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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 10, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> if only the first lady were like. that stay right here on fox news overtime. we'll be back tomorrow at noon eastern. jon scott and the crew of "happening now" starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. new reaction to the senate report on the cia. we expect new reaction from nancy pelosi at the bottom of the hour. >> karl rove will weigh in on allegations of the report that the cia misled the president and american people. we'll cover all of the news on "happening now". >> we water boarded three people in the life of the program. >> firsthand hand account. >> and i don't know where they get it. who is telling the truth? americans need to know?
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and does the explosive report put americans in danger? >> it is very, very windy. >> the northeast is recovering from a severe storm. and now all eyes on the west where a huge system may bring rain. is this good for the drought- stricken region or too much too soon. >> i am trying to get home to my eight-year-old son. it is christmas. the season of perpetual hope. >> we have the answers for a smoother ride. >> it is all "happening now". >> and we begin on capitol hill. have you heard this before? a government shutdown looming 24 hours from now. and congress once again is taking things down to the wire. welcome to "happening now", i am
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jom scott. >> sounds familiar. i am shannon in for jenna. >> and the house plans to vote hours before the deadline. conservative republicans will not try to stall the bill or force a shutdown, but they are not happy about the terms. >> mike emmanuel joins us from capitol hill, mike? >> reporter: it is a bipartisan compromise by the house and senate and house speaker john boehner said it sets the stage for a new congress in the new year. >> tomorrow, we'll pass a responsible bill that keeps the government running. without a threat of a government shutdown, this sets up a direct challenge for the president's actions on immigration. when we have new majorities in the both chambers of congress. >> reporter: funding most government agencies through september, the end of the fiscal year and only funds homeland
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security through february 27th. look for a fight over immigration then. 54 billion and overseas contingency operations and including fighting isis and 5.4 billion to take on ebola here at home and abroad. one house conservative is unhappy using the football analogy. >> i feel like the leadership is asking us to punt on first down without an effort to get a first down or score a touchdown. by that, i mean, that there is no sincere effort to defund the president's unlawful, illegal amnesty. >> reporter: some leading house democrats are unhappy including maryland's chris van holland saying i will vote against the bill. we can keep the government open without big money give aways that hurt working families. others would call it compromise, jon? >> it might be a good thing if
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both side rz unhappy. mike, thank you. president obama making good on his promise to expand early childhood education. announcing a investment in learning programs for toddlers and babies and preschoolers. the president took part in a summit in the white house. 500 million will go to 40 states to expand head start and child care programs. >> republicans weeks away from taking control of the senate and installing leadership. and that means harry reid as majority leader are over. he tells the new york times that the gop will get a fight. nina is a columnist and editor for fortune magazine and jamie weinstien a editor for the daily caller.
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if mitch mcconaugh nel. >> it is interesting. i go out and speak to a lot of people in washington and there is so much frustration with the bitter divide and the partisan divide in washington, and people often blame the house republicans forgetting that harry reid has been the number one obstructionist on capitol hill. he prevented legislation from come to the floor numerous times and it doesn't surprise me that he declared war on the new republicans coming in and it is a good batch of candidates and law makers that are coming in and good batch when they ran and they are a group that is interested in and the republicans are interested in governoring and it
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is the democrats preventing that. >> some people might be chastened after losing control and taking the shellacing and harry reid is not one of those people. >> he doesn't do humility and not one to be chastened. it is how quick he wined to proudly proclaiming he will be the chief obstructionist in the next congress. look what he will be an obstructionist on. he will prevent things that are out of the mainstream from coming law. he pointed to corporate tax reform which is a bipartisan agreement that you need to reform the way corporate taxes are done and he will try to stop that. it looks like harry reid will obstruct on things in the mainstream and not out of the mainstream. >> nina, you talk about the
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republicans getting the blame for grid lock in washington. is that because president obama sang that refrain? talking about republican obstructionism on capitol hill? >> no doubt. the media sang that refrain and the president sang that refrain. there were house republicans that were more interested in fighting than go verning. and the other issue is free-trade and boost the american economy and boost agreements with asia and the european and helps the economy and the one who blocked that from coming to the floor, and not the treaties in particular but a procedural motion in order for them to come to the floor, the one blocking it is harry reid and talking to the people in the obama administration, they want free-trade agreements to come through and he threw the
