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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 19, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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that's all the time we have left tonight. thanks a lot for being with us. have a great weekend. unafraid. see you in 2015. here comes greta. is it an act of war? north korea caught red-handed. today the fbi officially blaming north korea for hacking sony pictures. and now the pressure is mounting for the obama administration to do something and to do that something quickly and severely. this cyber attack could be just the first shot across the bow. but during his year-end news conference president obama refusing to announce any specific response. and at today's pentagon news conference rear admiral john kirby were was asked if the cyber attack were an act of war. >> i'm also, you know, not able to lay out in any specificity for you what would be or wouldn't be an act of war in the cyber domain.
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>> lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us. good evening, sir. >> greta. >> we've seen the new war nation against nation. nation against an ideology. and now is this a new war? and will the administration not call it that? >> admiral kirby and the president are in a difficult spot because neither nato nor the united nations have defined what an act of cyber war would be. interestingly enough, they took it up at the wales summit, nato summit in september. agreed that it could be an act of war. but then decided they wouldn't define what an act of war might be. >> why would we defer to them to define what anthony of war might snb and what is an act of war? >> anthony of war has always resulted in a collective action and the collective actors in this case is nato. so neither the united nations nor the nato alliance has quite frankly got the leadership right now absent ours to stand up and say this is an act of war. and of course one of the issues -- >> do you think it is? >> well, no. and i'll tell you why.
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it was aimed at a specific company, sony. and the president today decided to blame sony for it. said they made a mistake by pulling the movie. there is a time in american history when presidents didn't blame the victims of aggression, and that's 1940. fdr sends u.s. navy vessels to protect american privately owned ships. not u.s. navy vessels. sends war ships to protect privately owned ships manned by commercial crews to protect vessels carrying stuff going to great britain. you don't always blame the victim. >> let me just ask you, though. they went after sony. if it had been our power grid, banking, or -- >> time out. who announced today that it was an act of aggression or a criminal act? they didn't say an act of war. it was the fbi. because this administration treats almost everything as an act of criminal activity.
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and so you have the fbi saying it's a criminal act, perpetrated with threats to americans and threats to do bad things in the future. then this president says he's going to take a response at the time and place of our choosing, right? this president has no track record of ever following through on those things. he didn't do it with north korea when they opened -- >> and he didn't do the red line when assad was gassing his sichblz. >> didn't do it with fast and furious, didn't do it with irs, didn't do it with again gazi. he's not going to do it now. >> you just said it's not an act of war, the fbi's treating it like a criminal act. >> the defense department announced it, pro admiral kirby would have had an answer to that question. >> you don't think it's an act of war, though. you think it's a criminal offense. >> simply because of the way our government has approached it. you could certainly say these kinds of activities are an act of war and convince nato to go along with you, invoke article 569 nato treaty, and you would have collective action against
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those who perpetrate these kinds of acts. this administration's been sitting on its hands now for six years. >> i fear this is the tip of the iceberg. i fear and a lot of other people who've been working on cyber warfare for a long time fear this is the first warning shot. >> i think it's certainly that. but this administration's treating it as a criminal act. >> colonel, nice to see you. >> always good to be with you. >> and there is new information the fbi has uncovered evidence that points right to north korea. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris joins us. what's the fbi saying? >> well, thank you, greta. the language in this fbi statement is carefully crafted. and while reporting there is enough to blame north kraerks it stops short of saying they executed the attacks and provides only three pieces of evidence to make the case. the analysis of deleted data shows links to malware north korea has used in the past. there's significant overlie with
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i.p. north korean addresses and north kraep entities. and and the sony hack bears striking similarities to an attack last year against south korean banks that left many customers unable to withdraw money from atms. the fbi statement reads in part, "north korea's actions were intended to inflict significant harm on a u.s. business and suppress the right of american citizens to express themselves." and today the president went further, stating publicly, "what intelligence officials have maybe theed privately that the sony incident shows the u.s. must make it a priority to develop rules and standards for cyber warfare because being on the defensive is losing strategy." and tonight an intelligence source questions why north korea would spend so much of its political capital on a movie and insisted china had some kind of enabling role, though the president denied today that
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there was any outside ifltd involvement. >> i thought the fbi statement was weird. for instance, sony's been a great partner in the investigation. thanking everybody who vote ford them. i thought that was weird, great partner. does the administration think this is an act of war or not? i realize nobody died, but this is a financial institution and it could be the beginning of something more. >> based on putting the fbi out front i would agree with colonel north that they are approaching it as a criminal act. the issue, though, and you raise a good point, is whether it does constitute cyber warfare. people in the intelligence community don't like to say act of war but cyber warfare. in this particular case what happened at sony was so destructive it was like dropping a bomb on the corporation. >> we don't want to be on the defensive. it strikes me as a little bit odd because we have known about this risk for a very long time.
