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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 28, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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helps reduce the risk of heart disse. keep hrt-healthy. live long. eat the 100% goodness of post shreddedheat. doctorrecommend it. have a great weekend, everybody. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> we have bernie goldberg and dennis miller in a very special o'reilly factor. >> i went tonight -- >> we have bernie goldberg and dennis miller in "the factor." >> we may be raising a generation of kid whols know how to tweet and text but don't know how to hold a conversation. >> and miller talks about hillary clinton. the airline industry and putin. >> putin next year is going to be on "dancing with the stars." >> is the dynamic duo on "the factor" right now. >> i believe in her teens, snookie did take part in some water boarding in egg harbor,
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new jersey. >> i think that happened and unfortunately the waterboarding didn't take. >> caution, you are about the enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. the best of our dynamic duo edition. we begin with miller. you believe that barack obama wants to diminish the power of america? >> well, bill, you say every night i hear you saying he's too smart. he must have a play. he doesn't have a play, billy. he doesn't have a play, man. this isn't a jujitsu thing. this is the way he sees the thing. our only hope in the future is russia and china go after the same piece of meat. maybe we come in the number one
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position. >> sorry i'm late to the barbecue. >> i'm thankful he keeps biden out of it. >> imagine, imagine. >> so i'm just happy. and putin next year is going to be on "dancing with the stars." ♪ >> listen, at this point, putin is in obama's head. it's like that film called "duel." the putin truck is banging him in the back, hi ain't going to do anything about it. >> do you like merkel in germany? >> listen, the hun, what is that old saying? either at your throat or at your feet. listen, they got a bad track record. they can't jump into a war again unless mb is bungee jumping off
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a building in berlin. >> they can help out a little bit. and then we've got hollande in france. he may be selling putin some carriers. >> if he wants to scare the living hell out of putin, let him wake up in bed with the horse from "the god father." >> he did something over there. ♪ >> we had a very hard time getting from los angeles to hawaii. we took separate flights on american airlines and each flight was delayed by three hours. why? because they didn't have any flight crews. now, miller flies all the time. so overall, you're all over the country. i mean, overall, what do you think has happened with the airline industry? >> listen, i've had flights that were so had halfway through it, the pilot could have came on and
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said, we're going down and i would have said go, because this flight is crap. >> surely you can't be serious. >> i am serious, and don't call me shirley. >> when you're going to hawaii like we did, i flew over in the chitty chitty bang bang car. i went to recline my seat and i felt like i was in an amish gynecology office. i got behind this moron guy, he's trying to jam his carry on in, but you put up with it. it's crap from the get-go. i get stuck in the metal detecting line because of a
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metal piercing kid, setting off every harm in north america. then they do a cavity search on me. ♪ moon river >> thank you, doc. ever serve time? >> piggy back mammo grams on those x-ray machines. but the last guy the airlines want to piss off in addition to the pilot from the enola gay is you. >> it was the same excuse. we don't have any crews. the flight was scheduled eight months in advance. you think somebody might have figured out you've got to have some crews on the plane. then you show up five days later and they still don't have any crews. >> my pilate was karen black from "the flip." listen, the people on the plane are nice. >> they were fine. >> the fact is, airlines are crap, all right? and i'm trying to pass something
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called a piece of legislation called abba. ♪ airline bullying billy act. ♪ >> did you see the "water's world" in denver with the pot festival over the weekend? >> what do you do for a job? >> i don't do anything. >> what are you doing right now? >> aim going to smoke this gas mask. >> i can't breathe in this thing! >> i mean, that was pretty sick. s i've got some jokes about it. >> go. >> look at jesse in the first place with the pink collar. what is he like a gay dracula coming down on these people this >> i am dracula. >> what the hell is going on
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there? i guess this is this guy and his kid. i don't tell people what to do with their kids. i think that there's a way for kids to make hay off all these people getting stoned. it's going to be the rebirth of our economy. as we did not see world war ii reinvigorating our economy after fdr and the ten years before that, the war machine got it going. kids, you have to remember half the people out there on the playing field is stoned, like that kid. they're laughing at anything for 20 minimuutes at a time. they're going to eventually be working for you and say hey, for $20, i'll wash your car. for $20, i'll shovel your front driveway. >> are you in need of any assistance today, sir in >> no. >> that's what 420 means. take them down. they're exhibiting a limp on the
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sarengetty plain. this is going to reboot the economy. half the playing field is giggling. >> when we come back, bernie goldberg on the internet madness consuming america. bernie is next. patented sonic technology with up to 27% more brush movements. get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season.
