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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 20, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> it is oscar weekend as we told you but there is important stuff going on in the world like the democratic race for president. will it be a coronation? bret baier take as special look in fox news reporting at 10 eastern and sunday at 8 eastern. >> we will see you back in an hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered" here is us today is harris fructose faulkner, my partner in crime. and elizabeth mcdonnel. and you know the one lucky guy. actor and post of masters of illusion, dean kane is back. >> thank you. i have been watching and missing my spot.
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>> we kept it warm even though it is freezing. >> you brought the sun from malibu. >> i left last night it was 75-76. chilly for us. >> we are happy to have you back. >> thank you for having me. >> let's hit it. it is out there. the united states military releasing details of a planned operation to take back a key city in iraq mosul. they are saying the iraqiraq military will be ready to fight as early as april. crit critic want to know why this was said publically. here is jack keane. >> it is mystifying they would release the who what and when of a pending operation. that is unprecedented somewhat. isis is resolute.
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they will fight and are willing to die. i don't think this will break their will. they are looking forward to the fight. >> and the white house is getting plenty of criticism after the summit. a week after -- before the summit isis released a video of beheading 21 christians. and a deputy spokesperson claimed the rise of isis could be attributed to the lack of jobs and the president is taking heat for two speeches saying the world should express the grievances that the terrorist exploit while refusing to call them islamic terrorist. here is ron desams. >> this is a cross between a seminar and a community
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organizing workshop. this isn't a serious effort to confront the threat we face. and i think part of it is political correctness and part is dishonesty. >> is it dishonesty? what a week for the administration. after the gap of the christian citizen and walking it back with an editoral. and if you listened to what they were saying you would think the number one priority is to help fight islamaphobia. >> i am baffled by telling them what we will do on the ground. as an athlete and football player you don't give away the strategy. this puts our men and women in a little more harm and i think that is unconsciousable. i don't get it at all. >> dean do you think we made the mistake when we telegraphed to the middle east we were going
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to pull the troops out. this isn't a switch. we seem to be telling them what we have going to do. >> i don't understand it at all. it is literally the farther thing that makes sense to me. i studied history and military history in college, it is something close to my heart and i have a lot of military in my family. i don't understand why you do it. it doesn't make any sense. there is no two ways about it. >> what do you think is happening in the administration? what do you think is going on behind the scenes? you have "the new york times" and others identifying this as islamic terrorism. why is the president doing such reputational management for islam? >> this is my guess, you never know what is motivating people exactly, but what it seems is this idea they need to not
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separate muslims. they don't want this just being the united states fighting. they want it to be people in the region who are muslims fighting it so i think they think that if they turn this into a holy war kind of situation that will alienate muslims. i am conflicted about the way they are handling this. i think they are taking it a little too far. i think they know exactly what it s. i don't think they don't know this isn't radical islam. i think they have a different strategy for dealing with it. >> a number i would say, probably more non-muslims or more muslims have been killed than non-muslims at the hands of the terrorist. if the president wants to help the moderate muslim community why isn't he going after the people killing them? >> i don't think he is tasked with helping the moderate
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muslims. i think they have to help themselves. our goal is to help the united states. and i have a question for you this just dawned on me would the president have a difficult time courting a coalition of the willing that he suffered this bad week of tweets and quotes of him and the vise president just to show he is workable with the groups and the backhand saying we are going back into the mosul. you don't want it to look like you have to reinvade iraq. so is the relationship so damaged you have to go down that road to prove you are a friend? >> i don't see the relationship damaged. we have more buy-in from the middle east than before. >> don't you think it is their suffering? >> i am not crediting that to obama but i am saying we are at a point where you could get them involved in where in the past
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they were a wall. i think he is trying to keep them in the fight. i am not saying this is necessarily the best way to be doing it nor do i think it is necessary. i think they recognize it is radical islam. it isn't the -- the president of egypt recognizes this is radical islam and he is a muslim. >> can i pick up on something harris said? >> sure. >> we are going back into iraq. this is supposed to be the number one achievement of the administration. isn't this obama's war now? afghanistan is his war. libya is his war and now he is ready to start another iraq war. it boggles the mind he got a nobel peace prize. >> it is so bad to telegraph by the way because isis can lay explosive devices ahead of time. so yes it is his war. but it is ironic.
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he is so willing to blame christianity for the crusades but isn't blaming extremist. isn't the tripoli fight song something that should be acknowledged? they have been behaving barbarically since the dark ages. look at what happened in austria in the 1400s. this story is out there. i am tired of him teaching the world his view of things. it is very unsophisticated. >> it has been a tough and interesting week for the administration. john carry took a shot at the media over the administration's plan to defeat the savages. here he is speaking at the summit on countering violent extremism. >> there has been a silly debate in the media about what you have to do.
