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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 2, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> it is friday, january 2nd. a fox news lart a. powerful political voice silenced. >> there is despair, mr. president in the faces that you don't see. >> the tributes are pouring in for mario cuomo and his sons heartfelt words hours before he dies. >> passengers running off their plane after it nose-dives. we are learning why the pilot should have never been in the cockpit in the first place. >> when they go up they canning spec tack yar.
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spectacular. >> clark. >> with christmas a week behind us now it is time to take down the lights, clark. you tell us. >> "fox friends& friends first" starts right now. >> neon lights shining bright live shot of times square for you there a brand new year 2015. you are watching fox friends first on this first friday of the year. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for starting your day off with us. >> today the country mourns the loss the man known as a liberal lion. >> former new york governor mario cuomo died at the age of
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82. >> how he is being remembered. patricia? >> mario cuomo was a political giant in new york state. the first generation mayor earned a law dreing before working his way into politics. he was governor for three terms. his death coming hours after his son was sworn in for his second term as governor. >> he couldn't be here physically today, my father but my father is in this room. he is in heart and mind of every person who is here. he's here. >> quo hoemoco mow had been sick for months. his daughter noted he passed at 5:50 p.m. which were his lucky numbers. after his son's swearing in. he delivered the keynote speech
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at the 84 democratic national convention. >> democrats must unite. we democrats must unite so the entire nation can unite. >> he was later considered a likely candidate for president but never sought his party's nomination. as governor he balanced budgets reduced taxes and created jobs in new york. president obama saying quote an italian catholic hit from queens he had his faith in god and faith in america to live a public life of service and we all better for it. he leaves behind 6 children and 5 children and 14 grandchildren. >> on twitter targeting mrils officers in st. louis, missouri 35-year-old jason valentine under arrest for posting phrases like this kill a pig night pick
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a side or die with them. many of the tweets mentioned ferguson and were unarm -- or where the unarmed teenager michael brown was shot by police officer. he threatened to blow up the st. louis city justice center. a man has been arrested after a nearly 8 hour manhunt. this started when shots were fired at a east palo alto neighborhood at 3:00 in the morning. gomez fired his gun with them and officers fired back and gomez ran off. he was found hours later hiding out nearby and his motive is unclear. >> new priorities for the new year. fox news learned the new republican majority in the house wants votes this month on the keystone pipeline and parts of obamacare. doug luzader in live for us with what we can expect in the days ahead. doug, will they stick to that? >> looks like republicans are going to be aggressive right out
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of the gate controlling both the senate and theouse in just a few days. one of the first issues they are going to bring up that keystone xl pipeline. republicans think it will be a big job creator some democrats are concerned about environmental project this has gone through one delay after another. >> it is a job creating bill it enjoys significant bipartisan support. first item up in the new senate will be the key scone xl pipeline. >> that should be very very soon. the president enjoying his vacation in hawaii. before he left he talked about the possibility of using his veto pen in the year ahead. he also tried to work with the new congress. >> i am being sincere when i say i want to work with this new congress to get things done. we are going to disagree on some
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things but there will be disagreements. >> the other thing is obamacare. you eluded to this republicans may try to define it as a 40-hour week decemberiscouraging employers trying to meet requirements. >> that was one of the many big concerns with that. >> that brings us to look who is talking. the new congress should start small and take on the big issues. >> they should attend to items popular. start request keystone. if the president vetoes he has declared himself. you go on to trade authority and go on to sanctions. you talk about a deadline you may have a 67 votes in the senate to force sanctions on iran and not allow them to
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spring string it out. then you go to the major items immigration and tax reform. do this stuff first and then have a strategy for the big items. >> so let's keep talking about the in if you congress. what should be the first order of business. log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page after the show for a live debate #keep talking. an ice sighs fighter in new zealand giving away his exact location through his tweets. he was bragging on social media about joining isis and syria. he forgot to turn off his gps. they pinpointed his exact locations. the tweets have since been deleted. serving jail time is missing even though he was freed in president obama will's deal last month. he the family wants answers.
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they heard from hism daily during the 20-years in prison but there has been no communication since the white house announced release in mid december. allen gross was freed in the same swap. he has been reunited with his family. >> new overnight 7 more bodies recovered from the doomed airasia flight that crashed into the sea. weather a huge obstacle for the search and rescue crews. david has more. >> the search and recovery operation is ramping up at this time but they are still struggling without bad weather. specialist equipment has been dropping in with the help of the black box recorders. they left today with specialist under water listening equipment on board. accompanying the equipment is a team from france accident
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investigation agency. it is not clear yet if they have been able to deploy the equipment today because of the rough seas. dive teams are struggle to go get down to an object sited that could be the fuselage of the plane that went missing sunday. around 50 shifts are also continuing their search. 7 more bodies have been recovered today 16 have now been found. they searched through bodies thursday and the uss work is now in the area and ready to help if needed. thank you guys in the studio. >> david piper live in the studio. thank you, david. extreme weather now a rare cold snap m wool in california. look at this. police in oklahoma city aren't sure how the truck ended up like that. they say the ice didn't help. the frigid temperatures even freezing this fountain.
