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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 11, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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through elections. >> "hannity" is going to have much more on that. i'm megyn kelly taking your thoughts at follow me on twitter. see you tomorrow at 9:00. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. tense moments on capitol hill tonight. just moments ago the house passed the omnibus spending bill to narrowly avoid the shutdown. joining me on capitol hill fox news chief correspondent mic emanuel standing by. mike, john boehner needing joe biden, president obama, stenny hoyer and harry reid to pass a bill. >> you're right. vote was 219-206 including 57 democrats voting with republicans to pass this $1 trillion government extension. turning point seemed to be when stenny hoyer from maryland went to the house floor tonight and called on his rank and file
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democratic colleagues to vote in favor of this government funding package. house speaker john boehner told reporters tonight he's a happy warrior signaling he believed he had the votes. boehner believed he had a bipartisan, meaning from the house and senate were at the table, white house chief of staff personally came to capitol hill to urge house democrats to support the measure. the white house told democrats it favored this extension paying for almost all the government through september over a short-term continuing resolution which would expire with more republicans here on capitol hill. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren was an early vocal opponent of the package because it would weaken dodd frank banking regulation. warren urged fellow liberals to stand up and fight. and suddenly many other democrats including minority leader nancy pelosi were against
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this compromise bill. so as you mention the politics are fascinating. you have the president and vice president calling rank and file democrats asking them to vote in favor of the package. you had nancy pelosi and elizabeth warren on the other side saying stand up and fight. bottom line it got through. there were conservative defections because some of them wanted to vote to fight the immigration executive order. it now appears that that will happen in february when funding for homeland security is due to expire, sean. >> mike, thank you. joining us mow from the white house is fox's own ed henry. i guess we've got a new world order in washington tonight, ed. >> we do. >> and why would john boehner not wait for the new congressional majority and just do a short-term cr? >> well, that's a good question. and i think john boehner's going to be facing that come january. everyone's going to run out of town now if in fact this gets through the senate. that's still a hurdle that has to be met. you've got democrats like senator elizabeth warren saying she may hold all this up and do
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a reverse of what ted cruz did over the government shutdown over a year or so ago. in the bottom line, yes, but i think both will have a lot of heartburn in the days ahead. for the president you have the fact that a large number, vast majority of house democrats when urged by the president in public statements by his press secretary but also phone calls, we're told president as mike emanuel was reporting working the phones and rank and file house democrats said we don't care. on principle this bill doesn't work for us, they vote rollbacks on wall street reform, they said no to their president. he is a lame duck. for john boehner, yes, a victory tonight to get this through. but as mike was alluding, there's a lot of money in here for implementing the health law and allow immigration executive to go forward. john boehner gets out but there are a lot in the days ahead as you just said, wait a second, why did john boehner sign onto
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this. again, he keeps the government open. and that was a short-term priority. but medium and long-term the president gets his health care and immigration priorities moving forward. that's not what rank and file conservatives want. there are republican leaders tonight saying, look, what we did was set the stage for big battles ahead next year. we'll see. we've heard that before. we're going to repeal obamacare. we're going to do this and then republican leaders don't follow through. we'll see whether their base is upset tonight or not, sean. >> ed, the speaker would have had more leverage with the majority of congress coming in in january here. as you pointed out health care is funded, obamacare's funded through october now of next year. immigration will come up, what, some time in february. >> february. >> there's no telling what they're going to do there either. the question is if every republican ran on the idea of repealing health care and replacing it, that's off the table now pretty much for the rest of the year, right? >> exactly. and, look, in fairness to john boehner, maybe he made the calculation tonight and we'll
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see the reporting in the hours and days ahead that as you're suggesting, look, he'll have a stronger majority in january and february and big deal he'll have mitch mcconnell majority leader, harry reid will be out as leader. so maybe john boehner is calculating we'll win the battles ahead on immigration and health care. but you can bet the president is calculating every time he wins one of these battles and gets funding for his health care law, funding for executive action on immigration, the president lives another day to keep moving the ball forward and delaying stoppages. so john boehner may be calculating he'll win down the road, the president is happy he didn't lose tonight. >> joining me from capitol hill our texas congressman louie gohmert. i want to start with this alliance because as they voted on the rule earlier today, there
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was a point they were down three votes. then you had a shift of a couple people in the final moments. but you had the president, jou had john boehner, rather, needing joe biden, needing the president, needing steny hoyer, throughout the day at any point were you consulted, were you brought in to the discussions? were you encouraged to vote for this? >> no. there was no encouragement to conservatives. the speaker and majority leader, these folks knew there's money for abortion, money for the epa to hurt states like texas, arizona. there's just all kinds of money in there for things we don't support. and, sean, you and i know some of us have gone to our leadership and said, look, we can do this very easily. let's do it together with conservatives. that's the bulk of our conference.
