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tv   Sunday Housecall  FOX News  January 11, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm PST

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u.s.? >> since 9/11 has gone, time has gone on, we have become a little bit complacent and we have kind of forgot that we are in a war against terror. we have seen with the revelations of edward snowden people kind of exaggerating the security state we have trying to exaggerate the war on terror and interrogation programs. the mentality that this war on terror is over and we don't have to be concerned about them anymore. what we are seeing on the streets of policy is that, no, this threat still exists. we need these weapons, these tools, these intelligence tools to try the best we can, because it is not easy, to find those that are going to try to commit terrorist acts here in the united states. >> finally, jamie, is it possible for the u.s. to make itself 100% security against such attacks like the one in
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paris? >> i think it is impossible. it doesn't need that many people and that much coordination. i don't think you can ever be 100% secure. it is shocking that attacks like this haven't been more frequent. >> general dempsey points out that more needs to be done and things are being done. >> i agree. >> thank you. >> we'll have the latest on the investigation. did you hear that one of the terrorists has pledged allegiance to isis in a video that was just released. we will have more on what it means and what he says and where we will go from here as the investigation in paris continues. tter than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews.
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french forces doubling down on their search for hyat boumeddiene. authorities identifying her as the common law 5:00 of the gunman in friday's kosher store standoff. the man on the far right of your screen there. prosecutors are also linking him in the shooting of a jogger on the same day as the charlie hebdo attack. this is as we get a verified video showing her husband supporting extremists in front of the islamic state flag as it is still shot here. it was reportedly taken just before friday. he is also now being linked by prosecutors in the shooting of a jogger on the same day as the charlie hebdo attack. >> joining us now, investigations on these type of
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investigations. jonathan. amedy coulibaly, who we just saw who who is the kosher store terrorist who may have killed a policeman. he is pledging allegiance to isis. how do we know it is real or is he boesting or taking that cloak of boasting that they were ordered by al qaeda and the arabian peninsula to do this? >> first of all, it is real. they did, obviously, some of them went over and trained. you don't have to just go over and be a part of isis tichlts not like the s.e.a.l. teams where you have to go through all the training and qualify to be in there. you can take an allegiance to what isis is spreading. you are now an operative of isis. >> you are talking about lone wolves who can have this belief by looking at the internet and to go off and do something like this? >> sure. that's where we are losing the
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fight. politicians like to come on and spread rhetoric. i'm a tactician and a mitt gator of threats. that's what i do. so i look at things. they have to stop the recruiting. why don't we shut down some of the internet sites? >> that's a good question. we should have been working towards this for a long time. what happens, unfortunately, when it comes to threat mitigation, from a political standpoint, is that things start to water down or trickle down. just like the airlines, with he don't look at something until a problem happens. cybersecurity not even a month ago was a major issue. now, we are looking at france where we have these types of attacks. it is only a couple of days afterwards. already, this march today went from a march for freedom of
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speech to french/jewish solidarity. that's how quickly they change and we lose our thought process on what we need to do. >> that is an mazing historic event that occurred today with what you just said. more importantly, the french prime minister says it is a march against radical islamic terrorism. at least there, they are calling it, it is for what it is. >> where was our president? >> see, this is where we have to start looking at things from a threat mitigation process. we have to start looking at things realistically. you have had walid phares on all day. he is a realist who thinks effectively. lisa, she thinks effectively. pol tickets, i could talk about people that do not think effectively. we have to start saying, this is what it is and this is how we fex it. >> today, prime minister netanyahu has said he is calling
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on all the european leaders to share intelligence. i am sure they are saying political correctness has to be set aside. how do we adopt that attitude and curtail the indoctrination? go there. how do you get to these guys. the terrorists are winning in terms of propaganda. the picture is, this communication process is this. why is it every time we have this, when it comes to operating and putting forces on the grown, with he need to stop looking at
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things like a u.n. peacekeepers project and start looking at things from a tactical assault perspective. if the world wants to start fixing these problems, they have to start looking at assaulting these problems together. i am talking about assaulting the internet. if you want to fix the internet, you have to do that all over. otherwise, if they can't recruit here, they are just going to recruit there. it is a world problem that they are having. fortunate for us is that we have a logistics in our favor issue in our favor where it is hard for them to logistically get people over here. we haven't fixed the borders. france, it is much easier to get trained and come back. it is logistically more hard here. >> dianne feinstein says there are sleeper cells right here in the united states. >> if they are a sleep are cell, you are never going to know until the day they strike.
