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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 27, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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don't tell me the nfl can't pay taxes. that has al sharpton written all over it. that's my "off the record" comment tonight. thanks for being with us. good night from washington. see you tomorrow. "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> i can go in cognito. i'm going to jump into this race. incognito for me mean nos makeup. >> it can't be met because met ran and failed. he failed. >> the presidential race off to a very early and flamboyant start. tonight we'll analyze the contenders, and charles krauthammer will make a prediction. michael moore now bringing jesus into the "american sniper" debate. very disturbing. we'll tell you what's going on. also ahead, is it legal for a minnesota school district spending thousands of taxpayers'
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dollars attending white privileged seminars. caution, you are about to enter the no-spin zone. we begin right now. hi i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for being with us tonight. apparently mother nature does not watch tv. the mayor of new york city shut the city down last night but the big snow didn't show up. some people delight in mocking us city slickers but consider this. there are about 17 million people in the new york city area. wyoming is beautiful, love the state, but you guys can handle the snow we cannot. jesse waters was out in it. he'll report later on. the talking points memo this
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evening, the presidential race is on very early this time around. nine republicans showed up to present themselves. mitt romney jeb bush, rand paul were not there but they started an intense psych chl is liable to be exhausting before it is all over. early polling really doesn't matter because some of the gop hopefuls are not all that well known yet. remember the rise of barack obama. but wisconsin governor scott walker recently caught a break. >> scott walker has the blueprint for winning and winning consistently and winning big in a blue state with conservative principles that are offered with absolutely no excuses. >> rush limbaugh's positive word gives him momentum. he generally defeated the far
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left at every turn. scott walker will have to go up against populous folks like chris christie and ben carson who speak directly to the voters. but walker and fellow governors perry and kay sich have very positive stories to tell. senator rand paul has remain add mystery to me. we've asked him on the show a number of times. he always declines. why, i don't know. it may have to do with his foreign policy outlook. senator marco rubio seems to have a bit moreomentum as he espouses conservative principles from a minority viewpoint. mr. rubio can certainly launch a vibrant campaign. that might put him up against his former mentor jeb bush who will run as a moderate republican. jeb bush best known republican able to raise a lot of money, the former governor of massachusetts will run as an economic stimulator but his
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road will not be easy. other folks like sarah palin and donald trump certainly liven up the proceeding. all in all the race is already interesting and that's a good thing. charles krauthammer will make a prediction later on. that's a memo. here from new york city monica crowley and from washington kirsten powers. monica, who you do think is a threat to mrs. clinton? it can be more than one person but who do you think is a threat? >> same person that it's been for a long time and that's jeb bush. first of all, he does have a record he has accomplishments, he's well liked he's willing to buck hirç parties. he has the bush name obviously but she has a clinton name. so to a certain extent i think that would be a wash but questionable because i don't think the bush name is quite as
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toxic as it used to be. >> what about the governor being very articulate in wisconsin. it looks like he has momentum. >> yeah, definitely. and he's extremely popular among republicans. he's not as well known nationally, so you have to see how someone like that will play on the national field. he's someone who i think would certainly be a good second choice to people who may be behind somebody like a jeb bush or if mitt romney got back in the race behind a mitt romney. i think he's in a good position. >> what about mitt romney? >> mitt romney has certainly got money, he's got establishment. he can certainly pour a lot of money into his own race. money wouldn't be a problem. the problem with romney as it is with jeb bush there's no compelling reason for their candidacy beyond let me try one more time. >> what about their economic viewpoint of jobs. >> yes.
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romney is a superb turn aunt artist in the private sector but if it didn't work for him last time, i'm not sure it's going to play again. >> how about marco rubio? >> marco rubio seems to be having a moment in the sun. >> marc's in florida, he should have the sun around him. >> both are well deserved. rubio is young he's dynamic, he's a conservative jfk type for the 21st century he is latino. he has some work to do i think with the base in terms of his immigration proposal. but he's gone very far in repairing that damage. >> whatever republican runs is going to have to be lenient on immigration because they need a hispanic vote. that's crucial. >> lenient is the wrong word because you're dealing with a law and order issue with a law and order party. >> maybe you can be open minded.
