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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 9, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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of the terrorists. as details about his death and heroism became know a campaign of solidarity caught fire using the phrase j -- suisy ahmed. i'm ahmed. >> all ended just as it began. bullets and blood. two standoffs in france now over the terrorists now dead. we'll take you to paris for a look at how this all unfolded and how security teams confronted the killers at a printing plant and a kosher super market. what we now learn about those behind the brutality and what one of them told the media before he died. about the connection to the american terror preacher, an wall al-aulaqi. we're also tracking other important news including very encouraging signals about the united states economy especially when it comes to jobs, let's get to it.
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>> first from the fox news deck, the murders have been neutralized. that from the french president after police executed not one but two different raids almost simultaneously. at this hour at least three terrorists and four hostages are dead including the two brothers suspected in win's terror attacks and the gunman who held hostages at the market in the heart of paris. on the right is his suspected accomplice. we do not know whether she was in that market or whether she is alive or dead. and finally our sister network in the united kingdom sky news reports a second possible gunman may have been involved at the market. we'll keep you upstraighted on the developments. -- updated on the developments. here's how the standoff with the brothers ended today. [ gunshots ] >> we are also getting explosions now. >> explosions and gunshots as police stormed a printing plant
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north and east of paris. inside, two brothers, suspected in wednesday's massacre at the office of the satirical newspaper in paris, as well as a hostage. the brothers now dead. the hostage now free. some 25 miles away in the center of paris a second hostage situation unfolded at a co-sher -- kosher market in the heart of paris. flash bangs sounded as s.w.a.t. teams made their way inside the market, where at least one gunman was holding a number of hostages. the number unclear. the hostage taker is dead. four of the hostage are dead. we watched as many of the survivors made their way out of the market. the "associated press" reports 15 hostages survived there. a short time ago the french president, francois hollande, thanked his forces for their work and called on the french people you've night after he, as he put it, france was attacked for a third straight day.
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>> we need to be mobilized and we need to be able to reply to those attacks with force when we have to resort to force, but also using solidarity. this solidarity i'm talking about we should show how efficient it is. we are a free people and we won't give into threats. >> here at home president obama spoke about the situation in paris. >> i just spoke to my counterterrorism adviser. we have been in close touch with the french government throughout this tragedy. the moment that the outrageous attack took place we directed all of our law enforcement and counterintelligence operations to provide whatever support that our ally needs in confronting this challenge. we're hopeful that the immediate threat is now resolved. >> that is the hope, and to that end we have team fox coverage.
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catherine her around from washington, first greg palkot live in paris. >> dramatic days veeps, coordination on the terror side and coordination on the policemen side. first on the terrorist side the taking of hostages 25-miles to the northeast of this city by the two main suspects in the charlie hebdo shootout indicates they found themselves corned and they said in fact to the police if we will die as martyrs if you try to take us. we will die. just a short time after that just a couple of hours, here in paris, coordination coordination with a friend of theirs, a fellow terrorist, taking a hostage group at a super market, kosher super market on the periphery of the city. and his words were even more chilling. he said if you try to touch my
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friends out there, i will kill the hostages there. this is why the police acted and acted fast. they moved in first on the men out 25 miles away from the city and then they moved in to the market itself. thosage takers were killed. unfortunately, some of the hostages were killed as well, too. but at least a resolution and some relief. when the police -- among the people near paris as they look ahead to more trouble ahead. >> greg palkot live in paris for us tonight. thank you. let's continue team fox coverage. catherine her ridge is in washington and is live there now. what more are we learning about the brothers, alleged ties to al qaeda? >> shepard in the last hour there is a report from the afp and they right the brothers cherif kouachi as telling a french television station, and i'm quoting here, i was sent, me cherif, kouachi by
