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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  December 23, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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guilfoyle, and jesse waters, that is new year's eve and that is all the time we have this evening, thanks for joining us. . >> this is a fox news alert. protesters define the new york city mayor's plea for a pause at antipolice protests until after the funerals of two murdered you are looking live at midtown manhattan where protesters are gathering now. hello, kimberly guilfoyle in for greta van susteren. "on the record" has live team coverage. griff jenkins at the protest and ted williams at nypd headquarters. griff? >> hey, kimberly. we are here on madison. we have been marching. there is about 3 or 400 marchers defying orders and
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pleas from the mayor. police commissioners to not do exactly what they are doing now. chants of racism. kkk. you can hear them behind me now. as we stand here in madison, for about two hours now, the crowd is fairly thick. they have one banner here. can you see here stop racist terror. we have got a lot of the folks here that obviously have a beef from police. lane goodman from new jersey. he held up a sign at the front as you can see so hectic the front of this march saying obey the law, respect police. he was quickly pushed out off the way. he has left. i haven't seen him in some time. ma'am, why are you out here? >> sorry, you just scared me would out here to have so the day or two for all the men and women killed police departments over the
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country. we stand here. pink houses in brooklyn in november. and there hasn't been any type of indictment or anything for that young man's case. >> do you think it's appropriate to be marching so soon after the death of the two officers ramos and liu. >> 2 every 28 hours a black or brown person is killed and everyone goes on with business as usual. we are showing solidarity with with these families. >> they feel they are going to come no matter what anyone tells them to do to exercise their first amendment speech. we will continue marching as we go up and down madison and fifth avenue. i will tell you one last thing. this is certainly shocking day shoppers who are trying to get a little bit of last minute christmas shopping done. >> incredible scene in midtown, manhattan. unfolding in front of your eyes. griff, thanks for that report. earlier today new york city observing a moment of silence at 2:47 p.m. the exact time two officers
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ambushed in patrol car last saturday. late rest on the investigation. ted williams and he joins us live from nypd headquarters. ted, this is such disturbing story on so many levels. and you just saw that we had griff jenkins there in the middle of yet another protest when, you know, honestly you think the people would allow the families of these two slain officers show some respect, honor what the mayor is saying and observe some sense of civility and let them worship and mourn the loss of loved ones. >> yeah. kimberly, i got to tell you, i agree with you wholeheartedly. i can tell you today griff jenkins and i got the opportunity to go over to the home of rafael ramos, one of the slain police officers and we spoke with his sister. my brother was a simple, humble man. and to see how many people loved him is just amazing.
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amazing. we are just trying to stick together as a family, do the best that we can for my nephew. you know, we are just torn right now. shattered, broken, we really don't know where we're going from here. all we can do is stick together as a family. the nypd now is our family and they have been totally amazing. and just hope and pray for the best. >> i need people to stop the crap. get it together. we are supposed to be family. we are not supposed to be enemies. police officers are not here to hurt. if you are up against a wall. you are going to do what you need to do no up with is out to get anyone. my brother was in his car eating lunch not bothering anyone on a special assignment. did he deserve this? no. did officer lui deserve this? no. we want everyone to come together, it's senseless. >> this is incredible man.
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officer ramos had incredible character. he was a family man. he has a man who was a great husband and father who served his church, served the community on his days off with his family in a way that actually his character stands impeckably. >> kimberly, i have got to tell you it, breaks your heart to have been there with that family today and now to see what's going on here in new york tonight. it is so -- >> i can only hope that they heed those words of wisdom
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from you and do something about this. i mean, there can be nothing more disrespectful than these kind of protests when two, you know, young men have lost their lives and you heard that from the family who was so wonderful to make those comments and ask people to come together. tell me a little bit about the investigation, ted it, where does it stand? they were trying to figure out the time line of the suspect here and account for his whereabouts to see, perhaps, who he was in contact with and what was he doing beforehand? >> absolutely. and that's significant for law enforcement to try to determine if this was a lone wolf, meaning he acted alone or did he act as an accomplice with others. so, they are trying to determine from 12 to 2:47 in the afternoon when he he shot liu and ramos who had he been in contact with that's very significant to the investigation. law enforcement is very
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concerned about copy cats right now. and it's for that reason that i call this man one thing, an assassin. because what he did, kimberly, was he assassinated two heroes of new york, two individuals who had everything to live for. and so i cannot and will not call his name because i'm deeply concerned about copy cats. >> you are absolutely right. yeah. we have been careful not to mention it as well. two heros that were dedicated to protecting the citizens here in this great city of new york. that served selflessly, when they got up that morning, officer ramos was working an overtime shift, in fact, to try to help support his family. ted, i want to thank you for your excellent coverage in being with us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> you have heard them. police union leaders among those blaming new york city mayor bill de blasio for fueling the antipolice sentiment in the city. and now, growing calls for mayor de blasio to resign. >> this is an individual who should resign today.