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don't make them take a wrong vote. let's fund everything for two months. let us have a vote on defunding obama's amnesty. and we'll even agree that the senate can take it out if they take the hard vote to do that and let it go from there to the president. we were willing to work with them to compromise. and not one word, as you know, the calls went to the white house when in a time that the speaker needed votes he turned to somebody that he really identifies with, the president and liberal democrats and got them to help him pass this vote. >> congressman, let me bring you in. the whip said tonight, we have set the stage for battle with the president of the united states. didn't they just give up a lot of leverage that they would have had with the new majority? do you agree with that statement? do you see any way now with the funding of obamacare through the fiscal year that there's any way it could be defunded at this
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point? >> not unless we put out a new spending bill. and i don't see that happening. also back to the question you asked louie, i went to leadership told them -- there is a bicameral, house is send it to the senate and stop folding before we even show our hand. i said if we would send it to the senate and then let it then work there will, we may be surprised. there may be a lot of democrats feeling pain and heat from the election that they'll do the right thing. but you never know. you never know if you always punt the ball. sometimes you've got to run, sometimes you've got to pass. but my frustration is i led the charge with the letter about a month and a half ago with 69 people saying we wanted to defund this. and we both voted against the
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rule. we did not switch our vote at the last minute. we believe the right thing to do was let the members have a vote on this amendment. but they didn't want it coming to the floor because they knew it would pass. >> if you would have passed a short-term resolution to fund the government, that you would have had the opportunity to maybe do some new bold and dynamic things. for example maybe deal with the issue of the budget deficit which wasn't addressed here, not fund obamacare. there's a new poll out today, 58% of the american people want it repealed that you could have addressed that issue. and john boehner, the speaker, you know, work with the president, vice president, harry reid to get this thing done. so one has to ask the question, did john boehner mean what he said when he talked about that they were going to defund obamacare, repeal and replace it? why is john boehner cutting deals with the president? >> he said he was going to fight it tooth and nail. and fighting it tooth and nail would have been to put our amendment on the floor.
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in three weeks we're going to all raise our right hand and swear to defend the constitution -- >> well, sean, what we did was only fund dhs for two months. so it appears the thing we want to take hostage is the department of homeland security. the border patrol. so the rule in taking hostages is never take a hostage the other side wants you to shoot. we go to the president, this is the way it plays out. this is the hand we're left with. we go to the president in two months and say, okay, either you stop your amnesty altogether, or we're not going to put border patrol on the border. >> last question. i'm running out of time. do you think either one of you in any way, shape, matter or form that this impacts john boehner's running for re-election as speaker? is this going to come up in play now? >> i think he ought to be able to pick up some democratic votes for speaker this time.
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>> he might have the support of the president. >> he can get the democrats to get the votes to carry across the line. >> i can't top that. it's almost irrational fear or paranoia, the democrats would have shut down the government. >> that's exactly. a lot of hypocrisy. >> agreed. thanks, guys. coming up, more on the breaking news out of capitol hill tonight. why did the speaker deal with the president, the vice president and harry reid? coming up next, juan williams, steve hayes, they will analyze the political fallout from the tense standoff. and did boehner make a mistake teaming up with obama, biden and reid? head over to facebook and give us your answer. my answer's pretty obvious straight ahead. (vo) nourished.
