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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 14, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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al qaeda claims responsibility for the terrorist attack in france. when will prominent muslim leaders step up and help the world defeat radical islamists? the french prime minister tells us it like it is. >> translator: france is at war against terrorism, jihadism and radical islamist. >> why can't the white house simply say just that? >> i'm describing to you the reasons why we have not chosen to use that language. >> rudy giuliani is here to respond. the fbi director warned us about the dangers of cyber crime. >> cyber crime is becoming everything in crime, again because people have connected their entire lives to the internet. >> is america prepared to face a large-scale cyber attack?
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plus tom hanks throws his support behind the president's plan for free college. do you? that's our question of the day. "hannity" starts right here right now. welcome to "hannity." tonight, al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the terror attacks last week in france that left 17 dead. standing by with the very latest details in washington tonight fox's own catherine herridge. catherine. >> sean, the 11-minute videotape officially lays claim to the paris massacre. and today the state department said there is no reason to doubt its authenticity. and the commando style assault in paris is consistent with al qaeda in yemen also known as aqap. >> we're still looking at every piece of information to determine, you know exactly the links here between the attackers and aqap, particularly specific members of aqap. >> the new al qaeda tape says the attack was coordinated with the leader of al qaeda al zawahiri based in pakistan. the claims made by one of al
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qaeda's original members who is now operating in yemen. >> he's someone who served under osama bin laden in the past. we know he operated in pakistan and afghanistan. his entire dossier or biography speaks to him being an al qaeda official. >> the tape speaks to anwar awlaki who ran al qaeda in yemen plotting against the west. he met with one of the kouachi brothers in yemen providing training and money. within weeks awlaki was killed in a cia drone strike. al qaeda in yemen is considered the most active and leader -- the underwear bomber nearly brought down a plane and later tried to blow up cargo jets using printers packed with explosives. today, new images showing the shooter amedy coulibaly ordering hostages to take down the
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security cameras. in some images you can see the crumpled bodies of the hostages dead on the floor. the shooter says he was connected to isis, that is a separate group from the terrorist wlos say they ordered the attack on "charlie hebdo." but as fox is reporting shown former guantanamo detainees have gone back to terrorism and aligned themselves with al qaeda in yemen and also those with isis. late today the seven-page criminal complaint released accusing a man from cincinnati, ohio pledging his support for isis and actively plotting to wage jihad at the u.s. capitol. christopher cornell revealed his plans to a confidential source adding cornell was never in a position to execute his plot, sean. >> one other follow-up if i can, catherine. abc in washington is saying that a number of businesses have been targeted in the d.c. area jewish-owned, some racial things they picked up on the internet
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and elsewhere. what do we know about that? apparently it's been a five-month investigation. >> we know independently in our reporting is that in the last 48 to 72 hours security has been significantly ramped up at federal buildings and other high profile sites here in washington, d.c. and this is part of this broad mix, if you will, not only on social media but threats emanating out of yemen against the united states. >> yeah. and their self-described isis militants. catherine herridge, thank you. joining us now with reaction, author of the rise of isis, a threat we cannot ignore from the american center for law and justice, the president of the billy graham evangelistic association and samaritan's purse the reverend franklin graham and also here in studio fox news contributor deroy murdock. jay, let me begin with you. the president, the white house they cannot utter the words radical islam, why? >> well, yeah we barely got them to, you know, utter the word terrorism. the fact of matter is what's happened and what the white
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house is sending out is a message consistent with their narrative which is to never identify the enemy of actually who they are. and this is radical islamists, jihadists that are completely focused on doing exactly what they did in france. which by the way is much more of -- i know al qaeda's claiming credit for it, it looks like it's an al qaeda in yemen and that whole area, but the fact of matter is it's much more like an isis-type event. you're seeing them come out of the shadows, out of the caves so to speak and engage their form of terrorism in this kind of public way. i think, sean, the reality is the white house refusing to narrate, really point to the true narrative here which is these are radical jihadists is part of the problem in dealing with this enemy. you've got to identify the enemy to take them down. >> there are a few courageous people, reverend graham, and one is general el sisi of egypt who went out there and say again he said this in front of radical -- in front of muslim leaders,
