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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  February 25, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jon: we'll see you back here in one hour. jenna: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> this is "outnumbered." i'm andrea tantaros. here with us today harris faulkner, host of "kennedy" on our sister network, the brand knew show at 10:00 p.m. kennedy. stacy dash is here. today's #oneluckyguy ceo of concerned veterans for america pete hegseth. you know him. you love him and he is outnumbered. welcome back. >> thanks for having me. >> would you like to show america your socks. >> minute note air sort port minnesota red socks. >> love shopping a at that airport. >> best place to sop on earth. >> $20 you want it to go far.
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>> minneapolis st. paul airport. >> wow you heard it here first, everybody. for the fallout. as promised president obama within hours of its arrival on its desk, vetoing a bill that would force the construction of the keystone oil pipeline, with wide support and popular with overwhelming majority of the american people. only third veto of the obama presidency, it could also be the first of many more to come as the president has very few options in his tool box to get his agenda passed in the new republican congress. he no longer has harry reid as majority who blocked many of the gop's most prized proposals. allowing mr. obama to issue fewer vetos than any president in more than 100 -- 160 years. his veto of the keystone getting this quick reaction from republican senators john barasso and rand paul. >> the president does have his pen and, by choosing to veto this piece of legislation, he is
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choosing washington lobbyists and special interests over the needs and desires of the american people. >> disappointed because there is significant bipartisan support for keystone. not that many things we actually have 60 votes on. which means a significant amount of democrats supported this bill. it is disappointing that he didn't side to actually see if we could move for war with something that most of the country is for. >> but blocking keystone, which has been in the works more than six years also put president obama at odds with some members of his own party whose loyalty he will need to uphold future vetoes. four senate democrats will join efforts to override the veto. republicans appear to be four votes shy of 67 needed to override. even if the president win this is round because he may find this victory hollow. every democratic vote to rebuke it would be stunning rebuke of his leadership. pete, want to go to you first.
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no shock because president had harry reid as literal human shield, veto shield. so he wasn't having to veto pieces of legislation but he has got cover right now to do this because the price of gas is so low. >> sure he does. he has some cover to do it right now. but what rand paul said about bipartisanship was right on. he was able to push off to harry reid obstructionists are republicans. now obstructionism come to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. he has to own the fact that the bipartisan bill, especially as we enter into the presidential season income inequality, wage gap, middle class wages. keystone pipeline a perfect opportunity in middle america states to provide great paying jobs. north dakota, what a great example, heitkamp senator north dakota because she has seen what energy production can do. you don't need minimum wage in north dakota. this will eventually land on his feet.
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>> i think gas prices will start to go up, we knew they always do it will be politically very difficult for president keep vetoing it if republicans park it and push it. >> 15 refineries are seeing people walk off the jobs picketing conditions at work places. that is starting to have effect we're seeing hit the gas prices at pump. you have that going on. but i think this is interesting among democrats who are problem ising to override president's veto, claire mccaskill, senator from missouri. no matter how much you look research is done. oil is coming out of the ground. pipelines are better than barges or trains. that is common sense. i will vote to overright the veto. interesting they're not just doing it for political posturings, they have reasons for why they believe the way they do. >> yeah. it is much safer stacy to transport the oil this way than on trains or by boat which is what we're doing now. do you think republicans continue to pass this legislation and point out that the president's an
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obstructionist against energy independence? >> not only that. national security issue. this is our chance to become independent with our, our, i'm sorry, our energy. you know we don't have to go to the middle east. i don't understand why we're not doing this. this is such a great opportunity on some fronts. he is just these are his extremist theories, that he is putting before the needs of the american people. >> especially with unrest in the middle east, kennedy, now is the time the president should stop trying to appease environmental whackos and do something that could work and has. we have a poll, a majority of not just support in congress, but of the american people. 65% think that president should sign the bill. 22% say veto. that is a big number. >> it was a large number of democrats who they they represent energy-producing states. which means a lot of people in their states who would benefit
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directly from, short-term jobs. we have to do be forward-looking at least. so we have to see if a version of this bill will be tied to a larger infrastructure or energy bill that the president can't veto. that is one choice. the other one, i agree with stacy, we have to get off middle east oil. i know, i don't want to sound like a weirdo leftist but i'm a relentless optimist. i think we have to look at new technologies. price of oil is so low. it will not go up to $100 a barrel anytime. if it were it would be directly tied to this politically and economically would have been much harder for the president to veto. >> no question. >> one last thing. representative gievia of arizona may have tipped hand behind it all t comes down to loyalty to the president. i thought it was about the american people. maybe he is telling us something we didn't know. >> what it comes down to the grip environmentalists and on hold to the climate change theories. >> we'll move on.
