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tv   The Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden  FOX News  January 1, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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we got him. we just ended the war. 6 it would be irresponsibl daughter why did god do this. every single day said god didn'b do this, the devil did. >> you killed the devil. we kind of piled in. there was another s.e.a.l. that i knew well, s.e.a.l. team 6 guy and i happened to sit next to him and still sinking in what just happened. and this s.e.a.l. was from new york city. and he yelled at me over the whine of the engines taking off, who shot him? who got him? i said i think i did. he said on behalf of my family, thank you. and that was just cool. here's a s.e.a.l. team six guy super bad ass operator thanking me for what the team and i just did. that was kind of a point like, wow, this was a big deal.
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welcome to part two of "the man who killed usama bin laden." i'm peter doocy. by 2010 the cia was focused on a compound in abbottabad, pakistan, where it was believed usama bin laden was living.0, te after much deliberation president obama made the call to send in a hand picked group of a men from the naval special ter warfares development group, pres they spent weeks training on sed mock-ups of the compound here iu the united states before om t helicopters andhe launching operation neptun hefear. >> we got it down to a science. a lot of people had those elicop folding camping chairs, little n tripods sog we could maximize space. some guys sitting on those, som sitting below them. and i had a dog right next to ia me. it's pretty loudht inside of th so no one's talking to each
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other. there's no need to talk. each kind of looking around seeing how people are we're hearing from the pilots every now and then. very comforting because the arm picked the best pilots to fly. >> fifteen minutes later two chanuk helicopters take off, a rescue force in case anything goes wrong. >> we hear, okay, we've crossed the border. and at this point it's kind of you couldn't hear it but you no could feel, okay, now we're in a sovereign nation. we'r we don't know if they can see us or not. and if they do, they can justifiably shoot us down. and we can't react because mad they're defending theirbe natio. so everyone's kind of handling this in their own way. the weird feeling to realize ti that i can take a missile right now and blow up at any time, ndn wondering what's igt feel like o get shot out of the sky, do you
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die right away?sky do you die after you fall? what happens?ittle so i'm sitting facing forward om looking at the pilots in front f of me and guys are doing weird d stuff.. some guys fell asleep. a guy put his ipod in.musi he's going to listen to music. we'll hear every nowoi and thena from the pilots, all right, 15 minutes in, we haven't been painted, meaning no one sees use and we'red, flying low. so what i was doing between i s hearing this was counting. i learned as a sniper on recon and surveillance missions they ve watching something.72 so we're going to count to keepe my mind occupied. so i'm counting from zero to a thousand and a thousand to zero0 speeding it up and slowing it w down. hear then we hear another 30 minutes haven't been painted. refreshing and calm and awesome. better and keep counting. then it's 45 minutes.
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now the other part of the team which is thee guys in the bigge helicopters with more guys., t they were behind us now. so now we're worried about them a bigger target, what if they hy get hit? >> when they arrive over abbottabad the plan was of the two chanook helicopters to set down. >> mark bouden is the best the selling author of "the finish: >> haa had planned -- >> 80 minutes into the flight wm bank to the south. and i'm counting still. and it sounds made up, it sounds cheesy, but as i'm counting, for some reason i remembered a quote from george w. bush on 9/11. >> freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless nd
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coward. and freedom will be defended. . >> and i kind of got goose bumps. how in the world did i remember that? i started repeating it. and it kind of hit me then. so after weeks of training, 82 f minutes into the flight, i'm 82 like i'm on this mission, and we're going to kill him.on two minutes out the doors open and it's not a training site in the mountains in the united i states. and it's not a desert.sert it's life,. it's a one minute out and i'm thinking, s.e.a.l. stuff we're about to do. so in the second helicopter, th plan was the first helicopter en was going t wo go in front. >> one of the helicopters insid the compound itself, the other d was going to set down outside o the wall of the compound briefly, let off a couple men. it was kind of dark, they were going to control the perimeter
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and keep people and then it was supposed to move back up and hover over the e th and the s.e.a.l.s. were going to roll down on to the roof.e.a.l.s when the first stealth blackhawh began to move in to the compound, it crashed. >> we heard something along the lines of, dash one going around. so we're thinking dash one just aro the first helicopter was shot hl at, which was expected. so they're going to do a racetrack. >> in the practice run they had landed and taken off nded and successfully, but the wall around that mock-up was a steela fence. in abbottabad the wall was stone. so what happened was there was a buildup of heat underneath of the descending helicopter. fee which created conditions that unable to stay in the air. and it was really only due to the extraordinary skill of the helicopter pilot recognize whatp
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enough took the helicopter downi effectively to crash it in a controlled way so that it didn't tip over on its side and didn't become -- >> the pilot, he pinned us. and put the nose in the e dirt.d saved everyone's lives. so we land, we got the snipers out. and then we pick up and we go right back down to the ground. that wasn't part of the plan.wee we weren't talking to our pilot, but based on his actions he wase telling us you're getting out e here. we didn't know the helicopter crashed. but he did. he saw it crash. and he just thought, just being the genius that he is, they couldn't hover, i might not be able to hover, get out.
