing to do with this case. we have the testimony of witnesses and it's been turned in what was an incident between two people. there was a bolo for them. the officer spotted the cigarillos, he saw someone out in the treat, what led to a violent account between the officers and led to a lie, all of this, hands up don't shoot was the result of a lie. the police report, there's only one, victim officer darren wi wilson and system michael brown. >> as david says, though, not enough ed to support that that happened and officer wilson said
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that never hatched. >> all you see in the transcripts, andrea, is that people have varying accounts of where his hands were, some people say his handser were at chest legal, some say at his stomach level, some say at his side, we don't know what he might have said. no one except the other man who david described as his accomplice. he says he said don't shoot, we don't know. >> he contradicted himself, and then he disappeared. where is dorian johnson? >> i would imagine everybody, where's darren wilson in this thing. everybody is -- i don't think there was any way that you can say that officer wilson was directly pursuing this guy because of the robbery, the kid apparently was thuggish and wrong handed and there was an announcement that somebody had told $40 worth of cigars.
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but is that a reason to kill a kid. >> didn't it show that he was reaching inside the police car as well. >> he was filinging with him inside the police car, and we have got to stop the line about what led to the killing. the stealing of the cigar rill lows -- >> michael brown walking down the street, in the middle of the street. if i'm walking in the middle of the street and an officer says don't walk down the middle of the street. i will get off the street. >> me too. >> do you think that's a reason for a cop to shoot you, though? >> oh, you say oh, it's because he's walking in the street. >> but if you a charge a level, it brings it to a different level. i want to ask you about wilson because michael brown's mom came out and she said it seemed like he wanted to kill. this is a cop that never pulled
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a gun before, we can't get in his head. i don't think many people walk around wanting to kill someone. is it fair to call darren wilson a victim as well? he came out and said, he's never going to be a part of the police force again. >> if he were acting in self-defense--i think it's crazy, and i think the media ran with thisary ty all the time. they the media made a decision in large part, they wanted to decide who was the victim, who was -- a lot of people don't know that he charged on officer. a lot of people don't know that that police officer, was based on all the eyewitness accounts and all the ed, was acting in several defense. before we have any of these facts, the media always decides who's nnlt and gill.
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>> tom, we heard that for weeks, when no one knew what happened, besides those officers there at the scene and we saw other networks, running with this manufactured story lined they didn't know. and now we see that turned out to all be a lie, so where's the apology from the news network. >> i have two questions. number one, the relationship between the police forces and the community is a legitimate issue. and some people have a huge problem with it. and they want to protest it. why did they choose this crime? it doesn't seem to fit. there are cases of police brutality and i can understand protesting those. how did it happen? how did this become the rallying cry? because it never really fit. the story -- >> because it was black and white. this was why it nit the rallying cry, because it's the rallying cry of the al sharptons of the world, and the rallying cry, there was a community relations service, that arrived on scene,
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sent there by the department of justice, under eric holder. i they took what was an incident between a system auspect and itu out to be a thug and a police marp. if a why -- that police officer would have had the same responsibility to maintain control of his weapon. al you don't want someone who's willing to wrestle with a cop for his gun, to get that gun and take off with it, whether he shoots the officer or not, you don't want that gun out there. there's a race dynamic that we can sell over the issues, there are issues to be address. but they never get to the the >> i don't want anybody to make a hero out of this kid. >> but they have -- >> wait a second, wait a second. i don't get what you're saying
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at all. black kids get shot by white police officers all the time. but it doesn't become ferguson when most white officers shoot a black kid like that. we have seen it in cleveland, we have seen it elsewhere. and it does not have the response that andrew's talked about. and i suspect it's because of this hands up don't shoot that has become the means for all this protest and walking around. but i'm not saying that every time a white cop shoots a black kid you have? response. >> why did the police have to clam up for months? why weren't they out there the night of that shooting and say, look, everybody calm down, this is not what protesters are saying, this may be a justified shooting. they didn't say a word. >> they could have handled it better, without a doubt, they could have handled the response better.
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but tif there is no indictment without any evidence, when you have a state senator and official saying without an indictment, there will be riots and there will be more blood. >> and they're still jumping in and talking about this even after they failed to indict, russell simmons and a number of celebrities weighing in on this. tweeting together we can stand up and spark change. black out for black friday. and this has spurred a number of protests, juan, at different target stores. target is a -- developing relationships with mine north and women owned vendors and suppliers. how did target become the target of this protest? and how does target and black friday have to do with ferguson? >> i'm not sure why target.
