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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 30, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> we will see you back here in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is "outnumbered." i'm kennedy. here today we have -- today's hashtag one lucky guy, concerned veteran for america and fox news contributor, it's pete. and he is outnumbered. welcome back pete. >> glad to be here. >> is this really a record 17th appearance for you? >> i just saw that. >> i saw it on twitter. >> one thing you never disappoint with, the socks. >> authentic minnesota socks. >> he buys them at the airport on the way in. >> i do. >> you're here full time. >> we have to start with some very tragic news. after two days very rough ending in the search for the missing air asia passenger jet.
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crews have recovered debris and several bodies near indonesia not far from the plane's last known location. flight disappeared in stormy weather on sunday with 162 people on board. but now there's an international effort underway to recover the rest of the wreckage and figure out what went wrong. greg is live in london with more. hi, greg. >> kennedy, that's exactly right. there was a breakthrough overnight in the search for air asia flight 8501 and sad one for those involved as well. recovery teams spotted debris from the plane as you know just off indonesia near where the plane ran into the bad weather and then disappeared on sunday. the items found included a door a life jacket an oxygen tank. they were floating on the surface of the water. sadly, too, among the debris bodies were found floating as well. while it was originally reported
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as many as 40 bodies had been located, officials are now saying they've only found at most three to six. there were 162 passengers and crew members on board the flight. in addition to the finds, there were also reports that the form of the fuselage can be seen at the bottom of the java sea there. the water there relatively shallow, maybe just around 80 feet or so. all this obviously very grim news for the families of those who were on board. indonesia tv even making it worse, running some images of bodies found floating there very hard to bear for those at the scene. already at the scene one u.s. destroyer, the us samson from the seventh fleet. they have cargo ships to help recover wreckage sonar gear to help with the searching and we can report another u.s. ship is on the way as well as
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surveillance aircraft and they will all be part of a massive recovery effort that's set to start at dawn indonesia time. that's only about six hours from now. the efforts, according to the indonesian president, number one, to recover all the bodies. number two, to get the wreckage and number three, to find the all important black box that maybe, maybe can solve yet another deadly air mystery. >> absolutely. still a lot of unanswered questions. thank you so much. the controversy after president obama hints he might be prepared to establish a new u.s. embassy in tehran if the u.s. reaches a deal with iran on the nuclear program. in an interview, the president said quote, i never say never but i think these things have to go in steps. if we can get a deal on making sure that iran does not have a nuclear weapon and that deal is possible then my hope would be that that would serve as the basis for us trying to improve relations over time. now, if you remember the last time the u.s. had an embassy in
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tehran it was 1979. very low point in modern u.s. day history. 52 americans held hostage for an agonizing 444 days after iranian students stormed the embassy compound. some of the u.s. hostages were beaten tortured even underwent executions. former ambassador to the u.n. john bolton said the president's remarks are, quote, naive. >> why do you think that american recognition is going to change this regime if not only has been pursuing nuclear weapons for 30 years but since it came to power in 1979 has been the principal financial sponsor of terrorism all over the world? there's no indication the president understands how committed the regime is to this kind of policy. >> all right. obviously ambassador bolton very upset about this. pete, let's discuss because there's a huge difference between opening an embassy, say, someplace in cuba and going back to tehran.
