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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 19, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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safe when wintry conditions strike. the drivers struggling on black ice, not much you can do. perhaps be a little bit more careful and maybe stay home, as the conditions are like that. jon: that is painful to watch. >> very tough. >> see you back here in an hour. >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today harris faulkner jedediah bila, host of "money" with melissa francis on our sister network fox business's melissa francis, today's #oneluckyguy is back, radio talk show host david webb host of the david webb show on siriusxm patriot channel. david is yow! outnumbered. >> i have green beret backup. >> i thought you were had actual green berets. are they single and are they cute? where are you hiding them. >> they're not not room.
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good to have you back. >> good to be here. are you ready for this news cycle? it is busy. >> state of the union. we have a lot of stuff happening. but segment on do men talk more than women which i'm sure you have an opinion. >> how will i win. >> ask you to stop talking because i've got to talk. my turn. tonight or tomorrow night i should say president obama will deliver his state of the union address. he is expected to announce a plan calling for billions of dollars in tax hikes on the wealthiest americans to offset programs that he says will help the middle class. it is likely to be a nonstarter with the gop-led congress. here is republican senator, marco rubio. >> the notion first of all, in order for some people to do better someone has to do worse is just not true. raising taxes on people that are successful is not going to make people struggling more successful. the good news about free enterprise everyone can succeed without punishing everyone. it would also be counterproductive. >> when asked if the president's plan was even for real here is
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white house senior advisor dan pfeiffer responded. >> this plan the president will talk on tuesday night what is core theme of state of the union which is middle class economics. simple proposition that the economy is in stronger place than it has been very long time, we need to double down on efforts to deal with wage stagnation and declining economic mobility. for the simple proposition we ask the wealthy to pay a little more, give the middle class a raise. >> there is politics of this but then there is the policy, david, of what president obama's actually proposing. going to leave the policy from the rest of the couch. david, i want to start with you on politics. the reason they asked if this is real, you have a republican-led congress will not bite on any of this. that's what they're saying. president obama yet again going after the rich, giving his income inequality, yearly address let's say. >> and by the way, can i interject common sense? how can dan pfeiffer say you
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will tax the rich and ask them to invest more. the more money you take away from the rich, less goes to venture capital and main street investment. the politics is sell a narrative. he is on your side. wants free community college. charge banks more fees. banks pass on the fees. guess who can't afford pay fees which they get a lot every year? the people who have the margins have to worry about whether they have $100 or $1,000 in their checking account. not people doing well in america. this is robin hood. we've seen the speech before. we saw it last year. see it on the campaign trail. he can't tout economic success politically. while there are successes within sectors of the economy but politically he can't tout it because americans know the truth. they know what is at the kitchen table. >> over the weekend harris, i saw a couple of obamacare commercials, talking about how it is free. community colleges as david mentioned, being free. nothing is free. someone gets stuck with the bill.
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nothing new from the president. just more harsh rhetoric after the rich. >> just to stay on the topic of this tax increase because i think it is an important one because of the timing of it too. we know that we have the supreme court that will be taking a look whether it will wipe away some subsidies. and it will be looking attacks on medical devices as well. and trying to maybe see if it is illegal or unfair or whatever it is within that legislation. all of that it takes money at steake that kitchen table, right? >> yeah. >> if the subsidy is wiped away, that is tax credit you will not be able to have if you have opted into obamacare. there is that part of this. the time something really interesting. we haven't heard what the supreme court will say. i'm so curious melissa, i really want to know if you take capital gains when this president got into office from 13% to jump it to 28% how do we sincerely tell companies this is the friendliest place to do
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business. >> look at map to take emotion out of it. there is way too much emotion and rhetoric. if you look at hard numbers the middle class has fallen behind since the president has been in office. look at federal reserve data. for the middle fit net worth declined 19%. their income declined 5%. from 2010 to 2013. worse over bigger time period. why has that happened? companies went into recession they laid people off. when they came out, they were more productive. did more things with automation, with robots. middle class, jobs disappeared. they ended up getting mcdonald's job. is the answer to bump up mcdonald's job, one or two dollars? that won't help people who used to be in the middle class. grow the pie, teach people to move up to program the computers and be ones that do automation. i'm a mom, prepare for the jobs for the future and whale be
