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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 5, 2014 12:00am-1:01am PST

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in new york. we will see you tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. eastern. go to to the tonight on "red eye." coming up on "red eye" has hollywood taken a major leap backwards with the new" jurassic park" movie? why some say they spent too much on chris pratt and not enough on special effects. what does he have to say about the trip to vegas with jim norton? >> i have nothing to say. there was no press, no teachers, no parents, just us. >> and finally, a dog threatening to interrupt a peaceful bubble bath on live tv. how did this standoff come to an end? stay tuned to find out. none of these stories on "red eye." >> he was called away to an emergency toy shop meeting.
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let's welcome our guest, shall we? here she is. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. and he was once in a band called the new flying squirrels. his latest book called leb tee risen -- liberty risen, the triumph of republicans. and he served alongside kennedy so i am worried he spends his time at the grassy knoll. week nights at 9:00 p.m. on fox business network. a great show. and he supports more prostitutes than clear stilettos. it is jim norton, host of the great jim norton show on vice. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> if you are white, this isn't your fight.
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organizers of a ferguson protest say only people of color participate in a die in at the center. pasty protesters could attend, but they were told to stick to forming circles. they stated we are asking nonpeople of color to stand holding hands in solidarity. under grad ebony francis says the die in is meant to represent black people dying. after the garner decision, criming while white highlighted white privilege told by those who know it best. for example, successfully shoplifted back in the day because nobody followed me around or assumed i was a risk. and exhaled blunt smoke in a cop's face as i opened the door and told him he couldn't come in without a warrant and he left. on the other sensitivity spectrum there is this
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♪ and through it all ♪ she is a loving wife. >> i am excited to not vote. can you run a little more and this time let's rhyme lady with lady. >> ♪ something good with this great lady ♪ ♪ she fights for country and
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family ♪ ♪ and it is time for us to stand up ♪ >> this surprised me. this is already a big hit with goth teens. >> ♪ one great lady like women in my life ♪ ♪ she is a mother and daughter and through it all ♪ ♪ she is a loving wife >> it is like i don't even know the goths anymore. it is unbelievable. does this prove there is no way to do a campaign song without sounding like a parody? >> "stand with her" is no way to do it without being terrible. you mention the year and the specifics and -- middle name, last name rodham. just take a real song and say that represents me.
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what was the one clinton used? >> "don't stop thinking about tomorrow." >> "living on a prayer"? >> no. >> i think this was put out by elizabeth warren or karl rove is behind this. >> yes, and i am hoping my friends gary and shelly eaton are not watching this or they are wretching uncontrollably. you can do. it but if i was hillary clinton and before they say rock bottom with hillary rodham, i would demand they take it off the air. if you want to help me, stop. stop helping. >> the super pack that put this out, they have a focus on latinos and getting the latino vote out. do you think this ad will crush in that market? >> it is so well calibrated. >> i don't get that excited when i think of an entitled super wealthy person in
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politics for decades ascending to the white house. it doesn't make me want to sing. it sort of makes me want to cry a little bit. >> joanne, they want this song to help hillary breakthrough the glass ceiling, but the glass ceiling seems to be below them as shown in the video. it is like a car windshield. it confuses me. >> that's because the ceiling tends to move and we need to move forward with it. i should really work for them. i can do something a lot better than this. it is a shame. this guy is very talented and very handsome, but he got negative points as the song kept going on and tried adding extra sill labelles to make things -- syllables and then he had a wife and a kid and you are automatically not attractive anymore. stylistically, i get it. it was good quality.
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the intent behind it ruins it. >> they used -- they used a sample at one point of the "we will rock you" drums. to me that's obviously a message that hillary intends to rule as queen. am i reading too much that that? >> and the right wing's mercury will be rising. look, again sometimes something is a bismal. talented or not, single or not. >> i would put a gun in my mouth if i was capable of producing something like that. >> he filmed them cleaning while submarining. sailors were filmed changing over the course of a year. the seek surveillance happened on the wyoming, one of the first to receive female crew members after the navy started bringing women aboard in 2010. a 24-year-old male who served as a second class petty officer is accused of making
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and distributing the videos. the criminal investigative service or ncis is investigating the incident. hopefully that hunky agent is on the case. now they call it a privacy violation. speaking of privacy violation. >> it is like the edward snowden of cats. they call it a privacy violation, so you walked in accidentally on someone changing. this is straight up sexual harassment. >> yes, it sounds like it. and that makes me a little nervous. your hope is that the navy will take this seriously and investigate it thoroughly and if any wrongdoing is found out take swift and severe action and calling it a privacy violation dialed it back. if it is me in the shower and
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you add a camera, maybe that is a privacy violation, but no so much. >> jim, this went on for over a year. how? how did this go on for over a year? >> i don't know. but it is terrible. my hat goes off to them. he is good. good undercover work. >> he is like the colonel in "boogie nights." >> i would like to see it. it is like colin quinn, by the way. you can't do stuff like that. it is not surprising. it is not that it is a boy's club, but on a submarine, you are in such close quarters with just other men for so long. and the fact that any women are there is just -- you know what is going to happen even though you have to boot the guys that do it. you know it will happen.