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this is a fox news alert. form new york governor mario cuomo died. the current governor, his son, was sworn-in. the elder cuomo was too frail to attend the ceremony. but andrew cuomo spoke about how his father was there in spirit. these words coming just hours before the former governor died. >> i went through the speech with him. he said it was good, especially for a second-termer. see. my father's a third-termer.
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but he sends his regards to all of you. he couldn't be here physically today, my father. but my father is in this room. >> mario cuomo became new york's 52nd governor in 1982. he was re-elected in 1986 and 1990 serving three terms. with his son andrew becoming his most trusted adviser. he entered the national stage in july 1984 when he delivered the keynote speech at the democratic national convention. it brought mario cuomo into the ranks of potential presidential contenders. he was hospitalized as recently as last month when he was treated for heart problems. he was 82 years old. i'm patricia stark. now back to our special "the man who killed usama bin laden." 7,000 miles away from abbottabad, pakistan, in washington, d.c. a small group of high-ranking government
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officials are watching the raid on bin laden's compound. and it's clear that something has gone very wrong. the moment captured in an iconic picture. >> it was a very good snapshot, the concern on secretary clinton's face, the president sitting. >> the president and tough decisionmakers in washington crowded around and watching on a screen really were only able to see from high above what had happened. and for a few minutes they weren't sure exactly whether the whole mission had been blown. sglt point where helicopters moved into frame, all they'd see initially is one chopper is crashed and the other has landed in a spot where it wasn't supposed to go. there had to have been, you know, dismay. bob gates, the defense secretary, had been in the white house back in 1980 when jimmy
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carter's rescue mission to tehran had gone awry in the desert. so i have no doubt the images of that tragic moment flashed through his head. they're powerless at that point. they sent these men to perform this mission. they've instructed them to fight their way out of the country if necessary. everyone was reassured but also surprised at how calmly admiral mcraven dealt with this setback. because to him it was the kind of thing that just happens. you expect that things are not going to go exactly as planned. and all these men were handpicked precisely because they're very good at making something good happen when something has gone bad. the men on the second helicopter began screaming out and assaulted the compound. so basically the assault from different avenues. >> i remember putting my right foot down and just saying sort of out loud, freedom will be
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defended. and i'm looking at usama bin laden's house and i'm thinking this is so cool. >> so the guys outside the compound had to blow open the gate in order to enter the compound. those in the chopper that crash landed inside the compound just began moving toward the target that they had planned to hit. >> there was a door under the wall. we went up to that, one of the breachers put a big bomb on it, blasted it. and it opened sort of like a tin can. that is a brick wall behind it. theher said failed breach, this is bad. i'm thinking, no, this is good. that's a fake door. someone important's in this house. >> now, we still didn't know that the helicopter had crashed. so we announced we're going to blast the main carport letting them know because they're going to be fast roping in and don't want to blow open, but then we hear over the radio we'll just open it for you. we're like what's that mean? and the door opens and a thumb comes out, a thumb's up.
