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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 16, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PST

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road, ran into a pole smashing the windshield in the front of the bun. finally the ugly. paying the price for love. a teenager couple caught on surveillance robbing a store and celebrating with that smooch. police shared the kiss on-line and someone ratted them out. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is monday february 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. egypt striking back against isis launching airstrikes in libya hours after the terrorists released a video showing mass beheadings of egyptian christians. so where is the united states? >> yeah. then terror in denmark. overnight two more men arrested in connection with the man who went on a shooting rampage across copenhagen. what we're now learning about them these two guys, plus the gunman's extremist past. >> she's one of the most beautiful women in the world but now cindy
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crawford's unaltered picture stirring debate about what a real woman looks like. everyone is discussing it, not just me. mornings are better with friends. >> good morning to you. thanks for being with us at home. we're going to start today with a fox news alert. overnight egypt's getting revenge. their president ordering airstrikes against isis in libya. >> how do you find who the bad guys are there? the strikes happening just hours after the terrorists released a video showing the mass beheadings of egyptian christians. >> that's right. almost two dozen of them. we're live in d.c. with the latest. >> good morning, guys. i've heard from lawmakers on the hill and even some white house officials who will tell you privately that this further underscores the idea that it simply can't just be the united states in the lead on this. it is going to take a concerted worldwide effort
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to combat these killers. by now you've seen or heard about the video purportedly from isis-affiliated extremists, islam extremists showing the beheading of 21 egyptian christians. the white house issuing a statement that reads in part the united states condemns the despicable and cowardly murder of 21 egyptian citizens in libya by isil-affiliated terrorists. we offer our condolences to the families of the victims and our support to the egyptian government and people as they grieve for their fellow citizens. isil their barbarity knows no bounds. it is unconstrained by faith, sect or ethnicity. that is the broad swath. we'll continue to monitor the story from the white house as we expect more reaction from egypt's government. >> we now have more breaking news for you. overnight the gunman behind this weekend's deadly terror attacks in denmark may not have been acting alone. >> this morning two more people charged in
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connection to the shootings in denmark. >> to get more let's go to the man live on the phone from the scene. what is the latest? >> the two men are being charged with being accomplices in two murders and five attempted murders. that would be the five police officers injured. apparently police think they helped the prime suspect get a weapon and hiding him and the weapon afterwards. one of the police officers only survived due to his calf -- kevlar vest. the prime suspect was in jail until two weeks ago. the prison system warned intelligence services against him because he had been saying a lot of extreme things while he was in prison. denmark got the rest of europe on high alert. there was vandalism against a jewish cemetery -- >> can't hear some of this. >> murdered people were a
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jewish security guard in front of a synagogue. jewish people in denmark are very worried here. >> understandably so. >> let's talk about those stories and what has been done to them. one happens in denmark. now we have another major city hit in europe. that's a high alert. then you have a situation where egypt gets hit when 21 of their coptic christians are beheaded and they decide to hit back in libya. it makes you wonder why is isis expanding this war and what are we doing to rein it in. we cannot fight a world war by itself. we're going to have to take the lead in organizing that fight against isis, isil-al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, whatever they want to call themselves. the new organization is an organization named after tripoli. >> you see the expanded capability of isis now in terms of recruiting with their twitter handles with
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the video they have been releasing and their territory. when you look at that map of the territory increasing, you have to wonder if we're doing enough. you have to wonder what's going on. you see it marked in red. it is just -- it's disappointing to see this. it's scary to see this. you say are our leaders doing enough here. we're the leader of the free world. particularly this weekend. guess where he was? not too hard to guess. an extended golf vacation in california where the president can be found with one of the richest people in the world. >> it is presidents' day so the president is taking it off. forget about the twin terror attacks. he also missed valentine's day with his wife. but he is out in palm springs having a golf outing. >> larry ellison. >> that oracle guy. this is a time we need a united voice. we need some leadership and you know what? the president's own former secretary of defense, leon panetta, says now is the time for the united states
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to stand up and do some of that leadership thing. listen. >> the problem i see is that that strategy has to be bolstered in a strong way. we've got to be able to ensure that we are committed every day of the week towards making sure that this strategy works, that we disrupt dismantle and ultimately defeat isis. i think it is important to understand this is not an enemy that you can kind of stand aside and not confront. if we stand aside if we don't get involved, if we don't provide leadership unfortunately nobody else will. that's why it is important for us to take a leadership position here both in syria as well as in iraq as well as elsewhere in confront terrorists. >> congress has been nowhere to be found. you've got adam kinzinger and lindsey graham, they understand the threat and said it all along. for the most part the leadership, the republicans
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since they took over, i don't think they have any clue for a game plan for strategies because it is not being effective. when you say we're not sure about how we're going to green light or not green light. >> this is a matter for the commander in chief. >> that is fine but you also have to show leadership to push the commander in chief. right now why are they going on vacation? >> when he's asking for authorization for the use of military force, he is sort of wiping his hands clean of the situation and saying this is in your hands, congress. not only that but we're going to limit the language so our reach is shortened. it seems to place into question the intention of this administration in real battle in terms of defeating isis. >> sure. remember after the charlie hebdo attacks and remember how the leaders from around the world, 40 leaders linked arms in paris. our president wasn't there. we had heard he wasn't there because nobody ever told him about it and asked him if he wanted to go. that was not good. that made the white house look stupid.
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it was that same day that it was announced there was going to be a two-day summit. it actually was going to be wednesday and thursday of this week now and dennis mcdonough was talking about that on how they're planning this business summit. the problem is not much planning. listen. >> obviously made clear that we abhor this and will not let these kind of attacks stand. we're scheduling a summit late in the week a three-day summit at the state department on countering violent extremism because we know aqap al qaeda on the arabian peninsula has plans to do this around the world. we're going to stay one step ahead of them. >> a big muddy meeting no details. still didn't respond to many requests wondering who is going to be there? who's represented here in this meeting? a lot of blurry information. >> and it's labeled wrong. it's against extremism. it's against islamic
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extremism. lest you find out the combination of people attacking around the globe how can you have a great composition? >> it looks like they called the summit the president and the white house people decided we blew it by not going to paris, let's do a p.r. move let's announce a big summit. they put it on the calendar. it's coming up this week. it doesn't sound like from what we've heard much forethought was put into it. a bunch of people from across the country are going to get together. who are they going to be? what are they going to talk about? and here's the important thing. will the president of the united states look at their findings and say that's a good idea, let's do it. >> he gets back tonight from his vacation, presidents' day. we'll give him that. >> i think before the paris attacks this thing was on the calendar and this is to deflect from the fact that they didn't go to paris. >> talking about breaking news heather's got more. >> this is the second week
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of a trial we've been following very closely. coming out of it these words -- quote -- "i had to kill a man." those chilling words spoken by chris kyle's accused killer moments after he gunned down the navy seal and his friend two years ago. today the jury can hear eddie ray routh entire confession as the key witness who recorded that is expected to be called to testify today. routh told the officer -- quote -- "i knew if i did not take his soul, he was going to take mine. i had to kill a man today. it wasn't a want to. it was a need." a judge has not ruled on whether or not that tape will be played in court. more trouble for the v.a. to tell you about today. newly released documents casting a lot of doubt on v.a. secretary robert mcdonald's claims that he is getting rid of employees who manipulated those wait times. >> 900 people have been fired since i became secretary. we've got 60 people that we
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fired who have manipulated wait times. we've got about 100 senior leaders who are under investigation now whose performance reviews have been deferred until we get feedback from the i.g. and department of justice. so we're holding people accountable. >> really? accountable? as of february 5, just 11 employees involved in that wait time manipulation have been fired. plenty of other employees have been listed as resigning, demoted or simply reprimanded, but not fired. >> $1 billion stolen by hackers in a massive worldwide data breach. a hacking ring reportedly infiltrated more than 100 banks in 30 countries within the last few years. the thieves programming a.t.m. machines to dispense money and transferring funds to fake accounts. they were able to avoid detection by constantly changing the banks that they targeted. then a steamy photo of sinty trawferred in ling -- of cindy crawford in lingerie going viral but
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not for the reason you would expect. look at this photo. it is not photo shopped. she is a 48 mother of two and is being praised. one fan tweeted she looks more beautiful than other. that photo was taken with a photo shoot taken in 2013. she looks fantastic. always will. those are your headlines. gorgeous. >> indeed. >> we could stare at that for a couple extra seconds. >> remember in the days when we could wear skimpy clothes before it was 2 degrees outside in new york city. >> yes. now we just layer. >> it's winter. coming up on this very, very cold monday presidents' day she lied about her role in the production of a cop-killing music video and now an ivy league university is about to honor her. >> can you believe that? 60 miles off the coast surrounded by freezing water, it's the coast guard rescue you have to see to
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this is completely consistent with isis ideology. it wants to exterminate anyone it sees as not consistent with their values. i'm not surprised c.c. launched an attack already. he's one of the most staunch opponents of islamism. >> when we're looking at what's going on here and you see the mission to kill and you have the crusaders as they were named by these militant, where are we now in the fight against isis? and specifically, does isis' ideology match up with muslim ideology? there is a conversation going on across the country.
3:18 am
where do you draw the line? where does it separate? >> isis has no relationship in traditional islamic faith which reveres christians. in the koran it holds sacred jesus and also mary. christians are designed as people of the book and they are legitimate. they are to be judged by their own book and their own law. isis has no acceptance of any of those fundamental tenets in the koran. it's a diabolical violation of islamic morality. that is what isis is. they are islamists totalitarian identify i don't see hollings and percent -- ideologues and persecuting is consistent with their totaliarism. it is very clear in ordinary conversations, the united states people are constantly making the remark does isis represent
3:19 am
islam? if we don't divorce the two using precise language, people don't understand that. it also indicates our administration is somehow detached from this maelstrom. c.c., the president of egypt has no difficult talking about the ideology that we have to defeat and he's a muslim. but we have these struggles here from our leadership. >> how does free will play into this? >> islam in the koran has let there be no compulsion in belief. that means choice to believe in islam, choice to believe in other religions, choice even to abandon belief that's given by islam. but isis doesn't recognize that. >> dr. ahmed, we thank you for joining us today. great insight. happy to have you. coming up an accused killer claimed he shot american sniper chris kyle and his friend because they wouldn't talk to him. does his insanity hold up? a fair and balanced debate
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all right. time for quick headlines on this monday morning. is vladimir putin the richest man in the world? russia's onetime largest foreign investor estimates putin is worth $200
3:24 am
billion. brow der is saying russia's president has been hoarding money that should have been spent on schools and hospital. conan o'brien taking his show on the road to cuba. the last time a late night host visited cuba was in 1957 when jack parr of the tonight show interviewed fidel castro. and that's the news. >> meanwhile, back to real life. new bombshells in the trial of the man accused of killing american sniper chris kyle and his friend. eddie ray routh told officers quote, i knew if i did not take his soul he was going to take mine. i had to kill a man today. it wasn't a want to. it was a need to." today the jury can hear routh's videotaped confession as the key witness who recorded it is expected to testify. his defense claims the former marine was a psychotic at the time. do these developments help or hurt his case?
