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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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e you monday at noon on outnumbered. good night from new york. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the president in particular has an extraordinary disdain for israel in general and benjamin netanyahu in particular. >> is that true? does president obama really have disdain for israel? if so, why? governor huckabee will be here to try to back up his statements. >> i have made my decision. i'm out. i'm out. i'm not a republican. >> glenn beck says the republican party lacks the guts to challenge people who abuse the constitution. we'll take a hard look at that. >> i mean, these are the guys he and president bush and some others who invented isis. >> also ahead actor sean penn blaming the isis terror
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savages on bush/cheney. is this the new far left mantra? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. is u.s. foreign policy collapsing? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. terrorists running wild in the middle east while apathetic and cowardly world sits by and watches. yemen yesterday at least 137 people killed after two mosques were bombed by savages. earlier this week, 21 tourists in tunisia were slaughtered by terrorists. isis says they did it and in libya isis fighters attempting to take over the entire government as there is no central authority in that oil-rich nation. perhaps the best expert on fighting terrorism in the middle east is former cia chief david petraeus. he spoke to the "the washington post" about the
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mess in iraq. quote: the hard-earned progress of the surge was sustained for over 3 years. what transpired after that starting in late 2011 came about as a result of mistakes and misjudgments whose consequences were predictable. and there is plenty of blame to go around for that i would argue that the foremost threat to iraq's long-term stability and broader regional equill lib yum is not the islamic state many shiites many backed by iran. also profoundly worried that the continue iting meltdown of syria, which is a geopolitical chernobyl until it is capped it is going to continue to spew radioactive instability and extremist instability over the entire region unquote. in the face of all the danger and chaos. president obama says he is looking at the long run. he believes isis will be defeated slowly. there does seem to be urgency here as nearly every kay people are dying and nations are being
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destabilized. the president is banking on achieving a nuke deal with iran. he believes can he do that, if he can do that. he will finally have a victory in the middle east. so he sent this video message to the iranian people. >> the days and weeks ahead will be critical. our negotiations have made progress but gaps remain. if iran's leaders can agree to a reasonable deal. it can lead to a better path. the path of greater opportunities for the iranian people. >> but, of course, that message will be seen only by a few. i mean, iran is not exactly a free society. they don't have cable news. talking points has said from the beginning of the isis intrusion into iraq that u.s. foreign policy was too weak, too scattered and now we are seeing the unintended consequences of being parve. president obama does not want to engage u.s. troops on the ground against the terrorists. they know that and so if they can dodge the bombs, they can continue their carnage. in one country after another, the isis savages are gaining foot holds
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because they are so brutal people fear them and surrender hands up. meantime, the west dithers and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. very provocative statement made by the former governor of arkansas mike huckabee. says president obama has, quote disdain for israel. joining us now from little rock is the governor. all right. now, i'm going to play devil's advocate as i think most factor viewers know i'm a staunch supporter of israel. not blind, not a blind supporter. but i believe that israel is important to the united states and i believe that it is a nation of freedom, that he provides sanctuary to the jewish people persecuted all over the world. so i'm a staunch supporter. that being said, can you prove that president obama has disdain for the nation of israel? >> when i was asked the question why would president obama show such disrespect toward benjamin netanyahu in particular and israel in general, that was the only thing i could think of.
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bill, here are some things to specifically mention. this is a president who has spent more time scolding israel for building bedrooms in neighborhoods than he has scolding iran for trying to build a nuclear bomb. this is a president who believes that israel should go back to the pre1967 borders. i'm not sure if he even knew what those borders were when they said that because it would put israel in an incredibly precarious position. >> securitywise? >> securitywise. whether it would be a seven mile gap between the enemies of israel. we would never tolerate such a deal like that. >> let me try to give you some perspective and actually the governor is an expert on this really. he goes over there quite often. and knows the country better than i do. he doesn't l netanyahu's style. i mean, obama's style is passive, is consensus. get everybody together, give peace a chance. netanyahu is a warrior. it's a matter of style here.
