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tv   FOX News Reporting Election 2016 - The Democrats Coronation  FOX News  February 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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for the democrats some see the upcoming presidential race as a for the democrats some see the race as a one woman show but has clinton fatigue set in? tonight we look at the democrat's path to the white house including one man who questions his whole party. >> the democratic party has lost the message that made it such a great party. >> i can guarantee you this, he is going to throw a lot of rocks in the center of a lot of bees nests. >> fox news reporting election 2016, the democrats coronation or confrontation. from washington, d.c., bret baier. >> tonight we look at the
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possible democratic candidates for president in 2016. the republicans early contenders could pack a bus but the names being heard in democratic circles could fit comfortably in a station wagon, one no doubt being driven by hillary clinton. even before officially announcing she is clearly the front runner but she has been ahead before when someone else took over the wheel. who could that be on this trip? a couple of politicians seem ready to take her on. senator jim web of virginia and governor martin o'malley of maryland. what about vice president joe biden? could he throw his hat into the ring. senator elizabeth warren says she isn't running but there is a core s on the left who want to change her mind. to get a feeling for how big names are coming across we go across the nation reporting from los angeles. >> i'm standing at one of the most famous corners in america
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or the world for that matter hollywood and vine. the theater is where they used to give out the academy awards. now it is just up the street. in america there is a different type of red carpet called the race for president. candidates parade up and down not only giving speeches but also hoping to create a physical impression that will attract the attention to voters. >> i think images are important for whoever wants to be president of the united states in the 21st century. >> a columnist at bloomberg. i spoke to her about how the impressions we get from the candidates are more than just verbal. >> we are visual sensory creatures. we take in a huge amount of information about who people are through their gestures, through their facial expressions through their appearance. >> what image is it the candidates are trying to project in the voters? >> they are trying to project
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that i'm competent, i'm like you but not too much like you. people don't want to see their ordinary working flaws. they want to see the parts of them that they like. >> do the candidates out there for the democratic party need to cast themselves in a certain way to fit in with what democrats are thinking? >> voters in a way want to see is this the movie that i want to be in? do i want this person playing the starring role as president in the movie of my life. >> and that's where patsy comes in ceo and executive development coach at corporate icon. i wanted to know what advice she would give to the democrats who might be running for president. >> hillary clinton became famous for the pant suit some of which were in pastel colors. is that a good look for her? >> it's not a good look for her.
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as the whole suit being a pastel color or wearing a bright pink jacket, it wasn't a message of leadership or what people's perception of leadership will be but jacket and pants should be all one deeper tone and then have color within it. >> hillary clinton has had so many different hair styles the bob cut, short, the long, had it pulled back had it in a hair bapd. what works best for her? >> the one she has now. it's a simple style. it frames her face nicely. they found the right color combination for the skin tone. don't vary from it. don't make it extra curly. >> elizabeth warren harvard professor turned senator what advice would you give her if she runs for president? >> she is no longer a professor and still looks like a
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professor. it isn't a power appearance. she doesn't look like a leader. i would recommend that we strengthen up the hair style so it frames the close. she is close but there are errors of where the part goes. >> what do you think of joe biden? >> joe biden has too much personality. let's just kindly call it that. there is a lot of character going on. >> what about the look that jim web presents? is that a good presidential look? >> i like that he is a military man and carries himself like a military man. that is very good for a presidential candidate. however, he tends to have his hair parted a little too close to the center, a little more of a small town type of look, not very sophisticated in the world stage. >> what do you think of martin o'malley? a former governor of maryland in his 50s but has a sense of
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boyish charm. >> he has a band. you will see him in a black t shirt and jeans. that could help him out. people will enjoy that about him and that he is easy to talk to. >> independent from vermont, what is his image? >> stodgy, posture is rather forward and a little slumpy like this. his glasses are outdated and faded kind of color. looks like he has had them for eones. i would want to give him a little more vitality. i would have to give him some coaching in that area of being a little bit more respectful and dignified. >> so we worked on the images of the democratic candidates. now, what sort of roles should they play? i went back to virginia for some help with this hollywood puzzler. in terms of casting themselves for this democratic presidential
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primary, let's look at a few candidates. hillary clinton, what would the movie be for her? >> hillary clinton reminds me of the next star wars nuvy. fabulously well funded very professionally made but really do we have to have a rerun? it will be disappointing compared to the previous one. >> what about jim web? >> i am the military guy. i speak about military issues from experience. jim web is going for the american sniper. >> elizabeth warren what would the movie be for her? >> the movie that elizabeth warren wants it to be is the hunger games. i stand up to the big powerful bad guys. >> governor of maryland martin o'malley. >> when you go to the multi plex and intend to see one movie and it is sold out. >> he is the movie you didn't want to see so you thought i'm at the movie anyway. >> sometimes you have a happy surprise. >> joe biden.
