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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  December 29, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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alert. search crews spotting oil slicks and debris in the java sea. >> that has we wait to learn if any of it is connected to a missing airasia jet that vanished with 162 souls on board. we're covering all the news happening now. a brand new poll puts jeb bush at the top of the gop presidential field. even though he hasn't formally entered the race. can the former florida governor keep up the momentum? plus -- exhausted, freezing and terrified. hundreds of passengers now safe after their rescue from a ferry engulfed in flames. but not everyone made it off alive. what happened on board this ship? and -- >> some of these people are going to turn on us. >> an ominous prediction from a marine on an american base in afghanistan. now his father is taking action. filing a lawsuit e says the
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pentagon is stone walling his investigation. who killed the soldier and does the marine corps have info it's not releasing. it's all happening now. we begin with new developments in the search for that missing jetliner with 162 souls on board. as the search area is about to expand in a matter of hours. welcome to our second hour of happening now on this monday. i'm john scott. >> i'm in for juno lee. i'm ar they will neville imt search planes are on the ground until morning but ships are still scouring the waters of the java sea for any sign of the airasia jet. we're told that the search will soon expand to land. >> the mystery goes on. objects have been spotted in the water, but are they related to the jet? we don't know. we have a reporter on the ground in malaysia.
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we'll be checking in with him shortly. meanwhile, jon there is this this. the longest war in american history is officially over. a ceremony marking the end of u.s. combat operation afghanistan as that country gets ready to take charge of its own security. but with the majority of u.s. troops set to withdraw in just a few days, there are growing concerns that afghan forces may not be up to the job. we're live in washington with more. doug? >> arthel, you said the longest war is officially over. unofficially, nobody knows. support personnel will remain in afghanistan and face the same threats from suicide bombers and ieds that they have for years. just as there was an official ceremony yesterday on august 31st 2010, joe biden announced an end to combat operation this is iraq. he did it in one of saddam's former palaces. four years later aircraft and advisers were called back to
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iraq to counter isis a new foe. over christmas president obama told troops in hawaii that afghanistan is a safer place and no longer a terrorist haven. >> because of extraordinary service of the men and women in the american armed forces, afghanistan has a chance to rebuild its own country. we are safer. it's not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again. >> fox news contributor, retired colonel ralph peters says the president cannot know that. >> he doesn't. of course he doesn't. we heard from the president that al qaeda was finished. he may have declared the war in afghanistan over. it ain't over. just as iraq wasn't over. >> the administration changed the withdrawal strategy in afghanistan just last month, in fact. "the new york times" reported that on november 21st the administration quietly authorized a broader mission, allowing bombers and drones to
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support forces in combat missions similar to what's happening in iraq. will the afghan national army be willing to fight if put to the test? and will the taliban launch bolder offenses knowing that u.s. ground troops are headed out? one thing for certain, tribal -- often trump national loyalties. >> all excellent points. doug mckelway, thank you very much. the death toll rising in a ferry fire in the adriatic sea. eight people confirmed dead after flames left hundreds of people trapped on their way from greece to italy. more than 400 people on board the boat were rescued. crews battled gale force winds and crashing waves in the early efforts to evacuate everyone from that burning ferry. john huddy is keeping an eye on that story in jerusalem for us. >> jon this should have been a routine trip. it's done all the time from greece to italy. but it turned into a deadly and horrendous 24-hour nightmare as
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we've been talking about. take a look. you're going to see dramatic video. all of this started early sunday morning when a fire broke out in the parking bay aboard the norman atlantic ferry. one passenger described the chaos and panic as people scrambled out of their smoke-filled cabins and trampled each other to get to the rescue helicopter. some say men were pushing women and children out of the way. others reportedly jumped into the adriatic sea to get to the rescue boats. many passenger, however waited on the ship's upper deck in the pouring rain, the hail, the gale force winds as mentioned, for more than a day to be lifted up one by one to the choppers that were struggling to keep control. that's because the rescue effort was hampered by those gale force winds. the rough seas and also terrible visibility. but as mentioned the more than 450 passengers and crew have been taken to safety. officials say some were in
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shock. others were suffering from hypothermia. now, at this point, it's unclear what started the fire, but officials say that a criminal investigation is under way as now the death toll, jon, is up to eight people. back to you. >> criminal investigation, that sounds ominous. john huddy from jerusalem. a turkish cargo ship collided with another vessel and sank in the northern adriatic yesterday. two crew members were killed. four more are still missing in the chilly waters. the other ship involved in the crash suffered only minor damage and was taken to port for an investigation. heavy fog there. no word yet on whether or not visibility played a role in the collision. we're going to take you to malaysia now where the search efforts are partly centered in the search for that missing airasia plane. joining us now via skype from
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malaysia, grn reporter terry freely friel. >> they have found some sign of debris. they're not sure that it's got anything to do with the possible crash or loss of the airbus. but they'll be investigating that. this is the first time that we've seen after two days of searching. they've expanded the search area. >> there is an awful lot of debris in the water in that part of the world. it's a very heavily used shipping lane, material washes in from on shore or falls off of boats. in fwarn teaguarantee, obviously, that this debris is related to the missing aircraft. >> yes. that's a very good point. we had the same situation with the loss of malaysian airlines 370 in march. some debris was found.
