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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  February 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. >> thanks very much, guys. kids as young as 5 the latest recruitment group isis terrorist groups are going after. we'll show you the alarming video. the family of kayla mueller saying the white house underestimated isis when they called them j.v. and time for the 2016 presidential power index. who's up and who's down? i'm gretchen carlson. "the real story" starts right now. first this alert, because the mall of america could be the next target for terrorists. putting security officials and shoppers there on high alert. the minnesota mega mall increasing security and working now with federal and state law
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enforcement agencies after, of course, the somali-based terror group al shabaab released an hour-long video calling for attacks on western malls including the big one in bloomington, minnesota. doug mckelway joins us with the latest on the investigation. how's the reaction there? what's going on? >> it's very quiet here, gretchen. terrorists realize that one of their key tools in their bag of tricks is to inject fear into a populace. if they can keep people away from a spophopping mall like this, they've won a small victory. the mall here are keeping camera crews and equipment outside the mall in a parking lot. they are also aware of this tool that terrorists have at their disposal to inject fear. we're set up outside here where it's about 3 degrees outside. we've spoken to some people inside the mall going through one of our junior reporters who was in there saturday. a bartender told her that things
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were more quiet here on saturday than they normally are. that may be as a result of the weather, though. so we don't know exactly what kind of effect it is having. all this however, occurs after the release of this video by the al shabaab somali network. it released a video threatening attacks here at the mall of america here in minnesota. another shopping mall in edmonton, canada, shopping centers in london and elsewhere. secretary jeh johnson of the department of homeland security warned shoppers to be vigilant. >> the video released by al shabaab reflects what i believe is the new phase we've evolved in terms of the global terrorist threat and what we need to do in terms of counterterrorism. groups like isil, al shabaab, aqap are now publicly calling for attacks either through the internet, through videos, through publications this means that we need to respond militarily.
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>> in a joint statement, the mall, local authorities and federal authorities sort of downplayed what jeh johnson had to say on the talk shows yesterday. in a statement that says, quote, at this time there is no credible threat associated with the mall of america. we will continue to work together at all levels to evaluate this and other information as it becomes available. and in today's white house press briefing, press secretary josh earnest was asked whether johnson intentionally overstated the threat here to get republicans on board with full funding of the department of homeland security. the funding runs out soon. >> the intelligence community has said that they are not aware of any specific credible plot against the mall of america or any other domestic commercial shopping center here in the united states. >> adding to the legitimate concern, minneapolis is home to the largest somali community in the united states. a few years ago, 22 somali
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americans fled to join the al shabaab network. more recently, 15 fled to join the isis network. so that is a legitimate serious concern. >> no doubt. doug in my home state of minnesota, thank you, sir. in addition to security increases, shoppers being reminded to remain extra vigilant in the wake of the latest terror threat. how safe do you feel after hearing this generic warning from homeland security secretary jeh johnson? >> i would say that if anyone is planning to go to the mall of america today, they've got to be particularly careful. there will be enhanced security there. but public vigilance, public awareness and public caution in situations like this is particularly important. >> joining me now, ryan mauro, security analyst for the clarion progress. i find that very vague. >> i don't know what else he could have said.
