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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 10, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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about levemir® flextouch®. covered by nearly all health insurance and medicare plans. all right. we are waiting to hear from family and friends of american hostage kayla mueller expected to come to that podium any minute now. the family confirming or maybe they'll flush out the details. which have been following this closely. the president needs to understand. >> as does all of washington that radical islam, violent radical islam existential threat of our time. we need a comprehensive practice him to deal is with it. otherwise we will see more and
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more hostage there will be beheadings. there will be torture. it's just the understanding that we now have to have a comprehensive plan that's not boots on the ground. but it's rescue missions. it's an economic plan to cut off the funding that goes to these groups. >> what do you hear in this case? we will hear from the family. we don't know when she was killed. the argument is she was killed in this jordanian raid. >> i don't think that's at all true. it's an excuse. our own katherine harris found has gotten reports that there was actionable intelligence that the administration knew last spring where she was kayla was being held. >> what is actionable intelligence? >> actionable intelligence means you get information from somebody there and says there's the building they are in. you have a decision window where the president and it usually is the president who makes that decision has to decide you want to do a rescue mission. you should have one on the shelf ready to go. if you get actionable
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intelligence, you have a window of opportunity. because they move them around. for example when i was at the pentagon in the reagan administration, colonel i rich hig inns worked for me. in the middle east in lebanon he was taken hostage, he was tortured and ultimately killed. they never found where he was. later, they realize in fact he had probably been tortured and killed well before his wide was thrown on the side of the road. they also found out he was probably held with other hostages. they know now probably the buildings he was held in. that's the kind of information if you have that information at the time. you make a decision, knowing that you may fail, but at least you have tried to rescue americans. >> but you never know if the person you have rescued is long dead and in this case he was killed in the case of the jordanian pilot a month ago. >> you don't know. >> we might have involved a member gone. >> let me tell you that this whole notion that we trade and we swap and we pay ransom.
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we ought to turn the tables. because at this point we're on the complete defensive. we, when civilvation. we need to turn the tables and say, no more negotiating. no more swaps. no more ransom pays. from here on in, there is a boundtie on your head, so jihadionny, when you want to do these videos and show beheadings of americans and westerners next time we will put a big bounty on your head. you better understand you have cousins, you have neighbors who will rat you out for millions of dollars and then turn the tables so that they're on the defensive. now where are we? we are waiting to see whose the next pen who will be taken out and beheaded or burned or tortured? we need to turn the well momentum around. because why? because this actually is great for isis. this is recruitment for them. this is the stuff they are getting people who are now coming to fight the strong war him they want to be part of this donors want to be a part of this. we need to find a way to switch
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the momentum so they're on the defensive not us. >> thank you very much. we are waiting to hear from family members who will detail the confirmation, how they got that confirmation of this young woman's death. again, a lot of is and ts crossed as to how this all went down and the family got that confirmation. it's possible that kayla could have been dead for some time. we don't know. meanwhile, she died, this much we know being held captive by isis. the president is vowing to bring these terrorists to justice. can he if he downloads the threat. >> if it bleeds, it leads. it's all about ratings. a bunch of violent vicious zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in paris. it is right and appropriate for us to be vigilant and aggressive in trying to deal with that.
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the same way that a big city mayor has got to cut the crime rate down, if he wants that stage of life. >> so random act the hype like mayor, at the white house on what they're saying now. >> neil what is really interesting is josh ernest was doubling down on what the president said in that interview. perhaps not a surprise because he doesn't want to contradict his boss. basically saying, yeah the media is perhaps overhyping this territory. number two josh ernest is saying a climate change in daily lives is a much bigger threat than terror right now. then he went on to suggest that it was not really clear what happened at that kosher market in paris. josh ernest suggested that when you pointed out the president said this was a random shooting, josh ernest said that we were just picking and choosing adverbs in the sentence and sort of taking all this out of context. take a listen to what happened today at the briefing.