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estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream. thanks for staying with us. inter thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. tonight, internet madness. according to the national center for missing and exploited children, 75% of american teenagers now have cell phones. on average, teens send and receive a whopping 1500 text messages a month. 1 in 3 have experienced bullying or negative confrontation on the net. 97% of teens play games on the internet. 27% play games with people they don't know.
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15% of american teens say they've received sexually suggestive pictures of someone they know. joining us now from north carolina, bern let's get to the big picture. how do you think all the data is going to affect these children as they go into adulthood? >> look, i do think there's a danger that we may be raising a generation of kids who don't know the meaning or the importance of privacy, for instance. because it's easy using, as you put it, these machines. it's easy to share things that should be private. first with your friends and before you know it, it's in the hands of strangers. and i agree you, too, that we may be raising a generation of kids who know how to tweet and text, but don't even know how to hold a conversation. so i'm with you that far. but i don't think the problem, bill, is technology. i think the problem very often, not always, but very often, is lazy parenting.
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there's a very good article on the huffington boast by a writer named deborah fein. he says kids learn by example, okay? they see what their parents do. as much as you talk to them, it's much more important what you do. so if you smoke, don't be shocked if your kids smoke. if you use drugs on the weekend, don't be surprised if your kid in high school or junior high school starts smoking marijuana. it's no different with smartphones. when you're with your kids, be with your kids. don't put the smartphone down. put it away. another rule is, if you're going to set rules, everybody plays by the rules, including the parents. no smartphones at the dinner table. that goes for you, too, the parents. don't say i've got a business text coming, too bad. put it away. the most important one, a lot of parents, bill, they don't know the meeting of privacy either.
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so they have little johnny, who is three years old, and he puts on his sister's ballerina outfit, and the parents say oh, how cute that is, and they have to share it with a million strangers on youtube. you know what? when little johnny and his sister little nicole are 12 and 13 and 14, they're going to be sharing stuff too that they shouldn't be sharing. privacy is privacy. >> there's a bigger issue here. that is the deterioration of how people interact. that's the major problem. for example, people used to read books. they don't read books anymore. you know why? because it's more fun to be on the internet than to put the internet down than to pick up look and learn something. newspapers, so long. visual media, okay, it used to be a unifier. everybody watched the "mary tyler moore show."
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forget it now. you have a zombie eating somebody over here, a vampire over there and somebody dancing over here. and there's -- >> you're absolutely right. >> no unification in the country. the country is fracturing. >> you're absolutely right. i agree with every word you say. >> collision course with chaos. go. >> but you could either throw in the towel and say, we can't do anything about it. or you can take the steps that this woman suggests as at least a start. and even the examples you gave about not reading books and all that, i totally agree. if you o're a parent, you say, read a book. i don't want to know what your friends do. i don't want to know that this is peer pressure. but it would help if the parents also read a book so they can see their parents reading a book.
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>> just getting these people outside, you almost have to lasso and pull them out and say look at the trees. >> i don't believe i heard you come up with any solution. >> my solution is -- >> i'm saying parenting is at least a first step. >> my solution is to go back to the 18th century and the pony express. that's how we get our information. when we come back, it will be miller time. hillary clinton's money. >> if i can't jump into my gases guzzling bmw and drive down my driveway and go down to the local restaurant for a steak, what in god's name is the sake of having a planet any way? >> miller is next.