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gauntlet in front of them. he's so tied to the youns he can't see straight. the republicans took a knee for now on the budget issue to keep the government open and they will fight the republican on his executive order ares on immigration next year. in the meantime, the states are doing it themselves. four new states joined the lawsuit against the president over the executive. you have 24 that are suing the federal government. that does say something? >> it is unclear what the courts will rule on the lawsuits. but the grassroots level there is great angst against the president declaring 5 million
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illegal immigrants temporary legal in his presidency. and this is a way the anger is manifesting itself. people trying to sue and get redress to the president's action. and we'll see what the courts say. bee are seeing an anger bubbling up. >> nina, the white house doesn't seem to care? >> no, it doesn't seem to care. harry reid was taking a page from barak obama's book when he made those comments and the president has shown he has no interest in negotiating with the congress. that congress that won by historic margins by the way and no interest in negotiating with those republicans in congress over immigration. he decided to declare war instead. i don't think they should buy into by the way. they are very much on that same page of going to war with the republican class and it is a good tune for republicans to
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stand above. it >> it is going to be a fascinating two years. nina, thank you. >> thank you. >> and the house select committee holding an open hearing on the terrorist attack in benghazi. what steps have been taken to keep the post safe since the attack. and whether the release of the intel report may have made things much worse. kathryn has more on on this story. >> reporter: fox news was told on the eve of the testimony there is a inherent conflict in the state department's story. ambassador stephens was praised for his judgment and inside knowledge of libya. but in white house he was rejected for the request for security as conditions in benghazi hit rock bottom. >> you have a ambassador you trusted as much as you trust as
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stephens, why not for his own security? you say he's an expert in libya and north africa but not when he asked for a security detail to extent their stay? >> reporter: this morning's hearing heard testimony that security problems within beyond the consulate in the 2012 attack and in some cases u.s. government personnel are operating in warehouses and not fortified compounds. in this exchange republican congressman jim jordan asked why the state department was in benghazi and if physical security standards were being met? >> were those followed with the benghazi facility? >> no, sir, they were not met. >> there is a waiver process followed? >> i don't believe so, no. >> eddy, why are we there with these facts and circumstances? that is a fundmental question
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that the american people want to know? >> new documents obtained by judicial after they sued under the freedom of information act show that the security situation in benghazi was so messed up, the security force in the consulate was operating in that country without a valid security license. shannon. >> kathryn, thank you very much. >> check this out. talk about a hit and run. an suv crashes in the roof of the house in california. the driver skipped and no where to be found. the bizarre and the search for him next. >> iran accused of trying to smuggle supplies for the nuclear program. and we want to hear from you. do you think that the release of the cia report hurts our national security? our live chat is up and running and click on america's asking
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and get your thoughts in to the conversation.
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>> well, a rude awakening for a northern california couple. this suv went air-borne and crashes through the roof of the home's garage. the driver of the suv took off. the no one was hurt but there was certainly aftershock. >> i thought it was a earthquake and she was really freaked out and i didn't notice. i probably had just fallen a sleep at the moment it happen. >> police say they have yet to release details on the suspect who is still on the loose. >> stunning claims about iran's nuclear program. the u.s. accusing the rogue nations of breaching nuclear sanctions by secretly importing
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splois to work for a nuclear bomb. but the next guest said the white house is not willing to say anything about it publicly. all right. thank you so much for your time today. just for a little bit of background, there is an agreement in place involving a number of world powers and iran and it doesn't line up with the limits placed on iran by the u.n. and it sounds like there is wiggle room for iran to move forward with the nuclear program? >> that's right. the u.s. strikes a deal and touching on the decayed. but the u.s. has agreed to that is u.n. has not. there is a plu tonnium enrichment facility. and so uranium that is recovered extensively in the temporary deal with the iranians and
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plutonium is not covered the same way. the fear is that even if they are not abiding by the uranium they are not with the plo tonnium. and people are thinking that we are getting played by iran. every delay buys them more time. it is bipartisan push back on the hill. key democrats pushing back against the administration saying we are not doing enough to sanction iowa ran and we have no teeth to the agreements and they will have a bomb and it will be too late. your take? >> the iranians cannot be trusted. you hear that from republicans, john mccain and also democrats, bob men endez who up until january is just as hawkish as they are. and he said you are making
10:19 am
a mistake because you cannot trust iran. and my colleague who broke the story, the republicans say the iranians can't be trusted and the democrats, yes you are played potentially and there are risks and you can't trust them in the talks. >> the state department is pushing back on the reporting and said we have regular dilog with the u.n. on issues related to iran. we bring possible issues to the attention when we have relevant information; is that the whole story? >> that's right, and the state department is in a weird position. on one hand, they are trying to say the temporary deal is kept to and the iranians are keeping the deal. that's what they have to say. we are extending the talks and we can't say they broke the deal. they say the iranians are
