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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 4, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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one powerful luncheon hearing so many inspirational stories. so thank you to both groups for hosting me. it was my honor and pleasure. and thank you for being part of the "real story" today. now let's go live to amman, jordan. >> thanks, it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 10:00 p.m. now here in amman jordan, where the people in the streets this morning calling for blood and revenge in the wake of the killing of the jordanian hero pilot who had been a hostage and is now murdered. how far will the military actually go? and what about the other hostages still in the hands of isis? let's get to it. now shepard smith reporting live in amman jordan. >> and what a day it has been here. so many in shock as we were in new york yesterday afternoon at just about this time. going into the afternoon and we had looked at the videotape the
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23-minute video of the burning alive of an innocent man, a jordanian pilot who had gone down in the desert who had been taken as an isis hostage and was burned in that cage for all the world to see. does this change the game? knowing that here in amman and across the kingdom that people were and still are divided about whether this is jordan's fight to bear. whether soldiers and pilots should be in this fight against the islamic state. overwhelmingly here, the sentiment seems to be these people are not of islam. isis is a bunch of terrorists. isis must be stopped. but the question is how far does their jordanian military go? how much support will the king get from his people? if the protests today are any indication, at least in the early going he's gotten a lot of support. and we have lots of video in from those protests, which were underway really across the kingdom this morning.
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we've -- our views and our colleagues have been out speaking to people who live here. is this enough? does this mean it's time to move forward? well, we didn't have a lot of time after arriving at the airport three hours ago. but decided to go to some of the mostly very quiet streets of amman today. so many have taken the day off in mourning in support of the king and the military and especially the family of the martyred jordanian pilot. but some did come to what the locals call one of the best shops around right around circle number two here in amman to talk about what happened. and to think about the future. i spoke with two men i'm going to share with you. one living in jordan and has for years but is iraqi. >> they are terrorists. >> and jordan, with jordanian people will unite behind the king in this effort? >> i think so, yeah.
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>> people leave wrong things about islam. islam not like this. not in the religion of killing or burning things. it is the religion forgiving people. forgiving people. for mercy. >> so jordanians will be united now in this fight against isis? >> absolutely. absolutely. they will be united together. men, women and everybody here. muslims, christians, everyone will be together for this problem. >> it certainly is the thinking now. the day after they were so shocked to see their fellow jordanian murdered in a brutal and violent way. is that how it will play off in the days and weeks to come? we'll get into the details of all of that. but, of course, they were out asking for revenge today and began with first light today here in amman when they assassinated two hostages or killed two hostages isis
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hostages who had been held here. one of them, of course, the one the islamic state called their hero bomber. an iraqi woman who had been held captive, she had tried to strike here in jordan, her suicide vest did not explode, she was captured, held, isis wanted to exchange her for another prisoner. instead, isis murdered the one they would exchange and today jordan did the same for this woman. another who was with her also killed this morning, and that was met with approval with those we spoke with today and certainly those with whom our colleagues spoke throughout the day. king abdullah met with president obama with the white house and flew back to the kingdom, arrived to cheers at the airport today. he cut his trip short. there had been a divide over whether jordan would continue in this fight. the question is, will the pilot's murder tip the scales one way or another? we're just finding out that one arab ally already left this coalition. several senior officials do confirm to fox news that the
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united arab emirates stopped flying bombing missions well back in december. we'll have much more on that from the pentagon in a few minutes when we go to our correspondent jennifer griffin. the question is what will happen here? so many rumors. everyone i spoke with today has said there are rumors that will move forward. rumors that the military is gathering. covering the middle east for us, normally based in israel and over here covering this conflict for years on end. i think it's very much up in the air whether this sentiment will continue and exactly how deep the jordanians will go. do you have a sense of it? >> well, it's interesting, we haven't heard anything from him. he's been in the country now for five or six hours, and it's clear he's talking with leaders, military, tribal leaders from across the country about what is next. in terms of what they can do next, there is a sense that executing the al qaeda-linked hostages are -- prisoners, is probably the first next step. what after that happens in terms of expanding the military role
