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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  December 23, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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volcano basically. a few thousand feet up. this is the one that's causing all the problem. this is a vent to lower down the that's dropping lava down on to the town. >> oh, my xwosh. we've covered that story here. >> this is you flying? are you also shooting the video at the same time? >> i was. yeah. >> is that safe? >> i think so. >> is that safe? >> amazing pictures, though. >> we'll show you more some other time. >> everybody, have a great day. the real story starts right now. we start with the fox news alert because sony pictures now deciding on a limited christmas day release of the movie "the interview." i'm gretchen carlson. we're here to give you the real story. after pressures even from the president who said the entertainment company made a mistake to not show the movie, the alamo theater chain in texas tweeting, "sony has authorized screenings of "the interview" christmas day. we are making shows available
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about an the hour. adam housely has the breaking details right now. adam. >> they hacked into tony -- personal information on the web as well. that resulted in theaters being threatened. the president getting involved. ultimately, the christmas day planned release of the interview being pulled by sony, but now the backlash has resulted in what you might call the comeback. the studio which recently said there were no further release plans for the film. they now say the movie in which the -- the statement from sony says in part "while we hope this is only the first tip step of the also, a theater in
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pittsburgh. sony says that they do expect to have more theaters as well. they don't give us an exact number. as you might imagine, twitter is all abuzz about this everywhere except for north korea, where it's not available. we have heard from seth rogen on twitter as well. he says the people have spoken. freedom has prevailed. sewn where i didn't give up. the interview will be shown in theaters. willing to play it on christmas day. gretchen, the initial plan had called for 2,000 or 3,000 theaters. sony saying several. that's the official number so far. several will show "the interview." >> very interesting. have we heard anything from north korea in response yet? >> i will say earlier this week in regards to the whole thing, they called the u.s. ill-faved
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cesspool of injustice. they said we were agitating terrorism by showing this film. those were the quotes from north korea. a place where i think 1,300 people are allowed to access the internet. >> that went down for them for a short while where heed as well. adam housely, thanks for the breaking details. >> well, north korea having internet issues as i just mentioned, but what caused them remains unclear. the u.s. blames north korea for the crippling cyber attack on sony pictures which caused the studio to pull that movie. bill, u.s. marine veteran and fox news military analyst. all right, bill. from all your resources and all your connections -- they were behind north korea from going black for a couple of hours yesterday. >> my educated guess would be that the united states government did not do it because if they had done it, it wouldn't have been for a few hours. they would have kept them down
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for quite a while. they've gone down a couple more times. my guess is and somebody mentioned this in the media somewhere, that it may very well be just a hacker somewhere, 134 guy in a basement in moscow that knows how to get on the web and knows how to get out there and do destructive things, and maybe the one is doing it. >> it could be north korea itself, right? >> it could. it wouldn't be unusual for them to have done it. the les of potential suspects is pretty pretty big. >> let's just say that north korea, because they're a little wacko, that they just believe the united states did it. do you think there will be any retaliation? >> i do think even if we did or didn't do it, i think there will be some retaliation because this is kind of out there in the public now, and sony deciding to
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go ahead and run the movie. it's another one of those in your face to north korea. i dare say they're going to try to come up with something. i think their opings are maybe a little limited. they might try to do something to south korea. incidentally, they may have also been the ones that did it to them in the fist place. they might do something the u.s. forces in korea, which they have done before, or they might try to do something bigger. whatever it is, i think they'll have to try to do something just to demonstrate once more beyond rhetoric that they are a powerful nation. >> a force to be reckoned with. terrorism situations going on all across the world, and back in australia now. prime minister there warning his nation to be on high later that terrorists may strike in the coming days of the holiday season. listen to this. >> an attack is likely. we don't know when and how an
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attack may come, but we do know that there are people with the intent and the capability to carry out further attacks. >> colonel, to have the prime minister come on camera like that and say an attack is likely, it means an attack is likely, right? sfwroo it probably does. you have to believe his law enforcement and intelligence personnel have really found something that worries them. it's better safe than sorry. better for him to say something than to have something happen and the public not have been warned. a reminder that many australians have gone and joined isis. >> swre interesting. lieutenant colonel, bill, thank you for your insights today.
