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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 7, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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childers. >> it is heather's birthday. happy birthday if you are watching on vacation. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> a gunman opens fire. kelly wright joins us live in the studio with more. >> the motive for the shooting is still up known. two people are dead including the ladies and gentlemened shooter. el paso veteran's affair healthcare system clinic near the fort bliss army base. they put the base on lock down and police swat teams rushed in. it created tense and moments for people working there. >> all of a sudden i hear my friends talking to me that there's an active shooter in the building helicopters a lot of guns out there. >> the reports are that the man who was killed was a doctor in the clinic. the fbi is now handling the
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investigation and processing the crime scene. >> we have hundreds of potential witnesses and we are processing those right now. those people were here seeking medical assistance. we understand the difficulty this situation presents to them. we are trying to expeditiously get to those hundreds of witnesses to find out details about this incident. >> the va issued a statement stating that it is deeply saddened by the shootings. last year the same clinic was a subject of a federal audit that showed it had the longest wait time for veterans seeking appointments with doctors. leah? >> thanks, kelly. another fox news alert overnight. divers spotting the tale of flight 8501, 11 days after it disappeared with 162 people on board. it's the first confirmed sighting of pieces. dozens of bodies and some
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smaller pieces of wreckage have been recovered. it is not clear comma caused-- clear what caused the crash but bad weather was a factor. brand new surveillance video of the deli robbery in the bronx. this is 24-year-old jason palonco forcing everyone inside to the ground at gun point. two officers responding to the robbery spotted at a chinese restaurant nearby. police say he opened fire hitting both officers. he was arrested after a 14 hour manhunt thanks to tip calls to the alleged accomplice who was sit by hit by one of the bullets. his facebook account had a history of anti police sentiments. the two wounded officers remain hospitalized this morning. according to the father that gesture is not appreciated.
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his son feels like the mayor has offered no support of the cops as of late. bill bran ton set to meet with police union leaders in hopes of easing tensions at city hall. deblasio withll not be attending that. >> john boehner does stay the speaker. 25 republicans voting against him. the biggest revolt against the house speaker since 1860. now that boehner is keeping that gavel some are worrying about political retribution. >> we brought forth a movement 25 members of congress voted the way their districts wanted to and to be held in jeopardy for that or retribution is wrong. that would be something you would expect in china cuba russia or in a communist country. we honor free speech and protect that we should not have to go
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through that. >> two members are already feeling the sting. representative rich nugent and daniel webster losing committee seats after turning against boehner. >> the 114th congress in session. all of one day president obama touting the keystone foyer over the pipeline t.we have the capitol show down. >> the keystone ex el pipeline won't get the president's approval no matter what happens when the senate votes. the white house is threatening to veto. >> if the president wants to circumvent the people it would create tens of thousands of jobs and shore up america's independence he will have to defend that to the american people. >> there is a chance it would get through but it will require support from two-thirds of the
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senate. that requires a lot, though making this a significant hurdle. >> you have been sitting on this veto now. >> day one will be fill. >> it sends a nonsignal. >> the willingness to cooperate when you consider the first bill introduced is won the president opposes. >> that's not all. there is another veto threat coming out as the white house is warning a bill tinkering with the language in obamacare redefining a full-time job within 40-hours a week will be denied if it gets to the president's desk. ainsley? >> thank you. i will take it from here. krauthammer says obama is now showing who he really is. >> this entire analysis is completely wrong the idea that he is edging over here he sees
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maneuvering. the guy is unleashed. he's in the 4th quarter. he's never running again. the reason he is doing xyz is not because he needs the greens or he is working his way to the left and right. i have argued for six years this is a man on the left. he has always been the most leftist american president at least a century. in the years in which he was running again he real elected maneuvered and assimilated and disguised. let's keep talking about the new congress. what's the first piece of legislation you want republicans to send to the president? log on to the facebook page right after the show #keep talking. extreme weather now. a dangerous arctic blast making it feel like minus 50 degrees in some parts of the midwest.