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>> he is kind of the interview. he is the kind of fun guy that likes to laugh and incredibly likely to cause an international question by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. >> when we return we talk to our all star panel and ask them what roles they see these democrats playing in our future. democrats playing in our future. what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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so so we have hillary clinton, under study waiting in the wings for years. is she going to become the next democratic headliner or are any of these other potential candidates ready to take over a leading role. let's bring in our panel, steve heys and syndicated columnist
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charles. >> not only than the one she faced and failed in convincing in 2008 but that her husband became the nominee in 1992. they are trying to persuade everyone that they are simply unbeatable. there is a lot of vulnerability not only about her record at the state department but also the very lavish trips she takes on barred corporate airplanes, the willingness of the foundation revealed this week to take donations from foreign governments. they see no conflict of issues and the expensive seats close up to the time of her announcement and while putting the presidential campaign together. there are people that have space to challenge her but whether or not they have the kurmg to do so. >> you talk to democrats and there is the angst about the clinton candidacy.
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you see draft elizabeth warren efforts. what do you make of all of this? >> i think there should be angst in the democratic party. if you look at hillary clinton look at her book tour. it was a total flop. ben carson ends up selling nearly 100,000 more copies of his book than she sold of hers. the wisdom was that hillary clinton was rusty. i think she is not that good of a candidate. you can point to 2008 as evidence of that. i think she has two primary challenges. one is how does she defend the obama legacy and also create some distance from the obama legacy. if you look at where we are in the world she was secretary of state. if you look at faith in government and faith in institutions and what people think of washington, d.c. that is a big challenge for hillary clinton. the second question closely related to that is what does the party of government do? what does the party of government say to voters when
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view fewer and fewer governments believe in -- >> we are comparing book sales. there are real problems with her nomination and the party i don't know how much anxiety it has because it has been taken with the idea that she cannot be beaten. this is a steam roller and the country is humming for her. she needs the exercise. the rollout was a disaster. she makes a lot of mistakes and was not a good candidate in '08. she had a good challenger in '08 and she lost. i think it would really help her. secondly and i think when you mentioned the fact that the foundation has been taking these donations from foreigners that is so tone deaf it is so obviously a mistake but it
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reminds you about the clintons for now three decades which is to skirt the edges of the law to sort of act above everyone else from the lincoln bedroom up until now and showing you what is out there. people they imagine will only remember the good times of the '90s. they are also going to remember the sleaze and skirting the line of clintons. she is reminding them of it. >> is there a path for another democratic democrat? >> yes. former virginia senator jim web is one of the people who may run. he has such a colorful history the term politician seems an inadequate description, his story when we return. he flu with a runny nose. [coughs] better take something. theraflu severe cold won't treat your runny nose. really? alka-seltzer severe cold and flu relieves your worst flu symptoms plus runny nose. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is. mommy!
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senator jim webb senator jim web believes he can lead the democratic party into the future and he hopes to do that at least in part by recapturing a constituency from the party's past. >> i made this decision after reflecting on numerous political commentaries. >> on november 19 2014 former virginia senator jim web announced he was considering a run for president in 2016. >> strong majority of americans agree that we are at a serious cross roads. >> he feels he has a vision to offer. he believes big money has taken over politics with government not responding to the needs of the public. >> if you break down our problem in this country it's gray. >> david "mud cat" sanders is a friend.