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it's a puzzle to me. but again, if you have a legitimate grievance in our country, you can protest any way you like, you can walk down the street and block traffic and make me angry in many cases because i'm trying to get somewhere. but i don't they that's illegitimate moot. i do have an argument when you ma make things up. >> but how about the community, blocking traffic, looting, you're talking about hurting the lives of regular citizens who are trying to go pick their kids up at school or get to work. that doesn't bring about any civil change. >> it does, letting people know that you have a legitimate grievance and asking that society respond in an effective way. >> i agree with that, juan. >> it's not destroying necessarily the black community.
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which is what rioting does, which is like self druktsive suicide. >> i think some people are going, what does one thing have to do with another? >> good will stopping spongebob from going down the street. i wanted to watch spongebob, do not stop that parade. >> this black friday protest, it's just strategically a mistake. >> also pharel wpts. a very famous hip hop artist. i came out and said, why are we not talking about the bullyish behavior of michael brown. he is taking a lot of frack for this. i think we just need to have a conversation in the black
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community about why brown was acting the way he was, disrespecting the cop. >> he robbed a store next to mcdonald's. if he had gone and filled out an application at that mcdonald's, he may have had the money to buy his cigarillos. and tomorrow, which is shop small business starred, how is that going to benefit is burned out businesses in ferguson. >> in my book called "enough" i point out, if you have a high legal of crime and thuggish behavior, you're inviting consequences. like people are saying, why would only he obey the cop? >> pharel. >> do you have any friends who are hip. >> i listen to insanely happy, i
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love the guy. but i think they took him out of con text. he said i'm upset by this. he's upset by the verdict. he thought they should have put this guy on trial, he didn't like the results of this, but he also saw the other side of it. he had a very, you know, i thought he had a very good viewpoint, he saw all sides of the issue, but all of a suggest he's villainous. >> because you don't dare go against the, quote, black narrati narrative. if you go against the black narrative, you're a racist. >> a player for the new orleans saints made a very retweeted facebook post saying this is not a skin problem, it's a sin problem. also seeing both sides of this. >> what people can't believe, when someone sees both sides of the issue, they say oh, my god, i can't believe it. >> and a famous plug, walking
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beyond greta, i'll be filling in for my friend greta. what would civil leader martin luther king have thought about the riots in ferguson? his son's answer when we return. , and i quit smoking with chantix. i had tried to do it in the past. i hadn't been successful. quitting smoking this time was different because i got a prescription for chantix.
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now with the you can watch live tv anytime. it's never been easier with so many networks all in one place. get live tv whenever you want. the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. mpblsz in the wakes of the fires in forgive son this week, one wants to ask, what would martin
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luther king think? >> i'm sure he would be greatly disappointed, first and foremost, he would certainly be ve very -- feeling very bad for the family, he would have empathy for the family. secondly he would be disappointed that it erupted into a scenario of violence all across communities. he used to say violence is the rang language of the unheard. and he constantly said, we must find nonviolent ways to protest. >> dr. king used to say when dogs bite us in birmingham, we bleed everywhere. this is a re-enactment of that practice, someone got hurt in ferguson, and we're bleeding everywhere. we're seeing around the country,
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one of the protest charnts was, we don't get it, shut it down. >> i know lots of american history, civil rights movement, you had protests, but violence, riots? >> dr. king would have been appalled by this violence. what does that do? what does that solve? i think he also would have talked about the importance of the family. watching a lot of this footage, u i saw so many young people. i thought where are their parents? you can have a problem with what happened, you can protest, but not like this, not doing stuff that tears down the community instead of builds it up. >> i can't agree more. and i have read a lot of dr. king, he's so explicit that nonviolence is the way to effects the change. it's not to say you're lazy and
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you're not getting out there and working on it. you have to be persistent, you have to march at times, you have to take inconvenience into your life. but destroying your community, i think that's crazy, nobody's saying you shouldibilin't raise voices. >> i also think its a pretty dangerous message to come out and say this is what democracy looks like. that is when there's rioting in the streets and businesses being destroyed, i don't think that's the right message to put out there, and i would actually ask you, juan, i think dr. king if he were alive today, he would be saddened not just for the town of ferguson, but he would be saddened about race relations a decade after his passing.