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we're talking general election. remember, the theme is who's a threat to hillary clinton, not who's going to stoke up the base. you have to get through. you have to get through. there's a lot of people now. what about ben carson? carson came across in iowa very well, very smart, very articulate. nobody can question that. honest i don't think anybody can question that. what do you see in dr. carson, kirsten? >> he's extremely accomplished. there's no question he's one of the best surgeons in the world. i'm always skeptical with nonpoliticians running for president. >> it's tough it's an intense process. if you haven't been through it before, it usually doesn't go very well wes clark is an example of that. >> i see ben carson as a v.p. he's a v.p. candidate. what about chris christie? >> i grew up in new jersey so i know chris christie very well.
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he's among the candidates along with romney and bush. i think he's lost a little bit of establishment among the donor class. >> why? >> the bridgegate. this is why it made his iowa appearance this weekend so necessary and important because he's got to move sort of beyond the establishment to the conservative base, and i think he -- >> he's a very good campaigner. >> but he doesn't translate to other parts of the country. >> finally the other guy i want to talk about is rick perry from texas, a fabulous economic story to tell. didn't do so fabulous last time around. do you see him as a threat to hillary clinton, kirsten? >> no i don't. >> why? >> he's a likeable person he's obviously done some good things in texas, but i didn't -- the last time around, i didn't find him to be that compelling of a candidate and i don't know why he would be that radically
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different this time around. >> he and kasich from ohio have the two best economic stories to tell americans. >> but they have to be able to tell the story. >> that's right. and to kirsten's point remember running for president these days is an "american idol." you have to be charismatic and connect with ordinary voters. >> very good ladies. next on the rundown, michael moore referring to jesus in the "american sniper. and the army will charge bowe bergdahl with desertion. we'll get up to that.
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supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. michael moore keeps the attacks going on the american sniper, both the movie and the
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man the late chris kyle. now moore is bringing in jesus. the vatican objected to u.s. and coalition forces to remove saddam hussein. the archbishop calls it a crime against peace. moore latched onto that. he wouldn't have have put them in harms way in the first place because he wouldn't have have sent them. but what would jesus do if he could be a sniper and save soldiers' lives by shooting salve advantages in the back? oh, i know what he'd do. hide on top of a roof and shoot people in the back. what are your thoughts about bringing jesus into this debate? >> you know, jesus has no place in this debate, okay? i think if jesus were commenting on it i hardly think he would
5:14 pm
be defaming a good soldier who went out in a country and defended people in a foreign land at the risk of his own life. i don't think he'd be doing that. furthermore, i think once mr. moore brings in jesus, he's trying to wage an old battle. michael moore is still interested in litigating the iraq war. that's not what this is about. the film is about what everyday soldiers bring back with them, the wounds they carry. and we should all be thankful for their willingness to take these wounds physical and otherwise -- >> i think it was very cheap -- i think it was very cheap to run down chris kyle by using jesus and i think jesus is appalled at that. that's just my opinion. >> you wrote about him. you would know. >> the vatican and the catholic church are or moore's side about the iraq war, that's a fact. however, the individual participqn,mje)q ar on the
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coalition and american side were not condemned by the vatican. in fact, there is the doctrine of just war. >> correct. >> explain that. >> well, the just war is just simply a list of conditions that a party must meet to be considered for a conflict to be considered a just war. let me back up for a moment. though the pope at the tom, pope john paul ii was opposed to this invasion in iraq -- and look bill. there were a lot of people opposed on both sides and others on the left. but the fact is it is up to the authority to make the judgment. the pope is not the global minister of war. the church teaches it's up to the authorities who have information that no one else has, not even the public, not even the pope. it's up to them to make those calls. appropriate authority made this decision including our current secretary of state john kerry. >> it was votened pped on.
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he's attacking chris kyle on his more reality. moore sees it as these guys are freedom fighters. savage doesn't even come close to what these guys were doing al qaeda in mess oheopotamia and the ba'athists. i'm a little sorry that the catholic church has. defined it clearer. >> you mean the just war theory? >> yes, yes. >> this is a thumbnail. you have to have a grave and present threat. the use of force has to not bring on a greater evil than you're trying to combat. you know this is the basic parameter. but, again bill why is michael moore trying to blame a soldier, a single soldier for a policy.
5:17 pm
his war, his battle michael moore's, that is, is with george bush and members of congress who voted for this. >> warmoore makes it personal. he believes anybody who participated in that is immoral, especially a guy like kyle who is proud of what he did over there and that just wrangles moore. >> we should all be proud of him. >> thank you, mr. arroyo. the investigation has found sergeant bowe bergdahl deserted his unit. we'll have a follow-up for you. and thoughts on if hillary clinton could win. those reports after these messages. ing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until...
