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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  February 8, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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we've done eight hours of television. we're going to do a few more minutes on fox and >> we'll do it. have a great sunday with your family. thanks for watching. >> see you next week. good morning. allies united against isis. hi everyone. i'm maria bartiromo. welcome to "sunday morning futures." jordan pounding isis target this is morning. uae back in the battle supplying more planes. now how should americans add our own muscle sot fight against isis? we're covering this story throughout the program with con gregs and will military guests. gop presents the plan to erase obama care. is it better or likely to pass? we'll discuss that and a lot more coming up. full court press by the west
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to end the russian ukraine conflict. how far did they get? we'll take a look and talk to a business man with an insider 's view of how corrupt post communist russia really is. he barely escaped with his life. others, not so lucky. he'll tell us his first hand story as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." and jordan continues to pound isis strong holds this morning. not believing the terror group's claim the jordanian air strike has killed u.s. hostage kayla mueller. meanwhile the president plans to formally ask congress to authorize the use of military force against isis in the coming days. what should the u.s. response be now? congressman is with me, chairman of the house judiciary committee. thanks. >> hi mar weather. >> when we hear from the president to authorize the use of military forces, what do you think that force should look
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like? >> i believe for a long time the current authorization for use of military force in iraq more than a dozen years old, is out of date, needs to be replaced. we should take a careful look at what the president presents to us recognizing it's a good thing jordan and some of the gulf states and others in the middle east are recognizing they're on the front lines. threat is to them. they should step up. we should support them, and we should give the president appropriate authority to do that support. now, one of the big questions of course will be what about boots on the ground. again, we've got to be careful not to tie the president's hands. we do not want to have major u.s. military ground forces placed back in an area where we think others should be stepping up and taking the lead. targeted strikes and rescue missions and a whole host of other activities, spotters on
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the ground and so on. we need to give the president some flexibility in this area. we need to look carefully at appropriate authorization of use of military force. >> the u.s. has been carrying out air strikes against isis in syria and iraq since august. has it worked? >> it's helped. we've turned them back in a few places. we've seen some towns recovered by kurdish forces and other forces in the area. obviously more needs to be done. i think that some of the terrorist acts they have taken place burning jordanian air force officers in a cage may be a reflection of their desperation more than it is simply their bar barety. i think this is a battle against islamic radical terrorists. we need to make sure we're doing our part. it's not just happening in the
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middle east. fbi director comey said they have active isis collaborators in 49 states. this is something we can't simply allow to say it's going to happen some place else. we need to be involved. >> congressman. i want to hear about the idea of cyber security and internet terrorism. stay with us. let's dig deep they are the scope of jordan's fight against isis. good morning eric. >> good morning maria and everyone. it has a king also an attack held continuer pilot who will not hesitate to strike back. king abdullah is leading from the front. a monarch in a flight suit, a potent defiance against isis.
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he served in the army and flew cobra helicopters in the air force. he is taking the fight directly against isis. >> we'll do whatever it takes to fight this organization and defeat this organization. we think this is the best of our country. of course we strongly agree other countries in the region as well as the international region must shoulder part of the responsibility. >> jordan vows a quote, relentless war against isis and carried out four days of air strikes in the revenge of burning of its pilot despite dwarfed by larger militaries. the country ranks 67th in military strength with defense budget of 150000. it can field 110,000 military personnel. they have 74 fighters or interceptors or 42 fixed wing attack aircraft.