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stay with us from bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. get to the sage of southern california who joins us from santa1w barbar le let's get right to the sage of southern california, he joins us from santa barbara. you heard about hillary clinton explaining she and her husband were broke. when they left the white house, they had to work hard to buy their houses. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. we had no money when we got there, and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for chelsea's education. it was not easy. >> you say? >> it was a simple mistake. hillary mistook -- it happens. but at this point, hillary clinton wouldn't know broke or the truth if it walked up to her on the street and were legally donated to her campaign.
8:21 pm
i haven't believed her since she told me she was named after edmund hillary. they're constantly in bs mode. bs has become their real. they spend eight seconds in the real world and they get into the political bubble where they was eight morons surrounding them every day telling them they're god's gift. they don't have a clue anymore. the only thing about hillary is, she's always cranky to the secret service. she's po'd because she knows that we know she's been cheated on more frequently than a blind woman playing basketball with gypsies. >> no, i have a lot of reading to catch up on. >> all that being said, the biggest loser in loserville should probably be the president, so no doubt she's got that coming down the pike. >> you don't resent her money, though. you and i have done very well
8:22 pm
working harrold. i believe mrs. clinton works hard, and so does her husband. they run around and do a lot of stuff and are rewarded for it. >> billy, you know, her wallet's full and she's more full of it.% leapt's put it that way. these people like warren, they always talk about the 1% have to be brought down. they're the pinnacle of the 1%. >> you know, the university of california spends a lot of tax money and one of the things they did is they came up with a global warming villain. that is your lawn, miller. your lawn, okay? miller's la motoriemoting emissions that isg the world hotter. and you ought for ashame, miller. >> here's my feeling on global
8:23 pm
warming. if i can't jump into my gas guzzling bmw and drive down my huge driveway and go down to the local restaurant for a steak, then i create a little greenhouse as i digest the steak, what in god's name is the sake of having a planet any way if we didn't do that? so the earth better buck up and wear a cup. f being the beginning of my sixth season, i will be assisting me in my oath. repeat after me. i, dennis miller -- >> do solemnly wear -- to milk the mock my metal thing if i see any career
8:24 pm
advancement in it. >> keep an eye on the figures in the world of entertainment in the event they start to take themselves seriously. >> the. that's the news and we are out of here. >> good clip, miller. >> now, as you know, we ask >> good clip, miller. send in questions that you will allegedly answer. try we're not real hopeful in that rc the first question is from clyde mckenny. miller, when you were on snl, which performers impressed you the most?ç hosts >>ç well, clyde, hosts, tom hañ i wasç the besthost. al baldwin was a good host, care
8:25 pm
though i didn't know him well. f >> get theç [ bleep ] out of i. here. ho >> and sean peníç was propertil the most polite host. çfriçetal eet guy. >> i knewç it.bil >> as far as castç members go, would say bill hadder isç a genius. danny ackroydtkp>> right. >> on the silver, eddie murphy.ç [ laughter ] andç the greatest performer isf guy you just saw me with, dana carvey. forr sixç years. never did not kill. he was a beast.3'62ñ very >> isn't that special. >> he's stalm very funny. >> and i love him like a bea brother. just to watch that guy ups
8:26 pm
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weekdays with bernie segment thanks for staying with us. tonight, theç ceo of çmizilla been forced toõ+resign because e hiraa=iqit(/y traditional marr
8:30 pm
2008. media buzz on fox news dealtç a holocaust denier as the ceoç of a compan? we are talking about whether there is unfettered free speech for corporate ceos. >> of course there is. if you think a holocaust denier shouldn't be the ceo -- >> can you equate gay rights with the holocaust? that isç outrageous. >> it is+ "d outrageous, and yo said under no circumstances should a ceo not get a job because of his political position. we all agree under some circumstances he should/(ñnot. >> of course the guy was comparing the holocaust to gay rights. joining us now from miami, bernie goldberg. and youqsay? >> i say, bill, that if you lose your job because you have an incorrec4ba%%q%=9zez same-sex marriage, that's a pretty good example of liberal intolerance.