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this can't possibly happen. the president was clearly out of his mind for a moment correct? >> i don't think he was. i think this is something this president would very much like to see. if you look at his track reported, it's where you want to go. in 2007 the democratic debate he asked if you would meet with foreign leaders without recondition, iran, north korea cuba venezuela and he's lived up to those promises opening them up and what are we getting in return? nothing. has the nature of the regime changed his team? absolute many -- shutly not. yet we're sitting at the table, stamping approval of nuclear bomb for them eventually and talking about a possible embassy. it's foolish. >> it is foolish. we want freedom, we want democracy throughout the world. cuba a very different story than tehran. this is a regime that's very dangerous to israel. how could they possibly be feeling about this? >> very dangerous to the united states. i mean let's not forget things
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have not changed since 1979. it's not like we've rekindled a good relationship with iran since they took our hoes jablg -- hostages and john bolton makes a good point. iran is a state sponsor of one of the largest terrorist grups in the united states, hezbollah and they have allies in america that are close to the united states. i don't understand what the point is. it's very confusing just like president obama's foreign policy in general, and again, he's giving them something first and then saying well, we might build an embassy and then rekindle a relationship and make it better rather than making the relationship better first, getting concessions from them, getting a good deal on their nuclear program which we still don't know what's going to happen, probably won't happen and then moving forward instead of doing those things first and then following up with changing that relationship. >> seems to be the corner stone of the obama doctrine. promise something, do the opposite become a total hypocrite and promise something
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again that would undermine global peace. do you think this is a good idea? >> everybody needs to settle down. that's not what this president is suggesting. listen to what he said. he said if we arrive at a deal, maybe over time we could work something out. we're not opening up an embassy tomorrow. nothing is go to tehran tomorrow. they have to obviously show some metrics, a nuclear deal would be a start and then we'll see is basically what he's saying. >> the problem is say they show metrics, say they give us some believable data and it's a total fabrication and meanwhile, they're actually building a bomb. >> i assume we're not total chumps. if they're going to show us data we're going to verify it. that's what we have to do. >> why not stay off the bat, though conditions haven't been met thus far? >> listen to what he said. listen to his quote. if a nuclear deal with iran is reached, it would serve as the basis, not a confirmation but as the basis for us to try to improve relations over time. over time. not tomorrow. >> he's saying i'm going to veto
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new sanctions that the g.o.p. wants to put forth. what is his agenda? pete, i would love to get your feeling about those sanctions. many people feel that vavent worked in the past so what should the president in your opinion, how should he have responded to that in order to say, do you know what? you haven't given us anything thus far. we're not going to cave. we're not here to basically meet your needs. what is the appropriate answer for the commander in chief? >> moral clarity. you have u.s. soldiers killed by iranian backed organizations and weapons for years on foreign battlefields. they're committed to our destruction. you have to be willing to say that up front. the president in his speech obama said he would like to cite ronald reagan to say he would like to talk to the soviet union. they knew who he was. people don't know who obama is examine what he truly believes about america's role in the world and as such they worry when he floats -- >> by the way, iran is also
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engaging in some delicious anti-israel rhetoric from their point of view. and, you know, you know exactly where they're coming from whereas to follow your point the soviet union was in decline. you know we have them on the ropes. >> we were negotiating from a position of strength as here it's not clear where we are. >> you have to take a look how the president does this right? it baffles me how the president comes out with huge statements about foreign policy in interviews with people like npr. does everyone else on his foreign policy team know he's potentially considering opening a u.s. embassy? do our allies, do the israelis know this or is this something that he floated out there? >> i think it's something he floated out there. like it's a policy perspective they might pursue. that's a big deal and iranians are paying attention to that and they know they have a bigger ally in barack obama with that than obama does. >> you think this is underlying greater foreign policy strategy regarding iran? >> i assume i'm going to take him at his word. if iranians show good faith and
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not create a nuclear weapon that's something that every administration has been working on. bush worked on it. this has been an issue for a very long time. if at that point the iranians show some metrics and say wait a second, we'll be a go ahead faith actor, we're not going to develop nuclear weapons then and only then is he saying let's explore possibilities but he's not saying let me give you an embassy, restart relations and then i hope you'll be good fingers crossed. that's what good faith is. i don't think you can trust iran right now. >> then they'll not get an embassy. >> when i think iran i think good faith. >> i have to tell you guys -- >> the state sponsor of terror. >> you're missing that nothing is going to change until the iranians do something to change it and until they do that we're not getting an embassy. we're not going to have an embassy. >> does saying this affect our relationship with our ally snz does netanyahu say why would you say that?