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look at that in las vegas. >> i am new to vegas. i wasn't expecting weather like this. i haven't seen snow in a long time. this is pretty insane. >> take a look if you think that's insane. look at this photo. grand canyon blanketed in snow. the snow is heading east. >> maria molina is tracking the snow. >> a lot of crazy weather with the storm system. i am glad you showed the image from oklahoma city they are looking at yet another round of icy conditions through out the day. there is an ice storm warning in central oklahoma. the storm system will be producing significant ice accumulations out there. freezing rain already coming out of western parts of texas out here. we are looking at concerns for ice accumulations so be careful on the roadways out there. ice storm warning in effect across portions of oklahoma and
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texas. wib winter storm warnings so 12340e will be possible on the backside of the storm. it is a mess over portions of the southern plains. we are expecting more snow across portions of the northeast but across new england that's what you are looking at another winter storm impacting your area. many areas could be looking at more than 6 inches of snow. be careful with that with states like mississippi, alabama over the weekend. >> we will check in with you later on that. thank you. >> ohio state faced oregon in the first ever college football playoff final championships. the suck buckeyes claiming victory over number one alabama in the sugar bowl. the final score 42-35. a blowout in the rose bowl. oregon beating florida state 59-20. how did that happen. florida star quarterback james
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ston winston having one of the worst games of his career. the ducks scored 6 straight touchdowns in the second half at least four the result of turnovers. the ducks and buckeyes play for the fight teal january 12th at the home of the dallas cowboys. >> 7 protestors were calledhauled off by police for trying to interfere with the rose parade. they were split up into groups one at the start line the other at the parade route. they were protesting police for the death of a black man shot by lapd officer in august. >> hundreds kicking off the new year at the boston police department. people holding signs waving flags encouraging drivers to honk their horns all in thanks to the boston police officers. it comes in response to the recent wave of anti police protests across our country. >> people approach us on that and sometimes it has been negative. we want to show them and the people around there is good in
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the community. >> police officials say they do reesh yat all of the support because it reinforces their connection with the community. >> the time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up supervised spankings. we are going to tell you about a dad who called for help before disciplining his daughter. >> five decades later you are never going to believe what is found inside the man who is behind the wheel of that t-bird. (scream) >> the christmas present that made this teenager go bananas.
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>> a driver hiding two dead bodies in the bed of his pickup truck accused of killing two west virginia police officers.
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they started when the officers pulled over a stolen suv. a pick upstrucktruck stopped, too. turns out the driver waudz the father of the driver that they pulled over. the officers both wounded in the shoot-out he was hit in the leg. he was the owners the suv. the far and son were charged with murder for shooting the officers. no charges yet for the body found in the truck. >> a police chief on leave after he says he accidentally shot his wife. it happened in his bedroom with the service gun. william mccollum joined the department back in 2012 and became the police chief in october. it was just a terrible accident. >> he is really a good man. maggie is a wonderful person, too. we are concerned for her health. hoppe my kids are worried about
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her. hope she gets better. >> no charges so far have been filed the chief's wife remains in critical condition. >> apologizing after a mother claims she humiliated the special needs daughter. ivy hadz cerebral palsy and can't sit up on her own. she needs to sit on her parent's laugh for support. on a flight home they demanded she sit in her own seat and refused to accommodate her. a dad who wanted to discipline his 12-year-old daughter calling police officers to supervise him thanking her telling the sheriff's office that he didn't want to break the law. sure enough a deputy showed up to the house and over saw the spanking. this happens more often than you might think. the sheriff's office says they have supervised 12 other
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spankings recently. >> well, parents, if you like your sense of hearing never buy your teenaged daughter this gift. (screaming) >> that will wake you up. what was in the box? tickets to see her favorite band one direction. >> she calms down enough to thank hem for the tickets for the best christmas present ever. >> can you image how she will be at the concert? >> he said he would only scream like that if he won the lottery. >> he is not a teenaged girl. >> chaos and brand new information about why the pie lo of the plane that nose-dived should have never been in the cockpit in the first place. >> call it karma. isis fighters battling a lot
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more than coalition troops.