8:31 pm
÷ orthodoxy on certain issues like same-sex marriage,ç you're expected to march lock step and if you don't you will be purged. you may/ man did, butç you'll certainlye called a çbigot. what's interested, the liberals that work at this company and other places like this, they worshipç at the alter of diversity,ç skin color, ethnic diversity, sexual orientation. but there's one diversity they wantç tolerate, diversity of opinion on matters importanpç t them. that's why thoseç liberals hav forgotten to be liberal. bill, for theç record, i suppo same-sex marriage. i have no problem with it. iç think it's a good thing and think people on the other side are on thewrong side ofq9nñ history. but i'm not an ayatollah. unlessç somebodyk!. is an out
8:32 pm
out bigotç who hates gay peopl let them have their say.ç that's what some liberals don't quite understand. quite understand. >>ç now, thissczu company, the) driving people to certain websites andç machinery, it's. consumer oriented thing, right? that's how they make their money? >> they make a web browser if you want to get on the internet, there are a number of ways to do it. firefox is one of the more popular ways to do it. >> so they make their money by services, correct in rñ sofa!÷ in a democracy, if yoe something wrong, then you want to send a message that you would like that to be corrected, so you don't fire your ceo, we're not going to use your services. that's why he got fired. but what about the traditional
8:33 pm
people going, you fired the guy and you were wrong for doing it, so we're not going to use your services. doesn't that have to happen to >> just to set the record straight, he didn't get fired. >> oh, come on.kan4jt&háhp &hc% big-buck job like that? >> let me finish. technically he didn't get fired. there was an employer revolt and he was forced out.ç >> come on. you want to get it wrong, it'sf your show. >> you know me. i'm a simpleç man and i don't y theç guys that hold the power this guy's opinion. he's out. goodbye. >> okay, fine.ç you're right, i'm wrong. that's fine.r#bwhç there are slivers of sunshineç here. it isn't just conservatives or people like you orç me who are
8:34 pm
saying, this is not çright. andrew l>!dbsullivan, the intellectualç father of same-s 1989, he wroteç the same piece advocating same-sex marriage. he says, this is %p]ñdisgusting he's gay. tammy bruce, our friend tammy bruce who does a radioç show, she's also openly gay. they want to force somebody out because of his views? ones who are open g-d÷minded, w are tolerant, they tell us that all the time.ó3vzk but on certainç issues, they'r( intolerant and they're close minded. they are as bad as the hard right is that they're always criticizing. that's theç irony of this whol thing. >> well,x;h@ky don't care, numbr one. number two, i do believe that most gay americans think this is horrible. i bet&íçñ if you did a poll, 75
8:35 pm
would say, we don't want that. that's what i think. when we come back, it's miller time. wild one this evening. >> let's take it over to zeke for a second. he's a salesman and
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bill thanks for staying with us. tonight, let's get right to the sage of southern california who joins us now from santa barbara. the hair is looking good tonight, miller. >> i don't know what happened there. >> looking good. no, no, it's looking good. it's a little disheveled. but that's the way it is these rñ i feel like these >> come on. >> i'm very interested in hearing your advice to chris christie. >> by way of a swiftyian proposal, i would encourage him to be counterintuitive. if you weigh 350 pounds, why not throw your weight around? if i wasç him, i would say listen, if you don't shut up about this, i'm going to part mú
8:40 pm
ass in lane one and two of the gwb again and you'll never see ft. lee, all right? i would wear an origin traffic cone on my head like i was the lead singer for divo. but they'reç never going to ge off his back onç this, so he might have as well play >> new hampshire. there's aç congresswoman up the uster, and ann had a littleçpáqjx5ñ get your last s jokes ready.ç so ann custer has a town hall meeting and here's what happened. >> can you address benghazi? whatpv&cs are you going to do a why isn't benghazi at the top of your issue?ç >> well, i'm certainly not here to talk about it.
