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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  February 19, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PST

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for starting your day with us as always. president obama doubling down again, refusing to call isis islamist terrorists. >> and that's not all. the president says we are not at war with islam. leland vittert is live in washington. he has been following the story for us. >> good morning to you. the anti violent extremism, counter-terrorism summit continues today. that's what the white house calls it. they have ln hard pressed to explain the deliverables meaning what will come out of these discussions. they are refusing to label even isis as islamic terrorists. the president's speech was rich with language but short on how the u.s. would win on the battlefield against isis and against al qaeda instead focusing on how to help muslims. >> we have to address the grievances that terrorist exploit including economic reasons. poverty alone does not cause a
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person to become a terrorist. any more than poverty alone causes someone to become a criminal. >> he is insulting so manyreform minded muslims who are trying to reject and push back theocracy and the leader of the free world is saying while these terror groups are coming out of thin air and it is sort of a crime education and a job problem which is absurd and over simplifying. owe >> the white house had a tough time about the tragic case of three muslim north carolina students shot and killed last week. last friday he said people should not be targeted for quote the way or how they worshipped. josh earnest said it is still unclear if religion had anything to do with why they were shot. two very different versions. >> he said israel should be a
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suspect in the 9-11 attacks. the controversial muslim leader we are speaking about is invited to the white house. salam al-marabh yacht mariati is joining vice president joe biden at the violent extremism summit. critics worry it could undermine the message and offend our allies. >> i think it's a slap in the face to israel. the speaker boehner and netanyahu it invites the terrorist sympathizers. the contrast is clear israel has been our partner in the war on terrorism. i am speechless because once again it's a slap in the face of israel. certainly this is why our allies don't trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. >> enormous limb leader has ties to the tsarnaev brothers.
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>> it is time for look who is talking. he is saying he is out of touch for reality. >> the president has the three-day summit sounds like a community organizer talking about outreach to agree to communities. if you listen to the president today and his emphasis on islamic grievances on reaching out making muslims feel comfortable and not you cans included you would think we would be responding to the execution and beheading of 21 muslims on behalf of 21 extreme christians somewhere in the world. as if the problem is the lack of understanding of the muslim grievances particularly in the middle east. >> let's keep talking about the president's reif you say sal to call isis islamic terrorists. log on to the "fox friends first
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facebook page for a live debate at #keep talking. >> the department reportedly ready to sue police over racial discrimination tactics. the feds wrapping up an investigation on a lawsuit that accuses them of traffic tickets and jailing them if they couldn't pay the fines. the justice department will sue ferguson pd if they don't make changes on their own. this days before results are released in the civil rights investigation of the michael brown shootings. lawyers for the accused boston bomber asked the judge three times now to move their client's trial out of boston. every time the judge has refused. today they will ask the federal appeals court to order the judge to move the trial. defense attorneys insist dzhokhar tsarnaev can't find a fair jury because too many people have personal connections to the marathon and they believe he's already guilty.
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>> the american sniper trial begins dayings after the accused killer took the stand for the defense. eddy ray routh's sister and ex-girlfriend describing routher radek behavior the day of the killing. we have the details. >> first on the stand the suspect's ex-girlfriend jennifer weise met eddy ray routh on a dating web site thebefore he killed chris kyle. routh asked her to not say anything out loud rather than write down her thoughts. testifying he said the government was listening to us. he definitely had pairranoia about the government being out to get him. then out of nowhere routh proposed. they fought the next day about his smoking and she left. routh's sister also testified about her little brother's violent outbursts and erratic behavior. they said she was afraid of them being around her young daughter. she went on to recall the day he
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came to her house after the murders. she said she knew something wasn't quite right when he pulled up in the truck instead of his car. she called 9111 after admitting. >> he told me he committed a murder. >> that was his 7911 call. she said i love you but i hate your demons. >> a jail expected to testify today about the medication ralph is currently taking. testimony could end by tomorrow with closing arguments monday. >> ainsley? >> thank you, jackie. they are gathering to remember the life and work of kayla mueller. candles lighting the court hoys as the 26-year-old's family spoke for the first time since her death at the hands of isis. the her brother reading a letter for from his sister.