5:20 pm
web feels his own party, the democrats are writing off the working class and not taking their social concerns seriously. >> the modern democratic party over the last 20, 30 years the democratic party has abandoned working class white people especially southerners. >> and that's a democrat speaking. once more peter rand is chairman of the democratic party in craig county virginia in the blue ridge mountains. >> out of frustration i think a lot of people that were traditionally democrats became republicans because of that sense of abandonment. >> it's those people that web has fought for in his writing and in his politics. if web has a fighting spirit he comes by it honestly. he was born into a long line of scots irish warriors and raised with a reverence for american military virtues and traditions. >> a lot of people talk about patriotism but at the same time
5:21 pm
i think it's become a word in jim web's world it's not a word. duty, honor, country. i think jim really has -- >> web graduated from annapolis in 1968 and shipped off to vietnam as a first lieutenant in the marines. as platoon commander web led his men through some of the bloodiest fighting in the war. he was awarded the navy cross, silver star two bronze stars and two purple hearts. one for wounds received while shielding one of the men from enemy fire. >> his platoon in vietnam worship him. >> web was shot and angered by the reception he and his fellow veterans got when they came home. >> he was mad when he got back. the idea that these kids answered the call of their country and they come home and
5:22 pm
baby killers all of this stuff. >> war wounds to web's kidney head and knee forced him to retire from the marine corps. in 1972 he entered georgetown law school graduating in 1975. two years later he was a staff lawyer. meanwhile he was writing. and in 1978 published fields of fire, still considered one of the finest novels about vietnam. >> the definitive novel of vietnam, a great piece of american literature. >> in 1987 ronald reagan appointed web secretary of the navy. he resigned the next year after refusing to go along with plans to shrink the navy. >> he can't be convinced to do anything that doesn't pass his test of duty, honor and country. that's who he is.
5:23 pm
if the guy told a lie his tongue would fall out. >> web published nine books including one about his heritage "born fighting." he found time to go into the movie business writing screen plays and producing the tommy lee jones action film "rules of engagement." but politics always lingered nearby. in 2002 he whipped into the bush administration in the pages of the washington post. those who are pushing for a unilateral war in iraq know full well that there is no exit strategy if we invade. >> when everybody else was saying let's blow them all to hell jim was saying what are we going to do when we are done? how are we going to get out of there? >> in 2006 web ran for the u.s. senate. he started out far behind republican incumbent george allen. but in a great year for
5:24 pm
democrats web eked out a victory by less than half a percentage point. once in office he voted for both the stimulus and the affordable care act though he expressed his misgivings to the president about the latter. >> he voted for it with the idea that there would have to be a ton of changes to it but just to move it on and get it off the table. >> one vote web was proud of was for his own post 9/11 gi bill. >> a great day for everybody to serve. >> the largest expansion of veterans benefits since world war ii. few in washington including web himself thought he was naturally suited to the u.s. senate. and it was no surprise when he declined to seek a second term, but today three years after leaving the senate he has his sights set on the highest office in the land. >> if jim web became president i can guarantee you this, he is
5:25 pm
going to throw a lot of rocks in the center of a lot of bees nests. >> if web's hopes are to bring the white working class back to his party he is off to a pretty good start if you go by what people are saying at the hutch on maine, a coffee shop in newcastal, virginia. >> everybody was talking about how dissatisfyied they are with the current state of political candidates so i said what about jim web. >> local democratic chairman. >> the republicans democrats and the independents. >> i am a republican. >> billy lee served in the marines. >> i would vote for jim web before i would vote for any other democrat out there and probably some republicans. i would have to see what they stood for. >> i am a very conservative democrat but the party has left me. >> carey crawford is a retired school board member. >> i think that jim web can pull
5:26 pm
people like us back into the party and make our party strong again. >> i think jim web could give the people out here in the workforce a voice, more than what they've got now. >> jerry crawford is her husband. >> i think jim web is a great guy. >> people want leadership they can trust. it's that simple. >> can jim web slow down the hillary clinton juggernaut? when we return i talk to the man himself in an exclusive interview. in the nation, we know how it feels when you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪
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specifically named mall of america and west edmonton mall in canada. urges the public to be vigilant. a warning about train safety from the u.s. department of transportation. this coming a week after the fiery derailment in west virginia. the study estimates trains carrying crude oil will derail as many as ten times a year over the next two decades. the study warns of hundreds of casualties. let's get you back to fox news reporting elections 2016. his country. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "fox news reporting: election . >> >> once a week to walk through there. think america forgets. >> one of the worst times.