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you don't want to tell people not to worry at all but you want them to go shopping specifically when you don't have specific information about a specific plot. but still i'm very concerned about this video because al shabaab when they recruited americans, they've recruited about 40 americans from the minnesota area, it was always with the objective of going to somalia. that was the focus. now al shabaab is shifting their focus to america. so there's really two camps of thought with this. there's the one that says there's threats like this all the time, al shabaab hasn't successfully carried out an attack on american soil, so don't worry about it. but al shabaab's focus hasn't been carrying out an attack on america. so we don't know what they're capable of. >> some of these people who left minnesota and went overseas were involved in suicide bombings over there. the big threat would be, would they like to come back home to the state in which they were reared where the mall of america is. >> or what about their supporters that haven't left the united states? the previous focus was saying, if you want to do a suicide bombing, come to somalia, fight
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here. but they're saying we want you to carry out on attack in america. and part of that is because of the pressure that isis is putting on al shabaab. al qaeda says, we do big things. they're saying we do preoperational planning, we do big things. isis does small things attacking people with axes and things like that. >> so i want to talk about that video that you mentioned because al shabaab stealing the headlines today away from isis because now they're revealing the long-term plans. look at this video showing dozens of boys, some looking as young as 5 being trained as the next generation of jihadists. what are we to make of this? >> the obvious conclusion is they want to get attention with this. but there's another message here which is basically saying you can kill all of us kill our leaders, defeat us on the battlefield. but what victory have you really earned if our kids are going to fight you the next generation down the line? that's the message. if we suffer a battlefield
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victory on the part of the united states, the fight's going to continue to go on. our kids are brainwashed and they're going to brainwash other children at that impressionable young age. >> what do you make of the statement that there's no credible threat about the mall of america and yet our reporting said sometimes it's the small-scale attacks or lone wolf attacks that you actually don't always get a worry about? >> it's only a threat if we are in the process of intercepting one. that's not how it works. the threat is very decentralized. you're not always going to pick up the communications not always going to have the suspects under surveillance. so i'm concerned about this video more so than some other analysts are. >> ryan, thank you. new anti-terror action in france as the country seizes the passports of six alleged french jihadis? they were trying to go to syria. this is the first time that this anti-terror measure has been used since a new law allowing passport seizure passed last
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year. the country has been on high alert since the deadly attacks last month in paris. france estimates that 1,400 of its citizens have linked to recruitment cells in syria and iraq. let's move on to this now. politics, because it's time for our 2016 power index where "the real story" looks into who's up and who's down in the race for the white house. each week we handicap chris stirewalt's top ten contenders. there's been a lot of movement in the last seven days for the gop. chris is also fox news digital politics editor and the author of "fox news first" and joins me now. hard to believe another week has already gone by. who do you have going up and down this week? let's start with rick perry. >> rick perry is doing pretty good. and he's doing well not only did he roll out recently a sweet list of donors who say they're
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committed to helping him go the distance but he's also taken a hawkish position on foreign policy at a time when republicans are thinking about that very much. that helped him leap-frog rand paul who has a more complicated conversation to have with his party on that. >> governor john kasich of ohio. where does he stand? >> he debuted last week. he sort of previously was trying to indicate that he was thinking about it but not serious. but now he's been on the road, he's been in south carolina. he's making all the noises and he's in his first dust-up again with rand paul over in this case rand paul talking about his decision to expand medicaid under obamacare in ohio kasich firing back, quoting scripture. he's at odds. so he's acting a lot more like a candidate. and if you are the governor of the state that every republican must win to be president of the united states, you come into the index with some steam behind you. >> okay.
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somebody has to be down this week. and you have it as governor chris christie. >> well, chris christie -- look, he makes an argument that he can get there somehow someday. and that he has plenty of time. but the reality is if you want to run for president, you have to be answering a question. and chris christie originally was going to answer a question for dig donors on wall street and in the northeast and he was going to originally answer a question for a tough-talking governor. but jeb bush is soaking up all that dough on wall street and he's the candidate that northeastern moderate republicans are going to like and scott walker certainly is out there in the blunt tough-talking republican governor of a blue state. as chris christie claims he has more time to go, every week that goes past means there's less money and less support available for him. >> we're going to debate scott walker's situation over the last week and whether he made a few missteps coming up later in the show. chris, thank you for the power index. >> you bet. we have an alert right now.
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homeland security secretary jeh johnson is speaking live now. let's listen in. >> when it comes to applications for asylum applications for refugee status that continues. as you know, there is a lawsuit in texas -- >> so he has stopped talking about the latest threat to the mall of america in minnesota but has told reporters there that he stands by his comments that there was a threat and that they are on high alert and that they are being advised by other security officials there. we'll keep you abreast as to what else comes out of that press conference. back to politics now, governor scott walker of wisconsin, here's the question for you today, is he ready for primetime? what the potential presidential contender said when asked about president obama's faith, we'll debate that coming up. plus it's a political showdown on capitol hill with funding running out almost for
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the department of homeland security. and we'll bring you this. the family of american hostage kayla mueller who was killed by isis speaking out now, their questions directed at the white house, straight ahead. oh yea, that's coming down let's get some rocks, man. health can change in a minute. so cvs health is changing healthcare. making it more accessible and affordable with walk-in medical care,
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congress passed the bipartisan bill more than a week ago. they held off sending it to the white house so they could be in town when the president makes his move which will probably be to veto the bill. it's expected to arrive on the president's desk by tomorrow. stay tuned to see what the pres decides to do. time running out before funding for the department of homeland security runs out. and congress seems no closer to reaching a deal to keep the agency going.