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>> may god hurtkeep you from any harm you are in his hands now. you don't have to suffer any more. only now will you be able to see how much you really did onfor this world by looking down on it from above. oo. >> the family of bonnbbi kristina brown holding out hope she will awake from a coma. her organs are not failing. they have no plans to keep her off of life support. it has been a week since she was found face down in a bathtub. now to extreme weather and a look at our frozen nation. dozens of roofs collapsing all across the new england area buckling under the weight of 8 feet of snow. this as two more, two more winter storm systems will blast across more than 1200 miles this weekend from the south to the
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northeast. just look at this picture. the wings of a small plane in nashville completely covered with ice. >> look at the icicles. >> maria joins us with the latest. >> we are looking at the cold continuing. one day coming up as we head into later this week. current windchill temperatures are brutal yet again well below zero in places like minneapolis and chicago and into cleveland and across parts of the southeast. atlanta kaur rent windchill 6 degrees 9 in raleigh and 5 in memphis. you can't escape the cold in parts of the southeast. otherwise over the next several mornings the cold will continue. friday morning and saturday morning, a little better across parts of the midwest. take a look at what happens on sunday morning. much milder out there
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especially on the east coast. morning temperatures in the 30's in places like new york city. otherwise we are tracking some snow early this morning. we have a storm system that is moving northward producing areas of heavy snow across portions of new england and the next system coming up as we head into the latter half of the weekend could bring snow in the interior portions. rain on the i 95 corridor willth he will keep you updated. >> the pentagon is putting on a new face. press secretary john kirby stepping down to make room for a civilian spokesperson. new defense secretary ash carter wanted to revisit the roles to determine if it is appropriate for a military member to be put at the podium. he has been acting as head of the secret service. now joseph clancy is getting the job permanently. a government panel recommended the president name someone outside of the service. he is sticking with clancy. clancy has been the interim director since julia here son
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resigned. before that he was head of the president's guard detail. estes canned with an agency rocked with security breeches and white house jumping incident. he is the potential 2016 presidential candidate saying how he is different from his father and brother. >> i have also been fortunate to have a father and brother who helped shape america's foreign policy from the oval office. i recognize that as a result my views will often be held up in comparison to theirs. just for the record one more time, i love my brother i love my dad, and i admire their service to the nation and the difficult decisions they had to make, but i am my own man. my views are shaped my own thinking in my own experiences. each president learns from those who came before them. their principles, their adjustments
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adjustments. >> bush went on to criticize president obama's foreign policy saying they are indecisive under his administration. >> one cell phone provider wants you to pay for privacy. >> loren simonetti from sister network fox business. good morning. that's it. at&t wants you to pay extra for your own privacy. it will charge customers 29 a month more to keep their on-line searchs secret. that broadband costs $70 month as is. it will cost 99 a month for those who stip the internet tracking part. the reason at&t says advertisers pay to know what you search for so they can deliver relevant content to you. if you decide to opt out of that tracking at&t won't make that much money. >> you might have to wait a little longer your girl scout cookies this year. the the shortage of popular thin mint. they pushed back some deliveries from march 16th to march 21st.
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they sell about 60 million boxes of thin mints every year. even the losers are winners at the oscars. gift bags are stuffed with 80 items worth 1160,000 dollars. they are delivered monday to the 21 losing nominees. they include all sorts of fancy and whacky items. we will show you stock futures another time. >> we will get our thin mints after all. >> not a problem. to find loren logauren log on to >> deadly exposure hundreds of patients notified over night of a dangerous outbreak. where it is happening and what is being done right now to fight it. >> brand new video as a gunman unloads a barrage of bullets into a city bus. look at that. it is packed with people. police now need your help hunting them down.
