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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 11, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PST

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next. >> the o'rielly the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> we heard three or four loud explosions. we heard the gunfire ringing out. >> shot dead in france, at least 17 injured others murdered over the past three days. >> the streets of paris the world has seen once again what terror stands for. they have nothing to offer but hatred and suffering. >> unfortunately, there is a lot of talk but no action in opposing the world of jihad. but why? we'll have a factor in the
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investigation. >> did charlie hebdo go too far? should they be more sensitive? >> yes, i think they should have been more sensitive. >> also ahead, the left continuing to make excuses for terrorism generated by radical islam. once again, we'll front that tonight. caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly thank you for joining us tonight. terrorism wins again that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo, at least 17 innocent people have been killed by radical muslims. it really does not matter what group they are affiliated with. they murder, torture in the name of their god, allah they kill and torture and rape and
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think they're going to heaven for do that. tonight, let's bring you up to date. on wednesday morning about 11:30 paris time two gunmen, cherif kouachi and his brother, said invaded the offices of the satirical magazine hebdo, and massacred because of the prints regarding the magazine. they fled the scene, killing a police officer in the process. the brothers escaped into the french countryside. at 8:00 a.m. on thursday morning, another terrorist who knew the brothers killed a police woman a few miles away. then today, at 8:10 a.m. french time, the brothers who attacked
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the magazine were spotted and a shootout continued. at 5:00 p.m., the police storm the plant there is a shootout, both brothers are killed. the hostage they were holding is free. in the meantime, the terrorists who killed the police woman takes a number of people hostage at a jewish supermarket, just 15 minutes after the kouachi brothers are killed by police cops storm the market, killing amedy coulibaly. at least two others are in play one of the getaway drivers surrendered to the police. the woman who killed in the supermarket is still at large. this is the worst attack on french soil in decades. >> again i want to make this point. it doesn't matter whether these people are al qaeda, isis, book
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oh -- boko haram, or any other insane group they are all killing innocent people. many people including president obama, are doing everything they can to avoid the central issue. how do you defeat muslim terrorism? instead, we constantly hear this kind of stuff. >> we stand for freedom and hope and the dignity of all human beings and that is what the city of paris represents to the world. >> we have to acknowledge and the muslims indeed do acknowledge there is a legitimate problem within islam. but at the same time that we acknowledge there is a real issue here of extremism i think we have to be very, very careful not to engage in religious profiling and to recognize that you know, one can't blame 1.6
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adherents. >> he is one of the chief apology makers of the islam world. he kristof turned out words saying don't blame the muslims. even more foolish, is the world looking away from the continueing threat? maybe mr. kristof and other left wing media should address this question, why is there no coordinated strategy to defeat the jihad after all this time? now, that is a memo. amy amy kellog is standing by anything new? >> reporter: bill, a lot of forensics work going on and some bets and pieces of detail about some of the moments in the standoff in the last couple of days here. basically, we have heard from
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the prosecutor in paris who said that -- and this is an interesting tidbit to point out the way the police here understood that there were links between amedy coulibaly, who was the one who held hostages and killed homes at the kosher grocery store today was connected to the kouachi brothers. was via phone tap. and there were hundreds of phone calls, bill, apparently in the last year between the wife of amedy coulibaly, the woman who is still at large. hayat boumeddiene. also, the kouachi brothers, when they were -- not the kouachi brothers, amedy coulibaly left tnt all over the kosher grocery store, so he had boobytrapped the grocery store before this all ended. things like that are coming out. >> you can't arrest people because you suspect them, in
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america. tell me about the no-go zones. 10% of the french population are muslims and they cluster in neighborhoods, french people are afraid to go in the neighborhoods? that is the no-go zone? >> reporter: the sensitive urban neighborhoods, bill, that is an issue, something that has been discussed and written about. i think during this particular -- the incidents of this week. the various incidents the violence of this week, it has not come up. police have made numerous arrests in paris and outside and they say they have not come up with any resistance doing their work. it has been dangerous work and they have been out in force, 33,000 police officers have spread across paris this week. and part of the reason they have not met resistance from the public and some of these more troubled area may be the imams in these communities spoke out
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very quickly condemning the massacre at hebdo -- >> aren't all french citizens under the same law? >> reporter: well, look, bill there is some tension. because france has taken on -- france takes a very strong secular stance among countries in europe. and it is the only country as far as i know that has banned the full face veil in public places. there is a long history of tension between the colonial area and the french particularly the african communities when you think about the algerian experience. what happens is a lot of the youths become so violent start out being petty drug dealers or just violent thugs.