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a new shot in the latest back and forth with the white house and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. have you heard about this? for weeks the white house said it was not happy about his decision to accept a address a joint session congress with consulting with speaker boehner without consulting the white house. susan rice going one step further, quote unquote, destructive. >> on both sides there. is degree of partisan zip, which is not fortunate it december instructive of the fabric of relationship. >> meanwhile netanyahu add ad little more fuel to the fire turning down invitation to meet with democrats during his trip. senators dick durbin of dianne feinstein invited him to closed-door meeting to an attempt to smooth over relations. netanyahu he doesn't want to give the impression his visit is about partisan politics. stacy, first to you. damned if he does damned if he doesn't. he doesn't want to look partisan
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but if he says no to this group does it look like he is leaning towards one side? >> no. it looks like he will not be bullied. he will not be bullied. they say they will not show up to his speech whatever. they're upset because boehner did this without the president's approval. he stands his ground. that is what i love about him. he is going to come here and fight for you know the threat of iran getting nuclear weapons. >> you know i just before the show, secretary of tate kerry said a few words about the iran deal and it is really interesting what he has to say. let's watch that. very short. let's watch. >> i would caution others not to be running around combating a deal that hasn't been made. >> so let me get this straight. you can't criticize a deal is this like health care you don't know what is in it until after you pass it? you can't criticize until after it is done? >> i think it is. bebe netanyahu doesn't want to be partisan. this is not republicans or
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democrats for him. it is about survival. he has iranian regime seeking nuclear weapons. isis two miles from the golan heights. why do democrats want this meeting? they're losing jews to the republican party seen as turning their backs on israel and they are. vice president biden israel making comments about the israeli settlements, looking disgruntled with bebe netanyahu. this is bad relationship made bad by the white house but not net yoo-hoo. >> zoo associated press world powers have given up stopping iran from developing nuclear weapons. what say you? >> i think we're essentially giving them tools to build a bomb to destroy israel. they have made no bones wanting to do that. i think that is incredibly dangerous. we can't let netanyahu off the hook. he has some responsibility here. he is facing election in a few weeks back home.
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>> in march. >> i think he could be a little more responsible about time of his visit. i think speech would be very different -- >> he was invited. >> he was invited. >> one of the goofy things i will point out about this, white house saying it was a breach of protocol. who is he? the queen? president obama, i don't understand. great offense that benjamin netanyahu wouldn't come without kisses my corgis. >> that is brilliant. >> i agree with pete. netanyahu is coming here to save his country. coming to what he thought was an ally to plead his case. i think he strengthens our hand in the deal by coming here. also, i have never heard of an administration so hostile not just to israel but so openly friendly to iran. as kennedy points out, obama talks about american exceptionalism. makes me think is there iranian exceptionalism? is he moral arbiter for the world. does he believe they have a right to have a bomb? as kennedy points out he is
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allowing them to do that. i think he is getting played. if he comes back with a deal what happens if iran breaks it, harris will they say don't do that or hashtag campaign? >> we haven't been told that. you can't combat the deal before it is done. for the first time since admitting he lied about military service va chief bob mcdonald is making a public apology. he says the veterans affairs department is working hard to restore trust. can that actually happen? what will it take to clean up the va? >> hold your little one close look into your baby's eyes credited with helping celebrities bond with newborns. vapid land of hollywood doesn't know how to bond. i made stacy laugh. just when you shout thought the show was over there is more yet numbered. click on overtime tab you see a live chat to chime in with facebook or twitter.