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>> mayoral bill deblasio will hold a moment of silence for officers ram i don'ts and liu as the entire city mourns the assassination of two of new york's finest. the mayor also asking protesters to hold off now on demonstrations until after the officers are laid to rest. meantime, the mayor and his wife visiting the memorial in brooklyn. that happened this morning where the officers were brutally executed. also, new york governor andrew kwoenlo announcing today that the tunnel to towers foundation will immediately assume the remaining mortgage payments for both men's families. so we see the mayor going with his wife to actually visit the site today. we heard his comments yesterday where he asked the protesters to stop. at least for the time being. is he back on the right side of the nypd now, or can he ever recover? >> no. not right now he is not. he needs to apologize to the police department. this fire has been brig for a
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long time ever since he got elected. now we've got a full on flame going here, and the only way for this to be put out is by him coming on the news and tell everybody publicly that he apologizes for his actions towards the police department. >> what would he apologize for? basically calling on people to protest? he didn't actually say, hey, come out and protest, but he allowed the protests to happen. he talked about his own personal experience being married to an african-american woman and how his children feel. what would he actually say? >> well, he would have to come out and say i apologize -- i want to apologize to the police officers for my tone and my actions. you know, he didn't say a lot of stuff really anti-cop, let's say, but he said it sort of in a round-about way.
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>> i don't know if you had a hands to hear what bill o'reilly said when he called into his own show. let's play it for our viewers because he has a strong opinion about it. >> you have a mayor that comes in. a man named bill deblasio. he is a far left individual who is incompetent. he is incompetent. he cannot run the city of new york. he was elected in an election in new york city that few people voted. he is a machine politician. he is an anti-police individual. >> now he is going to the press. where do we go from here? that apology, the only way this
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fire will be put out is the mayor is the highways. he can put water on the fire. do you agree with the fact that the police officers turned their back on him over the weekend? >> i agree 100%. he is the one who turned his back on the police officers first. he has been doing this for a very long time. he is upset because the police officers turn their back on him? you know, he is getting what he has coming to him. it's pay back time. >> we'll have to see how this all flushes out. thank you. >> time for my take now. how do our national and regional politicians affect the mood of what the masses actually hear and how does president obama factor into all of this? it's interesting to look at the history of the president's responses to the ferguson shooting, the eric garner death, and then the murders of the two new york city police officers. michael brown killed on august 9th, on the 14th, the president made an on camera statement from the white house addressing the unrest in ferguson. four days later he made another on camera statement.
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on november 24th another on cam message after the grand jury decision. in the eric garner alleged choke hold death by a new york city police officer, the president addressed the grand jury decision on camera on december 3rd. after the murders of the two new york city police officers, the president issued a paper at the same time unconditionally condemning the murders. should there be a statement by him on camera? the power of the presidential office is huge. especially in what is deemed important enough to go on camera about it. yes, the president is on vacation right now. there are even in hawaii. coming up on the real story, major developments in the irs targeting skanldz. you have to hear this one. the report from house lawmakers just out. shedding new light on agency bias against conservative political groups. then there's this. >> memphis tigers get the best
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of the we're. >> turning into a bench-clearing helmet slinging slugfest. what led to this disgrace on the gridiron? plus, voice mail a thing of the past? why one fortune a00 company getting rid of it all together. could this be a sign of things to come. how do you feel about that? (vo) watching. waiting. for that moment, where right place meets right time. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours.