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this is a fox news alert. just a short time ago on capitol hill the house narrowly passed a budget bill to avoid a government shutdown. earlier today, president obama and vice president biden hit the phones in a last-ditch effort to drum up democratic votes for boehner's spending bill. the president even dispatched his chief of staff to capitol hill, but some members of the president's party, well, they were not having this. watch this. >> we are fighting anybody who's lobbying to tell people to vote for this bill. if the president is lobbying, we do not like it. and we're saying to our members don't be intimidated by anybody. >> wow. does that mean president obama's losing his political power on capitol hill? standing by is the man who's been covering the story all night, fox news senior producer
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for capitol hill chad per gragr. you are in charge of updating all of us on comings and goings and you have been so detailed all day long. inside but very important to all of us here at fox. thank you for your great work. >> thank you. >> you started early this morning by talking about the rule vote and how the republicans almost didn't get that passed and a lot of drama. walk us through what happened. >> well, in the house of representatives on almost every piece of legislation that comes to the floor you first have to approve what's called the rule. this is just a procedural matter here. if you don't have a rule which governs the debate, you can't get to the actual bill. you have to do that first. this was very high drama in the house of representatives. at one point the democrats were actually beating this back by about three or four votes. then you had two members that came down into the well of the chamber, a republican who switched his vote from indiana,
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200-213, that's a tie by rule and then a freshman who lost his primary, republican from michigan, he switched his vote and they passed it 214-212. that was really tough. and i talked to bentivolio later in the day and he said, look, there was this flash of political savvy that came about him and he was trying to be a little facetious, but he thought i thought maybe we could get a better deal if i voted to move this to advance that package there. so that was pretty high drama. otherwise this would have been dead in the water, toast, and they couldn't have gotten to this vote just about an hour ago in the house. >> interesting the speaker had to rely on the president and all the democrats. in this bill you've got amnesty being funded to the tune of $2.5 billion, chad, when you break it all down in the varying departments. marsha blackburn says it funds king obama's amnesty.
7:17 pm
and then health care funded through the fiscal year october 1, correct? >> that's the interesting thing in this is all the fighting and all the skirmish over obamacare over the last five years on capitol hill, no new funding for obamacare. no new funding. so there was not really a fight over obamacare in this bill. that was the interesting thing. >> isn't that the leverage they gave up? >> that was the fight last fall. >> yeah. >> that's what some people think. and that was if you talked to conservatives like michele bachmann and steve king, they were very disappointed the night before last where this was not made an order their amendment to sort of shackle the department of homeland security, shackle the spending in some way the dhs would handle immigration services. and that amendment was not made an order. the problem of course then a democratic senate and harry reid probably wopt have thought too kindly of that and president obama would have veto that had and that would have invited a government shutdown.
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so this was the fine line that the republican leadership and specifically house speaker john boehner had to walk. to fight this next year on immigration. >> they certainly could have gone with a short-term cr otherwise the democrats would have been responsible for shutting down the government. chad, great job. obviously you helped all of us here at fox. joining us now fox news political analyst juan williams and from the weekly standard fox news contributor steve hayes. there's a reason in my mind, steve, that john boehner would need the president, the vice president, harry reid and steny hoyer in all of this. and i think it's pretty simple. i think the reason that obama would support him and biden and reid would support him is because they knew that the speaker would have more power and leverage if they did a cr into february. so the question is, why did john boehner do this? i understand why the president did, because i think this was a great deal for the president. >> yeah. there's no question, i was just talking to republican members of congress including conservatives who supported the deal.