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lawmakers in a stand-off over provisions included in that bill that would block the president's executive action on immigration. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel joining us live from capitol hill with the latest. mike, without some sort of a breakthrough, is the government preparing you for the worst? some sort of a shutdown? >> gretchen top officials seem to be preparing for however this critical week plays out. homeland security secretary jeh johnson is speaking at this moment, talking about the critical need to extend funding for the department of homeland security. johnson says officials must plan and prepare in the unlikely and unfortunate event that congress does not fund dhs before friday night and a shutdown of the department occurs. however, in a letter to his staff obtained by fox, secretary johnson wrote, quote the message is simple, the men and women of this department need to be fully funded by congress through a clean appropriations bill so we can continue our incredibly important work for homeland security. clean means no language included to go after the president's
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executive action on immigration, gretchen. >> so where do things stand in the senate? >> they reconvene in about an hour. and we expect later this afternoon the senate will vote for the fourth time to see if they can get enough votes to see if they can take up a house-passed bill. eight democrats in the senate have spoken publicly over the past few months about their concern about the president's executive action on immigration. but so far, they are voting to continue the democratic filibuster. the same is true with senator angus king who continues to vote no on taking up the bill. a leading republican on national security talked about this exit from the stand-off. >> we now have an exit sign and that is the federal court decision saying that the president's actions unilaterally are unconstitutional. this would obviously be homeland security. last time we shut down the whole government, we turned away
11:18 am
600,000 visitors to our national parks here in arizona. i don't want to see that movie again. >> with lawmakers just returning after a week back home in their home states, we'll see if there's a change of tune after they've heard a whole lot from their constituents. gretchen? >> i bet they have. mike emanuel thanks much. governor scott walker, is he ready for primetime? and as millions of americans are getting hammered with freezing temps and piles of snow, the storm is on the move. we'll show you if you're going to get hit next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great rates for great rides. geico motorcycle see how much you could save.
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the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. we were just talking about this on the set right here, traveling in the winter. more than 1,400 flights being canceled across the country today because of more brutal weather. check out northern texas. icy roads caused lots of accidents.
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at least one person died. the winter storm slamming parts of the south with freezing rain and heavy winds and causing widespread power outages as well. meantime no time for niagara falls to thaw. temps in northern new england and parts of new york state dipping once again below the zero mark. time for real talk now and what's going to happen with congress funding the department of homeland security. senate dems and republicans remain in that standoff with a few days left with the new terror threat to attack the mall of america, will that change anything? julie roginsky and david avella join me now. david, will it change anything because we have this new threat that seems to be daily, even a new group, al shabaab is that going to make congress say better just fund this thing? >> there's a lot of evidence that americans don't like the president's unconstitutional
11:23 am
immigration actions but there's no evidence that they want our national security put in stake or in jeopardy over this authorization of dhs. and now we have a federal judge who has put everything on halt. who knows who congress is going to do? but a look at another long-term funding and starting to move towards other fights we need to have with this administration, whether it be the high taxes as a result of obamacare, whether it be workers who aren't going to get to work because he won't approve the keystone pipeline, there are a lot of fights we could have with the president right now. >> he's echoing what lindsey graham and others have said. let the courts decide this. a judge in texas put a stop to this. why pick a fight over dhs funding especially at a time when we're concerned at potentially terror coming back home here to the states. why would this be the time to take a stand on this?