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so, if a liberal were elected this week,k, you i think obama would have been happy and probably embraced israel because they had a more genteel leadership. i don't think is he against the country. i just don't think he likes netanyahu. >> let me take issue with the idea that this is about style. i think it's about substance. because in president obama's world. israel is an aggressor. and i think it's absurd to think that somehow you can make a deal with the iranians who under the ayatollahs have never ever ever kept a deal they have made. the israelis on the other hand are expecting to give up land for peace when they have done that they have lost the land. they have not gained peace. they are facing surrounding areas that want to destroy them and they are facing an iranian threat where the elected iranian leader says we want to wipe israel off the face of the earth. >> you are making. >> you are making a powerful
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argument that president obama mysteries and doesn't understand what's going on over there. i cannot disagree with that i cannot disagree with that however, the president has been clear in telling israel and its leadership you have got to bend over backwards or you are giving the terrorists more fuel. and you know that to be true. that you have to stop the west settlements on the west bank. that you have to pull back, because if you don't, this is never ever in a million years going to get better over there. and he has a point there. >> no, i don't think he does. because i will tell you when israel has given in, they lose ground. there was 1100. >> they are no deal unless they do something. >> but a bad deal is worse than no deal at all. >> agree there is not going to be a deal and obama desperately wants to hang his hat on some kind of deal which is why he is making the iranian overtures. now, let me ask you this flat out. >> all right. okay. >> do you think that
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president obama sympathizes with muslims more than jews? >> i can't say that i know what he sympathizes with. i can just tell you that he acts with far more accommodation to the iranians than he does to the israelis. and that makes no sense to me. >> well, he fears them more. he fears that the middle east is going to blow. he doesn't want to confront what's happening. he fears iran. is he trying to apiece appease iran. he doesn't fear israel because israel is on our side at least ostensibly. >> is he more concerned about his legacy and being the president that can bring iran to the table and make a deal. >> no doubt about it? >> than is he about the existence of israel. israel is not fighting for an extra piece of real estate. they are fighting for their very lives. they have been chased all over this world the jews have. they understand what an existential threat means. they know how many people would love to destroy them and annihilate them. they have had 4,000 rockets aimed into their civilian territory last summer by the
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iranian financed hamas organization. so, for them, this is not abstract geopolitical discussion. this is survival. that's why i believe that the president needs to recognize that our greatest ally in the middle east is israel. interestingly enough, when they were rye crying in the white house the other night because bibi netanyahu was reelected they were celebrating in the capitals of saudi arabia egypt, as well as kuwait. that's the difference. >> all right, governor thank you very much. as always, next on the rundown, glenn beck says he is leaving the republican party. should the g.o.p. care? and then later, special watters world, the dumbest things ever said to jesse. wow. upcoming.
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impact segment tonight. >> the republican party i have made my decision, i'm out. i'm out. i'm not a republican. i will not give a dime to the republican party. i'm out. enough is enough. they are torpedoing the constitution and they are doing it knowingly. they are taking on people like mike lee and ted cruz and they are torpedoing him knowingly and these guys are standing for the constitution. so i'm done with them. joining us now from austin, texas to react is karl rove is that dangerous for the g.o.p. having a guy like beck say that? >> well, it's not helpful. but look, it's not the first time he has said it. this is old news in 2010 he went to the cpac, a conservative political action conference and called republicans progressive lite and said they didn't know what they stood for. in 2011 he went to news max and said he was not a republican. he said, quote: i hate them. in 2013, on his own television program, he dressed up as a doctor and with one of his co-workers lying on a gurney celebrated
5:14 pm
the death of the republican party by, with cake, confetti and a video of dying elephant. this is old news. i'm a little surprised about his invocation of mike lee and ted cruz though. i am interested in that, yeah. >> he believes that because the republican party is now outwardly challenged obamacare and the immigration executive order. both of whom -- both of which mr. beck feels are unconstitutional, they haven't really gone after that that the republican party are a bunch of with wusses and that's what it's all about. here is the bigger picture. >> before we pass over that look at this, quote. appeared recently in a newspaper. there was no chance, zero, that republicans were going to fail to fund the department of homeland security because republicans are deeply -- care deeply b. homeland security. the referring to the attempt to shut down the government over dhs funding.