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it was just normal. we're no better off than we were when the flight disappeared. >> is anyone in that part of the world raising the possibility of a possible terrorist attack here? it seems so unusual that this flight would virtually vanish with very little notice from the pilots that anything was wrong. >> nobody at the moment no. everyone is still quite stunned. with the disappearance of the malaysian airline in march, certain tracking devices were turned off in the plane which raised those concerns. this hasn't happened in this case. it lost radio contact, disappeared, no distress call. no sign that anything was tampered with. >> very early sunday morning, u.s. time there were reports that the plane went down off of a malaysian island and that fishermen had reported seeing
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debris in the water. has that all been debunked, disqualified? >> no. nothing has been ruled out at the moment. that's true. there are reports that fishermen heard something before the plane was actually reported disappeared. nothing has been debunked at the moment. everything is still open. the problem with this is nobody really knows what's going on. the indonesian government has said that they thing it's gone down but there's no evidence for that. >> the indonesian government has just officially requested the united states to get involved in the search. obviously, we can bring the kind of technology and assets to bear on something like this that's smaller and more impoverished countries like indonesia cannot necessarily do. who is coordinating will search? who is responsible for it right now? >> at the moment, the leader is indonesia. the plane is registered in indonesia. so they're in charge.
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as happened with the malaysian airlines flight in march, they're requesting massive international support and countries like the united states australia and other countries are -- >> terry friel joining us from malacca, malaysia. terry, thank you very much. should point out that it should not take as long to locate this aircraft. they have a much better idea of where its last position was than in the case of the malaysia airlines crash. also the java sea much more shallow than the indian ocean. >> thank you jon. a deadly fire in a high-rise mostly occupied by senior citizens. crews still frantically searching for survivors. plus, a new poll showing jeb bush leading the pack gop presidential hopefuls. is he the candidate the party wants? thanks to the tools
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a desperate search to locate about 80 people after a deadly fire near san antonio texas. more than a dozen hospitalized. firefighters combed the 11-story building but did not find anyone else. investigators believe and hope those missing residents have joined family nearby or had already left for the holidays. they're calling emergency contacts to confirm the whereabouts of those seniors. no word yet on the cause of this fire. right now, former florida governor jeb bush surging to the top of the field in a new poll of likely republican presidential contenders. bush winning 23% of the vote. new jersey governor chris christie trailing him by ten points and dr. ben carson and former governor mike huckabee and senator rand paul rounding out the top five. cameron joseph is here. he's a campaign reporter for the hill to talk about it. hi cameron.
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>> thanks for having me on. >> let's talk about who in the republican party will rally behind jeb bush and who in the party might be less supportive of him. >> so jeb bush made a huge splash, especially on the east coast and with the donors. he's got obviously a big network from his brother, his own time in office, his father and a lot of folks who are kind of this more business-minded, center right are very interested in what he has to say. someone like christie was hoping he could lock in early. the big question is how the base reacts to him. he's not on their side on immigration. a lot of them disagree with him with wanting comprehensive immigration reform and the other issue is education. he's pro common core. that's toxic with certain parts of the gop base. it's going to be interesting how he plays that out and handles that. >> that's what i was talking about, cameron. the core. at the end of the day, the republicans want to win.