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why are you answering the question? where is the basis that you have any trust in iran to do anything? i always laugh when they say we're going to usher in deals with iran. >> we're going to send in dennis rodman. it will all work itself out. >> we're going to move on to a different subject. move to try to solve the disconnect between the nypd and the mayor of new york city coming just one day after the mayor was booed at a police graduation ceremony. how he's working to patch things up with the police department plus it looks like we're no longer asking what we can do for our country. why americans seem to care less about their civic duty. stay with us.
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." less than two hours from now, new york city mayor is holding an emergency summit with the heads of five police unions. the meeting is part of an effort to close the rift with the police who accuses mayor blasio with police protests. he was booed at an nypd graduation and arrests are way down in the city following the
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execution of two cops in brooklyn. traffic tickets and summons from minor offenses plunging by 94%. while drug arrests are also down. police sources telling the "new york post" it's because of tensions with the mayor and officers fearing for their safety. kennedy, what needs to happen at this summit today? can this really make a difference? do you think it will? >> well i think at least from the sergeant benevolent association, he was upset that the mayor put out a press release saying i'm going to meet with the police unions because maybe it's going to be more substantive conversation and there was perhaps an apology. it's not something that would have to happen with the glare of the media. but i think everyone needs to take a step back. everyone needs to take a breath and i don't think it would be the worst thing in the world for the mayor to apologize and for everyone to come together and realize that new york is one of the greatest cities on earth. it has to be safe. it has to be protected. cops don't just have to look out for people jay walking. we cannot forget what happened
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on 9/11 and i know police officers with their fallen brothers and sisters, they don't forget that every single day so therefore, you know, first they have to lock it up get it together. second of all, maybe not arresting people for so many things isn't such a horrible idea. >> what about that though? what about the traffic tickets, summons? they're dropping by 94%. 66% less arrests in total this year than for the same week last year. why is that? some are worried that police are afraid. a lot of cops the two cops were just sitting in their car who got murdered. are police afraid to do these things and they're not trying to meddle when they don't have to? >> they don't want to create contentious situations but i think it's police protests. through the unions and others they're deciding not to police minor offenses. drug offenses are doug 84%. this is a serious -- this is not a trickle down. this is a we're stopping enforcement and i'm going to
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have to disagree with kennedy here. the reason the city is safe today is because of broken windows. the small stuff leads to the big stuff. if you let that go neighbors erode, you get bigger problems. that's what rudy giuliani understood when he was mayor. we took for grnted the new york we have today and it's because of the police force that polices the small stuff and the big stuff. when you let that go you start to create a culture. >> one thing about new york cops is they oftentimes let the small stuff go. they're looking out for bigger things. i don't think drug arrests necessarily make this city safer. >> are you cops are you getting paid? then do your job. i'm sorry they're mad at the mayor and that's fine but as a new york resident, i want to you do your job. what are you protest sng it's my safety you're putting in jeopardy. the mayor has tons of protection. it's the rest of us in the city -- listen. i get paid. i show up for work. that's what you do. if you don't want to show up for work, stay home. >> i fear that bill blasio isn't
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so concerned about the non policing going on. he's concerned about the money coming from the parking tickets. >> that's the bottom line. >> it comes from the public urination tickets. that is what he's worried about. he's worried about the trickle of revenue that's not going to come into the city. it's not necessarily worried about cops being afraid for their lives on the job. if he was, he would have set up the emergency meeting immediately after the two police officers were executed. not, you know, a week after, not after the funeral of officer ramos. this should have happened immediately after that. >> but is it your job to do -- i'm with you, kennedy, by the way. the stupid petty -- you know listen. >> i also agree with the following. if it's the law of the land, and it is in new york city to not publicly urinate, i don't care if they give out tickets or not but if that's the law, then enforce the law. you're cops. you're supposed to enforce the law. that's the problem that i have. it's not going to become a urine
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soaked opium den. katie is right. they're bottom lining it by not generating revenue for the city. >> he needs to back up the police. that's why they're not doing it. he doesn't have their back. >> they don't have our back either. >> they don't? >> they do. >> excuse me. they don't if they're not doing their job. right now they're not doing their job. >> cop every time you sneed improperly. >> i'm all for it. but if it's the law, it's the law. they're screwing the people of new york. they're not focussing on what's most important. >> rudy giuliani is the police commissioner today. >> bottom line is the safety of the city is most important. they have to come together. >> i like the broken windows fallacy. >> just after president obama declared the war in afghanistan came to an end, they accuse of
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leaving the country in defeat. who is right? can leaving a number of troops behind really keep us safe? lucky 13 for hillary clinton. she's once again the most admired woman of the year. does she really deserve we'll talk it out. these ally bank ira cds really do sound like a sure thing but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. it's just ordinary fleece but the comfort it provides is immeasurable. the america red cross brings hope and help to people in need every 8 minutes every day. so this season give something that means something.