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today. >> what are you guys going to do? are you going to keep dividing us? >> he cannot run the city. he has lost the control of the police department. and their respect. they will never come back, no matter what he says. >> the mayor needs to apologize to the police. >> he can incompetent. can he not run the city of new york. >> mayor de blasio with his anti-cop rhetoric has created an atmosphere in the city that has made an occurrence like this much more likely. >> he is a far left individual who is incompetent. >> if you want to say that mayor de blasio contributed to an atmosphere of hate to the police, absolutely he did. >> he disgraced the office of mayor of new york city. >> and new york congressman peter king joins us now. thanks for being with us tonight, congressman. a lot of people very. >> thank you for having me. >> very upset about the rhetoric. the fact of the matter that mayor de blasio, instead of choosing to unite people in
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new york was part of this problem of this anti-cop vitriol and hate and blasphemist rhetoric that he used with the police officers. even going to star to say that his own son should something bad might happen to him. how do you operate from that point of view when you are the leader of this city and part of protecting and serving the people of new york is the police department? >> kimberly, i have never seen a worse demonstration of leadership by any mayor or any elected official of new york that mayor de blasio has shown. this goes back over 18 months, before he was even mayor. when he was running his campaign for mayor, and he was the one who divide the communities. the police from the minority community. polls taken two years ago where the nypd had 75% favorable ratings in the minority communities, almost 60%. and yet this constant, constant talk by de blasio
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about how blacks separated from cops. cops were an occupying army. going against blacks. now for the last four months or five months. ever since august with the garner and brown cases this incessant criticism of the police bringing in al sharpton a known con man putting him in a position where he is he in effect trying to set policy for the nypd. there is no doubt mayor de blasio has set this climate in motion. >> what should be done about it going forward certainly he could have played a pivotal role by showing some leadership and saying let's stop these presses, let's come together and talk about it. instead of sort of fueling the fire and the flames here. what do we do now to get this city under control? what would you tell the mayor? >> well, the mayor has made a small step forward, you know, calling for these demonstrations to be put off until after the funerals are over. now, i don't see a need for the demonstrations in the first place. but, at least to me, it's a positive step that he has
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called for moratorium on the demonstrations. also, what i'm hoping he does, is he will sit counsel with the police and acknowledge he has made serious errors here and he wants to find a way to go forward. it's not going to work if he is suggesting a moral equivalency between these mobs in the street and the nypd. if he continues to do that the cops are still going to continue to have no faith in him. i have never seen, my father was a cop for 30 years. i have known cops all my life. i have never seen such a failure of leadership by a commander and chief of the police department. >> should he resign? >> no. i think, again, hes would elected. i would say no, certainly not at this point. otherwise we have more instability. and quite frankly i don't know who is out there. you look at some of the cast and characters behind him. >> that's true. >> they're as bad as he is. >> congressman, thanks for your time this evening. >> thank you. >> since the execution of the two officers, the nypd has been dealing with all kinds of threats. one gang member has been arrested for threatening police officers on facebook and fox new york reporter
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joins us with more on that. lisa? >> kimberly, it has been a very scary time for a lot of police officers with these threats. the nypd arrested an 18-year-old known brooklyn gang member. he belonged to the atc crew which stands for addicted to cash. he was picked up. i learned in preparation for your show this evening that he was released by a judge. they charged him, they arrested him. he had pictures of shooting at a police officer. >> taking a look at him now. you can see some the postings, the other thing he was charged with making a terrorist i can threat. he had almost half a dozen arrests in the last year and a half. including one for possession of a loaded gun. >> and this is the problem. you let somebody like this out and god forbid something like this happens and you look back and say wow, we knew he was a problem. he has had multiple arrests thoorks re specific threats. in order to get a charge like making terroristic threats. they have to prove may made these threats, that had you had the intent to carry them
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out. usually it would involve death or great bodily injury to someone. >> this is not someone making some. >> not casual. >> somebody with a previous criminal record. and also the way the nypd is doing it too. people have to understand this is not a couple of people sitting at computers reading social media and looking at what the postings are. they are a multitiered approach to this. intelligence unit looking at thuf. >> the gang detail. >> gang detail very beefed up under commissioner bratton and done some amazing work in secures our communities and also the juvenile justice division looking into it as well. many eyes on this type of media and what they are asking people is they are saying, listen, if you know somebody who is doing this, please don't be the judge of whether or not it's serious or whether or not they are just joking around or immature. >> see is something, say something. >> and in fact somebody did this very morning in the 7 a precinct. 7 ath. they said we think this person is making a bomb threat and, you know, check this out. >> better to make the call. let the nypd assess the