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how much topsy turvy will there be before the candidate can beat the democratic presidential candidate. >> i think there are a lot of twists and turns left. you're seeing jeb bush at the top of this poll. but we could see a half dozen candidates leading a poll in iowa before they settle on a nominee. there are a lot of good candidates. there were a bunch of folks that popped up but none had the strength to take him out. someone like jeb bush has a shot at the nomination, but you could see him fading very quickly. we could see anyone from mike huckabee to marco rubio to ted cruz either nationally or in iowa. i wouldn't count out chris christie, it's a wide open field with a bunch of candidates who could be strong or turn out to be not so good on the national stage. >> you mentioned new jersey governor chris christie he's ten points behind jeb bush in this poll. you think it's possible that he
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might make some headway and jump to the -- become the leader of the pack? >> i think there's a real chance of it. it depends on how jeb bush does. a lot of this does come down to who is in and who is out. if jeb bush isn't in, then chris christie is in pretty good position. both would have a shot at winning in iowa and possibly getting momentum. the question is, if they're both in there, are they eating at each other's bases. it's who else is also trying to night out for the type of voters you need. it's kind of wide open. >> you lock in on an interesting point. target in on the voters you need. ultimately, the gop wants to win. whoever it is running up against them. i wonder what you think cameron, in terms of the individual candidates in the beginning, whether it be governor huckabee, whether it be jeb bush whomever it might be. how do you think they're going to play it so they can get the
10:18 am
nomination and then how much of a turn might some of the more moderate candidates like jeb bush or christie take if they get the nomination. >> it's interesting. you're seeing two different primary nominations competitions. one is to be the establishment candidate, the guy who can rally behind the money and rally the organization. someone like christie or jeb bush is competing for that, even marco rubio is in that category. one will be the movement candidate, the base candidate. two times around you saw mike huckabee, last time rick santorum locked in on that. the last couple cycles, you have seen two candidates emerge like that. then you see the starement candidate pull it out. once that happens shall the money and structure and organization matter a lot more. really, it's not since ronald reagan when the insurgent
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candidate pulls out. it will be interesting how they branch the divide between the two parts of the gop. give me a quick answer on this one. mitt romney wasn't mentioned he was back in november. will we see mitt romney come out and perhaps be a candidate again? >> you know, i don't think romney has any interest in running again. the people who work for him want him to run again. i don't think he ever really wanted it. i think the fact that jeb bush is giving this serious consideration makes it less likely that mitt romney would run. now, no longer does he have an open lane to kind of fill the type of voters he would need to get in a primary. there's somebody from what i understand he has a lot of respect for. i would be very surprised. that's part of why the poll numbers change is because romney wasn't there. chris christie came up. he was losing some of his support to jeb bush. it's a pretty chaotic field. as the poll shows mitt romney coming out, it's a big deal who
10:20 am
is in and who is out. we'll be watching it and we'll have you on again to watch it with us. >> thank you. a farewell to arms, you might say, in afghanistan as the u.s. officially ends the longest war in american history. but will our withdrawal open the door for the taliban's return to power? plus, a shark attack at a popular california beach. what happens when a great white closes in fast on some surfers? >> as a surfer, i am -- if my card is up, it's up. i'm in their element.