3:25 am
we're going to have a fair and balanced debate. we're not debating his guilt. we're debating whether he gets committed or he gets life in prison. first to you heather. is he hurt by those new revelations? >> you can spin it both ways. the fact that, for example he said they weren't speaking to me and that's why i shot him. that is going to go towards the prosecution's idea that he knew right from wrong. however he later said he's going to forgive me later. no problem. that goes to the fact that he didn't know right or wrong. a lot of of what he said can be spun. you're going to hear from experts, psychologist who are going to try to spin it both ways. >> that was another strong day. another strong day for the prosecution for the life in prison. >> we know the defendant has mental illness. that is not up for debate. the question is does it rise to the level of insanity defense. he fled from the police. if you know something is wrong you might flee from the police. but if you don't know it is
3:26 am
wrong you have no reason to flee from the police. >> i want you to hear the 911 his sister called in to talk about the state she saw her brother in. >> he says that he killed two guys. he went out to a shooting range. he's all crazy. he's [bleep] i don't know if he's on drugs or not. >> he was bragging about the car he had. >> the thing that's going to be interesting is when the defense puts on their case. i think you're going to see almost a case against the v.a. he had been admitted to the v.a. at least three times had been discharged. >> much to the mother's chagrin. >> this is the dallas v.a., considered the worst in the nation. i think you're going to hear about the medication mass o he was but the -- hear about the medication he was put on. we'll hear a lot about that next week. >> even if that is all true and the v.a. is at fault
3:27 am
does it hurt the case to give life in prison? >> i think the prosecution case is overwhelming. there is no doubt he shot two people and killed them. there is evidence he knew what he did was wrong. he told the sister he committed murder and he told law enforcement he had done it because they wouldn't talk to him. >> some of the things they found in his house. drug paraphernalia marijuana and drugs. he's mixing prescription drugs with alcohol and lacing it with marijuana. taya kyle the wife of chris, said take out the part where chris is killed. the fact that that is not portrayed at all does that allow this case to go forward in a more unbiased way? >> definitely. no matter how they portrayed it it would have been true to life because we don't know what happened there. to take that out i think she is smart. she said insanity may be an explanation but not an excuse. >> jurors would have been told to disregard it but of course that's difficult and it is better it was left
3:28 am
out. >> she was thinking about her kids. i want my kids to remember the man who lived not how he died. no winners here but it is good to get your legal perspective. thanks so much. straight ahead a senseless act of road rage claimed the life of this mom killed in her own driveway. now a massive manhunt is on for the man who killed her. on this presidents' day we are testing your white house knowledge. which president threatened to punch the nose of a music critic who gave his daughter's recital a bad review? i know this one. the answer after a break. first happy birthday to tennis superstar john mcenroe. he's 56 today and probably mad at something. ♪ ♪
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welcome back.
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more than 100 stars gathering to celebrate 40 years of "saturday night live." across the street from where we're sitting jimmy fallon and justin timberlake kicking off the show with a history of s.n.l. rap. the show included a bizarre performance by kanye west and bradley cooper showing up for the night's most talked about moment with betty white. >> we are. >> we are. ♪ we are two wild ♪ ♪ and crazy guys ♪ ♪ ♪ >> his name was? >> his name was greg or gray. and it's been a long time. >> wow. what a kiss.
3:33 am
>> bradley cooper and betty white. >> i don't know what to say about that. but i will say that i think jimmy fallon for my money and steve martin the two most talented people on that show. can you touch those guys? their open was phenomenal. >> i'm a huge jimmy fallon fan. >> because it was 40 years, retrospective of it, it kind of reminded you of how far we've come and the crazy turns along the way. >> did you see eddie what was that? he had only come out to say hi. when it was time to go to break he just stood there. >> let us know what you thought about the entire evening. in the meantime, a fox news alert. a mother gunned down outside her home in a horrifying case of road rage, now an intense manhunt for her killer underway. ainsley earhardt is here with the latest information. >> good morning. terrible story for this family. what started with a mother teaching her 15-year-old
3:34 am
how to drive ended tragically and very violently. tammy myers and her daughter headed home last thursday when they almost got into a car crash with another car. there was a confrontation and then the people in that other car followed them back to the myers' house and shot tammy in the head. she died on saturday. >> my mom did not deserve this. she, she's a mother of four. [inaudible] >> if you know who it is, you need to come and you need to tell somebody. >> police believe this man is one of the suspects. here's a sketch. he was in a silver car which might have bullet holes in it now because one of tammy myers's sons came outside and shot the car when he realized what was happening. >> you guys who can take my mom's life [inaudible] that was my mom. my sister didn't deserve to
3:35 am
see what happened to my mother and my older brother. my older brother is a hero for what he did. he dragged my mom back to the sidewalk trying to save her life. >> police say a reward could be handed out for information leading to the arrest of those involved. back to you. >> what a story. ainsley, thank you very much. 25 minutes before the top of the hour. on this presidents' day, heather has got headlines. >> good morning. great to see you. hope you're off to a great monday. a daring ocean rescue to tell you about. off the coast of north carolina. four people stuck on board this boat 60 miles out to sea in the pitch-black when heavy winds wrecked their sails. you can see the boat tossed around a bit like a bath toy on the choppy water. luckily the navy and the coast guard coming to their rescue and everyone is okay. an accused al qaeda terrorist will represent himself in federal court. abid d nassir acting as his
3:36 am
own lawyer but he will stay at his defense desk while asking questions of the witnesses. defense -- he is accused of plotting attacks on a shopping mall in england and also on the new york city subway system. she lied about her role in the production of the cop-killing music video. remember that one? now this ivy league university is about to honor this woman. new york attorney robin steinberg will be recognized next month at harvard as an inspiration to aspiring attorneys. steinberg is currently serving a 60-day suspension after officials determined she tried to cover up her taxpayer-funded group's role in making that video. it showed a cop with two guns pointed at his head. unbelievable. a weatherman's forecast going to the dogs. >> notice the system rolling to the south. clear skies this afternoon. okay. take a look at future
3:37 am
temperature here. future temperatures bring highs -- barking. >> grippy, that is the official weather dog for the springfield missouri, station but he wasn't much help to the meteorologist. all the dog wanted to do was play fetch and jump up on his leg. those are your headlines. >> funny stuff. >> thanks heather. speaking of weather going to the dogs the northeast is a in a deep freeze. millions shivering in one of the most brutal arctic blasts. >> people down south bracing for a dangerous mix of snow and ice. maria molina is outside where currently here in new york city it is 3, but the wind chill is much colder. >> the with which currently in new york city 14 degrees below zero. it gets even colder as you head farther north into new england with wind chills at 25 degrees below zero. it is dangerous.
3:38 am
we're talking about frostbite and hyperthermia a concern across portions of new england and farther west across parts of the great lakes and into portions of the plains. it's a cold start today. take a look at the forecast over the next several days. not much is going to change. we're looking at cold temperatures continuing into thursday morning and even friday morning and here's a quick look at that storm system we're tracking producing ice across parts of arkansas and tennessee and heavy snow farther north. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. on this monday, today is actually presidents' day. we're being tested with presidential trivia to celebrate. here is historian kenneth davis author of "don't know much about the american presidents." he joins us live and joins us on many, many holidays relating to the presidents. >> thank you very much. the first question is which president -- >> those are mine. >> question a, where's
3:39 am
brian's test? >> which president operated the nation's largest distillry? it would be jefferson a. washington b. or adams c. >> washington. >> washington, b is correct. >> at mount vernon they have that gin available. you can go buy it. they reopened the distillry a couple of years ago. >> how great is that? >> the distillry where washington -- by the way, it is also officially not presidents' day. this is still on the calendar, george washington's birthday. >> very good point. >> which president and first lady spoke chinese in the white house to keep their conversations secret from the staff? ronald and nancy reagan? john kennedy and jackie kennedy or herbert and loo hoover? c is correct. they lived in china during the boxer rebellion, learned chinese while there, came back to the
3:40 am
white house and used chinese to keep their conversations private. number three which president says a softball is the only rhodes scholar? >> c, bill clinton. >> this is the speed round. these first ladies have graduate degrees. who are they? the possibilities are hillary, laura and michelle obama. eleanor roosevelt laura bush and michelle obama. >> which three ladies have graduate degrees. >> the answer is a, hillary clinton, laura bush and michelle obama. the final question, this is my favorite actually. which president threatened to purchl the nose of a miew -- punch the nose of a music critic who panned his daughter's recital?
3:41 am
johnson, nixon or truman. >> give em hell harry. >> his daughter was panned she went on to become a famous novelist who wrote murder in the white house. >> also wrote a biography on her dad too? >> that is correct. a little bit of the human side of the presidency. we forget these guys are all real people. >> you do an unbelievable job making history fun and i can't wait for your new book that's coming out in may. "hidden history of america at war." >> just a tease there. some of the things you didn't know about washington when he won the battle of york town. the first thing he did was bring his slaves to mount vernon. there were 5,000 enslaved people with the british when the battle was won. >> keeping history exciting and personal. obamacare goes to church. the administration using the pulpit to sell health care.