10:20 am
abiding by. it here they are not denying the report and work at iraq, we do bring it up when we have reports and we are not shy. and that's not what our reporting has shown. >> we have a gop congressman royce saying iran is a determined cheater, if that is the case, why do we negotiate with them? >> the hope the white house has if you strike a deal, part of it is round the clock inspections and video cameras inside of the facilities for real- time monitoring. you have fundmental break down and on the hill people say they can't be trusted and white house yes, they have lied and haven't been trusted until now. wuwe can figure out ways to
10:21 am
insure they abide by it. that's the divide. can you trust teheran and not trust teheran. the hill said no, you can't. >> in the meantime the clock continues to tick. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the cia defending the enhanced interrogation program after the senate report condemned the program. karl rove weighs in on the cia program and the timing of that it report. and also the blade runner's legal troubles are not over. what a judge's ruling means to oscar pistorias. i have a cold
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a boert missing at sea off of the coast of hawaii is found alive two weeks after making a mayday. >> mayday, mayday. anybody picking this up? >> the u.s. coast guard picked it up and when they reached the 67-year-old sailor, he was trying to make his way back to shore. his boat took on water after he took it on thanksgiving day. rescuers say it is a miracle he survived this long. it is a medical emergency. it is on the west between university and ashby. i have a female in labor. she stuck in traffic. she's going to be in a beej tahoe nothing further. >> and authorities are having trouble rescuing people stuck in the chaos.
10:26 am
here's more with will. nauthorities say that 16 people who needed some form of medical help are caught in the middle of the protest in berkely and one example they gave, a man who had a stroke in his car as protestors poured on the interstate and the woman in labor had to call a ambulance when she was caught in the grid lock. protestors caused transportation head quakes. and they are forced to use teargas and beanbag guns and arrested 200 demonstrators in an effort to keep the peace. now they are calling for more responsible protest. >> we are tired of other people. determining their agenda and who have used violent means make it
10:27 am
appear they are concerned about the loss of lives. we realize that a life is more valuable than property. but the property is innocent people who have nothing to do with the loss of life. >> we've also seen protest in new york, phone iks and mill phil boulder, colorado. shannon, all of those protest were peaceful. all right. will car, thank you. >> and an american accused of trying to blow up holy sites in jerusalem is denying the charge. adam levit is facing charges of explosives and weapons. and told friends about his desire to attack islamic holy
10:28 am
sites. his lawyers said li vitz has psychological issue. he is wanted in the u.s. for questioning on drug charges. >> a growing back lash on the cia report of interrogation tactics. three cia directors call it a partisan witch hunt. karl rove joins us next. >> your tax doctors could be the to thing these. we'll explain coming up. you total your brand new car.
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>> reaction pouring in following the reaction of the controversial cia report. everyone from cia veterans to president obama weighing in. recognize there is controversy. but what is not controversial. we did things that violated who we are as a people. it is important for us to recognize part of what sets us apart when we do something wrong we acknowledge it. because of this report, the taliban said we will increase our report. >> the real strength of america is when we are consistent of the values we assert. and think of the countries who are willing to say we made a mistake and we'll make sure it never happens again. >> thesy interrogations of the
10:33 am
detainees gave us a home depo like storage on al-qaeda and we are still relying on it today. >> karl rove, good to see you today, carl. >> thank you, shannon. >> we have been told jose rodriguez was on with sean hanity, and he talked about the fact that there were 40 briefings that he anyhow of in 2002 and top leaders, democrats and republicans and said they were fully informed and what do you know about that time period? how forth coming the cia was being? >> the cia was forth coming. either one of two things happen. they were forth coming to president bush and the administration, or it wasn't. if it wasn't, that means that
10:34 am
george tenet and porter gosz and mike hayden. three men of great distinction and gosz, a member of congress and hayden a decorated military official lied to the president of the united states and congress. and that is implausible. this report includes suggestions that the president of the united states was not briefed by the cian and he himself said it is not true and holds the suggestion that congress was not briefed. but there were 30 briefings in the time the bush administration was in office and it is incredible the intimations of the report that do not quar with reality. >> apparently the folks who put together the senate report, the democrat's version of the report, they didn't talk to those guys? >> they didn't talk to rodriguez, who was head of the program or officials who were
10:35 am
charged with responsibility given them by president bush to make certain before the techniques were employed. and none of those lawyers were talked to. and in the tail end, the administration, the former administration officials were given an opportunity to review the report in the last moments before it was released. at that point, it was a put up job and they refused. this was reading, a selective reading of documents and when they could put a bad spin, the democratic staff put a bad spin on it. what is amazing, that the suggestion that it didn't yield information. that is not true. many plots were stopped as a result of. this one of them is now public. a bu sabedda was subjected to the techniques and he was a osama bin laden top rekrauter
10:36 am
