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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 5, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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♪ >> why we showing that video? is hunter hayes coming here tomorrow on "fox & friends"? >> tomorrow. don't miss him. >> friday, he'll be on and we hope to see you back here. bill: guys, fox news alert. jordan reportedly launching airstrikes for the retaliation of horrific murderer of a captured pilot burned alive in a cage. good morning i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: i'm martha maccallum. jordanian king receiving a hero's welcome after vowing to start a harsh war on isis. they swarmed his motorcade as he weren't through the city. they waved flags showing support for their leader. bill: shepard smith live on the ground of capitol city of amman jordan. let's begin there today.
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shepherd hello. >> reporter: bill and martha good morning. good morning here from amman. the headline news of the day the king being greeted by crowds as he arrived of the no word on anything actually spoken or what the content of their discussion was, but this meeting with the family of the man so brutally murdered of the alive in the cage. information agency led us to believe this would happen. there have not been widespread demonstrations at all in amman or anywhere in this main to our knowledge. down in the hometown of the man who was murdered by isis there was a military fly over which happened, some jordanian jets flew over. certainly people gathering in support of that family, a prominent family from a prominent tribe here the tribe long supported the king and monarchy. flags at half-staff all over the city. we got word from the associated
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press and information ministry there had been airstrikes. they categorized them carried out by the jordanian air force. we do not know and specifically omitted from the information where the airstrikes were carried out. if they're any different from previous airstrikes that have been carried out. we have no information to suggest they were devastating against anyone. we don't know if they hit any specific or important targets. we do know from history it is known that the syrian, i should say the jordanian air force has carried out airstrikes only in syria. if they were somewhere other than syria this time that would be a first but we have no information to suggest that is the case. this is the morning newspaper. of course the newspapers here are state-run. headlines are as you might expect, the king lauds unity of jordanian people promising a harsh response. support building, headline says, help washington with the challenges. jordan is president promising hundreds of millions of dollars to come in the next couple years
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dealing with the refugee crisis which is very real and very difficult here. in addition this idea of unity is a good one. certainly there is a feeling of greater unity here especially when it concerns isis. there is no doubt that people here people of the islam faith, believe that that isis is bastardization of their religion, has nothing to do it. no one associated with islam would ever burn anyone. this is counter to everything they ever learned in the koran. they simply wouldn't have it. against that they are in ways. the question is what will they do next? there has been talk and something more than some sort of ground forces being used. the jordanian military has not used ground forces per se in organized conflict since the '67 wars with israel. to suggest the jordanian army might launch a ground force without being alongside u.s. ground forces which are not
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being discussed would be antithetical to anything we know. the idea of some ground invasion seems off the table and something for pundits than anything else. bill and martha? bill: do you get a sense shepard, that the support the jordanian people are looking for from the united states or are they of the pine mind we're already behind them? >> everyone here is believes we're behind them at least leading in the fight against ice is. there is talk of there is no strategy here. what would the next strategy be if they are ground troops and where would they go and with whom would they fight? this is soup of terror. the jordanian people are thankful for the monetary support the united states has given as it always is. jordan lacks natural resources. they carried out number of sorties. they are said to be low on bombs, particularly with support
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with the refugee crisis. there is some anti-american sentiment here from the people for reasons that don't have anything to do with today. more than half the population comes from palestinian territories. there is some degree of angst over the fact that united states and israel are seen here at least as being against the palestinian people. and then there is this matter so many are concerned that at the united states not toppled saddam hussein regime we wouldn't have the isis problem in the first place of the you have to have that as background to understand the day. they are united against isis but they are not united for any one thing as far as i can tell. bill: shepard good to have you on the ground. we'll check in a bit later. amman, jordan shepard smith. back in new york here now. martha. martha: jordan showing king abdullah is ready for action. they showed this picture on facebook of the king dressed in military fatigues. this comes from the king's official page. we don't know when it was taken.
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jordan's information minister is refuting reports that the king is taking part in any airstrikes. he is a trained helicopter pilot and was in the jordanian military but is not participating in this action. is jordan vowing to fight until they quote, run out of bullets. critics are questioning president obama putting what they call a halfhearted effort forward. here is charles kraut hammer. >> the disinterest, lethargy of president, pursuit of this war he declared himself is simply astonishing. jordan which is our staunchest ally in the area. they are short of weaponry and short of munitions t takes forever for that to get through. it shouldn't be an issue. a president steps in to the state department and defense department, says, i want this done. martha: raises a lot of questions. steve hayes is senior writer for "weekly standard" and fox news contributor. good morning to you, steve. >> good morning martha.
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martha: as you watch the whole thing as it played out, king abdullah speaking to the congress and president and vice president, he is ally. he is one of the countries touted being in the coalition which we heard so much from the administration yet he claims he is having trouble getting what he needs to do what he has been asked to do. >> he will continue to have trouble. nothing is going to change. very clear what shep described we're seeing on the ground, some sense of unity among jordanian people. i think there is still pockets supportive of isis in jordan and throughout the region. i don't think we'll see substantive change because a substantive change would be required in u.s. strategist as charles pointed out this is president who didn't want to engage in this war. he did it only reluctantly. he did it only because he was dragged in. he refused initially saying the united states would destroy isis. didn't say the -- said the united states would only degrade
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isis but was badgered to carry out he would destroy isis. he is not building a coalition. he is fracturing one. isis is not being in fact rolled back. they're continuing to amass territory. their stranglehold on provinces like anyone any view is every bit as strong today as it was six months ago. this is not a campaign that the united states is winning. >> yet we watched josh earnest, he talks about the coalition, he talks about how proud they are what they have put together, that they have unified muslim nations in this cause and yet you know this obviously feels like a moment, we talked so quickly about a turning point and already feels like there is no turning point at all steve. >> yeah look. what josh earnest is saying is complete and utter nonsense. it makes no sense. there is a coalition in name only of the coalition doesn't exist to be a coalition. a coalition exists to do something. united states isn't leading a coalition that is doing anything because the president of the united states doesn't have the will to defeat this enemy.