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jordan continues to rule out sending boots on the ground. even though iraq and syria arab and persian gulf neighbors can field armies of more than 1 million troops against the islamic state but for now have no plans to do that. >> i think nobody is talking about troops on the ground. the idea about boots on the ground is that we will help the iraqi military. >> jordan says since the unforgivable video was released, it's launched 56 strikes against isis and thrown 946 out of total of 5500 coalition air strikes just under 20%. on the jordanian bomb hanging under a jet fighter before the mission against isis had one simple message. it said for you, the enemies of islam. maria? >> thanks very much eric shawn. congressman, you have been a
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leader in terms of internet and technology issues on your committee. let me get your take on expectations for cyber terrorism and whether or not this is an area that you think isis will next pursue. >> well, it is certainly something that various elements of terrorist organizations have pursued and the united states needs to step up its game. greater cooperation between government agencies, greater cooperation between private companies and the government in making sure that cyber attacks of various kinds of repulsed. we need to make sure our intelligence organizations have the ability to gather the information they need but not at the expense of the civil liberties of law a biding citizens. we passed a good bill through congress last year to take up again this year offered by congressman that said i think the right guidelines barred the government from collection of
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meta data but gave them the opportunity to do what they need to gather the information to investigate terrorist plots that can take place in the united states and elsewhere in the world. >> congressman, lay out the next two days when president asks congress for authority for more military force. how does this play out this upcoming week? >> we should take that and look at it very carefully. i don't think we need to rush into giving a very quick response. remember the president has had a mixed record here. he did not seek authorization for use of military force to go to libya. many complications have insued from that. he thought authorization to go into syria against the current syrian government. that got a negative response from the congress. i think there's more open mindedness now about finding the right balance here in terms of giving him authority he needs without us stepping out in front of these middle eastern nations
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like jordan that need to take the lead in protecting their region and in fighting isis. we should be strong supporters of what they're doing. >> jordan is one of a handful of middle eastern countries that joined the fight against isis. are you expecting that number to increase? >> i certainly hope it will because they clearly are the ones that are on the front lines. this kind of radical terrorism is not what i think they want the world to see about the middle east. there have been muslim clerics around the world speaking out against the horrific acts taken by isis and we need to get their help in pushing back on this because this is a long term problem with extremism trying to take hold. not just in the middle east. we saw it in france recently and seen it in the the united states again. we'll see it again if we're not proactive combatting it.
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>> thanks for joining us today. see you soon. >> thanks. republicans have a plan b for obama care. what are the details? how is their replacement different from the affordable care act? we'll talk about that next. follow me on twitter twitter @mariabartiromo. let us know what you'd like to hear from the senator. send me a tweet. stay with us as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." can this decadent, fruit topped pastry... ...with indulgent streusel crumble, be from... fiber one. fiber one streusel. you're here to buy a car. what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model so all you have to do is search for the car you want there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute.
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for those living up to 300% above the poverty line, allowing insurance companies to sell state plan across state lines, repealing the individual mandate. kids can stay on their parent's plans until they're 26 years old. pre-existing conditions are covered unless you let your coverage lapse under the gop plan. john is joining us. he's on the appropriations committee and energy committee. senator, good to have you on the program. >> good to be with you. >> what is the replacement to obama care do you think? >> it's a good plan. it's about empowering people rather than government. we're going to have to have another plan. i hope flst support both in the congress and on the part of administration to go to this kind of approach. >> what kind of impact have you seen so far from anticipation of obama care or implementation of
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obama care? >> your question -- >> what types of impact have you seen in terms of businesses the economy, people's lives? >> i mean higher cost. not only for businesses but individuals in terms of their health care insurance. the kind of plan we're talking about provides more competition and brings health care cost down and gives people more choice. >> what would you like to see in terms of priorities for the budget. the president released budget. what's your response many terms of what he's likely to do in terms of raising taxes and creating more revenue for things like education and infrastructure projects? >> well his budget is a real problem. i don't believe it's going anywhere in congress. 2.4 trillion in more spending. 8.5 trillion over ten years in more debt for this country. that makes it harder for entrepreneurs and small