and his information led to the sheik who was the post 9/11 plotter and his job was to come up with ways to hit america. they guav up sha lec mammogram and organizer who did the ba li bombing and in charge of hitting the west coast of the united states. and he gave up his brother who was in charge of the cell of 17 people who were charged in the plot against the united states and in the process of being planned and executed. and so the idea that it department lead to intelligence is ridiculous. we took major players off of al-qaeda and saved american lives and americans. >> and another part of the report, the programs caused immeasurable damage to the u.s. global leadership on human rights. and how does this administration square those words with a drone
10:37 am
program that had a lot of criticism in the world and killing civilians and family members of suspects and the administration's failure to be more transparent about justification and legal standing and details of the sharply increased drone program. >> i support the administration on what they are doing with the drone program. but you are right. if you look at public opinion polls. america is less respected and lower approval ratings under president obama than it did under president bush in most instances. and more importantly, does anybody think that america is more are respected after six years of apologizing for what he did? you know osama bin laden, benard lewis, mideast exhibit told president bush, osama bin laden has written about being the strong horse. he said the most important thing
10:38 am
to remember, it is more important for the united states to it be respected and feared than america to be loved. people will follow the strong horse. that is the al-qaeda strategy. and we are seen as weak and feckless and we are weaker than before the release of the report. >> karl rove, thank you for weighing in. >> you are going to want to hear what former vice-president dick cheney had to say about the release of the cia report. he sits down with bret baier special report tonight right here on the fox news channel. >> on capitol hill, law makers are set to consider a tax extender bill this weekend and taxes can be a burden to many americans, you might be surprised at who gets the break. william will have a look at that story. >> reporter: law makers call them extenders. call it what it is. it is a sib side and give away.
10:39 am
when someone doesn't pay their taxes, you do. horse racing is called the sport of kings except under it is u.s. tax code lowly citizens allow owners to write off 50 percent of the cost of thorough breds that make millions. race track owners get a break. repave your drive way uncle sam doesn't care. but owners who black top nas-car can recoup the cost. taxpayers don't only see movies but underwrite the making them. >> it is aiding and abetting washington's addiction to providing pet projects and spending. >> uncle sam pays up to 2500 to anyone who buys an electric
10:40 am
motorcycles. two manufacturers are home to the senate finance chairman. and coal, the enemy of clean air, yet the administration will give $2 a ton tax credit on coal mined on indian land. >> they are relics and congress just extends them all of the time and they are the true survivor of the washington policy. and cockroaches of washington policy. >> now, a few breaks everyone enjoyed like not being taxed on the same there. but others are give aways because the lobbyist have a seat at the table and you don't. back to you. >> it is always been thus. william, thank you. >> all right, we all know that hassles come with holiday travel, but expert advice on a busy christmas eve. a travel expert joins us live on what you need to know.
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>> coming upon on the real story the deal for the enhanced interrogation techniques. john risso will tell us who knew what and when. we'll hear from the former military man sought to be the architect of the enhanced interrogation techniques program. he survived being attacked by a bear not once but three times and find out how he brought that big guy down. join us. >> and instead of digging through your wallet. whip out your cell phone. state of iowa has a free app and the image rotate and users
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authicate with a pin number. smart license may replace paper licenses. you have to jump through hoops yet. but drivers say they are all for it. >> you couldn't get in your specific app unless you passed a test. and maybe the photograph or iris. >> and it will be easier than going through your wallet and having to it reach for it and i don't know if they could replace the id. >> you are for it? >> i am. >> officials playing test the app with law enforcement and retailers. >> what happens when your battery dies. >> you are too nervous to remember the pin. ncould happen. nchristmas eve two weeks away. and a new report said the airline will see their profits sky rocket. over 25 percent next year as
10:46 am
fuel costs drop. that according to a forecast by the industry group. will the airlines pass along the savings to the travellers? joining susgary left, who writes from the view from the wing blog and founder of the mile point community. >> and when fuel prices really started to rise, we saw fuel surcharges added to our tickets and prices started to go up and fuel is cheaper for the airlines. and why are the ticket prices not reflecting that? >> it is important to understand that the cost of providing air travel is not the only thing that it goes into the price of your ticket. long- term price of your ticket can't be below what it costs an airline to transport you. but what is causing it to rise is planes are full. the airline industry hasn't
10:47 am
expanded the number of planes flying and there is a certain number of seats out there and increased demand and fuel prices go down. it is not that they are going to say we don't need to charge you so much to make money, but instead, we'll see lower prices eventually by more competition. and airlines are going to be willing to take risks with new routes and planes and discounters might be more aggressive and that will eventually serve to drive down the cost of your ticket. airlines will not proactively increase because of lower prices. >> shannon and i are sharing airline horror stories. i am not a fan of the airlines, but they buy their fuel contracts months in advance and they don't get to immediately take advantage of the discount in fuel prices?
