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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 11, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PST

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next sunday at 11:00 and 5:00 eastern with the latest buzz. paris standing tall in the face of terror. up to 1 million people taking to the streets following the deadly attacks in the country earlier this week. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm arthel neville. >> and i'm eric shawn. welcome. it's a powerful and unprecedented group of world leaders. they have been marching together in defines against the radical islamic terrorist threat. they and 1 million more on the street united with one strong message and that is enough. let's look live at paris and listen right now where it is just after 6:00 p.m. at night.
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after this rally, french president hollande will head to the grand synagogue of paris that a powerful symbol. it was closed for the first time since world war ii. let's watch and listen. >> the silence is eloquent in what it says. our senior correspondent in paris with the latest. hello, rick. >> reporter: yes. communication's very difficult here in city center of paris.
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the crowd size estimated at 1.3 to 1.5 million people. and we have spent the last three hours walking through the city of paris with those people showing unity against terrorism. we're on one of the main avenues that leads from the center where this march began to the square where it's scheduled to finish. and there are thousands and thousands of people on this street and on every other street that we have been on moving as one with signs chanting, and celebrating the lives of the 17 who were killed in the terror attacks of the past week and also showing unity against any future attacks. of course, this event drew dozens of leaders from around the world and certainly across europe. 40 world leaders gathered here today for this event starting at
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the place de la republic leak. the king and queen of jordan and many others joining here and joining with family members to lead a march from the plaza. and it was an emotional time for those folks. and certainly a dramatic time for this city of france -- of paris and france. this entire country in mourning of course. but also showing solidarity not just with the victims of the terror attacks, but with each other and the rest of the world. i can't tell you how dramatic it has been moving around the streets of paris today. remarkably challenging at times. almost impossible to get a cell signal or get e-mails because there are so many phones and so many people trying to make calls and trying to communicate with each other. it's just been really really
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challenging, but also challenging for authorities as well. as you can imagine thousands of police officers in uniform plain-clothed soldiers. so far so good guys. >> an astounding seen when you have net tanya hue and the other world leaders. attorney general eric holder is in paris. we will continue with this incredible coverage of this incredible scene that you see right now. >> it's an incredible seen as france remains in locks up. the country also remains on high alert with boumeddiene still on the loose. they identify her as the common law wife of the gunman in the kosher standoff. she may have fled france in advance knowing the attacks were about to take praise. we get a verified video showing
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her husband supporting extremist extremists infront of the islamic state flag. it was reportedly taken just before friday. he is also being linked in the shooting of a jogger on the same day as the charlie hebdo attack. we're live in paris with the latest on the investigation. greg? >> reporter: arthel yeah as we watch that massive march and massive security effort, we can also tell you a massive investigation of the horrible events that occurred here this week continues intensely by the authorities. just in the last 24 hours, there has been a release of six people who were detained as well as an 18-year-old thought to be a prime suspect. he was also released. i don't find that too unusual. the french usually throw a very wide net out and pull it bablg. but as you know, the search for that remaining alive prime
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suspect in the terror attacks hayat boumeddiene continues. it's believed she could be an accomplice to acts including the killing of a policewoman and the nasty shootout at the kosher super market. she might not be in this country. it's pretty much certain that she isn't. according to various reports she left here, went to spain, went over to turkey and is now in syria and probably wasn't in this country when this whole thing went down. syria of course the headquarters for the isis terror group. this as we get more information about her now dead partner cue la -- cue la bali. police confirming to fox news
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that shooting that he could have been involved with on wednesday night, it is being now treated as a terror investigation. wednesday, of course the day of that slaughter at the french newspaper offense which left 12 people dead responsible people for that incident believed to be said and cherif ka wa chi. they had spent a lot of times in yemen. 2009, 2010, 2011 2012, that's the kind of time frame we're looking at. there are even reports that they did meet with american claire rick now dead and the so-called underwear bomber the fellow on that plane who wanted to run it into detroit with explosives and luckily failed.