3:42 am
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welcome back. quick headlines for you now. an mrn -- american is gored by a bull in spain and in the hospital in intensive care. he was celebrating carnival. the mississippi state basketball team in home state. after one frightening flight. it lost power after takeoff. the head coach tweeting this. loud noise. later flight attendants
3:46 am
don't worry everything is fine. lost an engine and need to land. that's all? landed safely. >> the department of health and human services pushing churches now to promote the president's health care law. a sample announcement says quote, we have chosen this sunday as get covered day at insert your church name here. this is what the administration wants churches to put out. we will have a presentation on the health insurance marketplace. it's not the first time religion has been used to promote obamacare. last year the insurance marketplace in d.c. quoted scripture on a press release. it said, the body is the temple and must be insured. not everybody is bringing it to the pulpit. joining us is the pastor who refuseed to partner with his church in dallas. robert jeffords. the president needs your help. what is your message to him? >> when most people come to church, they come to hear a
3:47 am
timeless word from the lord, not the latest word from washington, d.c. and i realize many bureaucrats confuse themselves with the almighty, but there really is a difference between the two. the problem i have with this is obamacare is not an idea or a suggestion. it's a governmental mandate and if you don't participate, you get fined. if you don't pay the fine you go to jail. and i just don't think the church of jesus christ ought to be an extension of the federal government to enforce its edict. >> so many times we hear people oftentimes from the political left they're always talking about this is a violation of the separation between church and state. now the state is asking the church, we need to boost these numbers. you got to help us. >> that's right. and i want to remind people that many of us have a problem with obamacare because it provides for abortions inducing drugs. in fact, remember it's not just secular employers. this administration was trying to push religious
3:48 am
organizations to provide abortion-inducing drugs and they would have done so if the supreme court hadn't slapped their hand in the hobby lobby case. but i want to remind every pastor, every priest, every parishioner that this administration was going against religious institutions. they were going against the nuns. i don't know why we would ever partner with an administration that is so hostile toward conservative christians. >> that is a good point. pastor, you are not against people getting health care. you just don't like this particular plan; right? >> no. that's exactly right. i mean, i think people do need health care. but i thought it was ironic, they're using the verse 1 corinthians 6:19, your body is the temple of the holy spirit. the body is the temple and needs to be insured. the body needs more to be insured. it needs to be protected against destruction and death. i think it is ironic the most pro-abortion administration in history
3:49 am
would cite a verse that extols the virtue of life. this is not a pro-insurance verse in the bible. it is a pro-livers in the bible. >> i've got a feeling you're not going to help the administration on this one. >> i've got other plans this sunday than pushing obamacare. >> pastor robert jeffress joining us from dallas, thanks so much. it is 11 minutes before the top of the hour on this monday, president george washington's birthday. isis closing in on one of the largest military bases in iraq, but don't tell that to the white house. >> we've seen isis's progress blunted in iraq. we're making good progress in syria. >> the man who killed bin laden, rob o'neill, is going to react in the next hour. pickpockets can now steal your money without even touching your wallet. kurt the cyber guy has the tips you need to stay safe and it involves a new wallet.
3:50 am
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3:54 am
>> you make it really tight. >> and accidentally throw
3:55 am
it out? >> that will keep it from being wrecked. companies are out now. this is a san diego-based company. this is articulate. they have some really great what would be cleverly designed clutches as well as a handbag which i thought were pretty stylish. >> this will keep your card from being read. it is designed to put your phone in there so it can't be read. >> there are wallets and bags out you can purchase to protect the cards that you have? >> exactly. or little tiny shield envelopes you can get as well. or you can go the extreme route. let me tell you what you want to do. number one, you want to go to your credit card company immediately and say please do me a favor and send me another card that does not have this chip inside of it. >> this card would come without you asking for it? >> sure. we were talking to our producer who said she found out she had this in her card, a recent update to her own card. they sent this with her card because it was better than the magnetic reader on
3:56 am
the back in security considerations. it's contactless. if you want to find out if your card has it, look for that chip and look for a wavy thing or the word blink on the back of it. blink or anything like that. what you want to do is have that replaced or you can actually remove the chip yourself. i don't suggest doing it but it is a solution where you can pull it off the card. do it very carefully. >> go for the foil or the bag that protects it? >> best thing right now, open your wallet this morning, look through it and find out which ones have this chip in it. then call the credit card company and say get these replaced for me and they will not charge you anything. >> we appreciate it. great to see you. coming up, did he act alone? two new arrests made in that terror attack in denmark. we're hearing there may be more arrests today. a live report at the top of the hour for you. and while terror dominates the headlines, has the president gone awol? donald trump weighing in on the white house next.
3:57 am
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good morning. today is monday, february 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert two majors that this lone wolf shooter wasn't so lonely at all water live with both stories straight ahead. and isis just miles from a u.s. air base. it's a home to 300 marines at least. is the president doing enough to stop the terrorist advance? the man who killed osama bin laden has been stationed at that same base will join us live. then what happens when donald trump and al sharpton meet on the red carpet like they did last night? donald trump joins news about two minutes to tell us the story. meanwhile, live from new york city it's really cold on this monday morning. >> this is joe piscopo. you're watching the number one morning show in cable news, "fox & friends." i love you guys. >> if joe wasn't doing his own radio show, he'd probably be on
4:01 am
with us more. he was great last night too, as frank sinatra. >> we're going to talk about all of that, lot, lots to say there. first, we'll get to the fox news alert for you. overnight, egypt getting revenge. their president ordering air strikes against isis in libya. >> those strikes happened just hours after the terrorists released a video showing mass behead willings of egyptian christians. >> kevin cork is live in washington, d.c. with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. you're right, the air strikes continue. that's the sort of bold immediate reaction that so many here in washington have been calling on from the white house. you saw it from the egyptian leadership right away getting right back at isis. 21 egyptian christians said to have been beheaded by islamic terrorists who claimed to be affiliated with isis. in the immediate hours afterward, you saw that strong reaction those air strikes hitting right back at the heart of isis. by the way we're getting word
4:02 am
this morning that those strikes may have been coordinated with the libyan government and the latest we have at least 50 militants have been killed and that death toll could continue to rise as the strikes continue here. the latest from the white house is obviously they are critical of what happened in that saying they do support the egyptian people. we'll keep watching the story to see if there is any more reaction from the white house. for now back to you. >> kevin cork, thank you very much. >> okay. that's not all that happened over the weekend. we have another fox news alert to follow up on. denmark, police arrested two more people they say have a connection to this weekend's terrorist attacks in copenhagen. now we're hearing that there could be more raids today. let's get right out now to fox news correspondent amy kellogg live in london with the breaking details. hey, amy. >> reporter: hi. copenhagen police are not saying much except for that the two they arrested are in the courthouse right now. authorities are trying to
4:03 am
determine if whether they can keep them in jail as this investigation continues. but they have been charged. media reports say they may have provided weapons to the suspect now dead. what's interesting is that when that suspect was killed, the main suspect's shooter, police thought they got their man and basically the story was more or less over. but in fact, if danish media reports are correct that he got out of jail just a few weeks ago, then it's an awful lot to expect, that he would have figured out that this swedish cartoonist was in town, he would have managed to get weapons and carry out this murderous plot, if he was acting alone. more raids expected today. more information for sure forth coming. brian, steve and elisabeth, back to you. >> amy kellogg with the latest. let's bring in donald trump. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so our lead story, the terrorist attack, twin attacks in denmark and then isis beheads
4:04 am
21 coptic christians and then the country of egypt gets payback. meanwhile, our president is golfing. he'll be back tonight. your observation? >> well, it's amazing. we're living in medieval times, the old days, the horrible things of what happened then, the knights and everything and the beheadings and who would have ever thought we'd be living, when you see that scene of those men being beheaded by the whatever the ocean. it was just a horrible thing to see. obviously for the president to be out there striking the ball was not such a good optic. but forget about optic, it's not good. you think that your president and you're going to be there for another almost two years, you think you would never leave. who wants to go on vacation when you're president? you're at the white house. you stay there at command center. but you look at a scene like that and it's incredible that a
4:05 am
thing like this could happen. we are truly living in medieval times. nobody in our generation has seen anything like this and nobody has seen anything like this for hundreds of years. this is terrible. >> how much do you think our method of leading and not leading is affecting all these things happening from the ukraine, to what's happening in syria, iraq iran and around the globe? >> we're not leading and we're perceived as being weak and 60 minutes does a piece on our nuclear weapons being old and in bad shape. even the telephone system doesn't work. pear we are received as being weak. our military has not been given the funds that they need every day. i'm in the real estate business and all the time we get listings that military bases are for sale all over the place. they're constantly selling off military bases, which i don't know, maybe they don't need them or maybe they're just cutting back. who knows? but constantly military bases are being sold. you look at our military, it's
4:06 am
just not the same. it should be just the opposite. there has never been a time where we needed strong military more than now and then you have putin who is really pretty much on the edge and you have to be careful and he made a statement that was shocking six months ago. he said you better be careful. we have nuclear weapons. just to bring that statement up is incredible. but we're just not prepared as a country and we certainly have no leadership. >> certainly feels as though. i'm going to shift gears to leaders of comedy. there was a big night here last night, and it got bigger because you were in attendance. snl 40 took place. and you were photographed with none other than al sharpton. i want to know what happened when you spoke with him because he ended up tweeting this afterward. i saw trump and o'reilley at the snl anniversary and spoke to them. i have love to treat my attackers with candor and smile. they want you bitter. what happened when you talked to him there? >> he loves me. i know al. he loves trump. what can i tell you?
4:07 am
he knows it. he said it. i've known him for so long. i understand him. he's doing his thing. you know al is a guy who is doing his thing. >> what is his thing? >> his thing is to make money by getting on television and to just live out a life this -- i don't know. he does his thing. if he really believes it or not, i would tell you he does his thing. >> just a harmless guy? >> no. he's not harmless and he does have somewhat of a following. sometimes you don't think it's a real following. but al is just riding it out and he's got his show and i don't know if many people watch. i can tell you what, your ratings are a lot better. but al is riding it out. i've known him for 25 years and i knew him with don king, where don king and i would go to fights together and al was a friend of don. i know al probably better than anybody knows al. when he saw me last night, he was very happy to see me. i can tell you that.