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about in there early, because that stream gets swamped. ♪
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now with the xfinity tv go app, you can watch live tv anytime. it's never been easier with so many networks all in one place. get live tv whenever you want. the xfinity tv go app. now with live tv on the go. enjoy over wifi or on verizon wireless 4g lte. plus enjoy special savings when you purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. ♪ >> welcome back to "outnumbered." veterans affairs secretary robert mcdonald making a public apology for the first time since he admitted lying
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about military service claiming he was special member. the initial comment was caught on camera during a news report talking to a homeless veteran last month. listen to the exchange. >> i asked the man where he served in the military. he responded that he had served in special forces. and in an attempt to connect with that veteran to make him feel comfortable, i incorrectly stated that i too had been in special forces. that was wrong and i have no excuse. we at va are working hard to restore trust and again i apologized to those who may have been offended by my misstatement. >> this coming after secretary mcdonald already come under fire saying in another news report that 60 people were fired for their part in the va wait time scandals, when a fact checking website the wash upon post gave him four pinnochios only a handful were dismissed at phoenix va scandal in the
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scandal release last month. he used a word, harris trust. i'm glad he owned up to it. we haven't called for him to step down. it erodes trust trying to repair a agency. >> he used another word working, but if he were working on keeping that trust this might not have happened. up close and personal i got to see how some of the systems at va work, when my father the colonel, fell very ill a few years ago and that is really what matters here. the semantics of this, where he thinks should be and democrats and republican saying we should focus what needs to happen at va, this conversation is so below where we need to be. our veterans need to be our focused. if he become as distraction let's move on. we can't take any distraction. you're a veteran. what is important? >> what is important fixing a fundamentally dysfunctional organization a bureaucracy of 300,000 that still can't deliver basic, timely health care to veterans.
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>> out of 300,000, 20 people were fired. >> that's right. how does that strike you. you see a scandal, you see less people fired under mcdonald than the previous va secretary shinseki. what does it tell but the culture? >> it tells me veterans are not served. we conversation about schools and choice. learning is the most important thing. veterans are the most important thing. when it comes to choice they're not exactly getting that. i asked your colleague dan caldwell, last night what is the most important thing? what are veterans saying to? you what are they looking for? what is the one thing they want? the choice in health care. the va is so broken and so fractured, that is the last thing to be addressed unfortunately when we talk about it. >> you're working on something right now. >> funny you should mention choice. shameless plug alert. my organization is doing bipartisan fixing veterans health care task force. we're releasing a 100 page report that will fundamentally transperform va. working with bill frist and blue
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dog democrat and put veteran at center of health care. give veteran a choice. hold the va accountable. compete for customers, not take them for granted. this is familiar themes, andrea. >> familiar theme. we talked about this before pete republicans and democrats on capitol hill are both at fault with the va. >> that's right. >> they sit behind closed-door meetings, it is money. on the surface we care about veterans but there is no motivation for hospitals to do better there is no choice in competition. there should be vouchers for veterans to go to different hospitals. they get wall street money to fund charter schools. get wall street money for veterans hospitals? >> fantastic idea. first time someone suggested maybe having a privatized element and infusion of private money into the -- >> very quickly pete, i want to ask you though you talk to veterans every day. what are they saying about the head of the va lying about his service? because i mean i can getup set
9:20 am
bit, but really it is the veterans what they care matters most. >> frustrated. the american legion came out with very strong statement. you can't set example by lying about service record they used that word, not us. there is general frustration he could be become distraction. they want real solutions and options. that is the first time choice is suggested this report is the second. legislators, they're listening to veterans. we commissioned a poll. 90% of the veterans want choice with health care. they want ability to go out of the system that is not serving them well. thanks for indulging me, ladies. >> great idea, pete. >> republican governor and possible presidential candidate scott walker is appears to walking back remarks about fame and fortune. had nothing to do with any potential rivals. did he mean to take a swipe into jeb bush or is the media reading too much what he said. hillary clinton said time to crack every glass ceiling, giving a hint of what a possible