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so you've god aqap isis, no wonder this weekend the french prime minister came out and declared from the perspective of france, there was a war on terror. back to you, arthel. >> indeed it is. and a lot of dots to connect there. greg, thank you so much. eric? >> as greg just mentioned, the prime minister of france did declare that his nation is quote, at war with radical islam. eric holder who is in paris was asked if the u.s. would say the same. >> we are at war with those who would commit terrorist attacks and who would corrupt the islamic faith in the way that they do to try to justify their terrorist actions. so that's who we are at war with. and we are determined to take the fight to them. >> well, to them, he didn't say it, how do we defeat radical islamic terrorism. john boll ton joins us now.
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fox news contributor. we have seen these incredible inspiring images from paris, the world leaders taking to the streets. how can they though realistically transform these inspiring scenes of solidarity and defines to concrete reality and policies that can defeat radical terrorism if the attorney general, the top law enforcement officer of this country, won't even use that term? >> well, i think it's because eric holder is following the same mental confusion that his boss, the president of the united states has. it's certainly true this march is inspiring. but right now, it's simply political symbolism. and the real question is whether the united states and other western countries will grasp as the prime minister of france said that we are at war with islamic radicalism with an i'd yolgy. that's something that even the president of france wouldn't say
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yesterday. i think it's important that the world see this outrage at the massacres conducted in paris this week, sadly, the glow will fade very quickly if western leaders don't remember what we learned so painfully on our 9/11 that the united states was attacked. that was the headline in the "new york times" on december the 12th 2001, the weekly standard points out. you think the "new york times" would run that headline today? >> you mention 9/11. this goes back farther than that. the first shot by the radical islamic terrorist against us occurred on our soil back on november 5th 1990 it was the brazen assassination of jewish ra buy and activist. he was shot dead in a manhattan hotel by an islamic gunman.
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then we've had dozens of other attacks. today, they say they do believe they were sleeping cells just like that assassination now here in the u.s. ready to strike. >> i think it is entirely possible that there are sleeper cells. many people including the administration like to say the terrorist are disjointed and splintersed. there's core al qaeda and the arab january peninsula, implying all the groups not really coordinated. competition can be just as dangerous as coordination. whoever's responsible for the tragedies in paris may find themselves confronted by another terrorist group that wants to do them one better and do it here in this country. the threat that having these base camps, whether it's in the isis-controlled territory, whether it's in what used to be the country of libya, whether it's in yemen or elsewhere
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around north africa and the middle east, gives the terrorist the chance to provide training get organized and conduct attacks like we've just seen in paris. we either have to recognize we're hat war because we've been attacked as we were back on september 11 and treat it that way, or whether we're going to continue to treat it as if it's something we can respond to after the terrorist strike by arresting them and giving them a constitutional due process criminal trial. >> it's been going on 25 years now this year. thank you as always. >> dozens of world leaders and more than a million people marching together against terrorism. is nothing done on our shores to combat the growing threat of terrorism? >> there is an international war. it's a global war. we don't have a strategy. i hope that congress will do a global risk assessment about how
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a live look again on the streets of paris. 6:15 p.m. there. crowds more than a million strong marching in a huge display of solidarity in the wake of this week's attacks. the question now, are we doing enough to protect the united states and its allies. joining me now mike turner. and of course france is a close nato ally and a partner in the u.s.-led coalition in iraq and syria. they were first to join the air campaign against isis in iraq. that's where i want to start. so much focus has been on isis. has the u.s. taken its eye off
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of al qaeda? >> i think we've taken our eye off the ball. the united states needs to go back and rededicate themselves to that. if you look at chapter 12 of the 9/11 commission report, it says we need a global strategy to fight terrorism and that this is going to require looking beyond al qaeda to the entire terrorist network that is supporting these islamic terrorists. to some extent, we have not remained vigilant and we're seeing the outcome of that. >> so i ask then, what role do you think the u.s. should play in leading this international war on terrorism and what has to be a new strategy? >> absolutely. i think the president needs to take the lead here. the report specifically says that you cannot call this generic terrorism. you need a global strategy because they have a global