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last night on the factor
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lieutenant colonel tony shaffer told us that the army has decided to charge sergeant bowe bergdahl with desergs and his civilian lawyer has received some advanced heads-up on that. today the army denied it. >> no decision has been made with respect to the case of sergeant bergdahl none and there is no time line to make that decision, and the general is not being put under any pressure to make a decision. >> he is by me but i guess they don't counseled that. we invited admiral kirby on "the factor" and we're hoping he comes tomorrow. lieutenant shaffer, you're here again. he concluded he deserted his
5:22 pm
unit in afghanistan. do you stand by that? >> i stand by all of those facts. plus, bill f you look at what kirby said they don't define what i said in the report. they're being very careful how they parse their words and i think there's reason why. i do stand by the fact that my understanding is that bergdahl's lawyer has been given a statement of charges, a charge sheet that says this is what to expect and we're coming. now, a decision was made. has it been formally announced? no, probably not. i note in admiral kirby's comments and in a statement to the times today there's no time limit on this decision. the other comment kirby said there's no pressure. of course, the moment you say that, there's pressure. the fact that they did say that is almost more compelling than what they said in their denial. >> all right. but the fact remains that the army is calling you a liar.
5:23 pm
that's what they're essentially doing. >> yes. >> i might point out it's not only you but after your report, nbc news confirmed that this was the case, what colonel shaffer told us. >> yes, sir. >> he told us first. then nbc news confirmed from another source that it was true too. it's not just you. but they're calling you a liar. if what you tell us turns out to be accurate, it's going to look so bad and be you know impossible for them. >> bill i challenge you to ask kirby the hard questions regarding the statement of charges and the other interactions regarding the white house. the other thing i recommend is bring sergeant bergdahl and his lawyer on. when one was accused of being charged with killing in iraq he went on "60 minutes." >> we'll try to get everybody
5:24 pm
in but they'll say the investigation is ongoing and we can't do this we can't do that. the fact remains the data was all assembled in october. they had all their investigations. nobody in the field doing any interviews, okay? it's all done. it's not going to challenge. mill -- change. milly's had them for three months. boom, boom, boom, boom. you say it's political the white house doesn't want this out. you say rhodes and the national army says don't put it out, don't put it out. it's a mess and somebody's going to look bad. >> bill, look at what their own statement says. there's no time limit. they're telegraphing to you they're going drag this out. >> i think the pressure is going
5:25 pm
to build and build and build. >> all right, colonel. from a personal viewpoint, i hope you're right. you're a nice guy, you've served us well. i don't want our armed forces to look bad. >> we need accountability. >> we're in this for the truth and we hope admiral kirby comes on. we ask the folks if they think folkglobal warming is bringing on the bad weather. and also a student beating a teacher. we hope you stay tuned for those reports. music: melodic, calm music. hi this is conor. sorry i missed you. i'm either away from my desk or on another call... ... please leave a message and i'll get back to you... ... just as soon as i'm available. thank you for your patience at this busy time. join us for stargazing with discovery at sea.
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"personal story "segment, we continue our story. did you know that there are certain people who have situations in their past. two guys who are actually standup comics. >> i have a few questions. it's a rhetorical thing but don't yell it out. why is it necessary to label one of those chickens a young chicken? it's like i don't feel bad enough eating something that was once a living eating breathing thing. now i have to feel twice as bad knowing it was killed at the prime of its life. why don't they kill it the rest of the way.
5:30 pm
bobby the chicken, beloved son frank doll, the untimely decapitation. >> certain things make me think when you walk down the street, you know you start to wave, laugh at them. [ inaudible ] >> all right. here now are kill meade and colmes. >> you never change. you have the same hair and dopey expression. >> thank you. >> if you can sing you sing right? but to tell jokes and win the audience over and all that how long did you do it? >> i did it from 1990 to about '96, '97. i got the job at fox news and getting up at 2:30 in the morning after doing standup at
5:31 pm
10:30, and getting permission to do it, my wife wanted children and insisted me hanging around. >> you went right from that to standup? >> yeah. said at night -- who can help me in memorizing create a stage presence. so i thought i could try and do it. try on the side. never wanted to be a professional comedian. thought i could learn to be a better host if i could ad-lib and -- >> that was your bit about the chicken and the resume, right? >> all me. >> how about you? you did standup in new york? >> new york. >> how long? >> 15 years. >> started when you were 8 years old? >> yeah. i mean it was something i loved making audiences laugh. the business itself is very tough but my radio career took off and broadcasting can consume you. >> you were out there for 15 years. you know raymond. >> that's right.