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okay. so we followed them in. and as we're there there's a guy next to me on the helicopter he's whispering, we don't talk too much, he's whispering said the helicopter crashed. said it to me i was thinking one of the helicopters behind us was shot down. i said which one. and he goes, dude, our helicopter crashed in the front yard and you walked right past it. i was probably just as opposed to looking to my right i was looking at the house. there was this helicopter crashed. >> the team assaulting from outside entered the compound, they were fired upon. a brief volley of automatic weapon poorly aimed. so i believe one s.e.a.l. was slightly injured when some glass broke and cut his cheek. but there were no serious injuries. >> there were a few fights going on in the main house and guest house. i wasn't involved with that at
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all. we turn the corner and looking up at the house. we'd seen pictures and like that's it. this is awesome. a couple gunshots going back and forth through the window. >> of course once there's fire that orients the s.e.a.l. team to the enemy, to the threat. and these guys don't miss. so they shot and killed the person who opened fire on them. and inadvertently wounded his wife who was with him. and then they just proceeded into the first floor of the building along with the two approaching from the inside of the compound. >> one of the guys that just did the shooting, he said i just shot one of the women. she just jumped in front of him. am i in trouble? i remember first of all we don't need to be thinking are you in trouble, we don't need to think about that. no, the martyr jumped in front of the men. that's good. it's good that's happening because that means it's important. >> coming up next on "the man who killed usama bin laden," the
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now i get it.
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with operation neptun sphere underway in abbottabad, pakistan, the compound that's quietly harbored usama bin laden for years is suddenly under assault by a team of navy s.e.a.l.s. after blasting their way through the courtyard gates, they stormed the main building of the compound. >> they cleared a room on the first floor killing the courier, al kuwaiti and his wife found in the first floor of the main building. >> his wife jumped on top of him. she was killed. then we separated down the hallway. it was weird we end there because we're kind of back in the rooms. we don't want to stand in the hallway because that's where the
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enemy's going to shoot. >> they begin methodically room by room the first floor they work as a team. as they enter a floor they begin looking through rooms where there are potential threats. so they peel off and clear room by room by room. this is all happening very rapidly. >> i remember there's a girl in our room, a little girl, crying. and i had a guy -- i was sort of holding down, i had a guy take my spot, i went and grabbed her and walked her across the hallway to find a woman to give the girl to. because even in the heat of something that important, that moment we're the good guys. and we don't want her to be anymore afraid than she needs to be because she has nothing to do with this. so people are going around making sure kids are huddled with parents. and the hallway's a barricade to a door. >> the steel door locked going to a staircase up the second floor. they blew that door and began up the narrow staircase to the
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second floor. >> we blow it open and go up the stairs. i was way in the back. so i'm kind of just walking up the stairs and i'm watching. and what the analyst said was that you're probably going to run into kahlid bin laden, the guy in front sort of separated by a banister between him and khalid. he just whispered to him, he whispered come here in arabic and that confused him because there wasn't a lot of yelling and screaming and go, go, go. he was armed and he turned over, what? armed? shoot. so shot him. and that was just because of spot-on intelligence by the cia. knowing and telling us where this person will be here. we keep going up the stairs. once we get to the second floor, all the guys except the first guy separated. >> there were women and children on that floor. so as the men got up to the landing on the second floor,
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they would have peeled off down hallways and cleared room by room. then of course there's a staircase leading up to the third floor. >> i was about seven guys back and had clearing all the rooms. the first guy's looking up the stairs and he's taking a shot up the stairs already before i got there. the five or six guys in front of me all split off and i stayed as the number two man, because i was the last guy in the train. and i knew that he needed two men. so i stayed with him. and my job was to wait and make sure we had enough people to go up the stairs. because there was stuff going on and i wanted at least two more, i wanted four guys to go in that next room up the stairs. he started to talk a little bit saying something on the lines of suicide vests and the women are doing stuff and we need to get up there. and the more he didn't get excited but just the more he made it known that it's time to go. because he had taken a shot up the stairs. >> this whole operation inside the house lasted about 15
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minutes. so, you know, bin laden and his wives on the third floor would have had plenty of time to know that the house was under assault, to hear the gunfire, to hear the explosion. you know, blowing off the door to the second floor, to hear the shot that killed his son, the wailing i presume, the crying of women and children, you can understand s.e.a.l.s. on the second floor feel a sense of urgency about getting up to the third before somebody starts shooting down. >> so how is it you ended up the number two man on the stairs to the third floor? >> just luck. just the way that it worked. the guys ahead of me, based on our tactics, we know that the guy in front stays in front and everyone behind there's other stuff going on. they need to get to that, you know, the threat, to take care of the threat. more important, we need to clear that room. and part of me was, you know, we just need to get it done now.
