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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 22, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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was a vital u.s. ally and a major force in the muslim world. president obama praises him for the peace initiative. republicans aim to permanently bar federal funds for any abortion credits and block tax credits for people investing in businesses that cover abortions. the deadline to pay the $200 million ransom expired a short time ago. terrorists vow to kill both captives unless the ransom is paid. now stay tuned for "hannity." pretty cool. welcome to "hannity." so in a season full of scandals the national football league is once again rocked by controversy. now, the new england patriots are accused of cheating in
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sunday's afc championship win over the indianapolis colts by using underinflated footballs. the league says the balls were in fact deflated but still investigating whether they were tampered with on purpose. patriots coach bill belichick said he was shocked by the allegations and denied he had anything to do with the deflating of the footballs. >> i've never touched a game ball. it's not something that i have any familiarity with on that. and again i was completely and totally unaware of any of this that we're talking about in the last couple days until monday morning. >> now later in the day patriots quarterback tom brady spoke to the media. and guess what? he also denied everything. >> i didn't alter the ball in any way. i have no knowledge of any wrongdoing of any -- yeah, i'm very comfortable saying that. i'm very comfortable saying nobody did it, as far as i know. i don't know everything, but i would never do anything outside
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of the rules of play. >> here with reaction former nfl quarterback joe theismann and fox & friends co-host covered the past 18 super bowls, the best job in the entire business. let me start joe is this something that went on quite a bit? did you like a ball a certain weight like i've read that aaron rodgers likes a ball flated a little bit more. >> that's why they create the variance, sean. they want to give you that opportunity to go between 12 and a half and 13 and a half psi. i mean if it was lock solid and said it had to be 13 it's impossible to regulate. the balls lose air through the course of the game they change air. i preferred a ball that they put in my hand. i didn't really check the psi. couldn't tell you what it was. i didn't know exactly what it was until the day before yesterday when all the issues and problems started. but it didn't affect tovm brady because in the second half they scored 28 points with a
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quote/unquote, inflated football. i think it's a lot to do about nothing. >> you do? what do you think, spencer? >> well, i think joe just really nailed it on the head. but that's the question that has to be asked, sean. we like the content, right? but is this content or nonsense? i tend to think in terms of evaluating whether or not it made a difference in the outcome of the game. but that's not really the issue here. the issue here is they cheat. there's a culture with the new england patriots. everybody's focusing on whether it's a tough rule, whether it's this current situation now. but i go all the way back to 1982 in that miami dolphins matchup when the groundskeeper came out and mysteriously found a way to clear a path so that the kicker could make that game winning field goal. i mean that goes back a long time. again, that's part of the process. >> they have this reputation first of all the new england patriots are hated because they're really good. and a lot of people want to hate belichick and tom brady. i'm actually picking them to win the super bowl brian. 2007, the videotape scandal.
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then we had a miniscandal where they were having receivers eligible and ineligible on the field and trying to throw off the defense of other teams. >> i think it's huge deal. what i found out today was fascinating to see bill belichick come out essentially and say this, i don't know nothing about it but i'm the coach so i'm responsible. i know nothing. i'll give you my history. he actually got emotional. and then he went back and said ask tom. tom brady's supposed to meet with the press tomorrow, says i'm having a press make it 4:15 he comes out. no statement. i've seen this guy interviewed millions of times. i never saw him so nervous. >> you mean belichick? >> no, i never saw tom brady so nervous. to me he did not answer the question of, he said the equipment guys alter the balls the way i want. fine. did you talk to the equipment guys? yes. okay. so the equipment guys did it the way you want the balls were deflated according to chris mortenson during the game the way he wanted, quarterbacks like
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joe theismann and company and others are saying you understand what they like about a ball, sometimes work it out the day in practice the day before, they haven't talked to tom brady yet. >> joe makes a good point. in the second half they scored all those points when they had regularly inflated balls. here's what i don't understand joe theismann two hours and 15 minutes before the game the refs go and check out the balls. okay. smart thing to do. make sure everybody's honest. then the question is why did they leave them with the team? why did they take the balls and leave them in the hands of the official? >> it was my understanding they were left in the official's locker room. that's what my understanding was. but here's the other thing, you talk about the official sean. those men during the entire first half of this football game handled the football. officials handled that football nobody ever said a word, nobody ever noticed a difference or variance. what i'm very curious about is if 11 of the 12 balls were
