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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 13, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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osted there. this is "the kelly file." tonight, thefiant charlie hebdo won't back down. the first post-terrorist attack edition will again have the prophet muhammad on its cover.
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we'll show you that in just a moment. paul ryan is out, mitt romney looks like he's in, and chris christie is inching closer. the architect karl rove breaks down the latest moves in the gop crowded 2016 presidential field. >> jimmy carter chimes in on the terrorist attacks in france. and as usual, blames israel. >> this aggravates people who are affiliated in any way with the arab people who live in the west bank in gaza. what they're doing now. the white house downplays the centcom kriber attack. >> the networks that were penetrated were commercial networks operated by a couple of social media outlets. >> what does yesterday's hacking really tell us about america's cybersecurity? hannity starts right now.
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charlie hebdo have released their first cover since the deadly attack, and it features the so-called prophet muhammad. standing by with more in paris is fox's own rick leventhal. rick? >> reporter: sean a defiant and bold front page for the charlie hebdo, asserting their freedom of expression, even as the country's prime minister said serious and high risks remain. we're seeing new amateur footage of the two brothers who slaughtered a room full of people at that newspaper office. just after the shooting, calmly returning to their get jay way car shouting to anyone in the street they had avenged the prophet. and swapping out the magazines on their automatic rifles. we saw some of the 10,000 soldiers and 5,000 police now protecting this country's 700-plus jewish schools along with other sensitive sites. they're concerned about new attacks. authorities believe the brothers
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and their associate were funded by an organized terror network. they believe their weapons stockpile came from abroad and they had significant financing. this, plus the sophisticated logistics of the attack show they were part of a larger organization. authorities are looking for up to six other members of the terror cell. one is already in custody in bulgaria, detained january 1st. he's an associate of the kouachi brothers, andnnection to al qaeda
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in yemen after the massacre at charlie hebdo. the two brothers showed they had avepged the prophet muhammad for the magazine's cartoons and say
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they are from al qaeda in yemen. between the paris operatives and al qaeda four senate republicans, including the new chairman of the intelligence committee, are supporting legislation that blocks the transfers from guantanamo bay where the majority of detainees are from yemen. >> we realize that anybody that might be at guantanamo, or anywhere in the world that has knowledge and texture of yemen in 2011 is a legitimate source for us to go to. and to run the names of the brothers and to see if there was talk of an operation. >> it's clear that we need a time-out so that we do not reconfront the terrorists that we had captured and are currently in guantanamo. >> former pentagon official said at least 300 operatives trained in these camps in yemen. about 50% were foreign fighters, including some americans. sean? >> katherine, thank you. this news comes as the white
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house continues to be heavily criticized for not attending france's unity rally this past weekend. fox's own ed henry is standing by at the white house. he has much more on this fallout. ed? >> sean, good to see you. there have been a series of excuses the white house has given for why the president, or any other top officials from the white house here attended that massive rally on sunday. the commander in chief tried today to keep the focus on his domestic agenda hosting republican leaders for their first face-to-face since republicans took over congress. as you noted the fallout continues. one of the excuses was that there was concerns about security because this event had come together so quickly. as you know the secret has since said it would have been challenging, but they were never officially asked to put together a plan raising the question whether the white house was seriously considering going. the other excuse was it came together so quickly, white house decided that they wouldn't go without ever checking in with the president. interesting because politico reported today that white house
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officials believed that after that mission of a mistake on monday where josh earnest said, look, we should have sent a higher level official than ambassador, i pressed earnest today on what the president really was doing sunday. listen. >> did you get a chance to have a conversation with the president? >> well, i -- there was a -- there were conversations here at the white house about that. but i don't have anything to share. >> is the president upset with his decision that involved all these other world leaders, that it never reached his desk? has he expressed any anger about that? >> not that i'm aware of. >> joe lieberman said today that he believes the white house is making a mistake for not saying flat-out that it was radical islam behind the terror attacks in paris. listen. >> there are forms of extremism that threaten us but the one we're at war is is violent
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islamist extremism. >> now, earnest said this is a matter of accuracy. and radical islam does not describe america's enemies. he went on to say that the terrorists in france tried to justify their actions by invoking islam. and he says calling it out as radical islam will just give them more attention and legitimize what he called their warped view of the religion. >> ed henry at the white house. thank you, ed. while the attacks on france are grabbing headlines around the world, one story has not received a lot of media attention, the brutal killings of thousands by boko haram. >> that's right, on january 3rd, boko haram ambushed a town and began shooting while residents tried to escape. those who made a run on foot were reportedly chased down by the militants on motorcycles.