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>> a fox news lart. now a potentially deadly super bug causing a massive scare at a california hospital. nearly 180 patients at ucla medical center might have been exposed to the antibiotic resistant bacteria which was carried on medical instruments. seven people who received endoscopic procedures are already affected. doctors are trying to determine if that bacteria is to blame for two deaths. they are monitoring people who had surgeries between october and january. a gunman caught on camera blasting bullets into a packed city bus. kansas city needs your help now
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hunting them down. when the bus pulls up to the stop you can see the man walking up shooting at least 6 shots. a 15-year-old girl was hit in the leg. police believe the teen's boyfriend was the target. they just released video of the shooting hoping it will lead to an arrest. >> listen to this, half a dozen dog owners devastated right now after two men stole a doggy daycare van at gun point. the driver for urban outfitters in chicago was stopped at a red light when the suspects walked up and pointed a gun in his face. >> he hopped out of the car quickly fast enough to get his seat belt off jumped out of the car and at that point the guys jumped in one on each side and sped away. >> ifst is unclear whether the suspect realized there were dogs in the van. the dog's owners hope someone will hear the dogs inside the van and call police.
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robo cops could be patrolling the streets sooner than you think. >> it is called the telebot created students at florida international university. the robot is controlled remotely while it can't take down the bad guys just yet it can patrol the streets and handout parking tickets. it could be released next year for 20,000 dollars. it is 18 after the top of the hour. u.s. secrets exposed. what was left behind during the chaotic evacuation in yemen. >> take a look at this. a giant hole left in the building. snow and ice causing roof collapses and more trouble could be on the way. we have the details on this arctic blast.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first" brand new information about how chaotic the embassy in yemen really was as we learn sensitive information might have been exposed. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge has the latest. >> as security unravelled in yemen standard procedures to protect sensitive information at the embassy were not followed. a review of unclassified state department e-mails by fox news. spokeswoman has downplayed any irregularities. >> first it wasn't hasty. >> it wasn't? >> didn't know what the plans were it didn't mean the plans weren't in place for weeks. >> the day before he went on kelly file and e-mail shows general dern even panic in washington that an unclassified
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information was left up and running potentially exposing e-mails security procedures as well as day-to-day operations. we need to look at the plans for destroying sanitizing. i am a little worried it is still out there. >> does everything go exactly as planned? no. we have been planning this for weeks. everybody was following the proper protocols. >> in addition to abandoning 20 in yemen under secretary patrick kennedy one of the state department's most senior executives made the decision to keep open net running at the embassy and the kind of lifeline if the evacuation went bad and the team had to return. after the team was out it took the state department days to remotely access and delete the information data in yemen. >> this was the way that we determined was the best way to bring our staff out again. it wasn't needed at the time. >> three-days before the traffic
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shows the plan called for commercial air. there is no evidence state department tried to charter to the u.s. controlled air base. they would have allowed the marines to stay armed. >> we successfully moved our personnel out and we believe that's what everybody should be focused on. >> while the u.s. government no longer has a an ambassador in why em men it has been returned and are now under u.s. control. heather and ainsley, back to you. the former governor defending himself on "the kelly files." >> it is radical when you cut people's heads off. it is pretty radical when you burn people alive. if that's not radical i don't know what is. so am i against that? good god, yes. i hope everybody is. if that's islam phobia than i am guilty. >> this coming as a new cnn poll puts huckabee at the top of the
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heap for 2016 gop contenders. the former governor gained 10 points since december. >> it's a fight for faith a georgia fire chief fired over his christian beliefs now suing the city of atlanta. calvin cochran claims he was let go last month over a men's devotional book he wrote over about same-sex marriage. cochran is one of the nation's most decorated firefighters is reinstated. >> an update to the story of a florida school that banned a student from saying god bless america during morning announcements. the school now backing down on that decision. the nassau county school board voting to approve the phrase saying quote we feel the complaints filed through the american humanist association should not supersede the right of other students. god bless america does not promote any religious denomination and is commonly used as an expression of
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patriotism patriotism. >> it is now 25 minutes after the top of the hour. ashes sent raining down after an explosion rips through an oil refinery. why you might be paying for it. >> snow boots and grab the sunscreen. this beach is called paradise and you will find out why. the best speeches to visit in 2015.