6:24 pm
and part of it was this is the one that's going to blow up. let's git over with. so i squeezed him and the two of us went up the stairs into the room. we haven't seen the big guy yet. >> the first s.e.a.l. came up the steps and fired the first shot and tackled two women right inside the hallway or in the doorway for fear they may be wearing explosive vests or something. get them out of the way. >> there was a curtain, he went through the curtain and most of the women were right there, the daughters and wives. he sort of grabbed them and tackled them, kind of walked them in the hallway and laid on top of them assuming he was going to blow up. he gave his life so the guy behind him he didn't know who it was so he could get the shot. he did that and i pushed him down the hallway and i turned to the right and standing not two feet in front of me with his
6:25 pm
hands on his wife's shoulders behind her, was a face i'd seen thousands of times, ubl. very quickly did i recognize him and just pop, pop, pop. >> where did you shoot usama bin laden? >> in the face three times. >> did he stagger at all? >> he just fell by the left side of the bed. >> how long from the second you saw him until he was laying dead at your feet? >> it was less than a second. probably half a second. just walk in, saw him, shot him. he was a threat. he had to be wearing a suicide vest as a threat. i'm within my rules of engagement, he's not surrendering. >> and how much time was there between shots? >> i would guess, again, you know the two shots are going to be just quick, bap-bap. and then the third shot and however long it takes a person to fall on the floor.
6:26 pm
so i was standing above him when he took his last breath. and i heard it audibly. >> did usama bin laden say anything? >> no. >> did you say anything to him? >> nothing, nope. no, we met for a second. that's it. >> coming up next on "the man who killed usama bin laden". >> now we're there, people know something happened and now we're trying to get back. i hear him say usama bin laden and then i look at usama bin laden. and i literally wonder how in the world did i get here from montana. patented sonic technology with
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up to 27% more brush movements. get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. it's the middle of the night in abbottabad, pakistan. and navy s.e.a.l. robert o neill shot and killed -- >> you know you're the last person to see usama bin laden alive. >> 100%.
6:30 pm
>> you said he wasn't surrendering. >> yes. >> so it was a kill capture. >> yes. we did realize we need to get as much intelligence as we can out of this house. we just ended the war. >> after they killed bin laden they want to get a picture of him. and they want to get an assessment of who it is they just killed. and they immediate ly saw it wa bin laden. they want to herd the women and children out of the house. >> one of the s.e.a.l.s. that spoke arabic was talking to one of the daughters she finally admitted that that's sheikh sheikh usama. saying geronimo was a pro word we would use we found him, we
6:31 pm
got him. so we didn't need to say we got bin laden over the radio. >> they began systemically gathering up every piece of evidence they could find from laptop computers to paper files, discs, hard drives, anything that could have valuable information. so very hastily they're moving room to room throwing into plastic bags they want to take with them. >> we found everything from opium to hard drives. we would take the hard drives out of the computers, thumb drives, disks, everything we could get our hands on. i think the second floor was an office. >> the body of bin laden is put into a body bag, carried outside. >> i was one of the four guys that picked him up and we carried him all the way out. we brought him outside and gave him to the snipers. >> when he was on the ground they jabbed a syringe into his leg in order to get a dna sample. and they took the dna sample and
6:32 pm
put it on the other helicopter so in the event they lost one chopper they still had proof of who they had killed. >> the other guys from the other squadron were going to come pick us up. so we split up from there with the helicopters the pilots thought they could fly it but my boss made the decision to blow it up. >> blown up with a very hot-burning substance that basically will destroy anything in it. it just melts the helicopter down because it is a classified piece of military equipment with a lot of interesting electronics inside of it, they didn't want to leave anything behind that they don't want people stumbling across. >> so we reached an explosives up and then we blew that up, helicopter came to get us and then we got on the helicopter and flew out. that was a bit more intense because now we're there, people know something happened, they know helicopters were involved and now we're trying to get back
6:33 pm
a 90-minute flight almost like watching a race. like, wait a minute. we kind of watch, we're watching it go. 80 something minutes, somebody came over the radio and said, all right, gentlemen, for the first time in your lives you're going to be happy to hear this, welcome to afghanistan. and everyone's like oh, my god, we just did it. we just pulled it off and we got him. we all lived. we're all fine. it was insane. so then there was high-fiving. i mean, we got usama bin laden and we're going to live. >> what was the mood in afghanistan? >> guys were partying, guys were exciting. analyst was there, she saw him, she was happy. i talked to one other s.e.a.l. that was the closest to me when i shot usama bin laden.