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deflated what were they deflated to were they down to 10 and a half, were they at 11? is there a variance in those 11 balls or all consistently the same? >> i would say this, joe, i know you're rt quarterback and you won the super bowl mvp and you got that huge ring and you oftentimes let me wear it and it's really cool, then you may ask for it back but i would say this the colts care the ravens care, the players are upset about it. other management's upset about it. so this isn't the press trying to run with a story or make it too big a deal. these are people inside the game trying to make it a big deal. >> i agree. >> the penalty is minimal. >> but who broke the rules? that's my point. is it bill belichick? that's what you're going to have to answer. and, sean -- >> i don't know if they'll ever find out. >> well, they made a great point. the new england patriots their history has not been stellar when it comes to issues and problem. that's part of the problem as it goes. but i really feel like you have
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to get all the facts here. what balls -- what was the degree of the balls that were being altered? who was responsible? who had access to the balls from the time the refs until that 2 hour 15-minute period those are questions that need answered. >> i want to bring spencer back in. i want to play tom brady deflecting criticism, this isn't isis. i don't know if this is going to go over well. here's what he said. >> we're going to be fine. this isn't isis. this isn't, you know, no one's dying. but, you know we'll get through this. and, you know hopefully we can really start preparing for seattle and get our mind focused there because, you know they're going to take all my mental energy for the next ten days. >> let's say they did do it spencer. $25,000 fine worst case they could lose a draft pick. so there are consequences right? >> yep. >> absolutely. there's always consequences. but there's a golden rule. we saw nicosiak saban take this on
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the college level. three things you want to steer clear of. that was a poor mistake. here's the greater point, we live in a world of images and impressions. a moment ago talked about tom brady and also bill belichick. i never saw bill belichick more perturbed over a subject that's supposed to be a nonissue. that's problematic. second point, quickly, if they can nail exactly how much the variance was between those 11 balls that we know were deflated, that's the key. if they were all consistent that is to say deflated to the same amount that reflects preference of someone handling the football. >> maybe it reflects the weather conditions? >> it could. >> colts complained about it in the regular season, the ravens tipped off the colts they're still doing it. this is something inside the game. of the ravens spencer, just said it's akin to p.e.d.s, call it p.e.d.s. you can't say it's not that big a deal. >> here's my point -- >> that's my job. >> if the colts mentioned it in
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the middle of the season and the ravens brought the point up why is it such a big deal now? why wasn't it a big deal then? >> you got -- >> the league basically ignored the other accusations or other inquiries? i don't think so. i don't think it was an issue. we don't know. the bottom line is we don't know exactly what happened. we don't know who had access to the balls. >> right. >> i feel very, very comfortable in saying that tom brady had no part in this. bill belichick had no part in this. i feel very comfortable making that statement. >> wow. john madden said brady had to know, aikman said he had to know, you think the nfl had to know something. there's pressure on the nfl to come up with answers here because of the season they've had. this is the worst scenario for them to close the season -- >> let me say this is the best thing for ticket sales you could ever have. this is huge. >> and viewership. >> and viewership. they got to check the ball, not
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check the ball what's the pressure on that ball? he threw a touchdown. i've got the patriots by three. joe theismann. >> i agree. >> what do you think, spencer? >> seattle. never go with the defense -- you go with the strongest defense. the number of super bowls we've had around 48 or so only four times has a lower rated defensive team lost the game. >> that's statistic. >> bottom line you got to know it, defense wins championships. >> and i got to tell you, i got burned last year. i took denver. what do you got? >> and you lost $5 million or $10 million? how much did you lose, sean? >> $100. >> okay. fine. i will say this i'm waiting until sunday to pick. i want to wait to see how healthy richard sherman is. if he's not healthy -- >> richard sherman won't be a factor. >> why? >> he will not be a factor. he's going to be a spectator in this football game. he's going to be a right fielder at yankee stadium with a bunch of right-handed batters.