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excuse me. he said and i say and repeat again that we're in need of religious revolution, he said. you imams, he said you're responsible before allah, the entire world is waiting onyou, the islam world is being torn and destroyed and being lost by ds. for him to say that in that region of the world to some of the very imams responsible for spreading this hatred, i thought it was an act of courage. your reaction. >> first of all let me just say, sean, i believe -- i want to say something to all the muslims that may be watching this that are confused and afraid themselves. i want them to know god loves them and that jesus christ died for their sins. and christ will forgive them and heal their hearts and they don't have to die in a jihad. they don't have to kill somebody else to please god. god loves them. and he will accept them through faith in his son jesus christ. when we look at the islamic
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world no question what general el sisi said is true. the islamic world is being torn apart by its own hand. but the problem is the islamic world, the u.n. gives billions of dollars to the palestinian authority and then they turn around sean and they teach hatred. they teach that you're to kill jews and to kill christians. and the u.n. and others have been helping to support this. and i think we're going to have to take a close look at this. and the united states gives money to this. and we cannot, i don't think, give any money to any country or any group that supports the killing of any person innocent regardless of who you are. >> let me turn to deroy, three basic reasons given by the white house, josh earnest, number one the first is accuracy. we want to describe exactly what happened. well exactly would be radical islamists. the second he says is the act is
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condemned by muslim leaders, that's not true, is it? >> there are some, but very few condemn it. many silent and many others applaud what happened in paris the awful killing of 2,000 people by boko haram in nigeria over the weekend. it's just relentless. now this case in ohio and we just heard sitting down here about shop owners in washington d.c. i mean there's no break. it is a daily increase in the ongoing march of radical islam. and i think it's absolutely vital to identify what the problem is. if i said, for example sean you've got a spot on your hand but don't worry it's a rash. you're fine. well, guess what maybe it's actually skin cancer and you need to get some serious help. and i keep telling you don't worry, it's a rash, put ointment on it. i think by pretending this is not radical islam and instead radical presbyterian or radical vegetarianism or something like that, we're not serious about how dangerous and deadly this is. and we have to not let anybody else out of gitmo while these
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people are on the march and incredibly deadly more so every day. >> jay i think one of the things we have to come to grips here, how all this is interpreted by the radical islamist world. don't they see us as weak, walking on egg shells fearful to print a cartoon even. >> you're absolutely right, sean. we are sending a signal not only of weakness but a lack of concern. you know, you could argue and debate whether the president should have gone to france or whether it should have been the vice president or the attorney general, but you had the leaders of the free world and some leaders of not so much the free world participating in this event. and, you know, the worst example of leading from behind. but this lack of leadership this lack of ability to call exactly what we're dealing with what it is is putting us in not only a weak situation internally domestically in the united states for the acts of terror to take place here, but it also singles very clearly that the united states is not dealing with this in the way we know how to do it. now, look, sean we've got the
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best military in the world. we have incredible intelligence. but when they are handcuffed and cannot do their job, this is what you end up exactly what we're seeing. you've got, you know, there are a lot of people concerned right now that we could have an unbelievab eruption of this in europe. and believe me, the united states would not be far behind. that's what they're trying to do. no leadership here is very dangerous. >> reverend graham, you mentioned that you offered your faith, which is christianity. i'm a christian as you are or try to be, not as good as you are. but in fairness if somebody leaves the religion, the islamic religion, that's viewed as apostschism and viewed in many countries as death. so i don't think there's going to be a quick integration because that opportunity doesn't exist for a lot of people. when you speak about islam and you read the quran wlarks do you read? what is it that tells you this is not the religion for you? you've been very outspoken about it. >> first of all, islam is not a