8:41 pm
we're hereç to talk about the middle east. >> that is the middle east. >> benghazi is like in the middle of the middle east. >>ç billy, she looksmsñbç as ss mo howard after shemp hit him in the head with a hammer. does anybody elseç notice that our stupidest people no longer have a dunce cap on in a room. in any given room, the stupidest person now has a gavel. is. she]8#ks it's one+bépñ of the te actors in the filò,n "three husbands." this womanap is so stupid she couldn't make it into jeff dunham's act. look at that%sb.ñfí glazed loo eyes.[c whoqihç better to i dress a tow she makes patty murray look like
8:42 pm
marie curry.ç >> is that all? >> sorry. >> you can't workç crazy horsen the$ or anything >> same stuff i used to tell a shrink, now you pay me. she put out a receodé>th+ideo t the muslims don't like. roll it.nq6z ♪ baby do you darehto do this ♪ because i'mç coming at you le a dark horse ♪ ready for ♪ ♪ a perfect storm, a perfect >> apparently that shotç with y guy melting was some muslim do you know what this is snablt >> çshocking, because muslim
8:43 pm
people usuallyhn ñ aren't uptigt about stuff. let me say something to the muslim world.ç i mean this in all seriousness. i don't know anything about it. i don't know anything about aç lot of things. i was raised catholic and i hardly know about that. n so cranky, çit's the killing peop who you don't agree with thing. if they say they're going to ban katy perry's video, i go, maybe there's some progress being made or maybe that's how -- a statement how big katy perry isñ take it easy. it's a video.b>nñ@ s goochunio statement. >> the president never said you were going to have unlimited
8:44 pm
choice of any doctor. >> he said the you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. did he not say that? >> yes. but" doctor, you can do that. >> whatç do you say about this? >> he headed the agency where i was for a while. i like aáey smart, but if he had developed a script rollout and manuel showed up with theç script, ari would whack him. he's not going to say that because it'sç his brother. let's take itycwuju to zeke fora second. he somehow isç a salesman,ç manages ,mcx?jáu)s&ie lowman look like ron çpopile.
8:45 pm
you could ride a log loom at disneï that spittle. i know where they put theç keystone pipeline.b right back here inç@ñk jaw. suffering succotash. the simple fact is, when you're the architect for aç house of cards, you go down in the r0r8ds with the architect who built the tacoma bridge.ç i requested some footage. the great walter lanceç+f9 pr this when i first watched woody woodpecker when i was a kid. that's obamacare right there. if it was aç bridge. and i'm going to continue to call it obamacare, although they call it the affordable health care act. i'll change calling it obamacare when the president changes his name to barack affordable. all ibñç asking is this, where ÷ the disappointment?&fz why do you scold us? the website is a siv.
