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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 29, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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weekend and thank you, all, for being a loyal and engaged viewership. we appreciate that very much. ferg sob son, missouri, gets ready if for another march set to start in about an hour. since monday's grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer in the death of michael brown, protesters have been hitting the streets and businesses. we'll have a live report from ferguson. isis launches a new offensive, blowing up a vehicle packed with explosives at a border crossing. coming on the heels of chuck hagel's resignation, are there changes ahead in fighting the islamic state? and who knew the ties that bind would be made out of fishing line? the touching story of an unlikely bond built on fishing and friendship.
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a man and a war veteran suffering from ptsd. >> i'd what they call a shut in. unless i'm dragged out of here, i just hang out at my home. >> america's news headquarters live from the nation's capitol, starts right now. in just about an hour, another protest is set to get underway in ferguson, missouri. this time, it's a march. there were more arrests overnight as demonstrators continue to protest a grand jury's decision monday not to indict police officer darren wilson for the august 9th shooting death of michael brown. >> and doug, this is the first time we can get a look at where the bulk of the destruction was. slow down a little. off to the west side, you can see the dellwood mobile mart.
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this is where we saw the cops running off the looters. they would gather up, they would run them off again. the whole place is standing and open for business. i'd like you to roll the video from monday night. we're coming up on a section of road that was entirely engulfed in flames. it looked like every structure had some sort of a fire burning inside of it as we watched things develop on monday night. and as we come out here and we look at the situation, we can come back out live, you can see just off, go a little faster, joel. you've got volunteers who have taken it upon themselves to come up here and clean up the streets. the first time people have been allowed to come out. the taco bell didn't sustain any burning, but the windows are busted out, the inside was looted. off to the west side, you have the auto tires store. we saw looters inside there. it looks like they didn't start much in the way of tire, but busted up the inside of the store. back to the west side of the
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truck here. this is the auto tire place that was entirely engulfed in flames. they grew throughout the evening. the fire department never showed up. either too overwhelmed in flames or because it was too dangerous to get out here. that is just a burned up hunk of a building. the fashions are boutique. burned to the ground. whoever had their life goal to start their business, that now lies in ash and broken building supplies. also on that side of the street, it look tss like advantage auto parts. that wasn't burning to severely, but the flames just kept building and again, you have the fire department completely overwhelmed or you have the situation where it was just too dapg rouse to get out here. o'reilly auto parts off to the west side of where we're driving now, that is going to have to be -- you can see it's been fenced off. police have been investigating,
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so, the crime scene is closed. now, you're going to have to bring out the wreckers and bring this to the ground. it's the decision of the owners if they want to rebuild. same thing for the restaurant off to the east side of the road. that also burnt right to the ground. we saw those fires burning on monday night getting into the worst of it. but the worst look, given as bad as things were on monday night, it looks better than we thaugd it would and i think a lot of credit has to be given to those volunteers who were out here today with plastic bags and brooms and they're trying to sweep up their community and trying to make the best of what they can given the damage that occurred here on monday night. >> keep your eyes on it. tragedy all these businesses were serving, the people that were protesting. the costs of all the protests in ferguson are are adding up for the state of missouri. jay nixon says that the increased presence of the state highway patrol and national guard is on track now to bust
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missouri's budget for emergency response, which was over $7 million. dixon says he will call a special session of the general assembly to approve extra funding to cover the shortfall and make sure patrol officers and guard members do get paid. and another news fox news alert. isis for the first time has launched an attack from turkey according to a kurdish spokesman. kurds, fighting to save the syrian border town of kobani, say isis began a new offensive with an armored vehicle suicide attack on the kurdish side of the bodder. we have not been able to confirm that and the turkish government is denying it came from their side, but this comes just days after chuck hagel resigned, leaving many to wonder what our military strategy in that region will be going forward.
