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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 10, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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website and let us know what you think. thanks for joining us. that is all the time we have left we'll see you back here don't miss it tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. i have a drone.! >> thanks, everybody. that's it for this special report. here's gretta. former secretary of state hillary clinton calling it a matter of convenience. she says she did not want to carry around two phones. do you buy it? first, congressman gowdy is watching with you as hillary clinton gives her explanation for the extra e-mail account. >> there are four things i want the public to know. first, when i got to work as secretary of state, i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account, which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal
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e-mails instead of two. looking back it would have been better if i had simply used a second e-mail account and carried a second phone, but at the time, this didn't seem like an issue. second, the vast majority of my work e-mails went to government employees at their government addresses, which meant they were captured and preserved immediately on the system at the state department. third, after i left office, the state department asked former secretary of state for our assistance in providing copies of work-related e-mails from our personal accounts. i responded right away and provided all my e-mails that could possibly be work related which told roughly 55,000
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printed pages even though i knew that the state department had the vast majority of them. we went through a thorough process to identify all of my work-related e-mails and deliver them to the state department. at the end, i chose not to keep my private personal e-mails. e-mails about planning chelsea's wedding or my mother's funeral arrangements, condolence notes to friends, family vacations, the other things you typically find in inboxes. no one wants their personal e-mails made public, and i think most people understand that and respect that privacy. fourth, i took the unprecedented step of asking that the state department make all my work-related e-mails public for everyone to see. again, looking back, it would have been better for me to use two separate phones and two
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e-mail accounts. i thought using one device would be simpler and obviously it hasn't worked out that way. the server contains personal communications from my husband and me and i believe i have met all of my responsibilities and the server will remain private and i think that the state department will be able over time to release all of the records that were provided. >> what do you think about this republican idea of having an independent third party come in and examine your e-mails? >> first of all, you'd have to ask that question to every single federal employee. the laws and regulations in effect when i was secretary of state allowed me to use my e-mail for work. that is undiesundies puted.
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>> i would be happy to have someone talk to you about the rules. >> good evening, sir. >> good evening, how are you? >> very well. that was most of what she had to say, but your response. are you satisfied with what she said? >> no ma'am if possible i have more questions than i did this time yesterday. before she spoke, we'll take them in the order in which she gave them to us. i don't know how the president is able to function if the convenience is the reason she used one phone. the president is the busiest person in the world and he manages to preserve all his e-mails. i don't think he has his own server. i don't think madelyn albright had her own server. if she wants somebody to show her how to put two e-mail accounts on one phone i'm happy to do it because even i managed how to do that and i have two calendars on one phone. so that's not tough.
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gretta, this is solely her doing. she is the reason you and i are having this conversation. we cannot simply take her word that whoever we is, she said we went through and separated the public from the private, who is we? who gets to make that determination? the best thing to do i have no interest in her yoga routine, no interest in that. but i have every interest in public record whether it's related to libya or not, and i have no interest in her personal attorney determining what is a public record and what is not a public record. that should be done by a neutral detached person. >> let me ask you a couple straight questions. there's no allegations she violated the law is that right? >> i am not an expert in any area of the law and certainly not in the federal records act so i would not be the person to
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ask. >> what do you intend to do in light of her statement today? what's your plan tonight? >> gretta, we don't have any choice. we're going to have to talk to her about the e-mail arrangement, the server, the security, i need to know who we is. she said we made this determination. if i heard her correctly, she's destroyed the e-mails that she seemed personal. there are lots of e-mails, as you know, that are a mixture of personal and public. how did she reconcile that? we're going to have to talk to her because of the decision she made more than once and then again we have four murdered americans. we need to talk to her in public about the before, during and after of benghazi. because of her decision making we now need to visit with her at least twice so we can figure out what arrangement she had with herself about public records. >> has she resisted any effort? have you tried to speak to her? has she said no at any time and has she been cooperative?