8:46 pm
i eliminated the middleman and just signed my power of attorney over to julian assange. the make ezekiel has a lot of religious connotations.phñ] there's three major prophets%m# the old testament. there's isaiah, jeremiah, and now there's ezekiel as in emanuel who ruinedikhvñ obamacaç >> did youkch!y memorize all th? >> that was really good. i'm going á watch the reruns just toç see it. >> when we come j%qñc÷back, ber condoleezza rice not speaking aç rutgers and why so few journalists are republican. bernie is next.ç
8:47 pm
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bill o'reilly weeke two hot topics, beginning with a newbú$g survey conducted by in university which says there are four times as many democrats than republicans in the media. republican journalists,tñ 7%. democrats, 28%. independents 50%. miq7tzx joining us, mr. bernard gp[ what say you? >> i say the poll is ridiculous. . let's start with that. the 7% who identify as republicans, i'll pie that. butç 50% say they're independents. impossible. a few years ago, i predicted that precisely this would happen because they know the american
8:51 pm
people think they're liberal, which they are. theyç know the american people think they root for democrats, and theyç do. no, no, we're independent. this is a conservativeç delusi. i bet if you injectedpvç these admit they voted for barack obama twice. >> and i thinkç that's the pol somebody did. i don't know how accurate you overwhelming voteç for barack ÷ overwhelming voteç for barack ÷ i think the reason behind theç liberalism in reporting is because the people who hire are we discussed it before. ifç youk0ñ walk into "the&qzzñ a
8:52 pm
abortion, you're ostracized. >> it is long past time toç adt one of my many,i>v(ñ many brill ideas and that is affirmative action for republican. smallest minority in the american newsroom. >> that's right. >> youç just told me this y buy that. a lot more than 7% of the;3ñx american people vote for the republican candidate, right? >> sure. we need them in college professors hiring too. >> absolutely right on that one. >> talking about#>=kç colleges, condoleezza rice was invited by
8:53 pm
rutgers university to give a commencement speech, but a pinhead alert was sounded.dhfúq >> she played aç prominent rol in theç bush administration's %l tob;bb mislead the american people about çiraq's2qut weapo mass destruction. that does it for me. a commencement speaker is honoring the speaker andç offering a role model to students, and i think ux could pick better choices than to picç condi rice. >> those pinheads, they don't knoe what they're doing because under that yardstick you couldn'tç have anybody in the they use drones, right? >> h8&zexactly. they couldn'tç>hp÷ have anybod. barack obama won the noble prize and he has killed more people withç drones than any person i the history of the planet earth. i'm not against that for the
8:54 pm
most çpart, but as you say, usg that standard, you couldn't havç him. was a senator, going to war with iraq. by the çway, my alma mater, th snooki to speak0v- on campus. snooki is okay and condoleezza rice is not < hutokay. something way out of whack >> i believe in her teens snooki did take part in some water boarding in new jersey. >> i think that happened.r unfortunately the water boarding didn't take. >> right. more from the "d" man coming up. >> this whole country is about to turn into bill and ted's
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>>th thanks for staying with us. the "d" man had a little extra flair. it is a best of miller block you don't want to miss. >> we're worried aboupç the kid >> w 're worried aboupç the kid that this is okayç something called the -- gang, the smoke is out of the when you take 112 weeks ofj5&g unemployment and you mix in health care from your parentsyj until you're 26, youave 15 million people on food stamps to buy munchies. this whole country isç about t turn into bill and ted's us all about that is jayç carn,
8:58 pm
who has a different çlook. on it. >> he's been acfing as a beard for the president for years.ç this guy blows more'mj? smokea >> andç we are -- we are worki ñ'z roll back don'tç ask, don't te. president showed annoyance vw this guy did that. >> they guy needed his 15 minutes. >> don't you think itç should up to the joint chiefs of staff? this is what's good for the
8:59 pm
military. >> some of the military guys are soldiers. i'm enamorred of any young person who wants to go over and kill bad guys for me and my family. that blows me away. some kids would say this weirds me. i think the vast majority would say it is not a big ticket item for me. if you're gay, you're gay, billy. it is my dennis miller's theory of;i3 homosexuality.1ádz ifç you're watching "the boyxz thedyl çdolphin,"x3p5ñ sofia l xj9,erç dripping off her torsoç you still want to make it with the captain of the boat, you're gay. you can't fight that. congress. thanks for watching us
9:00 pm
tonight. i'm bill g'seilly. remember that the spin stops here. we're definitely loo)@'g out for a "kelly file" special.ç who is teaching our kids? i'm megyn kelly. millions of students areç!"v g toward college degrees and some 50 million kids are beingç educated in public elementary, middle, and high schools. your tax dollars. while aç majority of those schl kids and college students are being educated by'kfo caring professionals, we have seen a troubling number of reports in rec3aç years about disturbing lessons6j#!÷ playing out in classrooms and campuses across