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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  February 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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some people have them. some people don't. illuminating. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. here's greta. this is a fox news alert. jordan's king abdullah warned isis retaliation and revenge and he has begun. just as the sun was rising in jordan a double execution, two convicted jihadists hanged. that being the first response by the king to isis militants releasing a shocked video of a caged jordanian pilot being lit on fire and brutally burned alive. king abdullah promising to bring the fight to isis until jordan runs out of fuel and bullets. fearing anger against the militants. in washington today. republicans and democrats moving to deliver more military aid to the arab nation as the murder pilot's father calls for coalition forces to annihilate the isis organization.
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"on the record" is taking you inside the story with fox team coverage from georgia to -- jordan to washington. what's it like there? >> it was a dramatic morning as of sunrise on wednesday both of those prisoners of war both of those al qaeda terrorists were executed. then the king returns home to the screams of hundreds there in the airport in amman, well then the strategizing must have begun. here in ammon it was a quiet webs. quiet throughout the day and into the night. less than half the traffic people used to seeing. many staying home, many not going to work. in mourning for the loss of this hero, the pilot about whom you have been speaking whom the islamic state militants executed there so publicly by burning him alive. that pilot was a well-known man in this country. he is from a very prominent tribe here and a very prominent family. and his death has shaken this nation there is some
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disagreement how thoroughly jordan must be involved no how much isis should pay for jordan's own. what comes next and at what level, greta. >> what does it seem shep, that people want to do. i know the king has limited resources. got some fighter planes, so many in his military and got to worry about so many things. a million refugees from syria. two million refugees. a lot going on in the country. what do the people want the king to do and what's realistic? >> >> the people had been united that isis the islamic state has nothing to do with islam they are a bastardation of the religion. burning one is against their religion. now there is tangible evidence that these militants are barbarians. so they are i couldn't know nighted around the idea that something must be done boo b. isis. exactly what that is a matter of great debate here.
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should jordan go in with more of its military? should it back off? should there be boots on the ground? should it accept for ammunition and more weapons and more÷ united states? the people are certainly all about accepting hundreds of millions more as now pledged by the president to help deal with refugee crisis and beyond it is an extremely difficult thing for a nation oft 1.3 to 1.5 million refugees that's tantamount some would say to 50 million refugees in the united states. it's enormous problem for them. they have humanitarian concerns and very real security concerns. after all, the woman whom they executed on wednesday morning, who they took from the prison and executed and hanged, that woman had attacked jordan herself along with her husband. and her suicide vest not gone off she wouldn't have been there to execute in the first place. >> shep, all eyes are on jordan and our heart bleeds for the nation and for the family of jordan. but also, we all know back here in the united states, there is an american woman
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being held. there has been virtually no discussion because the name slipped out about a week or two ago. we all now know it. is there any word or any discussion about that american woman who is a hostage of isis? >> there has been no discussion about her or others including an italian who is believed to be held. some of our colleagues in the journalism world from sky news, our affiliate in the united kingdom isis holds a lot of hostages. and, as a result, there is great fear that this sort of thing is going to happen again and that is part of the reason that people here in jordan seem united, if just for the moment, united in the idea that jordan must step forward and do something. whether there will be time -- whether the window is open long enough, whether the public sentiment is so strong for long enough for this to begin is another matter entirely, greta. >> shep, thank you. i know you have stayed up late. it's after 2:00 a.m. there. i know you stayed up to help the audience here. thank you, shep. >> happy to do it.