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businesses to create jobs and grow the economy. that's not what americans want. that's why congress is not going that direction. we're going to reduce the regulatory burden and stimulate our economy and encourage job creation for businesses across the great country. >> how does the obama care replacement plan do that? >> well the -- it helps by giving more choice, more competition, reducing the regulatory burden not only helping our businesses in terms of reducing cost giving them more options but for individuals as well. that's the kind of thing thattic mas our economy go. when you make it easier to do business, you create more jobs. when you make it more expensive that hurts job creation. >> let me move on to the keystone pipeline which you have been pushing passage for. i want to start with north dakota. north dakota of course is a very big oil producing state, producing more than a million
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barrels of oil a day second largest oil producing state. what has been the impact on the state of this sharp selloff in the price of oil we've seen in the last year? >> maria, starts to see slow down. obviously the price of oil now over $50 a barrel. actually, we're locked in a global competition to see who's going to supply energy globally. opec, russia, now the united states. we're battling for market share. we have to continue to help build our industry in this country. so far we've seen some slow down in our state, not too much. how much more depends on what happens with the price. >> right. is it fair so say the rise in supply whether the shale revolution in america or opec and non opec countries. that's the reason oil prices have come down so much? >> maria without question one thing i often see, opec didn't decide to give us a christmas present this year. the reason prices are dropping over the last year from $3.27 a
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gallon to $2.17 a gallon is because we're producing so much more energy. that's how it works f. we continue to grow our energy base in this country, we become energy secure and reduce the price at the pump for consumers. the benefit they've receive sod far if it were a tax cut would be equal to more than $100 billion in the consumer's pocket. >> you've talked about the importance to the keystone pipeline. the president continues to say he's going to veto this. what are you going to do if the president vetoes this in the next couple of weeks? >> that's the great irony. we're producing more energy strengthening our country, benefitting businesses throughout our economy. on one hand the president takes credit for hit and on the other hand he is trying to block it. we have to build the business climate to produce more energy
7:19 am
not less in north dakota. we don't have to depend on opec stronger economy and stronger country. >> the oil is going to get here by hook or crook. it's only going to come on rail cars as opposed to coming through the pipeline. we're seeing pay capacity congestion on the tracks right because oil is transported on rail car? >> you make a great point. that oil has got to move by rail or pipe line f. it moves by rail, that's 1400 rail cars a day which creates more congestion, risk of accident and that kind of thing. it blocks movement of other goods. the safest way to do it the most cost effective way with the best environmental stewardship is proper infrastructure, right mix of pipelines, rail roads. >> senator, good to have you on the program. we'll watch the developments. thanks so much. >> thanks maria. what will pit take to make
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president putin change his ways? an author that knows post russia inside and out is next on "sunday morning futures." your daughter has a brilliant idea for her science project. and you could make it happen. right? wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough in patient treatment that could save thousands of lives. which means you need a diverse team of advisors helping you. from research data analytics all the way to transformation of clinical care. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done.
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welcome back. germany is balking at appeals by ukraine for weapons to fight russian backed rebel separatists. chancellor angela merkel expressing little optimism of peace talks. having done business with the most powerful player, the author of "red notice" story of high
7:24 am
finance murder and one man's fight for justice. he's bill browder. first all let's talk about the issue of the day. ukraine needs help. larry summonerners was on last week saying it's more important to do helpful things like sending armorment than fighting russia. if you fight putin he's going to fight back more aggressively. >> putin started this war doing this war for internal russian domestic reasons. he's trying to distract his population. this is not about ties with ukraine or nato. this is putin aggressively attacking russia to try to get people stirred into a nationalist frenzy. putin will not back down in ukraine. anything that -- there's basically nothing we can do to talk him into backing down which means that the only choice we have in the west is to put pressure on him. >> do you think the u.s. should
7:25 am
be aiding ukraine with armament? >> absolutely. either we fight russia ourselves or ukraine fight russia. they're getting slaughtered. ukraine is effectively run out of military equipment and need as much help as they can get. that's the one thing we can do without directly going to war ourselves. >> i want to talk about your story. you have an inside first hand account. at one point in your career you were running money single largest investor in russia. >> right. >> tell us what happened? >> i was investing in russia. i discovered the companies i was investing was run by corruption. we started trying to fight the corruption. that angered putin. i was expel ed from the country, offices were raided. they tried to seize my companies. they ended up stealing $230 million of taxes we paid.
7:26 am
i hired a lawyer to investigate. he discovered the crime testified against the officials. he was then arrested in russia by the people he testified against. he was then tortured for 358 days in russian custody and killed. after they killed him, he exonerated everybody involved and put him on trial after he died in the first ever trial against a dead man in the history of russia. they put me on trial as the co-defendant. we said russia is bent top to bottom after that and looked for justice outside of russia. >> how do you know -- putin ordered this killing of your lawyer? >> i don't know if putin ordered this killing but i can say with 100% certainty, he's been involved in the cover up of his murder. it wasn't my money stolen. it was his own tax money stolen from his treasury. $230 million stolen from his country. a young man tries to be patriotic. he's killed for exposing it.