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>> well john, it is clear from the terrorists in some of the writings they put out afterwards what their motivation was. the adverb that the president chose was used to indicate that the individuals who were killed in that terrible tragic incident were killed not because of who they were but because where they randomly happened to be. >> it's a big threat this international coalition is confronting. why did the president compare himself to a big city mayor fighting crime? >> the president devoted significant -- >> all right. not to jump on my friend henry. friends and family members of kayla mueller are assembling in prescott arizona they will share their thoughts on what they heard, how they heard it. the family member was dead. >> i am a friend of the muellers. kayla was a student at university or at northern university at campus ministry among all the different
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organizations that she was involved in. since then i kept up with her and know her and her family and they've asked some of us to come and give you a few words of ways that we know kayla, maybe words that aren't quite so scripted. 'if i can get through it i think two minutes for each of us as far as syria goes, you know, when clay was at campus ministry, she was a part of a just peace group. we would talk about peace through justice, you can't have peace without justice. we met and would have a simple dinner and we would read books and talk about articles through a variety of lenss and together a group of us traveled to guatemala to hear their stories and just keep that conversation going. so when kayla was in syria, i try id to follow what she was doing and i would read her, her posts. and it was really like keeping vigil because it was so difficult to read about the
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horror that was happening in syria and to see the pictures that she would post. i have a few words of some of the things she posted in march of 2013. she said i want to tell the world about the situation in syria. there is no fuel no electricity. there is no food. this is the situation. there is shelling. explosion, gunfire, violence. no one is working. there is no jobs. people are surviving day-to-day living for the sake of living. every human being should act. they should stop this violence, we can't bear this it's too much. she says i hope you can tell the entire world what i have said here and what i have seen and that's what we're doing. we're telling the whole world. kayla asked us and i think you saw 21 of our quotes when they said, where is the world? and that we can say we're right here, syria. we've heard. we have seen your suffering reflected in kayla's eyes. we've seen it. we intend to do something about
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it. and then when i'd watch those posts when we were thinking about having an attack and many of us were writing kayla saying what do you think about this military suggestion? and there was no word from kayla. i had just seen her in may when she was home. then we got word she had been kidnapped and so we've taken that long journey with her. where we were forced to hold our breath. you know, all these stories about kay lar, it sounds so extraordinary. what is so extraordinary about kayla is she did ordinary things to extraordinary measures. she gave people food. she gave people water, to look for clothes, she looked for houses. one of her posts said i have a family of eight. they need to stay somewhere for a month. i need $191 and not one mgo can give that to me. can you believe that? she talked that the syrian
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refugees were giving syrian refugees money and so when we find that post and find her resilience, it's not that she was so angelic. it's that she just saw things and did whatever she could with whatever she could. it was just her heart, her mind her pen, her computer and then in prison what we've seen from that letter is that she discontinued to be free and i thought i'd share with you a couple funny things we heard if you can believe in prison is some people told us that kayla tried to teach the guards crafts to make origami little cranes, little peace cranes and that they told each other stories and they sang each other songs and that they tried to exercise in that small space that kayla would stand on her head, those of us who know her, know what a free little sprirt she was. we just delight in that, that kayla remain ray la.
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they tried to silence her. they locked her up. they september us silent out of fear. now she is free. she says that she found freedom even in captivity. and that she is grateful. so her light shines and we thank you for shining your light not on kayla but shine your light on the suffering that day la saw. let's tell syria we hear ya. we're going to do something. . >> hi. my name is erin street and i'm here to talk about kayla mueller. kayla was my closest friend my kindred spirit. i'm going to miss her more deeply than words can express. kayla was joy and with her life was always fun. a memory that always makes me
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laugh is when our car broke down, a half pile from my mom's house. we could have easily walked that half mile and found someone to tow the car, but what fun would that be? so, instead, we turned on bob marlie full blast on the radio and with the car in neutral, we started pushing that golden brown chariot home only pausing a few moments to take some silly pictures. our last roadtrip together was january, 2010. i was moving from arizona and she joined me and my two cats. it was a difficult journey as i was leaving my family halfway across the country. but her friendship and sports eased my pain and brought joy to the adventure. kayla had such great empathy and that is it's hard to find that in this world.