5:32 pm
>> he was a friend of yours on the circuit. >> seinfeld, paul leaf e, chris rock, bill maer even dennis miller who's on your show. >> did you hang with them or did they shun you? >> they occasionally tossed me a quarter. >> did you think you were going to make it in standup? >> i never thought that. i my passion was my radio career and then i got into the broadcasting thing. >> when you went to college -- where did you go? >> lodi you vernts. >> what give you the guts to g on stage to do it? >> actually i found it was one of the more easier things to do. i always felt i was funny. i didn't care if you laughed or not. i had to do it in a way that was a concise move.
5:33 pm
i thought i want to be funnier in today be a better broadcaster. i felt if the prompter goes down and i have to do an interview or things go crazy, i want to be able to challenge myself. also when you send out resumes you wait. on stand-up, you can go up every night. >> they don't pay you. >> especially in new york. >> you get cab fair like 10, 15 bucks. >> i'm making a little more now. >> see, it's working. the material still works. but you've got to go up every single night or you don't maintain your timing and sense of ability to do it. you have to go up night after night after night. >> sometimes you have bad nights and you don't do well. >> always. >> so when they're heckling you -- in new york, it's a tough town. if you're not funny, they'll throw something at you. >> the worst audience is prom audience. >> prom. >> prom night. >> did you do bar mitzvahs?
5:34 pm
>> and i did balloon animals. >> valerie harper, her mom was sick, we went into an area of the hospital and did it for free. during the day you can go to the hospital and try to make people feel better. i did that. i saw the piano, knew i couldn't do that so i talked. >> when i go out with miller, i don't tell jokes but i tell stories about what happens behind the scenes some of when barack obama andry doing an interview, what happens before what happens after. you know some of it's pretty -- but i'm not going for laughs. >> but you're reacting to the room. >> and, of course, miller who's a very good standup organization know h's very professional. i watch him. but sometimes miller would have a bad night. but miller would just tell the audience f.u. he doesn't care. >> and when you get really
5:35 pm
famous, it doesn't matter. >> hostile audiences has really helped me here. >> all right. but you've got new glasses and you're looking good. >> thank you so much. >> there they are. tomorrow night one of the fox news stars was a former airline hostess. we'll be right back. is it ig legal? yet another attack on a student by a teacher. "legal" is next. they challenge us. they take us to worlds full of heroes and titans. for respawn, building the best interactive entertainment begins with the cloud. this is "titanfall," the first multi-player game built and run on microsoft azure. empowering gamers around the world to interact in ways they never thought possible. this cloud turns data into excitement. this is the microsoft cloud.
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thanking for being with us. apparently they spent more than 1 million taxpayer dollars on travel to various conferences including two white privilege expositions. here with us, is it legal to use that muchç educational money to run around stupid stuff? >> yes it is. >> it is? >> because they're discretionary funds. in fact, there are two in minnesota that are set aside for compliance with textbooks or updating your buildings or something. >> a million dollars? ifically -- get it out
5:40 pm
there, lis. $60,000 with two conferences having to do with white privilege. >> but this money could be used to go to the students. these people are running around all over the place. the white privilege conferences were madison wisconsin? >> the problem is this is such an abuse of discretionary funds so there has to be an accounting accounting. even though they did that, it is legal. you can't throw them out of their jobs, which would be nice. >> here's the headline. they had an iowa professor who said the white privilege in america isn't o'reilly. do you know who it is? >> obama? >> that's right. this nut, this loon said
5:41 pm
president obama. they paid $60,000. >> and clarence thomas. >> you understand why we go after him. unbelievable. another troubled school situation in paterson, new jersey, very touch town. jen kennedy high school. 62-year-old physics teacher takes a cell phone away from a kid who was misusing it in class. roll tape. >> it shows a high school student grabbing and slamming a 62-year-old teacher to the ground. the incident took place inside a classroom on monday. the reason for the attack, the teacher took the student's cell phone away. the school launch and investigation and filed a complaint with the police. the teen was arrested at his home on friday. besides facing criminal charges he faces suspension from school. details have not been released. >> we count find out the condition. this was a freshman. a freshman. big kid. >> it's very upsetting. 16 years old, big kid, and the bottom line is the kid's
5:42 pm
obviously been suspended. they're going to decide what to do with him. he's going to have to go to another school for the rest of the year. a teacher is so afraid, the teacher didn't even defend himself. the kid will be tried as an adult. if he is three to five years. if he's tried as a ju i have prapgs detention. >> right. i would try him as an adult. if you're a 16-year-old freshman that alone tells you what's going on there. and if you're brazen enough to attack a teacher, he's got to be tried as an adult. he's right. the principal of the school said why didn't the kids intervene. >> that was upsetting. >> it's the sign of the times. >> they recorded it. >> meanwhile he's being home schooled. here's something worse than that. we're going to take you to arizona where an illegal alien is found guilty of burglary. there he is. they let him out on bail wiehl. and what does he do?