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religion of peace. and there's nothing in its history that gives proof to peace. it's a very violent form of faith. but, sean i want people to know, the muslims to know that in their heart they can put their faith and trust in jesus christ. i'm not asking them -- >> they're purging christians -- >> i'm talking they can do this quietly in their heart. just say god, i believe in you. and i believe your son jesus christ died for my sins and i want to invite him to come into my heart and i want his forgiveness and i want him to transform my life. but they don't have to go out and tell their muslim family what they've done because they'll be killed. about 89% of the islamic world believe if you change your faith from islam to anything else that should be the death penalty. and that the family can actually kill you. and the law will do nothing to touch you. they will take your life. so i'm saying they can do this quietly in their hearts and have that assurance knowing that their sins are forgiven and that
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they can spend eternity in heaven and don't have to die in some jihad to please god. >> just to amplify what jay said, not obama biden or secretary kerry go to this march in paris, but to make things worse monday obama met with san antonio spurs and there was a basketball team holding up his brand new jersey. this is the same president during the benghazi attack that killed four brave american service members -- >> and he goes to play golf. >> he missed 56% of his presidential daily briefs. there's a profound, i would say even a juvenile nature to this president. and i really hope over the next two years we can get through all the challenges we have with somebody who's really not sufficiently focused on his job. >> that's going to be a challenging two years, sean. i want to follow-up on that. we don't have two years to deal with the situation we're dealing with right now in europe. and we will be dealing with
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right here in the united states. we already have. we've got to be dealing with it now. we don't have two months. >> thank you for being with us. coming up, france's prime minister tells it like it is unlike our president. listen. >> translator: i think that things must always be stated clearly. yes, france is at war against terrorism, jihadism and radical islam. >> mr. president, why can't you say that? former new york city mayor rudy giuliani he's next straight ahead.
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welcome back to "hannity." yesterday white house press secretary josh earnest tried to
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explain yesterday why the administration refuses to use the term radical islam in the aftermath of last week easter ror attacks in france. here's what he said. >> these are individuals who carried out an act of terrorism and later tried to justify that act of terrorism by envoekking, i'm describing to you the ave not chosen to use that label because it doesn't accurately describe what happened. we also don't want to be in a situation where we are legitimizing what we consider to be a completely illegitimate justification for this violence, this act of terrorism. >> the white house may want to take some pointers from the french prime minister. listen to what they should be saying. >> translator: i think that things must always be stated clearly. yes, france is at war against terrorism, jihadism and radical
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islam. [ applause ] >> translator: france is not at war against a religion. france is not at war against islam and the muslim. >> here with reaction former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. i'm about to bang my head on this table. why can't they say it? say it. >> sean, it is, i think, very serious. i think it's very serious because it sends a signal of cowardes and weakness. >> it is cowardly. >> i'm saying this from 40 years of experience of investigating and prosecuting islamic terrorism going back to the palestinian hijackings in the 1970s. so this is not just a -- >> and you went after the mob in a big way when you were -- >> and i called them the mafia. >> right. >> and i was told there was no mafia. >> and you're italian. >> right. and i was protested by italian-american groups. and i said if we can't use the
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word mafia, we can't get rid of them. >> and you did it. >> if we can't use the word radical islamic terrorism, we can't get rid of them. then we can't separate them from the good members of the islamic religion. we should be able to say it. and then we should have the decent members of the islamic religion be even angrier at the fact radical islam than you and i are. i was angrier about the mafia than people that weren't italian-american because they were defaming the group that i am in part a member of. >> i was angrier at the catholic church than anybody, i still am. >> because of what happened. >> i want to go back after 9/11. you were given $10 million by i don't remember the name of the saudi prince -- >> i call him one of the princelings. i think he owns most of citibank or chase bank.