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al qaeda. i went over there and anwar al-aulaqi a financed me. he was the first american targeted for death by the cia in 2011. he is the leader of this digital jihad and was the head of external operations for al qaeda yemen up until the time of his death. we understand independently from our own reporting that the older brother, said kouachi went to yemen in 2011, and also trained at the al qaeda training camps there, and also sought to meet with the leadership of al qaeda in yemen. at that time the leadership included nassar, a long-time aide to osama bin laden as well as anwar al-awlaki the claireic i just mentioned in addition to another american who was eventually killed in a cia drone strike, samir khan the
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main driver behind "inspire magazine" the journal that in march of 2013 called for the execution of the editor and the cartoonists at the french magazine. so that is a lot of dat too -- data points taking to us al qaeda in yemen. u.s. intelligence officials have not reached any firm conclusion over whether al qaeda in yemen directed this operation, but there is now no doubt that the brother had ties to al qaeda in yemen. >> how does all of this information relate to earlier intelligence that we had already confirmed? >> one of the most interesting elements in this is that there was a series of tweets we have reviewed here at fox news that came out within an hour of the terrorist attack. the happen on those tweets was a handle that is associated with aqap and they posted images of
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the master along with photos of anwar al-awlaki and my contact says the tweets were 0 interest because they seem to suggest foreknowledge of the address, like they were packaged on the shelf as part of the media campaign for the aftermath. that point number one. think about the eye witness accounts. this is very about information. eye witnesses said the men claimed to be from al qaeda with one specifically saying they were al qaeda in yemen. these are more data points that go towards this picture of the involvement of a foreign terrorist organization. finally, on this -- this is sort of an element of interest at this point -- today in new york city al-masri was sentenced to life in prison on terrorism charges. al-masri was like the talent spotter for al qaeda at the mosque in north london.
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he is important because he was the one who selected richard reid, the shoe bomber in 2001 in addition to muse dmousi, and the british media is reporting one of the kouachi brothers was also pond at thed by al-masri. >> the dual standoff that gripped france earlier today both ends within minutes of the oomph here's what we saw and what we heard as it happened. >> this is sky news. this is northeast of the airport. something is happening clearly. let's listen. [ gunshots ] >> let's go straight to ian woods. >> you're coming back to us here
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outside dammartin pass. sive amount of gunfire has began in the last ten seconds or so. we're also getting explosions now. since then we have heard four or five explosions from the vicinity. we can see just small puffs of smoke over there, in the distance we have got we're doing our best with our camera to focus in on whatever we can pick up. but from my vantage point it's difficult to clearly see what is going on. this all happened very quickly just in the last ten or 15 minutes. >> sky news going back to different scene in paris and this is the big question about what what happens next. outside the grocery store -- >> across the -- the center of paris, you're hearing things there, too. >> we just rushed -- thank you very much. we just heard very very loud
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explosions 400-meters in that direction, obviously from the kosher super market, they're asking us to move back. [sirens] [ gunshots ] >> that's five or six explosions -- >> six explosions. >> so it certainly appears the hostage situation here is coming to an end. >> and to an end it did come. six explosion tuesday in the center of paris. many of those were concussion grenades designed to let the people inside not realize where the authorities were coming from and exactly where they were going, and an effort to distract so they can carry out this operation. and with the death of the suspects in both standoffs, just a short time ago the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff spoke
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to our own chris wallace about how to prevent these sorts of terrorist attacks in the united states. chris will join us alive with the words from general martin dempsey on the fox news deck next.