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there and how it will make money. taking money away from people who are successful handing it over to someone else, doesn't work or grow the pie. >> jedediah, he has been in office a number of years. this is the headline yesterday middle class decline looms over final years of the obama presidency. >> right. >> the middle class has been squeezed the most. this is the group he plans on targetting. if i were republicans i would be screaming from the rooftops that they're going to help lift the middle class up because president obama has not been able to. >> that's true. my concern that the rhetoric he spews out all the time it works. this is the same rhetoric got him elected twice. nothing was different. same class warfare stuff. republicans have a hard time combating it. they're viewed as ally of the rich going against middle class because they don't use proper public relations to combat -- >> aspirational, you too can become wealthy class, if you work hard get ahead, seize opportunity as opposed to take from this person in order to
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have your own. >> my concern that philosophy isn't resonating with a large segment of the population and why? why is a large segment of the population okay taking from one person to give to another? is there entitlement society developing? is there something in our culture rejects idea you have to do it yourself and can't penalize job creators? that is my concern. >> we'll segue what is happening to the republican side. you have a quick final thought. >> i saw this was the tact he was going to take at the state of the union i became so disappointed because i really wish he would pursue jihadists with the same intensity and furry he pursues successful in this country. >> let's talk about the pool of potential republican presidential candidates for 2016 now. it is a rich, growing list of options. it just got bigger. former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former florida governor jeb bush are already picking up key endorsements on capitol hill. so we have that. if they do decide to run it will be competitive. a new poll find they are the top
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two people republican voters would like to see run in 2016. 59% want to see romney jump into the race. 50% are calling for jeb bush. mike huckabee, governor mike huckabee, formerly of arkansas, sarah palin, former governor of alaska and our now governor of new jersey chris christie rounding out top five. however palin and christie had highest negative numbersp toking list for potential candidates republican do not want to see run. real quickly to do the math, melissa, you will appreciate this, the margin of up or down on this makes romney and bush about tied, okay, like 6% margin of error. given that, i'm curious to know is all of this crowding good for the party? >> what i took away from the poll you see really big numbers under everyone's face. everyone wants everyone to run. they're sick of what is going on. they're like please, someone get in there! i think it comes down to money. there will be behind the scenes wrangling when we see who will take the pot of money.
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in the long run as much as mitt romney wants to be there i don't know that you end up with mitt romney and jeb bush since they so divide the deep pockets. >> senator ted cruz of texas has another way of looking at it. he says a moderate needs to get into this race if a republican will go to the white house. let's watch. >> if we nominate another candidate in the mold of a bob dole, or a john mccain or mitt romney, all of whom are good honorable decent men but if we nominate another candidate in that mold, the same people who stayed home in '08 and '12 will stay home in 2016 and the democrats will win again. >> all righty. i'm assuming that the ted cruz twitter account is about to tweet me. [laughing] moderates to win. i know he is a man who does not like the mushy middle. i want to get on record are, no, it would not be a moderate.
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what does this tell you about the republican party? >> first of all why are we talking about the presidential -- >> really? you don't think -- >> we haven't done anything in the senate yet and these guys are all out there -- by the way to melissa and, follow the money and money is not going to move until next may or june. the major money is not going to move. some people will make indications. nominating someone we're sitting here splitting hairs, when we need to find is a leader who can go out there to win a national election. we're not talking about winning in texas or winning in deep red state. >> is senator cruz correct? need somebody who is not first of all what he is saying you want somebody's whose face we haven't seen. he didn't name somebody we haven't seen. >> he would disagree with you, no, you are pulling for mushy middle. >> no, not mushy middle. right now everyone is splitting this up who will run when we haven't done anything. on other side of this we are having a fight whether moderate
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versus someone else. we the pundit class if you want to call it that are having this fight. most people are not paying attention to this right now and to the split in the republican party. >> i think they are, i think they are in the party. i definitely think they are in the party. >> faithful ones are. >> jeb bush running against mitt romney, yes a romney-bush primary would be exciting said no person ever. i really do not think anybody in the party is excited, get their toes curling either of those two. mitt romney not a good candidate. i recall the story when he ran for senate in massachusetts was allowed senator ted kennedy one question, what he wanted to ask him, what would you do about the glass ceiling. kennedy busted out laughing and one shot to take out kennedy and couldn't do it. it speaks to the fact he would make a great president harris because he is not a strong candidate because he is mushy and -- >> somebody who can lead and win. you need a frontman.