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joining us now, general, thanks for coming in. first of all, i want to get reaction, allegedly by isis. what do you make of it? >> it sounds possible. we've been at a stalemate in kobani ever since we were able to put effective air strikes in there and i think isis is trying to change that. gain momentum and take control of our town. they've been playing games with us at some time, they have not shut down the isis fighters moving into turkey and then into syria and they've been playing games with us about the voracity of that. >> so, this suggests some manner that isis has me tas sizing throughout the region beyond what we know it to be? >> in terms of control and dominance, it is what we see. that's syria and iraq. in terms of influence outside of it, they certainly do have some in north africa and other parts of the region. they've become the new face of al-qaeda and many are
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gravitating towards them with more allegiance. >> isis on several internet postings has been bragging about the demise of chuck hagel, taking credit for it in part. what do you make of that? >> i think it is part of it in the sense that fact of the matter is secretary hagel had disagreements with this administration over a number of things. one, arming the ukrainians to more effectiveness on the ground, more boots on the ground in iraq and free on syria. hemted to have a strategy to deal with assad and not just put assad aside and deal with isis. the fact of the matter is, you have to deal with both at the same time. most of us believed that, hagel believed that. you also have a squabble on the troops. when he was selected, he was very much obama's man. so-called indespinsable man.
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was going end the wars in iraq and afghanistan and was going to cut the defense budget, but became more and more aligned with the generals who he believed their judgment was correct. >> and his resignation had made supporters out of some who were opposed to his nomination. i'm quoting here, i thank chuck hagel for his service and i know he was very, very frustrated. already, the white house people are leaking, well, he wasn't up to the job. he was. it was the job he was given where he was never brought into that real tight circle, that has put us into the debacle throughout the world. >> i think there's a will the of truth to that. he's the third secretary of defense who has expressed the same level of frustration and it deals with the when you say that is meddling in their affairs. in other words, the things we have responsibility and accountability for, the white house is involved in that.
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also, all of the decision making takes place in their function alia away from them. they're not part of the decision making process. i think the cumulative effect of that, when you have these kinds of responsibilities and the accountability that goes with it, leads to huge frustration. >> the interesting thing to me is that these are really, really credible folks who left in add vants vance of him. leon panetta, bob gates before that. what kind of a signal does that send to some of the bad actors, the putins or the president of the chinese? >> i think they mostly look at our capabilities more than anything else. they know the major thing that has happened in the last five or six years is the united states from a policy perspective has disengaged from the world. they know that. i don't think it matters to them who is the secretary of defense. they are taking advantage of decision the president has made, to change the united states as it pertains to the world and pull back from it.
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>> always appreciate your expertise. thank you. a judge in egypt today dropping murder charges against former egyptian president mubarak all for what he says is the inadmissibility of a case due to a technicality. today's decision overturning his life sentence in connection with the dozens of deaths in the 2010 uprising against his rule. the former strong man also acquitted of corruption charges. demonstrators reacting strongly after the decision in cairo. the ruling, another big blow to the leaders of the arab spring revolution. pope francis just wrapped up his only public mass on o his three-day trip to turkey today at the catholic cathedral of the holy spirit in istanbul. earlier, he made a visit to the iconic blue mosque, followed by a visit to st. sofia museum. its christian community is facing threats from islamic extremists.
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about 40,000 people in new hampshire still without power today. the lights have been out since a major winter storm blew through the region before thanksgiving, leaving hundreds of thousands to celebrate in the dark and in the cold. >> we have a well, so we can't run water, anything the water pumps out, so no running water, no heat. no power. it's crazy. cold. our house is down to 47 degrees this morning. >> janess dean now in with our forecast. a whole new term to the meaning, cold turkey, huh? >> oh, yes and hopefully, b everybody is okay and neighbors relying on neighbors and family and friends. i have some good news. we have a quick warm up for the area and aren't dealing with a major storm system. we have some snow flying off the lake effect snow belts, but
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otherwise, just lake shower activity. seeing high 40s certainly and into the 50s, so a brief warm-up, so hopefully, those power crews can get out there and restore power for all of those that need it. this thanksgiving weekend. we do have some cold air that's bottled up in canada that's quoing going to start to sink, but for now, much of the country enjoying average temperatures and a warm up for sunday and monday. want to point out, we have a storm system moving into the west coast that's going to bring beneficial rain to central california over the next couple of days. so, a little bit of good news as people head home this thanksgiving weekend. back to you. >> they sure need it in central california. thanks so much. coming up, a holiday shopping smash and grab that brought down a brick wall and cost the store owner over $100,000. and how this year's black friday numbers stack up against past years and what it means for the economy. >> crowds are great.