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>> all right. this is a melee, right? team management at brigham sxwrunk the university -- vowing to take action over that huge brawl that broke out after yesterday's miami beach bowl game. well, the memphis tigers winning a thrill er in double overtime. byu apologizing to fans via twitter saying "we expect better of our athletes. even in the face of a difficult loss." just released staff report by the house oversight committee sheds new light on the irs scandal and agency bias against conservatives. investigators say irs officials repeatedly changed their stories about what was behind delayed applications for some groups
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that had applied for status. here's one e-mail from an irs employee. it reads i think there may be a number of ways to deny them. this sounds like a bad org. this org gives me an icky feeling. all right, steven. so here we have yet more evidence ed between the irs and conservative groups. i guess they're icky compared to one of the workers, is that right? >> that word is going to become the watch word out of this report as the icky orgs. we've known all along that they were targeted. these tea party groups were targeted. what we're learning from this latest report is just how much the -- some of the employees at the irs actually had, i guess, opposition or bad feelings. icky feelings about these groups. they were very clear in some of these emails. you know, we think they're going -- we don't think we have the legal tools to deny them, but we get a bad feeling about what they're trying to do. we need to find ways to deny
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them. there's another e-mail where the person sort of begrudgingly said, well, gosh, i think we're going to have to actually approve them even though they didn't want to. they're taking a somewhat partisan slant towards its job here. >> the interesting thing -- i know you have been writing about this today. you know, a lot of people thought, well, maybe the direction was just coming from lois lerner. some people said, well, maybe it was above her. what do you make of this now? i guess employees can get a tone from their boss or do you think that it's just part of the entire culture there? >> well, so the report itself, the staff report, actually argues exactly that first part you asked. they argue that when the tone is set, in fact, they go through academic literature. there have been studies done on when the tone is set by superiors how that actually affects the lower level employee. they make the argument that the
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president and some of the instructions from democrats in congress did have a lot to do with influencing these employees. from what wife seen from the transcripts, it sure seems like these are people that had these opinions beforehand. it's not just they were told by their superiors, hey, give special scrutiny. >> i'm beginning to wonder whether i should do -- who -- affirmatively use it to put a stake in politics and c-4. explain that one, steven. >> when it was exploded last may, may 213, and lois lerner planted a question to get this out ahead of the inspector
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general's report. republicans had suspected that this type of activity, this scrutinizing and delay of application has been going on for years irs had repeatedly denied that, and, yet, lois lerner came up with this conclusion. lois lerner tried to get out ahead of the story. tllt have been so many different stories, they had to be pressured at every point of the way essentially to come clean about what was going on. gets scarier the more you learn about it. >> coca-cola getting rid of voice mail now? why top execs say it's actually better for business. wouldn't you like to get rid of your voice mail? or maybe not. plus, folks in the heartland getting hit with some rough winter weather just before christmas. it's going to make it tough going for millions of holiday travellers. that brings us to our question of the day.
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winter weather causing serious problems in the mountains of colorado. you can see this man cross-country skiing past dozens of cars. this is interstate 70 if are you familiar. colorado department of transportation says traffic was so backed up it took 90 minutes to go just 15 miles. clearly, that's not the case for