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>> and brutal isis terrorists dumping flammable fluid and lighting on fire the caged jordannian air force pilot. he screams in pain and he burns to ash. and tonight the president still refusing to say islamic extremism. so why won't he say it does it matter? former new york city mayor rudy giuliani joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> why won't i he say islamic extremism and does it matter. >> i don't know why he won't say it and it does matter a lot it matters from a positive and negative point of view. positively it doesn't coalesce people around him. people wonder who do you think the phrase why he is using it? does he not see it? does he not understand it? does he not see the connections? does he not realize the common strategy. hard to rally around somebody like that. is he causing difficulty for muslims. he doesn't make a distinction. he is probably trying to do theññ
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wrong effect by not saying islamic extremist terrorism and creating this distinct group of muslims it sounds like it must be all muslims. i mean,li3$v you want to make that -- i compare it to when i prosecuted the mafia. and i would say mafia. and some italian americans would get angry. i would say it's just the opposite. when i say mafia. i:distinguish 1.5% or 1% or half% or whatever it was from all the rest of you who are really good peoplec ñ as italian american can get away with itp9o more. it's important to call your enemy what it is to expecxyañ people to follow you.áukz a leader can't ex.m to follow him if is he ambiguous. >> if everyone is sitting in a room we have to decide who our enemy is. we have to who it is. you can't think it's 3 people and i think it's four people. when we are distracted by the conversation of what we are trying to do and he has
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now created a situation distract having this conversation. >> forlz> okay. if he dissect it :-w apart. everyone agrees it's extremism. the question is it islamic#>á
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extremism. if you look the killers in paris they do it and they have allah. it may,vr be dy6.2zc9fáxa=t;kpcñuo]pxçi+tz)+,o,uu-!!> terrible version of it. >> evil.#mmñ >> emphasizing the wrong parts of the koran or whatever. they are transmitting it. they are transmitting it through the internet. they are transmitting it through social media this is the common bond that brings them -- that brings them together. >>:kae totally. and the factmf that they are killing. >> and :) then that connects us to other countries that are are having the sameow3xybe-8 it creates an ability to put a coalition together. he is the leader ofwáu÷ñ that coalition and maybe if he had understood this,dre thep!r problem in syria could have been stopped right at the very beginning and senator mccain ñ and senator graham?ke and senator ayotte and people asked him at the very beginning, get control of that thing in syria. well, we left a vacuum. and in moves al qaeda. then isis.
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withdrawing our troops from iraq, il,yk)zú believe, is reason why he was8+ calling isisorou the jay vee six months0m+xw ago. if you have 100,0000h= troops. 50,000 troops in a country information. when you don't have them there, don't get information. he was obviously getting the wrong information about isis and it's directly attributable to him pulling the troops out. >> mayor nice to see you >> thank you. >> first taking revenge that's what king abdullah has promised to isis. the$v burning to death of his nation's pilot. thousands of people in jordan taking their outrage to thecxsx streets. so is this the moment the pentagon has been waiting for? joining us now defense one kevin. that is what you wrote today.?!= jordan's retaliation is the real arab awakening th:gé6 pentagon has been waiting for. what do you mean by that? >> the pentagon strategy for everything in the world is to try to get over other military to do theé#ekr fighting for themselves. this is the lesson after iraq and afghanistan.
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>> starting to i guess in ú=5 places. just don'tá = think of middle east thailand,'@ big success story o this the pentagon points;ha6d often. jordan wa!k7s particular to the middlekh for special operations and counter terrorism. the kind of stuff we are likely to see going< because of this event. they have elite training center there that the u.s. army built and funded and all the top generals about2gc five years ago]hm made their way through it toum5÷+9zfx give it their blessing. a place where the afghans and iraqis were going to goéga train. everyone else in the region this is king abdullah. is he a special operator himself and likes to associate himself and)gh'%e pentagon loves and they have been waiting$ósaz]ñ3r for this moment. >> i would love to bleem believe03s1ñ that i don't. you have a/"(jt ink ñ a fragile situation. millions of%ie)ñ refugees from1r syria. palestinian refugees. a situation where he has only got 100,000 inxqzñ his military. he doesn't have allnmx the fighter planes. he has been asking the united states for they struck some deal inped6 ei-december and he still has5,tr
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gotten it it i don't think one king of one small country that is so vulnerable for so many reasons if the u.s. thinks that that kingskfrk2f is going to and save our american and every other know -- the par÷71pññ cloudy shouldn't be holding its(mki -- pentagon shouldn't be holding itso breath. >>- ñ uae has dumped out because of this.k
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partne└hp!out. >> you are ateú the have you covered a lot.ég5b&c @&c you probably know a lot more than i do. i just have a hard time believing it. i will give you3 krí)u hat you know this-0sh lot better than i do. i will give you credit for that. >> i won't argue with you. >>k >> my pleasure. tonight&+zb%átu calls tore boots on the ground againstvçk;s isis thejg8÷ former director of the cia laying out what needs to c1opq doney0ónto&qañ wipe out the terrorist group. >> what can be reck 4 not much.tht unless the coalition is willing to put more ground troops into iraq andqv w0f8)(sv in to!fkqv syria. there is very little we can do. >> what would it take? >> i think it would takes v 100,000. thate.kvez simply does not exist in the other coalitionw countries.1 >> and jo)ubu us now: war woman kelsey -- nice to see you. >> hello greta. >> mike morerellyó boots on the ground. >>:g>ó see he a few problems where does he get that number from.