11:24 am
if this happens, the republicans will get the blame because congress will get the blame and they control congress right now. i don't understand from either a substantive point or a political point why the republicans want to go down this road. >> i think because so many people feel so strongly about immigration. but the judge's ruling could put a difference of opinion in that. let's move on to presidential politics with scott walker brushing aside questions from about president obama's patriotism and faith. he says he's more concerned about serious issues affecting our future. but it wasn't just these questions. two weeks ago he didn't want to answer the question about evolution. when you're considering running for president, you have to answer don't you think, have to be ready at least to answer almost any question? >> you do. you have to be able to answer whatever question, how silly it may be. but there's a reason why pitchers and catchers are going to spring training now and not showing up the opening day of baseball. you need practice and
11:25 am
preparation. that's what scott walker and all of these contenders are going through right now. >> i love baseball more than anyone. but it's different. the mistakes when you make when running for president, now with cell phones and videotape and everything captured, it matters, doesn't it? >> a national reporter said to me, you don't get to ignore questions from the press until you become president. until then, you have to take questions no matter how silly. scott walker could have answered any of these questions to the satisfaction of his own base. there are answers he could have provided to have satisfied an element of somebody -- >> he said that maybe democrats wouldn't be asked the same kinds of questions. he refused to comment on giuliani's comments about the president not being patriotic. he refused to comment on whether obama is a christian and as i mentioned, the evolution question. and then he's made a habit of coming back to twitter and making his statements known a few hours later. >> democrats get asked these questions as well.
11:26 am
maybe not in the same numbers that republicans do. but that's the way life is. find a voter who next year is going to say, scott walker did good for wisconsin, he has good ideas for america he's very middle class. but i can't vote for him because last year he wouldn't answer those questions -- >> it's a great point. but here's the problem. rick perry had the exact same argument he could have made for texas. remember that screw-up at the debate when he couldn't remember the third or fourth point? that defines you as a candidate, no matter how good or bad your record is you get defined as a persona. and that's what ends up getting you in a lot of trouble when you start running. i think scott walker has a tremendous amount of promise he's a very strong candidate going into 2016. but he has to tune up his game get back on the ball and start realizing this is not just the wisconsin press corps. this is the national press corps. >> you can't punt. maybe he should go to spring training and get a little practice. target painting a bull's-eye
11:27 am
on amazon. what the big box retailer is doing to undercut the online giant. the family of kayla mueller speaking out for the first time claiming the obama administration crushed their hopes for a deal to win her freedom from isis. when it traded away the gitmo 5 for bowe bergdahl. >> i really feel that we had a chance to get kayla out because we were in communications with them, unlike the other families. but how do you raise $6.2 million?
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time for a quick check of some headlines for you. the u.s. coalition military forces hitting isis targets over the weekend conducting at least 18 air strikes in syria, seven in iraq. one person has died another critically hurt after a shooting at a new jersey business. police say it may have been an attempted murder-suicide. and target now taking on amazon cutting its free shipping eligibility to 25 bucks now for online orders as target works to better compete for online shoppers. right now, reaction from the white house to the latest terror threat. an al qaeda-linked group based in somalia threatening to attack the mall of america in minnesota along with other western shopping malls. chief white house correspondent ed henry live at the white house with more. dhs secretary jeh johnson
11:32 am
appeared to be all over the map about the mall threat. what was your read on it? >> you're right because remember, it was the president who told last month that it's the media that hypes these threats up. if it bleeds, it leads. meanwhile, the dhs secretary over the weekend suggested there was a threat to the mall of america saying if you go there today, be extra careful. although josh ernestest was sayingsay saying something a little bit different at the podium. >> the secretary was cognizant of the fact that it's his responsibility to remind the american people if they see something to say something. it's important for them to be vigilant. but at the same time in terms of understanding the facts about the threat we face the intelligence community is not aware of any specific credible plot against the mall of america. >> they're saying there's no specific plot against the mall of the americas and yet the dhs secretary was saying, be extra careful if you go there. i pressed josh earn ennis on whether or not this had anything to do with that funding fight
11:33 am