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then they were shot dead. meanwhile, gunmen sprayed the bushes with gunfire, where many of those individuals were hiding. some were even burned alive inside their homes. while others drowned trying to swim across a lake into the neighboring country of chad. nigeria's government said the death toll was around 150. but local reports have a body count much much higher than that. closer to 2,000 people. on saturday, at least 20 more people were killed when explosive strapped on a 10-year-old little girl went off in a crowded market in another nearby city. and then on sunday two female suicide bombers killed at least three more people in separate attacks. no one has claimed responsibility for all of these blasts so far but boko haram who forces young girls to carry out suicide bomb attacks against their will are being carried out now. a special envoy of the united nations, is now urging for justice. she says, quote each new crime committed by boko haram exceeds
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the last in brutality. every time they get away with mass murder rape and the enslavement of women and children, they are emboldened. they want to force strict sharia law across syria and terrorized that country for the last eight years. you remember last april the same group kidnapped more than 200 school girls, and they are still missing. sean, it's horrific what's happening over there. i'm proud of you for sharing this with our viewers. >> the reports i'm reading is high as 2,000. >> 2,000 yeah. the government saying 150. but reports there, folks there on the ground say it's much, much higher than that. 2,000 individuals. >> thank you so much for being with us. the author of a battle for the soul of islam president and founder of the islam for democracy. and jonah goldberg. jonah, i want to put up on the screen the video, isis.
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the kid doesn't look any older than 11 years old being used now to assassinate individuals, as you can see there in that video. add to that boko haram, yet with all of these instances combined you have a white house re sis tisting. they will still not say the words islamic radicals, islamic terrorists. why? >> i think basically it's a firm etiology on their part. if it reflects poor on islam it's not islam. that's self-perpetuating and ridiculous. things reflect badly on all religions. there are people that do in the name of christianity and in the name of islam that reflect badly on their faith. the idea is from this white house, that they have taken it as an etiology mantra that they're going to create these sanitized euphemisms and ab
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abstractions abstractions, extremism, as if we fought world war ii against nationalism, and not german nationalism. i talk to muslims all the time, and they call those people crazy muslims. you talk to a cab driver in washington, d.c. about this stuff, and they're embarrassed and ashamed that people are doing it in the name of their religion, for the most part. >> but the white house, back in 2012 they urged charlie hebdo not to publish cartoons. josh earnest came out with the same admonition as jay carney back in 2012 saying whenever journalists provoke jihadist attacks, is sort of blaming people for expressing free speech. shouldn't the president be the strongest advocate for freedom of speech worldwide? >> well yes, absolutely. there's also this sort of pernicious assumption here that if you do things that upsat the faith of islam, and i understand
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why these images would be offensive to law-abiding peaceful muslims, but the assumption from the white house's logic if you do this, those same muslims will turn into psychopathic killers. you can't have it both ways. it has nothing to do with islam. these images shouldn't arouse anger or bloodshed for muslims or it does have something to do with islam. they basically want to play the etiological game. >> how is the white house's dancing around in fear of identifying enemy for who they are, how is that interpreted by those that buy into radicalism? >> it's basically, sean, surrender. it is weakness. it allows the wonder why the terror attacks around the world, like you have so appropriately shown, from boko haram to the killings of the school children in pakistan to the attack in paris, to ottawa on and on it's increasing because they see us as weak as surrendering.