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he made that abundantly clear over months and months of pursuing this and talking about this. and we have not seen the kind of changes the president is suggesting. i would point out i think that is largely because this is an administration that is determined above all else in the conduct of foreign policy and national security policy to embrace iran, to try to win over a hostile regime both on nuclear talks and more broadly seek -- with iran. i think it's a fool's errand. but it is preventing us from building a stronger coalition and fracturing the coalition that existed when president obama came to office. martha: you touched on something that is very central to understanding the bigger picture here. senator lindsey graham will join us to talk more about the iran strategy and how he seize that as the big picture here. steve, thank you very much. we'll talk to you later. >> you bet. thanks martha. bill: martha, we want to take our viewers to the map.
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this is the red where isis is operating system in syria across the border into iraq. there are essentially two coalitions, fighting isis in syria and one fighting in iraq. specifically on syria these are the countries right now in the coalition. you can advance it one time. clearly jordan still waiting to find out the specifics on some of these air raids that apparently carried out overnight. waiting on that. saudi arabia is part of that coalition. so too is bahrain and qatar. united arab emirates had been part of that. but at end of december for whatever reason they decided their airstrikes would not continue. you're left with ba a rain qatar, saudi arabia and jordan. four countries supporting united states specifically on syria. in iraq the coalition grow as bit larger. seven different countries listed. france u.k., netherlands belgium, australia canada. to what degree you debate whether or not what degree they are contributing in that battle. the pentagon has got to tell us. we're doing this and we took them back this far.
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and our next step will be here and we're going to do to them and we're still waiting on answers that appear to be elusive. martha: the american people were told what the mission was to degrade and to destroy. we were explained the mission in that way. so as you point out would require periodic updates how that is going, how the allies are doing, how many strikes, how many sort at this all of which we get very little -- sorties. will talk with california congressman duncan hunter. he met with king abdullah when he was in washington. there are big differences between abdullah and president obama when it comes to this fight. the congressman joins us in a few minutes. >> look forward to talking to him. meantime ceo of gallup, did you hear what he said? calling the monthly unemployment number a big lie. he is here live to explain why this major economic indicator is so misleading. stand by for that. martha: desperation in the cockpit of a trans-asia flight 235. what the pilot cried out moments before the plane went down in
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that river. bill: new details on a tragedy on the ground. dramatic emergency dispatchers capturing the response to that deadly train crash near new york city. >> we've got a at least a dozen injured here. >> we're working on ambulances. >> down the tracks, about a car away from the northern end of the train which is fully involved.
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martha: back with this fox news alert. president obama speaking at the national prayer breakfast right now in d.c. the annual event brings together leaders from the world of politics and religion. about 3600 people are in attendance at the washington hilton right now including the dalai lama. the breakfast is streaming on click over there if you want to watch it in more detail. bill: a big room. >> only one that fits that many. >> israel jordan's king abdullah who the president met with today, is described as quote, the courageous king. i heard that many times over there. he is promising retribution like isis hasn't seen but needs american help. bill: ollie north last night on fox. contrast in leadership is echoed here at home between king abdullah to president obama. comparing president obama's response to isis atrocities to jordan's king abdullah and finding the president coming up short. one of them is congressman
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duncan hunter who met with king abdullah two days ago in washington. welcome back to "america's newsroom." what do you expect from jordan? what do they expect from us? >> jordan literally expects things from us like these things the the king actually brought these things up specifically. hellfire missiles. he said we have to get hellfire missiles. we will run out of hellfire missiles because we're dropping so many, shooting so many at isis. state department it is six-month process. that is why he was at armed services committee. they need fuel. literally need ammo bombs and fuel. that is what they will ask the united states for. number two the united states needs to put troops embedded with the jordanian military and other militaries there free syrian army, the peshmerga so at least we can call for american air power helping out the jordanians as they go in, if they choose to. because that is, that is how you use american air power. you have to have americans on the ground calling for it.
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you have got to have those two things. weapons, ammo and people on the ground calling for air power. bill: let me pause you right there. joe manchin democratic senator from west virginia said what you said. he couldn't believe amount of red tape to give them what they need, night vision goggles. this is on top after billiondollars in american aid we're giving annually already to the country of jordan. take that second point now. are you suggesting that american forces will be on the ground in syria on behalf of jordanian forces? >> i'm suggesting that they should be if we see isis as a threat and as a world threat which i do. i'm not the president fews this. if he can't say it is radical islam, if he doesn't see isis as a world threat then no, he will not put american forces on the ground because he doesn't think they're worth fighting, basically with american forces. but we're not talking about leading here. we're talking about embedding with jordanian forces and other
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indigenous forces there so we at the very least call for american air power and control it and watch those bombs hit isis targets. bill: you talked about language there a couple times. let's contrast some language here. this from king abdullah apparently with members of congress talking about until our military rinse out of fuel and bullets he will pursue isis. jordanian army spokesman, our punishment and revenge will be as huge as the loss of the jordanians. that's a quote as well. that one contrasted with what the president said the other day talking about this organization in the oval office with the jordanian king. listen. >> i don't know the details of the confirmations but should in fact this video be authentic, it is just one more indication the viciousness and barbarity of this organization. bill: what does that last phrase mean, this organization?