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it's really rare. and it was her greatest strength. she had this amazing ability to share another person's suffering and also add a little happiness to it and she could always find that silver lining. i want to share with you a part of a journal entry that kayla wrote. it was right before we took that roadtrip. all right. this is kayla. for anyone who might be wondering why i'm in illinois. let me explain a. dear friend of mine is packing her belongings up and moving out west to her beloved state of arizona. i'm just along for the roadtrip, back to share a few giggles and make sure nobody falls asleep at the wheel. i can try a hand at changing a tire or something, but no guarantees with that one. there have been many long
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good-byes and a release oftaries residing in deep places over these last two days. it has been interesting to observe the bitter of the sweet that is the situation. i have been reflecting on how i will do the same thing very soon. good-byes have never been too hard for me. they don't seal to be something in need of being mailed difficult or complicated. sometimes i get a feeling that tells me if i will or will not see a person again, making it easier and sometimes harder. but moving on and away through things is as much a part of life as breathing. it is an integral as renewing and necessary venture for girlfriend discovery. good byes come with the package. although good-bye is really a see you later, later might be a while. but as the french say salavoi. i am not yet sure how to live in a world without kayla but i do know we are all living in a
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better world because of her. so i'm going to ends on a quote that reminds me of her. peace is not something you wish for. it's something you make. it's something you do. it's something you are and it's something you give away. thank you. >> hi. i'm lori. i'm terry marsh's sister. we are kayla's aunts. this is a statement from kayla's auntd, uncles and cousins. first we would like to thank the media for all your patience. second, we would like to thank the fbi acts that have been working with marsha karl erick and the family. they have been amazing. we want to thank everyone for their love support and prayers at this difficult time. it has been a stressful 250i78
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for our family and also for the world. what can we tell you about kayla? kayla was a combination of marsha and karl. she was generous caring compassionate like our sister marsha. she was strong driven and passionate like our brother-in-law karl. she was the best of both of them. she had a quiet calming presence. she was a free spirit, always standing up for those who were suffering and wanting to be their voice. even as a little girl, kayla was a bright and inquisitive kind little girl. at a very young age, kayla knew her passion. she knew her calling. a lot of people never have the opportunity to say that. kayla's calling was to help those who were suffering, whether in her hometown of prescott or on the other side of the world. she has done more in her incredible 26 years than many people could ever imagine doing in their lifetime.
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my daughter said to me, things that were important to kayla are finally getting the attention that they deserve. kayla has touched the part of the world, the world grieves with us. the world mourns with us. the world wants to be more like kayla. and if that is her legacy and the foot print that she leaves on the world then that is a wonderful thing. and in kayla's letter to marsha and karl she wrote, i have come to see there is good the every situation. sometimes we just have to look for it. and right now that's what we're all trying to do.
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>> in prescott, arizona, a family and friends of 26-year-old kayla mueller highlighting a life that was remarkable for her tender years all of 26 but she went to syria. she went to this dangerous region of the world to help out. and now she's dead. what we don't know is when she died or how she died, to hear isis tell it collateral damage in a jordanian airstrike after a jordanian pilot was burnt alive in a cable. we den know. this much we do. an innocent who was intent on doing some good in a region of the world where we see anything but. it is gone. so she is everyone's child. she seems to be everyone's friend. she puts a far different face on the cruelty and the barbarism of this region than anything we could see out of a cable.
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so much we don't know. >> what do we know about? it's like after september 11th were you asked how cold you hate us? how could you hate a girl like that? i had daughters that age. that girl wanted to go good. shelves killed because of it. those guards knew her. >> she wasn't a soldier she wasn't a government contractor. you know. >> all she wanted to do is do good. i look at that and say if people could kill someone like that, that's the face of evil and you don't negotiate with evil. you don't deal with evil if anyway other than kill evil. because they will kill and kill and kill the most innocent and lovely among us. that young girl is all she wanted to do was to relieve suffering of others, so what was her reward? they killed her. >> if you hear from isis, you say, this is all jordan's fault. we had in ug to do with this is there that girl was killed by
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the people who held her hostage and they took her because she was innocent. she was available and she was vulnerable. i think it is the responsibility of the civilized world and our american leadership to say enough. we will not let this happen again. you will not take our best among us. you will not do this. you are evil. we will recognize it. we will call it what it is. we will have a plan to defeat you. we will defeat you economically. politically, militarily. id lonlically. idea logically. you will not do that again to us. >> you look at the barbarism, the 13 beheaded or the case of this last jordanian pilot burnt alive in a cage. 11 were humanitarian workers or those who were providing assistance to help people out. they weren't even soldiers. >> but that's who they're making war against. they know -- >> to what end?