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they want imperialism, and create the new concept of the cal i cal a fate. the theme of what you've been saying, in all the stories, is we have been reactive. we are not proactive. we're reactive. we allow the french and all the other leaders of the world to think about having a reality as we stand back. we're not attacking them offensively, we're simply defensive. >> let me go to the white house meeting yesterday. this is what josh earnest said. i want you to respond to this doctor. >> there was a genuine concern that the publication of some of those materials could put americans abroad at risk. including american soldiers. the president and his spokesman was not then and will not now be shy about expressing a view or taking the steps that are necessary to try to advocate for
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the safety and security of our men and women in uniform. >> real quick, doctor you're saying radical islamists will interpret that as weakness. >> absolutely. by the way, i served 11 years as a naval officer. there's nothing more offensive than to see our ideals thrown under the rug. if you want to enable moderate muslims who want to fight against theocracy today, this week there are things being said that i see in saudi arabia, they're whipping him for blasphemy. a thousand lashes. how do they interpret that? oh we respect their disruption of freedom of speech. the liberals on the ground will hate america because we don't stand for what we do abroad for what we do at home. >> there is an interesting development. the mayor of rotterdam telling the muslims to basically "f" off. if they don't appreciate western values. should this be something that all countries maybe should
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duplicate? watch this. >> >> should countries like france say relief? >> you don't have to say love it or leave it. but you have to say, play by the rules. or leave. because the rules say, tolerance, nonviolence you cannot punish and commit violence against people because of what they say or what they paint or what they draw. i think this guy is absolutely right. >> thank you both. coming up sources now say governor mitt romney is now really thinking about running again. is a third time a charm for the gop nominee. we'll check in with karl rove with more straight ahead. no pictures of trucks pulling boats. no photos of men working on ranches.
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all eyes are on 2016. and the emergeing gop field. test test test. test test. test test. test test. test test. he's definitely not throwing his hat in the ring. listen to this. >> there are a lot of folks in washington who argue that the way republicans should win is that we should nominate a candidate from the mushy middle. somebody who is right in the middle, near the democrats, not much distinction. if you look at it, we've tried that. it's a theory. but we keep trying the theory and it keeps not working. >> the two most important questions are, what impact will it have on your family. the second one is the more important question, and where is
10:20 pm
the best place for me to achieve this agenda of restoring the american dream. if you decide the best place for you for your country, if it's to run the united states. >> reaction, karl rove. here's what i'm looking for. i'm a conservative. i want the most conservative candidate with the most inspiring vision very specific things, that will solve the country's problems, that can win. that's what i'm looking for, karl. what do you see in the field? >> well, look i think we're right here at the beginning. let's not kid ourselves. there's a long way to go before we have a good sense of how these people will look and be in 2016. particularly, in the context of a general election. we think we know a lot about them from their past experience from either ted cruz in 2010 or what scott walker's been doing in wisconsin or what jeb bush did as governor or what mitt romney did last time around.
10:21 pm
but the contest this time around is going to be so different and the dynamics are going to be so different than they were in the past, that it's going to take us a while before these candidates begin to sort of gel and to mold and model in the form they'll take for 2016. and as a result, it's going to be exciting to watch. and i'm with you, we want the most conservative candidate with the optimistic forward looking vision who can win. >> let's go through the governors who may run. governor perry, scott walker is contemplating a run maybe bobby jindal? christie? >> we have governor christie, we have former governor romney apparently now and former governor bush, and maybe governor snyder of michigan. governor perry is still governor until the 20th of january. you better be careful if you --
10:22 pm
don't disrespect our governor. >> i'm an honorary texan, we're all good there. we've got senators. we've got rand paul. ted cruz. we've got marco rubio. maybe a dark horse, john thune maybe? who might get it? >> first of all, you put your finger on an interesting thing, traditionally we've had more senators running than governors. this time around we've already got more governors being mentioned than senators. we've got one other governor we didn't talk about, actually, two more governors, governor pataki of new york is talking about running, and bob ehrlick. >> i think governor santorum will run. >> and former governor huckabee as well. at least five senators, and i think the number is 11 governors current or past. >> i think the comment that ted
10:23 pm
cruz made about the mushy middle. i know there's always this battle, tea party conservatives, more established candidates. the argument would be bob dole was more establishment, middle of the road. same with senator john mccain. they didn't win. and conservatives are saying, maybe we need a guy like reagan who challenged the establishment in 1976, when he took on a sitting president gerald ford. can that case be made? do you think there will be a struggle? do you think it will be an intramural battle? will it be ugly? >> i hope it's not ugly. i'd say two things. remember, reagan in '76 lost. the optimistic reagan as the unify unifier who won. here's my point. reagan won in 1980. even though it was four years later, and he still had some
10:24 pm
antagonisms left over from '76. he did so by focusing thor wonderful years between '77 and '79 when he does those radios. there's a wonderful book by marty anderson who just passed who was reagan's domestic policy adviser who found the original script. what you see there is a very active mind who was focused on trying to define a positive image and a positive agenda for the future. what does he want to do when he runs for president a second time. actually, in this case a third time. briefly a candidate in 1968. and you see the mind of reagan as he explores the questions in his own handwriting. >> reagan in his own handwriting, i mean the best book about reagan you can ever read. you can see him crossing out things and putting in things. >> yeah. >> it's really good. let's talk on the democratic side. >> let me finish this point. reagan, i thought ted cruz hit it on the nose the other day when he said here's what we ought to be about.