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this guy. some areas got up to two feet of snow there, and roadways were shut down because of avalanche dangers. here's a question for you today in this age of technology. do you use voice mail any more? well, now employees at coca-cola's atlanta headquarters and its technology plaza will no longer have access to it. the company explained "the main driver behind this project is not cost-savings. it's changing the tools and methods in which we communicate as a company. according to vonage there's an 8% decline in voice mail since 2013. joining me now are our channel fox business network lauren. >> hi. >> hi. wow. communication, speaking to somebody, hearing a human voice. we don't want to do that anymore? >> it's an antiquated art. i think millenials are afraid to leave voice messages. they don't know how to leave a voice mail. they're intimidate the by the part of a voice mail. the reality is you know how
11:25 am
we're all cord-cutting at home, getting rid of the land line, getting rid of our cable, this no voice mail is cord-cutting in the office, right? it's an antiquated system. coca-cola actually gave their employees the option. if it is critical to the way you do business to keep voice mail, you can keep it. guess how many people kept it? 6%. >> 6%. that is unbelievable to me. it's one thing to communicate via emails within the seam firm using other forms of technology. what about people trying to reach from you the outside world? >> it's so much easier to pick up than do e-mail after e-mail. so many companies have systems where you can forward your voice mail to a computer and it can translate it for you. there's all this technology that has really taken over the traditional voice mail. i still get voice mails. i walk into the office and see that red light go, on and i'm, like, oh, no, i have to check it. it takes so long to check. >> that's the thing. i know not to call up my hurricanes but doesn't listen to
11:26 am
my voice mail. hey, could you pick up. whatever. you'll see that i called, and then he will just text and say what do i want? >> what to i do normally is leave a short voice mail. that's the thinking. you can to keep them short. i'll do a follow-up e-mail that some might find annoying. just to say -- >> double. the double. >> the double message. >> i explain it usually with the fact that you probably will check this voice mail any time soon. this is what i wanted. >> wow. >> i bet a bunch of other companies are going to do this now. they're not doing it to save money. they're doing it because it's 2004. >> that's a drop in the bucket from coca-cola. >> don't miss lauren on her sister network. log on to fox >> well, now to other time wasters, including one that sucks up a whopping 40% to 60% of your prers time a day. what is the one thing? joining me now with the lowdown, edward brown, president and founder of cohen brown management group which specializes in time management
11:27 am
consulting and training. great to have you on the show. all right. i have been waiting all day long. what is the one thing that eats up 40% to 0% of all of our time per day? >> grechen, i call them time bandits. time bandits mean no harm, but they have no malice or forethought. they can be your children. your friends. they can be your supervisors. they can be your producers. nevertheless, they steal your time, and they steal a lot of it. >> what do you mean by that, though? they interrupt your daily schedule, right? they are interruptors or time bandits. >> exactly. >> you're talking about if you are at home and you're trying to get something done and your kids interrupt you possibly or if you are at work and a colleague comes in and says, hey, i got this great story to tell you, what should people do then to not be interrupted? >>. >> let the time bandits know.
11:28 am
>> first there is the time necessary to satisfy the -- they mentioned that you lost. then there's the momentum lost, and then they have the do-over when you realize i'm never going to go back to where i left off. it's impossible. then there's the distress manager stations. all the other time loss factors, and then that wastes time. it wastes energy. >> it's a vishgs cycle. now, mr. brown, does anyone think you're rude if you say, look, don't interrupt me, i'm busy? >> that is an excellent question. yes. never, never, never, never say no to a time bandit. remember, they don't know that they're hurting you. they don't understand the five time loss factors until you
11:29 am
educate them. you can in a very soft slows negotiate with them because chances are they have time bandits. >> i guess we all have them in our life. if you want to check out the time bandit solution, it's an ebook written by ed brown time bandit ed brown, thank you for being on the real story today. >> well, new figures just released on obama care sign-up. speaking of numbers, how many people have signed up? did the administration actually reach its goal? we will tell you. a gun-smuggling ring sneaking weapons on to jetliners busted now. if they can get loaded gowns a plane, is it safe to actually fly this holiday season? >> i expect them not to be putting illegal guns inside of bags. i mean, i don't know. that's kind of crazy. >> scary to think with the stuff that we as passengers have to go lou. one second it wasn't there and the next second...