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and they say in effect, look, that wouldn't have helped us much. we wouldn't have the kind of leverage that many people outside think we would have had. in any case what this shows is that democrats are divided or more divided than republicans. we've seen this kind of infighting between republicans in the past. what we haven't seen is this open defiance of president obama from leaders of the left of the democratic party. >> i guess we could argue that the president's a lame duck and ed henry rightly so was making that argument all day, this would be a test of the president's power. the president did get enough votes to get what he wanted. he wanted this bill passed. and, juan williams, i've got to believe this probably makes you happy because this is the best case scenario, the president gets $2.5 billion for illegal immigrants, he gets obamacare funded through october. >> you know, the whole different narrative going on here, sean, which is that you have the liberals up in arms over there because of the changes that are in this bill that allow, of
7:20 pm
course, more money to be spent in terms of blind money coming to campaign finance, but most of all rolls back some of the dodd frank financial stuff. so they're the ones that are angry at president obama. and i hear from, you know, steve king and you saying, oh, we're upset that boehner played along. let me tell you, it's the left here and the split with president obama that i think is the big story. >> but the president -- hang on, but president still got the votes he needed to want. >> he did. >> he wanted this bill passed. i understand all the people you're referring to, i read the adjustments to the dodd frank provision, but in the end the president got what he wanted. and i think he was astute enough. and, steve, i go back to my point he was astute enough to understand this was going to be the better deal because with the new majority in january, boehner would have had more power. and they constitutionally have the power of the purse. and i suspect the president feared that come february,
7:21 pm
right? >> well, that is precisely the argument david axelrod said on twitter. he basically said in 140 characters exactly what you just said. >> oh, great. i'm done. you just ruined me, steve. you just ruined my life. what are you doing? >> i was telling the truth, sean. i report. you decide. >> you report, i decide, i'm dead. look at how juan williams is smiling. he's giddy. >> i could go crazy but this is where we are in the politics of the moment. >> it's crazy. >> the senate just voted to say we're going to continue this for two more days so there won't be a shut down. and they're going to have a fight because elizabeth warren and left wing politics so angry at wall street is going to be on full display in terms of saying
7:22 pm
we don't like this, we don't want it and obama is caving under the weight. >> guys, good to see you both. thank you, steven, for ruining my life. coming up, we continue to follow breaking news out of our nation's capitol. congresswoman michele bachmann and steve king, fighting for a cr all day long. and current director john brennan stepped up to the podium to defend his agency in the wake of the senate intel report on enhanced interrogation techniques. brennan says it did produce useful valuable intelligence. we'll check in with karl rove and much more as we continue on this busy news night. for most people, earning cash back ends here, at the purchase. but there's a new card in town. introducing the citi® double cash card. it lets you earn cash back when you buy and again as you pay. that's cash back twice. it's cash back with a side of cash back.
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confusion or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. ask your doctor about tamiflu and attack the flu virus at its source. this a fox news alert. a government shutdown has been avoided. a short time ago the house passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill that was reported by both speaker boehner, president obama, harry reid and vice
7:25 pm
president biden. and as you can imagine this measure did not sit well with a number of conservatives including me and including congressman jim bridenstein. he put out this tweet explaining why. i think it quotes it very well. he says, here are just the five of the main reasons i will be voting now on the omnibus bill that fully funds obamacare, over 1600 pages long, actually 1774, and spends $1.1 trillion filled with political favors. here with reaction minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann and iowa congressman steve king. i know you tried to persuade the speaker and leadership all day to go for a short-term cr. what is the possible explanation why they would not do something that was so smart that would have given them more leverage and power come the new year? >> well, i think the reason why they did it is because the political establishment made a decision months ago this they
7:26 pm
were going to get amnesty. and they were going to pay for amnesty. the executive amnesty is what they didn't like. president obama doing it alone. but they wanted amnesty. let's not mince words. both republican and democrats, the leadership, the establishment, wanted to have amnesty -- >> hold on. are you saying, congresswoman, that this deal was struck, we think back in september when they decided -- remember when they decided to move this deal to december -- i forget the exact month. but you're saying that you think john boehner sat in a room with barack obama and said we want to, a wink and a nod, and this is how we'll do it? you believe that happened? >> the political establishment wants full-on amnesty. they were going to get it one way or another. they wanted it all done before the new senate was sworn in. i think the main thing we need to know is this vote never, ever, ever, in any parallel universe would have happened the week before the election. it wouldn't have happened.