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>> of this organization. i don't understand why the president can't call it what it is. i don't understand it truly. i don't know what to say. this president does not have any red lines, truly. there is not a red line that, if crossed, the president says, hey we'll go after them and we're going to recognize this for what it is. once again if you can't recognize evil at the very least, there is no way you can fight it. and i think that's why we're stymied right now and frozen in place and relying on countries like jordan that are under major threat from inside and outside to kind of lead the way on this. i will tell you what, king abdullah sounded like president bush post-9/11, when president bush said we'll hunt you down to end of the earth and come after you. that is what king abdullah sounded like. it was righteous anger and totally warranted. bill: charles krauthamer said this is what isis wants. wants to join isis in the
6:21 am
battle. we'll talk about that later in the program. thank you for your time. duncan hunter live from capitol hill with us. 20 past. here's martha. martha: the video we've seen this week of the plane crash in taiwan is truly heart-stopping. now brand new details about what was happening inside of that doomed aircraft as it hit the side of that bridge. bill: also, he is the face of nbc news. trusted by millions. now anchor brian williams has been caught in a lie. what he says he misremembered about his time in a war zone. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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bill: we are learning more today about the horrific crash of trans-asia flight 235. a pilot on the plane calling out mayday mayday engine flameout moments before that happened right before the jet clipped that highway and went into a
6:25 am
river in taiwan. crews are battling poor visibility in the search for people still missing. 11 people are still missing. at least 32 confirmed dead so far. more than a dozen did survive. martha: a scandal rocking the "nbc nightly news." long-time anchor brian williams admitting essentially that he lied when he said that his helicopter was shot down by rpg fire a dozen years ago in iraq. williams addressed the incident last night on nightly news. >> i want to apologize. i said i was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by rpg fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. we awe landed after the ground fire incident and spent two harrowing nights in a sandstorm in the iraq desert. this was a bungled attempt by me to thank one special veteran and by extension, our brave military men and women, veterans everywhere, those who served
6:26 am
while i did not. i hope they know they have my greatest respect. >> that was it. last night, howard kurtz is fox news media analyst and the host of "mediabuzz." how bad is this for brian williams and nightly news howard? >> martha, it is very hard to fathom how a anchor of brian williams's stature and experience could tell the false story. it create ad credibility crisis for nbc news. he was right to apologize after army veterans told the "stars and stripes" newspaper that he was not on the chopper that was hit. the difficult thing here he is blaming fog of memory in conflating two events, you're in a helicopter that gets hit by rocket propelled grenade and forced to land i would think you never forget that. martha: to be clear, when he originally reported the story back in 2003 he did not claim his chopper was the one that was hit, correct. >> that is correct but over the years the story has evolved a bit. martha: taken on a new life.
6:27 am
i want to play a little bit from the original account, most recent original account that prompted the reaction online and opened up this whole can of worms. let's play that. >> the story started with a terrible moment a dozen years back during the invasion of iraq when the helicopter we were traveling in after being forced down after being hit by a rpg. our traveling nbc news team was surrounded kept alive by mechanized platoon by the army third infantry. martha: that was recent comment. he said a recent story, went into great detail about the whole thing on david letterman back in 1919, right? >> yeah. i think that is what tips the scales here if brian williams somehow had gotten confused just told the story once, as he did last week, as you just played, maybe people would be inclined to cut him a little slack although again it is hard to imagine misremembering a incident of this magnitude, but to go into it in graphic detail
6:28 am
in 2013 on the letterman show, shows that he has been telling this story more than once. and you know journalists are in the business of blowing the whistle on politicians when they embellish or exaggerate or fabricate. this is very difficult position for the guy who is the anchor of the top-rated network newscast. who has been the face of nbc news for a decade. who appears on "saturday night live." he is nbc. a lot of people's mind and it is just difficult to understand, because it was a brave thing to go to iraq right after the invasion. didn't really have to embellish it. martha: absolutely. they are downed for two nights in a dust storm and basically stranded in enemy territory until they were surrounded by u.s. military who protected them until the skies cleared enough to get out of there. all that part is true, correct. >> yes. that is harrowing ordeal. who knows when they might have been rescued. it is just as detailed but unfortunately a dramatic detail whether our copter was hit.
6:29 am
he was in another chinook. and i don't think he fully explained it. the fog of memory i think, he will need to address this more fully because so many questions are being raised the way he has recounted this. martha: do you think he does? >> if i were running nbc i think that this is not a problem that you can just ignore and hope will go away. martha: we'll see what happens. howard, thanks so much. >> thanks, martha. bill: 29 past. we're getting word what appears to be another major hack at being this time targeting the second largest health insurance company in the country. we'll have a live report what you need to know about that. martha: new reports that the u.s. is moving more assets into iraq to battle isis but president obama's pick for the secretary of defense struggling to explain exactly what our u.s. strategy is. jack keane coming up. >> i think the uh the strategy connects ends and means and our end with respect to isil needs
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>> jorred -- >> snored >> >> jordan's response and the butchering we saw by the isis' butchers is something to be expected. he has limited, capability in terms of his air and ground capability. so the fact of the matter is the good thing the people have rallied around this act and some of the opposition in his country with isis has probably dissipated or pushed into the background.
6:36 am
let's not expect any major change. you are talking about ash carter. when he looks at the strategy and i am sure he has that takes a ground force with air power to do it much like we are trying to do in iraq. we don't have that. so we don't have a strategy to destroy isis. you cannot do it with just air power. you need ground and air power. so the butchery by the butchers will continue because don't have a strategy to stop that. >> i think back to the testimony boy the pentagon and -- by -- chuck hagel before congress and they said we may have to go ask the president at some point for ground troops. we have to leave that option open because we have been given a mission to degrade and destroy isis and to carry out the mission that is what we may need to do.
6:37 am
chuck hagel is no longer there and ash carter is the one who will take the job. do you anticipate more friction between the pentagon and the administration because there is mixed motives? >> there is no accident we are on the fourth secretary of defense during the administration. there is no other cabinet official that has gone through this turmoil. yes, i believe it will continue. here is the issue: the obama administration places making a deal are iran over nuclear weapons much more important. they will never say they. turkey jordan saudi arabia have been pushing us to put a no-fly zone in saudi arabia so the free syrian army can be free
6:38 am
and we develop a ground force but he refused to do that. and i am sure it is because iran, who is propping up syria is trying to make that goal of the nuclear deal which is more important to isis to them. >> you are talking about the central issue of the administration's take on this. let's look at it to see where they are coming from. are they suggesting iran is the lesser of the two evils? islamic radicalism on and pervasive in so many areas and creeping into more. and then you have iran. are they betting if you can get iran on your side they can help defeat the islamist in the region.