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we've had mike rogers, chairman of the intelligence committee, and ranking member -- >> the nsa -- >> and david talked about this for a long time. and suddenly the administration wakes up, says oh, my god, this could be an attack, a cyber attack. >> the seminal events in terms of cyber warfare happened three years ago, sfuxnet on iran's nuclear facility that destroyed the centrifuges. then the attack on the sautdi national oil network, aromco, where the computers were effectively disabled. and then the attack last year on the south korean banks. this is a pattern which has now culminate to the public consciousness. this has be been a surprise to those who follow it. >> katherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and secretary of state john kerry issuing a statement condemning north korea's attacks, saying in part "threats in cyberspace pose one of the greatest national security challenges to the united states and north korea's actions are intended to inflict significant economic damage and suppress
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free speech are well beyond the bounds of acceptable state behavior in cyberspace." our next guest say former military assistant to secretary of defense donald rumsfeld, also a leading security consultant to ibm. good evening. >> it good evening. thanks for having me. and i don't man to be hung up on the idea of if this is an act of war or not pu about now you've got the secretary of state saying this is a national security matter. that sounds like more than a robbery down the street. >> the hack itself wasn't an act of war. it was it, that was terrorism. that fits the definition under our laws of an act ofe got
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north korea trying to inflict some sort of cyberattack on us and inflict real damage? >> as i said, the real damage is in the loss of the freedom of speech, freedom of expression that came out. just stealing the data from sony not so much. industrial espionage happens all the time. sony -- and to disagree with colonel north, blaming the victim, sony really screwed this one up. they were woefully and inadequately prepared for this. >> sony claims they ran it past the state department, got the blessing some time ago, this movie wasn't a problem. go figure. i don't understand this. i've been to north korea three times, and this is a very predictable response i think on behalf of north korea. and this is the same state department that was scandalized when there was an anti-muslim video in benghazi that they said at first led to the deaths of four americans. on the one hand they're
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scandalized by the anti-muslim video, on the other hand giving a blessing to a video that is assassinating the leader of a very unstable nation. >> i didn't say they were smart about that aspect either. i was referring to their technical preparation for this. they were like walking naked through the briar patchtvb)ma÷ cyber security standpoint. realizing they're not sony the parent headquarters they're the movie company. they're still associated with one of the biggest tech companies in the world. to be this unprepared and this ril ridiculously immature about it, he this almost deserve what they got. >> is sony a japanese company or an american company in. >> the parent company's japanese. >> because i don't think you can ignore that because of the relationship between japan and north korea. they are mortal enemies. i don't think anybody's been discussing that. north korea hates japan more than it hates us. >> initially when the hack occurred there was a lot of question was this done just to
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sting the japanese, not the united states? i'm not sure if that's the case. i think it's funny, though, in this particular movie from what we see in the trailers, they make as much fun of america and our inabilities as they do the north koreans. >> and i know -- i told my ear, it's on the new york stock exchange and sony. that's not the point. i'm talking about the historic reference effect. i realize it's on the new york stock exchange. of course north korea's reaction is bizarre and of course they make fun of us more in the movie. but sony sort of walked into this one he with bad judgment. >> i agree. it was a ham-handed satire. it's kind of who they play to. but in this case they didn't realize they were going to get some response from a nation state. >> they could have made up a country. they could have had the same movie, just changed the name of the country. whatever. anyway, steve, thank you. >> thanks for having me, greta. >> today amid brewing outrage
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president obama saying sony made a mistake by canceling the release of "the interview." >> kim jong un is a master manipulator. >> this could be just the beginning. >> we can confirm that north korea engaged in this attack. >> if you treat this simply as an inconvenience, other countries will conclude that they can attack and get away with it. >> i think all of us have to anticipate occasionally there are going to be breaches like this. >> this could be a whole different form of warfare. >> they caused a lot of damage. and we will respond. >> the president of the united states should go on national television tonight and say north koreans are back on the terror watch list and they will be retaliating. >> fox's chief white house correspondent ed henry joins us live. ed, what's going on with the white house about this? >> reporter: greta, it warntzing i think one of the stranger moments of the news conference perhaps is had the president was saying, look, i just wish sony had called me. i would have told them it's a bad idea to pull out on this, if sets a brad precedent, they
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should have sort of stuck it out because it's sort of a monday morning quarterbacking because the sony ceo, michael lynton replied, responded to the president after, this said i was in touch with white house officials. it appears they were in touch over security concerns, what to do at movie theaters. so maybe they just were not communicating back and forth, to follow on what you've been saying tonight and last night, which is this thing was botched from the start obviously and there's plenty of blame to be around. but it seems odd for the president to say why didn't they call me because sony may have been concerned about involving the white house. the president himself and his aides have been saying and suggesting in recent days they weren't going to dictate to sony what to do. so maybe that's why sony didn't want to ask for direct help from the president. but you have to wonder if the president had said days ago, not today but days ago, before the decision i'm not going to do what the company does but whatever you do the company's going to have your back and we're going to make sure that this dictator doesn't win.