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boston bombers, no the a sleeper cell. people knew about it. these guys over there, they just hit in france. sleeper cells are the ones that are in those no-go zones. they are living here in public view but are subscribing to isis. they are subscribing to fundamental mohammedism, which we also call radical islam. they are people that are here, possibly here, possibly planning attacks and not letting anybody know about it. that is a sleeper cell. >>s > >> as you said, you don't know they are there until they awaken. >> there are ways to track them on the internet. looking at where they go and they have chatter. trying to find one piece of the pie that you can follow and then develop the larger puzzle, one of the best ways to do it, though, is by having the muslim
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population police themselves. we have since barack obama has come into office, have taken a step back from that. in new york city -- >> and mayor de blasio. >> took a step back by pulling our surveillance tactics away. if the muslim community is not going to police itself, we are not going to be able to do that. that's been eliminated. something needs to be fixed here. i think that's the biggest way, no the necessarily just jumping online. not necessarily going all over the world but getting them to look at themselves and police themselves. >> politics and political correctness have to be put aside. >> otherwise, we are going to have continued attacks and a movement. this fundamental islamic, mohamedism is on the move. it is not something that's just relaxing. i will make this point. it should hit everybody hard. in the early 1900s, 1.5 ar mean
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ye armenians were eliminated from this country. the guy that took the hostages, not only was he known but he met president sarkozy. when they were trying to help these people, look what they have got. >> it says there are agendas in place that are not effective in fighting this. politics is like being in professional football. their job is to get reejected and main tan civility in a country so there is not chaos. we have to start having effective leaders, not politicians. that's the case. you have to have effective leadership in order to get these things done. >> jonathan gilliam, thank you so much. new developments in the investigation. a top intelligence official sounding the alarm on new terror plots from al qaeda, the details on that straight ahead. you owned your car for four years.
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continuing coverage on the terror attacks in paris. joining us now is fox news national security analyst katy mcfarland, former deputy assistant secretary of defense during the reagan administration. casey, there has been a term that's been floating around the past few days that i want to talk to you about. this nogo zone. >> a nogo zone, there are over 750 in france alone. they are in all the european countries. they are in britain, belgian, sw switzerland. you don't go in them if you are anything other than a middle east muslim.
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why? because there are micro states within the bigger states. there is not regular french law. there is shahi are. a law. there is no law enforcement, other than what's enforced by the muslim communities. if they call for an ambulance, the ambulance won't go in unless they have police escorts. there is a large unemployed youth population, 40% of the muslim youths in these no -go zones are unemployed. they become recruiting grounds and a festering region where islamic extremism can thrive. they are cre uting peoprecruiti are going to fight and come back home or conduct terrorist attacks. the fact that these nogo zones exist allows radical jihad to thrive. people are going down the
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streets with osama bin laden t-shirts, with isis t-shirts celebrating the violence islamist jihad is doing. >> yet, they live and exist within the borders of the country of france and some of the other european countries you mentioned. >> that's what's so incredible about it. the french die for their territory. they fought world war i and world war ii to protect their countries. national governments have turned a blind eye or encouraged the creation of these micro-states. they have succeeded it to the ma dra sa schools and sharia law. >> what do you do about it? yes, there is church and state. what do you do about this? >> you bet. arthel, that's what happens tomorrow. these marches are great. they are poignant.
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this he really move the world's attention. what happens tomorrow? does the french government say, no more no-go zones. we are going to figure out whatever it takes to make these people part of the french population. unless they tackle the no-go zones. it is not an easy fix. it is not just we are going to break up this and break up that. they have to go in and deal with a whole range of social issues as well as economic issues. will they do it or go back to business as usual until the next horrific or are they there now? we'll take a quick break and be right back with more coverage of the attacks in paris. introducing the new philips norelco shaver series 9000
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we're back with fox's national security abnalyst. we're talking about the 50 750 no-go zones in france. has it happened here? will it happen here? you have the nypd dropping its monitoring of mosques as well as sharia law, reports of that in several communities. oklahoma had a law against it that was struck down. >> yeah, and this is the worry, eric. it's not here yet, but it's on its way here. the whole notion of political correctness, we don't want to offend anybody's feelings, we want to encourage multiculturism. we saw the example in europe. that's failed. that's why it's so important in the united states that we call it what it is. don't let it take root here. don't think that you're doing anybody any favors by letting them not assimilate. we want americans to assimilate of all times because, americans, and we've already
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seen this, will leave their communities, travel to the middle east, train, fight, and then with the goal of potentially coming back to the united states to launch attacks. >> and as you know, today the president of egypt vocally condemning radical extremists, yet here in the u.s., our leaders seeming to have problems with semantics. i want you to touch on that for me and also the fact that president obama or no major leader of the u.s. was present there in paris today. you had the french ambassador there. >> it was stunning. it was just stunning to me to see the major world leaders there is arm in arm speaking out. the prime minister of france saying, we're at war with radical islam. yet, the president doesn't send a senior official. he doesn't send the secretary of state. he doesn't send the vice president. it's as if we're either afraid of it or don't want to call it what it is. on the other hand, you have a real profile encouraged. the egyptian president, leader of the largest muslim
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population, he went to their vatican and said to their religious and political leaders, you have to reform. it's policies you've had for a generation which have fostered this radical jihad. it's up to you to change the ideology. that's a real profile encourage, not a president who says, well, this is senseless violence. it's calling it what it is and hoping that there will be reform. >> we leave it there for now. thanks. >> thank you. >> and we of course will continue with the live coverage from paris and about this vital issue here on "america's news headquarters." we'll continue with the historic rally that is taking place in paris.
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a fox news alert. dozens of world leaders linking arms, leading a march of millions through the streets of paris. the global community standing tall in the face of terror, refusing to surrender. welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> hello, everyone. i'm eric shawn. it's being called the largest french demonstration in history. people taking to the streets to defiantly say no to radical islamic terrorism. that's more than poured out at the end of world war ii.


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