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the frigid temperatures and all of the winds closing 125 school districts in the chicago area. >> the lake-effect snow making a mess of the roads. maria is tracking the deep freeze. >> hello everyone. that's right very cold arctic air in place across portions of the country. the coldest of it is in portions of the midwest and into the northern plains. international falls 4 below -- 40 below zero. in chicago you are very cold early this morning as well feels like 18 degrees below zero. colder across other parts of the country including portions of the carolinas where current windchills are in the 20's. 20s as well in the city of atlanta. we have a number of windchill advisories and warnings in effect in eastern united states all of the way down to northern
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florida. really why they are in place is we have a risk of hypothermia if people head outdoors for a long period of time. it's about to get a lot colder out there. these are actual temperatures for thursday morning all of the way down to little rock atlanta and raleigh. the wind and windchills will be even colder than that. leah ainsley look at this, over the flakes means lake-effect snow. continues to crank out the snow over the next couple days we could be looking at accumulations up to 6 inches. >> thank you so much maria. the 7-year-old survivor who walked away from a plane crash that killed her parents, her sister and her cousin have been healing at home or she has been healing at home with her grandparents since that tragic accident. today sailor guzler will mourns the loss of her cousin and services for her mom, dad and
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sister are set for friday. asking a judge for mercy at a sentencing trial. it comes in the form of two years in federal prison which is worse better than the 10 years they wanted behind bars. he plans to appeal. he is about to announce a 2016 presidential run it is believed. he start add committee called "right to rise" designed to lay the ground mark for a presidential campaign. >> congratulations to the longest married presidential couple in history. president george h.w. bush and barbara bush celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. they marked the milestone on twitter posting this photo 70 years ago this very day barbara pierce made me the happiest and luckiest man on earth. how sweet. >> a trio of star pictures and a
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legendary slugger baseball's highest honors they were named to the hall of fame. it was the first time in 60 years four players were chosen in the same class. one player was left out mike piazza. the snub after the third appearance on the ballot 28 votes shy of induction to cooperstown. >> so long new jersey. another company is leading the garden state and taking up 1,000 jobs with it. >> lorenauren simonetti has more. good morning everybody. 43 years mercedes benz moving it's headquarters to atlanta georgia leading to the loss of up to 1000 jobs. although it is not clear how many workers were transfer south. he met with chris christie and other state officials who worked to get them to stay in new jersey even offering them tax
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exceptions. it is home to coca-cola and home depot. they bring it closer to the southeast customer base and manufacturing hub in alabama. changes a popular turbo tax software is offering you more money and are fuming in on-line reviews. here's the change has to do with $60 turbo tax deluxe edition. it no longer has the q and a section performed for rental property. if users want that functionality they have to spend an additional 30 to $40 to upgrade. turbo tax doesn't apologize it says it is looking to provide quote consistent product functionality across the desk top and on-line. youtube adding 360 degree videos to its site. they created more experience like a panoramic photo.
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you can change the images and camera view all of that. show you wall street. finally we are seeing relief. stock futures are higher across the board. markets in asia and europe up as well. >> to find loren on fox bit necessary work go to finder. >> it is 12 minutes after the hour. biting the bullet. why a train is coming at a huge cost to you. >> and a pup with nowhere to go. this image hard to see hard to look at. this dog left alone with a suitcase. >> justin bieber doesn't look like this any more. >> look at his stripped down look. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know you that former pro football player ickey woods will celebrate almost anything? unh-uh.