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♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪
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9:26 am
country in defeat. allen west who served 2 1/2 years in afghanistan appears to agree and has concerns about the strong number of troops left behind. >> we at no point in time have imposed our will against the taliban. we have not wanquished the enemy from the galths field. afghanistan is not a war in and of itself. the real war against totalitarianism continues on. it was just a combat theory of operations in the greater war. >> pete i want to go to you on first. you work with veterans, talk to active duty soldiers all the time. i want to know what they're feeling about the afghanistan pullout. a lot of president obama's theory, he's concerned about his legacy at this point. 73% of casualties in afghanistan have happened since 2009 under his watch. 90% of the injuries in
9:27 am
afghanistan in this long war have occurred since 2009 under his watch. he promised everyone this weekend that he was going to give our veterans who came back from that war the best care possible. do you think that's going to be something that he can fulfill the promise considering we have all these problems with the v.a. system as well? >> there's been a lot of promises made and not many kept and the v.a. is a whole other story of sdaser and failure. as far as afghanistan is concerned, i served there in 2011-2012. we saw this coming three or four years ago. afghanistan has been heading in the wrong direction multiple years. in the quote he talked about responsibly ending the war in afghanistan. you could have -- he used that exact same quote for iraq. we see what iraq looks like today and that responsible end. he wants to tie a bow around it but you can't tie a neat bow around these types of conflicts. it's a long fight and if he declares responsible end, the "wall street journal" said that the fighting is as intense as
9:28 am
it's been since 2001 so what will the outcome really look like? the taliban gleefully declares victory, the outcome is still there. >> kennedy, you have a different perspective because you're libertarian and look at afghanistan and it's always been somewhat of a mess. it's very difficult to be there. the insurgency always comes back. looking at iraq and the way that's happened, how do you think this is going to look moving forward with afghanistan? >> in iraq the first thing i thought, when you look at the fact we're training security forces in afghanistan, look what $25 billion bought us in iraq. a whole lot of nothing. you know, people who cut and run and turned away and have no idea how to defend their own country, how was that going to be any different in afghanistan? we saw the rise of isis come from what happened in iraq and the instability in syria. what will the taliban morph into now that -- is this really a responsible conclusion to this war? i certainly don't think we should have these retracted wars. >> the 10000 people are going to be left.
9:29 am
>> that's the one difference. >> what is their role going to be? >> training and assisting the force. that's the difference between iraq and afghanistan. i'm hopeful we did learn some lessons from iraq. this president did learn a residual commitment to that iraqi force, it would have bolstered them in different ways to the onslaught from isis. hopefully in afghanistan, you'll see that fortification. problem is that ring is probably going to get closer and closer to kabul and you might have the president of afghanistan -- >> it already is. >> listen. there was never going to be a way to win the war in afghanistan without expanding the war to pakistan and other places we were never prepared to go. the taliban is not just in afghanistan. they expanded to -- look. osama bin laden was caught in pakistan. i'm sure that omar is probably still hiding there at which point were you going to say listen. we can't continue to have this be the graveyard of american soldiers anymore? and unfortunately, we could have all predicted this from day one.