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that jordan currently plays in this coalition. they already are part of air strikes. they are already part of the intelligence gathering. so what they do next short of a ground invasion, ground troops, which nobody here is calling for, it isn't really clear, shep. >> in the mix here, connor, as is always the case in this kingdom the tribe, the tribes will have a lot of input here. the man killed, jordanian pilot was a prominent member of a prominent family in a very powerful tribe. explain to our viewers how these tribes play here. >> it's important to understand that the tribes are the backbone of the monarchy, really of the government here in jordan. and so they have a huge say. his father and family have called f/dnc revenge. but they haven't said what& of revenge. there's been10szç a lot of talk about crushing isis and making isis shake. but it isn't clear that the tribes wantf'' a ground invasion, a fuller military war with isis. the tribes here while not
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necessarily anti-american are also pro-american. some not hostile, but they're very cautious. very reserved. and they do have ties to the tribes in syria and in iraq which have deep ties to isis and to other militants there. so it's a very interesting dynamic. the tribes will have a huge say about what jordan does next. and it isn't clear what they're encouraging king abdullah to do. >> if you're king abdullah and you've seen this tragedy befall his nation, you now have an opportunity. the number of people who are sympathetic to the cause of stamping out isis has increased if only for a matter of days, weeks or months. we have no way to know. i wonder your thoughts on whether he might use this opportunity to move forward in a way he wouldn't be able to a couple of days ago. >> well watching the media, the thing they've been struck by is how many groups that had not necessarily been hostile or pro-isis are now all hostile and anti-isis right now. i mean there's a lot of groups
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including the muslim brotherhood who are not traditionally seen as -- they're traditionally lumped in with isis. they've come out in strong terms against this murder. and against isis. and that gives the king a lot of leeway to do things he may not have been able to do against isis in part of this coalition against isis that he probably couldn't do a week ago, he may be able to do going forward. >> there's been a lot of speculation about whether the king might meet with the family as well. and if he does that could be a sign. >> definitely. i mean i think just in terms of tribal relations, he's probably going to meet with them in the next probably 24, 36 hours or so. we haven't heard anything. it's important to remember. we hav anything from king abdullah since he spoke via satellite yesterday. we're really the entire region is waiting to see what jordan does. they will send a signal to other countries about really getting into this fight. there's a lot of talk in this entire region about taking on
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isis. but air strikes that are primarily american really aren't taking on isis for the region. it's the region sort of saying, yeah, america, you can launch air strikes, but u.s. wants this region to do more against isis. >> and many in this region want to do more. connor powell, stay with us. it's great to see you in person. is this that opportunity for which the king had been waiting? could this silence be an indication that a lot is happening behind the scenes now. as so many of our sources tell us, it may be possible that the united states along with king abdullah and others are working to develop a stronger coalition. one that might be able to use arab faces and arab voices in this fight. because putting american faces on the ground in such a manner, many analysts suggest might be counterproductive. it is clear for at least for the moment, king abdullah is exercising a lot of power. he said a lot of things that maybe some in the united states even aren't willing to say but will he put his military forward? and how strong will his voice be? might he be able to as connor
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powell just put, just said convince the uae to get involved. i mentioned a few moments ago that the uae stopped with its flights and participation, largely, back in december. but that information just apparently leaked today by u.s. sources. we'll speak with our pentagon correspondent jennifer griffin about that in a few minutes after a commercial break. and in addition we'll have a guest live with us here in amman who is a long time correspondent for the "washington post," says there are a lot of rumblings about real military intervention here not by the united states, but the possibility of that happening here in jordan. we're live in amman in what could be a tipping point might a real coalition form. our live coverage continues after this.