5:43 pm
>> this was in 2013. he pled guilty on a felony. he should have been out of there. no, he got this $10,000 bail. he goes into this drugstore, q.t. store. he goes back in twice. january 9th he goes in and is cited for harassment. they had another chance to get him out of the country. they didn't do anything. he goes back in. tries to buy cigarettes. ends up shooting the clerk dead. there he is. >> how could an illegal alien with a felony conviction get bail? how is that possible? >> this is the problem. first of all some of the bail schedules need to be addressed. why is someone who's proven to be a recidivist someone who's a convict, charges allowed to -- he shouldn't be in the country, per period and then he's here and he commits a felony, he's convicted, and they let him out
5:44 pm
again. >> it's outrageous. >> pending the deportation procedures. >> they let go of the couple. you know america has got to stop this because this 21-year-old kid, a clerk in a store, is dead. >> working hard handed the guy the cigarettes he shot him and killed him anyway. he's looking at the death penalty anyway. >> makes me furious. >> awful. all right, ladies. thank you. krauthammer on deck whochl does he feel is the likely one to run against hillary clinton? we'll find out after these messages. push your enterprise and you can move the world. ♪ ♪ but to get from the old way to the new you'll need the right it infrastructure. from a partner who knows how to make your enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move
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"back of the book" segment
5:48 pm
tonight. presidential politics very early this time around as we told you. joining us from washington, one of the most perceptive observers, chart krauthammer author of the big book "things that matter." before we get to your predictions who's going to get the nomination, as mention governor scott walker got a big boost when rush limbaugh complemented him. does that change things for walker? >> it does but the speech changed. the speech he made in iowa, look there are those running for the presidency and there are those -- this is a very big field -- who are either running for number two or a fox show. of course, if you run on the democratic side you're running for an msnbc show like al sharpton. that's the consolation prize. but the ones who are serious are the ones who impress audiences, and i think rush is a very good reflection of the republican
5:49 pm
constituents. he's a perceptive guy, and i think scott walker is getting up there to the top tier. >> when you see big names like romney and bush they all have deficits because they are big names and because people do know them and they're associated with a loss, romney and then his brother, bush and his father. that almost seems like a very tough mountain to overcome. >> for romney, i think it's a mountain heç can't overcome. i'm not sure he runs. perhaps he does, but it's a mistake. for bush, of course he's known but it's simply the unfortunate fact of his last name. if he had a different last name, he would be perceived totally differently. it reminds me of when teddy kennedy ran for john kennedy's seat in 1962 and kennedy's opponent. and he was a pretty
5:50 pm
undistinguished guy at this point, ted kennedy. he had barely made the age requirement for senate. his name was edward moore kennedy. they said if his name were edward moore his candidacy could be a joke. you can be helped by your last name or hurt. for bush, he'd certainly be hurt by it. >> his father was revered but it wu the economy that did him in for a second term, and his brother is coming up in the popular opinion polls right now as usually happens to presidents who presidents who come under trouble. you feel the bush name is what tired? people are just tired of it? >> look, it's as if he needs to defend the record of george w. i think it's a defensible one. but it adds a burden onto him that he wouldn't have if his name was jeb smith. he benefits from the network from the donors and all that, i don't deny that.