4:08 am
>> i bet. but when he tweets out they want you bitter, talking about o'reilley and you, what's that about? >> again, he's doing his thing. that's what it is. it was an unbelievably friendly conversation. he was so happy to see me. and i was fine. i see him and saturday night live last night was excellent although it was 3 1/2 hours. this can a really good job. we had a lot of fun. but i did see al there. i saw plenty of other people there. >> probably bigger stars than al. hard to imagine, though. let's talk about your big show tonight. i'm going to be going tonight. i'm allowed to stay up late. geraldo rivera and leeza gibbons are in a deadlock to see who will be the final "celebrity apprentice" champion. what can we expect? >> first of all. they both did fantastic. she's been absolutely incredible. i didn't expect that she'd be in the finals and not only in the finals, but easily in the finals. she is like a rock. and solid. she's just solid. and geraldo is geraldo.
4:09 am
he's smart, he's cunning. he is somewhat vicious on occasion. and he's beaten everybody and he raised a tremendous amount of money for his charity and he may win. i don't even know who i'm going to pick right now. it's going to be very close. >> is there something they've got to do tonight to decide it? >> yeah. they actual will he did a big task and the task will be announced tonight. so it will help. it's not going to be the end all because they've been going at this for many weeks. but they've beaten a lot of very, very good competitors, a lot of really smart, tough people. this has been a tough one. the people truly they were smart, but they were vicious. >> you know, it does so much good. i think people consistently and constantly need to be reminded of the amount of charity and good work that comes out of your program here. >> thanks, elisabeth. we have raised more than $15 million for charity. >> unbelievable. >> it's been a real success. who would have thought this is actually season 14 between apprentice and "celebrity
4:10 am
apprentice." it's ten years and don't forget, i was supposed to be off in about three shows. it was supposed to be over. when it was first announced they said no way this is going to work. and here we are. 15 copies. >> tonight is the big final d. i was at the big task. it's a big show. so people are going to love it and tomorrow at this time, we'll know whether it's geraldo or leeza. we love both of them. but we'd prefer if geraldo wins. >> is it the last one donald? >> well, they want to renew. the ratings have been terrific and they do want to renew and have if go on but i have other decisions to make. >> you do. >> we're going to see. >> maybe we'll have another announcement coming up this week perhaps. >> that could always happen. >> okay. >> thank you. >> enjoy the show tonight. >> we will. on this show at 77:11 -- 7:11 we start with another fox news alert. >> good morning. it may be one of the largest
4:11 am
bank packs ever. $1 billion stolen by hackers in a massive world wide breach. a hacking ring reportedly infiltrated more than 100 banks in 30 countries including the united states within the past two years. so here is how they did it. they programmed atm machines to spit out money and then they also were able to get funds transferred to fake accounts. they were able to avoid detection by constantly changing the banks that they targeted. the names of the banks still have not been revealed. we'll keep following that story for you and let you know as soon as we do. i had to kill a man. those chilling words spoken by chris kyle's accused killer just moments after he shot the navy seal and his friend two years ago. today the jury could soon hear if his taped confession as a witness who recorded it is expected to testify later today. the defense claims that routh was psychotic at the time, so the developments could hurt his case. we debated this earlier.
4:12 am
>> ultimately a lot of what he did and said can be spun and you're going to hear from forensic experts who are going to try to spin it each way. who the jury believes may be the final arbiter of who wins. >> if convicted he faces life in prison without parole. more trouble for the veterans affairs. newly released documents casting new documents on v.a. secretary mcdonald's claims that he's been firing employees who manipulated those wait times. listen to this. >> 900 people have been fired since i became secretary. we've got 60 people that we fired who have manipulated wait times. we've got about 100 senior leaders under investigation now whose performance reviews have been deferred until we get feedback from the i.g. and department of justice. we're holding people accountable. >> holding people accountable, he says. but this morning that claim is coming into serious question. records showing just 11 employees involved in that wait list scandal have been fired
4:13 am
since february 5 others listed as resigning, demoted or simply reprimanded, but not fired. those are your headlines. i'll see new a half hour. >> thank you. >> whenever you get around to it, you come back. >> thanks, i will. >> thank you. coming up, isis is closing in on one of the largest american military bases in iraq. but don't tell that to the white house. >> we've seen isis' progress blunted in iraq. we're making good progress in syria. >> the man who shot bin laden, rob o'neill, has been deployed to that base multiple times. >> vandals vandalize memorials with red paint while other officers stand and watch. who told those cops to stand down? we'll tell what you we know. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
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fox news alert. isis reportedly closing in on one of the largest u.s. military bases in iraq. hundreds of isis fighters taking over the city of al bagdadi, five miles from where our marines are stationed at the al assad air base. former u.s. navy seal rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden, has been deployed there a number of times and joins us this morning from texas. good morning to you, rob.
4:18 am
>> good morning, steve. thanks for having me. >> it's good to have you. so isis is baring down on our marines. now is the time for the president to call up whom and say go do what? >> they can call a number of forces there. i think there are 320 on al assad and the fact that they could land a c-17 transport plane there and bring more in, that's exactly what the marines are look for because isis is nearby, some five miles away. our marines are designed to fight an army. given the chance to let our marines step up to isis t shouldn't take more than a couple of days. >> sure. you have fought in that area. you fought these same guys back when they were called something else. >> yeah. we fought them -- one of the bigger units i was part of has been fighting them since 2004. i got there in the early winter of 2006 and i fought them up until 2007 late summer. they were called al-qaeda in
4:19 am
iraq. run bizarre by czar coo wee. we have sunni tribals elders help us fight the sunni extremists. we helped root them out and we were doing kill capture every single night and it was not difficult to fight these guys. >> the sunny tribal elders and the tribes themselves have been helping the americans. if the americans leave and eventually we're going to get around to doing that and with this administration, the sooner the better. when we leave those sunni tribes are toast because isis is going to go back and say hey, you guys were helping the americans. >> that's correct. they're already saying that right now. that's why we have sunni on sunni violence going on and the friendly sunni villages and tribes are asking for u.s. assistance and almost to the point we're saying we help you what kind of a friend would leave us? it's not to that point yet, but we should definitely have our guys out there. again, if we were helping the friendly sunni that's exactly what we need on the ground as
4:20 am
far as intelligence so we can actively target isis and root them out. >> real quick isis is five miles away from the air base where we've got the marines. as long as we're there, the marines, you feel that that's going to be held. but if we leave isis takes the quick road to baghdad, don't they? >> that's correct. we do have marines there. 320 of them. mainly trainers and advisors. however, all marines are riflemen. as long as we have u.s. forces there, we'll have the capability with our armed drones and gunships to assist. if we do decide to back out of al assad, it's my belief that isis will overrun that air base and from there it's launching pad right into the capital of baghdad. >> absolutely. rob o'neill, the man who killed osama bin laden, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. coming up on this monday mother senselessly killed in her own driveway. what should you do if you find yourself in a similar situation? how to defuse a dangerous
4:21 am
situation coming up next
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
las vegas woman shot and killed this weekend after getting into an argument with the man over a traffic dispute. her heart broken husband speaking out now. >> this beautiful woman is now deceased. the mother of my four children and my wife. >> what if you found yourself in a situation with an aggressive driver? what exactly would you do? sam, the attorney general of georgia, has been leading the charge against road rage by creating a powerful psa campaign with evander holyfield and joins me this morning. good morning to you. this is a tough time and it seems as though, sir that road rage is on the increase which
4:25 am
is why you're on a campaign to decrease it. you have tips for our viewers at home for what they need to do to avoid these potentially deadly situations as we've seen here. thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> so you say to avoid signs of engagement. what do you mean by that? if someone is giving you a hard time on the road, what are you to avoid exactly? >> no hand gestures, no sounds. almost as if you don't acknowledge they exist. leave space so that if they get more aggressive, if they want to hit your car, you can go to the shoulder of the road, you can go in another lane. act as if they're almost not there so after they finish their rage, they will simply pass you and leave you alone. >> that's a discipline to practice if anyone has been in the situation they know it's tough. let the aggressor pass. if they're on your tail or giving you a hard time next to you, you say let them go ahead? >> absolutely. you want them to get away from you so that you're safe.
4:26 am
>> and in all circumstances, you recommend not getting out of the car. doesn't seem topped -- to end well when that happens. >> too many shootings occur, too many fights. the last thing you want to do is get out of the car. avoid any contact with the individual. if they continue to follow you, if they continue to be aggressive then either head to the nearest police or fire station or call 911 for help. >> you say it's okay to abandon any sort of hands free rule there. if you need to call 911 because you're dealing with someone with road rage don't hesitate, correct? >> yeah. if you think your life is at safety, don't think about the local state laws for 911. call and get help. >> what's your message to everyone in your state and others right now? why are you so on a mission to end this road rage? >> we just had a lady killed, a college student right where i live and the defendant was given 30 years. they were both in their early 20s. people need to take a step back and need to take a deep breath. we live in a world where everything is now, where people
4:27 am
don't have patience and we need to take a step back. cars are deadly, guns are deadly if used improperly. everyone needs to take a deep breath and relax a little bit more on the roads and not be in such a big rush. >> words of wisdom there hearing from the attorney general of georgia. thanks for being with "fox & friends". >> thank you. now this, coming up, protesters vandalize a memorial honoring fallen police officers with blood red point while other officers stood there and watched. who told those cops it stand down? we're going to talk about it. and do you want a new car is this just become a law maker and fire some staff to pay for it. this is no joke. it actually happens. ♪ ♪ ♪ nexium 24hr.
4:28 am
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4:31 am
we've got a fox news alert for you on this morning. our two top stories, we're hearing reports that as many as 50 isis militants may have been killed in libya overnight in air strikes ordered by the country of egypt. the attack coming hours after the terrorists released a video showing mass beheadings of egyptian christian coptics. the egyptian government vowing more to come as payback. >> that's right. and also breaking overnight, we are learning the suspect in this weekend's terrorist attack in denmark may not have been denmark today. >> man oh, man. >> lot going on this morning to talk about. heather inaugurate -- heather nauert has more. >> a al-qaeda terrorist will represent himself in court. he's acting as his own lawyer. but u.s. marshals say that he has to stay seated at the defense desk while questioning witnesses.