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13 minutes past the hour now, live here in amman jordan. yesterday we got the horrifying video of the murder and burning alive of a jordanian hero. a day later, today we receive word through the reporting of the "new york times" and others that our ally, the united arab emirates stopped its air strikes campaign in the fight against isis. the word came today but it actually happened in december. the uae has not been participating. why? well, the reason the uae is giving. they're saying that the united states didn't position its resources close enough to syria to deal with any sort of aircraft mishap that might happen. in other words, if an aircraft went down the u.s. wouldn't
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have been there and able to help. today, the united states and our military are pushing back on that idea. the uae is 1 of 4 arab nations that carried out air strikes on isis targets. the coalition that the united states led back in september. jennifer griffin is live for us at the pentagon now in washington. does it look like jordan is now going to play a much bigger role in this fight now? or is this talk for the moment? >> well, remember shep, jordan is already hosting u.s. special forces who have set up a base to train iraqi forces as well as anti-assad forces on jordanian soil. one of the first things that king abdullah did was meet with the head of his military. that was his first public appearance. his spokeman said that jordan's response to the death would be earth shaking. he is a cobra helicopter pilot. he studied in england. he headed his country's special forces. u.s. defense officials tell us jordan will be stepping up its
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air strikes in syria in the coming days. the state department would not confirm the uae had halted its combat missions. >> no report was suggesting they suspended their participation in the coalition. and i think that was the point i was trying to make to barbara. >> the military side of this. >> i understand what the point is. but you're all missing the point on what the coalition is about. that was the point i was trying to make to you, barbara. beyond that, no, we're not going to confirm any reports about other countries and their military operations. >> i don't think people should take away from that announcement that the commitment from the countries in the region to this broader coalition has waned in any way. >> multiple u.s. officials confirmed that the uae did halt flying combat missions in december. reports suggest it was because the u.s. did not have enough search and rescue assets positioned close enough in northern iraq, for instance but long time middle east watchers, shep, say the reason might have more to do with domestic public opinion in the uae after that
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jordanian pilot went down. >> the public opinion has soured on this greatly in the united arab emirates. and they kept it a secret out of the coalition as the pentagon would remind us. that is a significant matter. it's significant here on the arab street. now, the jordanians want help from the united states in tying this together, is that right? >> well according to u.s. lawmakers who met with king abdullah before he cut his visit short. asking for aid for the next three years to help with the current refugee crisis. >> in the short-term, he needs help. he intends to push back against isis, but he needs more fuel. he needs more bomb, he needs more equipment. he needs less bureaucratic red tape in washington that slows down getting these supplies to
12:17 pm
him. his frustration was, it takes too long, and it's too bureaucratic. >> a senior u.s. defense official tells fox news that the pentagon will expedite military aid to jordan in keeping with the king's request, shep. >> what's the military community back there saying about this, jennifer? >> well, general mike flynn, the former defense intelligence chief called for an arab nato to deal with what he said can only be described as islamic extremism. >> we have to get the arab nations, the contributing arab nations that keep saying they don't like what's happening. and frankly, if they don't do something about it, it's going to come back to bite them, you know where. we have to help them organize almost a nato-like structure in the arab world to defeat this threat. to defeat this ideology. >> expect for jordan to be flying more over syria in the near future, shep. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thanks very much. the question is, will jordan do more than that?
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could jordan do more than that? the problem from the very beginning has been, well, we were relying on the moderate syrians, remember, and the iraqi army, which we need to stand up, remember? those two things have proved to be very difficult. so is there a jordanian option now? is there so much anger throughout this kingdom that jordanians might actually go along with the thought, at least, with the idea at least, of arab faces, of jordanian troops on the ground in this crucial fight against isis? a "washington post" reporter very well sourced here in amman has been tweeting today, that is at least, something under consideration. he'll join us live here in a moment to talk about that possibility. a new front in the war against isis. is it possible? that's next. ♪ edward jones. with nearly 7 million investors
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back live now, amman, jordan on a chilly wednesday evening where there is a sense that tides may be turning. a week or so ago, there were people marching here in amman asking in unison why are we in this fight against isis? why are our jets flying over? why do they have our hostage? is this our fight? now after the killing of a jordanian hero, some of that sentiment has turned. the question is how far? taylor luck is with us a correspondent for the "washington post," been in jordan for ten years or so, you said. and you sent out a tweet today that was intriguing to all of us. tell us about it. >> well, essentially officials have been refusing to deny escalations coming up in terms of the military involvement of jordan.