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right now, a california surfer very happy to be alive after surviving a shark incident. first responders say the great white decided to check out a group of about a dozen surfers and bit one guy on his hip. the 50-year-old victim was able to paddle himself to shore before being flown to the hospital. he's okay. officials are not closing the beach, but they are posting warnings about that attack. jon after more than 13 years of blood and sacrifice, u.s. forces are officially ending their combat mission in afghanistan. but not without raising concerns that the taliban could come back with a vengeance. a ceremony in kabul marking the milestone and the formal
10:24 am
handover of responsibility to afghan forces for defending the country. president obama releasing a statement saying in part, "our personnel will continue to face risks, but this reflects the enduring commitment of the united states to the afghan people and to a united, secure and sovereign afghanistan that's never again used as i source of attacks against our nation." . we have an adjunct professor here from georgetown university who has been research in afghanistan. we're glad to have you. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to circle back to the top. will we see attacks by the taliban increase now? >> probably, yes. the reason why is the taliban has a strong interest in governing the place that they're from. that's been their objective the last 13 years. we've been focused on the potential for afghanistan becoming a safe-haven for
10:25 am
organizations. the taliban has been focused on returning to power in kabul. the fact that weave drawn down our forces and drawn our forces back into garrison doesn't change the taliban's fundamental interests here. >> so i ask you, can the new afghan government and the afghan military fend off a more aggressive taliban? >> well, if they're in a better position to do so now than they were two or three or four years ago. one of things that this administration has done more or less effectively has been getting the security forces more organized, more professional, more proficient. the difficulty is that, conditions on the ground in afghanistan are not going to be set by u.s. policy is or what u.s. decision makers do. it's really going to be set by what afghans do in their own communities. one of the difficulties we've had over the last decade has been this top-down approach to security in afghanistan, which
10:26 am
is fundamentally opposed with the way afghans provide for their own security which has been bottom up. we've had a misalignment of strategy over two administrations. that misalignment of strategy makes me very skeptical about the ability of this improved afghan national security force to meet the challenges it faces in the next 16 to 18 months. >> you you talk about the taliban what they want is power and govern. there you have the they operate out of pakistan. with the 10,000 military personnel left in afghanistan do you worry that afghanistan will become a staging ground for a future war with the taliban right next door in pakistan? >> well i think it's likely given what the taliban wants and given how it's operated over the last decade that they're going to be focusing on their own local agenda, notwithstanding globalization of ideology. the real concern in terms of what affects the u.s. homeland
10:27 am
are organizations that are infiltrating yemen and iraq and syria where they have a much freer hand to operate. afghanistan, things are not as dynamic as we see with isis and -- not as pathological with al qaeda and the arabian peninsula and yemen. my prioritization would be on those areas than afghanistan, pakistan at least in the near term. that being said, pakistan has always attracted foreign jihad is and their supporters. parts of afghanistan could become that in the future. this is part of the reason why we have 10,000 troops still garrisoned in afghanistan and it's part of the reason why our special forces will continue to run operations there with a focus on counterterrorism rather than the earlier focus we saw in counter insurgency. >> more it talk about, but i have to leave it there. professor x thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. the parents of a marine
10:28 am
murdered in afghanistan accuse the military of covering up details of his death. they're suing the military and the marine corps to get answers. our legal panel will examine their case. will the weather cooperate as teams get set to resume their search for missing airasia flight 8501? we'll get the forecast for that part of the world next. óqoqúúñ@
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kwh the sunrises in indonesia in a few hours, planes should return to the skies and resume looking for the missing plane. but rough weather, including possible thunderstorms, could complicate the search going forward. checking in now is meteorologist janice dean joining us from the fox extreme weather center to tell us more. >> these are the conditions that we were looking at, at the time we lost the flight. this is satellite presentation. this is infrared satellite. the deeper shades of red is where you see the colder cloud tops possibly with the worst weather. the highest thunderstorms and this is the area we're searching now. a lot of thunderstorm activity in the region and the potential for strong wind. certainly heavy rain. icing as well as hail are all possibilities in the flight of this path. here are the conditions in the last six hours. much improved. still seeing thunderstorms. this is the monsoon season