4:32 am
because the judge claims he wants to keep the trial fair, federal prosecutors will be forced to work under those same restrictions. he's accused of plotting attacks on a shopping mall in england and also the new york city subway system. a memorial to fallen officers in denver defaced by red paint by protesters. but cops were not allowed to step in to stop it? the head of the denver police union is now calling for the police chief there to resign, claiming that officers were told to stand down as protesters vandalized the memorial. apparently it goes against protocol to engage with protesters. two people have been arrested for that vandalism so far.
4:33 am
we got it! wooo! we got it! >> now you might t that's maria molina because she goes crazy for that stuff. that rare weather event happening only .07% of snow storms. so when the weather channel's jim witnessed it six times this weekend in new england, he celebrated by yelling and jumping around having a great old time. let's take a live look here in new york city where it is so darn cold out there, maria molina is outside for us. folks are waking up and these freezing temperatures. that's a fountain with that water that has just frozen. hi there, maria. >> hi. i'm very happy to see jim got so many thunder snow strikes there in a row.
4:34 am
but we have very cold air that's fouled that storm that impacted parts of new england over the weekend. many areas seeing over a foot of snow and some wind gusts reported over 60 miles per hour across the region. take a look at sop of the current numbers now. it feels like 14 below zero in new york city. and 22 below zero in cleveland and caribou, maine. raleigh, north carolina windchill just 11 degrees. you really got to bundle up all the way down to parts of the southeast and the forecast temperatures over the next several mornings are going to stay frigid here. tuesday morning, wednesday morning, still cold out there. and that continues pretty much through the end of the workweek. by friday morning, the low temperature in new york city forecast to just be in the single digits. and many areas looking at below zero. here is our next storm system producing snow early this morning across parts of kentucky illinois and across missouri. there is also concern for some ice across parts of tennessee northern mississippi and arkansas and some areas will be looking at pretty significant
4:35 am
ice accumulations out there. potentially more than a quarter of an inch of ice. that's a big issue on roadways. as far as know goes significant as well. potentially more than a foot of snow in northern parts of tennessee, kentucky and into the mid-atlantic. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. so much lousy weather, it's a good thing today is a holiday. today is washington's birthday. the perfect day to pause and look back at the lives and legacies of our nation's finest leaders. here to help us is presidential historian jane hampton cook who joins us on days like washington's birthday. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's start at the beginning with george washington. one of his most famous quotes was he said no people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand which conducts the affairs of man more than those of the united states. what's he talking about? >> well, george washington, one of the greatest moments in
4:36 am
presidential history was the first moment when he became president, he gave an inaugural address and he gave thanks to god, the almighty being, the invisible hand for the blessing of liberty. and he got us off to a great start as a country because we traded royalty for representation. >> that's a good point. meanwhile, fast forward a couple hundred years. here is ronald reagan sending a message directly to the leader of the other super power of the world back then. >> mr. gorbachev tear down this wall. >> of course, after he said that, people thought, there is no chance that wall is ever coming down. it came down. >> it did, within two years. that was one of the most powerful moments in presidential history. reagan's policies matched his actions, his words they came together in this amazing moment of strength, his policy of peace through strength came to
4:37 am
fruition when the people took down that wall. >> and he wasn't a president who was afraid to get tough with the russians. he referred to russia, former soviet union as the evil empire. >> that's right. he had moral clarity which really gave him gravitas on the world stage. that's why we were a super power back in the 1980s. >> you're saying back in the 1980s. are you saying we're regarded to a lesser extent these days? >> well, i think our standing in the world's diminished a little bit since then. >> that's too bad. in the land of lincoln when lincoln was president, he said this: quote all persons held as slaves are and hence forward shall be free. that was one of the greatest moments of american history certainly. >> that's right. abraham lincoln was the great emancipator. he corrected the greatest injustice in our nation's history. that's why we honor him so much
4:38 am
today. >> we do indeed. finally, we're going to take folks back to 1961. it was a bitterly cold day as well in washington, d.c. when john fitzgerald kennedy was inaugurated, our president. and he said this: >> and so my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> that really got people thinking about public service, didn't it? >> it did. what i love about this moment is here is this young, vigorous new president. he gave a timeless message, a message that's just as relevant today as it was back in 1961. >> absolutely. as it turns out, we have one more presidential nugget to share with people and it was after the dark days of september 11 2001. george w. bush came to manhattan, the lower tip, not far from where the towers fell and he said this. >> i can hear you!
4:39 am
the rest of the world hears you. and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon! >> jane, why does that go down in history as one of the great moments in presidential history? >> because it was impromptu. everything else we've talked about this morning was scripted, preplanned. that was an improper to you spur of the moment. but it was an example of courage, moral clarity, and decisiveness, which is why it really does stand out as an amazing moment in our history. >> so in other words, it could be the greatest presidential ad lib of all time? >> that's right. absolutely. >> presidential historian joining us today on washington's birthday, thank you very much. >> thank you. it's exactly 20 minutes before the top of the hour on this george washington's birthday. coming up, fox news alert. two men have been arrested in
4:40 am
connection with the copenhagen shooter who went on a terrorist rampage. what does this tell bus his ties to islamic terrorism? former member of the terrorism task force here live. and are you an aquaholic? how many glasses do you have a day? the shocking new study that reveals the amount of water you drink could be bad for your health. but first a trivia question. born on this day in 1972 this former pittsburgh steeler will be inducted into the hall of fame this year. who is he? e-mail us. ♪ ♪
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a fox news alert. breaking overnight, police charge two more men in connection with this weekend's deadly terrorist attacks in denmark. they both have been thrown in jail in solitary confinement and now we hear there could be even more arrests today as europe remains on high alert for copycat terrorist attacks. >> listen to this. >> i think what this attack does tell us for sure is that we have entered a period of new normal. the threat facing communities across europe, the united states canada is a threat posed by individuals who are inspired by isis or al-qaeda. they have been recruited by isis or al-qaeda and they're looking to target soft targets. >> that's what happened over the weekend perhaps. jonathan gilliam joins us right now. what do you take from what happened in denmark?
4:45 am
>> what the jayvees saying that we've entered into a new era, we've been talk being this real people in the know have been talking about this era for many, many years. myself over ten years. >> since van gogh got killed on the sidewalk. >> exactly. in 2004, i was going all over the country teaching soft target awareness. we knew that malls and these types of places coffee shops were huge. now we're starting to see it. people have to realize no matter where you are, it's shown denmark, canada, australia, paris and now in denmark you're starting to see that they're hitting at two place really in particular. where we go every day, coffee shops. >> the mall. >> the mall. that's where people go on the weekends. but the other thing is these people who have these freedom of speech issues and celebrations, if you and i want to go out and celebrate freedom much speech that's one thing because you and i have not directly insulted islam. but these individuals have and people need to realize freedom of speech is not free.
4:46 am
you have to fight to get it. you have to fight to keep it. but if you want to go out and say whatever you want better be prepared to defend yourself and if you're going to go hang out with those people, you better get ready for those bullets to fly because as you can see in the video when the woman is talking and those bullets fly, it's pow pow, pow. it's not spray. it's targeted shooting. and that's ha we're looking at. >> how do you stop it? for example, i was struck last week by last thursday when the counterterrorism chief and deputy f.b.i. director said, i don't know who is coming back from syria. we're not really capable right now of tracking who is coming in and after coming back those are u.s. citizens. and the refugees were taken n. we can't run background checks because their government is barely alive. what does that say about who is here? >> to start at the very very top, we have a couple of problems. one, we have agency leaders that really are going on obama's and the obama administration's every word. they have to start leading their
4:47 am
groups targeting what they're supposed to be looking into, and then focusing on developing things that are systematically well-rounded into looking at these things so they know, how can i be answering questions when the director of the f.b.i. doesn't know these things? secondly, they're not preparing the people. the people -- they're our eyes and ears. but you have to prepare them for what could potentially happen. that's the thing. if go into a coffee shop and you heard this today and you react and you run and you live, we've done our job. why can't the f.b.i. and the government be doing this? >> i'm not really sure. but what you're also saying is you know they might have great people in the f.b.i. or nypd. you're going to have to be able to prepare to protect yourself. are you saying we should consider either if you have the wherewithal, a guy like to you provide security or be carrying our own gun? >> first and foremost be aware.
4:48 am
if you have the legal capacity to carry a weapon that's your choice. i would. if you don't have the legal capacity, then you have to be aware and you have to be ready to run. almost all people who run in these situations live. that's called awareness. not fear mongering. >> right. >> police cannot be everywhere all the time. but you will be where you are all the time. so you have to be ready to secure your area and you have to be aware of what's happening there. >> that's what you got to learn from something like this when denmark, paris and -- >> there is no innocence anymore. you have to be realistic in what's going on. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thanks. coming up straight ahead obamacare goes to church. yep. the administration now using the pulpit to sell the health care program? one pastor has a message for the president. but first, on this day in 1997, jeff gordon became the youngest winner of the daytona 500. in 1975, average white band had the number one song in america called "pick up the pieces."