12:23 pm
they're all promisinging strong retaliation. essentially jordan and the leaders are beating the drums of war today. >> you tweeted the dispatch of jordanian ground troops to syria is, quote the next logical step after the killing of the pilot. and that was met with protest? >> essentially, these calls are being met with support. don't forget in the video, not only did they execute one of jordan's pilots they listed the names of other pilots. and today the intelligence department has listed the names and satellite photography of their homes offering 100 reward for killing. this is the first time jordanians feel jordan is under threat. finally, for the first time, saying we're threatened and it's not u.s. alone. >> from your reporting here, is
12:24 pm
it your sense that there's a window however small and however short through which the jordanian military and king abdullah can act? >> it's hard to say how long that window will be open. the armed forces are the best trained, best equipped and best prepared for the ground operations. and it was believed if the coalition went into syria or iraq, jordanian officials would be at the helm. this may come sooner rather than later. >> do you have a sense for how jordanian faces on the ground in this conflict would change it? >> it would change the dynamics. that has yet to be answered to. >> it's hard to imagine that would be something they would just accept. >> no, of course not. and of course you know, also here right now we have, you know, a country that as of yesterday was in mourning and in shock. it's now preparing on the eve of a wider war will this pro-war sentiment maintain? will the support for the coalition maintain? only a week ago they were
12:25 pm
calling the coalition cowards and blaming them for the death. will this pro-war sentiment maintain for a longer campaign? >> it seems that the country is sort of expecting to hear from the king tomorrow. he was noticeably absent in the public today. there was some video opportunities, but he hasn't said anything. the thinking is tomorrow morning? >> well, the king did send out indirect statements today. and gathering with the senior military officials, he said that jordan will pursue, quote, a relentless war and said that jordan will hit the islamic state in their own home making indirect reference to the territories that control in syria and iraq. so really it seems he's taking a tough stance and preparing the public for a wider military involvement. whether that's air strikes, ground forces, it's yet to be seen. >> that's something he's neither telegraphing to the people of this kingdom nor to isis itself which is significant. >> of course. of course. and right now, there are two scenarios that are reportedly being discussed. one is surgical operations. using special operation forces. the other is wider support for
12:26 pm
the free syrian army which is right now struggling to maintain the hold. >> which puts the country and coalition in the uncomfortable position of being alongside bashar al assad. >> exactly. how much cooperation will there be if jordan agrees to step in? >> all of this said, it feels like something new has just happened. maybe the islamic state overreached and made a mistake they didn't see coming? >> they made a huge mistake. i think they meant to intimidate the pilots but instead, actually, they went way too far. burning someone alive is against islam. by all islamic tenna -- the most stringent detractors saying we have to do something. >> thank you so much. we'll look for your work at
12:27 pm
maybe, certainly a tipping point. but is it a turning point? it has been so far in sentiment. it has been so far in public opinion. but what will the king say tomorrow? and what will the military do thereafter. our coverage continues from amman, jordan. we'll get to the bottom of the hour and the top of the news after this. your daughter has a brilliant idea for her science project. and you could make it happen. right? wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough in patient treatment that could save thousands of lives. which means you need a diverse team of advisors helping you. from research data analytics all the way to transformation of clinical care. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done.
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a fox report on the search of survivors after today's deadly plane crash in taiwan. lea gabrielle. a worker at a taiwanese tv station captured the dramatic video as the plane turned on its side clipped a bridge and a taxi and crashed into a river. officials there say 26 people died and almost 20 others are still missing. the rescuers did pull more than a dozen people from the water alive, including at least one child. the transasia prop plane left
12:30 pm
the capital, the city of taipei on the way to a western island. the airline reports controllers lost contact with the plane four minutes after takeoff. the flight crew had called out may day three times but investigators say it's not clear what triggered the crash. they say the weather was suitable for flying and the aircraft was less than a year old. rescuers eventually pulled the fuselage and black box from the water. the news continues from amman, jordan after this.
12:31 pm
12:32 pm
topping the news at the bottom of the hour from amman, jordan. the united states faces real dangers from savage terrorism. that from president obama's pick to be the new secretary of defense today during his confirmation hearings up on capitol hill. analysts say ashton carter should breeze through confirmation to replace the outgoing secretary, chuck hagel. a live look at the hearing ashton carter did face tough questions on the white house's strategy. and he vowed to cut through the red tape slowing down the
12:33 pm
delivery of u.s. weapons to jordan. for that, let's get to mike emanuel live on capitol hill for us now. what else did he say about how to help the jordanians in this fight? >> well, shep a coordinator response to help the jordanians is a focus after many national security focus lawmakers met with the king yesterday. short time ago, the chairman of the armed services committee john mccain and the top democrat jack reed released a letter they are sending to john kerry and the outgoing defense secretary chuck hagel. notes jordan has requested aircraft parts, night vision equipment and precision weapons the king believes he needs to secure the border and carry out air missions in syria. earlier, the defense secretary nominee was asked about this issue. >> are you aware of the problems that jordanians are having with acquireing the weapons they need? >> i want to find out what they are and resolve them.