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you can't not. >> you have been on the record saying you believe women have no place in our military except as cooks. does this make you believe it more strongly? >> i don't know how the individual who did it got through the screening process. it is an all volunteer army. you would think the applicants would be screened and something like this is insane that you would even try to perpetrate it. me, that's one of the fundamental problems. it is just going to make it worse. it is what you said it was, mr. levey. >> you agreed with me. you can stop now. joanne, this guy was gefg these pictures -- giving these pictures and trading these pictures with others in the navy and only got busted when an officer on another ship turned him in. this is a bigger problem than one guy. >> and what happens to all of the photos.
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they say we need to confiscate all of this stuff. people will hold on to it. this just goes to show you that men are disgusting and you can trust no one. i already knew. and i don't know. women in the shower and we have this idea in our heads that it is in the movies and it is all attractive. we shave our pits. you can see people's dirty habits like blowing their nose in the shower. it is gross stuff. >> calm down, jim. >> the blowing the nose in the shower. >> like i said, men are gross and disgusting. >> i am into that. >> we have to move on. coming up, our cameraman continues to improve his posture thanks to my normal sized height. first, the world waited 16,000 16,000 -- wasted 16,000 years watching gangham style when they could be watching end
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trails. you are watching fnc. stick around.
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we were entertained, but what have we gained? in june gangham style reached 2 billion views on youtube. economists figured out that adds up to 140 million hours or 16,000 years. the magazine wondered what other achievements were fore gone in the time watching a sideways shuffle and air lass -- lasso. they noted what it took the gerald ford in man hours and we could have built another wikipedia or six wizkalifa's
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which is the tallest building in dubai. instead, we built this. >> was that a bird? >> i thought it was a lazy ass bird. >> it could have been injured. you don't know. >> so the economists focus on the good things humanity could have done. what about the bad things? how many people might have been murdered if this video hadn't existed? >> i think you are right. it is easy to say we will be doing all of these wonderful things we are not doing anyway. plus in their argument is that somehow that was not worth 16,000 years to do. that's how sneaky the media
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can be. >> jim, what about the time people wasted reading an article about the time people wasted watching "gangham style." >> of the two billion views one million were mine. psy is wonderful. he looks like lieutenant dan's wife. >> i am going to get an angry letter from gary. i hope you are happy. >> in all seriousness or to give this whatever seriousness it deserves this is obviously stupid. the fact that a lot of people each spent four minutes watching a video does not translate into tens of thousands of lost productive for human kind. >> no, and it is a fairly typical sort of criticism of pop culture. reforget rock and roll and
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good old american consumerism in blue jeans helped to thwart or topple the soviet union and knock over the berlin wall or something cool about exporting culture. i don't think criticizing this stuff is necessarily a good thing. i account for one of those views. not a big fan of the song. >> just one? cool. >> culture, ship it around. it is great. >> joanne, you agree with that? >> i love studies like this. they tell us all of the things we could have done. like the things that say if you never slept you could be fluent in chinese and mandarin or if everyone donated a dollar we could solve poverty. and then you think well why don't we all? but they don't tell you how to do it. it is like this is all lost and our humanity is doomed is what they are trying to say. the only positive thing though, it really is, the fact is the time we spent watching this is time we are not doing the macarena which it has been
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going and it is at a few weddings, but we need to get rid of it. >> it should only be on the cruiseships. it will never leave the cruiseships. >> the foreigners like it. >> none of us with the exception of jim, none of us will be as successful as psy. do we all agree on that? >> at anything, ever, probably. >> i think "the general" -- the" gentleman" is a better song. i watched it live. i was on a psy loop -- i should be killed. i was watching psy do live performances of "gangham style" and" gentleman." it was very popular. >> was this a weekend night? >> no, one of those things caught looping and i said nobody here is to catch me so i will enjoy it. >> i like the charlie brown. you know what i'm talking about? anyone?
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charlie brown. that's the only word i know. >> why is everybody picking on me? >> no, not that song. >> oh that one, yeah. >> how old am i? >> all right. coming up, a study that shows people value wi-fi more than a good night's sleep. finally something humanity and i can agree on. first, a word from our sponsor. >> tonight's sponsor is male pattern baldness. going bald, but don't want to lose your edge? the only gene slicing program that lets you customize how you lose your hair. choose from argyle, rose of corn . thanks male pattern baldness.