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and whether in prison or elsewhere, they come under the sway of the radicals. a thousand french are believed to have traveled overseas to fight jihad in syria and iraq bill. >> i got to go, but it is troubling when a nation has various neighborhoods that the police are afraid to go into. very troubling. we'll talk to two congressmen, maybe they can tell why there is no strategy to defeat the jihad. factor is coming right back.
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continuing now with the latest muslim terrorism that has taken the lives of at least 17 people. joining me from long island new york, congressman peter king who is a member of the homeland security committee. so do we have a strategy to
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defeat the jihad, as far as we know? >> no bill, i don't believe the president has a coherent strategy sometimes one step forward, one step back one to the side. first thing we have to do is identify the enemy. it is islamist terrorism, not this vague extremism -- >> everybody knows that but for policy purposes, you know, you're saying okay let's say to the world it's islamic terrorism, everybody knows it anyway, what good does it do as far as tamping it down. >> there is some reason why the administration refuses to say that. you have to identify the enemy, and put political correctness aside, and for instance at home we have to make better use of the nsa and stop criticizing the cia. overseas, if we're going to fight isis, we can't say we're not going to use airstrikes or land forces, you have to go all out -- >> congressman, do we have a
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strategy to defeat the islamic jihad? >> i do respect peter king, we served on the intelligence committee together. i respect peter king. but i do disagree to an extent. we have had a plan since 9/11, whether it is president obama, we deal with some of the best intelligence in the world, and they have been watching for a long time. the best defense against terrorism is intelligence and as we speak right now we have our people working around the clock 24/7 which includes the military. this is a very serious issue and it will get worse, we have to be strong and have to let terrorists know there are consequences. >> seems to me we're fighting a defensive war, trying to knock down the plots. in the meantime, isis takes thousands of miles of territory in the middle east what does the president do the defeat that? he will train a few syrians and
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send them back, everybody knows it won't work and it is a waste of time. but it doesn't seem to me we're on the offense, we don't do anything to pakistan, they spit in our face, we don't do anything to iran they enable terrorism anywhere in the world. we don't do anything to anybody, do we? no, no let the congressman answer that. >> i think you raised a good point. i think these countries have to do a lot more than they're doing now. i think with respect to pakistan, by the way, once the children were killed in the school, pakistan stood up a lot more. >> for a weeks, for a week, that is all. >> good point we need these countries to look at the intelligence to fight the war. when we look at these countries, i'm very concerned the people have been radicalized and come into our country -- >> but here is the truth congressman king you can answer this. turkey, didn't cooperate we
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wanted to go after isis didn't cooperate. pakistan the doctor in prison who gave us osama bin laden. iran everybody knows about iran, yemen al qaeda all over the place. we don't do anything to these countries and we haven't for 14 years. congressman king? >> well, i have been critical of the department's administration. yemen, we do carry out massive drone attacks in yemen and kill many of their top leaders including citizens over there. as far as turkey, as far as iran, i think the president has made a mistake in dragging out this so-called nuclear talks with iran. as far as pakistan there was a lot going on that we were not on the intelligence committee. things are much better now in pakistan than they were, do i trust them no. >> how do they -- >> they're also doing other things, bill that right now are saving american lives that result in al qaeda being killed. >> maybe that is true, but the
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perception is that america is a paper tiger. all right, look france brought a lot of this terrorism on itself. we just talked about the no-go zones that they allow. 10% of the population is muslim they're all in there they radicalize, they don't a sim assimilate. we're lucky, abroad, you think putin fears us? china? no, the muslims do whatever they want to do. congressman roethlisberger, i'm giving you the last word. >> okay i've been to yemen, yemen is a country that is in ill-repair, they're very poor. that allows al qaeda to train. i was just in turkey to deal with their government about working on isis. isis is different from the al qaeda in the arabian peninsula their strategy is to do large
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attacks, if it is a large attack we usually hear and find out about it. i'm worried about the americans radicalized going to syria. we have to be more aggressive to go after them. and make sure wethey don't come to the united states. >> call me crazy but i think we should put a carrier out there. >> we're doing it. >> well, i didn't see the carrier over there. >> well, you don't want to tell the enemy your plan though, bill. and later, if mike huckabee is elected president, what would he do to confront worldwide terrorism. coming up.