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>> i thought so last time and with one leg the packers are going after them with aaron rodgers. i think he's going to be a factor because i think they're going to have to go to him because on the other side is harley weakness. >> all right, guys you know what, this is almost as fun as election night. >> let's go to commercial. >> good to see everybody. thank you, spencer. thank you, joe. thank you, brian. coming up, another swipe at this blockbuster film "american sniper," now rolling stone says the movie is almost "too dumb to criticize." it never ends. attacking a story of an american hero. and later tonight -- all right. you see that woman there? well, she's a "youtube sensation" and guess what she got? an interview with president obama earlier today. doesn't our commander in chief have better things to do with his time? that's coming up.
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i was disturbed by the movie. i sat there in the movie theater with my wife and thought this just underscores how many lives we have ruined because of doing something that was terribly wrong. >> we stood behind you, seth, when you did your movie. and we said you had the right to make the movie you want to make. >> yeah. >> give them the same respect. if you've never been to war, it's a lot you can call people a name. you can call all kinds of names. but until the bombs are exploding around you and the people are dying around you, you need to be a little more sensitive, dudes. i get that you're creative types, but so are they. so back off. >> what i saw on that screen was a film that tore my guts apart because of the way it depicted an iraqi people.
10:15 pm
>> a lot of good guys and a lot of my friends died for his right to, i guess, freedom of speech. >> for somebody who has spent their entire career on freedom of speech and freedom of expression to be criticizing an individual like chris kyle who exemplifies the really best that's really biting the hand that feeds was a movie about an american s.e.a.l. who risked his life overseas four times. >> seth rogen on behalf of all american veterans who fought for your freedom you're welcome. >> that's a great point. whoopi goldberg great point. welcome back. just a small sample surrounding the talk over the blockbuster hit "american sniper." the lunacy has continued now rolling stone weighed in following michael moore in a review titled "american sniper" is almost too dumb to criticize. here's an excerpt from rolling stone's -- to turn the iraq war
10:16 pm
into a saccharin almost pg-rated two-hour sinmatic diversion about a killing machine with a heart of gold, is there any film theme more -- slowly starts to feel bad enough after shooting enough women and children notwithstanding this was a hard one to see coming. joining us now, the president of concerned vets for america and fox news contributor peter hegsheth with us. good to see you. good for whoopi goldberg good for a few others. but there is a real, peter, disdain and hatred and contempt and lack of true understanding and appreciation for our military. >> exactly right. >> they give them the right to be stupid like this. >> of course they do. and they have a right to say whatever they want. you know, hollywood for a long time likes to bifurcate the equation saying we support the troops but not the war. something like this, a moment like this, an article like this underscores it's not just about the war. it's not just about iraq and
10:17 pm
bush and cheney and rumsfeld. it's about the warrior. they think they're dumb. they think they're arrogant, they think they're overly religious, clinging to god and guns. that's the way hollywood sees not just war but the warrior and comes through in pieces like this, comment like michael moore, this article in rolling stone, they think that america's military is full of the people who couldn't get into their elite colleges and as a result had to join the military. and it's starting to come out and america's seeing it. >> leslie, i'd be shocked if you believe this. where does that liberal mindset come from that guys who put off their families and they sacrifice and they make less money than they might otherwise in the private sector and their life is in jeopardy every day to protect even michael moore's freedom to be ignorant you know, then to come back and be treated like this and be called a coward? where does this mentality come from? >> well, first of all, this isn't the liberal mentality -- >> no, it's a liberal mentality. conservatives don't think like
10:18 pm
that. >> hollywood bankrolled this film and distributed this film. i liked the film and i think the film is about a human being who becomes a killing machine what war does to our men and women what we-- sean one of the things he's protecting, one of the things our great men and women who i think are heroes including mr. kyle they are protecting the right for michael moore and anyone else -- >> doesn't it take your breath away the level of ignorance he has? don't you sit back and say you slob, you ignorant unappreciative slob? >> i may not agree with him, but i agree he has the right to say it. >> i'm not disputing that. but he's ignorant, that's the point. intelligent people don't attack the very people that risk their lives for them to have the right to be stupid peter. >> yeah. well, exactly right. one of these days hollywood is going to wake up and raeltz that when you make films that the american people actually want to
10:19 pm
see, you make money. clint eastwood has figured that out and people that make movies like "lone survivor" can figure that out. we live in a free country that chris kyle fought to defend. but you know one institution michael murray -- or michael moore couldn't get into? the american military because he couldn't meet the height and weight standards if he tried. that's one place he couldn't go any way. he doesn't di serve to carry the boots of any one of these soldiers and america knows it. that's why there's outrage. and that's why no one watches michael moore movies and people watch movies like "american sniper". >> is this the same magazine that glorified the boston bomber when they put this guy on the cover? in fairness then you've got other celebrities that do appreciate the military. here's what kid rock had to say. by the way, he says, i hope you catch a fist to the face. i understand why he feels that way. he went onto say thank you for your service. thank you guys for your service.