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let's check out headlines we're following for you today. sony pictures will show the movie "the interview" after all in some theaters on christmas day. the comedy about the assassination of north korean leader kim jung un had been pulled because of a seeber attack on the studio that the fbi blames on north korea. the white house just releasing a statement now on sony's announcement. "the president applauds sony's decision to authorize screenings of the film. as the president made clear, we are a country that believes in free speech and the right of artistic expression." keurig recalls more than seven million coffee machines for overheating and then burning people. customers can contact the company for free repairs. new york congressman michael grimm pleading guilty to tax fraud today in federal court. he is charged with failing to report more than $1 million in restaurant sales and wages, and he just said he will not resign. as i talked about earlier in the show in my take, the president issued a statement early sunday about the deadly ambush of two new york city
11:34 am
police officers, but there's growing pressure for president obama now to strongly condemn it on camera. among them, former new york governor george pataki. >> he should be out there expressing his outrage and expressing his support for the police. you look at the rhetoric over the last few years from obama, holder, deblasio. it's all anti-police. forgive me if i have been too emotional, but i have been to too many police funerals. . >> former chief of staff to west virginia senator joe manchin. chris, do you think that president obama is going to come on camera. i than he is on vacation in hawaii, but as i stated earlier in my take, there are cameras in hawaii. do you think that he will come on camera as he did with eric garner and michael brown several
11:35 am
times? >> i don't know whether he will or won't. he came out with a statement with these terrible killings. my advice to the president would be to come out and say something. there's yovlt -- there's a lot of emotion, a lot of anger and frustration going on right now. i think this is an opportunity where, you know, where a president could come out and help kind of focus the country on what matters, and so if i was advising him and he was listening to me, i would say do it. it would be a positive thing, and it would be a powerful statement. >> wow. well, maybe he is watching right now, and he is listening to you. larry, i know you agree with it, but isn't it the right thing to do based on the fact that if he doesn't, it makes it look like he only comes out to support african-american men who are killed by police officers and not the daily work of police officers and keeping communities safe and, by the way, when two
11:36 am
of them are executed? >> yeah. gretchen, you're spot on with that, and you were spot on with your take earlier in the program. the fact is this has to be viewed in context. the president actually reserved his entire day's agenda one day in the white house to address the michael brown grand jury verdict with three separate meetings, with cabinet members, as well as al sharpton. here he submits a written statement just after midnight over a weekend. it is pathetic. may i say, like many parents in our country, we have children who grow up wanting to be police officers, and i think i speak for the majority of parents in america when we say those two officers who died in cold blood in brooklyn, regardless of their race or their ethnicity, those children could have been our children. not because of the color of their skin, but because the color of that uniform. they wear blue. all of our kids want to grow up and be police officers at one point in their life. i wish the president looked at americans that way. unfortunately, he doesn't most of the time.
11:37 am
>>. >> chris. >> i have to say it's really easy right now to kind of rachet up the rhetoric and to make this, you know, a situation where you have families dealing with an incredible tragedy at probably the worst possible time. not that there is ever a good time to deal with this. i think you have to be careful about the rhetoric. the president -- >> i'm sorry. i'm not -- >> a lot of people didn't have problems with the rhetoric when al sharpton came out. they don't seem to have problems with their side of the rhetoric. >> i think that the president -- i think -- i agree with you, but my point is there is a way to do this that is good for the country, where we address the fact that there were terrible events that led to the deaths of african-americans, that people have the right to go out there and pacefully protest, and then -- >> we would not even be discussing this right now if the president had come on camera and given a statement and now we're
11:38 am
entering day four without that, and that's why we're discussing it so he could have put an toned this if he decided to do that. i got to move on to obama care. the administration announcing 6.4 million sign-ups for obama care. that's still falling short of the reduced goal of 9.1 million, which, of course, was down from the original target of 13 million. larry, how is this going to be spun now? is this going to be good or bad? >> well, what they're going to do, gretchen, is they're going to compare it to the sign-ups, and it's a heck of a lot bigger. it is. here's why. two-thirds of the people who signed up for the affordable care act through the exchanges last year, they're on an automatic ru kneeal. anyone that signed up for amway or jim membership. they know what the automatic renewals. when you find out how much you're being charge and the cost of the -- the numbers are much higher. people are going to be very upset, and they're going to look for alternatives. they're going to spin it compared to last year, but the fact is these numbers are
11:39 am
grossly inflated. >> you know what happened last time is they said they met their goal, and then a couple of months later they came back and moved the numbers down, and they said, oh, you know, we accidentally included numbers in there we should not have. this number could get worse, right? >> let's put it in perspective. we're talking about right now 6.4 million, which is a pretty good number, considering that the date in terms of when enrollment closes is until february 15. you know, let's put into perspective that in terms of the glitches and the issues that we clearly had and the initial roll-out, those have all been clearly smoothed out. if you look at the public opinion polls of people who have enrolled, they are very satisfied with it. if you look at the terms of the premiums, the premiums in terms of rate increases that have stabilized. i know there's going to be always this idealogical disagreement between the right and the left about obama care. i get that. that's never going to change. let's be frank about that. when you look at the facts and you look at i think where we are, there are incredibly
11:40 am
positive signs. i doubt republicans will ever agree with that. >> we'll have to see what the total number is february 15th and see the abridged number afterwards. have a good holiday. >> you too. >> we are awaiting a news conference after fbi officials say they arrested a delta airlines baggage handler. this happened in atlanta. they say he was involved in a major gun smuggling plot. how does that happen? >> jonathan live for us in atlanta. how did these guys get guns on commercial aircraft? you and i go through taking off our shoes and coats, and here we have employees. >> that's something that really is troubling authorities because not only were these guns taken on board an aircraft, but they were inside the passenger cabin and may have even been loaded at the time. they say delta baggage handler eugene harvey would use his company id to bypass tsa screening in atlanta on days that he was not officially on duty bringing the guns undetected into the secure area of the world's busiest airport.