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>> y
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you may have noticed that i have become extremely agitated when pundits and politicians address the terrorist situation with comments like terrorist acts will not inhibit our freedom. wake up, they have invaded our civilized world, and they cannot stop them. all right, colonel peters how do you get these guys? what do you do if you're in charge? >> straightforward, one, you accept you are in the war. two, you name the enemy, islamist terrorists. three, you get the lawyers out of the battlefield and out of the targeting se. you accept there will be collateral damage and don't apologize for it. you go wherever in the world the terrorists are and you kill them. you do your best to exterminate them and then leave crying
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windy widows, in five years, you reconstitute and never send troops into a war you don't mean to win. >> all right, you would send them into syria with ground troops, air support, in a fast campaign and kill as many of them as you can, that is what you would do colonel peters? >> what you do is use the appropriate military tool for the environment. you don't rule anything out, whether it is air, sea land cyber, you use what is appropriate. you don't get bogged down use the mobility, faster than the enemy, hit harder than the enemy and be as merciless as the enemy, if you're not willing to do that they will win. >> what would you do? >> we have to go after them but unfortunately it has not stopped this. it has to be an economic
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pressure. saudi arabia, pakistan, yemen, i would go after nato. we're leading nato. nato, you're not going to help us, we pull out. world banks, economic pressure has to be put on russia and iran that has worked arrest well as this military campaign that he talked about. killing them -- >> killing them is the only thing that works. >> it won't stop -- because you have state sponsorship of terrorism. so just killing them in iraq won't stop them. you have to get after the states that sponsor this, the only way to do this, let's get -- >> let's get specific. pakistan for 14 years all right, has enabled the taliban by giving them a sanctuary in the northern part of their country where they could cross and kill americans. and they could go back, and then when they took a beating they could reconstitute and come back. the bush administration allowed
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it. the obama administration allowed it. we haven't cut off aid to pakistan and we certainly haven't put an economic boycott. we boycott the castro brothers in cuba but we don't boycott pakistan does that make any sense to you? >> we have 2,000 years of recorded history of religious insurgencies. the only thing that worked was killing them. pakistan doesn't want to cut down on the network. we tell them we're going to go in and take you out and if you get in our way we're going to smack your military down. bill, you wrote a terrific book killing patton, did he consult lawyers or read them miranda rights? we levelled their cities and burned their families alive. in a war you fight to win. you don't worry about political correctness, the jihadis will do
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anything to win, and we worry about our table manners. >> you see him as too bullish? >> no i have no issue with the terrorists, it doesn't work the point of this, 26 years we have been bombing iraq four separate presidents. it has not worked. it has to be that end, economic, religious, philosophical. the president has to united the country and there has to be a u.s. sacrifice -- >> but he is not that kind of a leader. >> you asked me what i would do. you asked me what i would do. and i'm telling you -- the american people, there has to be sacrifices. >> i got a minute left. is it france's fault colonel peters that they got this because they left all of these muslims in in their no-go zone is it partly their fault?