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you have to do everything. you have to take the people off the battlefield but you are stupid if you only do that and don't prevent more people from going to the battlefield. >> here is the problem with that. who is actually saying that? very few americans likely believe the campaign against isis is a one-shot deal. most understand this is a complicated issue. you are chiming in. of course. >> i was giggling. half of the time i hear kerry talk i giggle a little bit. whether he is bringing james taylor to france or whatever he is doing. i think everybody understand that. they want to take a lot of shots at fox. he did, someone else did, that is where they are aiming their guns unfortunately. >> do we have a little eric holder? let's watch that. >> we spend more time talking about what do you call it as opposed to what do you do about it? i mean really?
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if fox didn't talk about this they would have nothing else to talk about. radical islam, islamic extremism. i am not sure an awful lot is gained by saying that. it doesn't have any impact on our military posture or what we call it or the policies we put in place. >> i have heard you say let's not get into a war over semantics but i see you giggling like dean cain. >> it does matter or they would not be bending over backwards to not say it. it isn't a silly debate because they have spent time debating and deciding on the strategy. i think it is a good debate and something people -- i think it is fine. i don't have a problem debating whether we should call it that or not. i just don't think it is as open
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and shut as others feel. >> i want to get your response, elizabeth, i have brought her up up, a congress woman in the state of hawaii. they are saying the same thing. let's watch it. >> when you look at 99% of the terrorist attacks that have been conducted around the world over the last 15 years there is one element in common. they have been fueled and motivated and conducted by the radical islamic extremist and in order to beat that threat we have to identify it and come up with a strategy to get rid of it. >> it isn't just the silly media. >> or the people too stupid. >> and john kerry was smart enough to move his yacht to connecticut to avoid taxes. but you know we called the soviet union evil. we were not afraid to say that.
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that was a cold war strategy. if you say something is evil you will get the peaceful minded muslims in there to fight and stop the poison sitting near the heart. >> they are not going to change. in the administration they would rather spend more time fighting words, fighting the dictionary and fighting us fighting fox news fighting hobby lobby they have no problem referring to extremism as right-ring extremism. they can identify the enemy when they need to. >> well it is hard when you are fighting the facts. they don't like it. >> a key clinton family charity is facing scrutiny for their fundraising practices during hilary clinton tenure as secretary of state. and that is not the only negative press she is getting. why are the democrats taking it in stride?
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welcome back to "outnumbered." hilary clinton's fundraising practices are coming under more scrut anticipateiny with "the wall street journal" saying the same people who lobbied for her donated to her political campaign. it is important to note they are not illegal unless changed for favors and there is no sign of that. attendees at the big democratic committee winter meeting seemed okay with the negative publicity one insider telling us quote even though among the group of people proneedd to anxiety attacked i have not been getting phone calls. do you think they should get phone calls?
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i find this troubling. having hilary clinton as secretary of state helping out a gets solicited for a donation by the clinton foundation in a few weeks. >> it isn't illegal unless it is in exchange for a favor. who gives someone that much money and doesn't expect someone in return? i love you. here is a $100,000. i am confused by that. and i guess they look at any publicity as good publicity and the old what difference does it make at this point. >> or are they overcon fie-confidant? >> they are plenty con fifidant. they have dinners bringing in like 14 cents that they gave away from each plate.
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the gary suniece foundation does gave the money right back to the troops and he cares utabout them. >> this is going to be hilary clinton's mitt romney's problem if she decides to run. if you practice to be pushed around the world and have a clin ton foundation accepting donation donations, too. ge and exonn mobile are some of the companies. if you are getting donations in the backdoor that is a serious issue, i think, for her campaign when it comes up. >> but they were dead broke? they needed the money. the clinton's are poor. didn't you know that? harris said all press is good press but i think their philosophy is early press is
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good press. meaning get it out there now because if she is asked she can say that is an old story in the wall street journal and "the new york times" did that piece and they can say that is old news. i think the story about orgi island and epstein might hurt them. being on an island with underage girls. she is running a war on women and it is proved something went on with her husband and underage women that is a problem. >> you know what it is interesting? they are breaking it at the same time. >> do we believe bill clinton was there doing botanical ex exploring? >> i don't think americans are going to get as hung up on that. >> even with underage?