scaring congress into giving them money. he said, no. >> good question, ed. there are strong allegations from the family of kayla mueller. tell us about that. >> that's right. her brother, for example told nbc news this morning that he believes that the demands from the isis captives of kayla mueller started increasing after they saw that bowe bergdahl was able to draw five taliban commanders in that prison swap. i pressed josh earnest on that point. listen. >> how can you deny that they're making that case? that's what they said. >> that's what they said. but you tacked on something at the end that said that would make it harder to get kayla mueller back. and. >> the demands go higher -- >> assuming the individuals making the demands have any credibility at all. the mueller family is going through a very difficult time. >> josh earn ennis went on to say it was difficult for the mueller family to accept that the u.s. government does not
11:34 am
negotiate with terrorists. but the fact of the matter is what the mueller family is saying is they saw the u.s. government basically negotiate with terrorists when it came to bergdahl and the taliban but would not negotiate with isis terrorists and they seem to think there was an inconsistency there, gretchen. >> very interesting. ed, thank you so much. as ed just mentioned, new information about the hostage-taking of kayla mueller who recently died in the hands of isis. her family saying they were in talks to secure her release but the negotiations fell apart after the exchange of bowe bergdahl for five taliban prisoners. listen to the family. >> it made the whole situation worse because that's when the demands got greater, they got larger. they realized that they had something. they realized that if they're going to let five people go for one person, why won't they do this or why won't they do that. >> k.t. mcfarland is a former
11:35 am
deputy assistant district attorney in the bush administration. tough to listen to the mueller family talk about this. what are we to make of what the u.s. policy is on negotiations with terrorists? >> it just breaks your heart to hear that. the tragedy is once somebody is taken hostage, if we try to pay ransom for them, if we're willing to swap terrorists for our own hostages all we've done is sign a death warrant on the next hostage that's been taken. so when kayla's family says if we hadn't swapped five terrorists for one american, maybe my daughter, my sister might be alive today. we don't know the answer to that. but what we do know is if you make hostages more valuable, if you're willing to pay ransom for them, if you're willing to swap with them if you're willing to pay attention to terrorists, you are only increasing the price on the head of that hostage. >> didn't we do that? didn't the united states do that
11:36 am
with sergeant bowe bergdahl? we just heard -- >> that's exactly what we did. >> the family is right, aren't they? >> i think they're absolutely right. we have had a longstanding policy republican and democratic president alike saying we don't negotiation with terrorists, we don't swap hostages for terrorists, we don't pay ransom. i had a man who worked for me in the reagan administration, a marine colonel who was taken hostage. he was tortured and ultimately killed. but once you start negotiating, all you do is guarantee more hostages are being taken. what the administration should have done was say, ransom? we're putting a bounty on the head of the people who take americans hostage. >> listen to what the mueller parents think the administration was thinking. >> i don't think anyone had any idea this group would be as powerful as they were. we've let them get too powerful. they just thought of them as a gang or thugs. >> j.v. >> yeah.
11:37 am
but, again it goes back to we are so isolated in america, we are so in our own little area that we don't see what's going on over there. >> is that a nice way of saying that they thought the administration were incompetent to try and get her back? >> the administration from the very beginning has failed to see what this is. i think it's the existential threat of our time, radical islamic jihad. they will kill anybody who disagrees with them and stands in the way of their establishing a caliphate. they'll kill christians. they'll kill jews, they'll kill atheists. they'll kill fellow muslims. the longer we wait to identify and acknowledge and deal with that problem, the more it's going to grow. it's not just isis. it's not just al shabaab. it's not just terrorists or hostages as horrible as these things are happening right now. it's a much broader movement. this group wants to take over the world. we could laugh at that and say
11:38 am
how absurd except for the fact that these are people who will not be deterred. they are happy to commit suicide as long as they kill us. the thing we have to prevent is the next step down the road when they potentially get weapons of mass destruction. >> scary thought. k.t. mcfarland, thank you much. >> thank you. time for my take now. heartbreaking to hear those parents of american hostage kayla mueller wonder if their country did enough to try and bring their 26-year-old daughter home. they claim they were in frequent contact with her isis captors and that they believe the terrorist organization may have been willing to release her for a price. none of us can imagine the pain that the mueller family went through from the time they found out kayla was kidnapped to the time they found out she was in fact dead. but all parents can relate to their statement that they would have done anything, anything to get their child back. and now the mueller family will have to wonder for the rest of their lives why our country seems to have a different policy for some americans with regard to ransom and prisoner swaps than for others.