10:20 pm
isn't that more the attitude that americans should have toward the military leslie? thank you, thank you for what you do for us. >> i agree. i agree. being the daughter of a veteran and many of my family who are veterans, i agree. but the wonderful thing that we have in this country, sean, is the freedom to feel differently. and it's not just war. because when you mention "lone survivor" or "zero dark thirty" those films were not criticized. i think part of the thing here is that the opening scene is jarring for many, myself as a mother definitely. >> not for me. the opening scene -- >> it's iraq. it's iraq invasion of a sovereign nation that many americans -- >> there you go. it is about politics. it's a liberal progressive -- >> no it isn't. no, i don't think the movie is. >> it's about hollywood. it's about iraq it's about george bush. it's about oil, it's about dick cheney. >> you're making a story about -- >> nobody can hear you when you're talking over one another. let me show the opening scene. the opening scene is chris kyle
10:21 pm
looking down the scope of his gun. and there is a woman and a child. and they come out of a house. and what you don't hear here it's your call, he's told. so the woman comes out and she hands something to the kid. and i'm not going to give it away for those people that didn't see the movie. you'll see in just a second. he's got to decide whether or not the kid is going to take what this woman hands him and go and kill down the block a bunch of americans. now, if he makes the wrong decision, american soldiers are dead. if he makes the right decision, he saves their life. right there you can see the woman and the kid come out. and if you watch she's going to hand him something. >> got a woman and a kid 20 yards out moving towards the convoy. >> now he's thinking about his own wife, his own kids, she will hand him something. and he's got to decide right here is that a weapon is it going to be used against
10:22 pm
american soldiers? is that a grenade? you know what, isn't it a good thing if that sniper's used to save a life? inz different political opinions, but that shouldn't even be a debate leslie. >> i agree with you, sean. i think when you put a movie out there, this movie quite frankly anything put out by hollywood is for entertainment. >> no, this is a real life situation. this happened to chris. >> it's a real life situation based on one man's life. it's very subjective. i happen to like the film. i happen to think that this man is a hero. not everyone agrees. but not every liberal has panned this film because of something michael moore said or seth rogen. michael moore doesn't speak for me and every liberal, seth rogen doesn't and neither does rolling stone. and rolling stone has had sensational stories before. >> thank you very much. president obama wants to make
10:23 pm
nice-nice with iran, but his policy's so bad even democrats are scared of his policy and now criticizing. that's coming up next. and later tonight -- >> got milk? >> see that woman? she's a youtube star. she was selected by the white house to interview the president today. is that the best use of his time? i think i prefer he golf. we'll explain coming up next. so every truck can tow a boat. every truck can climb a hill. every truck can haul a trailer. but not everyone can say they're the fastest-growing truck brand... in america. guts. glory. ram.