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>> she was cooperative up to a point just like the state department was cooperative. they were really cooperative except they never told us this arrangement existed and they never told us that they didn't have her e-mails so there's a difference between cooperative and being truthful. the state department talked to us. they just never got around to telling us the truth. most of our communication has been between our counsel and her counsel. >> are you suggesting she was untruthful or the state department has been untruthful? >> no, no, the state department. i have never had a conversation with secretary clinton. >> in terms of an independent third person, she didn't answer that question that was asked from her. i don't think at least when listening to that interview. who would you recommend? what kind of person are you looking for to independently go through the e-mails to see whether or not they are private or personal? who would be someone you would look to do? >> someone who just solely calls balls and strikes, a retired
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federal judge, inspector general, a woman or a man with no political ideaization, just someone we can all say that's a trust worthy person to determine -- if this is really about yoga i have no interest in seeing it. or the bridesmaids dresses or wedding cake i don't care about that. but if it's a public record, i should have access to it. she doesn't get to make that call. we don't grade our own papers in life. we don't call fouls on ourself in the nba. we don't call holding on ourself in football. she doesn't get to make that call. >> nice to talk to you, sir, thank you very much. today secretary clinton said this about using one device for e-mails. >> when i got to work as secretary of state i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account, which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be
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easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. >> this is what hillary clinton said two weeks ago. >> i want to ask the big question. >> okay. >> iphone or android? >> iphone. in full disclosure and a blackberry. >> and joining us our panel political director rick cline. rick, from that exchange, that could have been last week that she had an iphone and a blackberry. i don't know whether that is definitive. >> i think she needs an i.t. kid to help her life here. this is the part that brings a little bit false and we'll figure out how it works in the testimony. as she's entering this high power job with all the rules and
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regulations she opts for the simple choice, the convenient choice. then when she goes into the less high pressure private sector she wants to get more complicated with the second device. it doesn't make sense. the length that they went through to set this up with the server that would give them the access that they have right now that gives them the final say, the honor system in saying what's public, what's private that is what is going to continue these questions. >> i don't get during the days when her husband was in the white house they got subpoenaed so often, so many documents, i never thought they were writing anything down anymore. i thought everybody in washington learned you don't do that. that's what surprised me there would be any e-mails with anybody. >> the fact is we may never know what some of these e-mails said because she said she didn't save them. she said she's not going to turn the server over. my question is how far will republicans go to see how what e-mails are left behind to
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retrieve from this mystery server? >> the subpoena is -- the subpoena would have to go from the committee to the full house. the house would vote it and go to the department of justice. eric holder is not going to go to court and compel her to produce these. >> at the center of all this is what chairman gowdy was talking about what was her role in benghazi? and it sounds like we're never going to fully understand it. the state department didn't even tell this committee about this server and about this separate e-mail account. that to me is incredible that there was no communication about that to this and the review board that went over all this benghazi stuff never mentioned that either. all this stuff is absent. we don't know her role, which is one of the biggest questions out of that. >> she will be subpoenaed or testifying two more times. rick, if i were to guess. i u bet tonight -- i think everyone who hated her still
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hates her and people who lv her still love her. but i bet she gets a successful fundraiser. >> classic clinton in the sense you went in with whatever perceptions you had and confirming the same perceptions. that's been the case with both clintons over so many stories. their strategy now in getting it out there and to say we answered every question wasn't every question. that's going to give ammunition to their supporters to sigh there's a political hit job. this is the first time we have seen her face any questions. this begins the candidacy phase for hillary clinton. she wasn't really a candidate, wasn't really running. you don't do what she did today unless she's running for president. >> panel, thank you. what's the real story? when did the white house and president find out that hillary clinton was using private e-mail? president obama claiming he heard about it on the news. is that when?
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ed henry joins us live. >> josh ernst had to clarify that. he implied he had not e-mailed with her during her four years as secretary of state. the president didn't know she had this personal e-mail account. he clarified he did e-mail with her during the four years so what he meant was that he learned from the news that the e ma ills were kept on this other server and weren't kept at the state department. that's what's another interesting facet of all this is that the white house is not tethered to secretary clinton in her potential presidential campaign. the message from the state department just moments before secretary clinton had her news conference, jen was at the podium saying they are getting ready to go through 55,000 pages of e-mails turned over the by secretary. they are saying it might take months because they want to figure out what's sensitive and what's not. they are going to be on the
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internet for all the world to see. the white house perhaps burned a little bit by secretary clinton's people not telling them this server was kept in new york. we heard the white house counsel didn't know about that. now they are saying we're going to put all this out there. on the other side of this, though, what they are putting out the secretary has given the state department what she's given the administration. since she made clear today that she's keeping that server and not giving it to a third party, these are only e-mails she's selected to turn over and that's why republicans are saying, wait have others been deleted and being held back? as long as she keeps that server, we won't know. >> ed, thank you. listen to this. the state departments just got an f. that's according to a new report. grading federal agencies for how they responded to requests last year. the state department getting a failing grade. jason joins with us more.