11:41 am
police believe harvey would meet in a passenger concourse men's room with former delta baggage handler mark quinton henry, transfer the weapons, and then henry would allegedly fly with those weapons to new york using a complimentary pass from his mother, a retired delta employee. >> all right. so jonathan, what is delta's response to all of this? >> well, the airline issued a written statement. take a look at it. delta is cooperating with authorities in this investigation. we take seriously any activity that fails to uphold our strict commitment to the safety and security of our customers and employees. now, a delta spokesman tells fox news that eugene harvey has been suspended pending termination and then investigators say that as for the other defendant, delta fired mark quinton henry back in 2010 for allegedly abusing the delta buddy pass system. gretchen. >> all right.
11:42 am
amazing developments there. thank you so much, jonathan. time to check in with harris falkner in for shepherd smith. hi, harris. >> hi, gretchen. thank you. it is unimaginable that islamic state terrorists could be more brutal, but there's a new report from iraq we're working to bring you, and it shows a side of this enemy that words really cannot fully capture. according to a human rights group conditions for under age girls are so bad some of them are killing themselves rather than face the abuse from the isis terror army. and making matters even worse from those who survive the sexual torture and more, many are not seen as victims at all, but instead face ridicule inside their own society. details on what's in the report and how the pentagon is now reacting. that's ahead when i fill in for shepherd smith on the fox news deck. gretchen. >> harris, thank you so much. >> sure. >> live pictures now. this is city hall in lower manhattan where we are awaiting a moment of silence for those two fallen police officers
11:43 am
assassinateed in an ambush attack over the weekend. >> plus, struggling phone maker blackberry teaming up with a major defense contractor creating a new smartphone. any spy would love. >> a heartwarming holiday story about one amazing team. making a difference in her community one meal at a time. >> i don't have a goal, like a number that we want to hit, but our goal is to keep going until no child goes to bed hungry. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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. explain police officers with a moment of silence. let's listen in. >> we'll make sure that all of us together. just want everyone to think what can we do to help those families, what can with he do to move forward together? it feels tremendously painful right now. it's always darkest before the dawn. these families want a city filled with peace and wrunty. it's our job, all of us, to create that, to support them and work for a better day. i want to does everyone assembled here and everyone who
11:47 am
is watching or listening all throughout new york city, all throughout our nation, to now bow our heads in memorandum of officer ramos and officer liu.