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>> we still have this -- here's colonel allan west giving his viewpoint. >> this is once again being part of the grievance industry and the race-baiting industry that continues to keep the black community in a situation of economic servitude. we really need to have the discussion about families together, about education, about young black men having respect for authorities, better jobs, education and opportunities. >> david, i'll go along with much of what he said until he got to the leftist, socialist and all that kind of rhetoric. but what are you saying? >> here's my thought. this is not a civil right s issue. what happened in ferguson is a criminal issue. they have tried to tie civil rights into it. and the easy thing is to go back
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and say, you know what dr. king would have thought? the question is what do is residents of ferguson think? the community is 65% black. we have got to stop conflating civil rights to everything that happens between black and white. this is what democracy looks like, it's an old progressive chant. we live in a representative republic, if you want to effect change, like you said wednesday, juan, get into the political system, vote people into office that represent you well and quit conflating ferguson with civil rights. >> when you hear these points of view, when there's a civil rights angle. what do you think. >> i think it's a dangerous game to play, but i don't think it's
2:24 pm
a dangerous thing to say that dr. king who was opposed to violence, would not like people burning their own cities down. they brought their own dogs. they were the ones burning down. so it doesn't make any sense. it wasn't as if the police were you know-- >> when a lie is told in ferguson rp ferguson, then a lie is told everywhere. >> you have the doj eric holder saying he wants to take federal action to build back trust between the community and police. they're going to influence cops to not do their jobs and scare them into not doing their jobs. >> why do you say that? >> because i see what's happened in new york. cops who have been interviewed say, look, if i see a suspect, if i see anything, white on black kril, black on black
2:25 pm
crime, i'm not going to get out of my vehicle, because i don't want to lose any job and i don't want to lose my pension. >> you know what, when young people, with the stop and frisk, driving while racial profiling feel they can't trust police officers who should be protecting their interests. >> there's a worker at a mcdonald's on 56th street, cops walk in, happens to be a son of a friend of mine, cops walk in, and he puts his hands up and says hands up don't shoot. and the cop says that's why you'll always be working at mcdonald's and walked out. now the question is, what is she doing? has she just zipped her lip out of political expedience si? we'll have that debate next. @oyp
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. >> hillary clinton has stayed virtually silent on the events in ferguson. the initial remarks she made back in august came a few weeks after michael brown was shot. >> watching the recent funeral for michael brown, as a mother and as a human being, my heart just broke for his family because losing a child is every parent's greatest fear. in an unimaginable loss. >> well, it's been four days since the grand jury's decision and hillary capitol hill mum. some are wondering what the likely presidential contender in 2016 is doing if she's playing it safe by staying out of this tense situation. i said in the last segment that this was not a civil rights, it's a criminal issue that has been per loined, i'll use a big word on a friday into this
2:31 pm
massive civil rights issue. why is hillary clinton weighing in matter because it's a political point, a way of trying to appease a base. let's go back to the community, let's go back to who and what are the actors in the community. who are the leaders, who are the parents, who are the authorities. america's got to stop caring so much about what some political figure weighs in. deal with the issues locally. >> you're missing the point. we need leadership. i think in a moment like this, i don't care if you're conservative or a liberal or if you think that darren wilson is right or the kid or whatever, however you want to do it. it would be different if we had leaders standing up saying this is what i think and this is where we should go as an american people. it's not just hillary, i don't see any republican potential nominees saying anything, with the exception of rand paul who said you know what? there's some potential
2:32 pm
grievances here. >> i'll throw this to you, jedia, i don't want to hear from the potential presidential contenders on is right or the left. we need to hear from the leaders of the kmungt. the al sharptons, who are the real leaders show up for the argument, not the solution. >> every time she opens her mouth lately, she -- everybody at home knows that if hillary clinton makes a comment about this, it's probably to try to benefit her future political career. >> as long as she doesn't go into that cadence, remember her southern cadence? >> isn't it sad when somebody dies? she said nothing about the issue. >> she's really going out on a limb. >> there is no one today, no politicians who have come out and say what they believe. i came out and i looked at
2:33 pm