4:49 am
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hear ye! the awkward teenage one has arrived!!!! don't be old fashioned. xfinity customers add xfinity home for $29.95 a month for 12 months. plus for a limited time, get a free security camera call 1800 xfinity or visit welcome back. we have a look at your headlines. amazon's drone delivery service is grounded, at least for now. the faa's new drone rules bar any unmanned aircraft from flying over people or out of eyesight. but amazon is not giving up, saying the faa must address the needs of their business and their customers. and are you an aquaholic? you heard you should drink six glasses of water a day. but doctors say people are drinking too much, can cause to you lose sleep and in extreme cases, lead to death. doctors say drink if you're thirsty, but do not force it. now the answer to today's
4:53 am
trivia question. joan bettis. >> on president's day? >> congratulations. what a day. meanwhile, today is george washington's birthday. last night at midnight the sign-up period for obamacare expired. that was the open enrollment for the year. what's interesting is the administration reached out to america's churches and said, we really need your help. we want you to try to get as many people to sign up, put messages in your bulletin. we'll give you talking points so you can do a sermon on it. just get the number up. >> that's right. it's all part of the second sunday and weekend of action tool kit, which is available on the web site of the department of health and human services where churchdownload the pamphlets to reach out. they invoked scripture, saying the body is a temple. here is one example. we have chosen this sunday as get covered day and you just put your church's name there. we'll have a presentation on the
4:54 am
health insurance marketplace. >> special thanks to the corinthians. >> paster jeffers is a fox news contributor, he got the information from the administration and he looked at it and he had to decide whether or not his church would assist the administration. his answer? no. >> you know, when most people come to church, they come to hear a timeless word from the lord, not the latest word from washington d.c i realize many beaurocrats confuse themselves with the almighty, but there really is a difference between the two. obamacare is not an idea or a suggestion. it's a governmental mandate and if you don't participate, you get fined. if you don't pay the fine, you go to jail. and i just don't think the church of jesus christ ought to be an extension of the federal government to enforce its tax. >> you mentioned the scripture
4:55 am
passage that they invoked. he went on to say that if the administration really believes that people's bodies are the temple of the holy spirit, then they would remove provisions from obamacare that support abortion, which is the destruction of the bodies or the temples of children. >> it's not even necessary because the president did the video. everyone signed up that had to sign up. this is really overkill. what do you think? right now you can write us, we'll share some your thoughts. you can tweet us or go to the facebook page. >> do you want to hear about obamacare from the pulpit? >> how many times do we hear people from one government part saying, there has hast got to be a separation between church and state. now the state is asking the church, help us. >> giving them pamphlet information. >> i don't know how you fit on a a catholic mass because we have barely time for sign of peace. everything is in such a rush toward the end. >> where do they put it? after the second reading?
4:56 am
>> exactly. you can't toss to a commercial. >> meanwhile, four minutes before the top of the hour. with isis now on libya's doorstep, two top u.s. allies asking the united nations to step in and help fight back. ed henry joins us live in the studio with what the white house might think about that coming up next. and the material girl, madonna, banned from the air waves? we're going to tell you exactly where that's happening. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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good morning. today is monday, february 16. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. two major developments in the war on terror. in denmark, brand-new information on the terrorists behind saturday's deadly attacks. with isis on the march, two top united states allies asking the u.n. to step in and help fight back. we are live with both stories for you straight ahead.
5:00 am
and as terror spreads what's the white house planned? they're having a summit on violent extremism. that really help if nobody knows they're invited? white house correspondent ed henry is live in the studio right now. he'll join us on the couch in 90 seconds. >> he has been invited. the material girl booted off the air waves banned from the radio mornings are better with friends. watch us. big hour coming your way, including an interview with marcus lotrel. >> we're hearing reports that as many as 50 isis militants may have been killed in libya overnight in strikes in that country thanks to the orders by president sisi. this came hours after the terrorists released a video of
5:01 am
mass beheadings of coptic christians. >> the white house releasing a statement condemning the killing, but fail to go refer to the victims as christian, saying in part quote this one killing of innocents is just the most recent of many vicious attacks perpetrated by isil affiliated terrorists against the people of the region. >> this is the country of italy warns the militants are at europe's doorstep after vowing to quote, conquer rome in the name of allah. officials now urging nato to intervene. they need help. >> that's right. we have another fox news alert. two men thrown into a denmark jail for their connection to this weekend's deadly terrorist attacks in denmark. >> this as we're hearing about reports with the gunman's affiliation with islam. >> what's the very latest? >> the very latest is the two men have been jailed for four weeks. jailed because they might be accomplices to the double murder
5:02 am
and the five times account of murder attempt. what the police are saying is that they might have supplied the weapons and also helped the assailant hide after the shootings. the main shooter himself, there are reports he uploaded a video saluting jihad from proud muslim, which is very sympathetic to islamic states, less than an hour before he attacked the freedom of speech seminar in copenhagen. and it wasn't only police swat teams which could be the normal thing, but two branches of our special forces, similar to navy seals or army rangers put into action on saturday and sunday. there are pictures of men in green and those would be the navy seals because the police are always in black. there is a picture of those in action on sunday in the raids and also the synagogues are saying they have
5:03 am
footage showing the murder of the jewish security guard standing outside the jewish synagogue on saturday night. >> tom, did i read that you also said that there are people who are putting flowers where the terrorist was killed? >> yes. there are. there is quite a few. not nearly as many as in other places in copenhagen. but a big pile of flowers where the terrorist was killed. it is enraging locals to are not happy he's being saluted as the hero or even being mourned. >> oh, man of the that's something. we thank you very much for the live report from denmark. >> sitting on our couch playing wide right ed henry. probably amongst your leads are the two stories. terror did not take a break over the weekend. >> co-copenhagen after paris. can did was hit not too long ago, australia. one ally after another under assault. remember the president only a
5:04 am
year ago said isis was the j.v. squad. last week when he sent this up to congress, he said they're not just a big threat, but could be a threat to the american homeland. that is a big change in just over a year. >> the president of the united states has had a lousy so pr wise. you look at his message at the prayer breakfast equating essentially what happened with the crusades 1,000 years ago, and what isis is doing now and then with the fox interview as well, very damaging. >> i think the interview was most interesting because it was a more liberal outlet where the president felt comfortable and what did he do? he's basically on the couch saying the terror threat is hyped up. this is about the media. but also said in his own words who is he? the president says i'm like a big city mayor fighting crime. not a commander in chief that is dealing with an international terror network. this is how he's approaching it.
5:05 am
it's not what his critics are saying. in his own words he's saying i'm like a mayor. >> well, if he's like a mayor and fighting crime r is he today? >> well, he's in palm springs over the weekend. >> doing what? >> playing a little golf. where were you? >> i'm not the commander in chief. >> he has a big meeting and summit we're going to get to starting on wednesday to thursday. but also when we keep hearing terror is on the retreat even not naming it it seems to be sort of downplayed by the administration, yet we see isis increasing territory here and leon panetta saying we need better leadership. we need to actually show leadership in defeating isis. listen to this. >> the problem i see is that that strategy has to be bolstered in a strong way. we've got to be able to insure that we are committed every day of the week towards making sure that this strategy works, that we disrupt dismantle and
5:06 am
ultimately defeat isis. i think it's important to understand that this is not an enemy that you can kind of stand aside and not confront. if we stand aside, if we don't get involved f we don't provide leadership unfortunately, nobody else will. >> that's the thing. that's what the president is going to say he's doing with the summit. >> he has a chance with the summit this week to reset things. but think about where we've been in this. it was just in early january on "60 minutes" the u.s. commander general in afghanistan was asked, will isis spread to afghanistan? he said no. what happened last week? a drone strike, successful move by the u.s., took out a former taliban commander who by the way, had been released by grit mow, was on the battlefield again in afghanistan recruiting for who? for isis. now, he was killed, thankfully. but are there others recruiting for isis in afghanistan? the general said one month ago they're not spreading. they did. >> don't you think it's curious that you've got leon panetta who
5:07 am
worked for this president, he was in his administration. >> and criticized him heavily on the way out. >> did he on the way out. and now talking about we need leadership. gee, would that be hillary clinton. >> so look, there is going to be some democrats who are going to start separating from this president. there are others like john podesta is likely to be the campaign chairman for hillary clinton is going to try to bridge that divide so they don't have a repeat of clinton-gore in 2000 where the democrats weren't getting loan. but leon panetta might not be helping. >> josh earnest will have to deal with the fact that dennis mcdonough was on face the nation and paint add rosy picture of how good we're doing fighting isis. listen. >> obviously made clear that we abhor this and will not let these kinds of attacks stand. we're scheduling a summit late in the week a three-day summit at the state department on encountering violent extremism
5:08 am
because we know al-qaeda on the arabian peninsula has planned to do things like this around the world. we got to make sure we're staying one step ahead of them. >> the we've got it under control wednesday. do you know anything more about who will thereby? >> they say there will be some community leaders there to explain how to deal with extremists who might be trying to act out in your local communities to try to get a handle on that. that could be a positive step. you're right, more broadly to decipher what has he said? al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, which is in yemen. the president said that's a successful part of our counterterrorism strategy. here we are today, yemen is in shambles. >> libya has fallen apart. >> based on those words, it's been a rough week or two. the president had a good run after the midterm elections. he sort of turned this around on the republicans and went on offense for a while. on national security, he's very much on defense. >> and you look at how this summit kind of transpired after
5:09 am
charlie hebdo. where was the president? nobody told me about it. then they said, but we're dealing with this -- we've got this summit coming up. we're not tone deaf. >> right. that's because it's about optic optics. it's look, let's try to get ahead of this. but they've been behind it. >> just preview, where are we going with getting authorization for the war we're fighting anyway? >> i would find it hard to believe the president is not going to get the authorization. if you listened to john boehner he made clear he wants to give the president this power. it's a rare occasion where republican leaders are saying let's work with the president because they want to see isis taken down. the problem is going to be john boehner is saying, let's make this language tougher so the commander in chief can actually fight this war. on the left a lot of democrats want to rein in the commander in chief's powers because they don't want this to become increasing. what's the middle ground? remember josh earnest last week said they intentionally wrote this language in the
5:10 am
authorization to be vague. now neither side really knows what's in the bill. >> he's not going to be vague. he's going to host tonight "special report" live from washington. >> we'll be watching. >> appreciate it. heather nauert, we'll be watching you. >> good morning. we've fox news alert. may be one of the largest bank hack ever. $1 billion stolen in a massive world wide breach. a hacking ring reportedly infiltrating more than 100 banks in 30 countries including the united states. this happening all within the last two years. the thieves programmed atm machines to dispense money and they also transferred funds to fake accounts. they avoided detection by constantly changing the banks that they targeted. the names of those banks have still not been revealed. i had to kill a man. those chilling words spoken by chris kyle's accused killer just moments after he gunned down navy seal chris kyle and his friend two years ago in texas. today the jury could hear eddie
5:11 am
ray routh's entire videotaped confession as the key witness who recorded it is expected to be called to testify today. routh told the officer quote i knew if i did not take his soul, he was going to take mine. i had to kill a man today. it wasn't a want to. it was a need. the judge has not ruled on whether the tape will be played in court. more trouble for the v.a. newly released documents casting a whole lot of doubt on v.a. secretary robert mcdonald's claims that he's been firing employees who manipulated those wait times. >> 900 people have been fired since i became secretary. we've got 60 people that we fired who have manipulated wait times. we've got 100 senior leaders under investigation now whose performance reviews have been deferred until we get feedback from the i.g. and department of justice. so we're holding people accountable. >> but this morning, that claim is coming into question. records show just 11 employees
5:12 am
involved in that wait list scandal have been fired since february 5. others listed as having resigned, been demoted or reprimanded but not fired. those are your headlines. >> big difference between hundreds and 11. >> sure is. thank you. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up straight ahead, threat of isis on the rise. retired air force general maps out where the militants are and where they're going. he'll spell it out for you just like you're seeing now. >> and she lied about her role in the production of a cop killing music video and now an ivy league university is about to honor her. >> terrific. ♪ ♪ how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40 $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years that retirement challenge
5:13 am
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5:16 am
right now you're looking at a map of the areas of iraq and syria now controlled by the islamic state roughly. but what specific cities have they taken over and what cities are next? some say anbar province can fall any day. here to break it down is richard newton former assistant vice chief of staff of the united states air force. let's look at the map we saw looking over in iraq. not a pretty situation. >> you bet. good morning. first let's be very clear, this is radical islamic terrorists. they are as we can see here on the map with regard to both syria and iraq, it is a fluid
5:17 am
situation. one thing we need to keep in mind is that we see this as two distinct countries. the terrorists see this as one area. >> and al bagdadi was taken over the weekend. they say 90% belongs to militants hands and they are preparing to launch into the holy land of anbar province. >> if you recall, 20 to 25 terrorists attacked al assad air base in that part of anbar province. it's very important because of not only the dam but air base which is about the sides of boulder, colorado and has a large sunni population. >> let's look at iraq. as you see what we're looking at. the big complaint now is you see these air bases is they're saying in the sunnies and the tribal leaders who want to help us says they're not getting the arms from baghdad that we're giving back dad. >> there is a real challenge there in terms of the logistics. on the map you can see fallujah.