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instead we're now that i situation where sony had to pull out. as you say, it's a mess now. and the president doesn't have a lot of good options what to do to stand up to north korea. they're telling us at the white house one thing they may do in the short term is put north korea back on the u.s. list of state sponsors of terror. something critics have been calling for for some time, greta. >> the president 150e78d like he had a little bit of a bounce in his step today. he is now an hour bheels up leaving washington for hawaii. is he truly concerned about this or is this sort of an annoying two-day episode before he left on his trick? >> i'm sure he's concerned about it because in talking to his aides in private they say they do believe this is a serious national security matter. officials but military officials. this might be about u.s. sanctions down the road, this could be about the u.s. using its own cyberwarfare in retaliation, but it also could
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be military, u.s. military action. the president was asked that direct question, is u.s. military on the table? he wouldn't answer. that sounds to me like the door's still open. >> ed, thank you. >> good to see you. >> and tonight sony is fighting back against president obama. you 45e6rd right. a big change 2349 usually cozy relationship between hollywood and the president. >> sony's a corporation. there was significant damage. there were threats against its employees. i'm sympathetic to the concerns that they faced. having said all that, yes, i think they made a mistake. >> but sony pictures ceo michael lindton firing back insisting sony did not make a mistake pulling the interview. and in a just released statement sony saying "without theaters we could not release it on christmas day." susan friccio and lauren fox. if no theater would take the
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movie what's sony to do? >> right. and that's why i think the president's comment kind of stood out a little bit because just to pin it on the company when they were the ones who were hacked and their company was hurt by this i think the president put himself in a tough position there. it would have been better for him to talk about the responsibility of his administration to protect u.s. corporations from this kind of hacking. >> that is a big problem because number one is the administration fought a bill in congress that passed the house that would not have prevented this but certainly would have put on the radar screen this whole serious issue. the administration fought it. >> well, certainly the president brought up today in his long press conference just how congress and the president needed to work together in the future and he certainly brought up cybersecurity because there is this concern. and we've said in the past these issues have not just come out of the blue, this has been a concern for a long time there, have been a lot of national security folks that have been talking about it. i think this is one area where the president has woken up and
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said look, congress and i are going to have to work together. >> but that's disturbing. if as lauren says there's been a concern for a long time, why didn't he do something? that's the insanity. i give a shout out all the time. mike rogers and -- republican and democrat. they had all this. concerned for a long time. they at least did something. the president and senator harry reid did not. >> there's been a lot of concern on capitol hill. hearings, legislation. people have been waving their arms about this. of course the public hasn't been super aware of this until now. this was a big wake-up call. there's been a discussion about this in january when congress returns. and you probably will see -- the white house now needs congress's help on this because he's put himself in a situation where people are going to expect the president to do something. he said they're going to respond. but what they going to do to north korea really? >> here's what's troubling, is he doesn't adjust his foreign policy and realize isis is
11:18 pm
serious out there until we have a beheaded american. so that was a little late to wake up to that. everybody else knew. now you've got a situation where there are people talking about cyberwarfare and this is a real problem and once again he didn't wake up until it became a real problem, we had something happen like this. it's a little late. >> senator mccain is talking about we can institute some kind of cybersecurity committee as part of the subsection of armed services. i think there are going to be things that happen on capitol hill. but you're right. this is how washington functions. it's not a problem until it's an emergency. >> tay with us. we have much more to talk about. but right now george clooney, the hollywood superstar, saying he knows why stony stood alone. clooney telling he tried to get major hollywood players to sign a petition in favor of sony and no one would do it. legal editor dominic patton. what did george clooney try to do and what happened? >> george clooney and his agent
11:19 pm
brian lord when all this started, greta, they really saw this -- this was a water 14ed moment for hollywood and they thought what needed to be happening is people needed to stand up with sony against cyberterrorists. so they put together a petition that basically said we need to stand together, we don't need to stand in fear. george clooney couldn't get anyone significant to soin ign . they were afraid. >> now the situation, though, where it's all exploded. is sony now sort of -- is it a bad name in hollywood? are people running from sony? >> i don't know if people are running from sony. sony has pictures in production. they have the new james bond film which is moving ahead. but i think right now with this bloodletting at sony-w all these e-mails, with all this personal information, up to 47,000 past and present employees have seen their social security and other