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♪ >> hey there, welcome back to "outnumbered." wisconsin governor scott walker walking back some comments he made monday night. listen to what he said during a convention in nashville. >> you think about all that i realize, unlike some out there, i didn't inherit fame or fortune from my family. >> great camera work there. >> that remark widely seen as a jab from jeb, former florida governor jeb bush potential rival should they both run for president in 2016. greta van susteren asked walker about it. here is what he sad to say. >> i'm not talking about -- people in general inherited fame and fortune. what i got from my parents and grandparents the believe if you work hard, play by the rules you can do anything want. plenty of people economics background got that, regardless
9:26 am
of political heritage got that. that discussion was about my narrative not about anybody else es? >> that wasn't a slap at governor bush? >> no. i talked about that for year. >> scott, you need to call me, buddy. give you some advice. this is when you say. no it was about governor bush but it sure applies to him doesn't it? do you think he stepped out of bounds making that passive as aggressive implication? >> i think he went further than wanted to. that is american bridge, democratic tracking firm. candidates want to know if they want to avoid these questions stay on message. this is 21st century campaign where everything has been filmed. he has been making that statement. guys like scott walker and scott rubio, excuse me, marco rubio have powerful narratives to tell american dream how that contrasts with cronyism and privilege. doesn't necessarily pointing at jeb bush. it is powerful opportunity equal opportunity republicans point to 2016. should own up to context of
9:27 am
remarks, no circular firing squad. >> do you agree with me, admitted yeah, not only jeb bush but hillary clinton. i will take them both on? >> oh yeah, that was missed opportunity there. he should have. we've talked about the some missed opportunities that walker had, even asked about the president's religion. there were ways to deflect, say it's a personal matter. fet back to issues. this is opportunity yes to take shot at someone he arguably will be fighting. this taking a shot at jeb bush, pete's right. part of his story. scott walker was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. talking about this for a long time. it is why i is so compelling. why the left hates him because he doesn't have elitist college degree. i can't do british. >> yes darling. >> yeah, he should have taken a shot. >> yeah. and stacy what should scott walker do from this-point moving forward? he has been given gotcha questions. in great britain about evolution. in the united states he is asked about the president's religion.
9:28 am
what should he say going forward? >> i think he is should say what he is saying. this is the truth. this is how he is raised. that is the truth. hard work and not being about where you come from. by the way is my book is about entitled, there goes my social life. which is being announced today. and, that is what is most important, that is the american dream. and he is representing the american dream. as a leader of our country, that is very strong point to harp on, to really bring forward bring it home. stand your ground. >> stand your ground. you know what i would say? scott walker, perhaps you should invest in a book called, you are the message. >> good pointer. great book. >> breaking news now. a fox news alert. this has just happened. three arrests have been made. three brooklyn residents charged with conspiring to provide material support to isis. u.s. attorney's office two
9:29 am
defendants allegedly planned to travel to syria in order to join isis. the other defendant was arrested boarding a flight to istanbul, turkey. what is interesting are the ages. from 19 to 30. we're getting in the complaint to fox news. we can talk about it as the news is breaking. pete, i want to come to you. this is not really a surprise, through online this started online in the summer of last year, they were watching these guys. we know that the recruitment on the web for isis and other bloodthirsty terror groups is working for them. >> it is effective. these are our greatest concerns confirmed. kudos to the nypd. they do a great job on surveillance better than most communities can, better than wide net. females in europe young girls supported by isis of the direct message, twitter. other social media sites that can not be tracked.
9:30 am
isis figured out in the twenty-first century with social media and propaganda and exploit their vulnerabilities, religious sensibilities and pull them in. once you're in syria or iraq and isis you have nowhere else to go. when it comes to the guys in brooklyn they're radicalized and fear is they could head right back. good news story they have been caught and potentially could be, more indication that this trend will continue. >> you know it is interesting. i'm reading through this complaint as quickly as possible. it is kind of long here. but one of one of the suspects picked up, i believe the one at the airport this morning jfk -- >> i was there this morning as well. >> well, he had said he wanted to at some point purchase a machine gun to kill americans. stacy you're shaking your head. what are your thoughts? >> this is like i've said so many times. isis, they are the nazis of the 21st century and this is how the nazis did it. this is how they recruited. this is what they did. they went with propaganda. this is what isis is doing.