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even fundamentaló sñ going back to theq2rpñ basics of exactly who are they fightingqqxu against) what would that mission somebody in is it just1> the problem with that drop troops on the ground and thinkf+añ that's going to solve the problem whether you have a military issue, you have a political issue in places total vacuumh37
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because qaddafi was taken out o. you have political probleêj4(p&c@ in iraq where you have the sung a]!=are providing the oxygen for isis because they have continually been oppressed by0fr÷ this she a led government that's linked to iran. until these problems are solved, we can't defeat them. >> 3 can you give tonight? can you give me sort of añkáoyk plan?ó#ct=(lm1 what you laid out is a far.sp bigger pro isis in syria. what would you recommend?u]vbñ?o >> i think again identifying the problem and saying that the tactics the strategy are going to have to#3÷ be#l on where you are looking at whether it's iraq or syria or y4rj or >> do we have to&ñ look at all of it? >> we do have to look at' of it. the first step is9 identifying the problem. >> islamic extremism? >> islamic extremist, different groups4o& unfortunately going to keeç)uhñ popping up unless this i let's go todil iraq, for example, how do we deal with the situation in iraq where
4:15 pm
isis has been&f successful there bece sunnies have aligned themselves with isis because they see that as their only option to get away from this shed:tó a-led government that has been thisk and sunni battle f7q so long. s/ç>ww0 would propose that we should push forward with this three state[rctqckmñ solution,(jq!#gqrñ empower theúw'ñ sunnies÷r9+byfñj their own space45út they don't feel that they have to fight against or align with n6 these horrific islamic terrorists in order to be freed and take care of their families. >> well, it's nightmare that the!uyñ is in deep trouble these days. anyway congresswoman always nice to seebi again, ijy&ñ repeat waré-/ veteran. >> thanks greta. >> whole newhívr90,x cinergy. new allowing brutal isis- terroristsyv2+zñ like nevera kyóyñ
4:16 pm
before. catherine herridge joins us. not just fighting as congresswoman says on the ground we also have with the próduz campaign. isis nows $t(ing the7nki or has been. >> ñ/0q$ éu$ere has been a real go back to the first video august 19th. the execution of the american journalist james folly in a completely different tone. you remember he was forced to read underro&y duress aattacking this white house's policies and blaming them9%p for his death. but the tone of that videoa#q]qbl greta, was verycmmeg defi& ñ he we saw somethingk< bo(zt(j with the execution of the american journalist stephan w soft love.=e@
4:17 pm
to stopgr0xp decapitating? >> if you look at )jz or cycle the next stage withe!y3 thisó-- cantley and taken intoo amounted likebo studio like we are sitting:u-uñ right>x forced to[yhñ read a lengthy statement usingn÷#gt a teleprompter. theyóried to make him into!c. their de facto mouth piece. the latest videowgñ at 22o8$ @&c minutes)
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next. also horrifickrñvs crash caughtax(x on video. a commercial mgdpw.t)ásr'erxvs with passengers crashed over as8vz busy highway.9é# that video plus a livesra7íxo/p&c @&c report on the investigation coming up. >ph&çnpq[é
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romp test test0 test test test test. this is a test. this is a teu
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president obama has been burning through secretaries of defense and today his potential fourth ashton carter was on heat defending the president's plan to take troops out of afghanistan. >> the campaign in afghanistan has been close to my heart for all the time that i have been associated with the department of defense. i understand we have a plan,
4:22 pm
the president has a plan. i support that plan. at the same time, it's a plan. >> so is ashton carter ready to be secretary of defense? i will tell you i don't get the cents from that response that is he really sort of zeroed in on what he he thinks should be done and the direction of the united states i sort of think uh uh uh-uh-oh. >> is he a good guy. >> why would you support him and he doesn't know the plan. >> he has got experience much the problem is the commander and chief not ash carter. if he were allowed to would say you should not withdraw troops in afghanistan until the conditions on the ground twarnt. >> is that what he believes do you think? >> yes. >> why doesn't he have the strength to tell the president. if he hemss and hawaiis what's the haws what's the point. >> does it matter what you tell the president. obama knows best. his entire national security team told him three years ago you need a no-fly zone
