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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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things. can't wait for the campaign. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. don't forget join me saturday fox news reporting a special on cuba, starring andrea tantaros right now. >> who is our enemy? that's the question being asked tonight after secretary of state john kerry once again refused to acknowledge the threat from islamic extremism. >> religions don't require adherence to raise villages and blow up people. it's individuals with a distorted and an even ignorant interpretation of religion who do that. >> hello everyone i'm andrea tantaros in for greta van susteren. well, it's happened again. the obama administration refusing to acknowledge the threat from islamic extremists. tonight, secretary kerry suggesting that blaming islam would be the big estherer that we could make in the war on terror. the shocking comments
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highlighting huge divisions between the united states and its key european allies in the fight to combat global terrorism, karl rove joins us live now. karl? >> karl, break this down for me because i think everyone is wondering why can't they say the words islamic extremism? >> well, i'm not certain i have got a good explanation for it. it makes us look oddly disconnected. look today the japanese prime minister traveling in the middle east after the death at the hands of isil of two japanese nationals called islamic extremism. the president of the united states can't bring himself to do it but the president of france can bring himself to call it islamic extremism. secretary kerry can't bring himself to say it but the british foreign minister standing right next to him calls it islamic extremism. i don't get why the administration doesn't seem to understand that the moral authority of calling it out as islamic extremism is to our advantage. it causes people inside the muslim community to
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understand they have an essential role to play in confronting a virus which is infecting their religion. look, kerry today in his speech said, you know, this is really alienation, poverty, and thrill-seeking. is he right that that contributes to it. but that would be insufficient without the blessing of radical imams and radical islamic ideology that justifies these kind of acts. until the united states says that we can't act upon it. >> karl, people keep talking about getting moderate muslims to weigh he in and getting moderate imams to weigh in. i'm not sure that would make much of a difference. they are pretty angry already. with regard to the administration i looked back in 2009, the administration had no trouble using the term right wing extremism identifying that kind of extremism when it was referring to it a department of homeland security threat by republicans. so they have actually used an adjective before that noun before. >> i take that point i
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disagree with you on the issue of indonesia they practice a brand,a version of islam which is more peaceful and it allows them to live in comoojted community with non-muslim believers. they have confronted inside their nation in very profound way both using the authority of the state and the authority of the religion because they understand what a threat it would represent to their life. and so we want to do. this i thought it was incredibly important thing for the president of egypt to say we must confront the radicals within islam and because they are perverting our faith using the name of our religion to do things which are not in the nature of our religion. we want that. we don't want to put everybody who is a muslim of the world and be against us. our point is your religion is being perverted by he
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extremist. you have a moral responsibility to confront them in the communities you live and in the nations where you exdisblis yeah i i do think they have a moral authority. i'm not sure how much of a difference it would make because these terrorists have already perverted the religion enough. and i want to go back and to your point because did i read your "wall street journal" column yesterday, you talked about how disconnected the president is karl, you know that president obama not easy at admitting his mistakes. if he admits, if he says radical extremism wouldn't that mean that he would have to go back and concede that he was wrong all along? he was wrong in his cairo speech. he was wrong about isis being i have a jay vee he was wrong about the arab spring being a failure. is not going to do that. >> no. the president is arrogantly stubborn in refusing to do this because he understands on some level maybe not consciously but on some level that that this would undermine his whole world view that america is to blame, that the things that have happened in the media
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are largely the responsibility of us or the israelis. that we're at fault. it's not them. it's not the bad guys. but it does make him look oddly disconnected when everybody else in the world with more stand something willing to say it it. it also makes him look disconnected. there was unbelievable editorial today in the "the washington post" in which they took him to task on, you know, iran in yemen and syria in proxies and the president dogs, you know let's them sort of go to town. iran through its proxies in yemen. iran through its proxies in syria. yet, he refuses to act firmly against assad or to allow additional pressure to be built on sanctions in iran because he is afraid of offending them. what about them offending us by their actions? they are the sponsors of the revolt in yemen. and they are the principle backers along with russia and syria. you know the president's mind set here is, you know it is one thing to be detected. it's another thing to be detected and dangerous. that's what the president's thinking is on these issues. >> it is certainly not peace
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prize worthy behavior i would say, karl. another big story tonight. we have got to get to. hang on one second. new outrage over president obama finding time to sit down with three youtube stars, yes. one of those intriewrs, i'm sure you have seen the footage is a woman who bathes in her own cereal. yummy. so how can president obama refuse to take the time to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu? does the president have his priorities straight? >> president obama apparently picking his meetings carefully. >> wait, wait wait. >> president obama has decided he will not be meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu but yesterday he did meet with a bunch of youtube stars. >> i have your first wife -- >> my first wife? >> for the people to say this is diminishing the dignity of the office that happened a long time ago. >> if you had any super power, what would it be? >> what country are we becoming? >> i cut off the hoods off the hoodies.