12:34 pm
because we need partners on the ground. to beat isis. >> and carter praised the jordanians for reacting to the isis threat in a way that makes the united states want to help them, shep. >> mike, there's so many other threats in the middle east in addition to isis. and ash carter talks about some of those today? >> he certainly did. and i should note that he is still fielding questions from lawmakers already late this afternoon. but earlier in the day, the top democrat on the panel asked him about specific threats in the middle east. >> do you believe the most immediate threat there to u.s. interest into the region is isil? >> i hesitate to say isil only because in the back of my mind is iran, as well. >> so he noted that there are two substantial threats there in the middle east, isis or isil and, of course, the regime in iran, shep. >> mike emanuel on capitol hill.
12:35 pm
thanks very much. coming up next, our guests will discuss with us how big and broad this fight could become. exactly what input jordan needs from the united states and what the next, what the next developments could be. our guest is colonel from the joint chiefs of staff deputy director for war fighting support, integration, and he is live with us from washington. sir, what do you make of today's development? >> well, shep, i think that, you know, as far as the developments in jordan are concerned, you know, we're clearly entering a new phase. we are looking at a very different war potentially developing between the arab coalition partners on the one hand and isis on the other. so i think it's a game-changing moment just because of the brutal execution -- as far as the ashton carter hearings are concerned, i think we saw the beginnings of a realization that
12:36 pm
the world is a very difficult, dangerous place and it's going to be very hard for the new secretary of defense even an able one like dr. carter to actually handle this. and it's going to be a very different dynamic now. >> colonel one of the concerns expressed by our middle east allies has been that there seems to be a consolidation in the west wing of making decisions about these matters. there's been frustration expressed by the outgoing secretary of defense, there's talk about that today. how does that play into the larger goal and problem here? >> well, i think it plays in the following way, shep. because the pentagon naturally wants to control military operations and make sure it has everything in a basic box that they can understand and deal with, that then rubs against the political imperative that you have on the white house side of things. the white house, the national security team has a reputation for getting involved in the
12:37 pm
minutia of military activities. sometimes they have to do it because of you know, certain political things that are happening and because the president has given them certain direction. but the problem that you run into is that you have people who the allegation is don't have as much experience on the military side working military issues and that frustrates and really hurts the efforts of the pentagon. and that's one of the big concerns that not only the pentagon rank and file have, but permeate up to the upper levels of the defensive establishment. >> yeah. truth be told. that's been a complaint and a problem, if you will, for the pentagon's standpoint for many years. but it's certainly part of our democracy. that's how that balance of power and balance of decision plays itself out. more importantly at the moment at least for the jordanians, they're complaining about a lack of supply. if they were to move forward with the next step would the united states send the supplies in for them? it seems to be, in your words the elephant in the room.
12:38 pm
>> it is the elephant in the room, shep. and the key thing here is that the united states, if they want willing coalition partners they also need to establish the structures that help those coalition partners. if you can't get the spare parts, if you can't get the intelligence, if you can't get the kind of support that coalition partners need to them so they can be effective partners, you risk damaging those coalitions. and i think we saw part of that with the way the united arab emirates reacted to the downing of lieutenant before he was executed. and then you also see their reluctance to fly in those operations and part of the excuse, at least was the search and rescue component of the u.s. wasn't there to help them. that's part of the problem. the other part, of course, is munitions support, intelligence support. those are all critical things and they have to be in place in order for us to have effective coalitions because no one can do those kinds of things like the u.s. and our coalition partners know that.