9:21 am
>> i don't think there is any evidence of that. >> fair enough. >> if there is evidence. >> the bill clinton flandering thing, i think that ship sailed but i think the money stuff is a bigger deal. >> is that because of the role that elizabeth warren is playing? >> a lot of people on the left are very unhappy about what you were talking about. her relationships with these companies are a big problem for her. >> and by the way, hilary clinton supports the bailouts of wall street so elizabeth warren won't like that. but epstein is a registered sex offender and went to jail for having sex with underage teenagers including under 14. >> you need evidence though. >> a former cia director with harsh words for the commander and chief saying he looks scared to refer to isis as islamic
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terrorist. if that is true what is is president obama so afraid of? and drop the burger, back off the burgers. why the feds may tell you if you eat a burger you are killing a tree. oh yeah, really.
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3 million rugged square miles with a single broadband connection. when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved. emerson. welcome back to "outnumbered." well is president obama scared? the former cia director thinks so. he was asked about it in a meeting about not calling islamic terrorist extremist and then he said this: >> basically he looks scared. he looks as if he is afraid of using the word islamic to
9:27 am
describe the terrorist. that doesn't mean all terrorist are muslims and all muslims are terrorist. that is nuts. if you cannot do that you look like you are scared. he looks like he is scared. >> so is president obama afraid? what do you think, dean? >> yes. he will not say that word. i am a big reagan fan and all about strength through peace. i can he had the right idea. and he would have called it islamic terrorism. i have friends who are muslim and i don't think they are all terrorist and i don't think people will make that connection. we are way past that at this point in time. i hear them saying christian terrorist quickly. if your former cia director comes out saying that and he is not the first person coming out speaking negatively if you will. it isn't a time to be
9:28 am
politically correct. it is a time to call it what it is be strong. that is what they understand in that region of the world; strength. and he is not projecting strength. >> i don't think it is fear as much as it is narcism. he believes his words can heal the wounds between radical muslims and western civilization. he believes the words he uses or doesn't use can fix the problem. >> and he thinks these fanatics that are coming from wealthy families around the world, a lot of democratic countries, and they don't need jobs. they are really distorted in their thinking and they are spree killers using islamic theology as justification to chop people's heads off. so for the president not to name it means we cannot build the
9:29 am
strategy to combat it. we cannot rope in the peaceful muslims to say we don't like it either and want them out. >> harris, does it trouble you the only strategy we have is one centered around vocarulary? he is not hitting them in the middle east at the same time. >> two things catch my eye. and two things. wording is important especially if social media is a way they'll fight this. the terrorist are reading the sights and how is he tweeting to them if he is not hash tagging something that will catch their eyes. the other thing is if he wanted to forge a jobs problem why didn't he try it here first? >> i don't think he is afraid.
9:30 am
i am not concerned they don't think radical islam is a problem. i see it differently on that front. and i think the other thing is people can come from a wealthier middle class family and still need jobs. so i am not so quick to write it off. i don't think there is anything wrong if that was a factor of trying to address that. i don't know what we could do. but "the new york times" had a story about this egyptian who joined isis and has been tweeting a lot and his whole story about not being able to get a job. if that is true, i don't know. i am skeptical of the coverage in the new york citytimes but i don't want to mock that idea of not having other options >> does it trouble you he gave a full throated endorsement of the bush's policy. he wrapped his arms around the language and nation building
9:31 am
strategy. they are now identical. >> i opposed it when bush did it and i opposed a lot of obama's foreign policy that has been too bush-like actually. >> here we go again. talk about big brother at your dinner table. define congress issued a nearly six hundred page report urging americans to consider the environment and not just their stomach and among the panel's recommendations is being kinder to the environment by eating more foods coming from plants and fewer foods coming from animal animals, specifically red meat because producing it takes feed and fertilizeerr. and the panel is proposing new taxes on sugary foods. here we go again. i get it. >> she knows how much i love
9:32 am
ketchup. >> tomato is a fruit. >> here is the thing. i get it. the meat plants cause a lot of gases and toxic fumes forthal world. -- for the -- and i understand that. i get it. i understand about global warming and climate changed and personally i am concerned about that. but how do you get people to be on board to stop their eating habits? >> the packaging is a big deal too. if they want to start to slate things why don't they look at things being wrapped in paper and plastic. if they turn to plants would they deliver it to your home unwrapped? and would you touch it if they did? this is more about what it is in. we have to stand up and make our in choices >> there is nothing wrong with
9:33 am
educating people. what they are talking about is a real thing. i don't have a problem with them educating people. they cannot mandate it and they are not trying to. >> the sugar lobby is so powerful but they want to tax the sugar industry. it is so upside down and backwards >> what bugs me is they devoted a lot of time and money to produce a 571 page dock documents on the greatest threat to society right now. i have not seen a 500 page strategy for isis but we have one on cheese burgers. and remember the study that said fat people cause global warming because they eat more and more trucks go back and forth. and i guess under that law
9:34 am
anoreianore anorexics are champions for the environment. >> they were talking about charging mcdonald tax. >> i say stay out of my kitchen and house. i understand the guidelines and the environmental impact although who knows what it really is at this point and time. but stay out of my kitchen and table. >> i am all about educating, but i think harris is right, you cannot button down people and push them to do what they want. >> you can try. >> next up it is so cold niagra falls froze over. we will look at the dangerous temperatures that so many people are facing today. and a growing number of parents doling out money to their kids way past the age of 18. is this practice good?