6:39 am
is that your bet? >> when this administration came in, i was convinced, although their policy was unstated, that their policy with iran was to make a deal and if iran got nuclear weapons they would be able to contain them. and they never intended to use military force or to do anything that would encourage israel to use military force. i believe that has been the policy since the outset. that would say iran is a fighting state and has been trying to kill the united states for 35 years and they are the world number one state sponsor of terrorism but despite all of that the administration puts iran way ahead of dealing with isis. >> if that is the case they need to state the strategy and let
6:40 am
the other muslim allies off the hook on the coalition. senator lindsay graham is coming up on the show to talk about the iran factor in this. thank you, jack keane. good talking to you. we have the audio calls from the commuter train and the car collision in new york city that killed six people. focus is turning to the driver of the suv. witnesses say she got out of her car as the gates came down got back in and toward the train. >> i need three more engines at this location. we have a fully involved train. i don't know how many patients at this point. why don't you put five ambulances on it at the moment if you can spare it. >> 15 others were injured and ntsb is now part of the
6:41 am
investigation. you know very well known in her home town and her husband heart heartbroken as you can imagine. so a lot of sorrow after that. very sad story. how about this this morning. the unemployment rate is the big headline every month but one ceo is calling the number a big lie and pulling back the curtain on how it is established. and an inmate finding the easy way to break out of jail and walking out the front door and then run for it. >> i am out of here! introducing preferred rewards from bank of america the new banking rewards program that rewards our customers, every day. you'll get things like rewards bonuses on credit cards... extra interest on a savings account... preferred pricing on merrill edge online trades and more... across your banking and investing
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yesterday, a few miles away at another park a child picked up the bomb and was doused with acid. >> we are not releasing too much information about the device other than it is a plastic bottle and leaving it at that. >> the injured child is expected to be okay and deputies are stepping up patrols and asking the public to report any suspicious activity. 278,000 applying for unemployment rate. in december the jobless rate was 5.6%. the report of january comes out tomorrow. the chairman and ceo of gallop the polling agency says this is a phony report. he writes "the official unemployment rate that overlooks
6:46 am
the long-term and the depressingly under employed amounts to a big lie" the ceo and chairman of gallop is here. how are you doing? >> doing great. >> tell me about the big lie. what is it? >> if i could do it over again bill we might call it very misleading. the point is the number is so messy. it might be the most important metric in the united states of america and the world -- how many people are working. it mixes part-time and full-time and of course what the great american dream is to have a good job not a crappy job. >> or an average job. you write the big lie has consequences. what are the consequences? >> the number of full-time jobs and that is what everybody wants, as a percent of the total population is the lowest it has ever been.
6:47 am
that is what that number doesn't show. the consequences of that -- at the recession we lost 13 million jobs. only 3 million have come back and you cannot see that in the number. the other misleading thing is the when the number comes out, the more people that drop out the better the number gets. so we might add 250,000 jobs. but what reporters or the administration or wall street doesn't ask next is how many people dropped out? it might be 500,000. it actually makes the unemployment number better when they drop out. >> 11.2% is the number we have of under employeeemployed. you write this.: when they stop
6:48 am
reflecting this we will wonder what hollowed out the middle class and what is missing in the middle class. is that the case? >> i think so. what will fix america overnight is we need ten million jobs. but not the new jobs we are measuring them fixed by. you will hear wall street saying we have had more success with unemployment than in 30 years. but if we could add as a minimum 10 million real jobs the middle class is back. it would be better to add 20 million but 10 million would fix it. >> we hear this a lot from the colleagues at fox business. and stuart varney has been talking about this for years now. it leads to the next question
6:49 am
and that is what are the political leaders, that have a direct impact on this what are they doing to correct this if the middle class is being hallowed out. >> new business start ups is one area that is low. it is the lowest it has been in 20 years or ever. america isn't starting businesses anymore. we need about 500,000 while 400,000 died. four years ago those lines crossed. now we are in very dangerous waters. but those full-time unemployment jobs will never come back until free enterprise and the spirit of entrepreneurship kicks back in. >> that is a big challenge. we will post the article on our website. you write the white house is trying to score political points
6:50 am
and wall street trying to keep you in the market. from gallop jim clifton. thank you. personal data of tens of thousands might have been exposed through obamacare. >> and more on the prisoners released for bowe bergdahl. >> i would ask you to tell us and make a commitment to this committee that you will not sucomb to any pressure by the administration to increase the pace of transfers from guantanamo bay. will you commit to that?
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>> an inmate accused of strolling out of jail didn't get far. you see him walking out and making a dash for it. he was back in court and family members as well were there accused of hiding him. his mother step-father and girlfriend being held on a million bond in north carolina. the second largest health insurance company in america is suffering from a major attack. an ansom announced their database was breached and possibly tens of thousands of people's
6:55 am
information came out. >> this might be one of the largest data breaches of an insurance company. 80 million according to anthem were stolen. they immediately reported the broach to the fbi and investigators say there is no evidence of any credit or medical information was targeted by the hackers. you can see this breach is up there with the largest over the last few years. exper experion, ebay and home depot at 56 million and every note at 50 million. some of the insurance brands that were affected is blue cross blue shields in new york, california and a dozen other states. >> this is probably the tip of the iceberg in the long term.