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>> the captain of this plane should not have been flying in the first place. >> oh my god. oh my god. the plane is on fire. >> the shocking report shows the pilot had two prescription drugs in him when the plane crashed in march. he wouldn't be fit to fly until 60 hours after taking the medication but he got into the cockpit 45 hours later. the report says he and his co pilot failed to properly prepare the plane for takeoff and ignored the warning signs there was going to be a problem.
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>> again motors starting off the new year with new retalls. more than 90,000 trucks pulled over roads for faulty ignitions. they caused them to the air bags to fall and not to deploy. from 2007 to 2014 that were repaired with fault twriwhy i parts. >> the sony hack is not the work with north korea but instead a disgruntled female employee. a private security firm looking into the cyber attack said a woman called lena was laid back in may and teamed up with other former workers to humiliate the company. north korea has been accused in the attack as retaliation for the new movie called the
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interview. >> it is offering customers a 10 percent discount on an on-line purchase and those who have a membership will get a 5 day suspension. sony and xbox were hit by the hack and the network problems lasted for days after christmas. >> it is time for brew on this. get your coffee cup ready as we talk about this story christmas new years are both behind us now. >> when do you get rid of that festive feeling. >> while it is common for people to take everything down even the day after christmas or new year he is a day some people wait until january 6th. three kings day they saw a bright star they followed it. 12 days later on january the 6th they arrived and gave their gifts to the newborn. >> i wait until january 7th.
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that's my birthday, by the way. i keep it up until then. >> i know. it's on my calendar. >> when do you take your decorations down? were they out with 2014 or do you let them linger longer? send them to facebook twitter or e-mail. we will share them later in the show. >> a brand new jail funded by you the tax payer why is it still sitting empty four years after it was built. one step at a time the inspiring way a boston marathon bombing survivor starting the year. ust as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today. does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric.
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get a $15 gift card when you buy $75 in hp ink or any hp toner multipack. office depot & officemax. gear up for great.
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>> it is friday january 2nd. a fox news alert. a powerful politician gone. >> it is time for someone smart enough to know strong enough to do, sure enough to lead.
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>> looking back at the life of former governor new york governor mario cuomo. >> from the front lines against isis with one click. >> it was had a easy. it was like booking a flight to miami beach. >> describes the shockingly simple process to join the fight against isis. >> you want a free trip to hawaii be the most loving person which you already have ainsley and maybe you can go. >> the give away that will have you softening your ways. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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>> looking really good heather because it is cold out there on 6th avenue in new york city. let's make it a beautiful day. welcome to "fox & friends first". if you are just waking up i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your friday as always with us. >> a legend lost. this morning the country remembering former governor mario cuomo. he has passed away at 82 years old. >> patricia stark has been following the story all night. she is here with a look back at his life. >> thank you. mario cuomo was a political giant in new york state. the first generation american earned his law degree before working his way into politics. he was elected new york governor in 1952 and served three terms. he served his second term as governor.
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>> he couldn't be here physically today but my father is in the room. he is in the heart and mind of every western who is here. he's here. >> cuomo had been sick for months and passed away of heart failure at his home with his family by his side. his daughter noted he passed away at 5:15 p.m. which were his favorite numbers. he died after his son was sworn in. he delivered the keynote speech at the 84 national democratic convention. >> we democrats must unite. we democrats must unite so the entire nation can unite. >> he was later considered a likely candidate for president but never sought his party's nomination. as governor he balanced budgets reduced taxes and created jobs for new york. president obama released a statement praising cuomo for his public service. chris christie remembered quote a giant from across the
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political aisle. he was a strong eloquent leader who loved new york and its people. as an italian american he was also a role model for future generations that anything is possible through hard work and education. mario cuomo leaves behind his wife 5 children and 14 grandchildren. a lot of condolences going out across the country on both side of the aisle. >> police union blasting mayor deblasio's decision to reappoint a judge they called his move to bring a judge named laura johnson one year term calling it hypocritical and disgrace. they showed real support for rank and file officers and failed. form he were governor jeb bush helping the families of the two nypd officers murdered in the line of duty.