5:18 am
fallujah has been out of the hands of the iraqi leadership for a while. ramadi is the capital of anbar province. a key area as well. assad air base a couple days ago was under attack. there is 400 american there is training the iraqi people. >> al assad air base. >> so this thing could be changing this week? >> it's fluid. again, think in terms of the isis in iraq is able to conduct complex military offensive operations. they're not on the defensive. they're on the offense. >> despite our bombing they're still able to plan with composure. >> syria is, to me, and general jack keane referred to had as the center of gravity of isis and still remains, again, a fluid situation. pretty much up in the nauert and eastern part of -- north and eastern part of syria. those are the strongholds of isis right now.
5:19 am
>> let's see where they actually have some people if some operatives. look where they spread to. why, if they can not yet secure totally iraq and syria, why would they want to expand and get egypt involved? why would they want to expand and get libya involved? >> again, let's go back to the basic tenet. they are radical islamic terrorists. they're trying to expand their surveillance. it's not just in iraq and seer y. the president called them several months ago a jv team. we got to be careful we're not turning them into 6' 5. but at the same time they're a growing threat. it was reported on february 3 to congress that there is potential growth on an international footing of isis. something we need to pay close attention to. >> i just think if someone -- we need a strategy for all these areas. doesn't mean our marines have to do it, but we have to lead others to do it. >> u.s. coalition led, with our capabilities, but also our influence. so we need to recognize that we are at war with isis. we're at war with radical
5:20 am
islamic terrorists and also need to make sure that we can restore the confidence of our allies and the american people and to message effectively this is a long war. >> and we are bombing. if we got jordan and egypt as part of a globe illustratey as opposed to angry people, it would work. >> i would say last point is we seen where king abdullah was emboldened and sisi was emboldened because of the murdered christians. >> finally motivated. thank you. coming up straight ahead, she's one of the most beautiful women in the world. but cindy crawford's pictures stirring debate about what a real woman looks like. ♪ ♪ won't keep you up at night. know you have insights
5:21 am
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5:24 am
24 minute past the top of the hour, we have some headlines. the mississippi state basketball team home safe after one frightening flight. the plane's right engine lost power 20 minutes after takeoff from columbia missouri. head coach tweeting this, loud noise, later flight attendant don't worry. everything is fine. we just lost an engine and need to land. oh that's all? landed safely. thank goodness there. and she's been called the queen of pop. but madonna just got dethroned. ♪ ♪ >> well, britain's radio one banning the material girl's new album from its air waves. the reason? insiders say she's irrelevant and too old for the station's listeners. ouch. steve? >> thank you very much. how would you like a ph.d. in pot? maybe an mba in marijuana
5:25 am
management? at least nine colleges across the country now offering classes in cannabis. but marijuana, keep in mind, is still illegal at the federal level. so is teaching students the business of getting high a good idea? time for a fair and balanced debate. we've got the head of the international faith-based coalition, bishop ron allen from california. from the drug policy alliance dr. malik. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> blake, let me start with you. you think this is actually a good idea that these colleges are teaching the business opportunities of pot? >> yeah. overall i think the fact that we're seeing colleges offer courses in the marijuana space only further vindicates the fact that people in the united states want to pursue a different path when it comes to marijuana policy. there are 24 states in the district of columbia that have
5:26 am
medical marijuana laws and four states that have chose ton end it completely. what we're seeing is businesses being created into inn this space. so people want to be able to understand how to effectively manage these businesses and this is what we're seeing with classes like in maryland and many other classes offered around the country. >> all right. bishop allen, you have a big problem with this. >> absolutely. we have colleges that are teaching our youth and young adults how to be professional drug dealers. what type of students are they going to bring or what type of students is that going to attract? when you want to be a doctor you take premed classes. when you want to be a lawyer, you take law classes. i guess when you want to be a drug dealer you take marijuana 101 and learn how to traffic and learn how to become a marijuana
5:27 am
entrepreneur. so these types of colleges are not helping the future of our nation nor are they bringing in a legal education in school. >> since we're talking about it, let's describe how one community college class covers. it covers quote, the economic and tax impact of marijuana. the jobs being created by this marijuana boomlet in these states where it's legal. demographics of potential customers and the challenges of getting financing to sell pot. malik, what about the angle that on the federal level, this is still illegal? >> yeah. i think there is a broader philosophical point here. institutions of higher education are the places where controversial topics like marijuana policy should be discussed, as in these places where people can get together examine the facts and determine the best path forward.
5:28 am
it's also important to understand that there are significant number of businesses which make up the marijuana marketplace. beyond the dispenserries, you have security companies construction companies insurance companies and technology companies. the more people who are at work in these companies who understand how this business place works, the more likely it is we'll have a rational policy towards marijuana in this country. >> all right. bishop allen i'll give you the final word. >> you can't have a rational policy. marijuana is illegal op the federal level. we see colorado, what their experiment with legalization of recreational use crime is up 7%. that is being reported. so with an education in marijuana, which is federally illegal, we absolutely clearly understand that this type of education is educating future drug dealers, teaching them how
5:29 am
to market, how to package makes us wonder why won't the federal government step in and cut all this out and so we can get on to regular education educating our youth and young adults. >> they're going to be teaching about it not far from washington d.c we thank you both for a great debate this morning. thank you. >> thanks for having us. coming up, she lied about her role in the production of a cop killing music video. now an ivy league university is about to honor her. and your kids are going to be begging for them. check out the hottest new toys on the market. the creators behind them four moms who noticed something missing from the store elves is this, so they made them themselves, they're here with their incredible success stories and some cool things for your kids. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. we have a fox news alert for you now. a mother gunned down outside her home in a horrifying case of road rage. >> now there is an intense manhunt ongoing for her killer. >> ainsley is tracking this entire thing. what is the latest? >> let me tell you, it started with a mother teaching her 15-year-old daughter how to drive and it ends tragically and violently. tammy myers and her daughter were driving home last thursday when they almost got into a car crash with another driver. there was some sort of a confrontation and then the people in the other car followed the myers back home and they shot tammy in the head. she died on saturday leaving her family devastated. >> so you guys that did this, look at this closely, 'cause she's gone now. she's leaving a 15-year-old, a
5:34 am
20-year-old, 21-year-old and 23-year-old without a mom tonight. so you got your wish. you fired the shot. she's gone. >> wow. police believe this man is one of the suspects. here is a sketch of him. he was in a silver car which might have bullet holes in it now because one of tammy myers' sons fired at his car after his mother was shot. >> you guys out there took my mom's life, that was my mom. my sister didn't deserve to see what happened to her mother and my older brother. my older brother is a hero for what he did. he dragged my mom back up into the sidewalk. he was trying it save her life. >> police say there could be a reward for any information leading to the arrest of those that were involved. back to you. >> that is about the worst story. thank you very much. heather nauert has other news that's important for you to know. >> good morning.
5:35 am
a daring ocean rescue to tell you about off the coast of north carolina. four people stuck on board this boat. they were 60 miles out to sea in the dark when heavy winds wrecked the sail of this sailboat. you can see the boat sort of tossed around like a bath toy. but thankfully, both the navy and the coast guard coming to the rescue. everyone on board is now okay. she lied about her role in the production of a cop killing music video that we've shown you before. and now an ivy league university is about to honor her. new york attorney robin steinberg will be recognized next month at harvard university as an inspiration to aspiring attorneys. she is currently serving a 640-day suspension for this video. city officials say she covered up her tax funded role in making this. it showed a cop with two guns pointed at his head. move over, bill gates. that's because vladimir putin may have stolen the title of
5:36 am
richest man in the entire world. according to the guy who used to be russia's largest foreign investor putin has been hoarding hundreds of billions of dollars for decades now. money that should have been set aside for schools roads hospitals, you name it. that investor claims he could be hiding up to $200 billion in secret accounts. that is considered twice the fortune of microsoft founder bill gates. oh boy. and then there is a steamy photo of cindy crawford in lingerie that is going viral. but not necessarily for the reasons you might expect. take a close look at this picture. it is not photo shopped. the 48-year-old mother of two is now being praised for showing her real self without any air brushing or editing. the picture taken at photo shoot that she did with marie claire magazine in 2013 and many are weigh not guilty this morning. what are folks saying? >> that picture looks great. >> she's gorgeous always. >> cara tweeted this, good for her. it will take people like miss
5:37 am
crawford to change -- to effect change when it comes to the way we feel about our body image. >> i realize, another tweet wow. hats off to cindy crawford for this real photo. this is amazing for women. nice message there. one of the most beautiful says it's okay to be older. >> that's right. >> all right. he now over to elisabeth. >> speak of gorgeous and ambitious women, i've got some here. they are ambitious moms who created their own toys after seeing a lack in the market in some areas and in and out fruits of their labor are on display right now at the largest toy show in the western hemisphere. we're so excited you're with us now. i want to introduce them one by one. we have karina, laurie sherry and melody. thanks for being here. these are the moms that i love and admire so much. we're going to start here with karina. why did you start your company? >> this is the mother of invention.
