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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here cause we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, we have brand new polls that find americans are increasingly worried about the threat of islamic terrorism in this country. and fear that president obama's administration will not do what it takes to keep us safe. we're going to show you those numbers in a moment. welcome everybody to "the kelly file." i'm martha mccallum in tonight for megyn kelly. these polls were conducted in the wake of the paris terror attacks released just hours ago, they were, and they come just days before president obama will deliver his state of the union address. here's a look at the numbers. the polls find 64% of voters think the threat from islamic extremists is increasing. 29% believe it is holding steady. just 4% say that it has gone down. at the same time about half the country think the administration has mostly failed to make the
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united states safer. that is a big change from 2012 when just 32% felt that. our chief white house correspondent ed henry has the rest of the story for us tonight from the white house. ed. >> martha, good to see you. bottom line the president was back on the road today another campaign-style event. this one in iowa where his whole political rise really started with those caucuses more than six years ago. and was teaching out domestic issues, he seems focused on that state of the union. paris is very much focused on the state of something else the state of al qaeda and this terror threat. you mentioned that number about this increasing fear about the threat of terrorism. another question the president prepared to do what it takes to defeat islamic extremists, 55%, no he isn't. 38% yes, he is. 53% of the country right now disapproving, 39% approving. when i talk to top white house
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officials say they look they know there's a threat out there the president has been on top of this from day one. he's still going to be all over it in the wake of paris. but there's one thing we know the bold claim the president's been making for several years about al qaeda being on the run, it's a claim he can't make anymore, martha. >> ed thank you. joining me rich lowry and mark hannah a democratic campaign veteran. gentlemen, welcome. mark, let me start with you. those are numbers that the white house cannot feel great about. >> no, no they can't. frankly, they haven't moved much since this fox news poll was taken last year. the numbers are very similar. the one thing i want to point out that i think is worth mentioning is that this poll is conducted literally the days following the paris attacks. so obviously terrorism was very foremost on the minds of americans and a lot of anxiety and fear that might have
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affected these numbers somewhat. but i think the reason this poll is so important because it's not enough for the president to actually make americans safer. priority number one no question. but it's actually important for him to make them feel safer. what this poll shows is that you know, i believe the president's done a lot to combat terrorism, whether it's defeating anwar al-awlaki in the arabian peninsula and going after bin laden and drone strikes and killing more terrorists i think those are all real accomplishments this administration can show-off also needs to make the american people feel safe. >> that's an interesting point. i think that sort of fatherly role that is an essential part of the presidency when it comes to speaking to the nation and articulating the threats that we face to the nation is something that we have not seen a whole lot of. rich, when you look at these numbers, i think you have to factor in the other things that are also part of the psyche right now, which is not being at the march in france, this sort
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of focus on other things when clearly so many leaders in the world believe this is the most urgent thing before us. >> two things are the facts and then there's the words and the symbolism. and the fact is if you have terror groups taking over wide swaths of territory in the middle east, we're not safer. and that's reflected in the poll. and the fact is even liberal foreign policy experts will admit that the plan against isis such as it is in iraq and syria is at best extremely ten lyly tentative. so of course people don't believe he's going to do everything it takes to defeat isis and other groups. and then the symbolism in the words. bush is guilty of some of this as well, but the administration's refusal ridiculous even recent days to even say the phrase radical islam is -- >> mark, do you want to answer that? >> i think there's a lot of reluctance. i think people have tried to