6:34 pm
and he said to me, you need to give her something special, probably the magazine. it was his idea. so i said i'll do that, i took it out of my gun and asked if she had room for it in her backpack and she did. we walked over and saw the body. said is that your guy, then we moved to bagram where they had special fbi going to do a dna test. and there was actually a big flat screen tv in the middle. and we were watching -- it was actually on fox news. and we're kind of see iing the response. i walk back to my spot and i'm standing two feet away from usama bin laden. and i'm watching tv. and the president comes out. and everyone's all quiet. and he said -- >> tonight, i can report to the american people and to the world, the united states has conducted an operation that killed usama bin laden, the
6:35 pm
leader of al qaeda. >> and i stopped listening right there. i hear him say usama bin laden. and then i look at usama bin laden. and literally wonder how in the world did i get here from montana. then we're watching and guys start to say out loud, say no one was hurt, tell them no one was hurt. our families need to know no one was hurt. >> a small team of americans carried out the operation with extraordinary courage and capability. no americans were harmed. >> when did you realize that the entire country basically broke out in patriotism? ♪ star spangled banner yet waves ♪ >> i don't know who the guy is, but whomever was hanging from the light post in manhattan, who'd obviously had a few cocktails, he made me realize it's a big deal. i mean, usa chants outside the
6:36 pm
white house. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> it's wild out here. it's mardi gras, it's new year's eve. [ cheers and applause ] >> what does your family say when you told them what you did? >> well, i'd always told my mother, jokingly even in high school, you don't need to worry about me, mom. i'm here to do something special. and i was just joking. and i joined the navy. i'm like you don't need to worry about me mom, i'm here to do something special. i kept saying that crap even when we started going to war. just to calm her. then i called her, i said, hey, mom, you can start worrying now. she's like why? i said that special thing, i'm pretty sure it just happened. a that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.
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from new york. i'm patricia stark. former new york governor mario cuomo has die. cuomo passed away thursday hours after his oldest son, the current new york governor, andrew cuomo, was sworn into a second term. many high-profile politicians weighing in. pataki releasing this statement, "our deepest condolences on the passing of governor cuomo, a proud son of immigrants possessed of soaring intellect and a great humor. chris christie saying, our country and our region lost a giant today with the passing of governor mario cuomo. he was a strong eloquent leader who loved new york and its people. he was re-elected in 1986 and then again in 1990 serving a total of three terms. with his son andrew emerging as his most-trusted adviser. the elder cuomo entered the national stage in july 1984 when he delivered the keynote speech
6:40 pm
at the democratic national convention. this brought cuomo into the ranks of possible presidential contenders. he was hospitalized as recently as last month and treated for heart problems. he was 82 years old. i'm patricia stark. now back to our special "the man who killed usama bin laden." for all your headlines log onto you're watching the most powerful name in news, fox news channel. with usama bin laden dead, the mission was complete. after a few days back home, rob and the team flew to ft. campbell, kentucky, for a private meeting with the president, vice president and cabinet. >> he was just proud of us. he came in. i remember hearing his distinctive voice. hey, everybody. kind of cool to see him walk in with a big smile, cool, happy. he hung it out there. that's a big call. and he made it. i was standing next to one of the guys on the mission, didn't don on him to ask who killed him and my buddy was like, well, we
6:41 pm
all did. w >> why didn't you just say i did it? >> it's not about me. our guys got the guys in spot to take the shot, the guys on the ground that physically got people into place by blowing up doors, breaking down stuff, moving, security and finally someone gets a shot. i mean, this wasn't -- definitely wasn't me. it wasn't the team. this was the country. this was the entire country. >> rob served one more deployment in afghanistan but then decided it was time to leave the military. >> i stopped getting adrenaline in gunfights, and that's dangerous. you can get complacent. someone go up and -- you know, we would eliminate the threat. that careless -- not carelessness but complacency could get me killed and i want to be around for a while. it was a long hard process. but i was done.