7:27 am
then he's involved this the cover up of that young man's murder. >> what does your experience tell you about dealing with putin and about dealing in postsoviet war russia? >> basically what this tells you is putin is a criminal first and foremost. he's running a criminal enterprise to maximize profits. he's a criminal but he's different than the mafia of italy or new york in that he has all powers of a sovereign state. he can arrest people go to the united nations. he has his finger on a nuclear button if he wants to use it. you have a mafia boss with his finger on a button. >> then you have this that people love him. is that a complete lie? >> if you were living in russia where bad things happen to people that oppose the president. some stranger calls you from thelethe l thele polling agency and says do you support the president or not, what's your answer going to
7:28 am
be? >> i understand. in terms of putin and russia taking over crimea taking over what's your idea of this. >> this is based on the idea putin needed something to distract the people. he needed to start a war to get everybody whipped up in a nationalist frenzy. in response to that, there's an economic crisis because of sanctions. he's got to whip people into further national frenzy. i don't think -- he's not going to back down from ukraine. my fear and i think this is likely, that he's going to start exploring his military ambitions in other countries. the thing that's most worrying is baltics. they are part of nato. nato is an organization in which the united states and europe are all treaty members which means if he goes to baltics, we have obligation to fight russia to protect the baltics or nato falls apart. >> quite extraordinary. the book is "red notice." a true story of one man's fight for justice. thank you for joining us bill.
7:29 am
bill browder joining us here. up next back to our top story. how should the u.s. respond militarily to isis at this point? we look ahead on "sunday morning futures." kid: hey dad, who was that man? dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab
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from america's news
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headquarter, i'm eric shawn. here's other stories making headline this is hour. police arrest a teenage suspect hours after a shooting that wounded three people at a mall in pennsylvania. the gun fire broke out inside a macy's sending shoppers running for their lives. the 17-year-old gunman was targeting one victim. the others wounded were bystanders. two of those people are in critical condition. police were able to nab the suspect by matching images to social media. nobody won the jackpot in last night's $380 powerball. that means more dough is up for grabs wednesday. an estimated $450 million to be exact. it's the biggest jackpot in one year. the odds of being a winner well about 1 in 175 million. you can always hope. i'll be back at noon eastern
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with more news. the doctors will be in joining us for "sunday house call" at 12:30 eastern. i'm eric shawn. now back to "sunday morning futures" and maria. back to our top story as we a wait word on u.s. hostage kayla mueller. what should the u.s. military response against isis be at this point? retired u.s. army lieutenant is the author of "why we lost" general's account of iraq and afghanistan wars. good to have you back. welcome. >> hello maria. >> what should the u.s. response be at this point? president will ask for increased military authority against isis in coming days. >> well, you named one of the big things to get the domestic support of american people as expressed through elected representatives of congress. real real important. this is a long term struggle.
7:35 am
yes, you've seen some accelerated air strikes in the wake of the death of the jordanian pilot. heinous execution done on film by isis. they don't do that to be awful. it excites people and causeds them to want to join isis this that region. it's a long term struggle. that's why the authorization is important. >> jordan has stepped up accelerating its response against isis. how would you characterize jordan jordan's response? >> jordan is a strong ally in that region, a front line state. isis is not something that happens around the world. it's right next door. they've got challenges on their border. they've had al qaeda and isis operatives in their own country. king abdullah went to the british military academy equivalent of our west point. he's a qualified special forces
7:36 am
officer, qualified pilot. when he gives orders for military to retaliate against isis he knows what he's doing because he's done it himself. the other thing we're not seeing, air strike videos are impressive but we're not seeing behind the scenes the i have strong target of isis leadership. on our list in 2003-11 highs like him should go to sleep worrying their door is going to get busted in and they're going to get shot between the eyes. >> we have the proper intelligence to target that leadership? >> we're working on it. jordan has excellent intelligent services. ours are good. we have other friends to include the iraqis and militias that are part of iraq. it's going to paint a picture and allow us to put pressure and threat to that isis leadership.
7:37 am
it's going after leader that's going to do the most damage. begin, a long long effort. talking years before we see final results. >> the president will ask for more military support. do you think that should include boots on the ground? >> well, maria, it already does. boots on the ground should not be americans. we learned in our campaign in iraq in 03-11, as great as our young men and women are, it's difficult for 100,000 americans to build a successful state in the face of local rebels. the right answer is for us to back the local people as they try to sort out their own problems. that's what the president is asking for. to me it shows we have learned lessons from iraq and afghanistan. >> in the last two weeks or so, there's been a feeling isis has become desperate, in fact we have been effective in terms of, as you say, taking down the leadership. as a result, they have begun to falter. do you agree with that notion?