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>> i understand. >> i did that for real to protect him because i'm afraid if he goes outside that somebody might shoot to kill him. >> who knew in order to get a video with the president you have got to jump in a bathtub. >> so karl, if i were sitting in a bathtub of, i don't know, cheerios, do you think the president would sit down and talk to me? >> you know, i don't know, i mean let's ask chris wallace if that's how is he going to try to get the next interview with the white house. look, i stand that the white house interest in trying to go around the media and go directly into the, you know, into the device the ipads, the computers, the devices of mobile devices of americans and get their message through. but did i think this was demeaning and silly and not serious. and the president was tone deaf. they put a big hype up about this on the state of the union address. then the thing comes out about netanyahu and they don't seem to understand that this makes them look even less connected and less
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interested in the reality of our relationship with israel. josh earnst today made it worse. he says well our excuse is if there is an election coming up in march, i understand that, that you don't want to look like you are intruding in the middle of an election. on the other hand we have an election in may in britain. and obama was perfectly happy having prime minister cammeron here and sending him up to chill to negotiate. -- capitol hill to negotiate. president obama has spent more time with benjamin netanyahu than any other world leader. one is, first of all remember part of that time was subjecting him to the abuse of the white house you know which sat him down in the chair and refused to give him a glass of water and spent hours berating him and told him to leave by the back door and alerted the they were throwing the prime minister of israel out the back door of the white house. not particularly quality time. >> howard kurtz came out, he said this interview was beneath the office of the president.
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and i mean i think tuckner that montage made a good point. he said the horse left the barn a long time ago. didn't that happen when he sent down with pimp with a limp and i get why he does it and i think he actually is genius at it he does it way better than a lot of republicans do. i wish we had republicans that could sit down and do these kind of things. i give him credit for going to that audience and using that medium. the fact that he snubbed benjamin netanyahu, i mean personally karl cutting off diplomatic relations with israel why can't he do both? i mean, it really does make him look bad. >> look there is a broader problem here. president obama spends virtually no time with foreign leaders. take his predecessor every two to three weeks had a secure video conference with either maliki in in iraq or karzai in afghanistan. president obama went nearly a year without talking to either one of them there is no world leader who thinks he has a relationship with
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president obama. look, personal relationships matter. the interest of the united states predominate. your ability to get things done matters to a big degree on what kind of relationship you as the president are able to build with foreign leaders. this president puts no interest in that just like he puts no interest in building relationship with the leaders of congress. >> well, he has a personal relationship with glozel. he has a personal relationship with her. maybe she can share some makeup tips. i don't know. it's hard to pull off green lipstick. she got some tougherons in than those folks over at nbc. i give her credit for that and i do love fruit loops. thank you, karl rove. >> thank you. >> this is a fox news alert. the fate of two japanese hostages held by isis is unknown. the terror group demanding a 200-million-dollar ransom from the japanese government. and now the deadline for that payment has passed. catherine herridge joins us. >> thank you andrea. earlier today fox news
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obtained a series of tweets that were sent out by an isis-linked account. tonight they are being examined by the u.s. intelligence community. in those tweets they claim that the deadline has passed to pay this 200-million-dollar ransom by the government in tokyo and that they have executed these hostages. this is still being assessed and there is no confirmation of the claim with but this group does have a track record of following through on its threats when it comes to the execution of these hostages, andrea. >> catherine, i saw your reporting earlier you mentioned that a teleprompter is involved. you were even analyzing the credibility of the video. can you speak to some of the points that you were making earlier? i mean, this seems like a very tech savvy organization. >> well, they are getting slicker and slicker with every video. in this particular case when you look closely at the video outside analysts have pointed to the fact when you look at the shadows toward the bottom of the image from
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the two hostages and also the executioner, if there was a single source of light in this image from sunlight let's say, all of the shadows should be going in the same direction, but in this particular case they converge so they are at least a couple different sources of light. one idea that was thrown out there is that they used what we call in tv a green screen when you project the image behind you that you want like i have here in this particular studio. and isis has control of the half dozen tv stations and there was another episode with a british hostage john cantley where he is in a studio and he is speaking to camera and he is such a lengthy speech and the way his eyes are moving it suggests they were using a teleprompter in that case. so it shows you that they are using the technology that's at their disposal to try and put out a very slick message, andrea. >> all right. catherine, we will stay on that story. thank you so much. >> you are welcome. >> now on to yemen where thousands of people are