6:42 pm
12 deployments, a couple contingencies, i was just done. i wanted a clean cut. i came through the front door on the first day and i wanted to leave through the front door. i don't feel like the navy owes me anything. i don't feel like i owe the navy anything. my only regret is that i miss my guys. >> are you worried about your personal security? >> yes. >> why specifically? >> well, i don't know how people will react to this. i think all the guys, especially on the mission, all the guys on the mission there could be a threat, yes. >> one year after operation neptun sphere another navy s.e.a.l. published a book detailing his account of the raid using the pen name mark owen. >> we have essentially two different versions of what happened. >> no easy day claims the first shot up the stairs hit bin laden knocking him to the floor.
6:43 pm
>> the story by owen places himself second in line up the stairs. he finds bin laden on the floor, believes he's alive and pumps bullets into his torso to finish him off. >> why is the story in no easy day different than the story that you are telling us? >> i think that war is foggy. and i think that the author is telling the story as he saw it. and also based on the debriefing he heard. >> but the debrief was missing a few details. >> the debrief was just cleaned up. it was missing a few details, yeah. it was fairly accurate. again, i can just speak on what i saw. >> the only way i can justify those two accounts without accusing someone of lying, which i think probably not true given the fact that this is all happening very rapidly in the dark, obviously a lot of adrenaline flowing, is it's quite possible it seems to me that the first s.e.a.l. coming up the stairs shot and missed,
6:44 pm
the second s.e.a.l. entered the room, shot bin laden twice in the head. the third s.e.a.l. comes in and that in fact is owen, sees bin laden on the floor and pumps bullets into his torso. in the confusion it's possible that owen believed he was the second s.e.a.l. in the room and that that first shot, that one fired by the initial s.e.a.l. up the stairs had in fact hit bin laden in the head and killed him -- or knocked him down, which would explain why he found bin laden laying on the floor. >> there was a shot fired up the stairs before i got there. i don't know what happened. i didn't see what happened. again, when i went in the room i can't say for 100% that he was hit when i went in the room. he could have been. but he was definitely on two feet. and he was definitely moving. so, you know, he was there. and i'll take ten lie detectors on that one. the author of no easy day he for the most part is telling what he saw and then what he heard. but he only knows what we told him. >> the only way i can justify the story that mark owen wrote
6:45 pm
and sold is if he somehow in the confusion believed he was the second man up the stairs when in fact he was the third. >> is it possible that somebody's going to come out now, watching this, and say rob o'neill did not kill usama bin laden? >> i can probably see that happening. it's one of those things where i heard from a guy that heard from a guy that heard from a guy. and all of a sudden it turns into a different story. again, it doesn't bother me. you know, there was two people that were there. the thing that i've learned especially from this mission because there are people with differing accounts, the thing that i've learned the most is regardless of rank, position, office, unless you were in the room at the time, you only know what you were told. >> and that speaks to --
6:46 pm
>> that speaks to everybody. >> do you worry that by telling your story the pentagon's going to be upset? >> there's going to be people upset because you can't do anything without upsetting some people. i don't know why that is. i don't believe i'm saying anything that hasn't been already said and acknowledged and confirmed by high ranking officials. >> photos were taken of usama bin laden's dead body. >> yes. >> do you think the public should see those? >> no. >> why? >> it's a graphic picture. a man shot in the face three times. a lot of people don't need that image. they need to know justice was served. >> up next, why rob is breaking his silence now and the emotional meeting with 9/11 victims' families that convinced him to tell his story. i have ad with terrible chest congestion. better take something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. oh, what a relief it is. here we go!