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>> new information about the son who killed his investor father after an argument over his allowance. he violate add restraining order against a friend. someone set the friend's home on fire and gilbert is expected to be the prime suspect. the prince son grad faces forge recharges when they found 21 credit cards and a scamming device found to take credit card information. >> wow. isis launching cyber attacks not once but twice inside the u.s. wbotv in maryland has their web sites and twitter hijack their computer claiming to be sympathizer of isis. this as the newspaper has its site hacked by the same group. they are investigating both of these cases right now wbo's twitc's
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twitter account. >> he walked into the station with a loaded gun telling police he got his orders by the black guerrilla gang. members of the black guerrilla family posted threats against police on-line. he is facing weapons and drug charges. >> a mom and dad marching their 14 and 16-year-old sons right down to the police station after seeing this survey rens video p on the news. it shows is boys and friends ram sacking a local electronic store stealing phones and laptops. >> they are charged with breaking and entering larceny and more in court. that leads us to brew on this. would you turn your kid in? send us your comments on
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facebook twitter or e-mail at we will share those later in the show. a cool move by a dog owner. this dog left abandoned at a train station next to him the suitcase filled with his belongings the ball food, pillow and toy. the sharp pay is about 2 or 3 years old. he was found through a micro chip and they are trying to track down his owner who could be punished for abandoning that animal. the time is now 19 minutes after the hour. a close call for more than a dozen sky divers having got out of a plunging plane with minutes to spare. >> furry freeze with temperatures plunging. your pets need to stay warm, every animal owner needs to wear. >> joe biden swore in the senate. he had to stop towice to reload.
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congratulations. congratulations. congratulations. congratulations.
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if you suffer from a dry mouth then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief
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and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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>> sky divers were not jumping out of a perfectly good plane. the sky diver's company plane sputtering with engine problem just after takeoff. luckily everyone on board was wearing a parachute. everyone abandoning with seconds to spare. >> come across, men coming out of it. you saw the parachuters jumping out and then heard a big bang like it blew up. it blew up before it hit the water. >> crews are working to recover the plane from a nearby lake.
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>> now to an extreme weather. multiple quakes hitting texas in the last 24-hours the strongest magnitude 3.6. a home gone in seconds raising waters washing away from the bank. the homeowner not inside at the time. la to san francisco. in a few hours but at a very big cost. crews breaking ground on a bullet train that zips across california. we are paying for it in the form of 10's of billions of dollars. william lajeunesse looks at the tax payer train. >> why should people care willabout the boondoggle? everyone will pay for it. how much? here are the largest projects seattle tunnel 3 billion. railroad at dulles airport 6 billion. expanding chicago's airport 9
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billion. peanuts compared to the bullet train at 68 billion. president obama okayed the funds for the project years ago but today 60 percent of the state voters oppose it. why? the projected costs double. they are two years behind schedule and completion that is 13 years later. high speed it is not. la to san francisco in two hours and 40 -- >> well justin bieber starting the new year with a new job. >> looks like we are not getting the sound we thought we were going to. listen to this. the singer is now a model for calvin klein. the biebs stripping down to his underwear in the brand new ad campaign. he posted these photos with caption officially a part of the legacy. that legacy that includes the
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most famous model mark wahlburg. >> it is 22 minutes after the top of the hour. cell cell yeah. students in new york can hear you now. why they are celebrating a big rule reversal. >> skipping the scale in the right way. why word is out about the best diet.
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does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. right now, all printers are on sale. plus great deals on hp ink and toner. office depot & officemax. gear up for great. vo: 85 percent of people who travel will go someplace they've already been. where's the fun in that? it's time to find someplace new. book the hotel you want with the flight you want and we'll find the savings to get you there. >> it is wednesday january 7th. a fox news alert. a deadly shooting at the va clinic. the terrifying moments unfolding. the fbi takes over the investigation. >> congress and the white house already on a collision course one day after the gop takes charge. >> if this bill passes this
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congress the president wasn't assigned either. >> the brand new technology coming out this week. "fox friends first continues right now. a >> thanks for joining us on "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am leah gabrielle. the texas va clinic a gunman opens fire two people now dead.