10:33 am
typically when they see the worst of the rain and the wind and the thunderstorms. as crews search the region, much improved conditions. looking ahead throughout today and into tomorrow and wednesday we're going to start to see the thunderstorms crop up again on tuesday. they really need to get the search in within the next 6 to 12 hours. as we get into midweek, the thunderstorms start again. here are the weather conditions, what we know right now. december and january, the wettest time of the year monsoon seasonal the shift in winds, that's when they get the heaviest rainfall. thunderstorms were in the flight path. as tall as 50,000 feet which is very tall for thunderstorms, possible volatile thunderstorms in the flight path. heavy rain and severe flooding in the region and we're not talking about inches but feet of rain. incredible rainfall in this area and the conditions at the time of the flight, they could have been turbulence and lightning, strong vertical and horizontal winds in the region. unfortunately, the weather conditions were not good andjust pray
10:34 am
that the search resumes and they find what they're looking for. >> indeed. j.d., thank you. jon? with the search set to resume and even expand, we're learning that indonesia has officially asked the united states for assistance in finding airasia flight 8501. let's talk about it with dan rose, an aviation attorney a former navy pilot and licensed commercial pilot. we've got the seventh fleet out in that part of the world. got the large he's number of ships of any of our surface fleets. they'll be able to bring a lot of assets to bear on this search. >> absolutely. you know it's certainly a big ocean, but you want to have as many assets out there looking as best you can. we did the searches in the navy all the time. the more eyeballs you have on the water, the bertter chance you have. >> it's a big ocean but it's a big airplane. people might be astounded in this day and age with all the electronics and gadgetry we can put on board an airplane, things
10:35 am
like this can still happen. this should be easier than the malaysia airlines mystery to solve and yet so far no sign of this plane. >> absolutely. it should be easier and there's really no excuse in this day and age why we don't have the technology that's out there and available in the works being installed on these aircraft. we should know where these aircraft are real time and not just be relying on a pinger that may be heard for two miles or dead after 30 days. >> that's the pinger that goes off if the plane is in the water. but what about the transponder? they're following the plane through the air via the transponder. why isn't it doing more to tell them where this aircraft is? >> hopefully it will. it's generally used to keep aircraft separate. if you're not in radar coverage at the time, you won't get a good return. there hopefully is military radar out there that we can dig up and get more returns. but the transponder is not a
10:36 am
technology used to track an aircraft that's lost. >> the pilot apparently, requested to deviate from his original flight path. he wanted to turn because of weather. he also wanted to climb from 32,000 up to 38000 feet, i believe. he was denied permission to do that. now, in my limited flying career, i was told don't let the guy on the ground fly your airplane. if you need to deviate deviate and deal with the consequences later. >> that's the first lesson in piloting. if the air traffic controller isn't giving you what you need and you're heading for a thunderstorm that's 52,000 feet. you declare an emergency and climb or turn around and get away from it. >> could a thunderstorm of that size, reportedly they were 50,000 feet and above, could it tear one of these planes apart? >> sure. when you're dealing with a thunderstorm of 50,000 feet that's a lot of energy. if you're in the 30s, that's
10:37 am
where the meat of the thunderstorm is and if you go into the wrong part of that thunderstorm anything is fair game. unfortunately, it could end very tragically. >> so they are searching the java sea. it is not nearly as deep as the indian ocean is. about 150 feet deep on average. how long do you think it will take before they find some evidence of what happened to this plane? >> you know, like you said, there's better chance than we had with malaysia 370. it's a smaller area. the ocean is shallower. there are a lot more assets out there, a lot more ships. i think everybody should be hopeful that we could learn something in the next week or so. but, again even that area is a big ocean. as you know from flying over the water or being in the middle of the ocean, it's very hard to see a small part of the plane. >> yeah. dan roseanne aviation attorney. with more on that mystery, dan, thank you. okay jon. the family of a fallen marine fighting to find out how
10:38 am
their son died over seas. they're suing the pentagon and the marine corps. why they're accusing the military of a cover-up and does their lawsuit stand a chance? >> i want them to admit that they were wrong and i want somebody to be held responsible for my son's death.