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>> it is thursday february 19th. a fox news lart. president obama doubling down on his refusal to call isis islamic terrorists. >> we are not at war with islam. we are at war with people who perverted islam. >> that's not all. the president's comments who are turning heads this morning. the family of the man accused of
2:30 am
killing american hero chris kyle taking the stand. what his ex-girlfriend just revealed about being held hostage at knife point. >> a small dog with a mighty bark being hailed a hero. how he save add larger furry friend. ♪ >> we are waking you up this morning. good morning to you. welcome to "fox and friend first. i am heather childers. >> it is 30 minutes after the top of the hour. now to the fox news alert. one day after president obama is at a summit on
2:31 am
counter-terrorism. >> they are talking about the role of religion in terrorism. doug luzader is live in washington with more. good morning, doug. >> the president is likely to argue again today the war on terror goes beyond a war on religion and the u.s. response has to go well beyond armed conflict. it is well-known they hold religious motivations above all else. putting this only aids the enemy. that is what president obama seems to be arguing. >> they propagate the notion that america and the west generally is at war with islam. that's how they recruit that's how they try to radicalize young people. >> the white house has gotten a lot of flack in recent weeks for refusing to use the term islamic terrorism. even though so many victims of the islamic state like those 21 egyptian christians who were beheaded this week in libya were
2:32 am
selected specifically because of their religion. >> they are islamic at their core. their twisted evil islam. it is still islam. i think when you take yourself out of the logic world which the president has done and get in the academic world like you say, it is just off in la la land. >> the president said that at some level some of these recruits come from groups that have in his words legitimate grievances. ainsley? oo thank you, doug. that brings us to look who is talking. religious leaders speaking out against president obama's islamic terrorism. they call it a major disservice. >> had the world listened to winston churchill in the 30's 60 million people, lies would have been spared so when i see this apeasment and the fact that no one is willing to call it what it is, this is a war against islamic fundamentalism. not mentioning the name does a
2:33 am
disservice to the battle. who are we fighting? we are not fighting millions of christians who are terrorists. we are not fighting millions of jews who are terrorists. we happen to be fighting a significant minority of islamic fundamentalists that are perverting their religion. it will take the rest of the muslim population those who are against jihad to aggressively take them on. >> let's keep talking about the president's refusal to call isis islamic terrorists. what message do you think that is sending our enemies? weigh in on the facebook page after the show #keep talking. >> isis appears to be getting closer to europe. the terror group might be planning to send thousands of fighters there despisedcember disguised as migrants. they will use it as the a gateway to the west and take trag tracking boats to mainland europe.
2:34 am
70,000 people arrived in italy aboard migrant vessels. isis hoping to create pandemonium in southern europe. bombshell new report about illegal immigrants in america. 5,000 illegal aliens were either raised for fled the country over a 3 year period while they were in an ice supervised released program. new data from the inspector general shows the ice program isn't doing an effective knob at keeping tabs on high risk illegals which allows them to leave or reoffend. >> the american trials are continuing just a few hours one day after the accused killer took the stand. his sister and girlfriend describing his erratic behavior the day of the killings. jackie is here with the chilling details. >> his ex-girlfriend met routh
2:35 am
on a dating web site the day before he killed chris kyle. she told the jury the night before the murders routh told her not to say anything out loud rather write down her thoughts saying quote he said the government was listening to us. he had paranoia about the government being out to get him. out of nowhere routh proposed. they fought the next day about his spoking and she left. two weeks before routh helpedd her and the roommate hos staj with a ninja sword and butcher knife. he was arrested and put into the hospital. routh also testified about his little beforer's violent out busts bursts and erratic behavior. she recalled the day he came to her house after the murders. she knew something was wrong when he pulled up in a truck instead of a car. she called 911 after he admitted killing both men at the gun range. >> my brother just came by here