6:56 am
what is anthem doing about this? >> the fbi is involved and investigating. they are still looking into who did this and how they accessed the database. anthem is providing free credit monitoring and identification profection. they are eaching out to the 80 million individuals by mail. it was said in a statement, anthem's customers information was taken and so was mine even. the fbi is praising them for reaching out immediately and saying it will likely help track down who is responsible. the whoit house is standing by to see what jordan needs but
6:57 am
are they hesitant to take on jordan because of iran? and a whole new saga about to unfold in a texas courtroom as kyle bradley's killer begins trial. is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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alan westlen west
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the obama administration is beefing up the military presence in iraq to beat isis and speed up the rescuing of choppers going down in those areas for obvious reason. good morning. i am martha maccallum. >> and i am bill hemmer. fox news is con firming that jordan launched new airstrikes in a town of syria considered to the capital of the islamic state after video of a jordanian being burned alive sent shock waves
7:01 am
across the country and the world. jordan is considering airstrikes as well. critics are saying air can only do so much >> when ash carter looks at the strategy to defeat isis it takes a ground power to do that. we don't have that. we don't have a strategy to destroy isis. >> jennifer griffin is life at the pentagon. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, bill. a senior defense offense confirms that one strike with jordan jordan jordan jordanaian aircraft took place this morning. they would not say what was included in the strike but lots of firing. the united states moved more search and rescue assets into
7:02 am
iraq in response by a request from the uae who is not flying >> there is still an important role for the uae to play in this commission. >> we will not confirm reports about other countries and their military operation. >> in jordan the flighter jets returned returned returned safely and before returning home they flew over the town where the pilot was found. finally, we learned isis played the video showing the jordanian man being alived on large outdoor movie screens to the public in the capital of their state. >> there is concern the white house may have been holding up
7:03 am
military hardware for jordan because president obama wants a nuclear deal with iran. south carolina senator lindsay graham is joining us now calling that a mistake. >> the deal we are thinking about with iran is north korea in the making. and the arabs and the israelis are not going to let them have a nuclear ability contained only by the un. obama is about to create a nuclear arms race by wanting with a deal with the iranians so badly he is about the make the bad deal of a lifetime. >> let's talk about more this. thank you for being here. he is asking for more hope and the congressmen in the meeting said he is not getting what he needs and it is stuck in channels.
7:04 am
you say the big reason is the president isn't going or won't give it to him because of the deal are iran. >> the president not forming a ground force to deal with syria and no arab is going to join the fight to fight isis alone because they will not defeat them and allow the puppet of the iranians to stay in control. we should be liberating syria from isis and domination seen by assad. he is the best friend in the world, the king of jordan that is he is a moderate, good muslim man who has a peace treaty with israel and that is why isis hates him. this president is putting our
7:05 am
allies at risk and allowing radical islam to run wild throughout the middle east. >> what you are saying is you have two forces. iran and radical islam. and it sounds like the president is willing to let them duke it out and he is putting his thumb on the scale on the side of iran. am i wrong about that? >> you are dead right about it. they are taking our commander in chief to the cleaners when it comes to the nuclear discussions. they have delayed it and have sanctions release. as we negotiate about the program they are building them and influenced four arab capitals and more are on the way. the problem with the strategy is turkey said we will help you with isil only if you will deal with assad. no arab army is going on the
7:06 am
ground in syria to deal with this unless we deal with the puppet of iran. they fear iran. >> which takes us back to the red line, senator graham because we know he said if the red line is crossed and chemicals are used. and hilary clinton and the president said that government is about to be toppled but then it didn't happen because iran came to the side of syria and they are running syria basically now. >> dead right. an agent of the iranian regime and flighters flew in to save him. three years ago his entire international committee team recommended a free zone to train and free the syrian army. iran sent in fighters and hezbollah flowed in and isis
7:07 am
created a vacuum made by the decision of the president not to help the free syrian army. when obama didn't leave force in iraq, it allowed isis and al-qaeda to generate. but you cannot protect the area where isis has a such a large say haven. >> many think this wouldn't have happened if we had not gone into iraq in the first place. >> all i can say to those that believe that is we were attacked on september 11th 2011. bin laden was given a safe haven. and we had no money sent to afghanistan or an embassy and had a hands-off policy and
7:08 am
al-qaeda attacked our country. radical islam is about destroying their faith, per purifying their faith, making everyone bend to their will, destroying israel and coming to get us. it has nothing to do with guantanamo bay israel or anything else. those who believe we are the problem don't understand what radical islam is all about >> senator lindsay graham thank you very much. always good to have you with us. >> short time ago, president obama speaking at the national prayer breakfast remarking about the brutality of isis while avoiding the term radical islam. >> you see isis is a brutal, vicious death cult that in the name of religion carries out unspeakable acts terrorizing
7:09 am
religious minorities subjecting women to rape as a weapon of war, and claiming the mantle of religious authority for such action. >> bret baier is the anchor of special report. good morning to you. he went on to say humanity has been fighting these questions since history. and remember during the crusades people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ. i would guess bill has a lot to say about that. >> i am sure a lot of people while -- will -- have a lot to say about the equivalent of the phrase. this white house is going out of their way to make sure everyone know this isn't a fight against islam and avoiding the word radical islamic terrorist or
7:10 am
extremist. having talked to people in the region there is a doubt about what to call isis. they don't want to give it any props in that area of the world. they don't want to say in arabic extremist means you are extreme followers of allah and they want to downplay it. they came up with dash and a number of different things and are trying to get to one word that translates well. but the president is going out of his way to use radical terrorism. he used death cult though. >> on september 10th he talked about america is best when the president and congress work together. on the state of the union speech
7:11 am
he said i call on the world to pass the force against isis bill. who is pushing here? is this a standstill now? >> this is the most amazing thing in washington. you have this fight going on. you have jordan set to lead the way and congress and the administration can't get on the same page on an authorization for the use of force. right now, it appears congress may move the ball forward before the administration does. and that is pretty unique considering that usually it is the executive branch that moves things forward. >> true story. we will see you at 6 o'clock brett on special report. >> thanks bill. >> the house voted again to repeal obamacare and now republicans are unveiling their plan to replace the president's signature law and we will break it down. and chris kyle was
7:12 am
criticized for calling militants saverages in his own writing but now we saw them burn a man alive what would you call isis? plus what a 911 operator told a teenage caller as her father laid dying after a hit-and-run. >> okay. let's stop whining. it is hard to understand you. two people were struck and they are breathing. >> yeah. >> okay. >> what kind of injuries do they have? >> i am not sure. one has something on her hip.