10:25 pm
and it's always easier in politics to say what you're against. it's harder to say what you're for. that's what reagan was involved in, is figuring out when i run again, how can i express myself in a way where i am for things and where i paint the shining city on a hill, how can i paint that vision with clarity and power, and passion. and he did so. i think it's a lesson for every candidate running this year. >> do you think it's over, hillary on the democratic side? >> well you know i believe she's going to be a candidate now. i must admit, i still think it's a more complicated decision than people give it credit to be. on the other hand, the energy inside the democratic party, they have no bench. and there's almost a desperation that she has to be the candidate. but could she be taken out? yes, she was taken out in 2008 by barack obama. could elizabeth warren take her out? potentially. i don't see elizabeth warren
10:26 pm
doing this time. in 2016, it's going to be tough for the democrats. who would want to follow barack obama. it's hard for any major political party in the modern era to get a third term. george h.w. bush got the third term for reagan. other than that we've not had a third term two terms of a party followed by a third term by the same party since fdr and truman. those were extraordinarily different circumstances. >> karl rove appreciate it. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. policy of the program i can't decide for everybody who they want. later on our question of the day is going to deal with this very issue in terms of who you want to be the candidate. the republicans, coming up november 2016. our policy here is going to give as much access to every candidate, so that by the time you go to the polls, you will be an informed voter. coming up next tonight, one of the largest israeli newspapers reporting that
10:27 pm
france's president did not want prime minister benjamin netanyahu to attend the rally this weekend. >> the palestinian problems this aggravates people who are affiliated in any way with the arab people, who live in the west bank and gaza. >> here we go. carter blaming israel again. ralph peters responds to jimmy carter's comments in the rise of anti-semitism. that
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
leaders from all over the world were invited to attend a unity rally in paris, just days after radical islamists killed 17 people in france. according to one of the biggest newspapers in israel, the prime minister benjamin netanyahu was asked to stay home. the prime minister defied french requests attended the rally anyway. is this just another sign of the growing anti-semitism all throughout europe?