11:39 am
why did the u.s. back bowe bergdahl's release but didn't negotiate a similar deal for kayla mueller? what about peter casskassig james foley and steven sotloff? maybe they didn't want to have to admit that they were so much more. the fracking controversy sparking a new political debate as 15 towns in upstate new york say they could benefit economically from the drilling method now want to secede. they want to join the state of pennsylvania after new york's governor banned fracking citing health concerns. the towns are located on a geologic formation rich in natural gas. but it's very unlikely that the towns will ever leave the empire state because the new york and pennsylvania legislatures and the federal government all would have to sign off on any
11:40 am
secession. let's check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. hope you had a great weekend. >> did indeed. we'll hear from the desperate families of some missing girls. police say these teenagers ran off on their own to join isis. family members are begging the girls to come home and they say they were blindsided when they learned the girls likely went to syria. >> if you're watching this, baby, please come home. mom needs you more than anything in the world. you're a baby. >> we'll hear more from the emotional relatives. plus what could make these straight "a" students want to join a group that cuts off people's heads. a teen accused of murdering someone in an act of road rage, first court appearance today. but now he says he was the target. plus, a truck bursting into flames on a major highway, what made battling this fire even tougher for firefighters? and who could forget john
11:41 am
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welcome back, everyone. new twists now in what was originally thought to be a clear-cut case of road rage. the teen suspect facing the judge today, his attorney claims now that his client may have been the target the night of the deadly shooting and that all he did was acted in self-defense. police say he shot tammy meyers in front of her home after an earlier confrontation. while meyers was giving her daughter a driving lesson. and the teen suspect reportedly told friends he felt threatened during that encounter on the road.
11:45 am
joining me now is lis wiehl. this case originally started with -- we thought it was clear-cut road rage. what's changed? >> he got a lawyer, the defendant did. and the lawyer is saying what kind of defense can i come up with? self-defense is really the only viable defense. you can't claim insanity or that he didn't do it. self-defense means if he did not fire the first shot -- in fact, if it was meyers' son shot the first shot, that could be self-defense. it's really going to come down to ballistics, who fired that first shot? >> were there other shots though? >> yes. >> the prosecution is saying there were 22 shots. >> exactly. >> by this teenager. >> but who started is the question. if it turns out that meyers' son did not start it that he actually started it, the self-defense goes away. that's what he's going to argue. the other thing he would probably want to do looking from the defense side is, there was
11:46 am
another driver in that silver car. who was that person? we know this guy, this defendant knows who that person is. if i'm the prosecutor, i'm saying to him, tell me who that guy is and maybe we can work something out. >> is it curious to you or is it just the way cases unravel that we're learning so much new information that changes the whole scope of it? for example, originally, it seemed like random people with road rage. >> right. >> now it turns out this woman who died has helped this boy who was allegedly sometimes homeless, she had given him money apparently. >> yes. >> so maybe there's a bigger story here. >> i think there is a bigger story. the husband even says, she spent hours and hours with him at the local park. she tried to help him. what happened? was there anger that happened? he says he was afraid. afraid of what? she was driving her 15 16-year-old daughter giving her a driving lesson in a parking lot. at the beginning of this. then they started to drive home.