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this. -- has been iran's past sponsorship of international terrorism. iranian policy has been devoted to expelling all western influence from the middle east. we cannot abide that. >> iran aggressively pursues these weapons and exports terror while an unelected few repress the iranian people's hope for
10:26 pm
freedom. >> for 35 years iran has relentlessly pursued the global mission which was set forth by its founding ruler ayatollah hemny in these words. we will explore our entire until the cry there is no god but allah will echo throughout the world over. >> for decades america and our closest allies have considered iran a threat and an enemy, but in his state of the union address earlier this week the president threatened to veto any new sanctions against iran. the president's stance has come under scrutiny by many on capitol hill including democratic senator robert menendez. listen to him. >> the more i hear from the administration and its quotes, the more it sounds like talking points that come straight out of tehran. and it feeds to the iranian narrative of victimization when
10:27 pm
they are the ones with original sin, an illicit nuclear weapons program going back over the course of 20 years that they are unwilling to come clean on. so i don't know why we feel compelled to make their case. >> here with reaction senior writer for the weekly standard fox news contributor steve hayes, former ohio democratic congressman dennis kus niche, the washington free beacon, steve, put out that the white house only wants to delay their nuclear weapons program. that in exchange that took place yesterday menendez was asking and that's the answer that he got and that yesterday the administration paid $490 million in cash assets to iran on top of what will be $12 billion by june. is this the right strategy? >> well, no it's not the right strategy. but it's certainly consistent with everything we've heard from the administration. the administration seems to
10:28 pm
think that diplomacy is the end in itself, that the real goal here is just to keep talking and that if we're engaged in diplomacy that somehow that denotes success. but as you noted by playing those clips before, iran has long been regarded as a threat i think is still a threat, the state department considers it's the world's most formal state sponsor of terror. approved at the highest levels according to then-cia director mike hayden to kill american soldiers in iraq and afghanistan, one senior military official told me that iran was either directly or indirectly responsible for one-third of all troop deaths in iraq. this is a regime that can't be trusted. and the idea that the administration would decouple the nature of the regime with its, i think, naive negotiations on its nuclear program is irresponsible. >> to me i'm full agreement. dennis
10:29 pm
dennis kussinich, what do you think? >> three plus iran provided for a very low level of enrichment that would not permit iran to weaponize its technology. and that's essentially where they're at right now. the question of sanctions is a serious question. the united states congress has passed numerous sanctions against iran. those sanctions have been visited on the people of iran. those sanctions have had a devastating effect in iran. it has created hyperinflation in iran. it has created conditions where the ordinary iranian people are suffering. i think iran knows that the movement out of sanctions depends on its cooperation. >> senator menendez actually asked the state department spokesman this week -- this was the quote he used. isn't it true even the deal you're striving towards is not to eliminate iranian nuclear
10:30 pm
breakout capability but to constrain the time in which you'll get notice of such breakout capability? in other words, the administration is only wanting to delay the iranians from getting nukes. don't you see that as a real clear and present danger to the world, the mull las of iran having nuclear capability dennis? >> you have to look at the agreement itself and what we're talking about. the interim geneva agreement placed limitations on the types and numbers of sen ri fujs. anyone who knows anything about nuclear technology -- >> do you trust them? do you trust the iranians? i don't trust them. >> you know what this goes back to the kind of negotiations that took place between the u.s. and russia generations ago. you trust but verify. you have to have protocols for verification. that's what it's all about. >> sean, if i could just interrupt. we caught the iranians red handed in effect basically violating the terms of the interim agreement by feeding
10:31 pm
centrifuges that they weren't reporting. the iaea in it's november 2014 report reported that. and the state department when asked the iranian regime about it iran then stopped feeding those sentrycentrifuges essentially an admission they've violated the interim agreement. my question is if they can't even abide by the terms of the interim agreement and freeze centrifuge activity, why would we believe they would honor longer term agreement? >> i don't think they can be trusted. and i don't think they will be. and i think the world -- my mother used to say, rue the day when they get ahold of those nukes. good to see both of you. thanks for being with us. coming up tonight next here on "hannity". >> all right. so i got my swimming pool, i got my cereal and i'm going to put, um, you know, some milks in there. >> some milks and cereal and eat it in a bathtub. that woman was just chosen by the white house to interview president obama earlier today. and we're not kidding.
10:32 pm
that's coming up next. and later it's the story that mainstream media is ignoring. the "new york times" is reporting that the justice department will recommend that no civil rights charges be brought against officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. we'll check in with brown family attorney darrell parks and the reverend al sharpton and barack obama owe mr. wilson an apology. straight ahead. why do i cook? because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. because i make the best chicken noodle soup. for every way you make chicken noodle soup, make it delicious with swanson®.
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10:38 pm
>> i wanted to know, okay so 150 ka-billion people have been asking me to do the cinnamon challenge. i'm going to do my cereal olympic, my cereal challenge. i think it should be in olympics. so i got my swimming pool. i got my cereal. and i'm going to put um, you know, some milks in there. >> diane sawyer you're out of a job. as you might imagine the interview was not exactly hard hitting. watch this. >> you're almost done with me and your time as president. >> yeah.