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here is the thing we have not had to cruz's point a decent frontman who goes up there and stand in front. american people and does first thing politician needs. people want to listen to you agree or disagree and see how you present your position. >> one of the things you said i thought this was brilliant you said before you start talking about the presidential election you have to have senators and congresspeople actually doing something. we have this new republican-led congress. and among them, senator lindsey graham has just said, it is being reported in a meeting to some of his top don't a week ago in south carolina, told them in first quarter of this year i will raise a half million dollars to go early to states. if there is a place for me in the field he will find out that way. >> god help us. >> what? >> what? you're not excited about that already? he has a plan. he has a track record. >> track record on a lousy track. >> david, the reason we talk about presidential elections
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because republicans keep presidential elections. republicans want someone that can win, ted cruz ted cruz is talking conservative and other people are talking moderate. people like andrea and i are talking good candidates. not just about where you stand on the political spectrum. whether or not you can articulate your ideas and your principles. we're talking about it now those are elections that republicans are hurting in. it is not midterm elections. republicans figured out how to win those. they haven't figured out how to win presidential. >> can i quickly interject this one point. people that stayed home cruz talks about, it is their fault for staying home. if you don't want to come out in the end pub a republican over democrat president that's your fault. >> one thing i heard everybody talk about was the middle class. perhaps that is where the focus need to be. whoever will stand up. >> i don't think chris christie will run. i will make that little prediction on this couch right now. >> he can save the red sweater for another too the ball game, or not.
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anyway, it's a day to honor dr. martin luther king, jr., and reminder of his important message of hope and equality comes at a time as you know, we've been reporting it all over the country protests and increasing tensions. so is his dream in danger of fading? also "american sniper" smashing box office records this past weaken and dividing hollywood along political lines at the same time. why some big stars, i mean big stars, coming out slamming the patriotic blockbuster. right after the couch, catch more, right after the couch, right after the show catch more. join us for "outnumbered overtime" logging on to, and yes, we'll be on the couch. tell us what topic you want to hear more about. there is live chat. sign on with your facebook or twitter page. stay close. ♪
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♪ >> marines don't get training we do. half these guys were civilians six months ago. >> coach them up. i will have the unit on the street. >> we can't do that. i need you on overwatch. >> if i am on the street -- >> this is deadliest job here. you have some savior complex? >> i want to get the bad guys.
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if i can't see them i can't shoot them. >> that is a scene from record-breaking box office hit, "american sniper." it took in a massive $90 million in opening weekend shattering records for january. the clint eastwood directed war drama tells the real life story of chris kyle the most lethal sniper in american history. it shows the struggles of veterans go through when they return home from battle. the film earned six oscar nominations. it is also dividing hollywood though. liberal filmmaker michael moore and actor seth rogan both slamming the film moore tweeting, my uncle killed by a sniper in world war ii. we were taught snipers were coward. will shoot you in the back. snipers are not heroes and invaders are worse. rogan likening "american sniper" to fictional nazi propaganda in a quentin tarantino movie. "american sniper" reminds me of the movie showing in the third act of inglorious bastards. that is their response.