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>> no, france's policies have been stupid, but it is islamic terrorisms -- you kill them if it take decades. >> but you have to do the unintended consequences deal before you do it. france's fault, they let all of these people in, now it is out of their control, partially their fault? >> yes, of course it is, the no-go zones are inexcusable. they put 30,000 cops, how about they have that many in iraq -- >> we're letting people go from gitmo all day long, they're going to come back. >> about 30% of them have. >> all right, gentlemen, very interesting. looks like the justice department may indict former cia chief petraeus, more on the surprising development. and coming up, the muslim
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terrorism in paris will it affect millions of good muslims we'll tell you how. we hope you stay tuned for those reports.
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unresolved problems tonight, the backlash from the terror attacks in paris, and it has reached critical mass in my opinion. joining us now from phoenix arizona, dr. jasser the
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president of the islamic forum for democracy, so you're a good guy. i like you. you have been on this program. you're honest you're clear-thinking. you're an american patriot. you do good things because you're a doctor and because you are an honest man. i think -- >> thank you. >> i think you're going to pay a personal price. i think people have had enough with the muslims. i'm getting letters all over the place. it is wrong, it's muddled thinking, but i think it's going to happen doc. >> well bill, you know, it takes sometimes tough medicine for us to wake up. i've been taking this risk. many muslims do, and ultimately short of the violence i pray there is no violence against muslims. but we need urgency we need fire under our feet. we have been given a pass there has been denial. and ultimately the best thing that can happen to muslims and islam, is to defeat islamism,
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not just isis, but all islamic states. the pool that is creating these radical, the war on terror, it is being created -- the product is coming out of a much bigger problem, which is a large political movement where the islamists believe their states are better than secular states. i, as a former naval officer, bill, would die for america, for liberty. the jihadists would die for the islamic states. that is how we need to figure out who the good guys are. >> we have the president of egypt and of bahrain, both coming out saying we're going to get the jihadists. we have the president of jordan coming out saying he is going to get the jihadists, that is three. then you have to king of saudi arabia letting the jihadists run wild. pakistan disgusting country
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revolting country imprisoning the man who got osama bin laden for us. turkey, they won't do anything, just let us land our planes so we can get isis. no. people are going to go muslims we don't want to hear about them anymore. in europe there are anti-muslim demonstrations not anti-jihadists. >> well, because the lens we're looking at it through, they still did not sign the u.n. declaration of human rights, they signed the one based on sharia law. to this day, bill, we had hundreds of researchers studying at the pentagon communist war theory today we won't study sharia, while some of these dictators may be better than others what you're not hearing, yes, they're getting upset with
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the populace islamists, they still feed from the same pool. what they're not seeing is liberty, building liberty -- >> they don't believe in it. >> what brought america the defeat of theocracy -- >> they don't believe -- the leaders in most of the muslim nations don't believe in freedom. they don't believe the masses have the education for it. we're not going to change that. but we have to get them to fight the jihad. you may want to check out the doctor's book called "the battle for islam" very interesting read. and when we come back, geraldo rivera and mike huckabee moments away.