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>> $10 million to the memorial fund. >> a $10 million check. he gave it to me and then he put out a press release and he blamed 9/11 on america's foreign policy and america's relationship with israel. now, before i gave the money back i made three calls to three of the widows. because the money wasn't for me. it was for them. and i asked them what should i do with this money? and all three of them said we do not want blood money. give it back. and we eventually collected $227 million and gave it to them. so his money didn't matter. but at the time we didn't have $227 million. but the fact is you don't sell yourself out. these people -- this is 40 years of experience, they respect strength. that's it. when george bush hit them in afghanistan, i knew immediately that my city was going to be safe for a while. because they were on defense. you put them on defense. you don't do what obama does. you don't show reluctance to use
7:20 pm
their name. you don't show reluctance to march with world leaders who are marching against radical islamic terrorism. >> let me ask you. if you were the president and the unity rally was taking place, would you at least have sent john kerry or would you have gone? >> i would have taken a ride on one of the nicest planes in the world. >> for a couple hours. >> that takes about as much time as it takes me to take a train down to washington. >> right. >> for the president of the united states, make a trip to paris, go to andrews air force base, you're there in five hours, you got a place to sleep you get a great meal. you march with the world leaders. i believe he didn't go because he didn't want to make a statement against radical islamic terrorism. >> the official american position today about ft. hood hassan is yelling -- >> it's a sign of weakness sign
7:21 pm
to people who are bullies that they can take advantage of us. people should read the chapter in my book on how you deal with bullies which goes from yasser arafat to john god di -- >> you take dlsh you know what happened? they took two steps back. >> i want to be very clear here. and i'm not trying to push you out on a limb to say something controversial. you're really saying the president's cowardly in dealing with radical islam. >> what is happening here is it's coming across that way. is it his ideology? is it his sympathy for a religion that maybe as a youngster he learned more about than other people? but at this point -- >> deny reality. >> -- they are using the religion. >> this is hundreds of millions of them. >> and they are using the religion. they are using the mosques. they are using their religious leaders.
7:22 pm
they preach it from the pulpit. not all of them. not most of them but many of them. coming out of the religion. and if you read the quran you can justify it in the quran. you can also argue against it in the quran. but they are not making this up. the words they're using come out of the book, the quran. and, sean this is not an overstatement. i have read the quran three times. it comes out of the book. >> i've read it three times. i have too. >> somebody has to say to the islamic religion, this stuff is old and we got to forget about it the way jews -- >> jihad holy war, infidels. >> the way jews have forgotten about the idea that you stone women for adultery. that's in the bible, but they don't do it. you got to forget it. >> more generally you got this whole problem on the left. i mean when did you ever think you and me and bill maher are on the same side. there's two people on the left that have had the courage to take this issue on head-on,
7:23 pm
bill maher and bob beckel. >> right. >> with the treatment of women, all those people so upset, mitt romney had binders of resumes women he wanted -- >> war against women for the republican party? that's a war against women because somebody's arguing if you get paid two cents or three cents? these people can't -- >> romney wanted to hire them. >> you can't drive in saudi arabia. you get stoned in orthodox islamic countries. >> if you're gay, you get killed. >> if you get raped, you go to jail. >> four male eyewitnesses if you're a woman to prove rape. >> if not you go to jail for making the accusation. >> that's right. >> it's inhuman, indecent. >> don't wear a bikini. >> and then if you would like to watch what happens when they come out of saudi arabia the men and come into dubai.
7:24 pm
everything comes off. we're talking at drinking -- >> drinking, smoking -- >> prostitutes. there are good people in this religion and there are bad people in this religion. and the bad part that has been radicalized should be called what it is and we should face it for what it is so we can fight it. this is like fighting naziism is calling it, you know xyz. >> i'll tell you who should lead this battle, the people that should be leading it are the people that are muslim that are watching their religion hijacked. if you don't speak out against the radicals that have taken over your religion, then you are almost as responsible. >> and i think the president could lead that. i think if the president spoke out against radical islamic fundamentalism, he would rally a lot of very good muslim people. he would give them a place around which they could rally where they may feel more of an affinity than for you or me. >> the president was supposed to
7:25 pm
be uniquely qualified to deal with this part of the world because he grew up he went to a muslim school, studied the quran, any clas christof in the times quoted him as saying there's nothing more beautiful than prayer at sunset. but the president is uniquely qualified for nothing because he won't challenge this hijacking which is now a cancer that is growing around the entire world. >> i think he'd be uniquely qualified to do it because he's a man with the knowledge of quran. he knows it has good parts and bad parts and what has to be done is they need a protestant reformation, a jewish reform movement and conservative movement that puts some realism into some other forms of things that are in the bible. they've never had that happen. somebody like president obama could lead an effort like that. and give a lot of these imams you've had on your show, they need some leadership. people have to hear them.