11:20 pm
information put online. i think now with sony and specifically "the interview" which caused a lot of problems and obviously has been pulled as you've been talking about all this show, there's a toxicity there and as george cloon i why said to our mike fleming in an exclusive interview, they didn't want to be caught in the crosshai crosshairs. >> is it a ceo that the movie theaters won't show it -- what is sony to do if -- everybody's piling on sony saying they're a bunch of cowards running from the cyber terrorists. but on the other hand if there's no one that can take their movie is there a place they can put their movies? >> i think they're caught here ben between one of the true rock and hard places of the digital world. people are talking about sony and exhibitors not showing it in theaters after there were distinct terror threats this week where the specter of 9/11 wrazed. you can't could is thdo that bee
11:21 pm
specter of terrorism george cloony said why don't you put it online? like governor romney said. but you can't dust. >> that. even sony who have their own on demand service. you have to put it on directv or time warner cable. does anyone want to do those risks? i don't know. >> dominic, thanks. >> thank you, greta. merry christmas. >> merry christmas. and while all eyes are on north and while all eyes are on north korea is the obama woman: for soft beautiful feet, i have a professional secret: amopé and its premium foot care line. the new amopé pedi perfect foot file gives you soft beautiful feet effortlessly. its microlumina rotating head buffs away hard skin even on those hard-to-reach spots. it's amazing. you can see it and feel it. my new must-have for soft, beautiful feet.
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the united states blaming north korea for the giant cyberattack and terror threats against sony, but while the obama administration is focused on north korea are he had failing to pay atenths to another threat in china. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. is china a player in this? >> the president said today there was no evidence of that. you have to wonder, though, how sophisticated north korea's capabilities are. the fbi statement was interesting. it ascribed responsibility to north korea, but it didn't say it was actually north koreans who did it. so who was it? did they contract with the mafia? did they hire chinese computer programmers who were out of work? china and north korea are extraordinarily close, and if they wanted to find help somewhere china would be the first place to look. >> i think that americans don't understand how unusual north korea is. i use that word unusual very politely. let me read a tweet in the last hour from their official news service. this will give you an idea of what we're dealing with. this is their tweet.
11:26 pm
"in futile effort to ward off bankruptcy u.s. mobster president begs people of cuba for foreign aid and investment." we are not dealing with people who think the way we do. >> no. and they have characterized us to their people in ways that's almost inconceivable. there's 'lot of information on both sides, but one thing that is clear is we can't look at this cyberattack, this threat to engage in 9/11 kinds of activities against theaters that showed the movie without remembering korea's also a nuclear weapons state. they've tested it three times. and in the hands of what may be a completely lunatic regime you have to look at the full range of their the capabilities. that's one reason why this has to be taken seriously. >> that's why i thought from the very beginning, look, i don't like the idea of us being bullied into not doing something, bullied out of the first amendment. i spent way too many days in the courtroom fighting for the first amendment. but the idea sony thought this was a good idea in the first place and the state department
11:27 pm
gave it some blessing. meanwhile, the obama administration was horrified at the anti-muslim film but they think this one's okay? talking about benghazi. so benghazi's horrible, leading to the deaths of four of them but they give a blessing to this one? >> i have to say with respect to the state department involvement which don't know who said what to whom, i think any state department was a mistake. if sony went to the department the department should have said you do movies, we do diplomacy, you do whatever you want. i think sony should have thought about this a little more. the point you made earlier about its japanese ownership and pat rimmowny. someone in hollywood ought to wake up and ask their implications. i'm not terribly sympathetic to sony. i'm not at all sympathetic to hollywood's cravenness. >> and i don't like the idea our government backs film critics and -- why are we paying for that? >> they you just should have
11:28 pm
said go way and call somebody else. >> ambassador, thank you. >> thank you. embrace yourselves. we have news about your tax we have news about your tax rererererere [ hoof beats ] i wish... please, please, please, please, please. [ male announcer ] the wish we wish above health. so we quit selling cigarettes in our cvs pharmacies. expanded minuteclinic, for walk-in medical care. and created programs that encourage people to take their medications regularly. introducing cvs health. a new purpose. a new promise... to help all those wishes come true. cvs health. because health is everything.