9:20 am
jedediah, that sounds like sour grapes. those guys sound jealous. michael moore, as director. clint eastwood, 84 years old, another huge blockbuster. bradley coopers the biggest, most bankable actor in hollywood. are they jealous? >> they can't be political. everything is about politics. go see the movie and acknowledge this is tribute to someone. this is really good movie. i haven't seen the movie what i'm hearing from people this is really well-done film. if this was left-wing political cause, global warming a la michael moore style something they get behind politically even if it was crappiest movie, they would throw their hands behind i. it is all politics all the time. >> it is interesting, to a certain extent we all live in a bubble. snowing outside of your front door, feel like it is snowing everywhere. hollywood is unaware of their own bubble. that always makes me laugh. they're shocked the film is doing so well. >> you think so? >> i think they're -- >> i just don't think they care
9:21 am
about anybody but themselves. seth rogan you're a loser. what did i say? rogan. >> like rogaine. i'll tell you, "the interview" is film we talked about free speech. we're going to see it to support the cause that north korea that hackers, nobody can tell us how to live free and have free speech and free expression in this country and even though you may go and may not like the movie you support it, seth rogan is in it like rogaine. how dare he. these men and women put life on line to make sure the right of free speech protected. they're walking democracy out all over the planet. how dare i would rather he stand up and say thank you to the men and women. >> they're protecting his right to say things like this. >> little bit more appreciative but they're far leftist. this is the far far left of the left of the left. and when they talk about
9:22 am
cowards, people who are in our military being cowards, really courageous you michael moore to do ambush with a camcorder outside capitol and he had it film you want to be. i don't know, seth, rogan you and your big pimply butt in the movie knocked up. portrait in courage. these two are the most disgusting, i don't say that because of their outer, because of inner things they spew. it is disgraceful. "american sniper" is true story to honor american hero, that as you point out defends their right to be complete losers. >> here is the success of "american sniper." some great movies been made over the years about war, fighting see bees, john wayne, have right films, they tell human stories. this is story about a man who is american hero but telling the story of he and his family and his come pod address. michael moore sells to limited
9:23 am
crowd. he made hundreds of millions of dollars you about he is irrelevant. he needs to be part of the conversation. seth rogan, nobody is watching "the interview." i wouldn't waist my time watching. >> they have the right to put those movies out. >> they're going up against a movies that resonate americans. americans like a winner. they will not tolerate a loser. love warn and not toll rate a loser, general patton. we like baseball heroes, our snipers. by the way snipers michael moore should go train with snipers and understand what it takes to be a sniper and the risk. having known a lot of these nice and these snipers they put themselves -- >> david that would require physical activity. stop being so silly. he will not -- >> stand -- expanding reach. first school cafeterias. now the obama administration is targeting day care centers. if teenagers won't give up their
9:24 am
treats will toddlers do so? no way. these three youtube stars are landing one-on-one interviews with president obama after the state of the union. is the white house pushing traditional media aside? she has my hair, that girl with the green scarf. >> no. >> yeah. ♪ major: ok fitness class! here's our new trainer ensure active heart health. crowd: yayyyy! heart: i'm going to focus on the heart. i minimize my sodium and fat... gotta keep it lean and mean. pear: uh-oh. heart: i maximize good stuff like my potassium... and phytosterols, which may help lower cholesterol. major: i'm feeling energized already. new delicious ensure active heart health supports your heart and body, so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in.
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you're giving away pie? what would you like, apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? definitely cream. [reddi wip spray sound] never made with hydrogenated oil, oh, yeah... always made with real cream. the sound of reddi wip is the sound of joy. boy: once upon a time, there was a nice house that lived with a family.
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one day, it started to rain. the house tried to keep out all the water, but water got inside and ruined everybody's everythings. the house thought she let the family down. they just didn't think it could happen. they told the house they would take better care of her... always. announcer: protect what matters. get flood insurance. >> one day right there in alabama a little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and sisters and brothers. i have a dream today. >> that of course a clip from one of the most famous speeches in our nation's history, the reverend martin luther king, jr., and i have a dream. as america pauses today to honor and celebrate the civil rights leader there are questions about
9:29 am
whether that dream may be staying a bit or changing. take a look at this "gallup poll." it finds a big 25-point drop in americans opinion on race relations just this last year. on heels of national protests over police treatment of minorities following deadly incidents in ferguson, missouri, and here in new york city. let's bring it out to the couch. david, i want to get your thoughts on this day. >> it's a day we should honor the real dream the real dream martin luther king, jr. talked about, content of character the promise in our declaration supported in our constitution and our bill of rights. but we who advance as a country as a nation and shown the world what a really shining example of taking institutionalized racism and slavery and turning around in a free society, has become a narrative driven by a small group of people to divide us over a nation that is united against being racist.