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protesting in the streets as iranian backed rebels secure their hold on the war torn country. the chaos breaking out just one day after yemen's u.s. backed president bankruptly resigned from power. charlene is live from yemen. >> the reasons for the demonstrations obviously deferred in the north. they were protesting the events yesterday and in the south they are driven to seek their own independence. now, yemen is without a government the prime minister of the cabinet resigned clearly and there is no president. on sunday what would happen next is on sunday, we will learn whether resignation has been if it is accepted then effectively, the
4:14 pm
interim heads will be the speaker of the parliament for about 60 days and if it's rejected, i mean president harvey the next three months until there is a presidential election but obviously in the interim it's driven yemen into a deeper chaos. >> it looks like extremely volatile. one this administration didn't seem to be anticipating. they pointed as a success. stay safe charlene, thanks for that report. and the turmoil in yemen threatening american efforts to combat one of the most powerful al qaeda branches in the world. that's not the only problem. the death of king abdullah of saudi arabia triggering new fears that the inability in the middle east may be a worse case scenario for the united states. representative ron deisn't a as it joins us. so ron i just mentioned the administration we heard before president obama being surprised by certain things that he is not showing up
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for intelligence briefings, is this another missed scenario? because this is one situation in yemen. yemen was actually a country that the administration pointed to as a success, so did this sneak up on the administration or has this been pretty volatile for a long time? >> when he cited yemen as a success just a few months ago i whenced at that because there has been a lot of instability. aqap has been operating there for a long time. being some of my republican colleagues we have squirmishes with the president will his executive overreach. he sometimes acts like a king. i don't think anyone we would ever confuse this king with king midas he doesn't have the midas touch when he gets involved or cite these examples they tend to crumble after the fact whether libya, his involvement in syria and now having cited yemen we are looking at a situation where you are going to have iranian back militants siege control of the government.
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the moderate sunni establishment who we had been allied with, they are being pushed out. that's going to actually give al qaeda and the aian peninsula more berth to be able to operate. of course they are a very lethal group. this is going south very quickly. i think the president was just naive back in september when he cited it as a success story. he also didn't next al qaeda in his state of the union which is a bit strange because you talk about the sunni government collapsing, creating this vacuum for al qaeda to rise up. speak a little bit more, congressman, about the relation and how this impacts iran? of course you know president obama saying he would veto any legislation that you or your colleagues or anyone in the senate passes and sends to his desk. do you sense congressman, that with this bill particularly on iranian sanctions that you may get enough support in the senate to override a presidential veto? absolutely i think we should have passed the sanctions yesterday. i hope we will do it very soon. this administration over the last six years what we have
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seen is a huge they are dominant in lebanon with hesitate hezbollah. they now have a foot hold in yemen. i think the president and secretary kerry they think somehow that we can have a collaborative relation with iran. strike a nuclear deal that is a fulls iran nuclear weapon but it's also dangerous because it alienates the sunni arabs in the region and so their choices between shiite backed government to the united states is -- appears to support or terrorist groups. they are more apt to side with a sunni islamic terrorist group. than if they don't think there is a chance for a middle way. >> congressman, i only have a couple seconds left. quickly tell me i know benjamin netanyahu is expected to speak in the house of representatives in march now. what have you been hearing
4:18 pm
about by your constituents we know the white house isn't happy about this. but i think it's a good thing because i think we need to have a big stick. i think the president needs a big stick even though joe biden says he has one. i think this is good to have netanyahu there because it shows the iranians look, if you falter, if this falters this is whose side we are on. quick feedback on what you are hearing. >> yeah 100% agreement. my constituents support israel. i think we need to stand with israel. and the president is outside of the mainstream on this issue. not just with republicans but with democrats as well. >> yeah, i think that's a great point. representative thanks so much. >> thank you. and straight ahead first michael moore lashes out at american sniper. now you won't believe what ""rolling stone"" yes rolling stone the one with a credibility problem is saying about the movie being cheered on by americans everywhere. that's up next. plus the flight gate drama boiling over. who is to blame for the fiasco. "on the record" is investigating with new information. that's coming up.