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>> because they know they can't come up against a machine of the west and deficit it. they know that our vulnerable point is asymmetrical wars is the technical term. they know the way they get to us is to go after people like that. there is a reason that isis targeted journalists and aide workers. that's who they took hostage. that's who they beheaded. why have they done that? because they want to show the world, stay away if you are an aide worker. >> even if you are helping the very people who are targeting you? >> we lock at that and think she should have been celebrated. she should have been protected. she should have been encouraged. they look at this and say vulnerable, weak this is who we want to target. >> what comes from this. >> we minimize the threat of isis. we say it's fixation on blood and if it bleeds, it leads. how do you fight a war when that's your mentality? >> i think that's the whole problem. the president is not stepping up to the job. he's refusing to identify what
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it is. he is looking the other way. every times, neil, i think you can't get any blinder, or dever or dumber on this and yet there is another example of well, it's just senseless violence. the great arc of history will protect us. >> it is not. >> it is not. >> for my money it may be because i have a daughter the same age as kayla. we see this cruelty and what's going on in this region in ways that unfortunately no burning hostage in a cage can. a young girl. an innocent smile. an innocent task. a babe in a very violent woods gone at 26. you're not you you're a cancer hospital and your daughter... she's a team of leading researchers... and that brilliant idea is a breakthrough in patient treatment that could save thousands of lives. which means you need a diverse team of advisors helping you. from research data analytics
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all the way to transformation of clinical care. so you call pwc. the right people to get the extraordinary done.
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from a famous letter to marsha and karl she wrote, i have come to see there is good in every situation sometimes we just have to look for it. and right now that's what we're all trying to do. >> right. explain to them that the isis is the jv team or they're not a big threat in the scheme of other threats there country has faced. for that family for those friends, 26-year-old kayla mueller, there is no reconcileing that with the reality a beautiful young lady is gone. they can't understand why. rabbi benjamin black says that is not sitting well withle. our treatment of the moist loyal allie in the region isn't sitting well with him. you know rabbi, it's just the gravity. this blatant depravity.
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>> it's a horror and i think it has two dimensions to it. on the one hand for the longest time the administration has failed to call evil by its name. it refuses to act knowledge who our enemy is. >> would that have made a difference here? your cynics, say, well call them whatever you want. the young lady would still be dead. >> we, the president said, we can't get our own high horse as if we were morally perfect and brings up something that happened a thousand years ago the crusades as if that in some way justifies what's happening now as if this is to teach us that we should respond as we are supposed to respond in the face of an ongoing evil? what has happened here is a tragedy has gotten progressively worse because at the outset we indicated that we weren't going to intervene. we told them we were going to move out. we said we are not going to
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react. so, therefore that's what evil people do. they take advantage of it. it keeps getting worse and worse until finally the jordanians don't wait. the sing i king said you can't do that. that's barbaric to burn someone, a pilot in a cable and immediately took action. and back in iran they are laughing at us because they keep postponing it and making more and more progress in getting the united states to negotiate out of fear that this whole thing is going to blow up and what are we doing in the united states? congress is threatening to walk out -- >> in a few weeks he's coming here. he wants to address congress. you argue that sends a very bad signal if you walk out on a head of state. i understand what the president is saying. but you are saying you are
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sending just the-- >> it is a mistake. we have learned he did tell the white house before he accepted. even if it weren't, imagine the friend of yours is in fear for his life. he comes to your door to beg you and to tell you what the situation is and you say, gee, you didn't know? no, there wasn't proper courtesy. you failed in the etiquette of entering my home. >> there was a comment made about the various isis or terrorist-related attacks including the one on this jewish deli in paris that was relegated to a coincidence. josh ernest was asked about that
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they were out to kill jewings. the truth is that they were killing jews. now, here, the prime minister of france got an incredible speech the other day, saying for too long we have hidden the truth. we have tried to tone down the anti-semitism of all of this, let's be clear. it is anti-semitism. we have to identify -- >> what kind of reaction, getting back to israeli. our only real threats. i'm not dismissing other arab nations. so i'm wondering if there is a sense of betrayal in israel? >> exactly. you will not hear that word. because america is our greatest friend.