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i look good though. are the impotent not important? congress is ready to ?ip funding that goes to vacuum pumps used for erectile disfunction. they are seen as a better
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alternative to drugs not covered by medicare. they found that from 2006 to 2011 the government spent $167 million on these pumps. they paid more than twice retail cost. apparently inflation is a problem and the solution. the savings of the inflation is the problem and the solution. the savings will go to help severely disi believe aed people people -- disabled people set up treatment. once again, here is a cat watching a penis pump in action. >> i want to talk to twitter. i want to say tweet is taking that from my apartment. don't do it. don't do it. i am blocking you if you do it.
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you were livid about this in the green room. >> i was. i was screaming that i knocked over the water thing and then i realized that it was shaped improperly. >> i can speak for the entire table that we suffered from years of debilitating erections. the only thing between us and the abyss are the little films. they make life worth living. how about aid to another country. don't cut the pills. that is more available than sunshine. what is the use of having anything else if that you don't have? >> we can talk about that afterwards. >> is this an issue near and dear to your aging heart? >> not particularly. and it is sad that finally you are getting something from your tax dollars they can use and they will take it away. the way i view this, it is not really my problem because i am married.
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>> i get that now. i see what you did there. >> you and the cat. >> why was medicare -- why was medicare spending twice the normal price for these pumps? >> this is how bureaucracy works. this is a double insult. the reason that these unfortunate people have to use these pumps is the government has taken the life changing drugs and regulated them to the point they are so expensive that no one can afford them. these people who were reel law gated to using these pumps to try and capture a bit of the magic that they can give you, now they are being deprived. >> i think you are more concerned than eric garner. >> of course i am. >> joe, you said this is a good thing because you don't want
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poor people reproducing. >> because they are ugly too. >> listen, it is about time that the government started controlling men's bodies like they do women's bodies. we have been fighting for equality and now we are getting it. >> it is interesting. 444 million dollars is going to benefit these disabled people. but wouldn't you say impotence is a sort of disability? >> yes. >> are you asking me? >> i am looking at you. >> not personally. >> i think hypothetically we could say that. if i was a lawyer that would be my argument. i would probably win all of the money you save from erection pills you will have to spend treating self-inflicted gunshot wounds and depression medication and broken fists that were smashed into a brick wall in anger.
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>> there is nothing better. >> you are right. this does make women and men equal. now beam won't be having 6 either. >> yeah. >> was that a question directed at me? were you asking me? >> would you want a pretty web or a comfy bed? a survey on what mattered most when choosing where to stay. they put location, a good night's sleep and hotel dining and a discrete staff that won't ask about the blood in the carpet. let's get this out of the way first. this stud day was conducted -- this study was conducted by a hoe they will that boasts fast and free wi-fi. >> i don't like free wi-fi. i would rather have it work really, really well and pay for it as opposed to a tragedy of the commons where everyone is on-line and it is like dial
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up. that is terrible. >> when you are on the road -- five years ago i would have known the answer to this question. does free hotel wi-fi make it easier to find prostitutes, or are the 4g speeds fast enough where five years ago they weren't and it doesn't matter anymore. >> i am still a 14k mod deem -- modom guy. >> dial up guy for life. >> it is better. it is too far from where they have the thing in the hotel and you are in the wing of the hotel it is not as good. maybe i am out of touch, but i don't even theng of the wi-fi. i just want to make sure my personal butler has good, shiny shoes on. >> that's what i like about you. you care more about your butler than you do about your wi-fi.
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>> what ruins a hotel stay for you? >> after you check out they call the wife and ask who left the sock pump in the sock drawer and if you want it mailed back to you. >> you are done with politics, right? >> after that bit, yeah. i said theoretically. >> joanne, i am guessing a hotel with free wi-fi in the 24-hour bar is the ideal choice for you? >> with great selfie lighting? >> and if they have a counsel of single men there. >> i don't care so much about wi-fi. great if it is there and if not it is not a huge deal. i am a sucker for a free breakfast. i check in and it is stale muffins and bough bananas. i drink the coffee in the
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room. i like my free stuff that i can take with me. hand lotions. >> all right. just a quick reminder for our viewers, free hoe toll we -- hotel wi-fi is a plot to make it easy for them to access your devices. the security on those networks is a joke. don't do it. time to take a break. when we return, a musical performance from tesla. shear what is coming up tomorrow on "the independents." >> hi, guys, tomorrow night we have a special called the supremes. it is either about 60s motown or the supreme court. we want to keep our options open. at 9:00 and midnight on fox business network.