7:38 am
>> i do not. one of the things you've got to watch in a country like iraq. it's natural for enemies to take a break when the weather gets rainy in winter there. it's not as extreme as northeast united states but it's a change of season. you'll see an isis spring offensive. isis has strong presence in syria and iraq. it's going to take a lot of work to get them out of there. these despicable actions they're taking against people like the jordanian pilot, they're done to allow for recruiting. i wish it was desperation because they're under pressure. i don't think we're there. >> general, we'll be watching. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks. now let's get a look at heed i can't buzz. top of the hour with howard. good morning to you. >> good morning maria. exclusive details about the brieng williams debacle with nbc including he decided to take a leave of absence yesterday. wasn't pushed to do so by nbc
7:39 am
executives. there's no internal investigation of nbc. whether we look at whether he can survive the credibility crisis, it must be fascinating to you someone that spent two decades that the organization. >> it's interesting. so basically what i hear you saying is nbc is not doing anything. the question is will nbc's credibility continue to come down if brian williams' credibility is on the line. >> brian williams has to do more to answer the questions, not just what happened in iraq where he's acknowledged a false story, but other questions about other parts of his reporting. if he can't do that, nbc will have to make a very difficult decision. >> howie we'll be there in 20 minutes. see you at the top of the hour. bush defines a platform in detroit. chris christie tries to pick up overseas credit in uk. our panel on how they did. join us on "sunday morning
7:40 am
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welcome back. we dive right many. you can't paint 2016 now and bring in our panel. ed rollins former advisor to president reagan. he's been a long time business advisor. he's a fox news political analyst. my apologies. >> no problem. >> tony, the former sa to jack camp. now president of talk radio news service. >> former director of the congressional budget office and former chief executive. >> thank you. >> can you assess the current playing field for 2016. who do you think are the real
7:44 am
candidates on the gop side? >> we have the strongest field since 1980. we have four or five serious governors and four or five senators who will probably make the race. at this point, bush obviously picked up the pieces of the romney departure. he's sort of going to be the establishment candidate. he's raising a lot of money, putting a strong team together. governor walker getting attention last couple of weeks. several other governors will raise money and be vital candidates. no one has the lead at this point. >> chris christie is trying to get national -- >> he had the worst 30 days anybody could have. he bombed his trip, wouldn't talk to press, got trapped in the vaccination story. new york times did a story on him on his expensive travel. only one person can travel the way he does, and that's him. hosted by king and boehner.
7:45 am
i don't think it was a good week for him. >> the only person that enjoyed political luxury more was probably hillary clinton. that's the case reports continuing to come out. they've used the foundation like their own american express black card. the report from the "new york times" may have been to blunt the criticism we're hearing about hillary clinton. the governor had a bad week. i've watched him run two statewide races in a overwhelmingly democrat state. he's managed to get his way back. he's a fight her. i'm not ready to count him out. as far as international trips. you have international security council. walker going to england on a trade mission. christie did a mission to canada in december that was far more successful. these are good maneuvers for them. i don't think they define viability in terms of the field. it's early. obviously bush from the money and perspective has the
7:46 am
advantage. scott walker from one speech in iowa did rise to nearly the top of the pack. this is a fluent field but a strong field. >> scott walker this past friday gave an address. i was impressed with him. what we'll see over the next year is, as ed said, a big field with lots of quality candidates sorting out who can sell the access to the american dream. they're united in belief in small government, better economic growth, keeping taxes under control, light regulatory burdens. believing that and convincing the american people you can deliver that are two different things. that's the challenge. >> that's the point you were making. you can try to sell the american dream, but if people don't really think they have a shot for hit to be achieved you can't sell it. >> the one thing walker has done is said this is what everybody else says they're going to do. this is what i've done. that's a strong record.
7:47 am
some of the 31 republican governors have done interesting things. they have to go out and explain what they've downne and how. it's going to be a strong race. >> i think jeb bush's speech in detroit light on specifics set the right theme. reminds me of my old boss. you have to have the conservatism we've known from the bush family. you have to connect with the american people in a way they trust you have their best interest at heart when it comes to policies. that's something president obama, failing in every objective measure with the economy, serving middle class and other things in 2012 was able to convince the american people to support him again. compared to mitt romney that seemed remove ed from the day-to-day life of the average american he had the best at heart. >> that's a good point. >> for '16 the interesting thing is hillary clinton has that problem now. she's not exciting her base.