4:23 pm
in syria. you need to train the free syrian army because assad is about to go. and if you don't take him out, the terrorists will fill the vacuum and guess what, he said obama knows best. >> so what's the point of taking the job? what's the point of taking the job if you think if you totally disagree with the president and you don't think he can convince the president? >> to try to convince the president and do the best you can with a bad strategy. here's the question: why would anybody take the job under these conditions? i really don't know. but somebody has got to take the job. and here's the plan. by 2017 under president obama's plan, we will be down to 1,000 troops in kabul, afghanistan. we will have lost all the capability to monitor the borders between afghanistan and pakistan. and what iraq is going to happen in afghanistan. and no military commander has suggested that we should get down to 1,000 troops in 2017, given the way the world is. this is literally nuts to lose all we fought for in
4:24 pm
afghanistan. >> all right. is he in favor of releasing the gitmo and was he in favor of the deal of five taliban released for bergdahl. >> chuck hagel said he was in favor of the deal. >> this is a fourth secretary of defense. i wish he had more passion in thinks delivery so he wasn't just going to take the job but do a little more. >> president obama has promised to close gitmo. i don't mind transferring prisoners to a new jail anywhere but he is literally letting people go. >> what does ash carter. >> he promised he would push back against transfers that aren't dangerous. >> these are not transfers they are releases. >> you are exactly right. he promised us he would tell us and be more transparent. we don't care about his promises. kelly ayotte is going to pass a bill that will go to president obama's desk, i hope, that would prevent him from releasing high value and medium risk targets. i mean excuse me,
4:25 pm
detainees, i ask him about syria, i said do you believe this plan would work and he would never give me an honest answer. >> okay if he won't give you an honest answer, if you say he won't stand up to the president and i suspect he only does that in personal discussions. i think it would be bad if he did it publicly then why in the world would you. >> he felt the strategy should be adjusted. >> that the strategy should be adjusted? >> yes. you know why no arab army is going in after isil the king of jordan is mad, but he doesn't have the capability to defeat isil. no arab army is going to help us in syria until we get rid of assad. assad is a puppet of iran. the arab sphere, the iranian influence in the region and obama is more worried about upsetting iran because he is in a nuclear negotiation with iran so he is not going to take assad out and therefore, no arab army is going to help us defeat isil because you leave a puppet of iran in control of syria. he is trying to make a nuclear deal with iranians to the point that he is
4:26 pm
allowing isil and arab allies to deteriorate and isil to grow. isil is coming here. to everybody listening to this program, it's not only will they burn this pilot alive. will they crucify a child. they have told us in no uncertain terms they are going to hit us here at home and his strategy to protect this homeland, president obama's is failing. they are coming here if we don't do something soon. >> senator, thank you. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> and the united arab emirates who joined us in september in the fight against isis is now backing out. why? president obama's coalition now crumbling? ambassador john h bolton is just minutes away. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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president obama's coalition to be show serious cracks. united emerald no longer launching air strikes? iraq or syria. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon. jennifer, what happened to the uae? >> well, greta. first of all fox has learned the u.s. military is moving more assets into iraq to fight isis. in addition, it is repositioning search and rescue assets to help in the event of downed planes after criticism from the uae. publicly, the state department and white house would not say that the united arab emirates was no longer flying combat missions over syria. in fact as of today the official centcom press release still had the uae
4:31 pm