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>> that's right. state department flunked and really the center said this is really an agency that's an outliar. their practices which when it comes to the freedom of information act, this is about disclosures to organizations that make requests, they performed terribly in many respects. let's see who the worst performers were among the federal agencies. of the 15 agencies state department got an f. the security and exchange commission got a d minus. those are the worst performers. we'll look at the best ones too. the department of agriculture, they got a b. that's the highest grade that was received here. social security administration got a b minus. the department of agriculture has improved their handling of requests by hiring more people to do it. >> and we talk about these what
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year are we talking about? is this last year that we're talking about, 2014? >> it's fiscal year 2013, but this is a period during which hillary clinton was the secretary of state. >> she was secretary of state until the end of 2012, right? >> right, but the fiscal year 2013 included the time in which she was in office. >> now what is the explanation for these different agencies? why do they get an f and so poor responding to requests? >> the state department didn't respond to our request for comment on this but the analysts i spoke with said that if for whatever reason they are not responding to enough of these. you have the defense department and other agencies that did a lot better. they are dealing with confidential information and national security. so that they say is not an excuse enough.
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they can send redacted responses. it's just not being responsive and having the people who are committed there or committing as an agency they say to full disclosure. >> jason, thank you. straight ahead, hillary clinton claiming she destroyed only personal e-mails. can they be recovered? that's next. plus kaugt on camera, two helicopter colliding in midair. what were they doing at the timemememememe
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this is just awful. tonight new fears that isis could be recruiting your children. but would you even know it? family members of three british schoolgirls believed to have joined isis insisting there were no signs the girls had been radicalized. one girl was a normal teen who watched "keeping up with the kardashians." today members of parliament grilling the missing girl's relatives. >> it is every parent's nightmare that this should happen. when did you first realize that your daughter had left the country and left to go to syria? >> the officer turned around and said we all know where she is.
11:43 pm
and they turn around and said she's gone to turkey. that's how we found out she was in turkey. >> why should they be attracted to what everybody believes is a murderous outfit like isis? the beheadings, which we know about, sex slavery, everything which is so disgusting and evil. why should they be attracted? >> we don't know. the fact of the matter is we really don't know. >> joining us is director of the margaret thatcher center for freedom. it's hard to think on one hand they are watching tv and then the next going off to join isis. >> it's a sad story here three young british schoolgirls ages 15 and 16 travel off to syria to join isis, the most murderous, evil organization on the face of the earth. leaving devastated parents at
11:44 pm
home raises major questions about the radicalization of young british muslims. >> what's the attraction? i mean like what in the world could attract a teen to join isis? >> it's an extremely good question. it's beyond belief these girls would travel to syria and so far about 20 british schoolgirls have already traveled to iraq and syria to join isis. i think that all three of these schoolgirls were avid users of social media. they were exposed to some very evil figures, no doubt through social media. the police actually interviewed these schoolgirls at their school a few months earlier but did not intervene by telling the parents that the girls were at risk. it raises questions about what the authority should be doing to address this threat. >> british foreign minister said today in a speech people who act as apoll gists for terrorists are partly to blame for their actions. any idea what that means?