7:26 pm
there are a lot of people in the muslim world who want to say what we're saying. they just don't have leadership. >> all right. very well said. if they were wise they'd heed your advice. mr. mayor, good to see you. coming up, troubling new information for the white house as a new poll reveals that america's military, they don't have faith in oba. bernard mcguirk, mcdowel, that and more coming up next. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled... ...copd maintenance treatment... ...that helps open my airways for a full 24 hours. you know, spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems, glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens
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7:29 pm
that happened because of you. thanks to air force personnel who did their part. osama bin laden is no longer a threat to our country. we've put al qaeda on the path to defeat. >> those actions have not always matched his words and some of his defense policies have made him very unpopular. brand new poll of active duty service members conducted by the military times, get this 15%, that's it, that's all that approve at his job as commander in chief. and stunning 55% disapprove. joining us now from our sister network, fox business, imus in the morning and dagan mcdowel. wow, 55%. i can't blame them. i would not want my kids serving under this president. you go fight and win a war in iraq and in months you hand over all the territory when 4,000 americans -- >> you -- >> that's not true. i honor the service of men and women in the military.
7:30 pm
but if you're going to fight a war, win it and keep your win. >> part of the problem is the white house has completely overruled military advice with withdrawal of troops from iraq. it gave wage to the rise of isis among other poor decisions. but you have a military right now with no sense of mission. they're overworked and underpaid. and what we're doing in terms of military pay is a disgrace in this country. >> agree with that. >> a 1% raise over a two-year period. it's the smallest that's happened -- >> we treat them like crap. >> -- in 40-some years of all-volunteer army. >> geraldo you love these guys. >> i love these guys. i just heard from marcus latrel, the lone survivor. >> he's going to be on tomorrow. >> i just got the text. said you walked the walk and i take from his mouth for him to say that was just an honor for me. i think the one thing you're not being fair about here is that the military is a very
7:31 pm
conservative institution. let's face it. when you get absentee ballots from the military, they skew more conservative who joins. there's a lot of southern representation, a lot of baptists and other evangelical faiths, very conservative libertarian. they don't like government or bureaucracy. got to give them -- >> only 15% like him. no, he's earned this from them. and that's my argument. >> first of all, did marcus latrel see you walking the walk shirtless in your underwear the other night? [ laughter ] >> what happened, geraldo. >> listen the fact of the military the way we ig know main yously slunk out of iraq and the way he eslated the troops in afghanistan without his heart being into it, of course the v.a. scandal, the way we treat them when they come back and also the social engineering that we shove down the military's throat, the gays in the military, the women in combat that was done by executive order. they didn't have hearings. they didn't consult the military. >> but i do think the men and
7:32 pm
women in service can handle that cultural evolution or whatever you want to call it regardless of whether it's been shoved down their throats. i think they are handling it because they are there to serve, period. >> let me go back to the theme that started -- >> not a good idea. that's just me. the little pup tent in the side of the mountain in afghanistan and there's all these 20-year-olds and they have wives at home and they're there and some beautiful soldier with them in the pup tent, what do they expect's going to happen? >> captain bill clinton and sergeant geraldo rivera summoning corporal dagem mcdowel. >> i don't think -- i think by saying that you don't give the men and women in service credit for adapting and doing their jobs. they're there to serve. they're there to fight. above and beyond. >> fred flintstone probably me and geraldo here, there's a fact there are exceptions but generally speaking men are physically stronger than women,
7:33 pm
one. listen, we wouldn't have won world war ii without the effort at home by women that were building the tanks and munitions for our guys. and the idea of american woman being held captive is not something fred flintstone here or barney rubble -- >> exactly. >> every rejection attraction -- >> given how the military has adapted to lifting don't ask don't tell and also the crackdown -- >> you know my point? >> yes, i understand -- >> and you don't think it's true, dagen? >> actually unprudent to do to save you rather than save him. >> let me move on. all right. there's a new initiative to promote religious pluralism. now duke university is going to broadcast a chant by the muslim
7:34 pm