2:36 am
and he's told me he committed a murder. >> before routh left she said to him i love you but i hate your demons. an official from the jail expected to testify today about the medication routh is currently taking. the judge says testimony could end by tomorrow with closing arguments wednesday. >> thank you jackie. former new england patriot aaron hernandez hit with the joking gum in court. the prosecution showing the shell casings found in the rental car from the day he was murdered. hernandez offered a work or a piece of that distinct blue gum before leaving. prosecutors say they have a receipt from the gum from hours before the murder. the trial resumes today. >> the justice department reportedly ready to sue police in ferguson, missouri over racial discrimination tactics. the feds wrapping up the investigation into the lawsuit
2:37 am
that accuses officers of targeting minorities with traffic tickets and jailing them if they couldn't pay the fines. the justice department will sue ferguson pd if it does not make changes on its own. this will days before results are revealed in the civil rights investigation of the michael brown shooting. now to extreme bl two people recovered after being buried in snow after falling from an ice rink in massachusetts. >> rare ice making arrests on the roads cars slide on slickys in tennessee and nasa just releasing this satellite picture of ice and snow covered new england. maria molina is tracking the system. >> hey heather and ainsley. they had a tough winter this morning through parts of new england. don't have much good news. cold temperatures continuing for a couple days and potential of more heavy snowfall through new
2:38 am
england. take a look at the numbers well below zero in terms of windchill temperatures in places like minneapolis, chicago, believe land and single digits through parts of the southeast. at the end tomorrow morning some of the cold arctic air will move eastward and make things colder across the northeast. we will be looking at new records out there of 10 degrees below zero and single digits up and down the i 95 corridor. we one system tracking and the system is bringing heavy areas first impacting portions of the midwest as we wrap up this workweek of snow and potentially heavy systems out there. 500 pound meteor flying over pittsburgh pennsylvania.
2:39 am
americans in new york, ohio, michigan and pennsylvania reported seeing it. nasa seeing fragments of the burnt out meteor like scattered through pennsylvania that might be a nice weekend project. see if we can find a piece of that meteor. >> that would be something he would do. >> they can be worth a lot of money. >> all right it's time for your 5@5:00. this might make you just a little jealous. as winter's chill sets in it is the perfect time for the beach get away. we are releasing the top five bloebl beaches to visit chosen by travelers. >> number 5 is in spain. the mediterranean beach is right off of ebeza known as the famous party destination. >> number 4 it is in cuba. you will see why it translates into paradise.
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>> number three is rap bid beach in italy. a 9 the hour ferry ride from sicily. number two where i spent my birthday. great day in turks and caicos. it is gorgeous. offers comfortable temperatures year-round. bluest water out there. number one is in brazil. this gorgeous beach sits on the eastern park of palago. it is just as appealing in february as it is in july. a little more expensive this time of year. >> they all look appealing though. >> 20 minutes after the top of the hour tragedy hitting super star nicky minaj's tour. why police are asking for your help. >> casino night in a super bowl party. the energy department spending millions to go and have fun on your dime. how much of this are we going to
2:41 am
be able to take? it will leave you furious. >> a rude awakening. the trend occurring between food stamps and beer.
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>> welcome back. a devastating explosion at an exxon oil refinery shaking things up in southern california. the blast shattering a newly installed processing facility and injuring four workers. ash was seen falling on parts of the area landing like snowfall. crews had to later burn excess fuel sending a huge plume of fire into the air. 13 schools were locked down.