george h.w. bush, after the riots that were happening, he gave a speech and he said this is lawlessness and he was angry. >> he's a former lawyer, right? so you would think that she would maybe want to weigh in on whether or not she trusts the grand jury system. but if you're looking for strong commentary and someone to show up when things get tough? hillary is not that person. but bill clinton was the first black president. she went out on a limb there saying it's a tragedy when people lose their kids. what is she going to say next? fire's bad? wow, hillary. >> i have props for this one. because hillary clinton gets $300,000 for speaking fees and one of the things she demands is water and lemons. by the way, i don't have a problem with that, lemons, my voice is beat up after, what, it might have been days on the
2:34 pm
water, lemons and warm water and honey are great for you. but what's the big deal over her writers? rock stars get it. >> you're a news man, come on, buddy, $300,000, she gets more money to speak than bill clinton. and bill clinton was president. she has. n n't. >> what's the return on her investment? she takes their money and says safe things and walks away. >> do you think people really care about this? people take issue with hillary clinton's policies, i don't know how many of them really care. i think the assumption is, all high profile politicians are going to be a bit divaish and they're going to get a lot of money. >> for meeting planners everywhere. forget about the a-list politicians, go with d-level comedians. i would charge one-third of what hillary charges. >> what do you get for a speaking fee? >> i'm not going to disclose
2:35 pm
that here, i'm nowhere in hillary clinton's territory. >> i don't request certain pill pillows, i don't request lemons. i know bob beckle does, he's got a vegetable tray, he's got lemons. >> i don't think anybody cares about this, i think she hopes that the republican also take the bait and say something about it. it doesn't make her a diva, but it doesn't make her a woman of the people. she's not her husband, because remember her husband used to say, i love mcdonald's coffee and egg mcmuffins. she's a different animal and she can't shake that. >> remember when she said that she was a yankees fan and of course she grew up in chicago, she's a cubs fan. i don't get it. >> finger in the wind, which ever which way the wind's blowing. >> i got to ask you about your
2:36 pm
writer someday, juan. >> aren't you the man? >> all right, when we come back, hey, star wars fans, i was one of them, the next installment in the star wars saga is out. people with type 2 diabetes
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>> the dark side. and the light. >> the seventh star wars film hits the theaters in 2015.
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>> i'm going to go to you come. >> what did you say about a light saber? it's sabers with a b. >> this was actually a boom stick. >> all i know is that it was a toy. i need you to tell me why i should care about this and why this is going to be the biggest deal? >> listen, i'm from the star wars generation, i was in seventh grade and i asked a girl to go with me, and she stood me up, i was there alone, i sat in the back of that theater. but i was the original star wars generation. star wars was great, empire strikes back even better, then the third, it starts getting dumb. even lord of the ewoks, i was like all right, hobbit, wrap it up. that's enough, just two movies, that's all you get. >> have you ever noticed that
2:43 pm
the "star wars" and star trek fans are really into this? >> i'm still a star wars nerd because i saw that millennium falcon taking off. >> i saw that. >> that is a gorgeous looking spaceship. >> i thought you were going to ask me by association "star wars" fans are gheeks, i think j.j. abrahms did the star trek remake too, didn't he? >> he's going to do great with this. maybe lit will make up for thos last six movies. >> what i did see in the trailer was, there's a new, just for you, the new light saber. the light saber is a cross shape, so it has new powers, hopefully powers that can capture jedidiah.
2:44 pm
>> i have only one thing to say about this, one, i know you have a darth vader costume. >> for any "star wars" fan out there, can update myself, luke, i am your father. >> but you're black. >> tom knows it, he knows the joke. >> speaking of people becoming rabid fans, at the thanksgiving table, all these young people talking about hunger games. i mean it is huge. it's the big gest. >> all the food that i ate yesterday, it was like to the opposite of hunger games. >> well, you're our winner, kid. >> wow, ahead on "the five." brand new development on suspended raiders quarterback ray rice. what can your co-workers tell about you, based on the lunch you eat. we will reveal the answer coming up next. i'm an idaho potato farmer
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>> we wonder what do your leftovers say about you? your co-workers can tell a lot
2:49 pm
about you based on the lunch you eat. a single slice of pizza is i only have $3 to my name lunch. hard boiled eggs and tuna salad is i have no respect for your sense of smell lunch. and doritos and a coke is i'm a ridiculously hard worker lunch. or that's what they say. i am a sandwich guy, i like bologna on white? r. >> they have got you covered. >> if you have a ham sandwich, every day, you're a give me a raise guy. >> exactly. >> it's all about success with me. juan, i see you as like a -- you'll like a fillet of soul. al. >> fillet of soul? >> you're a lunch at the club kind of guy. >> lunch at the club? only if you would invite me. >> is that soul?