9:30 am
and you know, i'm going to oxford this week in london. i'm going to debate. the proposition put forth that america is institutionally racist. i will defend this country and what we've done, what we've done well. the person who is not showing up who was originally supposed to debate is al sharpton. al sharpton was supposed to debate me at oxford. a team, myself, charlie wolf, joe hicks and al sharpton ex-black panther another writer. he backed out. he, as i'm told wants to speak but not debate. what we're looking at is we're looking at people driving us away, so when you look at the polls, it is reaction and loud minority, rather than a real discussion on issues where racism exists, defeat it, destroy it but it is not institutionalized. americans frankly should be proud, we should be very proud of what we have done, he reversing colonial racism how it can be done where racism exists
9:31 am
elsewhere. >> melissa nodding when he was speaking. >> i agree with all of. that i think we've seen a shift in the last six months to a year i think some of it has to do with a fight over resources. when you see people falling economically, they get more desperate and look to who has the money that i don't have? what is going on here? why is my family falling behind? i think a lot of sentiment we're feeling right now, hopefully is temporary and is related to economics. >> hold on one second. andrea, i want to get your thoughts on this because the president has said raise relations are better now than when he came into office. but when you look at this polling, there is wider polling rasmussen took a look at this, there is not just one "gallup poll," there is other polling where people feel race relations is. what are your thoughts? >> election of barack obama was a huge moment for the african-american community. >> for all of america. >> right. whether you agree with what
9:32 am
president obama believes or not you have to admit he has done a lot of good. he gives very aspirational goal i think for a lot of young black men. he is i think terrific role model at least as a father and good husband. i know people don't want to hear that. david is shaking his head i have to give him credit there. what i will not give him credit for he said he would heal this country and i think a lot of people expected something different. i didn't because i read all his books and knew where he was going to go to divide the country. that is how he advanced his career. i think race relations are worse than they ever have been. to melissa's point, look at facts and numbers more people on food stamps. people are dependent on the government. don't take my word. look at congressional black caucus, stood up numerous times, mr. president you promise us a lot of things and you forgot us. he promised to focus on the groups and left them behind. >> i have to disagree with andrea. >> let's get jedediah in.
9:33 am
>> i hear talk there was unrealistic anticipation placed on barack obama. somehow because he was african-american he would heal the gap and unify and that is not so easy to do. i agree when he says we have come a long way historically but i don't know that one figure will make that happen. that is starts at the kitchen table. that starts with families. that starts at schools and starts at communities. i don't know one president or leadership figure in this country will make the transition happen when you don't have the community support and don't have happening at community, local level and have important conversations about unity. >> david. >> your point about one figure is exactly where i wanted to go. why do we surrender to a figure rather than an ideal? martin luther king, jr. talked about an ideal. where i disagree with you andrea, melissa is right about the numbers and people fighting over a smaller piece of a pie at the lower rungs of the economic ladder.
9:34 am
we put too much hope in one man or any one figure and that is why we have people who can misuse that ability or use political power claim we're institutionally racist go after sony, go after hollywood. why? because one figure will not change it. >> david he has. he -- >> for the negative. >> he is not just one figure and of the of the united states. >> we shouldn't surrender to him. >> you have to give him credit. going to college, marrying, raising two good daughters well-based daughters. you have to give him credit there. >> those things are good. lying to a nation using divisive tactics not a good part of that figure. >> that is what i said. that is the downside. >> that is the politics. >> that is the politics. america is better than all of this. >> you know when i was growing up in the late '60s and '70s my dad used to say, quote i would rather die fighting free for america then live elsewhere where freedom is not actually written down. we are still the greatest nation. >> well-said. >> we have a lot to be proud of.
9:35 am
we thank the king family. his daughter bernice we thank them for their sacrifice to make us better as nation. we'll move on. >> two kentucky teenagers called a modern day bonnie and clyde. don't you have to be 18 to be that? i don't know, she is only 13. two weeks on the run, people. what kind of legal hot water are they in now? plus these three youtube stars are set to do one-on-one interviews with president obama after he gives the state of the union address in prime time. what about the rest of the media? are journalists being pushed out? [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart.
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>> i'm so excited. because i have been asked to interview potus! the president of the united states of america. i know you are like what did she just say?