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>> kelly wright is joining us now live in studio with the details. >> investigators say the motive for the shooting is still unknown. the va says it is deeply saddened by the shooting. two people are dead including the ladies and gentlemened shooter, the shooter taking place at the el paso veteran's affair healthcare system clinic near the army base. the military officials put the base on lock down as police swat teams rushed in. it created tense and frightening moments for people working there. >> the va immediately enacted their response plan for all personnel to personnel. the police and federal law enforcement responded immediately. authorities began a detailed search of the clinic. >> the man who was killed was a doctor in the clinic but the
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army isn't confirming that or if the alleged shooter killed himself. the fbi is handling the investigation at this time. >> we have hundreds of potential witnesses and we are processing those right now. those people were here seeking medical assistance. we understand the difficulties this situation presents to them and we are trying to expeditiously get to them hundreds of witnesses to find out details about this incident. >> still a lot of work to be done in piecing this all together. last year you may recall this same clinic came under scrutiny after an audit revealed they had some of the longest wait times in the nation for veterans seeking appointments with doctors for the first time. >> thank you kelly. two men under arrest at this hour in the shooting of two new york police officers. brand new surveillance video of the deli rob before hebery in the bronx. this is 28-year-old joshua kent forcing everyone inside to the ground at gun point. they spotted the pair in a
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chinese restaurant nearby. police say palonco opened fire hitting both of the officers. he was arrested after a 14 hour plan hunt thanks to kip calls. his alleged accomplice arrested at the hospital after being hit by a vehicle. he has a history of anti police sentiment. the two wounded officers are remaining in the hospital this morning. mayor bill de glass yo paying a visit. according to his father the gesture wasn't appreciated at all. his son feels like the mayor offered no support for the cops as of late. bill bran ton set to meet with police union leaders in hopes of easing all of the tension from city hall. deblasio will not be attending. >> john boehner beating back a rebellion to keep his position as speaker of the house. voting for other members or even not at all. this is the biggest revolt against the speaker in over 150 years.
2:33 am
congressman louie gohmert leading the charge against boehner because it is time for someone in the speaker role that will fight for change. >> originally we were trying to get people to vote for anybody but the speaker so we could get this to a conference and then have somebody we could all agree on to get some new blood into position so it would help us keep our promises exactly like you have talked about. >> gohmert receiving three votes himself during the process. just one day into the new correctional section and the administration already butting heads threatening to use veto power. doug is live with more. >> good morning. republicans did not waste much time yesterday. this is senate bill one. this would approve the pipeline over objections of some analysts. this is the president as well if he vetoes it if it reaches his
2:34 am
desk. fox news bole shows the project is broadly supported by the public. they think the keystone pipeline should be built. this bill drew the support of republicans and democrats. they say it has been languishing too long in bureaucratic red tape. >> we are pleased we have 60 sponsors on this bill. it is a bipartisan bill. >> everyone is excited about getting down to business and having an open access process. >> the president meantime spent part of his day meeting with the group of the nation's governors. they fired back at those in congress who backed keystone saying it was like another effort late last year. >> if this bill passes this congress the president wouldn't sign it either. >> we will see how it plays out. there's enough support in the senate and house to get this bill to the president's desk. he says he will veto it.
2:35 am
will they be able to muster enough votes to get their party and democrats to over ride the president's veto. >> doug luzader in washington. white house pfizer karl rove warning president obama is making a big mistake with the early veto threats. >> he is trying to push him back from things trying to embarrass him. he is being so up front about the desire to veto the bills. if he has to veto them it will build the image of him as being the obstructionist. that will not be healthy for the last two years. early veto sends a signal he will dig in his heels. one of the bills that comes along is vetoed by the president and over ridden he will revet having this down so quickly.