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i just want to get the bad guys, if i can't see them, i can't shoot them. >> all these guys know your name. they feel invincible with you up there. >> they are not. >> they are if they think they are. >> banging on the long gun. >> "rolling stone" magazine taking shots at the box office hit american sniper the magazine viciously lashing out at the movie calling it ludicrous and idiotic and almost too dumb to criticize. joining us now the political panel the "the washington post" philip bump and national review jillian melter. i want to go to you first, julian, on this one. why does hollywood or some people in hollywood hate this movie so much? is it just because they are on the left and a the left has been doing this since
4:23 pm
the 1960's? they hate these kind of movies or is it something more. >> i think right now the timing of this movie in particular is really bothering them because iraq is not going well it's been a disaster. portrays an idea start to finish. having this movie kind of bothers them. by the same token i think they also like to have the antihero. this has been the war that we have had jar head come out, you know, homeland, they put tsarnaev on the cover of "rolling stone" they want that antihero they want to portray that black and white right and wrong. >> "rolling stone" the last time they were making headlines it's because they were really lacking in credibility with the uva rape story. so now they are speaking of maybe they should just worry about their own credibility instead of the credibility of a movie that millions of americans are going to see making it, i mean, a huge box office success. >> it's interesting how well it's done. i don't know that anyone actually expected to do as
4:24 pm
well as it's done. out of the gates it's one of the clinton eastwood stronging performing movies ever. strong performing movies. i think it's interesting to see the extent to which -- i read about politics. it's interesting to see the extent to which this has become part of the political debate. i think your point around this moment playing into that is important. i think part of it too is that there is a lot of frustration with the administration and i think that this is seen as an outlet to some extent for people to say the i am embracing this thing because it is an identity that they appreciate. >> what i found interesting julian is i know they ragged on the bush administration for iraq even though there was both bipartisan support. democrats supported going to war as well. president obama he has made the situation worse. bush wasn't great in iraq we know that -- i mean at least i think so. he handed away a lot of gains that we made president obama. and it disappoints me because as much as we see celebrities like dean cain and kid rock and others coming out to blast people
4:25 pm
like michael moore and seth rogan and others i really would like to hear from clinton eastwood or bradley cooper or somebody in the movie with a really big name to come out and defend this. why don't they? are they worried about maybe their oscar nomination? >> i think the movie is really unapologetic. on defense. especially if you go into his history i don't regret a single life i took. i regret the ones i didn't take where it put americans at risk. the movie speaks for itself. >> i will point out that bradley cooper did say he tried to separate out the politics of the movie from the performances in the movie. i think that he has not been successful at that i think that one of the things that's interesting about the movie is i think the debate following it has been a lot more nuanced and interesting than the movie itself which i think frankly is not a very well made movie. and it is difficult because as soon as you say something like that you are seen as you are taking a political stance. there has been a lot of wrapping what the movie is as a movie with the politics
4:26 pm
that surround it which i think do disservice to the movie itself. >> politics aside snipers are there to protect our rights, even the rights of the big mouths in hollywood and the big other things, too. flap their chops and be losers as i like to say. they have that first amendment right thanks to the snipers. >> um-huh. >> all right. thanks panel. be sure to watch hannity tonight at 10:00 eastern. sean hosts a special hour on american sniper patriotism under attack. that's the tonight at 10:00 on hannity. and straight ahead. the super bowl is just days away. but this deflate gate mess is just heating up. new information is coming into fox. a live report from boston. plus, our "on the record" sports panel is up next.