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threat, decide whether it's credible or not and it f. it needs to be actionable. >> absolutely. >> thanks again for your great reporting, lisa. right now the entire nation is reeling from the assassination of two new york police officers. where is president obama during this crisis? he has not made an on air camera statement since the officers were murdered and, yet, did he go on camera after other incidents that divided the nation. i don't know not having been there and not see all the facts what will role race played in that. the cambridge police acted stupidly. >> this guy looks like is he up to no good. >> what do we want? when do we want it. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago right
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now, unfortunately, we are so seeing too many incidents that folks don't have confidence that folks are being treated fairly the fact is, in too many parts of this country, a deep distrust exist between law enforcement and communities of color. [chanting. >> two new york city police officers executed, shot at close range in broad daylight. >> and karl rove joins us to go "on the record" tonight. karl, thanks for being on the program. where is our president? on vacation while it was important for him to dash to the cameras to cambridge police of lewis gates. he issued a written
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statement but yet to see him on camera. i think this is in part because, look, the president, the attorney general holder and the mayor of new york have created a narrative that i think is very unhelpful to the country. pete way nerve the ethics in public policy center wrote about it today on contentions. the web site of commentary magazine. i thought it was a great piece. he said, look, the president and holder and de blasio issue of michael garner -- michael brown and eric garner has to do with race. that african-americans are systematically targeted by cops because of bigotry. and that the problem, the most immediate problem, the most important problem facing the inner city african-americans is white cops. and i think the president has added to that narrative, created that narrative. strengthened that narrative. he would be well advised to come out and say interesting
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it and not order joe biden to attend the funeral. >> his administration says that the president, you know, he can he operate from wherever he is, including hawaii and make a statement. this, to me, seems a unique opportunity and moment in time for him to come out, make a statement that is unifying. he can speak to the latinos out there. thation americans that both officers here minorities that assassinated, murdered in cold blood come on and talk about things that bring us together and what we can do to respect law enforcement. i think it's very disturbing that we haven't heard him come on camera for. this and i think it's important. because this is his job as president to unite us. >> the president's job is as you say to unite us. what was interesting in those clips that you ran earlier when it was reflecting on an earlier incident he said and sort of gave a blessing to the validity of this view that in communities across america, there is a concern about the police and their relationship with communities of color. and now we have an incident
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in which a black man kills a latino cop and an asian american cop. and the president ought to come out and say something that will help heal the country and more importantly, help affirm that the president of the united states has confidence in america, law enforcement. not that is affected with racism and incidents about michael brown and eric garner are bigotry. it is important for the president to speak out. and he uniquely has the power to do so in a way that could really anirm the unity of america and make a big difference. >> this is a big moment especially on the eve of christmas and new year's eve. he could do a lot to help bring us together and let's see if he does just that i hope so. karl, thank you. this sal fox news alert. pack your patience, storms across the country threatening to derail holiday travel plans for millions of measures. they are already lots of
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flight delays and fox affiliate meteorologist scott williams is tracking the storms and joins us now. scott? >> good evening, kimberly. good evening, everyone. we are taking a look at the national radar because we have maim problems in the offing. snow toward the midwest. severe thunderstorms, even tornadoes for parts of the gulf coast. and also towards the northeast and new england, we are looking at drizzle and fog. so, as we take a tour across the area. look toward the south. new orleans into mississippi, alabama, over 7 reported tornadoes today. deadly situation here across parts of the deep south. as far as the airport delays, take a look at new york city, laguardia. we are looking at fog, drizzle, 86 minutes right now. temperatures are in the mid 40s. across the nation, philadelphia almost two hour airport delays. look at newark. 84 minutes and boston about a half be a hour. as far as the christmas eve snow concern we are looking at snow toward chicago.