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it was a strategy doomed to failure. do you know who said that? senator ted cruz. senator ted cruz. >> looking at it from a -- but he was looking at it from a realistic head counting. >> my point is that if is he leaving the republican party because he thinks mike lee and ted cruz have been unfairly targeted, and that the republicans aren't standing up on questions of constitutional authority even look, this is a difference about tactics, not about the issues. >> but i want to be clear on. this the question is how do you get there. >> you i want to be clear on this. cruz, if he had the backing would have gone after the homeland security funding, but he knew he didn't have the backing to do it. >> no, no, no. he said. >> do something that was going to divide the party and make them look foolish and lose in the end. >> he said republicans deeply care about funding homeland security. it wasn't just a question of this is something that. >> i think it was a tactical
5:16 pm
move rather than philosophical move. by the way cruze is going to run for president i learned today. is he running. >> you are a little slow coming to that realization if you learned it today. >> i you deal with facts. i don't deal with mystic things or sooth sayers. i learned today he is running for president. >> congratulations. >> he is into the mix. >> yeah. >> sure. >> as a conservative republican, all right? so i think it's a good thing because you have a robust debate between the moderate ring -- wing would be jeb bush, john kasich the governor of ohio is he a moderate republican and ted cruz. if cruz is treated disrespectfully cruz and other moderates are going to be mad. >> first of all they will not be treated disrespectfully. the question is going to be somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose. just because somebody loses
5:17 pm
doesn't mean they are treated disrespectfully. here is the point. you touched on it earlier there are differences between tactics and differences over ends. the republican party is largely united on its philosophy. there may be differences on tactics. but, look i respect glenn beck. he has obviously every right to his opinion. but he has had this opinion for some period of time. >> i know. let's be honest about it? >> he says he has gone after you and gone after me. not so much me. >> that doesn't matter. especially not you. nobody goes after you. >> exactly. like he says he is not going to give a dime to republican party. i went to open to ho keeps a data base of people who contribute glenn beck four glenn becks popped up. one it is a dentist in wichita, one in florida. one worked for a chemical company and one owns beck oil out in victorville, california. there is no glenn beck who worked for fox or now works
5:18 pm
for the blaze who is a political contributor. look with all due respect he has been saying this for years. it's had an impact. >> the bigger question is when a guy like beck or limbaugh or anybody on the radio with very big conservative following when they say things like this, does it really hurt the party? >> well, the cumulative effect is it does hurt. look people are entitled to their opinion. it's part of the vigorous debate. if the party can't stand that kind of vigorous debate it doesn't have a reason to be political party. disagreements ought to be done with respect and we should not in this debate go out of our way to impugn the motives of others and find differences over tactic its. seeming differences in philosophy. because most of those don't exist. >> okay. so i'm glad i could tell that you ted cruz is running for president then. >> i knew that months ago. >> you didn't have it on your little blackboard though, did you? >> hey. i had it on n. my "wall street journal" column months ago. i'm hurt that you are not reading it on a regular
5:19 pm
basis. >> i read it but i can't retain everything, right? i do read the column. >> okay. karl rove, everybody. directly ahead. more damaging reporting on hillary clinton as the clinton foundation apparently was not upfront about all the money it has received. if mrs. clinton goes down, senator elizabeth warren may run. we will take a hard look at her next. later gutfeld mcguirk on the bowe bergdahl stonewall. those reports after these messages.
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5:23 pm
doesn't make it to the presidential nomination because of the emails and other stuff, senator elizabeth warren may be next up. here now former senator scott brown who was defeated by ms. warren in massachusetts. tell me about this woman. do you respect her. >> of course i respect her. i respect the fact that she ran a very spirited campaign, obviously winning in massachusetts as a republican tough. she ran during a presidential, did everything she could to win and ultimately won. >> so you weren't mad at her for anything she said about you or she didn't do anything untoward in the campaign. >> you need to have a thick citizen in politics. >> i know that some people at times it gets bitter. sometimes it's okay. you seem to be okay with her. >> listen, if you think i'm going to vote for her president that's not happening. >> politics politic sass blood sport. >> as a person do you feel that she is an honorable person elizabeth warren? >> i think she is a good person. >> do you? >> i do. i think she is a good person. >> i don't know her. she teaches at harvard and all that. >> listen, she appeals to a
5:24 pm
very ultra liberal base of the country. she can -- she can raise money. she has that support of the ultra base. she was the creator of the occupy movement. you didn't build it on your own men tattlez. >> do you think she a socialist. >> i don't think she is a socialist. her views are so far left of the mainstream mercury think it's going to be difficult to run a national campaign. if you look at the record over the last three years. it's all divisive divisive divisive. if people want that for another 8 years. potentially. then they should vote for her. >> i think she is further left than barack obama. >> i agree. >> she really wants income redistribution in a forced way. >> absolutely. >> she would try to promote legislation that forces the people to hand over their assets rather than kind of dancing around with the higher. >> you look what's happening now. she is filing a beer on higher education to lower student interest rates. how is she doing that? she is doing that by redistributing the wealth and raising taxes. >> why do people -- i lived