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more on the dead his hostage standoffs in france. the united states military's top commander says the united states has to keep fighting terrorists overseas to prevent attacks here in the u.s. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general martin
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dempsey, spoke with chris wallace. >> our capabilities are designed so that the country can play an away game against its adversaries. what we try to do across this swath of radical extremism that stretches from the fata and all the way over to nigeria. we try to keep pressure on the network with the capabilities we have, whether it's intelligence, building partners in some cases direct action. >> do we need to do more? >> i think so absolutely. but that's not to imply we're not doing enough. if you understand the distinction there. we're doing a lot. >> he mentioned it stretches from the fata the federal administered tribal areas, which is the northwest of pakistan and mostly pashtun area. the point being it stretches a long way and there's a lot of work to do. chris wallace is with us from d.c. you spoke to him after the attacks in paris and i wondered if he gave us any idea of what sort of things might change as a
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result of this. >> well, you heard him at the very end there say that we need to do even more. i think there's a feeling that al qaeda is on the march. isis obviously, we're in a war with them. and you know, i was talking to him at the point that we were discussing the hostage situations were still going on. french authorities hadn't taken over, and i said to him, you are the commander of the greatest military in the world and yet you see a handful -- in this case three or four -- terrorists who had paris in lockdown had a country -- the country of fans in terror. the definition of asymmetric warfare and how frustrating is it? he said it's extremely frustrating. it's not we can attack. he talk about nine different lines of attack they have against isis and al qaeda in the arabian peninsula everything from direct military action, to counter-financing, to counterintelligence, to
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counter-messaging. he talked about course messaging as being extremely important because he said the media outreach especially of isis, their ability to recruit people like the kouachi brothers over the internet, is either to come to their country and actually learn, as apparently was the case in yemen, with these two brothers, or at least to be inspired in terms of their terrible ideology, is very potent, and they have to find ways to combat that media message coming from these squadist group -- jihaddist groups. >> seems to be part of the narrative how to come pat this. the realities are stark did difficult to process. you have 20 something's without hope no jobs no one to inspire and then they read these crazy things online and been sucked in and four people, as you say, can shut down paris two people shut down boston to a degree that it's never been shut down, and in its long history and you wonder if there doesn't need to
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be more focus on capturing the narrative and a different way to approach these incidents when they come about. >> well, they certainly are sensitive to it. again, talking to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff exclusively. he is very sensitive. they have nine different lines of attack against these terror groups and he said only three of them are military and that some of the others may be most important. so i think there are certainly aware of the danger of recruitment, and in this particular case it was more than just simply threw the internet because you had one, notice both brothers who actually went to yemen and were trained. that's why we saw in the videos they were so proficient with assault weapons, but they realized that the recruitment tool through the internet is very powerful, whether it ends up getting the people directly to the area or not, and that they have to find a way to combat it. >> you wonder if there's not a cleric who could rise in common voice and say the leaders of france and great britain and germany and the united states,
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maybe rise in one voice and from a muslim perspective say, there is no heaven for you. if you go out and senselessly murder and terrorize. there is no great awakening that happens when you move to the next life. that's not how it is. that's not what islam teaches. that's not what any religion te this thing and turned it into something else and you're wrong. somebody with a strong respected voice to stand up and loudly say you are wrong. i don't -- that's missing, it seems. >> well, it's interesting. it's a very good point, and we have seen american leaders-president bush president obama, other foreign leaders, and a very important speech this week that probably didn't get the coverage it should have, by the president of egypt, who talked about there needs to be a revolution inside islam because of the degree to which it has been perverted by some of this jihaddists, but as we have seen often in the past,
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you get muslim leaders, islamic leaders who are much more upset about the burning of the core rap and what we saw when there were a few instances of that in afghanistan, by u.s. troops. much more worried about that than they are about the slaughter of 12 innocents in a newspaper office in paris. so there's a lot of cop shoesness raising that has to go on in the muslim community. >> not much time left but i look forward to hearing from general dempsey this weekend. i wonder if you learned some things from him that stood out. >> well, yeah. i'm not going to give it all away. talked about isis. we talked about afghanistan. we talked about dealing with president obama and some of the criticism that two defense secretaries have made about the white house. we talked about bowe bergdahl, and i have to say i thought it was remarkably candid interview by the chairman of the joint chiefs.
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you don't want to miss it. talk about paris but that's only the start of the interview "fox news sunday." >> check your local listings, chris, thank you. the news continues after this.
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a look at the scene in paris on a night of mourning as this dramatic day comes to a close. the arc, lit up with je suis charlie. a phrase that comes to symbolize solidarity with the victims victims victims of wednesday's terror attack. more now on the hostage stand you'ves which ended today. joining us, a french member of the european parliament and a former french intelligence official. thank you for being here.