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buttonhole eric holder to use this term. i think what he thinks is that this will bring dishonor to the actual faith of islam. and let the terrorists do violent to human beings but also violence to religion. the police officer was muslim, remember and his family was mourning. when you focus on this term islamic extremism that the right wants to do, you're not doing any service or not doing any favors to the people that are following this religion. >> the problem, mark that may be but there are plenty muslim leaders who are willing to call this exactly what it is. you look at el sisi in egypt or look at the mayor of rodder dam in the netherlands are telling people to wake up. i think that's part of what we're seeing in reflection in these polls. president obama on terrorism 53% disapprove. president obama's handling of isis 56% disapprove. president obama on foreign
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policy, 57% disapprove. one of the questions that comes to my mind when i look at those numbers, rich, does the president care? or does he feel like, you know, i'm doing the right thing and i'm not going to worry about those numbers? >> i don't think he really cares that much. look, he's done things on the war on terror that are important. he preserved most of the bush counterterrorism policies after smearing them for years. that was a good thing. he got bin laden. he droned people in the badlands of pakistan. we even heard eric holder using this phrase core al qaeda, what that means is we droned a lot of people in the badlands of pakistan. that's the core and everything else doesn't matter so much. that's the jayvee team. that's the affiliates. we saw the jayvee team go into an editorial office in paris and shoot people in cold blood. i think you get down to it president obama he wanted to roll up the war on terror say it's over, had all the rhetoric
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about the tide of war receding. and what does he really care about? free community college. >> here's the problem. the problem has grown. you can talk about what you did, osama bin laden, al-awlaki, look at what happened in paris in yemen, boko haram killing 2,000 people, you can't look the other way. this is something that has a common thread that needs to be addressed by the white house for what it is. >> yes. >> and to your point, you're absolutely right martha. and i think to your point we just learned today that there was somebody in ohio that had purchased a ton of ammunition and guns and was planning to attack congress. to actually go to d.c. and attack congress yet president obama's fbi was working skillfully and c coordinating intelligence and they just knabbed the guy.
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i think the problem really is psychological. you don't have this president using language like for example even vice president biden saying we're going to follow al qaeda to the gates of hell. john kerry saying we're going to crush or destroy these terrorists. a president doesn't use language like that necessarily. you can triflize clean energy, americans in iowa, florida pennsylvania, they care more about if their kid's getting a good education or if their cousin's going to get employed than whether or not they're going to be killed in a church a -- >> gentlemen, thank you. we've got to leave it there. good to have you both here. so we're also hearing tonight from a former al qaeda insider who renounced his faith to become a double agent an extraordinary story. up next we're going to hear what he is warning about what we should all be taking away specifically from the attacks we saw in france.
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a new warning on the spread of so-called al qaeda sleeper cells after recent attacks in france. a former al qaeda insider who later became an inside agent is suggesting this problem could get a whole lot worse. martin storm he grew up in denmark but after a teenage life filled with crime he discovered a new identity in radical islam. he adapted all aspects of the faith. he traveled to yemen, he met senior al qaeda cleric anwar al-awlaki. he later discovered contradictions in the quran, he
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wound up denounceing the faith and became a double agent for european intelligence services and worked for the cia later as well. he became such a trusted friend to al-awlaki that he was tasked to finding him a wife. he mentions a trusted brother who was in fact a double agent. >> known specifically -- and the brother who's carrying this recording is trustworthy brother. >> at some point after awlaki's death it was discovered. militants can be seen firing at a picture of him. the cia has neither confirmed nor denied his work as an informant. an alleged meeting reveals the true extent of his mission.
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>> i'm helping -- not talking about alex and george. i'm talking about the -- but he knows about who i am. so the right people know your contributions. >> yeah. >> and for that we are thankful. >> interesting, right? >> i got a chance to speak with martin storm, co-author of agent storm, a memoir on how he was a double agent in al qaeda and yemen and claims he led the cia to al qaeda leader anwar awlaki. thanks for joining us. you have insight to this very few people can bring to the table. you look at what happened over the course of this last week what does it tell you about what could be coming next? >> well, it looks very very pessimistic for me.