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>> hasn't been bad. we see in the news people like waiting in line for you know, camping out, but we literally walked by and are going to be in in like two minutes, so it's all good. >> inside a mom and pop store in brooklyn. hi, doug, annie's blue ribbon general store here in brooklyn, new york, is one of millions across the country that is benefitting from small business saturday. move over black friday, cyber monday, today is all about supporting your local businesses. more from inside the store where everything is mainly made in brooklyn. we'll talk. see you soon.
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it lets you switch seamlessly from your desk phone to your mobile with no interruptions. i've never felt so alive. get the future of phone and the phones are free. comcast business. built for business. watch this video of the stolen truck that rams into and breaks down the wall of a retail store in illinois. you can see the group of rob bers geber getting out and piling into the store. >> i'm going to lose a black friday sale, one of the biggest days of the year. >> for someone to do that because i treat everybody right. >> among the items stolen, prada shoes and at least 80 pairs of expensive jeans. between the damage of the store and merchandise, the owner is
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out nearly $100,000. black friday is now over, but there's still plenty of good dealing to be had out there on small business saturday. the holiday encourages people to shop at their local mom and pop retailers and brian is live at annie's blue ribbon general store in brooklyn, new york. >> hey, doug, well, today kicks off the big holiday season for tons of small businesses around the country. the average american spends about a third of what they spend on the holiday season at their local businesses and that is what today is all about. small business saturday started five years ago from the american express credit card company and has grown into a national movement in nearly 3,000 neighborhoods around the country. businesses like here in brooklyn, new york, store owner annie loved country general stores, so she opened up her own in 2007 at the height of the
9:19 am
recession. about a quarter of the things she sells here are made locally here in brooklyn and half the things are made by independent sellers. trinkets and household items like stocking stuffers, ornaments made by local artists, children's toy, fun custom clocks. for her, small business saturday is the kick off to an all important holiday season. >> when you shop in a small business, you are putting more money back into the community. you are supporting local jobs, another small, another business that's also helping families in the community as well as that connection you have with the shop owner. >> shopping locally really does benefit your community. about 70% of the money you spend in local businesses stays in your community, helping schools and paving streets and supporting your local law enforcement. only about 40% of the money you spend at big chains stays locally. now, you're supporting jobs as
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well. about 60% of new jobs post recession are thanks to the small businesses. those intangible, personal relationships. they say they know their small business owners personally. they feel nor gratified walking into a store and supporting their neighbors and that's a real thing when people come out on saturday. it's about $5.7 billion spent last year on small business saturday. business own ers are optimistic that number will go up. bottom line is the small businesses offer a lot you can't find at the big stores and not a lot the big lines for big tvs. by the way, this is some of the things you can find here. this is a one of the custom made ornaments. it's a pin boyata made by a local artist here. just an example of what they bring. >> the purpose of limited candy intake, too, from that one. thank you very much. good to see you.
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a big, busy day for shoppers yesterday. the market research firm -- projects that shoppers spent $13.1 billion on black friday, but if you didn't get the deals yesterday, you still have a chance today on that small business saturday. national retail federation ceo matthew shay joins us. things look like they're shaping up pretty good. i just want to cite a few numbers. holiday sales in 2014. 616.9 billion forecast. last year, 592.6 billion. higher than the year before, it was 574 billion and higher than before that, so looks like we're look at a good trend. >> it feels like and given what we saw and heard and felt yesterday, looks like we're off to a good start, so our 620 billion forecast this year is a 4.1% increase. the highest number in the post recession. much higher than the ten-year average of 2.9%.