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appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> you said that not the authorities but you believe many of the people of france underestimated this possibility. >> yes, to some extent it was a kind of nice scene in france especially people were aware of the threat but for many of our citizens it was not so concrete threat. so it was a huge shock on wednesday when all this happened and we are still under shock, actually, but now a lot of people are realizing the real threat and remains. >> speak, if you would to the new dimensions of the threat now. >> well, france has been confronted with terrorism already in the past, in the '80s and '90s, and we are quite used to that to some extent, but we used to deal with
12:26 pm
very well-organized networks, cells. now it's a different form of terrorism. we have individuals, we have people who are self-radicalizedded, people very difficult to detect. so it's a new kind of terrorism, much more difficult to detect, much more difficult to prevent and that is a huge challenge for security forces. >> one of the big challenges in the united states post 9/11 was dealing with the security threat and changing in some ways our way of life, and i wonder -- you as a member of the european parliament, what your thoughts are on the way that lifestyles and activities must change if at all. >> well, again, i would say that at the european level, like in france, there is a kind of naivete for many people. we have to deal with this threat but not to show the people we are afraid, but actually we are
12:27 pm
facing a huge challenge now so we have to be aware of that. have to be fully aware we are targets of terrorist activities. we had already a bad experience in london, now in paris. so it's a very actual threat, and i think lawmakers, international countries and european level must take into account this new kind of radicalism and terrorism, and i think we should adapt legislation. we should strengthen legislation which would strengthen security operations intelligence agencies give. the budgets and resources for security agencies for all of european countries. >> arnaud, it's nice to speak with you. all the best to you and yours in france. >> thank you very much. >> much more ahead on the deadly
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terror rampage there. we'll recap what we do, and more importantly do not know, at this hour. we'll hear more from president and live reports from the white house at the bottom of the hour and the top of the news on america's choice for news, information on cable. but i'm a bit skeptical of sure things. why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? ♪ get ready, get ready ♪ ♪ 'cause here i come ♪ [ male announcer ] take osteo bi-flex®. osteo bi-flex® is specially formulated with joint shield™ to nurture and help defend your joints°. so now you can keep doing... and doing... and doing what you love. hi mom, dad. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! ♪ get ready, 'cause here i come ♪ [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, ready for action.
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it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, why's that? no hidden fees from the bank where no branches equals great rates. a fox report now and more headlines from the fox news deck. the former band member accused of leading a deadly hazing ritual will go to prison for more than six years, ruling from a judge. investigators say a drum major turned up dead in 2011 after beating on a parked bus in orlando. the defense claimed it was not hazing but a form of competition. last year jurors convicted the suspect of manslaughter. >> search teams heard pings in the sea near the site of the airasia jet but it's not clear whether the pinnings were from the black boxes. all 162 people onboard died. for the first time in more
12:31 pm
than 25 years, san francisco's golden gate bridge will be closed to cars this weekend. crews are set to make some long-awaited upgrades including a new barrier designedded to prevent head-on crashes. the news continues next.