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strategy. the president of the united states needs to come back to looking at how we can pull our allies together make certain there aren't sanctuary, and dismantle these networks. you can see from what happened in iraq. we talkwalk away. we need to take this infrastructure down. >> words are important. clearly, isis, al qaeda, whoever they are they are doing a really good job with semantics. they're doing a great job using the internet and they're really getting the ire up of their base. our leaders need to get the ire up. i think americans are tired of some of the passiveness. i don't want to suggest that the administration's not doing anything, but there needs to be more fire in the belly. >> when you look at trying to defeat your enemy you first
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have to understand who your enemy is and how they view you. chapter 12 gave a warning. it said that if we only look at this as a fight against osama bin laden or al qaeda that the world will not be safe, this is a growing threat, it has to be met with a global strategy. >> politics aside can the u.s. afford not to fund dhs? >> no one's not talking about not funding dhs. >> congressman, i'm short on time. i'm going to jump in. here's the deal. the u.s. doesn't want to hear the fighting between the white house and congress. everybody knows the president said he would veto any bill tied to his executive action on immigration. can we separate it for the sake of safety considering what we're facing there in france and imminent attacks possibly here on our shores?
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can we get together on this? >> it's the president who's tieing them together. what we're going to do is fund security, the security of our nation. if the president of the united states decides he wants his unconstitutional action to take down this bill, he's going to have to explain that to the american public. the american public do not support his actions. >> i'm not saying that the american supports or not. i'm just simply saying you guys are the ones attaching the immigration executive actions to the dhs funding. >> no, no. these issues are tied together. >> i understand they're tied -- >> there is one person in the white house that needs to come to the table. the president needs to come to the table. that's the lone person who's doing this. we hope he changes his mind and comes to the table. the president needs to be active
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in resolving it just like in the global strategy to fight terrorism. >> congressman, i have to end it there. we'll be right back.
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search teams say they may be close to locating the black boxes from the airasia flight. they are now honing in on intense pings. the pings are coming from two places. around two miles from where the tail end of the aircraft was recovered. they could provide answers on what caused the plane to go down. and it is winter outside. a massive winter storm now threatening much of the mid atlantic and northeast. lot of places seeing a lot of
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snow and ice. a brutally cold arctic air is on our way. without a coat hi, janice. >> you didn't catch he earlier. i have everything. i want to point out we're getting much needed moisture into southern california. that's the good news. also getting snow across the rockies. and this system bringing all of this moisture from the gulf of mexico. we're going to see the threat for heavy rain, snow and ice as well as we head into today and tomorrow as this mess moves towards the east coast, the northeast, the southeast, you name it. monday morning's commute all through the day on monday we're going to be dealing with inclement weather. winter storm advisories are up. the purples is where we have freezing rain warnings. here for parts of illinois. so people shouldn't be on the roadways. of course the current temperatures, you're going to
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see where it's dold out there, northern plains, upper midwest with the windchill even colder than that. winter is here to stay. arthel, eric, back to you. >> folks be careful. >> stay home. >> wait for spring. >> well the paris terror attacks leaving a lot of people on edge with the possibility of more attacks. what kind of impact does all this have on our health? even as we watch these unfolding scenes from here. what you can do about it with the doctors coming up. plus we're going to talk about this year's flu season. it is shaping up to be one of the worst on record. why is it so bad and what can you do to protect yourself? that is all coming up next on "sunday housecall." the doctors are on deck. >> get your flu shot.
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why's that? look what daddy's got... ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! growth you can count on from the bank where no branches equals great rates. hello. i'm eric shawn. time now for "sunday housecall." >> and i'm arthel neville. joining us is dr. david samadi. chairman and professor of urology and chief of robotic surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel. author of the inner pulse, unlocking the secret code of sickness and health. >> i love the way arthel pronounce it. it's so sexy. >> i can't help it, doc. >> of course it's been a difficult past f


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