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thank you for joining us i'm bill o'reilly, and geraldo rivera is with us, i believe there will be back lash i say we have no strategy to defeat the jihad, and i'm tired of people saying we need to avoid the issue to not offend. >> first of all we are not fighting muslim extremism. we are fighting specifically sunni muslim extremism. the shiites are no threat to the
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united states, absolutely not. syria, iraq, iran, the countries you hear about represent no threat to us. >> you don't think iran is a threat to us? >> the threat to us comes from the saudi -- >> you don't think that iran is a threat to the united states? >> i absolutely do not. >> really. >> iran -- they want to be a power, but they are not a threat to us. >> have you never heard of hamas and hezbollah -- >> hamas is a sunni -- hezbollah has not done anything as far as i know since the bombing in the 1980s. it is sunni muslim extremism, bill shiites represent 40% of the middle east population. they are no threat to us. it is sunni muslim extremism funded by saudi arabia, and 9/11, most of the bombings, the embassy bombing that osama bin laden --
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>> the kingdom of saudi doesn't fund al qaeda -- >> it the cousin all the high rollers -- saudi arabia, it is the sunnis the sunnis and the extremists. >> what do you do to them? >> pakistan is far less of a threat to us than saudi arabia. >> how many americans have died because of pakistan? how many. >> bill, the people funding the jihad around the world are saudis, they are not pakistanis. >> so -- >> it is not a question of obsession, we hold hands with these people who want our civilization destroyed. >> my plan of jihad first of all, i think you're wrong if you think the president is not doing anything. all those drone strikes the self starter those who have gone to the middle east to fight in syria and elsewhere and have
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come back radicalized. >> so what do you do about it? >> they are 100 to a thousand americans over there. >> what are you going to do about it? >> i want a grand jury in the twin cities, those people all have mothers and brothers and fathers and sisters who know they went over there to fight. i want all of their names, an active grand jury. i want them prosecuted for the various violations of federal law. >> not a bad idea, but that is small ball compared to -- >> but the self starters -- >> you know, you got
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>> . back of the book segment tonight. as you know, mike huckabee has resigned his position as a fox news host because he may run for
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president. he joins us now from santa rosa, florida in the panhandle. so say you are elected for the presidency, do you have a plan to defeat jihad? >> well, first of all you have to know who your enemy is, if you don't realize the nature is religious, the very word jihad means this is a religiously motivated war. so one of the things we have to do is realize who the enemy is cut off their funding. make it clear to countries like saudi arabia and others who continue to fund these guys that if they give them money they're done with the united states. then put on the spotlight some real hero, this week we saw two remarkable people. the president in egypt the crown prince of bahrain, both of whom are calling on the moderate muslims to step up and stop this nonsense. that is what we need. >> let me ask you a series of questions. because obviously the nation of
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pakistan has enabled the jihad. and everybody knows it. there is a doctor who helped us get osama bin laden who is in prison there, they harbored osama bin laden. i say cut off every penny and impose an economic embargo like we had against cuba. would you do that? >> i would certainly want to consider it and look with foreign policy experts. but bill, i would say the inclination, but first -- >> you told the pakistanis trade embargo against you, no more money coming from us. and we are going to encourage the rest of the world not to trade with you. their economy collapses, yes, they have nuclear weapons. yes, the jihadists will be there. but youñi will force them, force them to stop what is a -- you know, i mean, tens of thousands of americans have been killed
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because of pakistan's helping the jihadists. now, iraq -- iran. now, everybody knows they're enablers of terrorists all over the world. we continue to negotiate with them in bad faith. nobody believes iran is going to do anything. what would you do there? just continue and continue and continue. what would you do? >> well, i think we made a big mistake by trying to make nice. we put economic pressures and imposed the sanctions. it was having a traumatic effect upon them. now we're easing up the sanctions. accelerating the nuclear program. they continue to threat israel and the rest of the world and continue to fund groups like hamas and hezbollah. it doesn't make sense when you help to feed the people whose strength from which you feed them are going to be used to sock you in the face, so yes you cut them off. >> but barack obama and to be fair the republican congress, as well. i mean the bush administration didn't take action against pakistan and they certainly knew