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unfortunately we have seen the sleeping cells waking up now. and they are absolutely al qaeda and isis and have even claimed this one from yemen. so their threats are actually a reality. it happened and it will continue. >> you talk about the fact that aqap and isis were combined in this particular attack because we know that the man who did the attack at the supermarket claimed allegiance to isis and the other two to aqap. how unusual is that? and what does it signal? >> well, it signals that it's a bad signal. it's a worst case scenario that if these two groups in spite of having differences back home you know, where they are in the muslim countries, in spite of having those differences be able to cooperate in foreign missions with unfortunately a horrific
6:16 pm
attack. >> you talk about your connection to awalaki and clearly the two brothers, the kouachi brothers revered him. and he was responsible in many ways for this social media marketing of al qaeda and the outreach since he was born in the united states to so many operatives that spoke english and had passports. but it took years because he was killed in 2011 i believe. it took years for them to actually carry this out. so they are patient and they have long-term plans, do they not? >> yes, of course. these people will be very patient to achieve their goals. they are determined that they are ready to give up their own lives. this is an enemy who will give up at no cost. they manage to sleep all this time until the preparation been made ready, they got the
6:17 pm
weapons. not only that to attack freedom of speech. >> i want to play for you a bit of sound from a news conference at the state department that deals with how easy it is to move around the world with a passport regardless of your affiliations. listen to this please. >> if you go on a watch list, you don't necessarily lose your passport correct? >> correct. correct. >> but simply being a member of a designated foreign terrorist organization is not grounds -- >> does not automatically mean your passport will be revoked. that's correct. >> so there's no organization that says if you are a member of al qaeda or isis that you lose your passport? >> correct. >> what do you think about that morten? >> i totally agree with the gentleman. if there are very strong suspicions and indications these people are affiliated with terrorists either inside the country or abroad you know, the
6:18 pm
citizenships or passports will be -- >> when you look at your own history and you look at the history of these young men the kouachi brothers and others that fit a profile of somebody who is educated but who hasn't been able to make it for one reason or another he was wanting to be a rapper at one point, i think about the boston marathon bomber who was a boxer and ended up going back to chechnya and pulled off the attack we saw in boston. what worries you about this profile and how many people would be like that out there who would be susceptible to being sucked in? >> yeah. you see, that's the problem. many people think you only become an isis member or al qaeda member by traveling over there to join the ranks. but the problem is it's an ideology, it's a faith, it's a way of practicing islam. and we can have many individuals, hundreds of them, thousands of them in our own countries. and some of them would not want
6:19 pm
other people to know the hidden agendas. and they are the ones who become the lone wolves. we have seen that in canada and other places in europe. >> morten storm thank you very much. an extraordinary story you have. and we thank you for being here tonight. good to speak with you. >> thank you. and there are new security concerns at u.s. airports after one terror group publishes instructions on building undetectable bombs. we're going to show you what's being done. plus catherine herridge is next with chilling new photos of what really happened behind the scenes at that supermarket attack. these are really hard to look at how fearful these people must have been. we'll see why this champion nascar driver is trying to convince the world his exgirlfriend is a trained assassin. an assassin. you mean like this?
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breaking tonight we are tracking security concerns at an air base frequently used by the vice president after a series of events that were suspicious enough base officials raised the threat level there. the new castle national guard base is now at threat con bravo after driving up the long winding road of the base and simply asking for directions over the course of two days. at least one of the cars turned around before security could get to them. officials admit no specific threat or individuals were identified. and we are also learning some new details on the paris terror attack today as we get a look at these chilling
6:24 pm
surveillance images from one of the final moments. in a claim of responsibility from an al qaeda group overseas on this. catherine herridge joins us live now from washington. >> martha the 11-minute video from al qaeda in yemen also known as aqap officially claims the paris massacre. and the commando style assault is consistent with the terror group's tactics. the message was delivered by one of al qaeda's original members from pakistan and afghanistan who is now based in yemen. he says the paris massacre was coordinated with the overall leader of al qaeda who is based in pakistan. and the american cleric anwar al-awlaki was a major player. soliciting prostitutes in san diego eventually went to yemen where he plotted against targets in western europe and the u.s.