9:22 am
the economy's in a better place. the deals are great. retailers are ready for it and we really got off to a good start yesterday based on what we've heard so far. >> how reflective are those numbers of an improving economy? >> you know, we talk a lot in the last couple of years about the buy fer kags of the economy, the fact there are some who feel they've recovered from the recession and other consumers who don't. who might be in a different segment of the economy and soes owe and economic challenges are more significant for them still. and so, with gas prices as low as they have been for the last 60 days, basically falling every day for 60 days in a row, that's a lot of extra money in the pockets of many consumers, lots of discretionary spending and we think that's going to go back into the economy in the form of holiday spending. >> i want to go back to what bryan was talking about with small business saturday. it's really remarkable how they're thriving the united states economy. 43% of shoppers plan to shop
9:23 am
this saturday. those 73% will shop specifically to support small business saturday. small businesses provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net jobs since the 1970s. the 23 million small businesses account for 54% of all u.s. sales and it goes on. those are remarkable numbers. >> it's incredibly important. there are 3.2 million. 98% of them have 50 or fewer employees, so they truly are small businesses. 95% of them have sang sickle location and 50 or 60% of small business is responsible for all of the activity that takes place in the economy in many of those local communities. but the most important number we think is the fact that so much of that money is spent with a local business stays that that community and supports that community. helps entrepreneurs there. helps spur other business growth, other investment there, so it's so critical to support it. >> your admiration really has to
9:24 am
go out to the person who decides to embark on a small business career. the amount of work involved in setting up a small business is tremendous. not to mention the risks you have to take. >> there are significant challenges and you know, the small business administration and many other statics of how many businesses fail in the first few years of their operation, so, to make it in an environment like this, where it is so competitive is a challenge. it takes risk and vision and courage and commitment, but when you can be successful, you can really make a contribution to the economy, so days like this one where we can all go out, 75 or 6% of shoppers today are shopping specifically to support those small businesses in their communities and that's a great thing. we can help those entrepreneurs and help our communities as well. >> what does regulatory environment, both state, local and federal, do to those inspired to start a small business? >> well, the retail industry is the largest private sector in the united states. so, 45 million americans are are
9:25 am
involved in retail businesses one way or the other. so, the implications of what happens on capitol hill or what doesn't happens is very important. whether it's tax or trade or infrastructure spending, immigration reform, whatever the issue might be. the it's got implications. for retailers of all shapes and sizes, so getting real, positive momentum and resolving some of those challenges would help the economy and help those businesses. >> small business people really pay attention to the midterm location results and to the regulatory environment. >> they do. we launched this year for the first time a small business retail council, composed of 15 or 20 independent retailers from across the united states, champi championing things like internet sales reform and patent reform. the kinds of things that hit thim them and make them less competitive. >> matthew, we are on the right trend. great to see that. thanks for coming in today. ray rice could be suiting up and getting back on the field
9:26 am
sooner than anybody expected. we'll have a live report on a ruling that allows him to play ball again and are we headed towards another government shutdown over immigration? our legal panel weighs in. >> this is the kind of thing that happens when you set aside the law. the president you know, he just sort of is making the stuff up off the top of his head and it has a cascading series of consequences.
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taking a quick look now, today's top stories. a nordstrom in chicago is closed today after a shooting sent black friday shoppers scattering for safety. police say a man shot his girlfriend working at the high-end retarial before fatally shooting himself. on this big travel weekend, traffic is once again moving on interstate 15 after a fiery
9:31 am
truck crash there. the utah state patrol says a semitruck hauling thousands of gallons of gasoline veered off a ramp and flipped over and exploded. the driver in critical condition, no one else injured there. and new jersey governor chris christie is getting attention for vetoing a bill that some say has little to do with new jersey and lots to do with his political ambition. the republican governor vetoed a bill that would have banned the use of pig cages in his state. the small crates are rarely used in new jersey, but are ridewidely used in iowa, home of the nation's first presidential nominating caucuses and those are the top stories right now. homeland security secretary jay johnson huddled in secrecy all summer long before president obama took -- on immigration. that advised the president on the legal limits of his powers. peter?