listed as flying those missions. we confirmed with senior u.s. officials and diplomats from are the region today suggested the uae foreign minister had complained to the new u.s. ambassador that they were concerned about the lack of u.s. search and rescue teams poeed in northern iraq. the real reason feared downed plane and hostage situation like the king of jordan return to ammon military chiefs the symbolism powerful as jordanian spokesman promised an earth shaking response. meanwhile the white house pushed back at criticism lawmakers who said the king of jordan was frustrated by delays in receiving military aid from the u.s. among them senator john mccain, the chairman of the armed services committee who blamed the delays on a quote: bureaucratic bottleneck at the state
4:32 pm
department. the state department did sign a memo of understanding with the jordanians yesterday to increase u.s. aid to $1 billion a year for the next three years to jordan said that money was to help refugees. yet? >> the united arab elm rit decision sparking new fears isis and others may also drop out of the fight. >> good evening, sir. >> good evening, glad to be with you. >> nice to have you. is this a crack in the coalition that the uuae stopping air strikes pilot being killed more allies on board or not? what does that mean? >> i think it underlies the fact that american involvement. if their pilots were shot down some prospect of being rescued. let's being honest here. the uae is not a completely full service military entity. it's principle adversary
4:33 pm
they have always planned to be iran. and they would have fought with the united states against iran in the contingency that might have happened there. so they were counting on u.s. search and rescue capability among many other things that we helped supply. they would fight as an adjunct of ours. so when they face isis and they don't have search and rescue capabilities, they may not have other capabilities, they ask their friend and ally the united states for it, they weren't getting the answer they should have as an ally why only have 30 seconds left. can do it with more support or money from us or weapons. is this a isis? >> it's a much bigger project. the president has to decide that isis is a threat to the united states and american action. he has not yet reached that point. i'm not sure he is ever going to reach it i'm not sure tragedy is going to change anything. >> thank you sir. >> thank you. >> tonight arab emirates has stopped launching air strikes against isis. is president obama showing
4:34 pm
commitment commander and chief. governor john sununu, good to see you, sir. >> good to be here. >> how do you describe president obama's response to isis? >> it's been delayed, it's been timid and ineffective. there is no energy to what this country has been doing i wish after that horrible thing jordanian pilot i wish the president had showed that emotion when poor -- my poor new hampshire colleague jim folly suffered the same kind of feat. there -- fate. there is no leadership coming out oof the white house. the uae did what they did because they want to join with a u.s. that leads not a u.s. that follows from behind. >> i will tell you what worries me if you catch cancer in the beginning, radiation, chemotherapy can pretty much put it in check and you are okay. if you are don't. if you are wait until the last minutes it's difficult.
4:35 pm
>> wait for it to metastasize. >> boko haram all over north africa. president breashear of sudan nobody is looking at. all of these problems. every single day it's growing. i mean, i don't suggest that we have the answer and i'm not suggesting that we do it alone, i'm only pointing out this is getting worse. >> we can't do it alone but we have to lead not just participate. not to putting boots on the ground. when he does that, other people don't believe the u.s. is committed. we can't just be flying. we have to be participating. don't do you think that any chance king abdullah can do this alone. >> he needs u.s. support. >> is it enough that we give november money and planes? >> no. he needs people. he needs some of our special forces suspect he will talk about tomorrow that he will
4:36 pm
be pushing into to deal with isis. he needs u.s. guidance and he needs commitment by the u.s. across the board to fill the logistic needs that they can deal with himselves. >> what happens if isis kills that american woman? >> i hope the president doesn't play golf right after that. >> governor always nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> and straight ahead senator rand paul is making a big announcement right here "on the record" next. over $98 million dollars and creating over 2100 jobs. from long island to all across upstate new york, more businesses are coming to new york. they are paying no property taxes no corporate taxes no sales taxes. and with over 300 locations, and 3.7 million square feet available, there's a place that's right for your business. see if startup-ny can work for you. go to i have moderate to severe crohn's disease. it's tough, but i've managed.