10:39 pm
>> what would you hope your legacy is? >> well, you know, we saved an economy on the brink of depression. >> and joining us now with reaction author of the best selling book "black lash" as well as fox news contributor michelle fields is with us, good to see you. this is embarrassing. are we trying to appeal to like to the ill-informed? i mean what's the point of this? >> it is embarrassing. you know what this reminds me of, the failed roman emperors where they were all about bread and circuses trying to distract the folks from what was really going on in the country. absolutely. and i think this is obama's way of trying to be hip and trying to appeal to a certain age group. but it is embarrassing. it's beyond embarrassing. >> what's amazing is the president doesn't have time to meet with netanyahu or to go to those french rallies, but he has plenty of time for youtube stars who are -- that woman is famous for putting a condom up her nose. >> thank you for sharing that. >> these are the people who are
10:40 pm
interviewing the president. but it makes sense because when he's being interviewed by these people, they're not asking tough questions. they're not going to push back. right now he's trying to push free community college. they're not going to say mr. president, how do we afford this $60 billion proposal? >> i didn't watch any of the interviews because i got better things to do. >> you're very fortunate. so she's known for a condom in her -- >> yeah. it's called the condom challenge where she sticks a condom in her nose. >> really? that must be an art form. probably got a grant from the national endowment for the arts i'm thinking. >> it's very demeaning. if anything this may help boost her career and maybe boost her income, but there's no reference to how obama is helping americans especially those in the black community with double-digit unemployment and his energy policy that is disproportionately harmed. >> she's in a tub of milk and froot loops it looks like. >> yeah. >> and drinking and eating it. >> yeah. >> what do we know about the
10:41 pm
other two people from youtube? >> well, the other one is famous for coming up with comfy and cozy outfits for you to wear out and about. these are the people who get to interview the president. because they're not going to ask tough questions. he doesn't want anyone to ask him tough questions. >> i don't think this president is serious. he likes to play golf doesn't like addlation and he wants to advance politics at all times at all costs. >> what message does this send to the terrorists who want to attack us and attack our way of life? you're looking at president obama sitting down with these individuals especially glozell. i mean what message does that send? >> did you know about glozell before this? >> i did not. >> i had seen the cinnamon challenge, i don't know the others. most of the other subscribers are teenagers, not even people young enough to vote. i think they're trying to reach other young people for 2016. >> right. well, the message is if you vote for us we're going to give you a bunch of free stuff including college and health care and day
10:42 pm
care. >> when is he going to come here and talk to you, sean? >> they wouldn't even invite me to -- when george bush was president i went to one christmas party. and there were liberals all over the place. i haven't gotten one invitation to the white house christmas party. other people here at fox get them. mine must have got lost in the mail, don't you think? >> i doubt it. i think that was intentional. >> i was very respectful hello, mr. president, i was right about you from day one. >> maybe he's scared. maybe she's scared to come here. do you think that's it? >> i don't think he'd like what i'd say. i'd be very respectful though. respect the office. coming up the story no one in the mainstream media reported, the "new york times" reporting the justice department is now recommending zero civil rights charges be brought against officer darren wilson, so does al sharpton and eric holder and the president, are they going to apologize to him? and why did the white house send three white house representatives to michael brown's funeral? we'll debate with michael
10:43 pm
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10:48 pm
others apologize not only to darren wilson but to ferguson in general and the country? let's not fefrgt the grand jury decision not to indict wilson led to violent protests in ferguson. and many people insinuated the shooting was racially charged. [ bleep ]. burn this [ bleep ] down! >> imagine if a black cop had went in a white neighborhood and shot a white six times said you got to understand there are mobsters out there. wouldn't you not call that bias? >> as an african-american man who has been stopped and searched by police in situations where such action was not warranted, i also carry with me an understanding of the mistrust that some citizens harbor for those who wear the badge. >> pretty unbelievable. now, keep in mind "new york times" is also reporting that eric holder will have the final say on whether the justice department will close the case on officer darren wilson once and for all.