10:30 pm
joining me to respond, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. it's worse than that, colonel because not only did they say not come when the prime minister did come, he was one of the last to speak at a synagogue, and then president hollande got up and walked out. with the rise of anti-semitism we see in france and throughout europe, how do we interpret that? >> well, actually, in this case,ive really don't think it was anti-semitism. you want to talk anti-semitism, we can get to jimmy carter. for the french, i think it was about two things. it was a wrong decision. certainly they should have invited netanyahu. absolutely the french were wrong. i was trying to explain why they did it. one, they didn't want the rally to turn into a -- to give the jihadis a chance to say, see, it's about zionism. you're right. france has close relations with quite a lot of muslim nations,
10:31 pm
especially north africa. and i think they're very protective and wary about that. now, that doesn't make their action right. they were wrong not to invite netanyahu. i'm trying to give you -- i don't think -- >> but the report also went on to say colonel, that after netanyahu said he was coming, then just to be defiant, they invited the palestinian authority leader, mahmoud abbas, to the event. then for the president to walk out on a prime minister's speech at a synagogue, after it was a kosher supermarket that was attacked? that seems way over the top to me. whether you like his presence there or not. >> yeah. well, again, bad judgment. but again, i can explain -- i won't condone but i can explain the french actions in not inviting netanyahu. what i find inexplicable are president obama's and his cabinet's refusal to go to
10:32 pm
participate. the apparent order, even eric holder not to show up when he was in paris. the french i can explain, but i don't approve of it. obama's actions or inactions i cannot explain. >> how do you interpret it? didn't he care enough? he didn't want to be there? didn't want to send biden? kerry has been in paris once a month. eric holder was there. why not send a high-ranking american? why didn't they do it? >> again i think it goes back to obama's insistence there's no such thing as islamist terror. obama, once he makes up his mind about something, i suspect he made up his mind about islam 30 or 40 years ago, you can't move him. he can't learn from new facts. and even though six years in office, he's seen the proliferation of islamist terror literally around the world, he is still clinging to
10:33 pm
the idea that islamist is somehow benign. sean, look at the background of the man. indonesia, his left wing mom, in chicago and elsewhere, in the company of leftists, i'm not trying to be sensational but i do believe that the president romanticizes islam, that he really sees the religion of islam as oppressed, while he sees christianity and judaism as the oppressors. i sincerely believe this president -- let me just answer this, sean. i think this president would have an easier time dealing with a war on terrorists if the terrorists were southern baptists or israeli jews. >> wow. what part of all these attacks is he missing all across the globe. but all right. colonel peters good to see you, thank you. set your dvr, a video history proving rad cam islamists are increasing their attacks around the world. you don't want to miss it.
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ameritrade. you got this. . welcome back to "hannity." last week's attacks on france are a series of escalating attacks around the world. let's take a trip down memory lane. another plane just flew into the second tower. this has to be deliberate, folks. >> this was a highly sophisticated, coordinated terrorist attack. >> breaking news now fort hood in texas. the post is on lockdown. this is not a drill.
10:40 pm
>> a little more than an hour ago. an explosion that looked like something freakish at the moment, looks more like it was coordinated. >> sounds like he's running around out here. gunshots. >> tonight terror in the heartland. the fbi's investigating a brutal beheading in moore, oklahoma. after the suspect's co-workers revealed he had been trying to convert them to islam. >> there's been a shooting in ottawa. the suspect is still on the loose. this is an active shooting situation. >> a man with apparent sympathies to anti-american rhetoric, is dead tonight after attacking a group of new york city police officers with a hatchet. >> preliminary evaluation is
10:41 pm
this was a terrorist act. >> five people escaping from a gunman some 15 hours ago, stormed into a cafe into downtown sydney waving a jihadi flag. >> the massive manhunt under way right now in paris for the masked gunmen three of them, killing at least 12 people at the offices of charlie hebdo. >> that was reaction tonight, indianapolis area imam, and former nypd detective. imam, aren't you disgusted that every single example we just played there is being done in the name of your religion? every one of them. every single one. and it's happening all over the globe. >> we've got the most merciful. let me offer condolences to the nigerian girls --
10:42 pm
>> 2000. answer my question. in the name of islam. your religion. aren't you disgusted? >> every example you gave, you forgot the plane that flew into the irs building in texas, you forgot the beheading at the church, the christian guy who went into the church. >> the world is dealing radical islam. you're an imam -- >> you're talking about the radical islam. we're dealing with a serious problem that goes further than islam. if you will be balanced and come forward and look at this thing in a balanced way, we can try to solve the problem. to focus on islam, we're not going anywhere. >> seriously, that was only a short part of the montage. we go back to the madrid train bombings u"uss cole". i have about 40 incidents here. in the name of radical islam
10:43 pm
terrorism. >> well, yeah, yeah. >> excuse me. we have a serious problem. and i believe that there are really good muslims out there. but we have to deal with this problem. we have a problem in america that's coming back to america. what happened in paris is just the beginning. and it's coming here. and you're right, look what happened to the 2,000 people in africa. look at what happened to those young girls over there. look what happened with the two russian soldiers that were shot in the back of their head by a young boy who looked like he was about 9 years old. this is now getting to a point where even you have to realize, we've got to deal with it. the world has to deal with it. that's why we have to take it, and our president has to get involved, and all the leaders around this world have to join together and know that we have to get rid of these garbage cans these isis garbage cans, because they're going to inflict this on everyone. >> imam i think what we're both saying is, you've got to speak out. >> yes. >> you are in the muslim community. this is happening in the name of
10:44 pm
your religion. >> first of all, i'm american all right? i'm a muslim and i'm an american. >> you're an imam, a leader. >> i want what's best for america. but let's be real. 1.5 million atrocities or crimes in america are killing and maiming. >> terrorism is happening in the name of -- our biggest problem, radical islamists. >> my point is, too, a lot of people are -- >> there are crimes in america, crimes are crimes in america. >> listen to me. >> go ahead. >> with all due respect. you're as american as i am. as an american you want to protect our country. >> i want our country protected, right. >> we want to know in these different places of worship, if there are people planning an attack on americans, i think you'd want to know. and i think you'd want to tell the authorities. am i correct?