9:32 am
>> there were five meetings this summer where the president and homeland security secretary jay johnson sat down at the white house to figure out how far an executive order could go without breaking laws or violating the institution. according to an article in "the new york times" today. it cited that it was to the beat of then house majority leader eric cantor in part because of his position on immigration and because of the tens of thousands of minors that changed the president's calculus from waiting for congress to pass legislation to wanting the fix the system on his own. the times piece also reveals that president obama was told by dhs secretary johnson who ended up writing most of the orders, that he couldn't protect 7 million immigrants with executive action even though that's how many a comprehensive senate bill would have covered, but there were things he could do to protect 5 million of those immigrants, which is exactly what the president did.
9:33 am
after a delay as a favor to democratic senators vulnerable in the democratic election. many of those candidates ended up losing on november 4th and on november 20th, the president announced that executive action. >> confirmation was a long planned out strategy. thank you very much. so, will that controversy over president obama's immigration executive action lead to another government shutdown? joining us are chuck riosa and ford o'connell, a former adviser to the mccain, palin. we'll let you start. >> you know what's going to happen now on twitter with people watching this i'm going to be called the turncoat rhino. i think president obama had a power grabby provideing amnesty to people, but tat end of the
9:34 am
shutdown. what we're going to do to have to fund the government and then we seat the new congress in january, we're going to have to send the bill up to resfrikt funding for immigration because right now, they want to play the political game and pin the tail on us. >> i spent my youth working in a factory. we want to get the boss's attention. we call it shut her down. we shut down the machine. then people come running because the machine stopped running. that machine is this government. there's a calculated risk and that's what the american people need to realize and if the republicans feel this is a big enough ploy, they should try to shut it down. it would be the biggest gift prior the christmas. >> he's trying to goad us into doing it. they suffered a disastrous midterm election. they want to make voters fearful of republicans and they want to curry favor with hispanics. >> you look back at the poll numbers during the last
9:35 am
government shutdown and i believe we have those numbers here, it was pretty disastrous. rick says on fox news sunday a couple of weeks ago that republicans always take the fall fall and in october of 2013, the republicans favorable rating, only 30%. unfavorable, 63%. that is the lowest in history. >> we would be blowing away our good will if we spent a year building up. more popular in the democratic brand and believe it or not, more popular than president obama, so we are actually moving forward. the question is, to keep the car between the two white lines. >> i think there's political ramifications. if you're talking about the latino vote, when you talk about 67,000 of those people who got executive anchors are parents of u.s. soldiers. ic see the ads running in the latino community, republicans shutting down a u.s. government to halt a deal that's not amnesty, that doesn't give legalization. what we need is we need basically immigration reform, but right now, this is a political game going forward.
9:36 am
>> i agree. the idea of shutting out american soldiers, that looks terrible and right now, unfortunately, as this game goes on, democrats and some republicans do not have the best interests of the american people and that's what i think american people got tired of and it's why we had -- >> this raises the point in my mind, why doesn't the gop just cater to the latino constitue y constituencies if they're perceived as a natural democratic constituency. but in fact, the naturalness appears to go with republicans. they're strongly pro-life. deeply religious in many cases. many have the entrepreneurial spirit who find their road to creating businesses in this country is often blocked by democratic regulations. >> you're right. this is where the republicans should be making enroads and by what is it now 2060, one in three u.s. residents is going to be hispanic. this is the shaquille o'neill, the number one draft pick for the future of demographics in the u.s.