2:50 pm
>> that's a sitcom. >> andrea, what do you think? greek style is that you? >> that's stereotyping, thanks. >> you women love salads, don't you? >> i like salads, you know why lie salads, because they're fast, they're easy, they're healthy, and i like to eat alone, i don't do sit down lunches. >> how do you take over a whole salad? >> i don't know, we took over a lot of things. david, i'm going to say raw steak. just munching on a steak. >> i'm a carnivore, i go over del friscos, i like it rare, he likes it well done and burned. >> he lost owl that weight, how did he do that? >> i don't even want to go there. >> you told me, you like three martinis and a bread stick. >> i don't even drink, that's
2:51 pm
awesome. but what i do like is chicken wings, chicken legs, you'll often find me in the green room gnawing on a chicken leg. i get down. >> you always acting like the guys, walking around with a drumstick. >> i'm from brooklyn. >> there you go, you're tough. >> i used to work a real job, back before i did -- i would sit there in my office, and women, they always had their salads, and i would be working reception, and i always had a brownie, and i'll tell you, nothing drives women crazy like a snack -- they would walk by, they would get hostile, they would say oh, are you going to eat that? are you going to eat that brownie? they would get crazy. >> chocolate makes us crazy. i'm a little bit of a thief, though, they should have got on right in there and --. >> the bag of chips and m&ms i don't know how you justify that.
2:52 pm
>> you get on a sugar high though and you crash. >> i don't know how i would be if i crash and i end up singing or somethi or something. >> you're sweet enough already. >> that's what i do here on the show. one more thing sup next. u i i u
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. it's time now for one more thing. >> thanksgiving day, i wasn't even watching the game, but i have been watching -- ♪ and the home of the brave >> i love this kid. >> i have been watching that over and over. you got to watch the whole song. don't watch just the end there, it was incredible, i love this kid. >> you know what was even better? when the eagles beat the cowboys. >> i didn't even watch the game, i was just watching the national anthem. >> nice one. juan? >> more nfl news, ray rice has had his suspension, his
2:57 pm
indefinite suspension overturned. rice was initially suspended for two games, but when that video came out of him punching his girlfriend in an elevator, the nfl decided it was undefinite suspension, rice is reinstated, the question is, will anybody pick up ray rice? it's late in the season, and he has a difficult situation now. who wants to hachkdal that public relations difficulty? >> i wonder if he's going to be reinstated. >> he's reinstated. >> but do you see anybody taking him? >> i don't see it. >> my turn. what do you get when you combine shirtless hunky men and adorable an malls? >> my christmas gift. every year, the veterinary fraternity at cornell's college of veterinarian medicine dreet this is amazing calendar.
2:58 pm
really, really good looking men, and adorable little animals and every year it steams to do really well. shocking. and if you're thinking about getting it for me, which you should, or any other friend or family member. it's already sold out. so a message to this fraternity, please make more so that we can order them. because that looks like a great gift, don't you think? >> maybe you need a visit to the fraternity? >> a visit would be good too. >> this is awesome, an veil jan lawyer, david richards just set a world record. he strung up 1.2 million christmas lights. and we have that for you to take a look at, in the center of the national capital. 75 miles of multicolored wires strung in the shape of three
2:59 pm
presidents. and the -- visitors to the 2013 light show donate 117,000 to the sudden infant death syndrome counseling and this year he does it even bigger and better. >> he's an underachiever, by the way. i don't know how he does it. >> well, christmas spirit, when does everybody get the christmas sp spirit? >> it's been checked out by sasha and malia, and it's going to be in the green room. coming from pennsylvania, third time, that this particular farm has had air tree put up there at the white house. >> why would it come from pennsylvania? i like january 2. >> got to take it from a swing state, right? >> all right, 10:00 tonight, on the reported, i will be filling
3:00 pm
in, so if you have your leftovers from thanksgiving, you can join me at10:00, we also have an nfl player weighing in on ferguson. and don't forget to set your dvr so you never ever miss an episode of the five. black friday shoppers take a big bite. this is special report. good evening, the traditional predawn black friday madness was a lot les crazy in many place this is year, with more and more stores opening on thanksgiving, the crush of shoppers, hunting for never seen before in the universe sale prices, we have fox team coverage, william is in long beach, california with how some union members tried to make shopping at one retailer a lot more difficult. but we


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