6:25 pm
fox news independently confirming the 34-year-old suspect said kouachi met with awlaki in 2011 where he got training and money. and today new images from the "kosher grocery store" taken from the security cameras taken of the suspect amedy coulibaly who says he's from isis wearing a bullet proof vest, heavily armed and corralling the hostages into a back aisle. when pressed on the massacre of the french magazine "charlie hebdo" where the kouachi brothers said they were from the al qaeda yemen, seemed to go off message admitting al qaeda in afghanistan is not decimated or on the run as mr. obama claims. >> aq core also clearly remains a threat as we've talked about. isis is a different kind of threat, as we've also talked about which is why we're going after them in iraq and syria. >> and tonight the french ambassador told fox news the
6:26 pm
kouachi brothers got their weapons in belgium at a cost of about 5,000 euro which is is $6,000 u.s. martha. >> catherine, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> so the prime minister of israel is sharing some new warnings about what he calls "extreme islam's threat to the entire world," he says. up next we'll speak to israel's ambassador to the united states about what that means for leaders around the globe. plus, with the state of the union just cay days away why is the president talking up new internet regulations and methane gas? we're going to talk to chris stirewalt about a possible answer. and senator rand paul was today challenging governor mitt romney. just ahead we're going to have the senator's reaction to this question. >> what's your reaction to a potential run, a 2016 run?
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breaking tonight they're stepping up security at a number of airports after terror group's new attacks and then publishes instructions on exactly how to build an undetectable bomb. trace gallagher's live in our west coast newsroom with details on what they're doing in response to that. trace. >> martha, inspire's the online magazine for al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and the bomb recipe is in the latest publication of the english language version. it's called how to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom and gives detailed instructions of what ingredients, how to build it, how to get it through security even where suicide bombers should stand on the airplane. "we spared no effort in simplifying the idea, in such we made it another meal prepared in the kitchen so every muslim can prepare." terrorism experts say al qaeda's chief bombmaker is very innovative and saying instructions in the article are
6:31 pm
highly sophisticated and could pose a problem for smaller airports and airports that don't have high-tech body imaging equipment. experts said even if a bomb doesn't ignite for al qaeda getting it through security is a major victory. citing attacks in france, australia australia, canada and the u.s. has now ordered random searches of travelers and luggage. the feds have also briefed the u.s. airlines. al qaeda and arabian peninsula was behind the failed underwear attack in 2009. inspire magazine has also published other how-to-build a bomb articles including how to build a bomb out of a pressure cooker. and that article was published before the boston marathon bombing. martha. >> trace thank you very much. so israel's prime minister this week visited the kosher supermarket in paris where four jewish customers were shot in cold blood in those terror
6:32 pm
attacks. and afterwards a warning for the world, he said "the terror strikes we have experienced here will grow to dimensions people do not yet understand." earlier tonight i had a chance to speak with israel's ambassadoram ambassador to the united states ron dermer. you say this is indeed a much broader struggle, correct? >> absolutely. and i think the most important thing in fighting against militant islam, remember it's not militants, it's not islam, it's militant islam. the most important fighting is understand all these groups may have this or that local grievance, they're all connected, they're all fired by the same fanaticism. it doesn't matter boko haram in nigeria -- >> our -- refuse to address that. >> we see all these groups as being connected. that doesn't mean they're sitting in the same war room planning attacks. sometimes actually they fight each other. so boko haram in nigeria, hamas
6:33 pm
in gaza, isis in iraq and syria they sometimes fight each other but definitely hate jews, christians, hate america. there's no place for any of us and no place for a lot of muslim who is disagree. the muslims are the greatest victims of militant islam. >> when you look at what israel has known for so many years and the violence for so many years and so many of us grew up sort of whole generation watching that and feeling for the people of israel, do you believe that the rest of us are about to live in a world where we have to either get used to or get real about experiencing similar attacks like that all the time? >> yes absolutely. it's one thing to have all of these radical preachers in suburbs of london and paris and brussels. it's quite another thing martha, to have trained killers coming back from a war theater and setting up terror cells.