12:39 pm
>> colonel live with us in washington. thank you very much. >> you bet, shep, any time. >> if our viewers have been watching the marks at all, you know that oil prices have been all over the place after a long slow drop into the 40s and really inexpensive gas prices really across the nation. oil prices went up over the past few days. and went up precipitously. today, well, another turn, jerry willis is live with us back in new york city. and this place enormously into this fight. >> absolutely does. and let me tell you what's been going on. there's been a call by the opec secretary general saying that gas prices oil prices that is, could go up to $200 a barrel. but look for the nymex close today. $48.45, that's down nearly 9% very different from what he's calling for. says this, and take a look at a picture of him. this is the fellow saying that prices could go to $200 a barrel. he believes that the lack of
12:40 pm
reinvestment, the fact that people aren't putting out more oil rigs or investing in new oil fields means there's not going to be production in the future. it'll make it harder, in fact, to have more production in the future. so there's some sense to that, right? we're already seeing some evidence of that here in the u.s. but i think a lot of people here are saying, $200 a barrel? i don't think so. >> yeah, that's exactly the response i would have given. that's quadruple where they are now. i wonder how the markets are taking those words. >> i don't think they're taking them very seriously at all today. i think they're in fact ignoring them. hey, look, here's what the reality here is in the u.s. these prices are low. there are frackers all over this country getting ready, willing and able to pump when they can. and opec which used to control the oil market here in the u.s., think about it opec used to be the all-important general of oil, not so much anymore. there are so many more players now. they've really lost standing in this marketplace. shep? >> clearly have.
12:41 pm
gerri willis we'll look for you at 5:00 eastern on the fox business network. if you don't know where to find it, coming up next, the support that the united states gives jordan and what could the nsa do? our spy agency. there's a problem because we don't have a lot of eyes and ears on the ground in this fight against isis. where's the nsa in the middle of that? that's as our coverage continues live tonight from amman. stay with us.
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12:44 pm
a fox report now on the deadliest train crash in the history of the nation's second busiest commuter railroad. now on the scene of the disaster in new york. it's north of new york city. a jam packed rush hour train slammed into an suv at a railroad crossing last night killing the driver and five people on the train. investigators say the
12:45 pm
electrified third rail crashed through the floor of the train setting it on fire. the driver of the car behind the suv crossing gate came down and hit the suv and the bells were going off. he says he gave the driver room to back up but instead, she got out of the car. >> she looked a little confused gets back in the car and pulls forward and she was probably 15 feet from the tracks i mean the front of the car was right at the track line, but when she pulled forward, she pulled right in front of the train. >> officials say the crash sent more than a dozen people to the hospital, about half of them with serious injuries. now, let's get back to shepard smith in amman, jordan. >> thanks very much. live in amman tonight. and one of the questions is exactly what can the president do to assist the jordanians not just in the way of supplies and money, but also in the way of intelligence. our senior judicial analyst live with us from new york now. judge, sounds like he has a lot of discretion. >> he has a great deal of
12:46 pm
discretion, shep. first on the money, he has a discretionary fund, which he can spend as he sees fit for emergency circumstances, for friends of the united states. he doesn't even have to account for how he spends it, it's basically secret. in terms of intelligence, he can dispatch without the consent of congress, all he has to do is inform the two intelligence committees in congress, literally thousands of intelligence agents. and of course, intelligence agents today, shep, don't just gather intelligence information they actually wage secret wars. and they can use military material without the consent or knowledge of congress if he wants to do that. if the king of jordan has asked for it and if the president decides he wants to help him out. >> so if the king of jordan says, we need there are no american boots on the ground, if you will, but the nsa has eyes and ears in the sky that are monitoring all of this. i need a lot more of those resources. i need more of those people, more of that intelligence. the president can do so without
12:47 pm
really asking anyone. >> oh, absolutely. >> the president cannot only divert the nsa and for all the legal and constitutional issues with the nsa, it'ss technical skills are the best in the world. not only divert the nsa, but any one of the other 15 american intelligence agencies. the ones we know about that are probably even intelligence agencies we don't know about. on his own, they all work for him. he can divert them to find out what's going on if he wants to do that. he might expose a flank here or there if he puts all of this the assets in one place. but he has the legal authority to make those decisions without getting congressional, needing congressional consent. >> and then there's help with dealing with the refugee crisis. and it is enormous. hundreds of thousands of people estimates up to 1.3 million refugees in jordan. an enormous drain on the kingdom.