9:40 am
i know, the president of the united states. i'm so happy that watched every episode of "veep." >> right. first of all -- >> i love her. >> i want to know why my makeup artist stephanie did not use the green lipstick on me to match my dress. i will talk to her after the show. that is glozell queen of youtube, who will interview president obama following the tomorrow's state of the union address. joining her is junk fashion diva bethany motta, and david green. if you don't know the guys i bet any money your kids do. they have over 13 million youtube subscribers between all three of them. when asked if the president was trying to elbow out the traditional media, white house press secretary josh earnest had this to say. >> doesn't take the place of public events that the president will do after the state of the union when he travels across the country to talk about some things that he will discuss in the state of the union address. so this is part of a, you know,
9:41 am
an integrated communications strategy to make sure the american people understand exactly what the president is fighting for in washington, d.c. >> so much for that super bowl interview with bill o'reilly jedediah. either bill is not cool enough. he will ask tough questions. isn't that it, jedediah? he doesn't want to ask or get asked the tough questions and he goes where he is perceived he is liked. that is with young people. >> with that being said i think it is smart. if i were advising a republican candidate or someone in office, the president i would tell them, do this. why not? do the traditional media outlets. deal with the white house press corps. deal with bill o'reillys, he should on on here. >> "outnumbered," mr. president. got a seat for you. are you kidding? >> deal with unconventional outlets that speak to youth. you have to get the youth excited. in 2008, i will never forget i was teaching at time. i saw so many kids excited about that presidential election and
9:42 am
about his ideas. maybe those ideals didn't come to fruition they were excited about politics for first time i had seen in my lifetime. that matters. >> melissa, is the point here though, that so that maybe your kids will watch the videos since they liked them? then your kids will run in say mommy, mommy, guess who is supercool and change your mind? >> my kids love youtube. i try to keep control of it. everything is on that. bethany, one of her most watched videos how to look great at the gym. there is also bangs for back to school. so i don't think he will get a lot of very tough questions. if i were feeling like i was getting a bruising right now i would want to get some advice on back to school dos. that would be sort of where i would -- >> what is wrong about looking good at the gym? by the way, from the -- >> i original grew up in san fernando valley. >> we saw footage of president obama working out. you remember that footage? maybe he could use a couple
9:43 am
fitness help. harris, you're in the news business. if you look at some questions gotten from the white house press corps, what enchants you, what delights you? >> what is your favorite movie. >> they haven't been exactly that hard either. >> look this is about two things. have you seen the ratings for state of the union addresses and what happens over the years when the president has been speaking? the ratings are going down. so part of it is to reach that electorate that is no longer tuning in. people are anesthetized to it. people think he is lame duck president. what will he say that he will get things done. there are reports three days later we go to india not what we call essential travel. very important trip not going to jordan or france to talk terror. that sort of thing. you have that. this is the future. this is about the future. reaching out to future voters, okay? and when leaves office, this is about legacy too. i delivered more youth than anybody else. drop the mic.
9:44 am
>> dade, he also in a recent press conference only decided to go to the women that were in the briefing room. so he is trying these atypical lines of getting questions answered going to different demographics. >> yeah. by the way, come on let's at least talk about the guy that will get an interview too. i'm outnumbered. he is outnumbered. i'm so great you did "valley girl." >> that is one-shot thing. >> never again. that was it. >> she is my winner, because she has matching lipstick and nails. good for them. you know what? good for them getting it. let's see what they do wit. i'm agreed. reach out to the youth. >> i love glozell. she has my prehair. >> a lot of serious stuff happening in the world. can we get serious answered no offense to her and her green lipstick. smartphone app created specifically oh for fun. it may actually help improve
9:45 am
airport secure search-and-rescue and even cancer detection. we'll explain. one college professor only allowing women to speak first in her classroom and urging others to do the same, to keep men from monopolizing things. does she have a point? oh, we've got a lot to say on that. ♪ your eyes really are unique. in fact, they depend on a unique set of nutrients. that's why there's ocuvite to help protect your eye health. as you age your eyes can lose vital nutrients. ocuvite helps replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite is a vitamin made just for your eyes from the eye care experts at bausch + lomb. ocuvite has a unique formula that's just not found in any leading multivitamin. your eyes are unique so help protect your eye health with ocuvite.
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. officers to jon scott with what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon: hey andrea. raids across europe net dozens of suspected terrorists a new warning sleeper cells might already lie in wait in the united states. two teenagers went on a two-week crime spree across several southern states. now the accused 18-year-old leader is in court. how will the prosecution go after him? dangerous winter weather blamed for death over the weekend. where this storm is headed and what you can expect. it is all "happening now." >> thanks, jon. jon: thanks, andrea. >> i'm outnumbered but now it is my turn but not really sure is my turn because of this story. a professor at the university in
9:50 am
canada, i'm surprised about this, says she only allows women to speak first in her classroom. she believes the policy should be used elsewhere. it is to help might sexism. list tone what she said during a forum on the topic. >> women get to speak first in classroom discussions, in question periods at public events. men should not be allowed to monopolize these for runs. i think, i think that i'm doing this right now in my classrooms in management department. women get to speak first. >> i'm talking about giving women space and giving them attention they need so they grow a bit and so that they're able to actually respond to things rather than being cut off from things. >> now does anybody find it odd that i get to speak first in this segment? martin luther king, jr. day, i'm black and outnumbered by women on the couch. >> you're one of our chattiest one lucky guys, second only to bo dietl. >> i'm a talk show host. i get three hours a day.