5:25 pm
in boston as you know for many years. why are the people of massachusetts so crazy left. >> certain blocks are. there are just more registered democrats than republicans. why? a guy like you. >> all the universities and colleges. >> that's number one, academia. >> academia very important. very strong unions so you have the union votes and then you have the very large immigrant population that can be influenced pretty dramatically when it comes to elections. they only come out every four years. they will get them out no matter how they get them out. >> if elizabeth warren does run for president and she would only run if hillary clinton has to withdraw. >> that's the difference between republicans and democrats. they kind of anoint and we kick the crap out of each other for months and months and months and they save the money. >> the clinton machine is a different machine than anything the republicans have. >> absolutely. >> if you challenge the clinton machine. >> eat up and spit out. >> you are going to get hurt. >> yeah. >> your future in the democratic party is going to be nothing why andrew cuomo the governor of new york
5:26 pm
isn't going to challenge. is he waiting. is he not going to go up against her. if elizabeth warren it looks like is number two up, she is in the bullpen, so if hillary gets hammered on the email thing and it gets into the legality of she has to testify under oath. they are going to subpoena the server, all of these things, do you believe elizabeth warren has enough to step in and get that democratic nomination? >> i would encourage her to do so because i believe competition is important. >> do you believe that she has the machine to do it? >> not yet. >> no? >> i think she can certainly raise. >> martin o'malley is another far left guy. >> he doesn't have the bully pulpit. joe biden poor joe biden. >> biden would try though. >> poor joe biden not taken seriously. he has been there 8 years. >> he has a difficult. he is either going to be a masseuse. [ laughter ] sorry. >> did the same thing to my wife. >> i gave miller that joke but he couldn't get it out. >> he did the same thing to my wife. >> he did it to your wife. >> i said mr. vice president
5:27 pm
i don't care if you are the vice president. get your hands off my wife. >> did you really say that. >> absolutely did. >> did you really? >> when i was getting sworn in. >> as senator? >> wow. >> that's why we chuckled. >> that would have been great if you just put your hand up, taken the oath and then went bang! all right. >> joe being joe, bill. >> is he joe being joe. >> it's okay. it's joe. >> we love him. thanks. >> plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. uber liberal actor sean penn blaming isis on the bush cheney administration. is that fair? and jesse watters we have compiled the dumbest things ever said to him. >> what body of water is on the east coast of the u.s.? >> lake erie? >> close. we hope you stay tune to those reports.
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made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. fridays with herald segment. sean penn a left wing guy blaming the isis savages on bush cheney. >> these are the guys he and president bush and others who invented dash or isis. they really are that. [ applause ] >> they really are that which created it. i wanted to give him a shoutout, thanks for that. >> you want to give credit where credit is due? >> here now to react geraldo rivera has a special coming it up this weekend. saturday and sunday entitled geraldo rivera reports scott peterson 10 years on death row. i just think that's
5:32 pm
profoundly dumb what he just said. if you remember the petraeus sound bite in the first talking points memo he at the top of the program, bush cheney had nothing to do with isis at all. >> well, it was interesting the petraeus point of view, remember i had been advocating for months that the president recruit david petraeus give him a pardon and put him in charge of battle against isis is. petraeus is the architect of the surge. i think he knows more than anyone. >> i agree. >> what the deal is there. >> he certainly knows more than sean penn. >> well, let me tell you about sean penn he is an uber left wing person. is he the very definition of the hard left progressive wing of the party. he is also very compassionate person. i was with him in haiti during the earthquake and interviewed him there he has a great sensibility and a big heart. what he said about bush cheney remember that sean
5:33 pm
penn is an arrogant and self-involved person. believes everything he does even his poop doesn't stink. >> very eloquent. >> thank you very much. >> he couldn't have said it better. he is in many rays relying on very checkered history when it comes to bush, cheney. we all supported the invasion of iraq in march march 2003 that did lead to the destabilization of the entire region. >> but wait. >> i can give you one more sentence on leading to how he created. >> but as petraeus pointed out after the surge and the victory that was three years of stability with no al qaeda, no isis, no intrusion from terrorism on baghdad or iraq. okay? it was only after the united states withdrew its forces
5:34 pm
from baghdad and from iraq that the isis thugs were able to infiltrate from syria. that's the truth. now, look sean penn a political scientist? no. all right? but you heard the little seals clapping at the conan o'brien. >> that's what they do. bill maher same deal. >> it's the same thing. they don't know anything. >> second sentence, what the u.s. did during our post surge prepull-out was to keep the shiite who the sect that we put on top from attacking their sunni cousins that are in iraq. we withdrew. they went after each other. >> they went after each other. >> the shiites prevailed. the sunni extremists morphed into isis is there by you can make a connection that did bush cheney lead to isis? we all. >> make a connection to anything at any time. the truth is that bush didn't have anything to do with isis. now, mr. penn, all right, is in a movie. >> i can't let you get away with that.