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winter storm watches are posted. even snow expected christmas eve. 1 to 3 inches for st. louis. as we roll the clock christmas eve, it's going to be wet up and down the eastern seaboard. i-9 a, pack your patience. airport delays likely atlanta. washington, d.c., new york, even into boston as we move towards new year's eve. things start to clear out as we move towards christmas day. looking pretty good nationwide for christmas day. kimberly, back to you. >> going to stay cozy for cocoa. thanks for that update. come soon to it a near you, the interview. yes, after all of that sony announcing the limited release of the controversial film. will that provoke north korea? ambassador john bolt is here next. plus a frightening thing at a busy u.s. airport. two planes colliding on the tarmac. you will see what happened coming up. we are following breaking news. hundreds of protesters marching through new york's busy shopping district. a a live
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lo it if you could take him out. >> well, it's true. after all the threats of north korea and all the backlash here in the u.s. the interview is really coming to a theater near you. sony pictures announcing the
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limited release of the controversial movie and the film stars taking right to twitter. seth rogan tweettled the people have spoken. freedom presailed. sony theaters playing it on christmas day. james franco tweeting celebrating the interview starring seth rogan and james flacco saved by president obama. and joining us, former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. what a lead in to this most dignified guest of "on the record." >> great to be with you tonight. this wasn't handled so well from the get-go. are we getting it better now. >> sony has found a way to release the film. i have to say though if you look back at the sequence, it wasn't that the movie theater chains refused to show it sony gave them an out by saying they wouldn't hold theaters to their commitment to air the movie. that's when the movie chains began to pull out.
11:26 pm
i really do think though that this is sort of the most superficial aspect of the whole question. what north korea did to sony's information technology system. the implications it has for other cyber attacks. >> right. >> both in corporate america and the government. that's the real issue here in my view. >> okay. so now what about i think there is a lot of players involved here. and i know you know that so there is influence here by china as well. there was very interesting development to the internet ability and telecom from china went down all of a sudden, then threats stopped now the aannouncement of the release. what do you think has been going on behind the scenes? >> well, you know, the north korean internet was taken down. it has roughly -- it's like a thousand server identification numbers compared to billions in the united states. it was a good thing to do. it shows why the president said we need a proportional response. there is no way to have a proportional response with
11:27 pm
north korea simply in the cyber world it requires a lot of other steps tightening economic sanctions and the like. i think the president also made a mistake by calling it just cyber vandism. >> right. i think it was much more serious than that i hope we are taking steps. the administration hasn't spoken to it. i think that's fine for now. let's keep the north koreans guessing. i think we need a very vigorous response. not simply because of this attack, but to set up structures of detier reasons for north korea and others so that would be cyber attackers say we are not even going to to think about it. >> you make such an important point. you have to be able to call it what it is. cyber terrorism. this isn't cyber vandalism. north korea with a magic marker on sony theater screens in fact we got breaking news ambassador, that sony has just confirmed moments ago that the film will be released in 200 plus theaters now so. that is going forward. and we do thank you for your time tonight. >> great. glad to be with you. and straight ahead, what does our military think of
11:28 pm
president obama? well, here is a hint. the president is not going to like the latest poll results. that's coming up.