7:48 am
she may be a high quality candidate, but there's a lot of progressive wing not improved about the clinton candidacy. >> you said she's using the clinton initiative as a black card? >> the foundation has a lot of explaining to do. i think her and bill clinton both are benefitting greatly from the generous wealth and contributions of people from all over the world. i'm not suggesting it's illegal. if you're going to criticize chris christie for staying at a hotel that cost a certain amount of money, show what removes her from the american people. we've learned from her contracts. i don't begrudge her from going to speak. she's making $300,000 but stipulatizing i'll only talk to 45 people. >> hold that thought. we have good economic news. job numbers are positive and even wages have begun to move. can this last? our panel on that as we look
7:49 am
ahead on "sunday morning futures." we'll be right back. well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions.
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welcome back. our panel is back. doug, what was your assessment of the jobs numbers on friday? they were better than expected and an interesting part of the report is that wages went up. do you believe it? >> taking at face value it was a strong report and one that is long overdue. some reasons to be nervous are january is always tough. a lot of seasonal adjustment. last january, had huge storms that depressed the economy. you're comparing to things like that. so a lot of this could be in the seasonal adjustments and not carry on to february. the key is to look in february and see if we get sustained wage growth. see if we continue to see people
7:53 am
try to come back and get a job. the bad story is more americans not working because they have given up and they're out entirely. >> and the other bad story is you have a president boasting about economic growth which apbe it is a good indicators but meanwhile the middle class is shrinking. so they're not growing with the economic expansion. long overdue of course. and where i think the republicans have a sin veer opportunity to win back the middle class, realign them back to the republican side whose policies clearly benefit the average american much more. we've talked about this before. the president's solution is raise the minimum wage and reallocate the wealth. >> no matter what the labor department puts out you have nearly one fourth of the workforce underemployed by their standards or unemployed.
7:54 am
that's a big number. >> and what good is economic growth when the middle class is not growing with the economic growth. >> many people taking two jobs to replace the one job they used to have. why the >> the president is out of ideas on how to fix it. his budget says we won't grow faster than 2.3% long term. sole get worse, not better. that's hard to believe about that so that. so his only approach is double down on strategy, take it from one place, put it in another. republicans have an obligation to explain how economies grow and you how people benefit. we can't remain at # 2.3% and meet national goals. p. >> and jeb bush is talking about not just economic growth, which is an economic term. because growth to people again in an economy that is growing but they're not feeling the benefit is relatively meaningless. number two we go want a party and we do want a country that provide as safety net for people
7:55 am
in need and this is another bush play on words p. and instead of saying let's not trap people into dependence i, he used the term a spiper web of dependency dependency. once newer thereyou're in there. the president's policies have relowre reallocated people into government dependency. >> and the redistribution with the president's latest budget. p. >> when you basically have the gigantic numbers in entitlement whatever else you do you'll be dragged down. >> you say hillary is in trouble in 2016 because of this. >> you look at on poll that came out several weeks ago the most important number, not the head to head numbers 71% of americans want a different direction than barack obama and how will she now present a new policy, a new agenda that is different than the president she
7:56 am
served for. >> quick break and still to come, the one thing to watch in the week ahead. your daughter has a brilliant idea for her science project. and you could make it happen. right? wrong. because you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough in patient treatment that could save thousands of lives. which means you need a diverse team of advisors helping you. from research data analytics all the way to transformation of clinical care. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done.
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welcome back. the one big thing to watch in the upcoming week. >> i'm watching the ukraine situation. if french and merkel can't make some resolve with putin, we'll push the sanctions and it will have long term effects. and i think if we put troops or resources in to you ukraine, we'll basically start a cold war. >> i'm looking at scott walker's political stock. this is adding more scrutiny from conservatives who find there are things about the governor who is very successful that may not sit well with the conservative party. >> and i'm watching to see if we can pass a bill in the house bill in the senate and send it to the president. the promise when republicans took over and remains unfulfilled. >> great panel. i'm watching retail sales for
8:00 am
the month of january. we'll see if the cheap oil has materialized with people spending money. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow on the fox business network 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. on buzz beater this sunday, brian williams essentially suspending himself taking a leave from nbc nightly news after being forced to retract this false story about being on an army helicopter that was hit by enemy fire in iraq. >> two of our four helicopters were hit by ground fire including the one i was in will. >> no kidding? >> rpg and ak-47. >> saying he's sorry after furs h.will. >> no kidding? >> rpg and ak-47. >> saying he's sorry after furs h. army veterans knocked down his account. >> i want to apologize. i said i was traveling in an aircraft that was hit by rpg fire. i was instead in a following aircraft. >> with mounting questions about that apology, other williams


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