9:37 am
chuck's guide wisely made hispanics fearful, then we trip on ourselves with the youtube generation. it's not just making them fearful, they're misinforming them and republicans have not done a good job. they have to get out and not just ask for hispanic votes. >> i just got back from florida. my sister lives there. huge latino pop lag. i'm allaty know business owner. i asked people at a bar, we're trying to figure out who's going to work for us. it doesn't look good when you're going to shut down the government. >> there's an opportunity for tuss. we have to take advantage of it because we're losing at the democrats and it's bad for america. >> just to delve deeply, there's now talk of this com any bus spending bill, by which immigration funding would be passed aside. >> well, what's going to happen here is if you pass these two bills. one to fund the government until basically september of 20 sa 15, president obama's going to
9:38 am
approve that. but the second bill, he's going to knock it down, veto it. that's why you have to wait for the second half of this bill until xwrou have the numbers in congress. we don't have numbers. >> i think that the republicans just have had a lot of victories in november and i think part of these guys feel like they have to get red meat to their base. they just won a lot of victories and as a democrat, i congratulate them, but the right side of the party say we put you in office and what are you going to do to satisfy our needs and i think you'll see a little bit of that. >> that's not going to happen if we're smart. all we have to do is wait and have the numbers. >> good to have you here. spirited discussion. coming up, it may just look like a couple of guys on a boat fishing, but it's a story about so much more. how one man is angling to help our military veterans. and this year, before you set out to find that perfect blue spruce or frazier fir, grab your wallet. we'll explain.
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>> kids especially are looking forward to it. they love coming out and running through the trees and being able to pick out their tree and draking it back. just the whole experience of it is enjoyable. ♪ could protect you from cancer? what if one push up could prevent heart disease? one. wishful thinking, right? but there is one step you can take to help prevent another serious disease- pneumococcal pneumonia. one dose of the prevnar 13 ® vaccine can help protect you ... from pneumococcal pneumonia, an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13 is used in adults 50 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13 if you've had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have
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americans will probably have to pay more for trees this season. the average christmas tree will cost about $20, that's more than $2 more than the last couple of ye years, but actually, that's good news for growers, if many of them, any way, many have been put out of business by decreased demand and low price is. and now to a heartwarming story out of miami. an unlikely pair.
9:44 am
a hairdresser and an army veteran. but together, they share a special bond through fishing. when neil stark isn't cutting hair, he's captain neil and he takes veterans suffering from ptsz out on the water and that's how they met and how he met army veteran, rue di watt, who says that therapy is helping him heal. the pair are featured in a new documentary and are joining us now. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> tell me how this relationship began. >> i got a phone call asking me if i would like to go out with captain neil and we got together and went out fishing. and you know, then i got a call again, do you want to go do this documentary and i said, sure, why not? >> and how much time did you spend shooting it? i imagine that the time spent shooting it was also a lot of time fishing, which is probably really nice.
9:45 am
>> yes, we spent some time, actually, we spent all day fishing. doing the fishing part of it, but there was other parts. we were interviews and everything else that took some time. >> and tell me what the fishing part of it does for you. just in terms of helping you feel grounded. >> well, what it does is it gets you out of the every day push of being in the city and you, you get out there where it's calm, quiet. and you become like one with nature out there. >> neil, do you see tangible difference in rudy's behavior or kind of effects from ptsd that he's suffered? >> you do. you see it in all the vets, honestly. it's a very peaceful setting. all the fishing we do is in the
9:46 am
florida everglades, the waterways. it's beautiful. forecast photographers go there to photograph it and artists go there to paint it. those images they try to capture, our veterans see that live. and we're fishing around those type of elements. it's very, very relaxing. it's peaceful. the wind, there's no cars, there's no -- it's just, it's them and the nature. >> this is interesting to me because some of the research i've read about some of the really effective treatments for ptsz recently, involves setting patients into a situation where they relive the most horrible experiences they suffered. in the most intimate detail and doing it again and again and again. until they actually get used to feeling that feel, but what you're proposing here and what you've been doing with ptsd
9:47 am
affected vets is the polar opposite of that. it is, but when you get our veterans out there in that setting and you're working a stretch and you're captain and telling the vets, you know, to throw to a particular tree or a particular rock, it's in this peaceful setting that it's just, you start general conversation, but in an eight-hour fishing trip, it actually does become a therapeutic session. where you're talking and they basically because it is such a neutral environment, it's, you're not on a couch. you're not in an enclosed room and somebody's probing you. you're just spending time with the vets and you're fish iing a
9:48 am
you start talking. a lot of times, they do let you know, talk about what's bothering them and they are able to shed that weight. >> right, right. neil, i read that in fiscal year 2011, 476,515 vets received treatment at centers for ptsd. you can't take everybody fishing. >> no, you cannot, but you know what? my theory is one vet at a time. you know, i am in the process of expanding fishing with america's finest. but over the six-year period, i'm in the 300 plus number as far as trips i've gone. and i've had huge, i've had huge success rehabilitating our vets using fishing and the outdoors as a way to help them transition.