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the irs has a warning for you. budget cuts could delay your next tax refund. that's right. the same federal government that has $387,000 to spend on swedish massages for rabbits, $856,000 to spend on treadmills for mountain lions plans not to get
11:32 pm
you your tax refund on time. our panel is back. this is just incredible. americans work so hard, they have their money withheld on taxes they want their refund back and they plan it and now the commissioner says they may not get it because they have budget cuts. >> if feels like there's a bit of a political backstory. republicans on capitol hill have been upset about the irs for a long time. a significant amount of budget cuts since 2010. more than about a billion dollars. but i think you're right, that there is a little bit of a question about why we can't reevaluate where funds are going. right? why is it that people don't get their tax refunds? is there something else we could cut, swedish massages for rabbits which isn't something the irs does because it's something the government does. >> the ones i listed, and i hate to be so snarky, it's friday night before christmas, they're under a million dollars. we have al sharpton -- for some reason they this just gets me. in the "new york times" saying he owes $4.5 million in taxes.
11:33 pm
and it's not like the irs doesn't know where he is. he's either going into the white house, grab him at gate or he's meeting with the ceo of sony. and it's $4.5 million. and now they tell us they don't have enough money to give refunds and they just let somebody people just go. >> there was an audit last year that found the earned income tax credit was being overpaid by the tune of $132 million. so and there are other areas of fraud, too, where tens of millions of dollars that add up to billions of dollars are being returned to people fraudulently, and part of the problem is the irs has not been in compliance in putting the particular controls they need to put on their workers to make sure they're ensuring, they're not overpaying people or giving people money back fraudulently. >> but that's just so unfair. to so many american people who are playing by the rules. that is just so unfair. it is so grossly mismanaged.
11:34 pm
what you've described is unobscene. the fact people get a pass i don't know. and maybe they're waiting on a down payment for a car. >> and tax season is coming up. mid january is when people start filing their taxes and a lot of people get their money back pretty quickly and they count on that money pretty quickly. >> there are cuts. it's the administration versus congress right now. and when there are cuts they try to make it the most painful for people so it can give -- provide for sympathy for the fact they have budget cuts. >> don't you find that incredibly twisted? is that people don't do their jobs for whatever reason in washington. and so what they try to do is inflict the pain on the american people so they can get some -- >> but this is what we saw during the government shutdown, too. the closing of the national park, the monuments and the photographs -- >> wouldn't you think somebody would have a conscience and say enough of this? >> on the other hand their budget's been cut by 300 million -- >> we'll go back to that. 4.5 million from al sharpton. he's going to the white house or
11:35 pm
meeting with the ceo of sony. he with know where the money is. >> a lot of people are wondering what's happening with these fraud cases. >> stop overpaying people, stop people that shouldn't get refunds, collect money from people who owe it, and do your job. >> and i think what you're going to see is people move a little quicker than they say right now. i think there will be a backlash, people going to say this doesn't smell right and i have a feeling people will be getting their returns faster than commissioner ko. kanen was saying. they are going to have a problem, though, because of expanded duties because of the health care law implementation. >> here's what he says. he's the commissioner of the irs, said the irs is required to enforce the law. except for some people. >> required to enforce the law, you have to file your taxes on time. we have to file our taxes on time. there's no law when they need to give you your money back. >> they can steal your money
11:36 pm
essentially. w4 they keep it beyond what they're entitled to that's called stealing. if i give you a dollar and say give it back to me in the morning and you keep it till next week, that's stealing. >> you could argue that, yes. lebron james wearing an "i can't breathe" t-shirt on the basketball court. what does president o'bma have what does president o'bma have to say about that? woman: for soft beautiful feet, i have a professional secret: amopé and its premium foot care line.