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we have to rely on america. so, obviously, we are not going to put it in those stark terms. i'm not a politics. i feel betrayed by israel. i mean all those who share the values of israel. we are talking about the only democracy northeast. we are talking about a country that is afraid for its very existence. this is existential. now, president obama can make mistakes. sometimes everybody makes mistakes. you know what any mistake is going to mean the gnp is going to go down. it means we will have a little bit of a problem. we are talking years ago when a similar situation happened with prime minister begin and he knew that iraq was becoming nuclear armed against the advice of the world world and he attacked, years later the nations of the world said, gee, thank you. i think they should thank bebe for coming enlightening congress. most of all the intelligence of
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israel knows something. >> thank you. i didn't mean to jump on you. all we know is that a 26-year-old young lady is dead. kayla mueller is dead. we know that life is very precious. we know her life is very precious. and so do the santorums. they're next. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. toenail fungus? don't hide it... tackle it with new fda-approved jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor. once applied jublia gets to the site of infection by going under, around and through the nail. most common side effects include
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. >> i think that cluster buster mid-segment break we were talking about lindsey graham. i apologize, it was not deliberate. it was our bad. i feel bad about that. all right you know what has happened kayla mueller has been confirmed dead t. 26-year-old aide worker. we den know when or whether it was a result of the jordanian airstrike. she was collateral damage. i do know i am grateful to have these on the show and look at the value and sanktty of life. -- sanctity of life. not only about i think it was phoenix. >> yeah. >> i lost a son born prematurely
1:37 pm
and of course they had been dealing ongoing with a child now who was all given up for dead herself but shortly after she was born that was close to seven years ago. she is doing fine. her parents are doing good. even after writing a book together. guy on the left. his wife is the real boss of this outfit and, of course, she had the best top when they were writing this he was relegated to the laptops. rick and karen, welcome to both of you. the book is bella's gift. it's about our nation. we couldn't have picked better timing, guys with this tragic news. it does make you think about life, doesn't it? >> all our hearts are breaking for them. then to see the mother, it's extremely difficult. we will be praying for the
1:38 pm
family. >> this is evil. it's just these people are evil. they can call themselves what they want. they a evil. >> so when we don't, we have other battles? the president low keys it. it sets the whole world on fire? >> the world is on fire. these people want to pour gasoline, not a metaphor. it's true and light that fire. they will not go away based on our policies in the middle east or anywhere else. these people have convictions about what their mission is. it has nothing to do with what we do. it has to do with who we are. this is an evil that is not stopped and destroyed is going to continue to flourish. and this is going to be one of many things we will see going forward. which is tragic. >> i want to raise with you, i think maybe this hits home for me i have a daughter about this
1:39 pm
young lady's age. i'm thinking and someone has dealt with this yourself now dealing with it with bella it's still your child. >> oh my goodness. >> you know when bella was born. you knew right away she had something bad. what was it? >> four days after birth was diagnosed with a genetic syndrome where she has an extra 18th chromosome. we were told she wouldn't live beyond a few days. not one physician gave her any oprah hope at all. so it was a very long and painful journey. the message with bella is that they use lethal language and exceptible life. lethal diagnosis. too often they see a diagnosis, not a person. that's what happened with bella. we chose to celebrate her life
1:40 pm
and fight for her. she will be 7 in three months. she was a good kid. >> you would relate. you would go on and off with chapters in the book. but the doctor couldn't be worse, right? yeah, it doesn't look good. talk about things that matter. >> we have a lot of great doctors at the original hospitals and other hospitals. we found doctors that really valued life and were willing to give every child a chance. if you have some that aren't. >> one in particular who we were trying to just get some bisque care. we were taking her home on hospice. ten-day-old baby on hospice. and karen you know realized she had some lung differentties. they told us that. so karen asked for oxygen. the doctor just said, no, you have to learn to let go. let her go. >> just oxygen. >> incredible. >> to help her breathe.