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>> the ban on schools has been lifted. it is fornt for kids to be able to contact parents in the case of an emergency. they can hand out rules for individual foods where to store the phones a backpack allowing use during free time and letting them be used as a teaching -- tool. >> greek life now being reinstated. parting comes with strict rules. this following one woman's claim she was gang raped in a rolling stone article. that report later found not to be completely true. some of the new rules fraternities must have three members and one has to monitor bedrooms. alcohol can be served but only in original containers and free mixed drinks are banned. the agreement must be signed next week. >> arctic blasts making it minus 50 degrees in some parts of the
2:37 am
midwest. the cold temperatures in all of the wind closinghan 125 school districts in the chicago area. the cold air causing lake-effect snow making a mess out of the roads. maria molina is tracking the deep freeze in the weather center. what are you seeing? >> very very cold arctic air in place across the midwest and northern plains and it is about to get even colder out there across portions of the east coast. 28 the low in minneapolis. it feels like the teens in places like new york city and also in washington, d.c. when you start to see numbers like this you are talking dangerous amount of cold weather a mmmnumber of windchill advisories in effect and also warnings. some as far south as southern texas. they are looking at a widespread arctic blast here across portions of the east coast. the by early tomorrow morning take a look at some of these numbers. these are not windchills they are forecast temperatures in the
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teens raleigh atlanta, little rock dallas looking at temperatures in the teens. you factor in the wind the windchill numbers will be colder than that. at least 10 degrees in some of the areas. 12 below is the actual forecast temperature for the city of chicago coming up early tomorrow morning. it is a quiet day. i don't think travel will be a concern. you get the cold arctic air you start to see the lake-effect snow produce heavy snow. lake-effect snow advisories and warnings have been issued. this cold weather could cause a risk for your pets. do not keep your dogs outside for more than a few minutes. their ears paws and tails are
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susceptible to frostbite. they could ingest salt by licking his or her paws. ant freeze can be lethal poison. give them food and water because keeping warm depletes energy. keep your dog on a leash when you go outside. snow can wipe away familiar scents causing them to be lost or disoriented. >> now videos that are going viral this morning. it is quite possibly the cutest snow day ever t. the famous panda enjoying her first snowfall coming down the hill. >> next a little boy loves let it go more than you do.
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(indiscernible) >> as soon as elsa starts sipping he starts dancing like that. the video has 6,000 views. after a long day sometimes all you want to do is get in bed. what if you find someone else in it? >> knocking the baby girl out of it. but she gets back up with a smile. round two any one? >> she is tough. >> it is 20 minutes to the top of the hour. border bombshell. she cost 20,000 an hour. the program is proving not enough to protect our border. the new watchdog report you have to hear. >> revolving get healthy in 2015
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we are dishing out the best diet of the year. >> books turned movies are some of the romantic details. >> why the author of "the notebook" is anything but a love story.
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>> nearly 1200 illegals arrested in 2014 coming from countries with known ties to terrorism. according to u.s. customs and border protection illegals came from 12 different countries with terror links that includes iran cuba and syria allstate sponsors of terror. a bombshell new report finding drones are infective against
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protecting the border. homeland security watchdog says the program survey two-miles 200 miles of the border. it costs 12,000 per hour to fly the drones and there is no evidence they have contributed to more arrests. they have spent 360 million on the program since 2005. >> if it is hot and high-tech it is in vegas right now. the consumer electronics show debuting now gadgets. we are here with your first look. >> love those gadgets. there are hundreds being unveiled with the consumer electronics bash from vegas from tv's to futuristic yoga mats. they defy logic the set is one fifth of an inch thick that is
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thinner than an iphone 6. head phones that will charge a smart phone while you listen. they are offering a feature that allows you to plug a usb cable into them and charge your phone while you jam to the beats. a portable high fy system cool for 1,000 bucks. cube offers the blue tooth system that happens to have a built in cooler for your favorite beverages. if you are trying to kick the smoking habit quit bits may be the answer. the smart cigarette lighter is connected to the internet that attract your smoking habits so you can eventually quit. that's the theory. how about the smart map using electro magnetic senators built in it can track and adjust the user's postures as they perform different moves. you can add just your bank account it costs $447. how about the driving car called jack. the high-tech a 7 from san
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francisco. audi says the vehicle is now production ready. bmw's new i 3 model has all sorts of nifty features including parking with highly tuned centers that can get you into the tightest parking spot perfect for new york city. leah? >> thank you ashley. log on to finder. >> if you were hoping to slim down in the new year you need to hear this first. the dash diet named best diet for the 5th straight year by u.s. news & world reports. dash stands for die tear rye approaches to stop hypertension. it focuses on getting whole grains and diets into your body. it includes tips for heart health cutting out salt red meat and sweets. >> red meat? >> sweets? >> i knew that would be. 47 minutes after the top of the hour. for richer or richer.