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the deflate gate controversy absolutely blowing up but who is to blame for the football fiasco? >> i did not believe what tom had to say i was at prize surprised as anybody. >> i don't believe there is a an equipment manager in the nfl that would deflate a ball without the starting quarterback's approval. >> when i said he didn't cheat. when he texted me and said i have nothing to hide i'm going to believe him. >> we have been attacked plenty of times around here
4:31 pm
not our first rodeo. >> the punishment for the patriots and/or bill belichick has to be more severe than what it was for the new orleans saints. >> and the "boston globe's" ben joins us is this going to be the super bowl with the asterisk next to it the tainted super bowl. >> i would say some people out there a lot of patriots haters. i didn't think is going to come down before the super bowl if it does that would not be anything that would taint the patriots championship in the record books at least. many people yeah maybe the deflate football help them against the colts but who knows how long they have been doing this? >> you know, ben listen i'm not a sports expert. i don't work at fox sports clearly. i kept up on the news. many times as an eagles fan of course, there is
4:32 pm
conspiracies accusations they were spying on the jets. freezing the scoreboard during the ravens game. would people maybe take them seriously if they didn't have this crooked past? certainly factors into the way people. patriots generate a lot of fashion passion. a lot of people love the patriots and defend them to the death. a lot of people hate the patriots and bill belichick and think of them as cheaters and don't legitimize all of their accomplishments. the patriots bill belichick, no one knows the rules better than him. that's why when he says he doesn't know about ball inflation, that's kind of curious. just two weeks ago he was pug out crazy formations in the win against the ravens. check the rule book and all of a sudden they don't know the rules for the ball. it's a little hard to believe that belichick doesn't know the rules. he has a history of knowing
4:33 pm
them very well and playing right within the boundaries or maybe slightly outside of them and finally got caught. >> deer in the woods i wasn't buying it yesterday. i was watching tom brady. was very enlightening listening to twitter and hearing the puns and commentary very entertaining. i worked in pr for a really long time. political press. i have to say what a bad press conference. he should have stopped talking 20 minutes before it ended when he was asked if he was a cheater he said i don't believe so. i mean, either you are a cheater or you aren't a cheater and then when he was asked if he handled the balls, he said no, i didn't. and maybe maybe is he not lying. we're still in the race. we're still a candidate for senate today even though we were dropping out the next day. maybe he wasn't lying i thought it was a shoddy performance. >> he could have done maybe a better acting job.
4:34 pm
you are right. some of his answers were certainly a little underwhelming. you know, let's be clear. the nfl hasn't accused brady or the patriots of anything. brady is in the clear right now. certainly innocent until proven guilty and the burden is on the nfl to come up with some proof and maybe that's the what the patriots are up to here. no proof they did anything. they have a tight circle inside the patriots. not a lot questions out. maybe they are just confident in the strategy of just denying everything and this will all blow over and maybe that's what will happen maybe they are running out the clock. that's what we will talk to our panel next about thanks. >> thank you. >> new accusations that the patriots may have been unfairly targeted today patriot linebacker making controversial comments. >> you know a lot of people around here think if it was any other team it wouldn't be an issue because it's the patriots and history and amount of winning you guys
4:35 pm
do. do you still look at it that way? >> ok joining us now fox tampa bay chip carter and sports anchor liz a beiber. liz, is this really because they win so much or is this because they cheat so much and they broke the rule? they broke a rule. >> listen, it's because of both of those things and it's because they are going to the super bowl. it's because they have a history of cheating. spy gate. so, of course they are going to be targeted. we the media are targeting because we love. this it's leading up to the super bowl. they are one of the last two teams standing. why wouldn't they be targeted in the case of possible cheating?