7:13 am
captain obvious: i probably wouldn't stay here tonight. man: thanks, captain obvious. captain obvious: i'd get a deal for tonight with deals for tonight from and you might want to get that pipe fixed.
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7:16 am
we are working together to craft what we believe would be a better approach with regard to health care for the american people than obamacare. so there will be one alternative? >> there will be an alternative you will get to see it. >> speaker boehner delivering on the promise with the plan from the republicans being released. here is the chairmen. keeping the tax cretdits for the poor but they will scrap the mandates saying "every american will be able to access a health care plan but no american is forced to have health insurance they don't want" tucker carter
7:17 am
is here. the republican asked for the -- the president asked for the republican alternative and bret baier as well. what do you think of it? >> there is probably going to be a lot of republican alternatives. obamacare is not fully implemented and not poplar so it is natural for a couple replacements. the backdrop of this is the supreme court decision that will come down and possibly invalidate obamacare. they are not going to challenge the obamacare requirement that insurance companies cover people who are already sick. the pre-existing condition part because that is poplar in the polls. the problem is that makes health care much more expensive. when you require them to cover pre-existing conditions it isn't insurance any more it is a form of charity. so that means you have to find a way to pay for that charity and
7:18 am
the way obamacare does is my forcing everybody to buy in. forcing young, healthy people to subsidize older, sicker people. >> if that is the case, everybody is going to have to pay more to make up for the fact some people are not into the pool, which we know a lot of people are not. >> that is right. and the other problem is all of these treatment mandate and they vary by state but every state has them. they are the product of furious lobbying by companies. companies have gotten the federal government to require the rest of us to discover their service. it is a great deal for them but not consumers. if you are a 24-year-old man and paying for infertility treatments and you are wondering why you are doing that it is because of a lobbyist fighting
7:19 am
to require that. you will have to fight them and that is a tough battle. >> cross bordering purchasing and tort reform were poplar a long time ago in a previous presidential election and we don't hear much about them from the republican side anymore. >> no you don't. it is hard to see why. lobbying is almost always the answer to any question about why things are happening in washington. but tort reform is a basic. talk to any physician and that is the first thing he will tell you is we are paying too much for insurance because lawyers are getting rich on us. this is obvious. i think you will see both of those in the republican plans. >> any viability for one plan coming forward that people can pinpoint and say that is the gop plan and the president will not be able to say they didn't give me an alternative?
7:20 am
>> i think they will get their act together. they were put back in charge i would say largely because of obamacare and they need to come up with a plan that most republicans can get on board with. there are a bunch of different ones under construction and it will become clear over the next months. >> a senate committee is looking for clarification on a plan for gitmo as we await new information on the prisoner swap that brought bowe bergdahl home. and sports illustrated is raising the bar with their new swim suit edition and making fashion history. >> looking forward to that history. >> i bet you are! ♪ nineteen years ago, we thought "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?"
7:21 am
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7:24 am
there is double trouble in mexico with two volcanos blowing their top at the same time. left of the screen is south of new mexico city. that one sent 3,000 feet of ash in the area. the other is north of the mexican capital. jury selection starts for the jury selection of the man who murdered chris kyle. he is charged with shooting him at a gun range two years ago. his defense team is worried the film might make it difficult to find a pair and impartial jury. what questions will the defense ask?
7:25 am
>> they are choosing from a pool of 1800 people and have to narrow are down to 14 12 jurors and 2 alternates. one of the first questions they will be asked is have they seen this controversial movie and nay are being asked if they have read chris kyle's book. and we understand if they answer yes to the questions it doesn't mean they will automatically be disqualified but because the case is so high profile lawyers could have a challenge on their hand. the 27-year-old iraq war veteran is accused of gunning down kyle and a friend at a gun range two years ago. opening statements plan to start next week and the trial going two weeks. >> they plan to argue insanity.
7:26 am
is that correct? >> they will not seek the death penalty and they claim he is suffering from ptsd. but chris kyle's wife says it doesn't cause someone to snap and go on a killing spree. she is frustrated the press is giving time to this defense. >> i understand the media reporting that because they would like everyone to believe that. it is like an excuse to hang this. >> the lawyer requested a change of venue but the judge hasn't granted that at this point. >> watching from here and in dallas. thank you casey stegeal. the president is raising eyebrows this morning at the prayer breakfast talking about violence done in the name of religion -- when we have seen way too much. but then he said something that will get a lot of attention and
7:27 am
we will talk about it with dan parino. and what the minivan in this picture might tell us about apple's next ambition. look closely now. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda.
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7:29 am
a >> this is a test.
7:30 am
>> this is a test. bill: we mention this a moment ago, the president addressing violence in the name of religion at this morning's prayer breakfast, saying that plenty of evil things have been done in the name of christ throughout history. >> we have been grappling with these questions throughout human history. and unless we get on our high horse and think that this is unique to some other place remember that during the
7:31 am
crusade, people committed terrible things in the name of crisis. in our home country slavery and jim crow all too often was justified. bill: talking with us now is our friend from "the five." martha: i don't think this is the kind of surprise that we have had. and we expected him to be different at this point. bill: you find that he tries to draw this?