5:31 pm
>> america has to dea better job getting veterans back. >> the one thing i say over and over again is you want to -- >> so far we have seen that when it comes to the democrats the conventional wisdom is all about hillary. but senator jim web wants to change that. he believes he is the one who cannot only take on hillary but the republicans, as well. i recently visited with web in arlington, virginia. >> foreign fighting. you wrote a book about the scots irish in the mountains of southern appalachian. those are your people warrior class. people who don't complain. they want to work. they want a fair share. they love their country and they are values oriented. democrats don't know this group exists. this is a values centered culture, a culturenot
5:32 pm
envy wealth. >> the democrat party has lost the message that made it such a great party for so many years. >> if you look at the vote in this last election you will see that white working people overwhelmingly rejected the party that should be addressing their interests. >> you said a few weeks ago the democratic party has lost its way. what did you mean by that? >> the people who have no voice in the quarters of power could always count on the democratic party to be talking about economic fairness issues particularly. and it's kind of up for grabs these days. i think the democratic party needs to get back on that message. >> how has the party alunated what you call white working people? >> from my point of view they are natural affiliates of the older democratic party. they need a bigger break. they have gone to democratic party on cultural issues and
5:33 pm
haven't seen that democrats want them over there. >> how do you feel this administration has either affected that one way or another? >> this was a trend before the obama administration. the democratic party needs to become the inclusive party again for working people regardless of ethnic background. my wife is from asia. when i look at my wife i don't see a person of color. i see the woman i love. that is where we want to go with post racial america. >> you voted for obamacare. would you be willing to make significant changes to obamacare and now seeing how it is being implemented? >> i was one of those who warned early in the white house that this was not being handled properly. ended up with 7,000 players of contradictory information. i voted with the republicans 18 times during the votes on health care reform and certainly would agree that there are places that we could look at in order to make it a better law. >> let's turn to foreign policy.
5:34 pm
you don't >> when you use military force you have to have a clear understanding of how that fits into your national security objectives and how it's going to end. tell us what the end objective is. that is one thing i said about iraq before we went in. i was very much opposed to the invasion of iraq and that we inherited was a very bad end. >> is it possible to be against the original reason for fighting in iraq but now that we have been there to see a reason for some kind of redeployment with boots on the ground to help those forces fight isis? >> we really do need to have an examination of what the intentions of the administration are and whether they are achievable. >> looking back at the past six years when it comes to foreign policy is there an obama doctrine? >> i don't think we have had a clear doctrine since the end of
5:35 pm
the cold war a set of parameters that everyone understood in terms of how we would examine our foreign policy interests and how we would either use force or otherwise help our allies. >> do you send a disaffection into military with the obama administration? >> i think you are seeing a real worry about the compensation issues and also i think people would like to know what our national strategy really is. >> if you run you are going to be up against the clinton organization. is it possible for you to raise money to get support in that dynamic? >> the question for me really is can you advance the principles of leadership and offer people leadership that they can trust and that understands where the country is and not have to be bought. that's why i announced an exploratory committee where we are out talking to people and listening. >> would hillary clinton make a good president?