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they donated 10,000 dollars to the steven siller tunnel to towers foundation. the foundation announcing that money will go towards new homes for the families of officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu. >> fox news just learned the new republican majority in the house wants to vote this month on the key scone pipeline and parts of obamacare. doug law ziader has what we can expect the next few weeks. >> what will the president do if and when these bills reach his desk? sounds like they will. the new republican controlled congress will put a real priority on the keystone xl pipeline. we could see a vote within weeks on this. republicans accuse democrats of foot dragging. the white house has been putting a lot of pressure from the left because of environmental
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concerns. the uncoming senate majority leader says it is a top priority for this month. >> multiple studies over and over again sewing no measurable harm to the environment. people want jobs is this will create well paying high wage jobs for our people. >> president obama meantime enjoying time on the gulf course as his hawaiian vacation comes to a close. he put aggressive stance towards republicans promising to use his veto pen much more often than the years ahead. >> i want to work with this new congress to get things done. wither going to get agree on some things but there will be areas of agreement. >> the other big issue had to do with obamacare and whether full-time work should be defined
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adds 40-hours a week. there have been employers cutting back and part-time employees to avoid obamacare insurance requirements. >> thank you, doug. keep talking about the new congress, what should be the first order of business in your opinion? weigh in at #keep talking. hostages beg for their lives in a video released by jihadist. female aid workers in their 20's were kidnapped while working in northern syria. there is concern they could be traded by their captors to isis. italy's government not commenting. u.s. navy uss samson recovering two more bodies in the airasia flight in the java sea. fort worth is on its way to help. special under water equipment was also brought in to find the plane's black box recorder. this as bad weather wreaks havoc
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in southeast asia. crews spotted an object they believe is the fuselage but divers struggling to get under water to investigate. 145 people are still unaccounted for today. >> oo extreme weather now the rare cold snap out west killing 5 in california. they are not sure how the truck ended up like that but the ice did not help. freezing that fountain in las vegas. take a look at this photo. this is the grand canyon blanketed in snow. the storm is heading east. >> hey maria. >> good morning heather and ainsley. the storm system has made a mess of travel for so many americans for the planes and parts of the
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northeast as we head into the weekend. right now we are tracking areas of freezing rain. there is concern for ice regulations out here moving on into portions of oklahoma. storms issued by the national weather service. as much as a quarter inch to half inch of ice could be on the roadways. on the backside of this system we are taking out several inches of accumulation western ohmklahoma and western purges ohs of texas. flash flooding will be possible and across portions of new england. that's a big concern for travel. heather and ainsley the issue
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around here we are looking at risk for isolated tornadoes and gusts. >> boston marathon bombing survivor who lost her leg. >> rebecca dau de martinez from texas went through 17 surgeries she had her leg amputated. that was back in november. now she has a new prosecute thetic leg with that she hopes to run in this year's boston marathon. >> for me to be that close to something that do have destroyed me and it only allows me to be stronger. >> good for her. she will get a personalized prosthetic leg next week. >> do you want to win a trip to hawaii? >> yes. >> who would say no to that? you have to believe the most loving person in america.
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>> they were giving a i way a free vacation they got when they bought their new car. it includes air fair five days in a five star hotel. they say there are no springstrings attached. they are a christian couple who wants to give it to someone who deserves it. so far they have received nearly 5,000. they are going to pick a winner on january 25th. you have a few more weeks to saw ply. >> the time now is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up a deadly gamble why most cancer types come down to luck not lifestyle. >> before you needless stress you want to hear this. the popular morning meal that gois getting even more expensive. >> selena gomez shunned. no. why the pop star picture is igniting ain't national firestorm.
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>> a u.s. veteran frustrated joins the fight on his own speaking to katherine her raj. the veteran who wants his identity protected said he went to fight along kurdish forces weeks after getting recruited on-line. >> shot a message expressed my interest. they got back to me told me to send them resume for purposes. it was that easy. it was like booking a flight to miami beach. >> the veteran says the kurds he was fighting with were so poorly equipped he stuffed his vest with a bible because there was no body armor. >> isis might be facing their toughest battle yet ebola. new reports claiming two terrorists in iraq have the deadly and highly contagious
2:45 am
disease. nothing has been confirmed yet and world health organization says it is unlikely iraqi doctors have the technology to diagnose the disease. >> a $48 million jail that costs 400,000 a year to maintain on the tax payer's dime had been sitting empty for the last four years. in washington state there's a dispute over funding between officials and the sheriffs. commissioners say they have put enough money into the jail. the sheriff says it is not enough to absorb the increased cost. he is asking for more 500,000. >> every item has ran out of warrantee. if it costs money we will see what happens. >> neither i'd is budging and the brand new jail sits empty. >> new information about the possible data breech at chik-fil-a restaurants.