9:31 am
and i don't understand why we're not taking it more seriously. why this administration is not really focusing on here at home. how they are recruiting americans. >> and i i want to add this detail, that apparently the machine gun if he could have gotten is hands on that planning to kill police officers and fbi agents. we saw a ambush in your home state of minnesota, i don't know the complete story. i'm curious what you can tell us. >> sure. >> this is something we saw play out in paris. targeting of people who are protecting us. >> stacy is exactly right. the president won't acknowledge the threat. i welcome anybody's thoughts. say if he had used a machine gun, had gotten out and times square and shot up a bunch, does that change in your mind the administration's calculus how we fight generational struggle and real struggle against isis or radical islam? >> it better. it better. isis sees us. they see we're crippled by political correctness.
9:32 am
at least the administration is. they see a couple different things happening, the war on guns in this country. the war on police officers. you really think it is coincidence that police officers were targeted? i mean there is such hostility towards cops in this country as well. the spying. we've seen new york city back off of spying in mosques because of political correctness and things like that, when we should be using all the tools and giving the nypd proper resources instead of training them to patrick swayze "roadhouse" videos. think about priorities. bill blass black nypd officers are busy enforcing war on tobacco and sugary drinks instead of tracking down suicide bombers on subways. i hope it never happens in our country. i'm glad the nypd caught them. pete, the only way i think we can reorganize our priorities. because right now they are profoundly out of whack. >> ambush situation in colt springs, missouri or minnesota,
9:33 am
i should say. we need to learn all the details about that. i bring that up in the context of our police officers being targeted. we've seen it here in new york city. outside perhaps the purview of terrorism. but they are a target. >> it's a delicate situation. i don't know details of that particular incident. you have a large somali population in minneapolis. as refugees, brought in completely accepted but policing is difficult. how do you manage the community? some have gone to fight with al-shabab in somalia. there have been problems. >> i want to know if you catch these guys in brooklyn they will face indictment locally if they capture an isis member over there, do they go to gitmo? i have a lot of questions what we'll do with people who join isis, whether we get them here obviously. handle it on our own soil. you're smiling at me. what happens if you catch one over there, you bring them back here? >> the last place they will probably go is where they should
9:34 am
go guantanamo bay. the president will not add to the population. they would hand them over to the peshmerga. we don't have a protocol for that because we're at war but we're not at war. >> we're at war. i hope it doesn't take a pearl harbor to we are at war i really do. >> makes me wonder what is the event that creates that critical mass? i hope we don't see it. >> i hope we don't. >> i really hope we don't see it. i agree nypd is under so much strain and so much pressure, more than just about any other police force having to do so much counterterrorism and yeah that's right, "roadhouse." that will do it. ""point break"" and "dirty dancing" and "ghost." >> i'm making my way through this police complaint. brooklyn residents, three of them ranging in age from 19 to 30. one of them trying to pick up a
9:35 am
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♪ >> hillary clinton's message to women leaders in silicon valley could be a preview of her all but announced 2016 campaign of the democratic frontrunner saying it is time to, quote crack every last glass ceiling. in a sharp contrast to the last time she ran for president, clinton is embracing the gender issue, peppering her remarks at yesterday's summit as she has in lose weeks with references to -- recent weeks with economic equality in america and vision for america if she, wink, wink decides to run for president, as grandma to a baby girl. >> unless we can really come together and have a national conversation about those issues, we're not going to make the progress we make. and, there are a lot of things
9:40 am
that i would love to see our country do. i would like to bring people, right, left, red, blue get them into a nice, warm purple space where everybody is talking. >> meanwhile "the new york times" reports that since the birth of her granddaughter, charlotte, last fall clinton has talked about her experience as a grandmother has changed her life and how it inspired her to embrace policies that will help middle class families. all right so do you remember when she ended her 2008 campaign? because she didn't really make 2008 about being a woman. but the first thing i thought of this morning when i heard that sound bite from hillary, the last time we heard her give a big political speech when she conceded in 2008 that was the infame must, 18 million cracks in the ceiling speech she was teeing up for this particular presidential run. take a listen. >> although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass sealing this time thanks to you, it has got about
9:41 am