9:35 am
or are they stuck not growing?
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>> welcome back. riddle me this. when do you think parents should cut the financial cord? more and more young peopling are seeking financial support from their parents. get this well into their 20's and early 30's. we have one 26 year old who said that is okay and defends being on her family's cellphone plan and netflix plan despite critics who say this stunts the growth of children. this 26 year old writes he tethered millennials have not much to feel ashamed of.
9:40 am
we might be better in the long run than the lone wolves. the problem isn't our clingy parents but it is contributed to the norm that if you are not self sustaining at 18 you failed to launch and they failed as parents. >> my son is 14 and i am out now. after listening to her words he is out. it reminds me of the story a few years ago about the italian young men who lived in the house with parents until they are 40. >> watch it! >> you know, they were like why leave home mom is making food she does my laundry and i can bring my date there and it is like my own restaurant. it sounded kind of entitled but my i am a single dad and he is my only one so if he stays until he is 30 i am good. >> what happens though and this is serious, is these 20 year
9:41 am
olds don't grow and have a richer life. if you have helicopter parents keeping you on their credit card, netflix plan or cellphone plan people don't know how fun it is to be accomplished. >> i know 30 year olds that still have their parents pay their credit card bill. >> no. >> yes i do. i will tell you who it is during the break. it is a problem and creates dependency and then carpal girls and guys look for other ways to mooch off people. my parents helped me a little in between jobs and paying rent but it was king -- conditional -- as i looked for an extra job. when i would call home my dad would say the bank is closed and hung up. >> is it possible it has
9:42 am
something to do with the economy? it is hard to find jobs. >> is there something different going on? >> i think it has been going on for a while. i heard about it in the '90s. helicopter parenting. and sometimes they want the kids on the cellphone plans so they can break into the text messages and reading them. >> wow. >> i am a helicopter parent. my kids are young, five and eight, but i am that type of parent. so i would probably want to stay connected. but i was raised by a military colonel and they were not taking that. they were like you need to be viability on your own as soon as possible. we love to see you visit. >> when you visit. >> that is how i was raise and i want my girls to be independent and understand the value of money and the value of responsibility and a job well done. but i thing if we are going to set our expectations high we need to make the economy match
9:43 am
it. it is tough to get a job if you are young. >> i feel like when i graduated from college everyone wanted to get away from parents and start their own life. so the idea if you had to do that it would be seen as a setback. it is like meeting the golden girls. >> and it's family bonding. can we spend it in a positive way? it is bringing families together. right. right. >> what do you think? >> i think at 18 i know i was out of the house. i was in new jersey where the cold weather was. i left for malibu. i did get help from my folks in between and i think that is okay. as much as i would love to have my son stay with me i hope he is able to fly freely at 18-19. >> spoken like a true superman.
9:44 am
>> you flew out of the second floor window. >> i never tried that. >> anyway next up big problems for a lot of americans all because, get this an obamacare error. another one. what went wrong and what you need to know before you file your taxes that could affect your refund and we have a new approach by a clothing company. its latest swim suit campaign featuring their own workers and women and shapes of all sizes. will you consumer buy into real is beautiful? that is next. don't go away. before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance of preparing for retirement.