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president obama's giving nba star lebron james the thumbs up in a new "people" magazine interview the president saying lebron james did the right thing by wearing an "i can't breathe" t-shirt during a team warm-up. the t-shirt protests the chokehold death of eric garner. did obama did the right thing by commenting on the issue? joining us former assistant to president george w. bush and columnist ron christie. what do you think about this? >> i think thus unprecedented. given the severity of all the
11:41 pm
issues this country has to deal with, we have 9 million americans who are looking for work, can't get a job. we have the lowest workforce participation rate in 30 years and the president decides to weigh in on a social issue that i think is divisive. i think we want our president to be one that's above controversy. we want the president to unite americans. i and i his saying lebron did a right thing is a very divisive thing on the ee of of the christmas holidays when so many americans are torn by the racial trief and seemingly being pulled by his new friend al sharpton, getting him to pull the strings on this pun. >> why is he turning to al harpson? we have two senators. one a republican, one a democrat. cory book ore on the democratic side. who is incredibly accomplished. he could turn to cory booker as a democrat. instead he turns to al sharpton.
11:42 pm
i could go back to this tax thing. people aren't getting refunds because the fbi doesn't have any money. but this guy's getting a pass. >> the fact of the matter is when i workedthe white house when i was clearing to come into the building if they had an outstanding lien, an outstanding loblgs, i had to warn them if you have an outstanding lien the secret service will arrest you. how is it the reverend al sharpton has 4.5 million in back taxes? he goes through to the white house -- tim hudson, cory booker they're -- >> i keep putting them up on the screen for people to see because they are so impressive. they're leaders. >> that's exactly right. and i think the president of the united states is supposed to be a leader of all americans and it seems to me that he is now he's
11:43 pm
now the leader of those in the race, grieving and hustle industry. it offends me because the fabric of this country is being pulled apart by these people who want to pull aus part based on race rather than finding common yound and pulling us together. >> cory booker made the mistake of saying something positive about p bane industries in 2012. he was on ear force one the other day so he's back np i could understand him not using a republican but what's wrong with cory booker? >> cory booker's a great i go. >> because i don't think there's anything wrong with him. >> right. but i have to go back to al sharpton. what the head of sony pictures did the other day, sat down with al sharpton as if he speaks for all black people. he speaks for a buyout. >> we had this woman who takes the bait. i mean, i said that because i'm on the woman team. >> i agree with you. >> i want her to be a success. i don't want her to look goofy.
11:44 pm
>> well, no, and i guarantee george clooney couldn't get a 90-minute sit-down with the head 6 social pictures but of course if you're in the racial grievance industry and you're trying to get the shakedown crews you don't want folks picketing in front of sony i think it's a disgrace. the president 4 an opportunity to stabbed up and do the right thing and say we need to stop this we need to stand up for americans not based on color but based on common grounds and he is putting fuel on the fire. >> i think lebron james is a good role model. >> he's a good role model for the a lot of kids but he's nothing in the model of muhammad ali or arthur ashe. >> senator tim scott and senator cory booker. cory booker i used to follow him on twitter when he was the mayor of newark because he used to run around helping people with their cars. he's a real doer. he's a real doer.
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get ready to speed read the news. the state department issued a worldwide travel alert. the attack in sydney, australia is that citizens should be cautious when traveling. an americans should maintain a high level of vigilence and take appropriate steps. and the cdc is warning consumers to avoid eating prepackaged carmel apples. they've been linked to a multistate outbreak and dozens of people got sick and four people have died. aand today michael fill epz
11:59 pm
pleading guilty to drunk driving. he was sentenced to a year in prison. the prison sentence was suz us is spented, instead, he'll be on probation for 18 months and suspended from competition by usa swimming until april. and baltimore ravens quarterback joe flacco is taking president obama to task. today we'll talk about the canceled sony film "the interview," president obama mentions the stars seth rogan and james flacco. you heard right. president obama called actor james franco james flacco. minutes later, joe flacco taking to at which timer to correct the president. he said it's jamentz franco, not james flacco. then he tweeted the movie star, welcome to the family, brother. so far, no response from frafrmg yoe. thank you for being with us. we'll see you monday night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. follow me on twitter. answer this question, do you fear a massive cyber attack or
12:00 am
not? good tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," are evil man eating butterflies gathering by the millions in preparation for a u.s. invasion? we'll show you one man's fins ss eaten alive by the ferocious insects. and how long did the vice president go commando to work before anyone noticed? >> i did it for 19 years. i have been lucky. and have drones become self-aware? why are they targeting people who do yow combo? who do yoga? we will get to the bottom of this. >> let's welcome our guests. she has more curves than a geometry book. i am here


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