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the united states will fight alongside france following the deadly terror ramp yack that gripped our nation's oldest ally. the word from president obama today. a quick look now at where things stand. [ gunshots ] >> the standoff at a kosher market in central paris ended in explosions and bullets. a gunman and four hostages are dead. the gunman was trying to help two other terrorists escape from a printing plant outside paris. police say they killed those gunmen after the suspects opened fire on officers outside the building. officials tell us the terrorists were the brothers who slaughtered a dozen people at the offices of a france
12:34 pm
satirical newspaper, "charlie hebdo." france is on high alert. officials in the united states are also helping with the investigation. the top story at the bottom of the hour with ed henry. whatted dispresident obama say today? >> what's very interesting is what the president did not say. he did not get into the american homeland and what is being done here to protect americans given the fact that we have seen these reports oust of london intelligence officials saying that paris may just be the beginning of a wave of attacks in we were europe, potentially trying to hit america as well, whether it's the al qaeda affiliates and/or isis terrorists as well. the president focused on trying to show solidarity with the french. listen. >> france is our oldest ally. i want the people of france to know that the united states stands with you today, stands with you tomorrow. our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have been
12:35 pm
directly impacted. we grieve with you. >> just because the president did not mention the american homeland publicly, officials here stress that in private he has been holding meet examination had a secure conference call aboard air force one yesterday on his way back from phoenix to talk to top national security officials and get a nature of the threat. >> how are leaders in the house and senate weighing in? >> republicans in recent days as they took over control of the congress folks like mitch mcconnell this week, have been saying that they think the president has not done enough to protect the american homeland, and senator ron johnson republican from wisconsin, today said that he believes paris is a reminder that this could happen here at home as well. listen. >> those terrorists are not on the run. they're being strengthened. that cancer has metastasized. this isn't like you can put radiation and kill a tumor and we're done. this is a cancer that is around
12:36 pm
the world. >> now, in fact, the president addressed the nation last september, suggested that there has been u.s. success in yemen, even though now we're learning that at least one of the terrorists involved in paris was trained in yemen by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that obviously may force this administration to rethink some of their strategies all around the world. >> ed henry at the white house, thank you. let's turn to tim clemente a former fbi counterterrorism agent and president of mission integrated tech knocks which makes tactical rescue and counterterrorism products. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> guns only going to go so far with this ideology. >> the issue is put it's not an individual group we're after or a group of individuals. we are after an ideaogy and i can the say the most positive thing is what is happening in the muslim world with the president of egypt and tunisia
12:37 pm
volumizing what we -- vocalizing what the thought might be said. a task that is needed to confront the ideology as a whole. >> you from the more gun side of this, it's fascinating to hear that is one of your greatest talking points. how important for a leader from egypt to stand up with a leader from say, germany or france or england to make this as a joint statement, that what you're hearing, young people with no hope and no job and no future, is not a hope or a future. >> absolutely. you're completely i think the western leaders need to join with these leaders from the arab and muslim world and get together and let the people know that this -- first, the ideology, if i'm a muslim scholar i need to stand up and shout and stay, you're facing a false ideology here. this is not our religion. and i think they're starting to say that. individuals have been saying it for some time. if i can go back a decade or more anwar al-awlaki was
12:38 pm
brought on the fbi radar bay muslim informant of mine who was a practicing muslim, was at mosque and heard him speaking and said this guy is a whack job, and he got on the fbi's radar and that needs to happen before these individuals get completely radicalized and move to the point of violence. a gun is effective but only when you have someone cornered. human intelligence is more effective. >> when we hear from analysts and others, the leader of mi5 in london saying they believe there's another attack in the planning, when we hear this thing about other western targets, is that more speculative or is there something there about which they're not gives specificity? >> i think it's the later. i think the specificity probably is from the top secret side of the house where they're getting intelligence there may be human sources on the ground telling them things. it's also speculation based on the sequence of events we have seen of the last couple of years. we have seen western targets more and more and more around the world getting targeted.