9:51 am
i get what she says, giving women a chance. that used to be called being a gentleman. >> still called being a gentleman. >> well, today you would be surprised. unfortunately how many men are not gentlemen and how many women are not gentle women. >> i wouldn't be surprised because i wouldn't be talking to them. >> i have open doors for women and gotten dirty looks. i get part of her point on this. >> i don't. >> doesn't this, andrea, also kind of flip, an i'm being a little sarcastic, flip it to the other side of affirmative action. >> i don't like this. first of all that professor, seems like a real bag of laughs. >> she is mad because she didn't get to speak first? >> she is mad. teacher controlling the class. this is the whole point feminism. it is not about equality where they should be able to speak equally in the class. about giving women the opportunity to go first. that is tipping the scales. how do you think the men in this class feel? probably not good about themselves. this defeats the whole purpose of equality.
9:52 am
women should not give special opportunity to go on and on, not on this show or anywhere especially in a classroom. >> melissa is dying to go here. >> i think defeats the purpose of what she is trying to do. if she is saying women will go first, men back off, you're crippling women. what happens if they go out into the real world and everybody doesn't abide by the rules? they don't know how to defend themselves. >> jedediah -- >> not doing anyone a favor. >> this is really dumping down our children. not let them play or who is king of the hill. whether you're a man or women let them get ahead on their -- >> if i want to talk, guess what i will interrupt i will have to say what i have to say raise my hand. ladies they make women into people being coddled. women speak up. look at this couch right now. this woman needs to watch this show because when we need to talk or we have something to say we interrupt our one lucky guy.
9:53 am
that is how it goes down here. >> we'll do it politely. >> i'm known for being very shy. >> you're known for being very shy all the years i known. >> you you lost your hair in a windstorm. >> seriously? i don't care who goes first as long as they're smartest. what you don't want to do is set up a situation where the first person who talks is not always the smartest person in the room. just to let that person get it out of the way. >> my turn to interrupt all of you and do the tease. so what is the capital of the u.s.? what were the original 13 states? those are just two of the questions on the test to become an american citizen. the state that is now requiring all students to also pass that test before they can graduate. that's next. pass the test. ♪
9:54 am
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♪ america, america. ♪ may god by thoin. >> arizona is the first state to require high school students to pass a u.s. civics exam before graduating. they will have to answer the questions like immigrants like
9:58 am
who wrote the declar aches of independence and handful of other states are concerning the man date. >> we talked before. students have to answer 60 out of 100 questions. >> that is a failing grade. if i get a 60 i fail. the other thing is the guy who is pushing this. i happen to know joe fausz. he has advocated for advancing education in this country. it is a good idea but we need to set standards higher. you get an 80 above and the benefit is learning something out of this. >> people say you forget all of this stuff and it doesn't matter. it is not practical. >> why go to school at all. >> the test is multiple choice
9:59 am
and half of the answers are idiotic. and what is the first words of the constitution. four of them had ten words and if you can count there was only one answer, three words. you know what they were. and have to know how to count to three and you got it right. >> and i heard you talk about this on the importance of having a basic knowledge of government. do you think this will move forward and do all 50 states adopt this? >> i love it and i think it should be implemented in every school. especially the states in arizona that have high immigrants population. and in washington d.c.,they are just giving them green cards we have to do it in the schools temperature is a good thing. >> we require people who want to gain u.s. citizenship to know
10:00 am
it, our own children need to know this. >> be smarter than the immigrants. >> we are staying here for outnumbered on the web. go to fox "happening now" starts right now. >> we start off with a fox news alert confirmation coming in that our intelligence community was embedded in north korea cybernet work for some time. >> that raises questions why they couldn't stop one of the largest sign are attacks in u.s. history. we are covering the news now. >> we are seeing a much more aggressive and dangerous chapter in the terms of the war on terrorism. >> the crack down continues overseas, what the terror raids in europe could mean for our safety here in the u.s. >> plus. >> they will be facing burglary charges. >> two teens nabbed after a two week multistate crime


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