6:34 pm
and there are so many soft targets in europe and of course in the united states. every democratic society has to find the right balance between protecting civil liberties, which is the heart of democracy but also securing its citizens. we and israel have to find that balance balance. i think we've done a very good job of doing that for the last 66 years of our state living with threats faced by no other country on earth but remaining a liberal democratic in open society. >> i think a lot of people look at what's going on and think we are going to be in a world if we don't do something very dramatic very quickly where we have these kinds of attacks where we have to sort of steal ourselves against the experience of going to the supermarket or going to work. we saw on 9/11 as well. how -- i guess what advice do you have for making it as safe and livable as possible if this is the direction we're going? i hope it's not, but what if? >> well, first of all identify the danger and then you have to take action to meet it. you have to have effective policing.
6:35 pm
you have to have effective intelligence. you have to pass laws that will effectively deal with the problem. and you also have to wage a moral battle. the single most important thing in fighting terrorism is more clarity. you have to take a stand against terrorists. the last couple days everyone's been talking about who wasn't at a rally in paris. what concerned me, a couple of people who were at a rally in paris. i saw president abbas standing at a rally in paris. he's at a rally against terrorism and yet in government of hamas. hamas, an organization that's a terror organization who's charter calls for the murder of jews worldwide, they have their military headquarters in turkey. no one speaks out against this. >> i get. some people would say -- >> they have to stay in together. >> some people would say, well, they were there. they were there and that says something. and we do have muslim leaders in the netherlands as well as in egypt starting to stand up and point the finger back at these
6:36 pm
militant islamists in their own ranks. but wouldn't it have helped do you think, if president obama had been at that march? because then he could turn around to all of the leaders that you just mentioned and say i was there, you were there, we marched together. what did we march for when we marched together? and really hold them to account. >> look, the united states is leading the whole world in confronting al qaeda, they're leading the world in confronting isis. i have no doubt whatsoever where the united states stands in this struggle. i also have no doubt where the president of egypt stands, el sisi who spoke out i think in a very courageous way. >> absolutely. >> in his own country against fundamental that hasn't been that widely reported here in the united states. i have big doubts about where president abbas stands. he has to be against terror even when jews are the ones being killed. get out of alliance with the deals you have made with hamas. turkey having one hand military headquarters in their country
6:37 pm
and on the other hand western audience and television saying they're standing with the united states and with the rest of the world in confronting terrorism. all the forces of civilization have to stand together. the united states, canada, france, germany, israel australia, all of us and moderate countries in the arab world have to stand together to win this battle. >> ambassador dermer thank you so much. >> thank you. so the president's state of the union speech is now just days away. so why was he talking up new regulations on the internet and methane gas when he was out on the road today? chris stirewalt and jason riley weigh in on what to expect. and as the 2016 presidential field takes some shape out there, rand paul getting a whole lot of attention for what he said about one mitt romney. and we've all been through breakups, right? but not everyone claims that their ex is an assassin. no, they really don't. the story behind that claim from a nascar champ just ahead.