5:35 pm
>> i don't care. >> bush cheney's administration led to the destabilization to iraq. >> it doesn't matter. nothing to do with isis. i will go with petraeus all day long. >> me too. >> then you are not disagreeing with me. >> not on that point. >> now penn, is in a new movie about an assassin with a gun. is he shooting people all over the screen in the movie. but, in real life, here is what he says. go. >> i think guns are not something to be messed. [ laughter ] >> especially serious note as we talk about it this week and cece this -- and we see this tragic thing that happened in paris. >> here's the question. is he a hypocrite? you know, i think that's too strong a word. is he just trying to make a living as an actor. this is a role that was offered. he took it should he explain? >> i think that when you invest in actors or plumbers or farmers, a special knowledge that in some way they become our guides to
5:36 pm
these complex issues. shame on us. sean penn is an actor of varying quality from role to role. >> is he a good actor. >> is he okay. he hasn't had a hit in a while. he shoots a gun in a movie that doesn't mean he can't talk about guns. >> no the movie is a violent movie about guns killing people and he is. >> should he explain then this is what i believe in my personal life what i i took the role because of this. is that legitimate? >> are you so invested in what sean penn thinks that you want to. >> i do want it? i don't care what he says. >> married to madonna. let him talk about madonna. >> madonna have a gun? >> no. >> a couple of them. >> you are dodging that question. i don't know what that means. herald. watch -- geraldo. watch his special on scott peterson fnc. another attack on the fox news. the boys are next.
5:37 pm
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5:41 pm
the u.s. army into sergeant bergdahl in october. >> right. >> they interviewed him back in august. >> yep. >> all right. it's now approaching april and we know that because it's snowing here in new york city. >> absolutely. >> very nice climate here. what do you think is going on? >> well they can't find him. >> they can't find whom? >> bergdahl. he walked off again. that's why. >> this is the way i look at it. >> he deserted once again. here is the way i look at it that rose garden affair that happened, obama is looking at it like a drunken wedding in vegas that he is now trying to annul. it was a complete disaster. >> this is a meeting with his parents. >> a complete disaster. he thought it was going to be amazing achievement. it brought to light a fundamental problem that america has with president obama. that most of his decisions are about him. and not about the country. about his legacy. so he is almost -- it's like he is treating america like a rented car. he has two years left let's have some fun with it. >> mcguirk, look, the army and the military forces of america are supposed to be
5:42 pm
apolitical. they are not supposed to be calling the white house. they take orders from the commander and chief. military orders but they don't take political orders. obama can't call the army and say every me. this looks very political to me. >> it does look it. but, you know, my -- who knows. i mean, they made a bad deal. they released five terrorists. >> five guys right back to afghanistan. they are out of there. >> exactly right. maybe some guys got killed trying to look for this guy. it's embarrassing. however this particular time, national security did dealing with iran, trying to get a nuclear deal. you ask why not wait why not now instead of two months you ask that question. well now reaching the pinnacle of these negotiations with iran. >> what does that have to do with iran. >> credibility trying to sell this deal to the american people. >> i don't see the linkage there. >> got suckered by the taliban. can't get a deal with the the taliban without getting suckered how are they going to deal with iran. >> i don't see the linkage there. i think this is a polling deal that president obama doesn't want to look bad.