7:27 pm
>> no. >> disrespectful of the voter. >> that's such a great point. you know what, if they did this before the election, it would have probably impacted the results in a lot of places. let me go to steve king, $2.5 billion and obamacare funded through the end of the fiscal year. that's a conservative speaker? i don't think so. >> no way it can be a conservative position, sean. we've fought this funding for obamacare for a long time. i brought an amendment to cut off all the funding for as far back as 2011. much of the same tactics we've seen the same pattern throughout all of that. now obamacare is funded. now obama's executive amnesty is funded. we wanted and insisted on a vote that would allow us to cut off all funding to implement or enforce his executive amnesty. just that vote -- >> i have less than a minute. i want to ask you both, do you believe that john boehner has been dishonest with the american
7:28 pm
people? did john boehner cut a back room deal on this? and is that why he did not accept the power of the new majority when he would have had more authority? do you believe that some type of back room deal was made, congresswoman? >> a deal was made. there's no question. a deal was made. they wanted to have amnesty. they were completely fine with amnesty -- >> they don't want to de-fund obamacare? they don't want to de-fund it and replace it? >> all i know is this afternoon the speaker gave a private meeting to steve king and i. we offered a positive alternative that would unify the gop and get this deal done. john boehner told us he was going to do the cromnibus -- >> did john boehner make a deal with president obama? >> yes. i think no good ideas outside of that deal were going to be considered unless we could have succeeded on taking the rule down. and at that point we would have had a new ball game. and i think we had a chance.
7:29 pm
but we failed by a vote to take the rule down. >> we were close. >> that's when we lost. >> all right, guys. thank you both. it's a sad day that john boehner doesn't realize there was an election, the people have spoken. and you're right, congresswoman, if this vote took place a week before the election, this never would have happened. >> never would have happened. >> that speaks volumes about politics in washington and how john boehner has disrespected the people that voted for all those republicans tonight. that's my take on it. thank you both. coming up, the architect, karl rove, he's here to weigh in on the cia's enhanced interrogation report. that and another live update as breaking news continues on capitol hill. we'll check in with rich lowry and scotty hue straight ahead. i don't care whether you have a ph.d. or an mba. everyone has questions about money. you know, i think about money kind of a lot. -money's freedom. -money's always on my mind. credit cards. -mortgage. -debt. it's complicated. it's not easy. i'm not a good budgeter. unfortunately, i'm a spender. i would love to learn more about finances. so there's questions about the world that all of us have,
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♪ ah, ♪ h it. ♪ push it. ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ oooh baby baby. if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good! welcome back to "hannity." in an unprecedented move today cia director john brennan held a news conference addressing the senate intel report on the agency's interrogation methods following 9/11.
7:35 pm
now, among the many issues and concerns discussed brennan explained that there were times when cia officers exceeded policy. but despite much debate the techniques did in fact produce useful and valuable intelligence. >> in many respects the program was uncharted territory for the cia and we were not prepared. we had little experience housing detainees and precious few other officers were trained interrogators. but the president authorized the effort six days after 9/11 and it was our job to carry it out. there was useful intelligence, very useful valuable intelligence that was obtained from individuals who had been at some point subjected to eits. whether that could have been obtained without the use of those eits is something that again is unknowable. >> here with reaction fox news military analyst lieutenant general thomas mcinerney.
7:36 pm
general mcamericinerney, i apol to me this is outrageous because it's going to put people's lives in danger. but dianne feinstein write a report about enhanced interrogation and not a word about a drone program by obama killing thousands of innocence. do you see the irony. >> i do. dianne feinstein has normally been a very balanced senator running that committee. in this case it was a very partisan report. the points that you're making of the dichotomy of what i would call enhanced torture and the killing of -- >> enhanced torture or interrogation? >> excuse me. enhanced interrogation versus the drones killings, it is a sharp contrast. and the fact is this report is
7:37 pm
the most dangerous report, i believe, that has ever come out of the congress to our national security. >> yeah. >> it is very, very harmful to the people that it has presidential approval, it had d.o.j. approval, the leadership of the cia was watching it very closely as john brennan just talked about. and so what is going to happen in the future to our people today in the drone wars that they're going to say six years from now they're going to come and say i committed a murder by shooting insurgents and radical islamists? it is very, very dangerous. and i believe the blood will be on her hands for this report. >> very strong words. and i agree with those words. if something happens, blood will be on her hands. mike baker, i like to use this analogy. imagine any parent that's watching this program. two kidnappers take your kids out of their house, out of your house, you run after them. you tackle one of the captors. you have that captor.