18 million cracks in it. [cheers and applause] and the light is shining through like never before. filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time. >> kennedy she wasn't stopped by a glass ceiling. she was stopped by a bad campaign. she was a bad candidate. >> those tend to hurt no matter what kind of house you live in especially when you're running for president. you know how quarterbacks and coaches get bonuses for winning super bowl? did she give shell see, a bonus for having a baby. uses that child every chance she gets. how one of the nurses came up to her after chelsea delivered and to thank her for fighting for family leave. will you stop it? i will give you, probably more sensitive person. babies tend to soften the edges, that is a wonderful thing. >> should we start a conspiracy
9:42 am
they did gender selection to tee up a girl? i'm just kidding just kidding liberal blogs. what do you think harris. >> what is this warm purple space? very barney sounding. dialing up grandmother play time. she has to take america the way it is. the way we are, we're not a warm purple space. we're all over the place. we are, we are the melting pot of ideas as we always should be. so i'm curious to know what is this place she wants to take us through? what will it look like? >> if it looks like when she was in the senate, it is not a very good place. we talked about patricia arquette's comments on equal pay pay hillary clinton weighed in on that. take a listen. >> up an down the ladder, many women are paid less for the same work which is why i think we all cheered at the patricia arquette's speech at the oscars because she's right. it is time to have wage equality once and for you will. >> pent in your own office,
9:43 am
hillary. just like the white house, pete. according to her report senate staffers at females were only paid 72 cents on the dollar to the male. hillary clinton is not worried about glass ceiling. she is her own one woman glass floor out there. >> you can't escape hypocrisies. i ran this by my wife. regardless what you say, so many women are clamoring for the symbol across the country. that is the narrative. you have 100% name i.d. with ton of money. the only thing hillary clinton hasn't had a reason to run, a narrative. it hasn't been her experience or time as secretary of state. flown around a lot didn't accomplish a lot. being a woman and first female president is main rationale. she will keep rolling it out, dare the republicans to look sexist or look anti-women in their response. >> stacy, is it compelling argument to women out there? >> no she is a hypocrite. she talks about the middle class when she has never been a part of the middle class ever. they have been living, having
9:44 am
multimillion-dollar lifestyle, you know, with their foundations, right? that they get around taxes with. meanwhile she says that, you know, women should be paid equally. i'm sorry, i did not the get memo that i'm not being paid equally. i just think that is bad negotiating. >> good thing you don't work for hillary clinton, stays. senate republicans offering up exit strategy in the homeland security funding fight, saying they will put forth a clean bill as democrats stand on vote against immigration. seeing how this will play out. cindy crawford raving about a author of a new book saying she helped her bond with her baby. they're baby whisperers. we'll ask how anyone ever raise ad child without one. ♪
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purchase any new verizon wireless smartphone or tablet from comcast. visit to learn more. >> more "outnumbered" in just a moment. first jon scott what is coming up in the second hour of "happening now." jon? jon: hey, andrea. i'm glad you could amuse you in the next hour. crunch time on capitol hill as friday deadline looms.
9:49 am
can the house and senate make a deal to fund homeland security before parts of that agency shut down? plus he killed two men on a shooting range. now eddie ray routh is heading to a texas prison likely for the rest of his life. it took the jury only 2 1/2 hours to convict him. will the defense be able to make a stronger case when it comes to appealing the guilty verdict? a horrifying house explosion caught on tape. what caused this blast and why emergency crews were already on site when an entire neighborhood was shaken to the core. it is all ahead. "happening now." >> we're having too much fun, jon, back here. jon: that's a good thing. >> we laugh so much on the show during commercial breaks. jon: you're acting like it is friday. >> we are. it is hump day though. thanks jon. >> well it may sound like common sense but a new book is offering advice to new moms about the best way to bond with their newborns. written by a woman dubbed hollywood's baby whisper per.
9:50 am
shh. celebrity moms like cindy crawford rave about this woman. >> she is such an expert on new boone care but -- newborn care and new mom care. she has a great which way the not just doing it but empowering you when she leaves you feel like you're the expert on your child. >> doesn't she run like a multibillion-dollar company, cindy crawford. get your baby to sleep. anyway. crawford is talking about a hollywood baby nurse, made a very good living dispensing pearls of wisdom like this. >> best way to calm a baby i believe is get the baby from the crib, so i hold the baby very gentle and i bring the baby close to my chest. >> now that is groundbreaking stuff, people! that baby is crying, don't think for yourself. read the book. so the book can tell you that you should pick up the baby or listen to this woman. stacy? >> i mean this is absurd.