9:49 am
from military life into civilian life. >> it's a great, great work and we appreciate everything you've done. thank you for your service to the country and we're just envy yous of the zen you guys get to experience. thanks so much. good to see you guys. >> thank you. >> and for more on their efforts, go to fishingwithamerica' ray rice is cleared to return to football, but will there be any takers for him? the nfl will have a live report on that and tis the season. the sweet sounds of christmas in the holy land. coming up next. rtburn did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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ray rice could be returning to the football field very soon. friday a judge lifted the former baltimore ravens running back's indefinite suspension by the nfl. he was suspended for violating the domestic violence policy. dominic joins us from los angeles with more on the story. >> hey there, race's wife now
9:54 am
speaking at length about what happened immediately after he hit her in that hotel elevator. that beating, which was caught by security cameras led to a a suspension. in a sitdown interview, jenee says she was fuming with anger. >> he tried to talk to me. i didn't want to hear anything, i just knew he hit me and then i was completely over it. i was done, didn't want to hear anything. i just didn't even want to entertain him, anything he had to say, any explanation. of course in the back of my mind and in my heart i knew that our relationship wouldn't be over because i know this isn't us and it's not him. >> well, earlier she described to espn that her memories of the moment he hit her are quote a fog. rice is free to play after an arbitrator threw out the
9:55 am
indefinite suspension. rice free agent is eligible to play upon signing a new contract. that arbitrator said the nfl decision in september to change rice's original suspension from two games to indefinite was arbitrary and abuse of discretion. whether any team will consider signing him is another matter. he was one of the best running backs in the game and has a super bowl ring too. not sure how much of an indication it is that he'll get hired but listen to this, just hours after the suspension was lifted, rice became the most picked up player in the fantasy leagues. 168,000 people think he'll find a new team before the season ends. a lot of fans think he is going to be picked up, at least, doug, back to you. >> fascinating to see how the league handles it now, it's been such a black eye for them. the new star wars trailer is now out sending fans into a frenzy of anticipation. we have it for you right after this.
9:56 am
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go to for savings on shavers and trimmers. innovation and you. philips norelco. the sound of bag pipes and drums marking the start of the christmas season in bethlehem today. clergymen and boy scouts marching to the church of the nativity, children cheering on the sidelines. bethlehem is the biblical town where it is believed that jesus was born. it lies six miles south of jerusalem. and finally the wait is over. at least kind of, for the trailer for the new star wars
10:00 am
movie, the force awakens. it is now out, j.j. abrams is wetting appetites of want to be jedis with this 80 second sneak preview. fans will have to wait a while for the movie itself. it is not out until december of 2015. it's nice to have you with us this saturday. i'm leland vittert. >> pushing legal limits, how president obama pushed his advisers to use the fullest extent of the law in the attempt to overhaul the nation's immigration system. >> ray rice now eligible to sign with any nfl team after winning his appeal against the league's indefinite suspension, but will anyone sign him? plus, two little boys trappe


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