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it is low in fat and high in sexism. the company pulled an ad campaign with sexy pin ups in response to complaints. it is time for our daily serving of -- >> is this sexist. >> the ad for an enriched milk product ran in denver and minneapolis. one critic wrote that the ads
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were another example of the object tau pho location of women in advertising. others registered their displeasure, where else, but on twitter. on monday they claimed the ads were part of a test market campaign and that they were retired in june. were they a clever homage to your world war ii era childhood or something more insidious? >> no, it was sexim to sell a product. but that's what they do. they object tau fie women. how they can sit in a boardroom and not see that there was a problem. and if i lived in denver or minneapolis i would bea wondering what they thought of me. yes, it is rank sexism, the kind you favor. >> hospital they have done some ads with guys too? >> no. they should have concentrated on the lactose intolerant angle. can you picture susan boyle
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drinking buttermilk and then the windows. >> camille, if sex sells which we assume it does. >> i believe that. >> can companies be blamed for using it in their advertising? do they have a responsibility to not do stuff like that? >> this is weird to me. it is to the sexy enough. it is less risque than a woman in with milk mustache. that's really sexy. this is tame. it is weird. we are so squimish about a beverage that comes from mammaries. this should be sexy. milk is a sexy drink. it is all about sex. >> this is actually a beautiful bag. milk comes from the woman and milk is a part of the woman.
12:47 am
rook at that. they are 1 and 2%. >> they saw the ads coming from the lemonade. >> sex sells the product though. >> i mean that is a real thing. >> does that make you want to drink milk? >> if milk will make me want to look like that. >> it is just like the beer ads. if i drink maybe she will come to my house. >> realize you are still a two. >> you are not talking about me. >> no, you are a 10. >> my wife likes it. >> have i some wood.
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>> we talked about this before. >> i think it gets you to look at the ads. >> that's the thing. you don't look at it and say milk is sexy, but the idea is because if the ad is sexy it sticks in your mind and you remember to go and buy milk. >> do you know how accurate a milk commercial is? >> peanut butter for the dogs. >> do people actually drink milk these days? >> a professional did. >> i might now. >> whole? >> sure. >> that's a man's drink, whole milk. >> it would make your breath stink. >> chocolate milk is good. >> especially in hydro therapy. >> coming up, the color of the year. and do you have videos of animals? send them to us at fox
12:49 am eye. will that be all, sir?
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thank you. ordering chinese food is a very predictable experience. i order b14. i get b14. no surprises. buying business internet, on the other hand, can be a roller coaster white knuckle thrill ride. you're promised one speed. but do you consistently get it? you do with comcast business. and often even more. it's reliable. just like kung pao fish. thank you, ping.
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reliably fast internet starts at $89.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. next "red eye" return appearances from tucker tucker carlson and john devore. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> this hue is going to be huge. they have chosen the color of marsalla as the top color of 20 20 -- 2015. it can account in heavy fashion and consumer packaging. a spokesperson called it hardy, robust, satisfying and filling. previous colors are radiant orchid and tangerine tango which is also the name of greg's last assistant. haven't seen him in months. jim, you said if we didn't do
12:54 am
the story you would can sell on us. >> i said you have to make it white. i don't know what to say. i didn't know they voted on a color of the year. that's silly. it is not a bad color. probably lovely for a rug. >> go on. >> a couple of government subsidized pillows. >> if you spill wine on the rug you can't even tell. >> i was going to say, looks like milk. >> i was going say you are wearing the marsala dresses because you can hide the wine. >> i do get sloppy. i love wine, but i don't love the color. it is a little too earthy for me. i prefer gem stone because i feel i pop in them. however, what is good about this color if you are wearing it, it goes with most skin tones.
12:55 am
>> thank you for that. camille, i actually don't have an opinion on this because i don't see color. i do feel like i wonder how other colors feel. sian can't be too happy today. >> this is an ungist toc, a grave -- an injustice, a grave injustice. all colors are the same. we need to support that. although i voted for green. i always vote for green every year. >> that's your color? >> yes. >> any reason? >> gumby. >> like gumby green? jay gumby and pokey. i love that cartoon. >> kermit? kef mitt too, but mostly g -- kermit too, but mostly gumby. >> why don't we see more politicians in a nice marsala suit? >> i was just thinking in the time we spent discussing this, we could have been watching a gangnam video for the same productive out put.
12:56 am
chartruse was just getting done with being mad. >> speaking of which, it is a shame graying is not here. he loves marsala. can you put the picture up? it is hard to see here in the studio, but he is wearing marsala suit and marsala shoes. >> and those are marsala socks. >> that's full pod. >> thanks to joanne and camille foster and thadius and jim norton. that is it for me. i'm tv's andy levey. see you next time. tomorrow maybe. >nd'dbxjl&c183&l
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