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you kept it secret for a long time. why do you want to tell the story now? >> there never was going to be this. i did want to give something to the 9/11 memorial museum. i wanted to give the shirt that i wore and the flag that was on the shirt to the museum because the shirt was present when usama bin laden took his last breath. i did want to document because i knew it would be historical. but i thought we were pretty much going to drop it off, get a private tour, which we did. >> rob asked us if we would document his tour of the 9/11 memorial museum on the condition we not air the footage until and unless he was comfortable
6:51 pm
revealing his identity. >> we finished the private tour we walked into the room and there was sort of a stage. and there were family members. and i wasn't prepared to speak. i didn't know what i was going to say. but i got in front of them and i talked to them. i don't know what they expected to hear. i told them a lot of the story. i told them about usama bin laden dying. and just to see their reaction and to talk to them after. >> i want to thank you -- our family members because they were just innocent people -- >> have them tell me things like you didn't close a chapter, you closed the book on the worst thing that's ever happened to me. or, you know, i'm not afraid
6:52 pm
anymore. and just the closure for those families. that was only 20, 25 families. there's thousands and thousands of families affected by this. that's the reason that we went. accepting death the way we did, because it wasn't for ourselves to get the big mission and have bragging rights. the reason that we left on a mission knowing we're probably going to die more than likely not come home was for the single mom that went to work on tuesday morning and later that morning she made the conscious decision to jump to her death because it's better than burning alive. i thought that it would be irresponsible of me not to give everyone else closure that it's over. and, yes, there's personal risk in doing this, but i've accepted personal risk before because it's bigger than me. it's not about me. every time i've talked to
6:53 pm
someone that lost a loved one, it's an incredible feeling to give them that. >> you're going to donate some of the equipment from the raid just for historical purposes. >> yes. >> you asked us to film it just for the historical document. >> yes. >> there was no plan for the public to see that footage until what happened? >> talking to the people, talking to the first responders. i remember a guy standing up in front of me telling me, explaining to his friend's daughter why did god do this. every single day. he said god didn't do this, the devil did this. >> you killed the devil. >> the people with their heads in their hands still crying. i just want to give them closure knowing the man ultimately responsib responsible. at music] ♪
6:54 pm
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rob o'neill's war is now rob o'neill's war is over. his days of parachuting out of airplanes and chasing enemies of america are behind him. after more than 16 years of fighting for freedom, rob has returned to the mountains and trout streams of montana, where it all began. rob, why is it you say montana will always be home? >> well, you know, look around. it's beautiful here. it's peaceful. it's quiet. i grew up here. this is where everything started for me. it's like a comfort zone. >> it is so quiet here. this has got to be so much different than the noisy gunfights you were in for your entire career in the military. is this a stress reliever? >> yeah, this is a stress reliever. it's nice to hear the water. it's nice to know nothing's
6:58 pm
going to blow up. yeah, it's good to be out here. it's a great way to relax. being outside is a lot better than golf because if you lose something in the bush, you know, you can put a new one on. >> when rob was off at war and you would come out here? >> yeah. >> was it ever peaceful enough for you to set aside all the concerns you had for him? >> yes. a lot of times it was. but it also gives you a lot of time to think about what he might be going through too. you know, but being out here in this environment where all of a sudden it's either the middle of the night or just before dawn and you're still here getting ready to do what you do, it's very calming. you do get a good feel about life. knowing that rob had been doing a lot of that with me and the limited experience i have in the outdoors and everything. i knew he was handling whatever he needed to be in. >> rob, after 9/11 you had a very stressful decade of war.
6:59 pm
what's it like living at both ends of the spectrum? >> at the time i didn't realize how dangerous the job was even when training until i got further away from it. the further i got away from it like, wow, i did pretty cool stuff. now just to get out and do this not do anything definitely doesn't bother me. definitely not as risky, but probably a change for the better. >> rob o'neill went halfway around the world to stare evil in the face and a manhunt that lasted more than a decade came to an end in less than ten seconds. although the fight for freedom will continue, the contributions of rob and his navy s.e.a.l. brethren can be measured in the eyes of 9/11 victims' families to provide a small feeling of closure. freedom was attacked. and america responded.
7:00 pm
that will be the legacy of "the man who killed usama bin laden." this is a fox news alert from new york, i'm patricia stark. former new york governor mario cuomo has died at the age of 82. we're joined now on the phone by fox legal analyst peter johnson who was a top aide to governor cuomo and knew him very well. peter, we're so very sorry for your loss. >> hi, patricia, good evening. >> what can you tell us about your personal experience with governor cuomo? >> well, governor cuomo was governor for three terms in the state of new york and he electrified america and the democratic party by articulating a message about the transformative power of big government. remember, he was a popular governor around the time of ronald reagan's popularitys


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