7:32 am
all the time throughout history. >> i think that in his way he is trying to lead the world in his way and i'm just saying that the way that he sees it is to say that we are not totally pure let's work together and move on and we were not going to be -- the we we are not going to have crusades anymore. and it's unfortunate that that was the language that we had used. and so that as a comparison is not fair. i think it is untrue. but it is the way that he sees the world. bill: is it smart to have that kind of message? when there are innocent people
7:33 am
and it seems like a message that is entirely tone deaf. >> at least president obama is consistent. we have been talking about why the white house refuses to say radical islam and the world is crying out for some other kind of -- please, lead us. if you don't stand up, america who else is going to to and i think that this is a missed opportunity and i also think that he is entirely consistent in his speaking. bill: are you okay with that? >> i don't agree with that but i have accepted that the president sees the world that way. bill: this is what he said two days ago in the oval office. listen to the final phrase.
7:34 am
>> i don't know the details of the confirmations but should this video be authentic, it is one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization. bill: this organization is the phrase at the end. >> he could have used an adjective. bill: the question is this an intentional speech? >> i think that is a missed opportunity to say terrorist organization when we are referring to isis or al qaeda or boko haram. but i do think even when he is in the oval office, when he says, can you please help us -- he should say that, as greg said on the show where is winston
7:35 am
churchill? at this time we are facing the biggest terrorist threat that the world has ever seen and we have this lethal and brutal situation of the jordanian pilots and the world has been looking for that person and it is not the president of the united states. martha: where does that leave us in two years? >> i don't think we have the luxury of waiting. bill: we might have to based on this analysis here. >> i think that that would be a horrible and terrible mistake. if we look back at the transition from 2008 until 2091 president obama took over there had been a terrible situation leading up to those two years. but that got fixed that was solved. it wasn't perfect, but it was much better. the precipitous with all is leading to isis being able to proliferate as it has.
7:36 am
the same thing could happen in afghanistan because we were on that path. if the president really wants to ensure a good legacy, he will make sure that he believes the next president with all the tools that they need in a better situation than they found it. and they have about 18 months to fix it. bill: it will be interesting to see how josh earnest manages that. martha: the high horse is certainly an interesting comment. bill: great to have you on the show. we will see you at 5:00 o'clock. martha: a hearing under way on the administration's policy on get gitmo. the guantánamo bay detention facility since that controversial deal is being looked at. catherine herridge joins us live with more on this today. reporter: that's right today we
7:37 am
are 40 minutes into the hearing and what is clear is that the obama administration has wrapped up the pace and increase the risk that it is willing to tolerate to get the detention camps close. they must certify every transfer in the interest of u.s. security and make measures be in place that the detainees will return to the battlefield. in many cases these are not transferred but ultimately releases of detainees into a country. one example is the taliban treated for certain bowe bergdahl. they are not under house arrest. the incoming secretary of defense is already under scrutiny from republicans. >> he will not allow the release of someone that you think could reengage in terrorism so that our men and women in uniform will be confronted with them again. >> i do, senator, i understand my responsibilities under that statute. and as in everything else that i do, i will play that absolutely
7:38 am
straight. martha: we have had a major headline in that hearing tour lawmakers have her testimony that the decision, which allow the president and his administration to bypass congress to not give them the 30 days notice that is required for the transfer of the taliban that legal decision was made by eric holder and a lawyer within the justice department. critics will say once again that this is an example of this being a kind of firewall for the president. martha: that's very interesting and no doubt that we will want to learn more about that transaction. what about the argument that is being made? >> ahead of "lidar"'s policy has talked about the execution of hostages by isis this week including the jordanian pilot muath al-kaseasbeh who was burned alive. and these hostages are all wearing these orange jumpsuits that were worn by gitmo when
7:39 am
they arrive to the camp but are no longer worn. >> there is no evidence >> each of the victims clothed in an orange jumpsuit. reporter: here is where the argument falls down. these jumpsuits worn at the prison in iraq so it's not so simple to blame it on guantánamo then senator mccain has asked the defense department to provide specific examples of how this is used in pop propaganda rather than these blanket statements. martha: thank you, catherine herridge. bill: critics blasting chris kyle in regards to his book and the movie "american sniper." what would you call him? we will have that next. martha: and the girl's father
7:40 am
lay dying in the street after a hit-and-run and someone tells her to stop whining. >> let's stop whining. it's hard to understand you. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. [ m'm... ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. stable on a 911 operator to tell a teenager to stop whining as she tried to get help or her father and her fiancé. a hit-and-run driver struck the couple while they were changing a tire on a maryland highway. >> are they conscious right now? and two people were struck? >> yes -- [inaudible] >> stop whining, it's hard to understand you. two people were struck and they are breeding? >> yes. >> okay, what kind of injuries they have to [inaudible] bill: the girl's father was killed, his fiancée had multiple broken bones.
7:44 am
the fire department saying that the operator should have chosen his words more carefully. >> you everything you might've seen things were done some things over there that you wish you had not? >> bow, that's not me, no. >> what is not you? >> i was just protecting my guys that were trying to kill our soldiers, and i'm willing to meet my creator and answer to it. martha: chris kyle facing a lot of racism from liberals, he served four tours in iraq, saving the lives of countless american soldiers. recent vicious acts from isis. showing just how brave terrorists have become isis is known for stoning women raping women and girls, public crucifixions they have carried out in the street and we have seen pictures of it bearing children alive as well as beheading and including two american journalists.