5:51 pm
and they might even equal out. but if you're going to the polls and you're going to look at clinton against a bush, you're going to have a sense that this is old, even though jeb is not old. he hasn't been out there in the presidential arena and he had a very good record as the governor of florida. >> and then the governors all, i mean perry had very good economic record in texas, walker is mentioned well in wisconsin. you've got three very strong guys. >> and christie. >> but christie is different, though. because that state is running a big deficit now. so it's not as clear-cut there in new jersey as it is in the other three that i mentioned. now, let's get on to the senators. cruz, too connserveativeconservative? >> well, to my taste what he's done he's a very good
5:52 pm
rhetorician. i would argue his stand with attitude i have to make a stand on x has hurt the republicans. particularly the shutdown in 2013. he is one of the best articulators of conservatism and that, of course, is a plus. i just have the sense that this time around, the fact that he is that new, and has not had a lot of accomplishments, will probably hurt him. and that he might have a better chance in another cycle. >> rand paul? >> rand paul, i think has been hurt by the fact that the war on terror which some of us or the president himself had imagined had disappeared, was over, had been won or whatever is simply not over and we know -- and he's running as essentially the most isolationist as the group. and that i think is not going to fly. >> finally, senator marco rubio
5:53 pm
who i believe is your prediction. >> not precisely. the question we were asked was if you had $100 and you went to vegas, how would you split your money. and i said $40 on rubio $30 on bush, $15 on walker, and the rest on booze. now, the rubio thing is because he's something of a long shot. i think the same chance roughly as jeb, but the odds on rubio are about 5 1/2 to 1. jeb is about 2 to 1. if you want to clean up in vegas, you go with the long shot. >> only $15 on booze would just get you one little drink there in most of the casinos there charles. we appreciate you coming on tonight. jesse waters, the big snow and global warming. the tip moments away.
5:54 pm
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watders in the snow in a moment. despite the controversy with dish tv, which has been settled we were actually up in january from year-to-year. and a dominant number one in cable news as usual. we know it is you guys that make that possible. and i don't thank you enough. your loyalty over the past 18 years has simply been stunning. also continuing killingç patton, approaching $2 million in sales. get it free by signing up or reading up bill o' a great poll about american sniper. check it out. the tip of the day. an abbreviated watters world the big snow missed new york city. but watters was out in the little snow, asking the folks if global warming is involved. >> winter storm juneau, probably the big one of the year.
5:57 pm
>> 31.3 inches for new york city. >> winter storm juneau. more like juneau big deal. >> exactly. >> do you think new york is a little soft? >> they were stripping supermarket shelves like there would be an apocalypse. >> did you know no two snowflakes are the stam same? >> we get this in april and may sometimes in chicago. >> it ruined my wedding day because he shut down everything today. i was in a sheer panic and had to get everything done yesterday, including a waiver from a judge. >> de blasio, i think he did a good job. cleaned up the city. people are safe, no one got hurt. >> that's one thing de blasio has done well so far. >> i've got to agree with you. >> i think we found the shovel-ready jobs obama was talking about. >> they get paid either way whether they're right or wrong. >> they always make mistakes. >> these weather guys really
5:58 pm
botched it. do you think they should dock their pay? >> no, no. i think they prepared us. no, i have a stocked fridge for the rest of the week. >> if it is not one of the top blizzards, it will come awfully close. over 60 million people will be devastated by this storm. >> do you hold al roker personally responsible? >> absolutely al. you have explaining to do buddy. >> i love al roker, to be honest. >> do you think tom brady deflatd the snow? do you believe in global warming? >> i'm freezing right now, so i don't know. >> is there a climate change when there's a lot of snow? >> yes. >> would it also be climate change if there was no snow? >> yes. >> it's climate change either way? >> there's change. >> is your name elsa or anna? >> neither. >> we have to cut our c02 emissions. >> why don't you stop driving then. >> because i love my suv.
5:59 pm
good to be american. >> if we can't predict the weather in 24 hours do you think we can predict the climate in 24 years? >> you guys? no. >> direct hit. >> he can come in now. he's been out there for 12 hours. and that is it for us tonight. check out the website which is different from bill o' we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. o'reilly@fox here's a word for you. and all the people mad about the forecast or anything else, mad as hell at fox we want to hear your angst. ingannation. miss meghan is next.
6:00 pm
i am bill o'reilly. please remember, the spin stops right here, because we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight, a big gun in the intel community turns on the president's battle plan in the war on terror. declaring, quote, you cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists. good evening, and welcome to "the kelly file." i'm meghan kelly. michael flynn is the former head of the defense intelligence agency. the dia. a brother to the cia. just retired and now sounding off. "the daily beast" is detailing how he told a washington conference just yesterday that this administration is unwilling to admit the scope of islamic extremism, and calling our approach well intentioned, but paralyzing for the people trying to help win this fight. he did not hold back.