12:48 pm
>> we don't know how much money remains in the president's defense department discretionary fund or the state department's discretionary fund. because these funds are discretionary, we don't always know when the money is spent. so there may be a lot of money in there, like $1 billion, may be a little, like $100 million, as little as that is in this circumstance. he might need an appropriation from congress. i suggest he'd have no difficulty getting that in the present environment. >> and congress is -- it is not a partisan issue, at the moment isis. >> i don't think so, shep. the reaction and i know you flew overnight. but the reaction today in the united states to the horror of yesterday described brilliantly by you. and still footage of which we saw, seems to have united people that something has to be done and the time to do is it now. >> the thinking is that you
12:49 pm
know, we were talking with the correspondent from the "washington post" a minute ago, that this window may not be open for a very long time. and the curiosity around here is had they been able to put it all together quickly enough, that meeting with the king yesterday at the white house. if the president said, okay. you wonder how that can be put together. 6:00 -- >> he can regulate the extent of trade with jordan. he can on his own tell arms dealers and manufacturers in the united states, get that stuff over there worry about getting paid later. worry about quotas later. there are no quotas anymore. whatever you want to jordan, if he wants to do that. again, he might be depleting supplies that would be better kept for other circumstances in which the u.s. is more directly threatened. but in an emergency situation, with an ally the president has
12:50 pm
extraordinary unilateral authority, meaning he doesn't need the approval or consent of congress or anybody else in the government. >> and maybe we'll know within >> maybe we'll know in the hours and days ahead exactly what is coming. judge napolitano thank you. >> good luck. >> we're all focusing on the murder of this jordanian hostage hostage, this burning alive of a human being. but it's important also to remember that isis has many other hostages, including an american woman. so what there? that's next. can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel.
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seven minutes before the hour. fox reports live from amman, jordan monitoring the latest reaction to the murder of a jordanian pilot and isis
12:54 pm
hostage. isis has other hostages. one includes an italian priest anden american woman said to be working for an aid organization in syria. there are others as well. our trace gallagher is live in the west coast news hub. tell us about the remaining isis hostages. >> shep, we believe two of our colleagues from sky news are being held. and a photographer from lebanon were kidnapped last october, working to cover a story near aleppo syria. john cantlie was captured in 2012. isis is currently using him as a spokesperson. the italian jesuit priest went missing in july of 2012. at the time, he was traveling to meet islamic militants in rocca. an american woman was captured last year in syria working for an aid group but u.s. officials
12:55 pm
have asked that she not be identified to protect her safety, and three unidentified red cross workers are also believed to have been captured. isis, we should know, has freed several hostages but their countries won't confirm if ransoms were paid to secure their release. shep. >> and this jordanian pilot, just the latest in a series of executions on behalf of isis. >> yeah, you'll recall the first execution videotape was released in august, showing the beheading of james foley. the executioner spoke with a british accent. foley had been missing in syria since 2012. in early september, isis released a video showing stephen sotloff beheaded by the same man with a british acsbt, and just days after that came the release of a third video showing british aid worker david haynes being decapitated, but it marked a change because on the same tape, hostage allen henning another british aid worker was also
12:56 pm
threatened. when isis released the tape of henning being decapitated, an american who converted to ilahm was also threatened. he was executed a month later. then last week, after attempts by japan to negotiate the release of two japanese hostages, isis released a video showing a security consultant being executed. the other japanese hostage was seen in the video holding his body. days later, he was also beheaded. >> a reminder, this is a worldwide fight against isis. the news continues in just a moment live from amman. stay with us. but when i started having back pain my sister had to come help. i don't like asking for help. i took tylenol but i had to take six pills to get through the day. so my daughter brought over some aleve. it's just two pills, all day! and now, i'm back! aleve. two pills. all day strong,
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12:59 pm
the reaction here in jordan swift and loud. there must be retaliation after the brutal murder of a jordanian hero. the question now is what will the jordanian military do next, and will the jordanian people follow the king?
1:00 pm
he has not spoken very much publicly here since he returned but the thinking is tomorrow he will. we'll have continuing coverage throughout the afternoon and evening across the united states. i'm shepard smith in amman. thank you, shep. as you know we're getting two distinct reads as to what is going on right now in the middle east. whether it's the act of islamic extremists or just bad guys. these are two different breeds from former administration officials and a guy who hopes to be a future administration official. see if you're confused. the former first. >> call it like it is. let's, you know, let's get off the dime and just call it like it is. >> which is? >> which is islamic extremism. >> i don't think that we serve ourselves well as americans by conflating this kind of barb