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>> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first to jon scott with what is coming up in the second half of "happening now." >> andrea have you filled your taxes yet? >> nope. >> the federal government says they sent 800,000 taxpayers the wrong information for their 2014 taxes regarding obamacare. the white house is creating a special enrollment period for uninsured tax filers who were
9:49 am
aware they could face penalties. plus it is cold in much of the country including niagra falls where the water fall froze over. and florida is feeling below temperatures even. and a new outbreak of a super bug in southern california. seven have been sickened, two are dead and more than a 170 other patients might have been exposed. very frightening times ahead there. >> i am calling my accountant now. >> happy friday. >> happy friday. you have probably seen the annual sports illustrated issue. >> yup, i saw it. >> it features perfectly toned models. but mod cloth, the company whose slogan is real is beautiful,
9:50 am
launched their swimsuit campaign featuring their own employees and women of all sizes modeling suits. one of them was pregnant during the shoot even. is this smart innovative marketing or are consumers so used to seeing zero size models this isn't going to fly. dean cain? >> i enjoyed looking at the sports illustrated article. i read all 15 words in the entire thing. my son saw that and said that is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen. and i said talk to derek jeter because it is his girlfriend. i don't buy bikineis so i will just be looking. but i think it is a good thing.
9:51 am
is this pushed by cindy crawford? it is not going to change the bikinis i buy. >> i think it is as a good idea. -- it is a -- i think as the woman when you look at things you say i want my swimsuit to look like that on me. so if people look at a body they will like it better if the woman is hot. but i think these are pretty women. they look great. >> i wonder if this isn't too much reality? i think we look at things when we are shopping as more aspirational. i get in there and say that looks nothing like that on me but i trick myself into saying if i turn myself this way maybe it does. >> right. i have all sorts of tricks >> i inspire to be as skinny as a microphone stand but i know that is not going to happen. i think this is great. it is like that sports
9:52 am
illustrated add that are the plus-size women. companies are reacting. remember the ceo of the loo loo lemon who got in big trouble? people are waking up saying these are real women and this is what women look like. >> i think we are pretty shallow as a society. when is the last time any of you sent out a picture without a filter that wasn't cropped and chromed. >> we do all of the tricks because we want to look perfect when we send out a picture. dove soap did that campaign that backfired. i thought it was a good idea but it didn't work. i think it is beautiful and great and whatever the company wants to do. if they think it is as a great marketing strategy do it. but we are shallow as a society and we want are aspirational and
9:53 am
we want something to work for. >> i think it is interesting. it is all polka dot which is difficult to wear unless you are very thin. you put that on me and i am going to look a little larger. i am just saying. we will move on. i am saying please please harris. >> oscar weekend. what to expect for hollywood's biggest night. the predictions for the 87th academy awards and we will hollywood actor dean here to weigh in. dean containain
9:54 am
... ... ... ... ... ♪ help northern china reduce its reliance on coal fire heating plants and prevent 60 million tons of co2 emissions? when emerson takes up the challenge it's never been done before simply becomes consider it solved.
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♪ >> despite turning 87 years old oscar is still shining bright. the academy award is taking place with neal patrick harris. eight incredible films are competing in the best picture category. so which one do you think that the oscar will go to? harris? i know what i want to have happen. and i want hollywood to have the courage not to look at politics and to do the right thing and that is "the american sniper. ".
9:58 am
>> i am behind that. >> which ever is the most politically correct usually wins. i agree with you, harris, i hope they do the right thing this time a round. which ever has the liberal agenda wins. >> i haven't seen american sniper but birdman was amazing. i had a hard time watching birdman. >> it is a little dark. >> and yeah what a feat over 12 years to do that. >> it is an amazing work. >> and patricia arauthority quette is terrific. >> i looked this morning american sniper made more than all of the other nominated films combined and you have such a personal connection to the story of chris kyle. >> chris and i did a now together called "stars and
9:59 am
stripes" there is a picture of him wearing the super dht man hat. and most humble guy i had ever met and that's the stories, he said this and bragged about. this he never bragged. he was so humble. but if he told you a story, i don't care if anybody tells you, it happen. i disagree with former governor ventura and if you know the man. he's so humble and a fantastic guy, if you said it it happen. >> what about the movie? >> it was different than what i thought it would be. it is an anti- war movie. chris' own words to me was war sucks. it doesn't glorify war. and there is a camaraderie you get with being with your guys. i get. that i was only there 15 or 16 days. i felt. that and i wanted to be with them. it is a weird rush but one of
10:00 am
the greatest guys. >> he is modern-day superman. we are back here monday noon eastern. have a great weekend, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. >> a fox news alert. many people are feeling the coolest air that the united states experienced in 15 or 20 years. >> temperatures in the negative 20s as arctic windsroar over the northern sections of the country. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> isis is not stupid. they know that the centerpiece of any counter offensive is mosul. >> the u.s. stepping up the mission againsti sis. and the plans are being made public. is showing our cards a bad idea? >> plus the united states of america. >> and the 1980


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