4:36 pm
>> chin, i'm looking at this breaking report. the nfl has hired an outside investigative firm to conduct an investigation i'm sure we will get the results after the super bowl. i'm looking at this report they put out. they say they have been investigating that the balls were deflated but nobody called brady really? nobody thought to call brady? they are doing a really good job. >> he is the center of all of this talked to 40 people yet they never asked him one single question. today the nfl released a statement essentially saying what everybody had known all week long that 11 of the 12 balls were under inflated and by halftime they had fixed the problem. i think for the nfl to really look as if they are running out in front of this they need to release a little more information. come on, they talked to 40 people already. surely they come out with something more than just that. >> like what chip? what do they need to release? >> i think they need to release, you know, that we talked to x why and z we have taken a look at maybe
4:37 pm
this is a possibility and push it aside and we have taken a look at three scenarios that might have happened and none of those have been working now we are looking in this direction. give something more concrete, more substantial. >> liz, how much faith do you put in investigation? do you think we are are going to get the results before the super bowler after the super bowl? >> they have hired outside investigator to do. this the nfl hired outside investigator. >> so they can look impartial? >> follow the dotted line. you are always going to follow somebody who knows somebody or somebody related to someone who owns a team. they try to look impartial. that doesn't mean they are. and they try -- this is almost like they want to say it was a court of law big time teams big time owners, big time money. it's a big deal when you are talking about this kind of money. also talking about a situation where one of the winningness coaches of all time. one of the best patriots coaches of all time at the
4:38 pm
patriots could this be the last game that he coaches? investigation is important in this case. do i in of us have faith in the nfl investigations anymore? did the the ray rice investigation tell us anything other than they blew it from the get-go? what does an investigation do for us with the nfl? it makes them look like they are trying to be impartial. i'm not sure the american public is buying it. >> yeah. and i think the nfl already has a bit of a credibility issue after the ray rice incident so, they are really, i don't think they are convincing anybody. chip and liz, stay with us, we're going to bring you right back. straight ahead, what are investigators actually looking for like liz just mentioned? and could it impact the super bowl bound patriots? "on the record" investigate that up next. plus remember that modern day bonnie and clyde a pair of teenagers going on a crime spree across the south. tonight, you will hear from them for the very first time right here "on the record." g on ranches. just a ram 1500 ecodiesel that gets
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the only thing can i tell you for years it has been clear that there is no risk that i was going to take tom brady's job as
4:43 pm
quarterback of the new england patriots i can tell you today there is no risk of him taking my job either. >> developing now even the white house getting involved with the deflate gate drama. and with just nine days until the super bowl, just how big a deal is this for the new england deflateriots. is the news that the nfl is hiring investigators trouble? sports director chip carter and fox los angeles sports director liz a would he be beiber. liz, i'm going to go to you first on this. you were talking before the break about what investigators are specifically going to look for. and i look back, ray rice it seemed, they hired robert muriel former head of the fbi to conduct the investigation. how is this investigation in your opinion, different? >> it's a breach of rules in the nfl. but it's not a serious social issue.
4:44 pm
it may be cheating. not as serious. you don't have that public outcry. this is the patriots are cheaters we have known it all along. they have done it before and look they have never stopped doing. this now investigate see what they did. given us a hint. 11 of the 12 footballs they used in the championship game were deflated and when the refs checked them pregame like the ref is do they weren't deflated. they were fine. now we know there is a problem. that's as far as we have gotten. they have hired outside guys to make it look like they are really going to give investigation. who did it. >> who do you think did it? i'm going to ask both of you. >> the ball boys according to tom brady. >> ball boys always the fall guy, right? the cold of this whole plot twist. who do you think did it? chip go. >> tom brady did it. >> it's yeah. that's true, brady and the equipment manager. they met and got together and took two pounds out of 11 footballs and eventually it wouldn't surprise me see
4:45 pm
the manager fall on the sword or gets a very good car upgrade and driving a land rover. >> liz the equipment coach is going to take the fall? >> the ball boy is fired and he is out and taking the fall. everyone i have talked to, professional athletes and specifically quarterbacks. quarterbacks they are the ones who want their balls inflated or deflated a certain way. that's where it comes from. it's not the coaches. not the receivers nobody. the quarterback. >> but you said you think it was brady. i mean liz, you said brady but you said maybe the equipment coach. >> well,. >> that's the bottom line it is. >> liz first and then i will go back to you. >> tom brady is responsible for this. tom brady determines how he wants these footballs. aaron rogers made it clear they determine how they want those balls. no ball boy is changing some football on his own to give tom brady an advantage. can you imagine what brady would do to the guy if there was something wrong with his ball the ball boy just does it it brady says oh, you heard him yesterday, it's funny you compare this to
4:46 pm
politics because it's politicking all the way in the nfl. he says i pick out the balls i want, footballs i want and i don't want anyone to touch them they are perfect like that, wink wink, nod nod to the guy who knows how to make them perfect. >> i'm probably going to get jinxed for this but liz said it, it was very, chip clintonian, i did not have physical relations with those balls? i mean everyone is sitting there going really? maybe you didn't but who did you talk to to fondle them? go ahead. >> well, that's why andrea made a good point earlier about how uncomfortable he looked up there. maybe he was clintontonian and that's why josh earnst was making the joke about it how many interviews has tom brady done his career and this looked like the most uncomfortable thing. you are right. it went too long. there were too many questions. he left too many questions unanswered. in the end, the result is the same, it comes down to tom brady and his denying it quarterbacks going way back to fran tar tap.