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the couple's readingwedding bliss ending with a million dollar settlement and why the wife is still not satisfied. >> do you want corn cakes with your quarter pounder? they ran out of french fries. >> shouldn't that be a lead story? somebody ran out of fries? >> they are so good there. a travesty. >> 12 minutes to the top of the hour. fox and friends kicks off with, he announced first he would challenge speaker john boehner but he lost so where do conservatives go from here? lewey gomer from texas is here. first cupcakes now chik-fil-a. the cool fundraiser may get cut over health guidelines. p then he bought a 500,000 dollar lotto ticket only for officials to say it's a misprint and refused to honor it. ep spent a buck on it.
2:49 am
you will hear his story. by the way he is a retiree. he is not happy. here straight ahead "fox & friends" kicks off in about 10 minutes.
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brand-new fallout in ferguson after the shooting death of unarmed black teen michael brown. the naacp now asking for a new grand jury, the group saying prosecutors compromised the case and gave preferential treatment to officer darren wilson. they are also asking for a special prosecutor to oversee the case. the original grand jury decided not to indict wilson in the august 9 shooting. a win for religious freedom. a new jersey teacher fired last year for giving a student a bible now vindicated. it is determined the school
2:53 am
district broke the law. >> nearly $1 billion? not enough for an ex-wife. an oil tycoon splitting from his wife after 26 years of marriage and because there was never a prenup the husband has to pay up but she turned down $974 million claiming it is not enough. her lawyers claim hamm is worth about $18 billion. they plan to fight for a bigger share of that money. >> his book turned movies are some of the most romantic tales. >> i waited for you for seven years! >> it wasn't over. it still isn't over. >> but sadly nicholas sparks' own personal love story is coming to an end. the author and his wife separating after 25 years. >> how would you like to go on someone else's
2:54 am
honeymoon? a jilted groom to be selling a chance to go on a honeymoon on eastbound. the guy says he's been looking for a down to earth woman of any age with a good sense of humor to join him on a two-week vacation in the caribbean. the catch? you have to have a british passport. bidding is up to $2,300. the trip is scheduled for just after valentine's day. >> i wish he looked a little nicer in that picture. >> little creepy. >> the time is 54 minutes after the hour. putting the cuffs on your kids, parents turning in your teenagers caught stealing. so what would you do? your e-mails next. >> a major salute. the military honor that is going to make you so proud to be an american this morning.
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two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house here's what's happening today, the f.b.i. interviewing witnesses to figure out the motive in the deadly shooting of a texas v.a. clinic near fort bliss. one person killed believed to be a doctor. the shooter turning the gun on himself. overnight divers finding the tail of airasia 8501. crews now hoping that the black boxes will be found next. nypd commissioner bill bratton will be meeting today with police union leaders. mayor bill de blasio will not be attending that meeting. time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. america's military ranks the most powerful on the
2:59 am
planet outspending china more than three to one. we have eight more aircraft carriers than any other country in the world. next the bad. mcdonald's restaurants in venezuela all out of fries because of a contract dispute with dock workers. customers given a choice between fried flat bread or a side of yucca. the ugly. experts say january is the most popular time for married couples to part ways. the reason? people don't want to break up during the holidays. >> it is time for brew on this for your response. a mom and dad marching their teenage son after they saw him on this surveillance video on the news sms >> would you turn your kid? >> peggy writes absolutely. time for tough love and real-world consequences. >> terry writes the job of parents is to raise children to become responsible adults.
3:00 am
this couple is an example of real parents. they have my respect. thanks to everyone who responded. >> we appreciate that. have a great day. it's wednesday. see you tomorrow at 5 a.m. >> "fox & friends" starts now. >> good morning. it's wednesday, diswran -- it is wednesday, january 7. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. congress is officially sworn in so it is time to get to work; right? wrong. >> this bill passes this congress; the president wouldn't sign it either. >> the white house and congress already on a collision course over the keystone pipeline but is there hypocrisy brewing over the president's veto threats? >> it was joe biden who stole the show at yesterday's events from a young girl rejecting joe biden's mushy kiss calling calling -- kiss to calling the senator by the wrong


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