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working this story for a couple of days now. this is scary stuff forever our community. we know that a group of young men, mostly somali immigrants have been recruited to travel overseas in the name of jihad to fight for terror groups both in their homeland and now for isis and places like syria and iraq. several of these young men, we know have been killed. this latest step still waiting to be confirmed by local somali community leaders here at home and the fbi. what makes us this so frightening is word began spreading on social media that's how it came into our newsroom. a known fighter who
11:32 pm
previously left minnesota. federally indicted for working with terror groups al shabaab in somalia, posted on his social media feed that a brother of his was martyred in kobani, syria, a brother he knew from minnesota. so, again, we are working on the ground here to confirm. this but the reason why this is so scary for our community, is the threat, possibly of these young men who go overseas, more radicalized, learning the ways of combat and terror and war and then returning home with their u.s. passports to potentially do damage and destruction here at home. >> you know, it's also -- it's fine fighting for your community but it's frightening for communities across america. this can happen in any town in any city and you bring up the point not only can they go over there to serve and to fight and to learn terror, they can bring it back home here. i mean, this is one example of what is going on. you have mentioned some names here. and the groups that they want to be radicalized and
11:33 pm
affiliated with. it begs the question. what can we do here at home to shut it down before they go over there? how do we stop this it tide of radicalization where they are impacting people here in this country and convincing them to join their fight of terror? >> well, it is a huge issue here in the twin cities, minneapolis, saint paul home to a huge somali community. i know other cities are dealing with it at the root level i know they talk about providing resources. making these young men who ho are disillusioned who fall into trouble or feel like there is no future in america this draw to go home to fight for jihad. we need to sort of stem the tied of that to make them feel comfortable here. give them a place to, you know, the rec centers to play basketball. feel a part of the community. make them realize their future is here at home and they're american and they do not have to fall into this threat, this lure to go oversees and be martyred and
11:34 pm
in these cases it is terrifying to think about. >> to think about the choices play basketball and be at a community and country that's great to get a job or be a faceless counter of jihad and terror and go over and take innocent lives. my god, what a choice these people have to face. it seems to be on obvious. thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you. >> new poll results at the white house they are not going to like very much. according to the latest military times survey president obama's approval rating among active duty service members has plummeted to just 15% this year. so what does that tell us? major general bob scales joins us now. what do you think about these numbers? >> well, i think they reflect the attitude of our serving men and women. and it's due to two things, kimberly. first i think this is this hidden scar of iraq. many of our men and women in uniform have lost faith in their leadership. remember, this generation of
11:35 pm
soldiers spent 2, 33, 4, 5 tours in iraq and afghanistan. they had many of their soldiers seriously wounded. many of them killed. and to set back and watch virtually all of sunni iraq collapse because we left precipitously had a real wearing effect on what these soldiers see. and they look at afghanistan and see, perhaps, the same thing happening. the second thing, kimberly, is quality of life. you know, soldiers coming back from patrols getting pink slips. servicemen with very little time diminished funds due to sequestration. all of this is having effect on morale that is cumulative. we have seen that dropoff in military times isn't advocacy groups. real numbers from men and
11:36 pm
women who are serving. we have one the finest fighting forces in the world. the best as far as i'm concerned. they put it all on the line for us every day and night in far places across the world for very little pay it seems at times very little gratitude and especially when we don't take care of them. with veterans coming back. soldiers injured. traumatic brain injury. post-traumatic stress. so many things. amputations. very, very difficult. there has to be a way to be able to reach them and to it do more to make them feel that they are beloved in this country and i think it starts with the president. >> yeah, and if i could say to our viewers, if you go to an airport this christmas time and you see a soldier and, you know, in camouflage fatigues, go up to them and shake their hands and mean it because, you know, less than one half of 1% of our population goes out every day to protect our country from our enemies. they feel in many ways as if
11:37 pm
there is this dwindling sense of gratitude for our men and women in the country as our wars damp down diminishing. i hope our viewers go out of way to make sure they show they are truly respect and truly loved. >> always a pleasure, general scales, thank you so much. >> thank you, kimberly, up next, senator lindsey graham, he is sending a new warning about iran. senator graham, he goes "on the record" next. and we are following breaking news here tonight. you are looking live at protesters marching through new york city. that's despite the mayor's plea to stop the protest. a live update right here on the record.