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with tena's unique super absorbent micro beads that lock in moisture and odor... tena lets you be you. we're back. developing tonight the republican national committee has just announced the dates for the 2016 convention. if you can believe it it's going to happen in the key battleground state of ohio. republicans will be meeting in the middle of july july 18 to
6:42 pm
21. put those on your calendar waiting for the dates for the democratic convention as well. this comes as one potential contender, senator rand paul, getting a bit of attention for some remarks he made about mitt romney. he was initially quoted as saying it would be "the definition of insanity" for the 2012 nominee to take another run at it. when a fox news reporter caught up with him later in new hampshire, senator paul appeared to doubledown on that. >> the more the merrier. i think there are all different viewpoints that can be represented in the republican party. i do think though that the same-old same-old has been tried. if we try the same thing again, we might get the same result. >> senator paul travels next from new hampshire to the west. president obama also traveling this week and talking about some of the issues we're told to expect to hear more about in the state of the union address this coming tuesday night. major national priorities like
6:43 pm
methane gas and internet regulation. fox news digital politics editor chris stirewalt joins me now. shocking these two stories didn't come up in the entire program yet, but that obviously is a pressing issue for the president, chris. >> when you put it that way, martha, you make it sound like it's not the number one concern of americans. yeah. >> i haven't heard too many people talking about it, but you know apparently it is. >> people are actually talking a lot about it. they're talking a lot about cheap energy prices and fracking and natural gas, because we have had a revolution being able to explore and get more natural gas out. that has helped the economy, that has helped drive down energy prices et cetera. the president is going to propose rules that would make it harder for people to extract natural gas because people who are ardent about belief in global warming think that those extractions and the gas that is leaked out is very damaging to the climate. so that's a big crackdown.
6:44 pm
internet regulation thing is enormous. the scope of what he's talking about doing, it may not be the most pressing issue, but the effect it would have on the economy, on the cost of people to use the internet, on everything else, the way we work now would be huge. >> yeah, indeed it would. and we are going to hear a lot about that. i look at these numbers for the new polls we just got out, fresh numbers tonight after the attacks in paris and it's clear that people are not very confident about the way the president has handled these issues. 53% say they disapprove of the job the president is doing on terrorism. 56% disapprove of the effort to basically end the existence of isis which we haven't heard the president talk much about really at all lately. and i wonder what you expect we're going to hear all about that in the state of the union address, chris? >> we'll hear something, words will be said. there will definitely be words. but the thrust i can guarantee you is going to be the president has legacy projects. he wants to ensure his record as
6:45 pm
a very liberal precedent setting ground breaking liberal president who dealt with issues like global warming, who dealt with issues like new regulations on the internet. other things like that that would demonstrate he was a progressive icon. that's what he wants to be in the mold of woodrow wilson or lbj or fdr. that's what he wants. that's what he's thinking about. whether or not this stuff goes into effect is another question whether they can legislate in congress, come up with deals, pass budgets, whatever that goes to the side you can see growing in this president the focus which is over the remainder of his time he's going to use his executive power, use his bully pulpit to preserve as much of a liberal legacy as he can for himself. >> chris thank you so much. we'll see you in the morning. joining us now jason riley. you heard chris talking about what he expects. what do you expect tuesday night? >> presidents usually set off
6:46 pm
their accomplishments and kick off the next year. this president doesn't have a lot of accomplishments to brag about. what he does consider accomplishments are probably things that cost his party the senate in november. so i think you'll hear him talk about obamacare, but the reality and how more people are insured but the reality is it's still unpopular in the polls and leading democrats like chuck schumer are having second thoughts about whether it's helped the party politically. you'll hear him talking about job growth, but it's nowhere near where it should be at this point in a recovery. and the unemployment rate has gone down, but that's mainly a function of fewer people looking for work. middle class wages are still stagnant. i think you were mentioning some of the recent polling. i think what's saving him a lot right now are low gas prices. and people are crediting the president. usually presidents do get the credit or the blame for the price at the pump. >> that's largely due to fracking and natural gas which he's against. talk to me about foreign policy because it's one of the levers most any president has the most
6:47 pm