9:51 am
that you have to have someone tell you to do this. of course, first of all, i don't want anyone whispering to my baby but me. it is common sense. you swaddle the baby. pick the baby up and talk to your child. you hold your child. you hold them close. you let them listen to your heartbeat. you rock their bum. that is what you do. >> is this hollywood thing? people in hollywood don't know this? >> this is hollywood thing. this is how people in hollywood read books. because the rest of us, read books to figure out, you know exactly what we're supposed to do with this mysterious bundle of goo we bring home because some people are not natural parents. they have to learn a lot of these things and sometimes they're very common sense. >> learn on the job. >> we read books like harvey carp happiest baby on the block. these people go ahead to hire harvey karp to do sleep training. >> figure it out. >> where i come from, it is common sense.
9:52 am
it your child. you figure out what will make your baby happy. babies are different. they're not all the same. >> maybe its the accent? >> maybe. >> i'm not sure, my mom said the same thing but she didn't say it so eloquently i guess? >> i think bragging rights. we have her coming over to train the baby. oh, we had her too. >> oh. >> i thought it was really inciteful she told me to hold it gently. i was giving a chris christie hug aby next time i saw it. although maybe the book is needed harris. on talk shows, my favorite topics the women who give birth in the toilet at nine months didn't know they were pregnant. there are some women that were clueless. >> they're not able to afford this. >> be sensitive. there are people who have children -- >> that's what i'm saying. they don't know. >> it's a learning process. it is truly one of the strangest, most mysterious things you go through being a new parent. >> real quick. >> i invented something, not always soft and gentle.
9:53 am
super squad dill that gunner was bound so tight. he would go to sleep so wound tight. that was definitely not a book. experimented failed a few times. now it is trademark. >> she has a beautiful speaking voice. very soothing. maybe that -- >> maybe adult whisperer? >> that's what i do, amen. >> clothing store is apologizing because of this. plenty of criticism over the mannequin in its front window with breast and color bones sticking out. and rail thin arms. are people overreacting to this hoe? or is this absurd, harmful depiction of a woman's body? ♪
9:54 am
if you're suffering from constipation or irregularity powders may take days to work. for gentle overnight relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. ducolax provides gentle overnight relief, unlike miralax that can take up to 3 days. dulcolax, for relief you can count on.
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>> a store mannequin raising eyebrows for obvious reasons. you can so the breast bone of this mannequin and collarbone and rail- thin arms. the passerby snapped the store winnow and put it on instagram and called it revolting. some are calling for stores to stop promoting this image. the store said they are sorry for the picture. they are stylized and a tool for visual merchandiseizing and not
9:58 am
representation of the female form. it is made for clothing to be carefully slipped on and off. do you believe that? >> i believe that is gross and weird. not every mannequin has to look like me, but they should. >> i am a model. >> and what do you think, stacey? >> we see the skinny mannequins all of the time and we are unphased by it. is this the priority of the uk? >> at the end of the day we are getting our panties in a wad over a mannequin? >> harris, when you see mannequins that look bony, does your jaw drop? >> i think how many more of them need to equal more of me. they would need a window full of that to get me to buy.
9:59 am
i am raising girls and i don't like to see that. >> and as a mother of girls, peete, what would your daughters so a mannequin with gross bones or sports illustrated cover. >> they are 8 and 5 and so probably neither. i don't know. i guess. >> the fashion industry always have these tiny models, right. they say the clothes lay better. i don't believe what they are saying that it is easier to get the clothes on and off. >> why not get a smaller model. >> to open their own. it is not attractive to me and i think curves are great. i will leave it. >> curves are a great way to end the show. >> profound. >> stay right here on overtime and go to your computer and go
10:00 am
to fox and click the overtime. you can find us back tomorrow with a new one lucky guy and new fun. "happening now" starts right now. >> starting off with a fox news alert. three new york city resident to appear in court on charges that they plan to join isis. >> prosecutors said the three young men planned to attack america if they didn't make it to syria. >> i don't know what is not to like about this. >> proposing a plan to keep the department of the homeland security up and running and will republicans in the house go along? >> and how will democrats react to the legislation they demanded from the start? >> it would be hypothetical here. >> and plus to happen so quickly. the explosion and debris from


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