4:47 pm
>> oh you but he is so cute. i'm just kidding. no, i'm not. thanks guys. get ready the biggest snow storm of the year dumping snow, sleet and rain across america.ed f a fox weather alert up next. make on-budget happen. make presentations happen. staples. make more happen. ♪ music ♪ ...the getaway vehicle!
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this is a fox news alert. the biggest storm of the year is making its way across the country. and may dump rain, snow, and sleet all the way up and down the east coast. so what does it mean for you? fox meteorologist scott williams is tracking the storm's path. scott? >> well, good friday evening to you andrea. he yes, we are looking at a nasty nor'easter taking shape right now. look at all of this moisture moving out across parts of the southeast. the gulf of mexico showers and storms right now in florida. but out ahead of it we are looking at heavy rain already in the carolinas,
4:52 pm
around the ohio river valley they are looking at snow. and it is moving rapidly up the i-59 corridor. take a look at the numerous winter weather advisories in purple. the pink shaded color those are winter storm warnings. so we are looking at plowable snow in some locations. so, look at the timing. by 9:00 it's moving toward philadelphia. temperatures are going to be marginal but take a look at new york city. it arrives on your door steps by about midnight and thereafter. temperatures right around freezing. so we are looking at accumulating snowfall along i-95 and all the way toward new england. during midday we get a little bit of a lull in the action, but on the back end, some colder air that will bring more snow towards sections of new york as well as boston and temperatures will be dropping. like at the time line as we watch things crarch up over the next several hours during the day tomorrow mainly rain along the coast the heaviest snow that's going to be north and west of the new york city area moving towards southern sections of new england.
4:53 pm
so here is that fox weather alert. we are looking at marginal temperatures. philadelphia saturday 2 to 4 inches of snow for you. what about new york city? we are looking at a rain and snow mix. temperatures will be marginal as well, likely 3 to 5 inches, more amounts north and west with of manhattan. as we take a look at the boston area, we're looking at snow and sleet. temperatures in the low 30's, 4 to 8 inches for you. but, we're looking at a clipper out of the midwest through sections of the great lakes right back toward philadelphia, washington d.c., this will likely move to the south of the new york city but it could snarl traffic as we move into that monday morning rush are and artic invasion, andrea is going to head southward as we move into early next week. back to you. >> all right. everyone is going to get their eggs, their bread their milk. >> exactly. >> i don't know why people get eggs bread and milk. is everyone making french
4:54 pm
toast. >> french toast exactly. >> thanks, scott. now to the latest story in the teenaged bonnie and clyde saga. 18-year-old dalton hayes pleading not guilty to eight charges including burglary and second degree rape. now the lawless lover explaining from his jail cell how he ended up taking his 13-year-old girlfriend on an alleged multi-state crime spree. >> she told me she had a -- all that good stuff. she said i'm 18 i'm not lying to you. i said all right. she had fake ids she showed me. she had job stuff she showed me. >> sorry we didn't have a translator for that the teens are now now back in kentucky. they burglarized homes cashed falsified checks and stole multiple vehicles across the south. hayes is being held on $250,000 cash bail. and coming up, a dramatic rescue over the open ocean and all of it caught on camera. that's next.
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get ready to speed read to the news. first, to scotland where dramatic coast guard rescue is caught on camera. five fishermen pulled out one by one out of the freezing water as their 75-foot boat sinks into the sea. all five men were saved before the boat went under and three were hospitalized with hypothermia. divers entering the fuselage of the downed airasia jetliner for the first time. divers say they saw bodies there but the search and rescue mission was hampered by cables and other debris. airasia flight 8501 crashed into the java sea last month. 162 passengers were on board. jennifer kesse is back in the news. the orlando florida police department releasing this age progressed photo that shows what kesse might look like today. the missing woman disappeared nine years ago and police still haven't figured out what led to her disappearance. thanks for being with us tonight. greta is back on the record monday at 7:00. join me next week on out numbered weekdays at noon.
5:00 pm
have a great night and weekend, everyone. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i just want to get the bad guys if i can't see them, i can't shoot them. >> the attacks continue on the movie american sniper. many of them coming from the internet. tonight a factor investigation. how you are being deceived in cyberspace. as the muslim world devolves into chaos there are some followers of islam trying to help americans one of them save the life of marcus lutttrell. now he wants asylum in the u.s.a. we have a special report. >> i love going all natural. >> also ahead much of the country will not see this racey super bowl ad but we have


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