11:47 am
here's what the defense will argue about that. they drove home had this altercation with the defendant. but they did get home safely. so the defense is going to say, had she just gone in the house and avoided anything, she'd still be alive. >> she dropped off her daughter. got her older son who had a gun. >> right. for self-defense, you could still go after somebody if you're afraid which she was, she wanted to find this guy and apparently she knew him. that makes a big difference. if he fired the first shot in that altercation, i don't see how you can argue self-defense. but the lawyer is pretty good here. this is one thing he can argue. that's pretty much all that's got. >> very interesting. >> we'll follow it. >> lis, thanks so much. gasoline truck catches fire, never a good idea. explodes on a busy highway. we will tell you if that driver escaped. plus, "american sniper" hitting the mark at the box office, 300 million bucks. but hollywood's elite not impressed last night. you total your brand new car. nobody's hurt,but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company
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welcome back. check out this tanker truck caring nearly 9,000 gallons of fuel. it overturns today on a majorsouthern new jersey highway. it burst this to flames. thankfully the truck's draf driver able to get out. no word on his condition. >> some memorable moments from last night's oscars. first, the racy flick "fifty shades of grey" causing an awkward moment on the red carpet. dakota johnson being interviewed with her mom, but she was none too pleased when her mom said
11:52 am
she hasn't seen it. >> have you seen it? >> no. >> you didn't want to see it? >> i don't think i can. i think it would be strange. >> i don't think so. i think one day you can see it. >> joining us now, someone who knows hollywood know stacy dash. what are we to make of that exchange? >> i have a daughter and i wouldn't want to watch my daughter in that position on film. no pun intended. >> yeah, right. >> i understand melanie's position. i think it's- >> well, it was a little weird on the red carpet, though. i think people were expecting the mother to be one of the first people that would see their caught indaughter in a film. but i'm a mom, too, and i feltlike maybe she doesn't agree with her daughter doing this film. >> i don't think if she disagreed, but i don't think she wanted to see her daughter in that light. you don't want to see your daughter in that light. and i think if she had said
11:53 am
yes, i saw it, people would have criticized her. s's it's always something. >> good point. for me, one of the highlights widow of chris kyle making an emotional appearance on the red carpet right in the middle of the murder trial for her husband's accused killer. >> he would be his usual humble himself, laugh at himself, probably make fun of it in some ways. but deep down eeld be really happy that so much healing is happening for couples. it's something he'd be proud of. >> and meantime growing chorus of folks saying the oscar snubbed the movie. first of all, i thought, first of all in the middle of the murder trial, she comes to the oscars. she was on he will granteloquent in
11:54 am
the way she answered that questioned. >> and i love the way she said she tries to find a blessing in everything. and i thought it was poor taste that they did not acknowledge her presence there especially with everything that is going on and her husband being an extra ordinary -- >> maybe if they had won they wouldn't. it won sound. >> very upset that it did not win. it was a beautiful film. you've seen it. >> of course $300 million that outpaced all of the best picture nominees all combined. so the american people are voting. >> exactly. which tells you what merp america wants for see. >> i want forget your take on this. j.k. simons using his oscar accept acceptance speech for make an emotional care. >> if you're lucky enough to have a parent or two alive call them. don't testxt, don't e-mail. call them. >> i'm lucky enough to still have both of my parents and i
11:55 am
think that rang so true. a lot of twitter action on this today. >> that was one of my favorite moments. that moment and of course lady gaga singing the tribute to sound of music was extraordinary. classy. the elegance and the grace of the oscars, old hollywood glamour. because it's gone. and that moment was so beautiful. >> juxtaposed to neil patrick harris in his underwear. he does have a good body. all right. thanks so much. great to have you you in new york. >> thank you. in light of j.k. simons speech, that brings us for our question of the day. how often do you call your parents? we'll try to read you your comments right after the break.
11:56 am
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time to check out what america is clicking on. tickets at the magic kingdom jumping to $105. all the other disney parks raise their rates, but they stayed vits slightly below $100 mark. check out this guy skiing down the mountain with gopro capturing the huge drop. whoa. plus another awkward oscar moment for john travolta as he's photographed with scarlett johansson. a year after he mangled the name of eye eye dee dana calls her partents every
12:00 pm
owe dare. christina, every sunday at noon. for a monday. mall security. terrorists calls for attacks on shopping centers including the mall on america. they say a shooting that left dozens dead in 2013 was only the beginning. ahead, the fbi's former head of counterterrorism on protecting americans from attacks. the facebook murder case. police say a man created a face profile to lure a teenage girl into meeting him. they say he planned to kidnap her and then become a hero by rescuing her. instead she wound up dead and today he went on trial. let's get to it. good monday afternoon. terrorist threat to


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