9:30 am
this is the graveyard of empires of afghanistan. it's untenable for us unless we're an occupying force for the rest of the mill en a to get a handle on afghanistan. >> can i ask one question? how do you get a handle on an ideology? my worry is that we think we have a handle on the ideology and the people who adhere to it but then, you know, you have other groups who arise and who are much more horrific than what you imagined in the first place. and how do we keep that from happening again without spending so much blood? >> don't you think it would start with the president ak nothing the ideology exists? he doesn't think the islamic state is islamic. >> exactly and don't forget in the midst of all of this he thought it was a good idea to release five gtmo detainees and send them to afghanistan. a lot of military analysts have said if you're going to get involved at all, you have to
9:31 am
keep a residual force that's adequate. at the same time let's release some gtmo detainees send back to afghanistan. we don't know what leadership roles they take and what they do to harm us in the future. i think it makes absolutely no sense if you look at the big picture. >> all right. well, on a lighter note, gallop is out with the annual list of the most admired women and topping the list for the 13th year in a row, former secretary of state hillary clinton. she beat out the likes of oprah winfrey, nobel peace prize winner former secretary of state condoleezza rice, first lady michelle obama and princess kate who hasn't done anything other than marry really well. >> she has glossy hair that i really admire. meanwhile, despite the fact she has yet to announce plans for 2016, some big name democrats, including senators cain and franken are throwing their support behind clinton so you tell me my republican friend
9:32 am
that i think hillary clinton would benefit from a vigorous primary. i'm worried of the cornations we tend to do on both sides of the aisle for the candidates and at the end of the day, they limp into the general elections because they don't realize that not everybody loves them and they're not primed and ready for a real election. what do you think? >> i think that hillary clinton is upheld on the left side of the spectrum here because it has a shallow bench. there's not a lot of really substantial presidential candidates on the democratic side. >> joe biden. >> true. >> i just don't think there's -- hillary clinton is not the best by any means and i don't think she's actually going to be a great candidate. we saw this when she ran against barack obama and she lost. she's a repeat candidate. she's done this before. we've seen her make bad statements on the campaign trail already because she's trying to
9:33 am
you know, bolster herself against someone like elizabeth warren already. i don't think the bench is very deep. she could probably use some good challengers. i don't know that they exist. >> do you think the bench is not deep? it's not deep because people just said, okay. she's going to be the nominee. i'm not going to bother. what came first? the hillary as a phenomenon as a candidate or hillary being the phenomenon? >> name recognition. unfortunate thing for democrats is it doesn't seem as though she's got the emotional or intellectual stamina to compete with her name recognition. >> i think her name recognition is part of her problem, though. i think they're looking -- a lot of democrats are looking for fresh blood. she has no appeal. she's polling under joe biden. >> right now, no. it's still late 2014 but i want to ask you, you know if you're going clinton-bush i don't
9:34 am
think that hurts her. i think running against jeb bush, you have to choose against the lester of both evils. >> so many of us on the right are saying no to jeb bush. if you do have fresh blood on the right, someone that's a real reformer like scott walker someone who has been a governor someone who has run something, then you can make that argument and say no more of the same. we already ran a clinton. we know what that looks like. we know what hillary care was about. we know what her time at the state department was about. no thank you on all of that benghazi nonsense. >> wait a second. speaking of benghazi we're going to investigation seven on benghazi. hopefully number seven will be it. do you think benghazi, despite the fact that even the house intelligence committees, the republicans said there's nothing to it, do you think it's a problem for her? >> absolutely a problem. >> why? she did nothing wrong, everybody says so. >> there was a coverup that was very clearly orchestrated from the highest levels. >> wait a second.
9:35 am
there's been six investigations saying there's no coverup. where is the coverup? >> house intelligence committee. >> on this segment what's most frustrating to me 13 straight years we've only been able to find hillary clinton as most admired? >> for what? >> insert any -- >> martha stewart, my mom. >> my mom is pretty awesome. >> obama is at the top of that list for the male and look at his approval numbers across the country so i wonder that's just based on name recognition. oprah was number two. >> many people don't think the word admirer means what it really means. >> you have to look it up. he said he wasn't going anywhere after pleading guilty to a tax charge. about face from michael grimm about his future. could a bedrock of american virtue be in decline? why americans' sense of american duty may be slipping and the impact it could have on the
9:36 am
company's future coming up next.