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they were hurting american soldiers in afghanistan. they didn't do anything. they're afraid to confront the jihad, they think we're weak they think we are weak, they are plotting to kill us. if they can kill us, they will kill us. china helps them russia helps them. we can't do anything against them. turkey, we even let them go in and fight isis and we don't do anything to them. i'm trying to get across if you were president of the united states, whoever is it has to change. or we're going to have another 9/11, it will be ten times worse than it is. last word on the subject. >> no, i totally agree. look, we both know from being kids in the school yard that if there is a bully and somebody stops being a bully is when somebody punches his lights out. the united states has to pretend if you can tame the bully, you have to bust the bully and end
12:52 am
him. we have to work our way down and quit acting like we're weak -- >> it is not like we're acting like we're weak, we are weak. we don't have the political will. didn't happen in the '30s to defeat the japanese or germans we don't have it now. last week, laura ingraham discussed you and asked the question, can a religious man as you are become the president of the united states. can you get elected because of a secular society that we have now. what do you say? >> well, it is interesting that that question keeps coming up about me because bill you wrote the book about jesus, not me. >> you were a baptist minister -- >> but that was 20 years ago. what were you doing present years ago? >> i was in prison, i think. you saw some of your policy positions shaped by your belief
12:53 am
that evil has to be confronted and good has to be promoted. right? >> i think that is an american position. i think that is consistent with the judeo/christian foundation of the country. but for ten and a half years i lowered taxes built roads, reformed health care. i didn't replace the capital dome with a steeple and trade in the legislative sessions for prayer meetings, i effectively governed. now, am i a believer? yeah, am i ashamed of that? never, but i never suggested the purpose for which i would run for office is so i can impose some type of religious dogma on anybody. i don't think i should be disqualified for office -- >> i just wonder if the masses of people will take that into account when they evaluate. it is an unanswerable question.
12:54 am
>> here is the interesting question, we don't want to call islamic jihadism what it is because we don't want to offend somebody, because we might hurt their feelings over their religion. and yet the national press not so much you, but the national press all they want to do is say i don't think mike huckabee could be president because he is religious. >> that is right. >> now do you not see the irony in that? >> i am mr. irony, governor we have to let you go. and factor tip of the day, what we have to tell the kids about muslim terrorists. next. ic
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>> factor tip of the day discussing terrorism in a moment. and california, bill, you were very rude to the two muslim guests, you were just plain bad. sharon roberts, chicago, you're correct, the world is avoiding the issue of muslims to not
12:57 am
offend, i submit it is a danger, and kathy says most muslims are not extremists, but unless they stand up they will be grouped with them. and bill saying we have to kill them is dangerous please don't say those things. and the debate over why the iranians are at issue, pay attention, bill, your talking points on islamic extremism is correct, we need police to monitor the radical hamas. as you indicate, time is of the essence, tammy mills has left new jersey, please tell ed henry to get answers, not easily done, tammy, the president doesn't like to address this issue. and dan brewer, i signed up for premium up membership received killing patton free.
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and what would all of them say dan? appreciate the membership glad you liked the book. rob, we got tickets to the don't be a pin head show as soon as you announced it. do you think new mexico is a blue or red state. i think people in new mexico can be persuaded, bob. we'll see you on saturday the 11th. the show will be a blast out in the land of enchantment. factor tip of the day, for the pastçó two days i've had talks with urchins about the muslims killing innocent people. kids are upset. they don't understand, so i tell them there is evil in the world right now that is centered in some muslim precincts. and the only way you defeat evil is to confront it. good americans must do that. also the kids that the american military and the police agencies are doing a great job protecting us. children need to be reassured on
12:59 am
that front. i answered their questions. that is what all adults should do. be honest with their kids, give them your opinion. but brings it up. bring it up. they are hearing about this. just like at 9/11. got to discuss it with the kids see what is on their mind. then they can go back to the video games factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factor website different from bill o', also we would like you to spout off about the factor, o' word of the day, do not be taciturn when writing to us. if you are it contradicts. it is a hint on what taciturn really means. thank you for joining us, ms. mega megyn, i am bill o'reilly, the
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spin stops here, because we are definitely looking out for you. for you. there's no way i could have gotten out. as i sank i lost consciousness. >> louie's courageous story is portrayed in a new movie and book "unbroken." but there's more to his story. >> just unbelievable. told many his own words. >> my life was completely changed ever since. >> louis zamperini, a man of