5:36 pm
>> i'm not sure where she is in the process. if she runs i think the american people will have a chance to make up their own minds about that. she has had a pretty unique career. if she decides to run people will make up their minds. >> 1979 piece you wrote "women can't fight" you talked about how a naval academy dorm is a woman's dream is popping up in the press again. these reports, have you seen them? what do you say to them? >> i have said things in a certain way when i was 30 years old that i wouldn't say today. people look at what i did when i was secretary of the navy after eight years after that article was written. i opened up more to women than any secretary of the navy in history but we had the military report to the political process and not the other way around. in terms of passages in books i think the duty of a writer is to
5:37 pm
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including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. jim webb jim web thinks he can bring white working-class voters back
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home to the democratic party which leads us to a number of questions. are those reagan democrats truly and forever gone? is jim web the man to get them back? and maybe most important can the democrats get along just fine without them? we are back with our panel. >> no i think this is really a potential opening for somebody like jim web if jim web ultimately runs it is his opening the way he ran when he won in virginia. he won 53% of the vote in virginia, purple state maybe trending blue. this is the kind of race he ran. i think it is a ripe area for going after hillary clinton precisely because of the fundraising scandals and wall street support and decades worth of croneyism she will have to answer for. he would be the candidate who speaks up for not just white working class but the working class more broadly going back to
5:42 pm
you talked to him about jackson. others call it the new deal going back to old school class warfare rhetoric. >> there is a website, democraticstrategistroundtable. com. it says in the last three presidential elections the democratic candidate lost among white working class noncollege voters by an average of 22 points. the worst performance in 2012 when obama lost the group by a staggering 26 points 62-36. are they gone? >> the democrats are in deep trouble with these voters. what they have counted on is a new coalition that they got under president obama. and they are also counting on the fact that the country is
5:43 pm
less and less white so the white vote continues to decline. hillary clinton cannot count on exciting the same coalition that president obama did. there is a discussion in the party about whether or not you can persuade voters which means bring them back or change their minds or just go get new ones which is voter turnout. so how many new voters are left for her to go after and turn out? if you look at the party's attempt to woo only urban areas and not rural areas what you see is fewer and fewer white voters for democrats. this may look good in presidential years when they win in a squeak but they can't win the house and the senate. they can't win the governorships. losing the white vote have a real problem for the democrats. >> the home of the clintons there is not a single elected democrat in office anymore on a statewide level, not one. look at the guy who just won the
5:44 pm
senate seat in arkansas. a guy who represents the whole. he stht jim web on the republican side. the kind of constituency that republicans appeal to now. that is why jim web is such an odd man out on the democratic side. it's not only that the obama party is constructed of other constituencies it is also a matter of policy. you got the urban elites on the coast who determine the policy of the party who dominated in congress and who dominated in think tanks and dominate in ideas. one example, when obama, kerry and others talk about the biggest challenge to america being climate change or a matter of policy the vetoing of the keystone pipeline in and of itself a small issue but a stark representation of the extreme left on the environment against unions, workers, real
5:45 pm
infrastructure, exactly the kind of things democrats used to actually support but it's now way gone. that's what i think web is up against. it isn't only a coalition of minorities has been constructed successfully but the policies which appeal to high end interestingly white liberals on the coast. that is what dominates the party and loses entirely the white working class. >> you have a sister scots irish history, his heritage a real focus on the american military and respect and tradition and virtue that he talks about pretty eloquently. >> again, this is how he won the senate race in virginia. i think he could be a credible candidate. you imagine somebody like jim web on the stage with hillary clinton having a debate about exactly what you all are talking
5:46 pm
about, about favoritism. that is an argument that will sell in places like potentially iowa. it will sell among a democratic base that maybe hasn't been a democratic base for a long time that flirted with republicans and in some cases voted with republicans. if democrats want to win they will have to get some voters back. i think jim web or somebody like him could be the person to challenge hillary on that. >> is he going to step up with going after hillary clinton? that's really the question. >> so far he has really been soft on this topic. he doesn't want to criticize or go after her. he is not definitely a candidate yet. he is going to go after her and will be tough. jim web is a very interesting general election candidate. i think in this party the party doesn't know how liberal it is but i still think the establishment decides these contests just like on the republican side. i don't think senator cruz is going to be the nominee.
5:47 pm
i don't think you are going to see a diversion from the clinton crowd deciding the nomination. he is pro guns. he is anti -- nonenvironmentalists, a lot of things cut the wrong way for primary voters. that's why i think it will be tough for him. >> ultimately it is a cultural issue. he is not of the culture of the new party. the party the culture and represents the traditional old preculture virtues, patriotism and again the emphasis on work family, et cetera. that is entirely out of step with where the party is. that's why i think he doesn't have a chance in the nomination but he might be in the state like virginia or elsewhere a strong general election candidate. coming up next is hillary clinton such a favorite that
5:48 pm
it's killing the betting action on the democratic side? not if you love crazy long shots. stay with us. in a work, work, work world... take time for sunday. just know that your truck... has a little thing for monday.