association, a call to prayer every friday over the intercom system apparently. have we gotten to the point we can't say radical islam, we can't say war on terror, the president won't -- workplace violence, man-caused disasters overseas contingencies, why are we coddling radicals? and why are we coddling a specific religion? >> especially a religion that oppresses women, oppresses gays. the sore spot on the part of the left of radical islam is so -- >> we're the liberals. we don't want gays killed. we want wo to wear what they want, drive their cars, go to work go to school, be able to walk like they can't in saudi arabia. >> the president has to declare war on sunni muslim extremism. that's what it is. thomas had an excellent demonstration today. that demonstration in paris the president should have been there. my goodness what an embarrassment he was not. but it really should have been rather than 3 million french christians and jews marching it
7:35 pm
should have been 3 million muslims in some moderate muse limb country marching in istanbul or -- >> because it is -- >> they've tried multiculturalism in france. they gave them their own neighborhoods. >> that's what happened in britain as well, multiculturalism. >> nonmuslims not allowed. >> but with duke and all these universities, where else would it happen in this country in terms of -- >> good point. >> i think it's ridiculous absurd. >> they don't have that. >> the jewish -- it's not radical jewery attacking radical islam -- >> i think you've got to cut them slack religiously. i think the muslim faith, the president is right it's a great religion. it's being distorted. it's being distorted. >> we got to roll. by the way, you can catch dagen and bernard on the fox business network. log onto
7:36 pm coming up, a-listers, tom hanks and others weighing in on the debate do you want to pay $60 billion or more for community college? we've got two college students one from yale, one from nyu, they're here to debate me and that coming up next.
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nexium® 24hr. it's the purple pill the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™ welcome back to "hannity." now, last week mr. president spread the wealth. he announced this lofty plan to make community college free, free, free for everyone, except of course you the taxpayers. naturally members of the hollywood elite rush to support the president what he says will be $60 billion. his proposal included among them tom hanks who went to community college after high school. he submitted an op-ed to the "new york times" and he wrote, "i'm guessing the new congress will squawk at the $60 billion price tag, but i hope the idea sticks because more veterans from iraq and afghanistan this time as well as another generation of mothers single parents and workers will have
7:42 pm
been out of the job market need more obstacles between now and the next chapter of their lives." here to debate obama's college proposal chairman of the federation -- john as well as the president of yale college -- you're a big dem lib. he says it's $60 billion. why should the american taxpayer pay for even more failing government schools? why should they pay for that? >> i think the $60 billion is a big number -- >> you think $60 billion is big? >> what if it's four times that amount which is usually the case? >> here's another big number for you $1.2 trillion. that's how much debt -- how much student debt americans have right now. 40 million people in this country still have an outstanding student debt loan. that's up from 29 million. >> why should americans that
7:43 pm
work hard and pay their taxes, and maybe they'd like to go to college but they can't afford it, they can't afford a new car they can't afford to buy a house, they have to wait years and build up money so they can put a down payment on a house or car. look in the camera you tell those hard working americans why 60 or 100 billion of their dollars need to go to students to pay for their college. why? >> we want the economy to grow again. we know this is actually the best way to go about growing the economy by investigating in education. >> don't we do that from kindergarten to high school? do you think generally speaking our public school system is a success or failure? >> i think -- >> failure. >> i think education is definitely a success. >> education is a success. i didn't ask you -- is american public schools a success or failure? >> it would be much greater failure if it was underfunded even more so. >> so the fundamental question we have to ask is is investing in community college worth it?
7:44 pm
we not only have an education crisis, we have a jobs crisis as well. why are we spending money on community college when we need to focus on the public school system, like you said. is two years of community college going to make up for 18 years in a failing public school system? >> well said. >> i don't think so. >> do you know how much we owe as a country right now? >> about $17 trillion. >> it's going on $18 trillion. do you know how much terms in unfunded liabilities we have as a country? >> no. >> $100 trillion. wait a minute. all of that money we have robbed both of you blind. how do you think we're going to pay all that money back? >> how about creating jobs and investing in education -- >> you going to let us drill for oil. >> don't distract -- >> why are you against drilling? >> no one's against drilling period. talk about how we want to grow our economy. we live in a 21st century world -- >> i see you reading your notes. i'm asking you, would you as a liberal support drilling and jobs in the energy sector?