12:39 pm
now they're moving into the western world. the westgate mall attack, the boca haram attack on the girls receiving western education was an attack on the western world. this event in paris and the event in australia weeks before those were attacks on the western world. so i think it's the culmination of those events and then whispers that are within that community that the intelligence personnel are now warning everyone, this is going to happen and it's going to happen all over. >> not surprising and it's part of pattern that when something of this nature so big encompassing happens it takes over in the news cycle. i wonder the degree to which it takes over the news cycle you believe it's feeding those who would like to do exactly that. >> well, it certainly does give them the publicity they want. these are masters at using special media. because we're fighting a very fluid ideology that can be spread literally by bits and pieces throughout the internet and throughout any form of mass communication, it is now at the point that it can't be stopped that way. we can't target all of these
12:40 pm
individuals through social media and everything else. it's not possible. so we need to get the greater world involved in this search because intelligence agencies are completely outmanned when it comes to trying to target these individuals one by one. >> complete lit outmanned. former fbi counterterrorism agent, tim clemente. we're heying about another hostage standoff in france, in the southern part of the country. police there say a gunman is holding two hostages inside a jewelry store. this is happening now. investigators say the man locked himself inside the shop and police surrounded him and have no idea at this moment whether there's any connection to the terror attack in paris, as we get updates or changes we'll bring them to you. more on today's standoff in paris coming up. first at home, we saw the strongest year for hiring in 15 years. that's according to the labor department. it reports employers added 252,000 jobs last month, and the
12:41 pm
unemployment rate has dropped to 5.6%. to the lowest level of unemployment in the united states in six years. but analysts say that's partly because lots of people have stopped looking for work. but the numbers remain. though the government couldn't count them all. gerri willis is here, the host of the willis report on the fox business network. this is the standard we have used forever. this is what we have -- when it was 7-1/2, this was the standard. now that it's 5.6, things are better. deposit know why people hate to say it's better but it's better. >> the headline numbers, the wall street trading on that and stocks went up. they thought, good thing. but you peel away the numbers there is some negative -- >> sure, there is, always is. >> so, we thing we look for wage growth. didn't get it. december is is not there. wages per hour went down to 24.57. that's something we want. we want americans to have more
12:42 pm
money to spend, be able to do the things they need to do. also, the labor participation rate, you want more americans working, more proportion of americans working. down .02 to 62.7%. that wasn't good news either. so as wall street started to unpack this they started seeing different numbers. >> also doesn't like uncertainty and i guess what is happening in paris couldn't help. >> that don't helped either. i'm not sure the degree to which it was causing people to sell off songs. >> what was it? >> whether you think it's good or bad if you think it's good, you think the fed is going to start raising rates soon, you know how wall street feels about that. good news is bad news for them. and if you think it's so weak you're not happy about the economy. so not a lot of good news for traders. >> we're down 500-pounds machines and tuesday up 500 wednesday, thursday, now it's any. you know who is making money, the traders. >> that's right. this is why you don't trade on these enter day moves. it's a fool's game.
12:43 pm
you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow you can't predict the market is going up 630 points n two days. >> i wouldn't be here if could i do that. >> we would go buy an island. >> on an island together. thank you. >> sun, a little drink. >> perfect. we're going to see you in an hour and 18 minutes on the fox business network. the willis report each week yay afternoon, 5:00 eastern 4:00 in oxford. i you can't find the fox bp business network, find it on the internet. a new warning from the top intelligence official in the united kingdom. it is specific and detailed. the top person within intelligence there says terroristers actively planning attacks similar to the one we saw in paris help has specifics and they're next. plus another look at the, a detriumph, lit up with the words "je suis
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14 minutes before the hour now market. figure in the intelligence community warns al qaeda terrorists are planning paris style attacks against the west. that's a quote. he is andrewpark the head of the unites king doll intelligent agency mi5. in a speech yesterday he said a group of al qaeda terrorists in syria is actively planning mass casualty attacks and says it's quote, almost inevitable that one of the terror plots will slip through the cracks. intelligence officials with the mi5 say in recent months they stopped three terror plots in the united kingdom alone. his comments come as we hear the two brothers suspected in wednesday's terror attack in paris had ties to al qaeda. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. we hear they're might be a conversation with yemen. >> the brothers shouted to eye witnesses, tell the press we're with al qaeda in yemen. u.s. defense sources tell us
12:48 pm