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>> senator henry clay of kentucky famously said i would rather be right than be president. of course he said that after he lost. across the pond there are a bunch of people hope they are right in picking the president here in the u.s. and are willing to put their money with their mouth is. john roberts reports. >> when it comes to the best thing on the democratic ticket hillary clinton is dominating cleaning up taking over 88 percent of the money in the state. that is huge. >> rory scott is spokesperson for patty power which is already taking bets on the 2016
5:52 pm
presidential election. he gave us patty power's odds on who will earn the democratic nomination. >> john kerry elizabeth warren started off 20-1. she is into 13-2. joe biden 16 to 1 which is for a second serving second term vp. they are very very elizabeth warren and joe biden taking 3 percent of the money between them. >> in london it is illegal to bet on the elections in our country. more bets are rolling in the u.k. you might think we have taken 5,000 bets on the u.s. presidential election. head up to the u.k. we are taking 4,500 bets. 500 more bets on the u.s. election. bear in mind we are in a year of general election here. it seems quite staggering. >> some bets have more realistic
5:53 pm
chance of taking off than others. 500 to 1 more to go down and say look what i have bet on and they have taken more money than joe biden biden. they have also placed their bet on michelle obama at 100 and 1 or shelly clinton at 200 and one. jim web said he has yet to have a bet placed at 40 to 1. this guy, too. >> you hear what i said? answer me yes or no. >> brett? >> thanks, john. >> panel is any one here willing to bet against rillyhillary clinton. another round the democrats welcome aboard. >> i am willing to bet against hillary clinton. probably drinking the free booze that comes at the casino.
5:54 pm
the title of the show is this a coronation or confrontation i think is apt. if it is a confrontation it is conceivable to me to have some kind of a challenge. there has to be a moment before she gives a speech of democratic convention accepting the nomination where somebody seems viable. is the allternative candidate truly viable or is it just a flash in the pan or a series of flashes in the pan as we head on the republican side in 2012. >> i am the house here in 2007 there is a big dealing in the coronation that briere before obama came. >> people are looking around bushes and under parked cars and they can't find a barack obama. they are sure the clintons
5:55 pm
locked this one up. uncontested primary run. >> i am $80 on clinton if she has a health episode or pulls out i am 10 on biden ten on the field. she will have off the record criticism. that's a liability for the general. >> charles welcome back to the casino. you guys are close but you are wrong. $90 on hillary and 10 on elizabeth warren. it is true the party is crying out and it needs a challenger if only to tough fin uphill ry or bring them down if she has the weaknesses as she does. is there a path for the nominee there is but no one out there who will do it. i think elizabeth warren in principle could i don't think she would run. i put the $10 largely, and perhaps you will have an act of god. but in the absence of that clintons are good at challenging
5:56 pm
acts of god. if she runs which she obviously will and nothing intervenes i think she is got a clear path. if warren challenged her, the odds would change i put a lot more money on her. i don't think she will. i think this is the coronation and nobody wants to get in the way because everybody wants to light up for the jobs afterwards. now steve has money on the field which includes probably jim web. you don't have any chips. >> no. i don't even reserve any for wine and women. this is how pretty definite on this. >> my field is as strong as biden. if she stumbles or leaves the field it is biden against the rest of the field so someone could knock them out. i am with charles. it is very likely. >> i can speak for journalists we love joe biden to run for president it would be terrific to cover him. i think in a serious way and also in a joking way.
5:57 pm
>> that is our out. the odds are good we will be back bringing you latest on who is up who is down and on the race for 2016. as always from washington thanks for watching. ou have something for pain? i have bayer aspirin. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my back.
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>> it is a terrorist army and a savage march. but who is isis? they combine viciousness on the ground with a supremacy of social media. >> trying to create the largest caliphate it can. >> it spread even further to libya where they beheaded 21 christians on the banks of the mediterranean sea. what do we know about the man wearing a wrist watch who says he is the rightful... >> a shadowy presence for long. >> how he is using a former catholic student from the boston area to spread propaganda. >> why do you think they keep attacks of terrorism. >> it controls an area


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