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makes it easy. we give you 24/7 access. you get instant credit alerts to keep you in sync. you can even lock and unlock your transunion credit report from your phone. and all that information feels pretty good. come to and get in the know. millions of illegal immigrants stay in the country after president obama's executive order are now eligible for tax breaks and benefits. it's going to cost you, the taxpayer, billions of dollars in retroactive refunds. senator rand paul joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> are are we talking about money that if illegal person worked in the country and overpaid his taxes and gets refunds, we are not talking about that right? >> we are talking about refundable tax credits. earned income tax credits. additional child tax
4:41 pm
credits. but it's in the billions of dollars. and here it is remember last year we talked about immigration reform, there was a bill in the senate that passed? even that bill said that you wouldn't be able to get it for a period of time. now you are getting it immediately. you come in the country illegally, this executive order that the executive had get social security numbers immediately and will be eligible for tax refunds. >> this isn't money that they paid in and they are getting a refund from. this is above and beyond? >> i think what it is the earned income tax credit so finance a refundable tax credit or additional child tax credit. part of the problem with this system though is you don't even have to prove that the kids are either with you or that they exist. so, the earned income tax credit and the additional child tax credit have a 25% improper payment rate. one out of four dollars spent in this program is not necessarily accounted for properly. >> all right. so are you going to do something about it. >> we are going to try to. there is a bill that senator ayotte introduced last year that's trying to make
4:42 pm
more certain that you are here properly, that you are here around we have had some discussions in homeland security and i know senator ayotte is very interested in this and i'm going to try to help and support her on that. >> the attorney general of the united states, the president the new nominee, loretta lynch. have you decided how you are going to vote? >> i can't vote for her. >> that's a no. >> big issue for me is something called civil forfeiture. it turns justice on its head. instead of being innocent until proven guilty you are guilty until proven innocent. the government takes your cash $1,000 $500, whatever it is, this program predominantly has targeted black individuals, poor individuals, hispanic individuals and when senator lee asked her about it in the committee she said oh, no, as long as there is a valid court order. you don't have to be convicted. you don't even have to be charged. they can take your possessions, hotel, house there was one house in philadelphia recently teenage son was selling $40 worth of illegal drugs, took
4:43 pm
$200,000 house and evicted the family. but often it's poor families in inner city and i wish she had a little more concern for people who live in poverty before taking their stuff. >> last night i tweeted a picture, actually i retweeted your picture of you getting a shot, a vaccine. we're in to vaccine gate. pictures up on the screen you are getting it you get vaccines, i get vaccines, i have been overseas recently i recently got some. what's the controversy. >> i got annoyed as people who tried to depict me as thinking vaccines were not a good idea. my trip to guatemala, i got vaccinated for that i got vaccinated as a kid i vaccinated my kids. i don't have objection at all to that. i got somehow depicted that i am against vaccines i wanted to make sure i tweeted i got my booster vaccine. >> do you want to get a vaccine for yellow fever i will say sure i will take it. i will take everything. there are some vaccine where diseases have been eradicated clearically
4:44 pm
measles have not. we have got it here there it are some that seem like a real necessity so that if i get measles i'm not going to spread it to you. >> everyone should be encouraged to get vaccines. the interesting debate that sort of people missed on this is of all the political people they talked, to i'm not sure i'm different than the president or anybody else on the position, we have rules to encourage people to have vaccines in the country but i don't think anybody is recommending that we hold them down. what we have is, you know, what when you enter school you are encouraged to take them. you can't enter school cut without having take them. >> if i have got the measles and i'm going to go spread it to all the kids in the class and pregnant women something like that. some are real health crises. >> and the way we have policed it through school basically you can't be among the other kids unless you have had vaccinations that is a way of trying, it's encouragement and somewhat of a mandate but it's really been more of an encouragement that people get it interestingly 48 out of 50 states do have religious as well as
4:45 pm
philosophic exemption if you have a problem. for the most part you need the vast majority of people to take vaccine that's how you get immunity for everyone. >> i get them and you got yours. senator, thank you sir. president obama making a big promise in the state of the union to destroy terrorists who threaten the united states and our allies. that was just two weeks ago. but has he already broken that promise in karl rove is standing by to go "on the record." there's nothing more romantic than a spontaneous moment. so why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom? with cialis for daily use, you don't have to plan around either. it's the only daily tablet approved to treat erectile dysfunction so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. plus cialis treats the frustrating urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.