10:39 am
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10:41 am
i'm heather nauert in for gretchen. the scary new details from an al qaeda call to target. a popular mode of transportation here in the united states. we'll tell you what you need to know before you travel the next time. plus, new york city mayor bill de blasio saw the backs of more nypd officers today. this as we learn that more cops all around the country are being targeted by drive-by shootings and also death threats. we'll tell you all the latest at the top of the hour. the parents of a murdered marine are accusing the pentagon
10:42 am
of a cover-up in the death of their son. lance corporal greg buckley jr. was gunned down in an insider attack on an american base in afghanistan in 2012. his family is now turning to sue the marine corps in a search for more information about how he died. rick leventhal live in our new york city newsroom with more on that. rick? >> jon, this is a highly unusual lawsuit filed by a frustrated gold star family against the marine corps and department of defense not seeking any financial settlement, just information about how their son died. facts they're entitled to under federal law. >> he says we just have a bad feeling that we're not going to be able to ever get home. he says i feel these people are going to turn on us. he said they're not right. >> gregory buckley had a fatal premonition that turned true. he was brutally murdered in afghanistan in august 2012 just three days before he was scheduled to come home. it wasn't a firefight on a battlefield or an improvised explosive device. the 21-year-old was working out
10:43 am
with fellow ma liens at the base gym when a 17-year-old afghan walked in with an ak-47 and emptied the clip and killed buckley. >> i want someone to be responsible for it's shameful that the family has waited two years about the facts of his death. a spokesman says they can't offer any comment today because of the pending lawsuit jon. more on that now, thanks rick. jon, we want to bring in our
10:44 am
legal panel. we're joined by former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney evangeline gomez. >> you heard according to rick's report, how unusual of a case this is. it's in the u.s. district court of new york. why is not handled by a military tribunal and how strong is the family's case? >> my first question is why isn't this in a military tribe bunl. the family is filing a suit under the freedom of information act. what they want is more information regarding how this tragedy happened to their son. in their heart what the family wants is somebody to pay. this was an avoidable death. this young man was killed at the gym unarmed at his home base camp by a wayward minion of an afghani police officer that shouldn't have been there. that's the family's point. how successful will they be? they may get some information arthel. but they're not going to get the pound of flesh that they're
10:45 am
seeking. >> evangeline they get this information. based on the information, i want to ask how far can the family's attorney go in terms of seeking prosecution? >> first of all, this case should not be handled in the courts. it's going to be a very long time before there's a resolution, if there is a resolution. congress needs to be involved. if i were the parents, if i were the parents' attorney, i would definitely be pressing on our congressional representatives to get them involved. >> foia has a lot of exceptions. you don't want to compromise information of an ongoing information. we don't know if the officer is still being vegted at this point. you don't want classified military information, foreign intelligence in the public. so is the court the appropriate form to really balance disclosure versus national security interests. i don't think a court could make that determination. >> at this point can the family turn around and try to push congress to get involved at
10:46 am
evangeline is saying? >> they can always try to push arthel. how successful will they be? national security trumps a family or civilian's want and deep sire for information. it's not going to bring their son back. i'm not saying that flippantly. he's gone. no amount of information will bring him back. should they be entitled to his autopsy report, if that's that gives them closure? of course. as far as any issues of national security, how the people got on the base camp what they were doing there, who let them on there, there was an officer in trouble for sending something over an unsecured network. >> which is argued to be retaliation. >> that's a marine who had worked with this crooked, allegedly crooked afghan police chief back in 2010 and 2009. he sent a warning via e-mail to the deployed marines about this police chief ahead of the shooting. but this guy -- giving them a warning, but this police chief never lost his job. he was still there.
10:47 am
>> right. >> how will -- if it gets to whatever court it's going to get into, will that sort of information be admissible? you're talking about classified documents. although he said he sent the information over unclassified means. but unclassified means. >> exactly. through an e-mail. he was disciplined for it. instead of heeding the warning. >> right. >> the problem is, when you see that happen you think, is there -- this creates a perception of some type of cover-up. that's the family's concern as well. >> you know there's a fourth marine in that shooting, he was shot five times. he survived. will we ever hear from him? >> oh, you know that's another great question. i don't know what kind of retribution he might be unable to speak about for confidentiality reasons too. we don't know that yet. >> i mean, i can understand why the parents are frustrated. i mean, you two are great attorneys. you do all your research and you're sitting here baffled by this as well wondering if this will get to a point where this
10:48 am
family can get concrete information. >> foia has exceptions that protects the military. >> what is foia. >> freedom of information act. >> it's a formal requirement that when you request information about anything publicly happening, you can make a foia request for information about his death. you're either going to get denied or it will be given to you. >> you'll get some information but not all of it if there is an issue of national security involved. >> i have to go. but what next for this family? >> it's sad. because this kid was not killed in battle. he was killed at the gym. i don't know if they'll ever get the closure that they want. i hope they do. >> it's not going to happen in a brooklyn courthouse. >> i think congress. evangeline and jonas, good to see you both. somebody is taking the good with the bad after massive cyber attacks, how their new film "the interview" is fathering at the box office.