7:45 pm
drilling, fracking, coal mining, do you support those? >> to a moderate degree but i also recognize those are only temporary solutions. >> i absolutely support them as we've seen in pennsylvania and -- >> the balkans north dakota job boom. >> do you think it's a permanent solution? >> not to mention it reduces our dependency on foreign oil. >> huge national security benefit. would you agree? >> in the short-term it is fine to be doing -- to drill for oil. but in the long-term we have to have a more creative solution than that. that's why we need to equip -- >> let me ask you a question. how about you, tom hanks and all you hollywood liberal friends and you yale guys, why don't you guys if you want to sponsor a kid to go to community college, why don't you do it personally instead of taking from the nurses, the contractors, the electricians and the plumbers that pay those bills? why don't we do it that way? >> because we want to invest in
7:46 pm
these people so eventually they become taxpayers. >> but the average american pays half their income in taxes. at what point do you say out of every dollar that a person pays in taxes, state, local federal taxes, property taxes, is enough? >> i think we get it all back. we invest in our country. >> no no do you think how much taking from one individual is too much? how much should you say enough government they get enough money. >> depends on your income. >> okay. how much? >> if you're in the very lowest brackets, then we shouldn't be taking income taxes out, but that doesn't mean we're not taking -- >> the bottom 50% of wage earners only pay 3% of the bill. did you know that? the top 1% pays 38% is that enough? >> it doesn't seem unfair to me because we want this society to be funded. >> society to be funded. >> we want to be able to have the kind of programs where we are building roads and we are investing in our education system. >> is winston churchill said if
7:47 pm
you're 20 and not a liberal, you don't have a heart. i think you have a heart. but if you're 40 though and you're not a conservative, you come back on the program and i'll have to say you don't have a brain. once you start paying those bills you're going to have a different take. good to see you. coming up, is america equipped to handle a large cyber attack? my next guest says no, not by a long shot. and he's very concerned. you need to hear this. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®. every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say
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>> test >> test >> test >> this week a lot of questions about america's cyber security. are we prepared for large-scale cyber attack? here with reaction is former white house hacker you say we're not by a long shot. that this is really dangerous explain. >> that is right. we have terrorists and extremists going after us. russia, china north korea, organized crime. there is a hodge pock of things right now. >> what does thatean? can they break into our nuclear sites? >> that is the problem. our critical infrastructure, energy grid, power grids are all
7:53 pm
15, 20, 30 years behind technology and haven't been upgraded in years and years have been known to be potentially vulnerable. so they have potential to do with hacking. >> our technology is so outdated to shut down the grid if they want want? >> china and russia have access as we speak. >> how long to get up to speed? >> we have to take a massive step right now, today, to go and do something about it the problem is that most organizations aren't moving into defense priority. it would take 3 to 4 years to
7:54 pm
set up our and protect our infrastructure. >> coming up do you want to pay for every kid's college? we'll tell you about it next. startup-ny. it's working for new york state. already 55 companies are investing over $98 million dollars and creating over 2100 jobs.
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>>we don't have a reception entrance. ship a pak via fedex express saver® for as low as $7.50. time now for the question of the day, the american taxpayer be forced to pay for kids to get a free education in college or should students have to pay their own way? let's see we're going to give free school lunches, pay for school, college we're going to pay for health care, day care, we're going to pay, and give everybody a corvette? one congressman proposing a thousand dollar middle class working bonus. okay. top 1% pays 38% of the federal income tax bill. bottom 50% pay less than three.
8:00 pm
we want to know what you think. let us know what you think that is all the time we have tonight. thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i think that foolish waste of time. >> wow what a provocative statement that is. bob beckel seems to leave the anti-terror demonstration in paris doesn't matter. mr. beckel will be here to explain. the reason you don't want to call it radical islam or use the word war because you are afraid of playing into the extremist desires to insight a religious war on islam. >> the obama administration still struggling to explain why it will not use the words islamic terrorism. we will tell you tonight exactly why. >> the biggest story in hollywood this year was when north korea threatened an attack if sony pictures released the interview


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