7:38 pm
the other guy gets away with your kids. where will you stop in terms of getting information to identify where your kids have been taken? i can speak for myself. i will stop at nothing to get that information. is that a similar analogy after 3,000 americans died? >> well, i mean, it is. and a lot of people agree with you, feel the same way. we know because we've spent years and years debating the interrogation rendition program. we know there are some folks you're never going to shift from their position. either talking to a detainee or everything else is torture. as director brennan pointed out as well as previous directors and managers, they did play a role. the problem is this report, and i run a company that does complex investigations all around the world. if anybody came to me and brought me a report based on investigation and i say who did you talk to, we didn't talk to anybody.
7:39 pm
and more so we had a finding and wrote a report around it rather than let the evidence guide you than deciding your findings, i would suspend those people and give the client their money back. that's kind of what we're dealing with here. very disappointing use of $40 million. i think it's important to have these conversations. of course it is. talk about policies and procedures. but you would like to think that, you know, we would come far enough in this whole discussion that this thing would have been objective, unbiased and they would have taken the time and done the hard work to find everybody involved from the administration, the agency, sit down. they didn't do it. >> and that's well said. 6,000 pages they never spoke to any of the key people involved in the interrogation program including cia directors tenant, michael hayden or jose rodriguez who was in the cia and oversaw this. general mcinerney, mike baker, appreciate it. meanwhile dick cheney blasted the cia -- the vice
7:40 pm
president also set the record straight about then-president george bush's knowledge of the cia's interrogation techniques. take a look. >> i think that he knew everything he needed to know and wanted to know about the program. >> did he know the details? >> i think he knew certainly the techniques. we did discuss the techniques. there was no effort on our part to keep him from that. he was just with the tariff surveillance program. he had to personally sign off on that every 30 to 45 days. so the notion that the committee's trying to peddle somehow the agency was operating on a rogue basis and we weren't being told or the president wasn't being told is just a flat out lie. >> here with reaction former senior adviser to president george w. bush, fox news contributor karl rove. we had jose rodriguez on the program the over night. heover saw the water boarding of khalid sheikh mohammed and other instances.
7:41 pm
he says without that technique we wouldn't have found the courier which led us to bin laden. if he was there and he saw and had the information and they don't interview him for this report, how do they possibly come to the conclusion that they did that this did not help find some of these terrorist sns. >> well, look, it clearly did. and there's plenty of evidence on the record, including president bush's own book in which he talks about on pages i believe it is 168 through 170 where he talks about the origination of this program. it begins with zubedah initially coughed up information and then he shut up. and he became uncooperative. the cia, there was a high level of chatter about follow-up attacks on the united states. the cia comes to the president and says we need to have additional authority to undertake some additional interrogation techniques, the enhances interrogation techniques. here are 13 of them. bush has them reviewed by the lawyers and approved.
7:42 pm
and he determines he's uncomfortable with two of them and authorizes use of the other 11. he gets broken. after waterboarded he literally says you have to do this for all the brothers. we've been told not to talk. this frees me from my responsibility. you must save my other brothers by doing this. he coughed up information -- the recruiter for osama bin laden. this guy is the logistics master mind for 9/11 and the post-9/11 plotter. he's the guy in charge of figuring out what to do in follow on attacks. we get him. he initially is problematic. he's subjected to these techniques. he begins to cough up information. and the information from zubedah and -- lead us to khalid sheikh mohammed. remember he said i'll see you in new york with my lawyers. we remember how he sort of taunted america. once he broke though he led us
7:43 pm
to the efforts in southeast asia and gave up his brother in charge of the effort to attack the west coast of the united states. and we swept up 17 members of his cell. and they were in training probably to use aircraft to attack places on the west coast. the idea that somehow or another these techniques did not -- i mean, we knew about canary war, we knew about attacks on hethrow. -- >> karl, very well said. why do you think dianne feinstein did this then? >> look, i think she's being driven -- she reminds me of the red queen in "alice in wonderland." conclude first and allegation second. left wing staffers spent $40 million and six years in a vendetta against george w. bush in order to attack the fundamentals of the cia, in
7:44 pm
order to attack the record of the previous administration and achieve a partisan political goal. i'm sorry to see her do this. i think your previous guest was right. she's forever going to bear this as a stain on her record. >> last question about a top story tonight. why do you think john boehner went for an omnibus bill to fund the government for the entire year rather than a continuing resolution where they would have more power in the purse with the new majority both the increase majority in the house and obviously the majority in the senate? why would he do it that way? >> well, they've got two tracks. they wanted to get most of the government funded through the balance of the fiscal year. it is stupid for us to be funding a $3.5, $3.7 trillion enterprise called the federal government. he wants to return to regular order and use the leverage of funding through the end of the year to get significant concessions from the democrats. they kept a short leash on homeland security so that we can have a battle next year from the position of strength with
7:45 pm
majorities in the house and a majority in the senate to help us -- >> but it fully funds obamacare. >> well, look, you think the united states senate is going to go along with an effort to de-fund obamacare? we can't get 60 votes in it next year -- >> now coming up, we're going to have more on tonight's breaking news out of washington. when we come backse, i'm going explain why i think john boehner needs replaced as speaker and our question of the day.