5:38 am
so i had a baby and what i wanted was something that was clean and healthy, soft baby essentials in toys that were also inspiring and bright and engaging for little developing minds. i didn't find it. so i made it. >> why not? it's soft in touch, but not soft on styles. thanks. congratulations on the company: now laurie who is right next to you. tell us about your green toys company. i have actually have this at home. >> fantastic. >> why did you want to make it? >> i had taken some time off from the work force and staying with my cute kids and i looked up from the playground and realized i didn't know what products they were putting in their mouth, where they came from. sort of like food. you kind of want to know what's going in them. a friend of mine brought this idea of environmental toys and so really was inspired by my kids to give them some classic products that were simple and easy to play with and healthy for the environment and for them. >> did you it and they're fun to
5:39 am
play with. i have to say. >> thanks so much. >> fun to know more about that company. sherry, i want to ask you you saw that kids sort of abandoning toys, little girls and going to media, social media and you made these. correct? >> right. >> tell bus them. >> the beatrix girls are a media property rather than just a doll. so i come out of the media entertainment industry and spend a lot of time in digital and recognized kids were moving away from just playing with a physical toy but they were still playing with toys but they're also listening to music watching videos and playing in digital and social immediate y. these dolls were inspired by that and they are fashion dolls and also pop stars. >> that's great. congratulations to you. melody is on a -- is it mobile cruiser. games on the move for adults and
5:40 am
kids alike. tell us about this. >> mobile cruiser is for the whole family. we have a disney one here. then we have adult for myself. and what's special about mobile cruiser is that as we want to encourage the kids get throughout and get away from tv and computer, get active. >> how fun. >> and really time together. this is what i love. when the little kids want to be on a bike, it's got a little handle behind. this is playing up the whole "frozen" theme that kids love. this has got to be a big sale item this year, right? >> yes. it is adjustable. you can see it here. >> adorable. >> you can grow with your kid. >> and i get to go too. that's the best part. incredible. i love the innovation and the action the took. big thanks to all four. thank you for joining us on "fox & friends" and for all that you do for mom examines kids out there. steve and brian, what do you think about this? i'm going to take a ride. >> who needs a shark tank when we got you? >> i'd say they're all winners.
5:41 am
>> put on the mel met first. be safe. >> thanks for look out for me. >> i'm sure it will damage your hair for the remaining 19 minutes of the show. coming up, isis terrorists gaining dangerous ground in iraq. are we doing enough to fight back? someone with great experience hunting down experience, retired navy seal marcus luttrell is on this program shortly. one of the biggest sports in america -- ports in america shut down thanks to the union. what this means for the fragile economy and your wallet. ♪ ♪ you can't predict the market. but at t. rowe price we've helped guide our clients through good times and bad. our experienced investment professionals are one reason over 85% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper averages. so in a variety of markets we can help you feel confident. request a prospectus or
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5:45 am
before his first attack on a free speech event in the cafe and though he had just been released from prison where he freely expressed extremist views. this information coming as police arrest two other men in connection with the attacks. they're being held. >> we also understand that in copenhagen, a number of people laying flowers where he was killed. >> that's right. now one of the biggest ports in america shut down over a labor dispute with the union. watch. >> one of our clients has to hit certain times with the big box retailers in order for their goods to be sold and they're missing those time lines in some cases and there is a significant financial repercussion, associated with that. >> 29 ports closed. what does this mean for our fragile economy and your wallet? we'll ask maria bartiromo who joins us now. >> good morning. >> big dispute has 29 ports closed. >> that's right. they're calling it a work stoppage at this point. i'm sorry. a work slowdown. not out and out stoppage of the
5:46 am
29 ports. i guess there are some activities going on within some of these 29 ports. but it is a slowdown. the labor union management is basically saying that they can not agree, there have been back and forth since may of 2014 and the maritime owners are basically saying the owners here are basically saying look, they are causing a stoppage. they are doing away with overnight hours. they are basically slowing down work and that is impacting 50% of productivity. i will say this, this entire 29 ports represents 12 1/2% of the gdp. this is a big story. >> this is where the labor secretary is going? >> that's right. >> they've already agreed on salary. the long shore man make $147,000 a year. we're talking about 20,000 employees. they are arguing over an arbitrator being on the work site. >> they don't want that? >> they don't want that. there is one point they're
5:47 am
working on. i believe that is the point. they've already agreed on health care and agreed on salaries and on their security in terms of long-time workage. but this one issue has kept going back and forth between the two sides since may of 2014. it's extraordinary. >> so the union wants it their way or the highway? >> they do. unfortunately, they are p a period of time -- had is a very important port. these 29 ports represent -- the imports from asia, 70% of all imports from asia. that is happening in these 29 ports. these 29 ports are incredibly important. so they have leverage. but we are also talking a moment in time for the economy that things are slow. you saw retail sales down in december. down in january. consumer is not spending all that money they saved yet. so you're talking about a union trying to negotiate for this one point at a time that this actually can impact an already very vulnerable situation.
5:48 am
>> so your show gets started at 9:00 o'clock. >> we're going to look at implications and the fact that this is going to mean higher prices for people at the stores. that's the bottom line. because you're not getting the shipments of products on the shelf. >> we're still waiting for something. we bought something and they said it's on the ship. >> is that right? >> they're using that as an excuse. >> there were some notices. >> you're going to see that in earnings news as well. companies are going to say the west coast port stoppage impacted our sales. >> if you would like to watch watch her show, kicks off 12 minutes from now. log on to and that will tell what you channel you'll find her on. >> thanks. >> thank you. coming up on this monday, isis terrorists gaining dangerous ground in iraq a. fox news alert. are we doing enough to fight them back? we're going to talk to somebody with great experience hunting down terrorists. lone survivor hero, retired navy seal marcus luttrell next. >> first let's check in with bill hemmer.
5:49 am
>> good morning to all of you. egypt now calling on america to lead in the war against isis as nearly two dozen christians are beheaded. what will america do now? full analysis with karl rove and general jack keane on that. is congress the biggest threat to america? dr. ben carson reacts to comments from leon panetta. new polling shows what republican candidates are up against and the race for the white house in 2016, big morning of news. we'll see threw at the top of the hour right here on " "america's newsroom" ♪ ♪ ♪ tigers, both of you.
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isis militants spreading and making gains across the middle east. now italy warning isis is at europe's doorstep. they are urging nato to intervene. >> isis close not guilty on one of the largest united states military bases in iraq. islamic state fighters taking
5:53 am
over al bagdadi, five miles from an air base where hundreds of u.s. marines are stationed. this morning tribal leaders with a grave warning the province could fall into isis' hands at any moment. joining us is marcus luttrell. thank you for being with us today. when you see that map of isis expanding territory, particularly when you look at iraq, a place you know quite well, what's your reaction? >> it's troubling. isis isn't having any problem moving through the region and now that they're down in anbar and al assad it needs to be a fight. i overheard you saying there is a couple hundred marines in there. best thing you can do right there is jerk the chains off of those guys and let them go to work. i know we're there for other reasons, but apparently the enemy doesn't. so you can't just let them -- they'll hold off as long as
5:54 am
possible, but eventually you're gog have to snap that chain off of them and let them go to work. >> you think it's inevitable that the marines are sitting there. if you were one of those marines at that base f you're one of the people there, what is the thoughts going through your head as they are gaining? what are we capable of doing with 300 guys? >> with 300 marines, you could probably take over iraq if you wanted to and get rid of isis completely. make no mistake about it, marines are war fighters. they're really good at what they do. the only time they're not good at what they do is when somebody else puts the shackles on them. i know probably a lot of young marines in there who are ready to get after it. you got guys probably fighting in the wars the entire time. they understand the severity and what that means to actually engage. that's what the leadership is there for. keep those guys calm 'til the last possible minute and those guy also wait 'til they have to. and then they'll get after it.
5:55 am
it will be over pretty quick probably. >> the other thing we wanted to talk to you about is the obvious -- what's going on in america now amongst the people. your movie comes out. "lone survivor." your book was huge. "hurt locker" was movie of the year a few years ago. now you were "american sniper," chris kyle the focus. approaching 300 million at the box office. how do you explain the success of these movies? >> i think that they're really well made and really good movies. i understand people say hollywood -- it's important not to pigeon hole everybody in hollywood and to kind of into that corner. i made a lot of friends threw and going through all of that, it was a great experience for me and i know that sometimes they get frustrated with it as well. i think when dealing with movies with "hurt locker," you got eod "american sniper," that deals with the black side of it and
5:56 am
the american public is fascinated with that. if you get an insight to that you're going to watch it. and they're really well made. they're entertaining and keep you focused and the american public knows what they like. trust me, in hollywood, i don't think they have an idea if a movie is gog do good or bad. that's kind of a hope thing. it goes from there. >> they should not underestimate you guys and we appreciate what you did and i think it's heartening that american people understand it, too. always great to see you. thanks so much. >> thanks for your service. >> yes. >> more "fox & friends" in a new moment try nexium® 24hr. the latest choice for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection.
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6:00 am
against isis. egypt asking for american help as it carries out swift retaliation. egypt targets inside of libya after isis shows the beheadings of 21 christians out of egypt. patti ann: he jipg airplane target isis in libya. bill: how successful were


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