1:41 pm
>> what are her prospected now? she won't live a normal life, right? >> no, she's exceeded every expectation. we sat through the she will never do list many times and she's thriving. >> what can't she do? >> bella cannot walk or talk. but we say she's care. we take care of her. >> he insists tabella loves him the most. >> she has him wrapped around her little finger. she's a mush when he's with her. she's a very happy little girl. >> she loves. that's what she can do. we don't focus on what she can't do. we focus on what she can do. >> she is so much joy. >> it's in the book. it's true as i sat there in the crib one day, i looked at her and realized bella can't do all these things, but what she can do is she can love and i looked and said wow that's how our father in heaven looks at me. >> are you comfortable at saying
1:42 pm
our father in heaven, jesus, god is looking after me. this is what the lord wanted. >> this has helped. this is how we got through this. >> you know that guys. but we live in an age at least in the main stream people don't say tattoo too much. >> mm-hmm. >> that's how these people live. >> these people are inspiration we say bella is a little girl with a message, simply that every person matters. there are so many people out there with disabilities who feel alone or isolated and they're suffering and our task is to love them and have compassion and compare i care for them as they live out their own personal journeys, whatever they may be. >> the other thing about the book. this book is a marriage book. people look at us and say, oh look at them holding hands, they love each other. >> you got mad at him when he relayed a story? >> there is a lot in this book. >> you still stick to your gun, not too long ago, senator you said, i don't believe life begins at conception. i know life begins at
1:43 pm
conception. all of this occurs around the same time the president says christians cannot get on their high horse when they have abused and done it in the name of their god, jesus. what did you think of that? >> well i put out as one of the few people put out a statement and to go back a thousand years and point out to something that has now universally been reputated by all christians and to say that because something happened a thousand years ago, that, we can't get on our high horse, you know, we had every obligation to judge the actions of people. none of us here can judge any individual person. that's not our job. what we can do is judge the actions of people. these people are acting with evil and menace. they are using a religion to justify that. that's what needs to be explained. we can't sugar coat it and say we are morally -- we are not. >> you had some money from
1:44 pm
consulting and everything else. a lot of people couldn't afford the kind of care that you get t. flipside of that is people think guys like you don't have any hardship. >> that's a great question, kneel. we do bella's care the baby-sitter briget comes in, our kids, every one of them. >> have you like 48 kids. >> they all help. i'm one of 12. we have a lot of kids. >> and him. >> i had to say for people out there who can't afford it because there are expenses, there are a lot of medical expenses, will is medicaid. >> will obamacare take care of snit. >> medicaid takes care of people who are severely disabled. look, i have always been supportive of making sure we take care of those who can't care for themselves. that's sort of a red herring. >> people thought you might dial back religion thing. will you not be dialing that back? >> what we wanted to do is honestly talk about what helped us to help others. in our case we will go with assuming a team.
1:45 pm
there are lots of people going through lots of hardships. we want to let them know, it's not easy it's worth the pain. >> she is actually a better writer than you are come to think of it? >> yes she is. >> karen and rick santorum. you don't have to be on the political spectrum to think about parents caring no ar child. .
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all right. he has been briefed but is he on board? the republican senator lindsey graham on whether he will support the president's new strategy to battle isis. senator, an honor to have you. obviously, among changing developments today that puts isis in an even worse light. but you're forgiving the president wide room to get tough on isis. do you think he will? do you think this is the means by which he will? >>. i don't think he wants to win. i think he wants to get this problem pass it onto the next president. his strategy to degrade and destroy isil won't work.
1:49 pm
i really honest to god want to destroy these guys after today shouldn't everybody on the planet want to destroy these guys? i asked the white house a simple question, if we train the free syrian army as we should to go back into syria to take on isil, what will we do if assad starts barrel bombing the army to be trained? can we stop his air force from destroying the people we trained and they said. so if you are not willing to deal with the assad air threat against the people you send on the ground, you are going to lose. . >> they say, for, isis stand in stark can traftontrast to the people like kayla. do you feel that's an empty statement? do you feel he has to show more anger about it? or what? >> well, number one i agree
1:50 pm
that the biggest contrast in modern times is the way this young lady lived her life and the radical islamists who killed her. my belief about the president is he is overwhelmed worried about negotiating with the iranians and dealing with their nuclear program than he is destroying isil. the reason he will not take a side on is because he's afraid that will get the iranians mad and somehow screw up the deal with iran regarding their nuclear program. i'm here to tell your audience there is no arab army going in on the ground to fight isil. they're not going to fight isil and let assad take power and give syria to the iranians. obama doesn't want to take on the ayatollah. >> republicans are similarly divided. ted cruz doesn't want american boots on the ground. you seem to be intim mating you would be open to that. >> yes, sir. >> where is the republican party
1:51 pm
on this? >> i know where lipds see graham is. do you know jack kaine? >> absolutely. >> every military leader i've talked to that's been involved in the fight for the last decade tells me that the regional army that we would send into syria, turkey, egypt, saudi arabia, whatever army you form is going to need some american help. we have 3,000 american forces on the ground today to help the iraqi army. general keene says we need 10,000. i'm going to do what the generals say. i could care less about a poll. >> i want to be clear. you would be open to sending up to 10,000 troops to the region to fight isis? >> i'm opening to doing what the military tells me we need to do when. i'm open to winning, i'm not open tos losing. the idea of not leaving a residual force behind has haunted us. when we put on the table 10,000 to help iraq wasn't popular but it was the thing to do.