11:45 pm
>> i think that's an interesting point. i think these schoolgirls were aware of what they were getting themselves into, yet still decided o to travel to turkey and then on to syria. we're dealing really with a poisonous, evil islamist ideology and we have to confront this tremendous ideological evil. what we have in britain is infiltration of schools, universities mosques we have preachers of hate operating across the uk. it's hard to deport them because of european union laws which inhibit the services. so you have a radical hornet's nest in britain. it's within there where the girls have traveled to syria to fight against britain and the united states. >> when i hear stories like that, these are the ones we know about. i assume there are a lot of lost soles, children with little
11:46 pm
guidance from parents who vanish and go off to isis. >> this is just the tip of the iceberg. 15 1500 britains have traveled to syria. it's an extra ordordinary situation and we need to really see a toughening of the actions taken by intelligence agencies. this is a war against islamist extremism. >>
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in our house, we do just about everything online. and our old internet just wasn't cutting it. so i switched us from u-verse to xfinity. they have the fastest, most reliable internet. which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. gic new video from midair helicopter collision, the crash killing ten people including olympic athletes filming a reality tv show in argentina. an a.p. reporter joins us from buenos aires. peter what happened? >> reporter: they're really still trying derminhat,
11:51 pm
!!!!! e scouting the area. but these were two very experienced pilots. and so everybody is scratching their head as to how this happened. >> who was on this plane? who were the people on the plane and why were they there and the held copt sner. >> so there were ten total people and eight french nationals. included in that group three very well-known @looetash athletes. they were there for a reality show called "dropped" where people get dropped in very harsh environments and then have to struggle with each other, struggle with the environment in sort of a game. >> you know, i can't believe -- i mean, the video when you watch this the two helicopters one looks like it almost went up under the belly of the other one
11:52 pm
causing the accident. it's so heartbreaking just even to see this. >> it really is. aeronautical experts have said that possibly the sun was a factor. this is very close to the andes mountain range which separates argentina and chile. the sun was just setting, this was monday afternoon. and the pilots were moving toward the sun. so they think that possibly plus a wind gust maybe brought the two helicopters close together. one clipped the other and then lost control and crashed. >> peter thank you very much. very tragic story though. thank you, peter. >> thank you. now to the growing controversy over the racist video from a university of oklahoma fraternity event. today, the university president taking action. fox local reporter joins us live. jordan, what happened today? >> reporter: today president david boern here at the university of oklahoma decided to expel two of those students ones he said were playing
11:53 pm
leadership roles in that video and in that chant. he says there's going to be zero tolerance of that kind of behavior here at the university of oklahoma. he's already kicked all of the members out of their fraternity house. they have to be out by midnight tonight. and to the end of that zero tolerance he says he is actually going to try to work on identifying all involved in that video as well as others who were on that bus. and anyone who is identified will face disciplinary action. of course we're talking about that viral video posted online sunday. it shows those members chanting that chant using the -- word using references to lynching. and it has gone viral since then. and while the community here and oklahoma has felt very strongly towards the president's quick action to these -- to expel these students and face disciplinary action on this fraternity. some people though still calling for more here at ou. minority groups say they want
11:54 pm
the president to make more leadership opportunities available to minority groups and have more diversity programs for students and members here in oklahoma city among the black community leaders they're asking for the university to look into more calls of racism here at the university. investigate those in greek life and across campus. greta. >> jordan, thank you. coming up, i'm going to tell you off the record what i think about secretary clinton's explanation today and how it do you have stuff to clean this mess of a breakroom? i have paper towels, sprays, wipes, sponges. and these floors? disinfectant cleaner, mops and "wet floor" signs. how long does it take to reheat cod? we also have air fresheners. make on-budget happen. make cleaning up happen. staples. make more happen.
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i can help you choose the right portfolio. monitor it. and even rebalance it. i've been called innovative. revolutionary. and just plain smart. i'd blush at the compliment if i could. but i can't. so. i won't. say hello at off the record come on how weird was it? i'm talking about secretary clinton talking to the media today. it got weird. yes, of course the underlying issue is important. she should not have used a private e-mail server. but that drama today secretary clinton, well, she caused it. and of course the media joined right in. about 2:00 p.m. she's going to give answers to questions, but
11:59 pm
that didn't happen at 2:00 p.m. so for about 30 minutes before she arrived networks were showing an empty podium with a microphone. that's it. an empty podium with a microphone. my bet viewers were glued to that. wait until tomorrow see people watched an empty podium with a mic. then it got weirder as we got word she was on the move, headed to the podium. the suspense grew. she was coming. felt like a cross between the o.j. simpson bronco chase and everybody's watching, waiting, drama. what a needless one. if i were her lawyer, this never would have happened. months ago i would have called congressman trey gowdy and worked out a deal for the e-mails. nipped this in the bud. but the last political wound ouch. that's my off the record comment tonight. thank you for being with us. see you again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. if you can't watch live use your dvr. and follow me on twitter.
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