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new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> and so, my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. [applause] >> well it seems fewer people are living by those famous j.f.k. words. new poll finding americans' sense of civic duty is dwindling. it doesn't seem as important as it once did especially amongst younger americans. when it comes to news and staying informed, 37% think it's important now compared to 56% in 1984. and when it comes to reporting a
9:41 am
crime, 13% fewer consider it very important compared to 30 years ago. speaking english is also less important to americans. 11% say it's very important compared to 1984 but when it comes to voting, still close. 75% say it's very important compared to 79% 30 years ago so a sense of civic duty. and i must be honest. this is something that i personally worry about quite a bit when you look at kids and education and what they're being filled with disbelief that they're global citizens compared to americans first and the beliefs you hold. do these numbers worry you and surprise you? >> it doesn't surprise me. i think that boundaries and borders don't exist to younger americans the way they did 40 years ago, 60 years ago. it's a very different time. >> is that a good thing, though? >> i don't necessarily think it's a bad thing. i don't think it means the fabric of america is coming undone. there are a lot of high school students engaged in volunteer
9:42 am
activities usually because they have to in order to graduate and i think a lot of that comes from your parents. you know taking your kids to the voting booth, taking them to the polling place explaining to them what jury duty is. explaining to them the basic cause and effect relationship of government and how we interact with the government. i think those are all very important things and you have to lay that foundation from a young age to get people concerned and keyed in. >> absolutely. what do you think? >> when we see polls like this it gives me so much respect for people who voluntarily join the military. .02% of the population in this country sign up to do that to uphold all of these values we take for granted and i think that we are taking them for granted, especially the younger generation. they aren't embracing them as much as they should and i think it comes down to as well they haven't had to deal with a whole lot. they're not really looking at communism through the same lens that people were in 1984. they're not seeing things and seeing the world as the way it used to be and things are different but i think they get
9:43 am
to take advantage of the fact they don't have to feel the pain of what it's like to live in another country. they don't understand what is really is like to understand, to really entries american values because they are the shining lights in the world still to this day. they're a little spoiled. >> that's a reminder why immigrants are usually those citizens. they seem to understand the dynamics of that. as our leftist, do you feel like post modern progressism, the idea that america isn't as exceptional as we might think it is contributes to some of this? >> i'm both a leftist and an i mean grnt so i think america is pretty darn special and i've taken my 2 1/2-year-old son voting. in new york city we get to vote a lot. i take him every time i can, literally from the time he was born. i will say this though. i wonder if back in the day, whether our parents sat around and their grandparents, they're
9:44 am
not as patriotic as we were. i wonder if we're all a bunch of old hags sitting here basically saying back in our day, people were much more patriotic. i don't know. i have faith in this country. i have faith that america will always be an exceptional place and i have faith that every generation is going to uphold that. >> are they old hags or are things changing? none of you are old hags. >> you're an angel. >> lamb chop johnson. he's outnumbered. he's worried. >> when it comes to voting a lot of young people feel like their votes don't make that much difference and that's why they stay home a lot. if they vote for republican, for democrat, they'll do the same thing. it's all corrupt and i think there's a level from teaching that age group of self absorption. they're becoming less concerned with the people around them and they almost feel like that doesn't pertain to them. it's their personal life their boyfriend, family very immediate but an inability to see outside themselves and how it all affects them. when you talk about the news,
9:45 am
about politics elections, no matter what it might be. >> a lot of emphasis on rights and not a whole lot on rights bravery, hard work. well, more and more women getting into the field of construction. there's even a school that teaches hundreds of women a year the tricks of the trade but wait until you hear what the ladies have to endure as part of their training and remember those dreaded sex talks your parents gave you as a kid? i think i blocked mine out. now some believe you should be given a tech talk instead. stay tuned.