1:52 pm
when we argued three years ago to do a no fly zone, it wasn't popular, it was the right thing to do. the military leaders i trust say there needs to be an american component to help a regional force to win. the worst thing we can do, neil is take isil on and lose. look what they did to the young girl. look what they did to the jordanian pilot. to allow them to continue to live in syria and a rack means we're going to live here. >> i'm wondering do you suspect as they have claimed that she was killed collateral damage in this jordanian raid after this pilot being burnt to death? >> absolutely not. these people are liars. i know they killed her. they're responsible for her death. they're responsible for crucifying children. they want to hit us here. what makes you think they won't come after us? my belief is that the president of the united states doesn't have a strategy to win at a time
1:53 pm
we need to win and at the end of the day he's more worried about upsetting the iranians than he is destroying isil. that's going to come back to haupt us. to the people in my party, don't follow the polls. listen to the generals who know what they're talking about. i'm looking for a commander chief in the future that really understands the threat of radical islam and is willing to do what it takes to win. >> does that mean though senator -- >> not just talk about winning. >> i apologize. does that mean your colleagues senator rand paul andersen tore ted cruz wouldn't be good commanders in chief because they don't appreciate the magnitude of the problem? >> i think anybody that suggests that an army doesn't exist and go into syria without help doesn't understand the capabilities of their bombings. i'm here to suggest that the iraqis by themselves can deal with this problem without some american help doesn't make sense to me. tell me how we do this without some american capacity on the
1:54 pm
ground because of the capability gap. someone suggested that the kurds, the peshmerga, could go into syria and deal with isil. if you know anything about the mid east there is no way a kurdish force is going to go into syria. so the people who suggest you can do this differently than the generals are recommending please tell me how. >> you know senator, your colleague and friend john mccain who's very aggressively pushing your candidacy, presidency, i should say, one thing is a no nonsense stance on dealing with these elements abroad and even down to how we respond to what's going on in the ukraine but the wrath against hard liners i guess as you lump together is that you're trigger happy and you're going to get us in more protracted wars. i know you say you don't pay attention to polls but some of your colleagues who are similarly interested in running for president do. they say the american appetite
1:55 pm
is gone. what do you say? >> i say america's desiring to be led, desires for being led. i think americans fear radical islam. they believe the only reason it won't come here is because we keep the fight over there. i believe the american military has been more right than wrong. it wasn't lindsey graham who said we needed 10,000 troops left behind in iraq it was the entire military leadership. it wasn't lindsey graham who said we needed a no fly zone, it was the entire national security team of president baracka. i have been to the mid east more times than i can count. i understand the lay of the land and idea sire to win and sometimes it takes leading to win and leading from behind gets a lot of people killed. i'm not going to be that kind of leader. >> senator lindsey graham, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> lindsey graham, on the verge of announcement for president. meanwhile, hands up for hands
1:56 pm
down wrong. the minister raising holy heck.
1:57 pm
1:58 pm
at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
1:59 pm
the kurds, understand? so i'm sick of the victimizing. black people are victimized. i'm sick of it because we're living in a country now where we're giving a helping hand to anyone of all race you understand, and that's what bothers me about a lot of these artists because you want to use that propaganda for your foolishness but you've got millions of dollars that you can help the black community if you need to. >> the rebuilding has begun in ferguson. everyone hears from that other reverend who has a show on another network whose name escapes me.
2:00 pm
they're fair and balanced. i talked to them all. you hear from this guy and what he is proposing what we do about fixing up ferguson he goes there and helps out. what's that other guy who -- i mean, just me. i'm kimberly gill foi, dana frein know and it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." not only won't president obama you thor the words islamic terrorism, he now refuses to acknowledge that the victims of last month's attack at a jewish deli in paris were targeted for their faith. >> it is entirely legitimate for the american people to be deeply concerned when you've got a bunch of violent vicious zealots who behe


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