10:49 pm
here with reaction brown family attorney darrell parks. darryl, you know everybody raced to judgment here. the president of the united states of america sent three white house representatives are three, to the funeral of a guy that potentially was a cop killer, wan-to-be, who robbed a store, intimidated a clerk, charged a cop, tried to fight a cop for his gun. and then al sharpton rushes to judgment and eric holder rushes to judgment. doesn't all of this now in retrospect say a lot about these three men? >> well, sean first and foremost we have no official word from the justice department at this point. the "new york times" obviously has written an article based upon -- >> there is no civil rights charges here. it can happen. you need to be able to prove that darren wilson had the intention of violating the civil rights of michael brown. you're never going to prove that in a million years. ever. >> let me say, sean we've always said we all know that
10:50 pm
legally the federal standard is the highest standard you'd ever have to meet in a situation. and the real case relies with the state. >> but the president of the united states rushed to judgment. the attorney general of the united states rushed to judgment. al sharpton the president's best friend, 84 visits to the white house, you know, fueling the fire. and look at all those minority businesss that are gone forever. >> they didn't -- >> sure they did. >> they didn't rush to judgment. what they were saying is there's a certain element of our country that felt very strong about what happened there and the process that had been taken in our judicial system. >> you don't think the president sending three white house representatives to the funeral of michael brown sends a big statement or the attorney general talking about his life and his background or the president's comments? >> what it says is it doesn't rush to judgment about who's right or wrong in the situation
10:51 pm
situation -- >> minorities lost their businesses, life savings up in flames. gone. -- and charged an officer. that's not the behavior of somebody that deserves three white house representatives at his funeral is it? upon the experience we have as african american men in this country. we're telling what you we've
10:52 pm
experienced. >> but the president rushed to judgment. the president in that office sends three people there. seriously? a guy trying to maybe kill a cop? by fighting for his gun? charging at him? >> well, no. i think you've got to remember the irony is that michael brown was still an unarmed person. that is the irony. >> but he tried to get armed, didn't he? right? >> but when he died on the street he had no gun. >> but he also got shot right in the top of the head that goes to the narrative he was charging right? >> well, i think as a country learns more about that shot, it will be rather clear officers certainly had a chance to avoid what happened here. >> do you think he was a good person michael brown in the end? if your son was on tape robbing a store, intimidating a clerk, fighting for a cop's gun would you want the white house to send a representative to the funeral of a kid that acts like that?
10:53 pm
>> well, i think you're missing the narrative, sean. any time you see an unarmed person get killed the public outcry that that is wrong now, particular facts in this case are starting to open for some type of proof. >> there is a lesson to be learned here. >> don't rob a store, don't intimidate a clerk don't fight cops for guns and don't charge cops >> and one more lesson, don't shoot unarmed people, too. >> okay. all right. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> all right. >> coming up tonight... >> michael moore is his own views, i mean, he needs to get a life. >> good news for "american sniper". audien if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts... get some cold cuts! whooo! gimme some! geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. whoo! forty-four ladies, that's me! whoo...gonna get some cold cuts today! our question of the day in just a moment, but first in addition to breaking box office records "american sniper" is becoming the most-talked about movie of the year and we sent our crew to liberal new york city to see what they thought about michael moore's comments >> michael moore is a coward but if he were knocking on doors i don't think -- you can say that from his own home. >> that was idiotic of him to say. >> michael moore is really old news
10:59 pm
i mean, he is -- he needs to get a life. >> sniper is very important. >> you can say something to michael moore directly what would you say? >> get lost. >> no one is listening to michael moore. tune in tomorrow night special edition of "hannity". american sniper patriotism in america. and why hollywood liberals are attacking the film and man behind it. should michael moore apologize for his vile comments related to "american sniper"? of course he should but he's an ignorant hollywood elitist snob and he won't and al sharpton should apop pol jiez to -- and white house should apologize for sending three representatives to the funeral of michael brown
11:00 pm
tell us what you think and let us know what you think. thanks for joining us. we hope you have a great night. new england patriots quarterback tom brady breaks his silence, that story is just moments away. but first ton, this fox news alert, saudi arabia's king abdullah has died. he is said to be 90 years old. he was a powerful u.s. ally who had a close relationship over the years with u.s. presidents. for more on this break news just moments ago, we got word of this we're joined by liz chaeney. good to have you with us tonight. your reaction to this news? >> well, of course, any time you have a succession in a country as important as saudi arabia-size a very big deal.