10:45 pm
so let's do it. >> first of all, my job is this. my job is to try and bring people to a better way of seeing life. let me finish. let me finish. >> let me ask you a question, imam. hang on. you don't feel any obligation as a leader of islam to speak out against all of those that buy into the use of your religion to justify murder? and killing? >> sean, i would go against anything that's wrong. >> let me hear you say that your religion has a problem with radicals that are perverting and destroying it and they need to stop. say it in your own words. >> i'll put it this way. my religion has a problem with anyone who is unjust and unfair and is violent and kills innocent people. that's my religion. >> that's why we have to have investigations, when we get evidence, we have to go into
10:46 pm
these mosques and we have to investigate it. and we have to find the bad people in there trying to blow up america. and i think what commissioner kelly has done, as the years have gone by is to investigate. and we must be able to go in there. we're not trying to investigate -- >> you're welcome. >> all right. >> come on, man. >> come on, baby. >> all right. coming up president obama announces his plan to beef up this country's cybersecurity one day after centcom and twitter and youtube page was hacked. are we she inspires you. no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines,
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what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. welcome back to "hannity" an investigation is under way to determine who hacked into u.s. twitter accounts and here is what the president had to say today. >> with the twitter account that was hacked by islamic jihadist sympathizers yesterday just goes to show how much more work we need to do to strengthen cyber security to make sure family bank accounts are safe.
10:52 pm
>> not prepare for a cyber terrorist attack. here with more is sean henry. i spoke to an expert yesterday his conclusion is that the united states of america with this hacking shows it is technologically 15 years behind which for oversees what? 20 plus countries? is that true? is that accurate? >> i don't know how they're able to quantify that. what happened at cent com is relatively insignificant. someone was able to obtain a user name and pass word and used to it spread prop granda the bigger threat is what you
10:53 pm
alluded to earlier. >> why do you think it's iing significant if isis terrorists are able to go into the centcom computers and write our soldiers propaganda messages why do i view that as bigger than you do? >> when you look at this, the way it happened was relatively easy. those accounts are maintained on accounts that are not government servers and in place to put in information and wasn't a government account. and and the whole electric grid on this country could shut us
10:54 pm
down? is that real, a present danger? >> there is no doubt about that. i am disappointed that when people talk about the sony attack they focus on the fact there are e mails about angelina jolie being a spoiled brat people missed is that physical infrastructure thousands of computers were destroyed in that attack. it's not the first time we've seen that. so when you think about terrorists from nation states have that access to our infrastructure not just to field data but actually to destroy physical infrastructure? that is a huge issue facing this nation we've not addressed totally. >> very chilling. thank you. appreciate you being with us. when we come back we need your help with the question of the day, straight ahead.
10:55 pm
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rooshgs time for the question day. which republican candidate do you want to be president? i'm looking for the most-conservative person with an inspiring vision that will solve nation problems that can win. now, our policy on this program we're going to give air time to every candidate so by the time you go to polls you can make the
11:00 pm
most-informed decision. go to and let us know what you think.


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