7:45 am
james foley and steven sotloff. this week earning a jordanian pilot alive, reaching a new level of depravity. chuck is a fellow at the center for national policy and the president of solidarity strategies. monica crowley is it an opinion editor and a fox news contributor. welcome to both of you and thank you for being here. it struck me in thinking about the conversation that has happened surrounding american sniper and those who called out chris kyle for using the word savages when he referred to the members of al qaeda and iraq and the people that were carrying out the ied bombings of american soldiers. he called them savages. in looking at the acts that we have seen over the last several months, and it is difficult to sort of square those two things. what are your thoughts on that? >> well, i think that chris kyle was given a job he was sent
7:46 am
into a horrible situation to protect our freedoms. when you have seen what we have seen over the last few weeks in the middle east it makes you think that there's a lot of really bad things going on. i do not want to use a broad brush to paint all muslims as bad people. we need to make sure that we have safety in this country and i think there is an extreme that can take it on both sides too far. martha: let's take a look at the quote from the book "american sniper." people have been going back and pulling specific pieces of it out. i want to share this with you. savage despicable evil he writes. that is what we are fighting in iraq. that is why a lot of people and myself included called the enemy savages. there was really no other way to describe what we encountered there. monica, when you think about the scenes from the movie, you can understand where he was coming from. >> of course. chris kyle and so many others, thousands and thousands of american servicemen and women
7:47 am
have come face to face with this brutal, savage enemy. when you are dealing with an enemy of this nature it is kill them before they can kill you and that is exactly what chris kyle was talking about. how refreshing to hear those words, talking about savagery, talking about this, i wish that we had more of that language being used by leadership now in dealing with this enemy. we need to be talking about the enemy precisely and more importantly than the rhetoric we actually need to be fighting this war the way that chris kyle was fighting it. the way that the jordanians are fighting it. you take one of ours, we will take two of yours. that is the way that this enemy meets to be handled and thought if we have any chance of defeating them. martha: chris kyle was also criticized for shooting people in the back we heard that from michael moore come up and along those lines from seth rogan. when you take a look at what he was up against and what he's trying to protect people from and you look at the savage acts carrying out here it's a little
7:48 am
bit hard to understand people having too much of a problem trying to protect american soldiers in the field. >> let me be clear he had a job to do, he had a job to protect everyone here, the problem with our country is less than 1% of our people actually serve in the military. they don't realize that go along with the campaigns and what they are doing, getting in the car, they drink their coffee, they don't realize the things of war that are horrific. i see people come back everyday with poster mattock stress disorder. the main part we need to make sure that the soldiers get the funding that they need when they return so they can be recognized as the heroes they are. martha: i don't know if you were the comments of the president mean when he talked about the violence we have seen. he made a reference to the crusades and said that unless we get on our high horse we have to remember what was done across history in the name of christ. i am paraphrasing, but i believe that is true to the nature of his statement. what do you think about that?
7:49 am
>> it does not surprise me because we have been hearing them while at one from the president since the day he entered office and it's not surprising. what is particularly despicable is to compare the current barbarism that we are seeing come out of groups like isis with medieval christianity, and by the way, these crusades were in a way to turn back invaders, let's get history right about this. it is still typical of the left. what they do whether they are attacking chris kyle, trying to draw this moral equivalency, is make juices were the enemy or putting the burden on the united states that somehow it is our fault and we brought it on ourselves, we ought to be behaving better, instead of turning our fire literally and rhetorically onto these savage enemies of humanity. martha: that is a big point well made. thank you so much both of you, for being here today. bill: jenna lee is coming up.
7:50 am
happening now is coming your way in about 11 minutes. jenna: jordan launches fresh airstrikes against isis new crimes committed by the terror group. and call for aid to jordan are growing. we have fox team coverage on that and in-depth analysis. plus, jeb bush in the spotlight with profiles from "the wall street journal" and "washington post", the new message from the former governor. that coming up at the top of the hour. bill: thank you. there is a mystery on the streets of california. what is going on with apple reign a mystery van might hold the answer for a company that loves to keep a secret. ♪ ♪
7:51 am
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martha: a mysterious man driving around with strange equipment sprouting from the roof. bill: they are now linked to the company apple, but what would apple be working on? editor at large and chief correspondent, lands thank you for being with us. >> thank you. bill: what are they doing with this? >> i hate to dowse everyone's hopes, but this is not about self driving cars. a lot of people are like oh, my gosh and there is even a patina kind of points in that direction, but it's more about putting computers in cars. i'm not saying that people are not working on self driving cars, but i don't think apple is. this car has all the earmarks of something that is for apple maps. they are trying to get a's street view, google does this apple does this, they take pictures of the street.
7:55 am
people notice something interesting. it's something called "lidar" it makes a 3-d depth sensing map. you do that and then imagine images overlaid on top of a 3-d rendered platform. bill: google did this and they got a lot of publicity. so you think we are misreading this? >> everything we know about this technology -- it points to that. and it really doesn't make sense for apple apple is interested in technology, but they don't do certain things like google does, like bo let's build a robotic car, that is not their place. bill: there is a lot of money in these maps, whether it is google or microsoft or apple. >> that's right, google and
7:56 am
apple have had this weird relationship. it used to be that google was the default map and then they got pushed aside in favor of apple's own which initially was terrible. but it's much better now. bill: apple is not going to make a car, okay. martha, what is next? martha: jordan saying they are opening up the gates of hell pounding islamic state militants in air raids in retaliatiretaliati on for the barbaric act of terrorism that we saw this week. the king is vowing a harsh war against isis
7:57 am
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i'm sold! he's a selling machine! put it there. and there, and there, and there. la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta! martha: it is that time of the year, you know, sports illustrated pushing the envelope. not leaving very much to the imagination. it features hannah davis answering the question how low can you go. she has the answer to that
8:00 am
question. it also features the first-ever plus size model, ashley graham, who was wearing a bathing suit and looking fantastic herself. bill: it's like limbo. martha: unbelievable. have a great day everyone. "happening now" starts right now stay for two major stories that we are following right now jordan striking back at isis in a major way. after king novella about to raise war on the terror group until the military ran out of alleged, this is retaliation for the savage murder of their captured pilot. is the u.s. military moves more assets into a rack to fight the terrorists. nato leaders meeting in brussels with plans to defund the rapid


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