2:45 am
prices at the pump expected to rise for at least a month. no word on what caused the explosion explosion. >> here is where your hard earned dollars are going. a new audit showing the feds gave away $37 million in tax payer funded housing to more than 200,000 people who did not qualify for this program. people between the ages of 18 and 61 who were not disabled had to do at least 8 hours of community service or they have to do job training each month in order for the government to subsidize their rent. unusual trend growing at food stamp eligible households. new research shows when stood stamp distributions fall on a weekend beer sales in the area jump. monthly beer transactions for those eligible in the program go up 51 ounces more a month. beer and alcohol are not approved food stamp purchases. >> a new report finds that your tax dollars are being spent on
2:46 am
lavish events for government employees. ashley webster from our sister network fox business here with the shocking findings. are they shocking? seems like we have heard this before. >> makes you shake your head. if you go to the energy department's web site it said the agency's mission is to ensure the agency's security and prosperity. tax dollars are contributing by funding a lot according to the report of the energy department inspector general between april 2013 and september of last year they had staggering 29 government employee conferences that included casino night super bowl party and cruise during that same period your tax dollars funded a golf tournament and dinner and tour at an aquarium. during that same period the ende gept held 16 conferences that cost 100,000 or more and 313
2:47 am
conferences that cost 20,000 or more. inspector general's report found that agency officials found instead opting to rent space in swanky hotels that's your tax dollars. >> it is swanky hotels. thank you very much ashley. don't miss ashley on the boxfox business network. log on to >> it is 47 minutes after the top of the hour. brand new information about the measles outbreak. what we have learned about the source of the did knee outbreak. >> he went to the dmv to get his license but what he got looks nothing like him. it is the case of the identity mix-up. we will show you what picture really showed up on his id. >> first we will check in with steve doocy with what's coming up on "fox & friends."
2:48 am
>> coming up this thursday a program approving refugees to come to the united states has been called a back door for jihadists. is the obama administration letting isis in? they might be. former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld joins us live with reaction. number one source of stress in the country is money. we are showing you five ways to safe big on your medical bills. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. busy three hours kicks off 12 minutes from now on your channel for news, "fox news." .
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. >> tragedy striking rapper niki
2:52 am
m minage's tour please offering $20,000 reward leading to suspect's arrest who was driving a dark gold buick lesabre. chris owehas more. >> chris brown playing to the crowd at the wells fargo center but on the minds of many music fans the tragic stabbing death of the behind the scenes road manager known to many in the music world known as day-day. he and parker were in town in new york rehearsing for niki's upcoming tour. they went to bar and grill and
2:53 am
were stabbed during an argument with a group of men i source says, over a woman. he died early this morning. parker is still hospitalized. no suspects but please have many leads. >> right at the location of the stabbing there are city police, realtime crime cameras and they did record something that will help with our investigation. >> reaction is pouring in. from rihanna and minaj saying another senseless act of violence that took a great guy. >> health officials say they are close to tracking the source of measles outbreak, started in the
2:54 am
philippines. doctors matched the strain of the virus there to 30 patients in california. more than 180 people are infected in 18 states, and in washington, d.c. a break through in breast cancer treatments, a new cocktail that includes antibiotics and other drugs, doctors are rushing to make it standard therapy for patients. it is now six minutes to the top of the hour. deadly exposure. a dangerous outbreak that could have infected hundreds. what you need to know. and vanilla ice in hot water. what landed the rapper in jail. ♪ ice ice, baby vanilla ice, ice baby ♪
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>> two minutes to the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what is happening today. lawyers for accused boston bomber is asking a federal appeals court to move the trial today. several people infected to an antibiotic resistant bacteria after invasive surgery at ucla hospital. and thin mints are often
2:59 am
back orders will get ordered march 21st instead of the 16th. how are we going to survive. time for the good, bad and ugly. a little dog being hailed a hero. a datson saved the live of a st. bernard. little razor led rescuers to his friend. and then ice, ice, burglary. >> the 90s rapper, robert van winkle facing charges after stealing from a house next door to a house he is renting. and finally a 21-year-old man received a license with a photo of a senior citizen. dmv assured the next id will be
3:00 am
free. and what message is he sending to our enemies regarding isis terrorists. we'll see you tomorrow morning. fox & friends starts right now. good morning it's thursday, february 19th. the threat of isis rages and our allies beg for help. this morning's cover of the new york post says it all. islamic terror, i just don't see it. you won't believe the president is now lecturing you to not be pc, what? >> we'll explain that. and eric holder leaving office set to sue for racial discrimination even though michael brown


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