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>> well of course we have more outnumbered in a moment but
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first let's go to jon scott with what's coming up in the second hour of "happening now." hey. >> hey kennedy. thank you. in the next hour, a brazen robbery caught on tape. police need your help to catch the guy who held up a 7-eleven at gun point. more details and truly terrifying video coming u. plus one young computer genius puts out a website with tips to save on air fare. now he's drawing fire from united airlines. the civil suit in the works to shut down the entrepreneur. does the airline have a case? and as we get ready to wrap up 2014, are you looking to save or lose weight, i should say in the new year? did you know there's a right way and a wrong way to get fit? the dos and don't of dieting to get you on the right track in 2015. of course, that does not apply to the hosts of "outnumbered." >> are you saying i'm porky? >> no. i need these. i need these >> you're slim, trim and hot.
9:50 am
thank you very much jon. >> wow. >> happy new year to you. >> what a way to wrap up the year. >> speaking of which, is having the sex talk with your kids possibly outdated? there could be. plenty of teachers and parents say instead of talking about the birds and bees it might be just as important to have the tech talks. kids as young as seven learn about sex from going online and it's important for them to learn how to make smart decisions on social media and protect their privacy. i a grow with that completely and i have children at the age where they now have devices. you know, my daughter everyone in her classroom has a computer at school. you know most of her friends have a tablet. they're able to face time with one another and that means if they know how to use a computer they certainly know how to google image and search for basic terms, kids as young as seven looking up terms like sex
9:51 am
and porn. >> if parents don't have these conversations, it will shift to the schools and you'll have teachers. you don't want teachers having thee conversations with your kids. the reality is kids having taught middle school, kids as young as six or seven have phones. they know how to use them. they're on there. they're having -- some of the conversations that i've over heard about sex among very young kids, it's startling. you have to have these conversations with respect to technology. technology is in the home and you can't monitor all the time. you can't be everywhere. >> i have to say back in the 1980's well before my mom would have this discussion, i was president of the judy blume fan club. i thought they were part of the judy blume. it was not blubber. it was not are you there, god, it's my, margaret. i learned stuff that i'm still concerned about. i'm not sure it starts just with
9:52 am
texting. i learned stuff from books the old fashioned way. mom, you never had the talk with me. i'm not sure to this day that i know what i'm talking about as a result of that. >> i don't think it's that new. i think there are things that parents have to deal with every generation and technology makes it probably harder but i don't think that the birds and the bees talk -- it's always awkward and weird and i don't think that's changing with the technology. >> i'm personally mortified about my kids and technology and how to deal with it. i'm tempted to want to put like a girdle on the phone. >> i didn't think you could do that. >> they all suggest you swarm with them, interact with them and by doing so you can monitor that. i don't know if i want to do that. >> you have to do that pete. that's how you spy on them. >> i can spy on them. i don't know if i want them to know. >> what are some tricks you've tried to get the kids to bed early on new year's eve? netflix is here to help. we'll tell you about their new show that fools your kids into thinking the new year has come so you can stay up and party
9:53 am
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we're back tomorrow at noon eastern on fox news channel and guess what? it's happening now. "happening now" starts right now. thanks again. >> and we begin with a fox news alert. former president george h.w. bush back home this afternoon an a week-long stay at a houston hospital. he was admitted just before christmas with shortness of breath. >> and the bush family is saying he is breathing normally and doctors discharged him this morning. we're covering all the news for you "happening now." >> the way to reduce crime is not by filling up the jails. >> the city once known as america's murder capital is finally taking steps to stop the
10:00 am
violence. >> the way to reduce crime is by arresting the right people at the right time. >> huh chicagoow chicago is cutting crime and cleaning up the streets. plus -- a thorn in the side of the airplane industry. the young entrepreneur offering tips on how to travel on the cheap. but now one airline is crying foul and filing suit. whatever happened to the friendly skies?


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