7:46 pm
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>> i believe the president continues to act on his own. when you play with matches, you take the risk of burning yourself. and he's going to burn himself if he continues to get on this path the american people made it clear election day. they want to get things done. and they don't want the president acting on a unilateral basis. >> john boehner talking tough on the issue of amnesty but unfortunately that is all it was. conservatives feel they have been burned with aligning them self was the president to pass a spending bill just a short time ago. joining us now, scotty hughes.
7:51 pm
john boehner bloomberg conservatives tonight and by that, i mean, conservative base in particular, and michelle bachman hit the nail on the head he never would have done this before the election. he has no inspiring vision and to me, he's a democratic party light. he doesn't have those bold difference that's reagan talked about. he should not be the speaker and should be replaced reaction? >> if on twitter now, the majority of the american as agree with you, sean. we've got issues with boehner all along. >> over two years sh he should go. >> he was with pelosi with insider trading and visa bill. he's had issues all along. this is a great opportunity, i think. >> john boehner is full of it. what do you think? >> no one else wants the job so
7:52 pm
he's not going anywhere. one theme we've heard is that congress shouldn't pass enormous bills without knowing what is in the bill. >> out of 1603 pages they added more pages nobody has read. and what bothers me about this, it funds $2.5 billion for illegal imgrants, funded then, we've got obamacare funded through the year. he's not doing his job representing an alternative vision for the country. it seems he's cowardly and has a fear of being blamed for a shut down, no vision to inspire the country that he has an idea that is going to solve problems we face which are great at this
7:53 pm
moment in history. >> it's amazing how democrats are praising elizabeth warren in the senate. >> listen. go elizabeth. >> she called people that wanted to shut down the government. >> let me go back to the tweet. because this is how he summed it up. it funds obamacare. and is filled with political favorites. they could have defunded obamacare and offered an alternative. they could have taken the president on with his un-constitutional, unlawful action. and shown they're tough. >> has the party been desperate to push something through if
7:54 pm
they're going to gain power? >> they're afraid of the shut down and gave into appropriators that crafted these bills and wanted to be done with it. they could have had a vote you're getting senate democrats on record, for pushing back against the president's amnesty. now, you've created this huge skepticism. >> i expect it's john boehner trying to sabotage the republican party and boehner now, i think he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> when we come back, our question of the day. straight ahead.
7:55 pm
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you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip. female passenger: wow. smells good in here. vo: so you and your passengers can breathe happy. time for the question of the day. did speaker boehner make a mistake by teeming up with reid? you know he never would have done this before the election. that is all you need to know. he sadly, i've got to say that he represents everything that is wrong with washington.
8:00 pm
sad day for those of us that want a conservative leadership. head over to we want your answer sh see you back here tomorrow night. o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> attention and interrogation program produce useful intelligence that help the united states thwart attack plans, capture terrorists and save lives? >> the left in america trying to marginalize the central intelligence agency putting all americans at risk are. tonight, we will continue our reporting on this very intense situation. >> director brennan and the cia today are continuing to willfully provide inaccurate information and misrepresent the efficacy of torture. in other words, the cia is lying. >> but is that true? did the cia lie to president bush and congress as some democrats are saying we will talk with sen