11:48 am
>> thank you, everyone. god bless you all and please embrace those around you as a symbol of our belief that we
11:49 am
will move forward together. thank you. zuf just been listening to new york city mayor there with his wife during a moment of silence. new york city police officers executed on saturday here in the city in brooklyn. our own david lee miller is live at one police plaza. it sounds like the mayor is making a public effort to try and heal the city. >> indeed that's what the mayor is trying to do, and that's the way he began the day a few hours ago. he went to the memorial in brooklyn for the two explain police officers. this isn't just a memorial, gretchen. this is the very sight where the two men, officer liu and rafael ramos were executed by a lone gunman. the mayor accompanied againhis t makeshift memorial. he also released an open letter to the city, and it said in
11:50 am
part, the killing was an attack op not just two of our finest men, but an attack on democracy and our values. lastly, gretchen, a short time ago at city hall, the very location where that moment of silence took place. a group of activists held a news conference. they said the street demonstrations, the protests are going to continue despite the plea to end them. at least temporarily from the mayor. gretchen. >> david lee miller live for us in the city. thank you. a teen taking
11:51 am
11:52 am
11:53 am
hey what are you doing? i was thinking about taking this speed test from comcast business. oh yeah? if they can't give us faster internet or save us money, they'll give us 150 bucks. sounds like a win win. guys! faster internet? i have never been on the internet and i am doing pretty well. does he even work here? don't listen to the naysayer. take the comcast business speed test. get faster speeds or more savings, or we'll give you $150. comcast business. built for business. this is one amazing little girl. 12-year-old kylie mcccumber
11:54 am
helping her classmates get much needed food they would be unable to attain. >> i started when i was 10 years old in the 4th grade. i noticed kids eating breakfast before school started and wondered why many of them were here. i couldn't believe the fact that kids wouldn't have food at home and they only had the school's food every day. so i talked to my principal and she told me that it was true, and i was kind of like, i want to do something to help, what would be a good way to go about starting something. she said if you can think of something, go for it. we thought of this idea, and we started out with ten kids which was three years ago, and now we're at 204. it costs around $900 a week to provide one week of care to the kids and that's to get them through friday and saturday. we do a lot of coupons and shopping and fundraising. we do a lot for that, to have
11:55 am
the money to continue to do it. i have 17 of my friends that are on my team and work with me throughout the process. some of them are family pretty much and then i dance 8 hours a week and some of them are dance friends and school friends and then they bring their friends and everyone just kind of steps on board. >> a lot of these kids never realize this is happening in their own back yard, and it has been a tremendous experience for all of us, not only to bring awareness to the childhood hunger issue and the homelessness issue but also for all of them to really deep down inside know that they're doing something to change the world. >> it's shocking that the numbers always go up. i didn't think it happened in my own country, never mind in my hometown, so it was kind of like, wow. >> she's the one, she does it,
11:56 am
like i said every week. she's been doing it for years. no one does it for her. she's the one that really does it. she's got a team to support her but she does it on her own. she's one of a kind. >> kylie needs to raise $900 per week to make sure she can purchase enough food to feed more than 200 kids who would otherwise go hungry. for more information you can go to a favorite for naughty pets. he looks cute but this hyper puppy knows how to do a heck of a lot of damage during the holiday season and frankly every night because i know who it is. we'll look at your naughty pets and your pictures next. i have the worst cold with this runny nose.
11:57 am
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time for your naughty pet pictures from the holiday season. let's swipe them in there. who do we have first, steven's cat caught in the middle of the tree, somehow got up there. what about brian's cat, on top of the tree. how did he or she get there. some pets like too tear everything up. jo joey's dog was barking at it. jill's tree never had a chance. she said piper took off, has been missing for 24 hours, hiding after knocking over the tree. james came home to this huge mess courtesy of his puppy.
12:00 pm
now, some pets are into gifts. look at this cute little thing. john's dog greets his family every day with a new present every morning. merry christmas, everybody. i'll see you when we come back from the holidays. thanks for being part of the real story. i'm gretchen carlson. here's harris in for shep. we'll begin with breaking news from the fox news deck. federal agents have arrested a delta airlines baggage handler. we're now awaiting a news conference to begin telling us exactly what happened at one of the nation's busiest airports. we're told police and a representative from the district attorney's office in new york will step up to the microphones at any moment. we'll bring it to you when it happens. people nabbed a man suspected of carrying guns on his carry-on baggage in new york city. eugene harvey smuggled at least 18 guns through security in atlanta on december 10th. they say he


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