that french officials shared with u.s. officials their belief that in 2011 said kouachi, the older, flew to yemen and received training from al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. that's the branch of al qaeda affiliated with the bombmaker anwar al-awlaki who was killed in a drone sometime in 2011. cherif karachi gave an interview while holed up in the print shop and he said he and his brother were financed by al-awlaki. their also training inemem included marxsmenship if the precision of she shots fired at the police vehicles has any indication. this was not, quote, pray and spray, as one expert put it to me. >> what are we to make of the warning from the head of the british intelligence service mi5? >> well, these are very rare
12:49 pm
remarks by the head of britain's mi5, the british internal security headquarters in london yesterday. that's where he made the remarks. it's only the second public speech given by mi5's director general, andrew parker. he warned, quote, a group of core al qaeda terrorists in syria is planning mass casualty attacks against the west. their goal, we went on so say, cause large scale loss of life often by attacking transport systems or iconic tarrings in the u.s. senior u.s. intelligence officials said parker was referring to a group in northern syria, a former head of the defense intelligence agency says that parker's remarks jive with u.s. intelligence warnings. i it's been no secret al qaeda has been attempting mass casualty attacks targeting iconic -- >> there's breaking news now. this just in in the last 15 seconds. with a cairo dateline from
12:50 pm
"associated press," member of al qaeda's branch in yemen said the group directed the attack on the french magazine. jennifer griffin, this was one of the big questions we have had over the past couple of days. were these terrorists inspired by al qaeda in yemen or otherwise or were they directed by al qaeda in yemen. a member of al qaeda's branch in yemen says that al qaeda's branch in yemen directed it. >> i think what we're seeing here is, first of all, al qaeda is trying to remain relevant. remember all of the attention has been given to isis in recent months. they've been getting all the attention in syria. isis and the group are at odds with each other in syria. what you're seeing right now -- it was clear from the brothers, the kluehs -- clues they left, they were being directed by al qaeda in yemen. al qaeda in yemen wanting to
12:51 pm
re-assert its as the leader of these islamic extremists around the world. it will help them with recruiting. >> jennifer griffin thank you. al qaeda in yemen says we directed the attacks on the french magazine. more next. my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong, all day long. and now introducing aleve pm for a better am.
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breaking news now on fox news channel. as we mentioned right before the commercial break we just got an alert from the "associated press" out of egypt, quoting a member of al qaeda in yemen, saying that group, al qaeda in yemen, directed the terror attacks on the french magazine, satirical magazine of two days ago. the question all along had been were these terrorists inspired by a group in a foreign land or were they directed by a group? we knew they had all the markings, according to analysts, of an organized, planned and premeditated attack, beginning
12:55 pm
with that one and then moving on to the market now in central paris. the question was, were they acting on their own or being direct fed well, we'll leave it up to you to decide but out of cairo, a member of al qaeda's branch in yemen says we directed this attack. the obvious next question for authorities would be, are you directing another one after this? the head of the internal -- what amounts to the central intelligence agency, mi5 in great britain, has said just yesterday and on the record, parker said ash didn't ann drew parker, the head of their mi5, said that terrorists in syria are actively planning mass casualty attacks against the west. he was as specific aany leader of his stature has been on such a matter in a very l months if not years. actively planning mass casualty attacks and went on to say there are so many that it is almost inevitable one of the terror plots will slip through the cracks. speaking specifically he said to
12:56 pm
transportation systems places where there could be large numbers of casualties. the hacker group known as anonymous is now threatening revenge against terrorist for the attacks in france. the group tweeted and released a video in which a masked figure promises to track down and shut down all terrorist accounts on social media. the person in the video says quote, we are declaring war against you, the terrorists. anonymous is a group of hackers known in part for its support of obama wall street. it is known for attacks on corporate websites overwhelming them with traffic so nobody else can view the sites. we'll have continuing coverage of the news. the latest as we have is is three terrorists are deared but one woman an accomplice, is said to still be on the loose somewhere. authorities in paris released a picture and are asking citizens to help them out. the man hunt is on and the grieving has just begun. when news breaks out, we'll
12:57 pm
break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. live coverage continues through -- into primetime. next up, "your world" with neil cavuto as we look at the arc de triomphe. r score is right now . i just got my free credit score! credit karma. really free.
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>> al qaeda is now saying, we did it. now claiming responsibility throw terrorists have been taken out now. the question is, what and who is next? welcome everybody. i'm neil cavuto. simultaneous raids capping off three days of terror in france and now the al qaeda branch in yemen says it was the one that droninged the attack that started it off two brothers opening fire on police. storming a kosher market killing a third gunman hostages killed. now the search is on for a female suspect whose whereabouts are still unknown to greg