leverage with and also one of the most pressing issues of our times. >> he'll probably want to talk about normalizing relations with cuba, he might want to talk about moving towards shutting down guantanamo bay and those things, but there's a disconnect here. look at what's going on in paris with boko haram, clearly the militant islamists are still fighting this war vigorously. the president has a foreign policy based on how he wants the world to look instead of how the world actually is. and that's the problem. >> yeah. when you look -- you talk about cuba, for example, not high on a lot of americans lists perhaps as something they would have wanted the president to address. and i saw president hollande going to talk to the fighters bolstering them. we see the french increasing air strikes in the area. we have to get an update on how the battle to end isis is going, do we not? >> this is a president though
6:48 pm
that says the war is receding. it's receding, it's time to bring our troops home from afghanistan and iraq regardless of what's going on in the real world. and that's the problem, i think, is this disconnect that the president has at this point. >> legacy is obviously something you want to lay down. >> it is. i'll tell you one other thing we'll probably hear about we're probably going to hear about michael brown and eric garner and the whole ferguson bit and he'll probably take the side of the protesters that black lives matter -- that black lives do matter and the whole anti-cop narrative. i doubt we'll hear anything about personal responsibility or the black crime rates that are driving these tensions between the police and the black community. i hope i'm wrong, but i doubt it. >> we'll see what the tone is. jason, thank you very much. good to see you as always. coming up see why this champion nascar driver is trying to convince the world that his ex-girlfriend is actually a trained assassin an assassin, like this. >> unusual problems here, you
6:49 pm
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[ gunfire ] >> your aim's as bad as you're cooking, sweetheart! [ gunfire ] >> we can't get enough of that movie. that was the memorable movie "mr. and mrs. smith" where brad pitt and angelina jolie played a
6:53 pm
assassins married to each other. our next story, came close to that story. trace gallagher has the story we've all been waiting to hear tonight. trace, what is this about? >> martha you talk about a he said/she said, this is about as crazy as it gets. kurt busch was in court testifying because his ex-girlfriend is seeking a no-contact order similar to a restraining order. driscol claims busch assaulted her. he's claims she's a scorn woman intent on revenge. he also says she's a trained assassin, a mercenary who travels the world on covert missions killing people. in court busch said quoting here, everybody on the outside can call me crazy but i live on the inside and saw it firsthand. busch went onto tell the court that driscol once showed up to see him in an evening gown covered in blood spatter.
6:54 pm
patricia is calling the comments ludicrous saying kurt busch is a delusional alcoholic who suffers depression. she claims his assassin comments came straight from a movie script she's been working on for years adding kurt busch has proofread it. perhaps his family and those around him recognize his fragile state and will provide him the mental help and support he needs. he clearly believes fiction is reality and that's all the more reason he needs help." . now for the record the person who worked for both has also testified she told him she was a trained assassin for the government. and during his testimony neither driscoll or her attorney tried to refute those statements. only now is driscoll saying it's a bunch of hoo wi. >> is it or not? gee, left us with something to really think about tonight. so what do you think about this weird story at home? go to
6:55 pm
leave us a comment about this one. get in on the conversation. send a tweet using #kellyfile. we will be right back. but first coming up on "hannity". >> we look at the islamic world no question what general si si said is true. government being torn apart by its own hand, but the problem is the islamic world the u.n. gives billions of dollars to the palestinian authority, and then they turn around sean they teach hatred, to kill jews and kill christians. and the u.n. and others have been helping to support this. my name is daniel. i have diabetic nerve pain. the pain felt like my feet were on fire. i had these very burning needle-like sensations. i knew i needed to see a doctor. my doctor said, "let's try lyrica." lyrica has helped relieve my pain. it's known that diabetes damages nerves
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thanks for watching tonight everybody. go to we have posted there the new fox news polls ed henry did and our story about senator rand paul saying about 2016. leave us a comment, tell us wa you think. thanks for watching everybody. i'm martha mccallum, i'll see you in the morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern on "america's news room." this is "the kelly file." have a good night.
7:00 pm
al qaeda claims responsibility for the terrorist attack in france. when will prominent muslim leaders step up and help the world defeat radical islamists? the french prime minister tells us it like it is. >> translator: france is at war against terrorism, jihadism and radical islamist. >> why can't the white house simply say just that? >> i'm describing to you the reasons why we have not chosen to use that language. >> rudy giuliani is here to respond. the fbi director warned us about the dangers of cyber crime. >> cyber crime is becoming everything in crime, again because people have connected their entire lives to the internet. >> is america prepared to face a large-scale


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