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4:50 pm
and carlg rove joins us. carl, i know that the state of the union is often a lot of happy talk by every president and everything. these are very serious times. and what's going on in the middle east is so grossly disturbing. you know your thoughts on how the president is doing? i know you are from the other side of the aisle try to give it a good spin, a good for him? >>like, what he said in the speech was correct. and accurate. but that is a scripted speech that went through a lot of work at the white house. a lot of people had input on it. i think a clearer insight into the president's thinking comes from his comments made in unscripted situations. last week he gave an interview in i india to is a our notion that terrorist groups are existential threat to the united states or the world order. he said one thing in the state of the union. he said something in completely different when he was being asked a question. you heard earlier in your
4:51 pm
program about from lindsey graham about how the president is basically putting us on a course whereby the end of 2017 we will have less than 1,000 people. a thousand troops in afghanistan. most of them involved in protecting our embassy in kabul. we are already down to a dangerous point. we once had three major air lift facilities in afghanistan. we're now down that one. we can't project the remaining power we have got there to hunt down the taliban. the taliban most hosted al qaeda and usama bin laden in afghanistan before 9/11 allowing them to launch the attack against the united states from afghanistan. and, yet, president obama's attitude seems to be this terrorist group doesn't represent an existential threat to the united states and maybe he doesn't believe they will reconstitute themselves as a state sponsor of terror if they take control of afghanistan or maybe he thinks somehow or another by saying the war against terror is over that it's over but it's not. >> he said no existential
4:52 pm
threat to the united states. i don't know how you define that do you define that where we have had so many americans beheaded just doing their jobs, basically. we put a lot of soldiers at risk too. when we go to war. american woman over there held hostage and i don't know who thinks she is coming home alive. is it enough that americans can't go to many places in the world? these are war zones i realize. is that an existential threat to the united states to americans? >> well, no. look. there is a difficulty, obviously going in that region. i'm worried more about that region coming to us. listen to what al qaeda has said in the past listen to what the islamic state says. they want to conduct acts of terror aimed at american citizens and to bring death and destruction to the united states to western europe, to our allies in the region and our allies around the world. this is a global movement designed to hit us here. we had a bomb maker in yemen
4:53 pm
working for al qaeda how to make toner cartridges for your printer. we face -- we do face existential threat. >> i get it those people those americans did go to a war zone which makes it different than walking down the street in new york. i am taking the last word on that. commercial airline caught on camera in taiwan. grn correspondent leonard is in taipei. what you can tell me the latest on this investigation video is, absolutely horrible? it's around 9:00 in the morning in taiwan. official number has now confirmed 31 people dead and 12 people are still missing. as to very difficult for the search team to go underwater. after the airplane was taking out of water last night, they have to cover pilot and co-pilot in the fuselage they have passed
4:54 pm
away. now you have seen dramatic footage record by dash cam before the plane fell in water. that happened two minutes as the plane took off from the airport located in downtown by pay which is a densely populated area you can tell now that pilots are trying very hard to avoid buildings a crash into the water. flight recorder has been recovered last night officially was going to analyze and look what happened in that critical two minutes because this is a very plane only been used about one year and especially this is the second plane airway less than one year. >> leonard, thank you. we have been looking at live pictures of the rescue. leonard, thank you very much. what a terrible tragedy. thank you leonard. i have something to tell you off the record. that's next. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner.
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you know today is the 13th anniversary of "on the record." many of our staff have been here for years and years and years and years. that's why we have been number one at 10:00 p.m. and number one at 7:00 because we have the loyalty of the staff. from time to time you have to get more staff. you have to get new staff. and management at fox has always aware of the fact that we sometimes could use more help on the show. so, in honor of the 13th anniversary of "on the record," they have sent me a new staff member to help with the show. he or she doesn't have a name yet. but check out the new member of "on the record" at 7:00 p.m. what do you think? think he has big ideas? anyway. he is great. and you viewers are great. it's been a fun 13 years and on to 14 years and that's my off-the-record. >> in case you are curious yes, that bear is about four or five times bigger than i am. thank you for being with us. see you tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern. don't forget to follow me on twitter at greta.
5:00 pm
just search greta van susteren. up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington. d.c. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i ask for help from god and i ask the jordanian government to take revenge from blood. >> the government of jordan taking revenge for isis burning one of their pilots to death. tonight we will continue our reporting how america is clueless confronting the growing terror war. >> a hero is not how many people you killed. he was obviously a great sniper. do you think the nazis have heroes? >> jesse ventura once the governor of minnesota now comparing the u.s. military to nazis. we will take a hard look at that. >> he was 11 years old he was fitted for


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