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new information about the irs scandal. turns out irs official targeting of conservatives months before the 2012 presidential election. the former irs deputy commissioner ultimately decided gimsz dropping the bomb. the "wall street journal" jason reilly and the "the washington post" philip bump. thank you for being with me here tonight. i can't get enough of this irs story. it makes me angry but i want to know more. your thoughts? >> that's one of the reasons that this story keeps going. very enticing issue. everyone hates the irs. >> it effects everybody exactly. >> this particular release today darrell issa leading the oversight committee. this is his last hurrah. he has spent the past 18 months trying to find the ultimate fire underneath all the smoke he has been seeing. this is one last smoke bomb where he says here is everything i have got. i'm just not sure that this
11:51 pm
particular revelation either would have affected 2012. >> why hold it. >> the reaction has been to office skate and to not come clean from the beginning to stonewall. i think the administration has been able to get away with that because much of thed me were just is not paying attention. fox is paying attention. a few other news outlets, but really no one is covering this story. and i think their strategy is just to play it out. just to stonewall until the end. so i think mr. rice's replacement jason chaffets is going to play out. we see a pattern here not only with respect to miller but his predecessor new about the investigation. new about it in 2012. new about the targeting. when asked by congress he lied about it. >> it's important to note the email that's at issue here.
11:52 pm
the email that says i have got this thing putting up. should we put a steak stake in this c 4 issue. should we somehow talk about this targeting of nonprofits. not clear what it means. the response was i'm not sure it could go either way. job why he decided not to do. this we don't know what he would have said. he was asked about it, he didn't say oh there was this targeting of conservative groups. it was not as though this was not a nonissue. the reason this was released today is because darrell issa has been on a fishing expedition for along time. today's report was a journal. i didn't find fish there caught some gunnies here but you should have seen the one that got away. >> tell me if i'm wrong this is the guy who has been trying to get at information redacted documents. my server ate my homework. the whole thing has just been so incredibly difficult. they haven't wanted to be transparent. and this is an agency that we should be expectation the utmost integrity. >> american people want the irs to focus on revenue collection and not politics.
11:53 pm
you are right. darrell issa has been running into bring walls wherever he goes. just to put this in context. obama put one donor in charge of the irs. another donor in charge of investigating the irs. that tells you all you need to know about how far this investigation is going to go with these people in place. >> i don't think anyone would argue that this has been handled comp testily. the irs has said we did a bad job we shouldn't have targeted in this way. what they were trying to do is figure out if people were trying to evade the revenue collections they had by giving nonprofit status when they should have. >> that is grotesquely partisan. that's the problem. >> on the left and on the right. >> you are saying the investigation but i mean there shouldn't even be an investigation. we shouldn't even be having these problems with the irs because they are supposed to be the guys in the white house with the clean hands just interested in collecting money responsibly but that's not what we have seen here. >> no, we haven't. midterm elections were largely about incompetence i'm convinced if this press
11:54 pm
had covered this story as they should have been covering this story. the democrats would have lost more ground than they ask. >> in the 2012 election. $172 million was spent by c 4 -- 15 c 4 groups. this did not cause impediment for spending 2012. >> maybe we could do better in 2015. does that sound good? gentlemen. thank you for being here with me tonight. nice discussion. coming up, breaking news, hundreds of protesters taking to the streets of new york city. a live report is next. and don't forget to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 eastern. former nypd commissioner bernie joins sean that's tonight at 10:00 on haaaaaa here's a question for you: when electricity is generated with natural gas instead of today's most used source, how much are co2 emissions reduced? up to 30%? 45%? 60%? the answer is... up to 60% less. and that's a big reason why the u.s. is a world leader in reducing co2 emissions. take the energy quiz -- round 2. energy lives here.
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tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye", robot sumo. a look inside the sexy new sport where they will sell you the seat, but you will only need the edge. and what should college co-eds do if they meet andy levey on the street? >> try to hookup with him and talk to him about volunteering. that should be common sense. >> and finally, when is it a good idea to go water skiing barefoot? >> there you go. ya! >> probably never. our panel will debate it anyway. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests.


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