10:49 am
-- faring at the box office plus the hacking of sony playstations. how the former president george h.w. bush is doing today.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
right now, president george h. w. bush showing signs of improvement as he remains hospitalized in houston. he was admitted last tuesday for shortness of breath a family spokesperson says president bush and his wife, barbara enjoyed watching the houston texans' game yesterday and his possible discharge is expected soon. you may remember president bush spent christmas in the hospital two years ago. he is now the oldest living wormer president at age 90. sony's controversial film "the interview," grossed about $18 million this holiday weekend, including online and box office sales. that doesn't even crack the top ten but sony is no doubt lookinging on the bright side today, as play stations are up
10:53 am
and running again after hackers forced millions of gamers offline. and now, one of those accused of being behind the cyber attack is coming forward. live in los angeles with more on that. william? >> reporter: john, the fbi is investigating reportedly a finnish teenager who says his group hacked sony play station because he said facetiously, he wanted kids to spend more time with their families and to prove a point. sony and microsoft made enough money and they should spend more of it on signer security. this group calls itself the lizard squad. they hacked play station christmas morning preventing some 100 million from playing their video games. the hackers, some under age 20, said they did it for fun. a reporter at our sister network, sky news, interviewed a teen claiming to be a member of the lizard squad who admitted it is unethical but to them it's a game. >> these companies make tens of millions every month from just their subscriber fees and that
10:54 am
doesn't even include purchases pie their customers, they should have more than enough funding to be able to protect against these attacks. >> but the weekend wasn't all bad for sony. "the interview" set a all-time record for downloads. the major chains didn't run the film pause they were afraid of attacks. the studio earned $15 million over the holiday 2 million homes renting it for six bucks or buying it for 15. the studio earned another 3 million from a few hundred small theaters. come piped you call that 18 million, close to what they were going to earn under conventional means much the silver lining, john, instead of a 50/50 cut with the big chains, online, sony makes 70%. the bottom line where the studio was a week ago, with a hole of a multimillion dollar film 80 million, production and marketing costs, doing pretty well now. they have recouped a lot of that money and of course have online
10:55 am
sales worldwide. back to you. >> the money machine keeps rolling, at least. thanks. live could have ram of the search for missing airasia flight 8501 the latest as teams prepare to expand their search from walks to land. and they call it blackmon day in the nfl. new york jets head coach rex ryan just one of those getting the axe today. we are going to tell you which teams are now changing direction. that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates. .. ...heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. well, for whom the bell tolls, several nfl teams are cleaning house after disappointing a sense. three already today, the day after the season ended. the first, the chicago bears. they have parted ways with head coach marc trestman. the atlanta falcons firing their head coach, mike smith after back-to-back losing seasons. the falcons ended this year, 6-10. their final game saw them booed at home in a blowout loss to the carolina panthers.
10:59 am
and in new york jets coach rex ryan gone after finishing 4-12 one of the worst seasons in franchise history. the jets also firing their general manager after only two years on the job. a lot of stress in those nfl coaching jobs. . what i was thinking, maybe going back to being a college coach is less stressful. still very important though. i don't know. who knows. well, thank you, john. >> not a lot of job security. >> good to have you in today. >> nice to be with you. thank you for joining us. >> heather is in for gretchen on the real story, which starts now. good afternoon to you, we start now with a fox news alert. the united states reportedly asked to help in the search for the plane that vanished over the java sea with 162 passengers on board. hello, everyone, i'm in for gretchen carlson today. crews are looking for asia air flight 8501, so far coming up empty handed. officials are planning to expand the search area more than 24 hours after that plane went
11:00 am
missing. family and friends of the passengers pray for news. tracet fal lagger joins us live in the studio with how this started. >> supposed t


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