2:46 am
they may have had credit cards stolen over the last year. maryland texas and virginia could have been affected. the company says it will reach out customers after learning some more. >> how do you like your eggs cooked in new law kicked in requiring farmers to put chickens in cages with enough space to women or noedcome around. they have to follow the same rule the that means added expenses to you the consumer you will be paying the extra cost. >> the time now is 15 minutes to the top of the hour. coming up a surprise in surgery. >> went back to look at the old pictures on my rack and i notice the turn signal waudz missing. >> the discovery more than 5 decades in the making. better uses for bubbly. the best ways to use the
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leftover champagne without even having to drink it. right now let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> nice seeing you ladies. i remember you from last year. the legacy of former new york governor mario cuomo. more of a major shake-up for democratic national convention. could it be going elsewhere other than new york. healthcare isn't the only thing it will cost you the price of coffee and other items going up too. megyn kelly live a new dating web site has bawled men to live with their moms.
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welcome back. an 18-year-old arrested after promising a -- quote -- "hail of bullets at his connecticut high school." police in east lime say that tyler mackenzie made the threat on social media. in the post he said it was because he had been bullied. the threat forcing school officials to cancel sporting events this week and up security on the first day back monday. the flu claiming another young life, this time in iowa. a three-year-old girl died this week three days after she started showing symptoms. this is the latest death in
2:51 am
a string of 16 children dying because of the flu in the u.s. this season. iowa is surrounded by states with dangerously high flu rates. the c.d.c. calling this year's flew an epidemic. cancer apparently comes down to luck. a shocking -- or no luck i should say. a new shocking study suggesting bad luck plays a major role in cancer development. researchers say two-thirds of the 21 cancer types analyzed were caused by chance d.n.a. mutations. they say some tissues are million of times more vulnerable than others. >> this is the craziest story you will hear all day long. turns out the pain that a 75-year-old man felt in his arm was this. it's a seven-inch turn signal. doctors removing the lever that was stuck there for 51 years after he crashed his thunder bird into a truck in 1963. he droak his hip in the
2:52 am
accident drawing attention from his arm. >> i looked back and noticed the turn signal was missing. we started piecing things together and discovered that's what it was. >> a metal detector did the rest about a decade ago he set that off. x-rays showed a slender object the length of a pencil but since there was no pain he let it be. the new year's party might be over but that is no excuse to throw out that leftover champagne. chefs are suggesting you can sues it in scrambled eggs. it can make them extra fluffy. do you need extra shine? pour champagne on an old cloth and get the scuffes out of your shoes. champagne also makes a great facial cleanser they say. >> time for your 5@5:00. the new year, the perfect time to work on a new you.
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>> i decided to get a grip on my life and start a diary. resolution number one, will not be paranoid about weight. >> here are five ways to be happier in 2015. number one slow down, enjoy the little moments. say no to time wasters and space fillers. you can't be everywhere at once. take more risks. find time to help and be happy for others. lend a shoulder to lean on and be genuinely happy for others' success. finally, stop making excuses for not living out your dream. if others can do it so can you. are you motivated now? >> it is six minutes till the top of the hour. the price is wrong yet again. wait until you hear how much these contestants thought an iphone cost. >> christmas has come and gone, so when is the right time to take down your decorations? your e-mails are pouring in
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on this one. ♪
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three minutes till the top of the hour. bfl before you leave the house, the country remembering a political legend. former new york governor mario cuomo died of heart failure. he was 82. friends and family will say final goodbyes to new york city police officer wenjian liu in brooklyn. he was murdered in his squad car.
2:58 am
the obamacare insurance mandate for large companies officially kicked in. companies with 100 workers must now provide coverage to at least 70 partly cloudy of their employees or face a fine. >> time now for the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. a stolen dog found 2400 miles from home. a family from washington state launched a facebook page last month when penny went missing. they got a tip from someone who saw a truck driver scooped her up. they tracked the dog down in prescription drug and she comes home tonight. people outraging muslims when selena gomez launched this photo in facebook. her bare leg is showing. she deleted it from instagram. >> the price of a iphone very very wrong. >> dlrs -- 7 thousand 500.
2:59 am
>> hope the people from apple are watching. >> christmas, updating memory but many people still keeping up their decorating until three kings day on january 6. we ask when do you take your decorations down? ray says we celebrate christmas through the epiphany on the 12th day of christmas. lights come down january 5. chris e-mailed said the tradition is to take them down the day after the super bowl. she says we have been told you have to leave them up until new year's day or you have bad luck. i heard that too by the way. thanks to everyone who responded. keep talking about the new congress #keeptalking. have a great day and "fox & friends" starts now. bye. hello everyone. good morning. today is friday the 2nd of january, 2015. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. one of the most powerful
3:00 am
liberal voices of our time silenced. former new york governor mario cuomo dead hours after his son's swearing in and the tributes are pouring in. >> all it took was a plane ticket and some help from facebook for this u.s. military vet to join the fight against isis without the help of our government. his incredible story is a fox news exclusive this


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