10:48 am
>> i don't think that is entirely either. they are not all hedging their fuel. but they are paying less for fuel, that doesn't mean that prices stay low. they are betting on the price of commodities. but it is a price that is determined by the available seats on that flight. >> we are in the busiest travel season of the year. and people waiting to get the work schedules might be making plans to go home for the holidays, what are tips to give them the best deal. >> the first thing you need to do is understand that the planes are going to be full. in general buy your tickets far in advance and leisure travellers are buying tickets 3 and 4 months out. it is hard if you haven't booked holiday travel. be flexible as possible. and there are flights that are not booked up and they are early
10:49 am
in the morning or willing to take a connection and check the individual flight websites, not all airlines are going to appear on orbits or expedias of the world and they don't pay to be a part of the reservation system. and go to spirit airline and allegeant and see what they have to offer. >> they are down to four major airlines in this country, is that part of the reason that ticket prices are higher? >> ticket proprietarieses are higher because the economy is better and there are not more seats. there are plenty of airlines out there. and most of us have access toule four. it is the over all economy and capacity that is really the driver of pricing and not the number of carriers. it is a different story if it is 1 or 2. but we are beyond that. and as fuel prices
10:50 am
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we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. remember when moses parted the red sea rescuing the children of israel? you might have read about it anyway. now the red sea is a modern resort destination with incredible beaches and underwater scener where i known worldwide. well, the release of a new movie
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called exodus, gods and kings has residents hoping for a a boost in tourism. john from elat, israel. john. >> well, john, a lot like a lot of other cities here in israel took a hit over the summer because of the fighting, but elat and others are trying to bounce back with some help from hollywood. >> there's a sea ahead and an army behind. >> reporter: a gigantic wall of water bares down on the egyptian army, after moses, played by christian ba, parts the red sea in "exodus:gods and kings." with the release of the movie this friday fox news went to a lot in southern israel to see if "exodus:gods and kings" could renew a spurred interest in the biblical tale and get more people flocking to the red sea on vacation. >> up until now we have people come here only for vacation as a tourist resort.
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now with the "exodus" movie, we hope that more and more people will come for other reasons. >> i came to tell you something is coming. >> reporter: israel is one of four countries that sit along the red sea. to get a better look, i took to the sky. ♪ >> reporter: dwoent know exactly where moses crossed the red sea, but looking out over the desert mountains and water, one certainly gets a profound perspectivive of a land rich with history and now tourism. >> and that was, by the way, my first time sky diving. it was exhillerating and terrifying as well. >> we want to see you do it
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again. >> i don't know about that. >> well, hats off to you for trying it anyway. good job, john. thanks. a deadly terror attack that shocked the nation when bombs exploded near the boston marathon fishing line. finish line, excuse me. americans are stepping up in a big way to help the victims. what a charity just revealed moments away. happy. in love. and saving so much money on their car insurance by switching to geico... well, just look at this setting. do you have the ring? oh, helzberg diamonds. another beautiful setting. i'm not crying. i've just got a bit of sand in my eyes, that's all. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> another reminder of houp generous americans are in times of tragedy. it will stop accepting donations as of next monday. the one fund boston says it's distributed another $18.5 million to the families of three people killed along with several of the survivors. after collecting nearly $80 million in donations. the attack was a dark day in our history, but americans, again, showing the good can prevail over evil.
11:00 am
charity has a goal this year of collecting toys for seven million children whose parents can't afford gifts. toys for tots has been handed out more than 469 million toys since it began in 1947. >> advertise the season for giving. >> the real story with gretchen carlson starts now. scathing reaction -- in the wake of 9/11. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. we are here to bring you the real story today. former cia directors george tenet, porter goss and michael hayden pushing back against a senate intelligence committee's conclusionses in a wall street journal op ed. the bottom line? the program did save lives. here


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