5:43 pm
and as we reported this week they are trying to make a deal with bergdahl's lawyers who are military people. so he flees so they don't pleas. you know he what this guy deserted and five of my guys got killed looking for him. >> he doesn't want a deal because he thinks he can beat. >> he wants his pension and all that money fox news as we reported last night with bernie goldberg dominating the news ratings, probably the most powerful news agency in the world right now. and we're now getting shots from little people. roll the tape. >> i think advocacy journalism is, you know sort of the fox and what ms of prime time that those models that hasn't been healthy for politics. it's just not healthy for it. it all goes for one the explanations why we persuade people anymore. >> that looks like sctv in
5:44 pm
melonville. that's chuck tolled. here is chucked todd. he fancies himself as a reporter. he wants to persuade. chuck todd on the irs scandal, quote: the irs scandal looks like it's a bureaucratic scandal not a political scandal that republicans were wishing they had come up with. that's chuck todd on the irs scandal. here he is on benghazi. you know, it certainly looks more partisan than, like a serious inquiry. here he is on eric holder. the attorney general's quote a very nonpolitical person. finally, back to president obama's campaigning and saying that some americans cling to guns and religion. chuck todd says obama is just observing the way an anthropologist would observe a society. so this guy is. >> he may be trying to prepare for a career in comedy after this journalism thing. to say that meet the press has no point of view is like
5:45 pm
saying "fifty shades of grey." >> or that he doesn't have a point of view. >> "fifty shades of grey" doesn't have sex. credibility of robert durst at this point to equate fox news with msnbc, msnbc as you point out, is the we report, you decide not to vote. >> not to watch. >> not to watch. excuse me. >> exactly right. >> now, you are a cog now on fox news machine. >> i am a cog. >> i'm a sinister cog. >> is he a cog in the machine. >> i snuck in at night and i haven't left. >> do you get teed off when guys like that. >> i understand it chuck has his goatee in a knot for one reason, his center-left beliefs would have a wider audience if the audience didn't have a choice. he is like schlitz. he is with a goatee. a face for blogging. i kind of like chuck. >> why? >> i can't remember.
5:46 pm
>> last word? >> look, the place over there is build it vitriol and hate. they have cop hating sleaze bag hosting a tv show over there that's why they have no viewers. for them to deny that and again, to try to equate it with this network here which does have spirited robust debate, presents both sides of each opinion is absurd. >> okay. the cop-hating would be al sharpton? is that the guy you are referring. >> to i would imagine, yeah. >> it's hard to tell. >> gutfeld mcguirk everybody, jesse watters on deck. we have put together the dumbest things ever said to him. this may win a pulitzer. right back with it. i'm angela and i quit smoking with chantix. my children always wanted me to quit smoking but i resigned myself to the fact that it wasn't going to work. but chantix helped me do it. along with support, chantix (varenicline)
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5:49 pm
5:50 pm
in the course of those assignments many many dubious things have been said to waterst watters. >> do you vote? >> i have no clue. i don't know if i did or not. >> what has the president done well on the world stage, do you think? >> i'm not sure. world peace, i guess. >> seems president obama is allowing iran to make these huge bombs. >> yes. >> they look pretty good. are they real? >> why the president allowing
5:51 pm
iranians to nuke up? >> he wants that gas. he wants the oil. we can't just keep on getting it from alaska because alaska only has but so much oil. >> what do you think about this whole ebola controversy? >> where? >> ebola here in the united states. >> oh um. it's nice. >> are you worried about benghazi? >> is he going to be running against him. >> that's really dumb. >> is al qaeda a country? >> hold it, man. he's not bluffing. >> al qaeda, that's the chinese people. >> they're muslim. >> how would you fight the war on terror? >> i wouldn't. >> i think we should be worrying about our safety as new yorkers.
5:52 pm
>> do you remember 9/11? >> oh my god. i'm totally bugging. >> when was washington president around? what time? >> 1996. >> i read the declaration of independence. >> that wasn't lincoln. >> john f. kennedy, do you remember what the f. stands for? >> um. >> do you know where christopher columbus came from? >> colombia. >> this is ridiculous. >> what boat did the pilgrims come over in? >> the nina, the pinta and the santa maria. >> that was columbus. >> name one state that borders canada. >> connecticut.
5:53 pm
>> no, because the gulf of mexico. the red sea. >> he is so dumb. >> do you believe in zombies in real life? i do believe in zombies in real life. yes. >> do you live at home with your parents? >> yes. >> yikes. >> i'm watters and this is my world right here. >> hi, world. >> tip of the day is wounded warrior project doing the right thing? at sears optical, we're committed to bringing them eyewear that works as hard as they do. right now, buy one pair
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and get another free.
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back to tip of the day.
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questions raised about the wounded warrior project in a moment. but first we suggest you check out a very good deal on billo'reilly billo' by buy them as gifts or for yourself. if you buy anything on the website, including those books, you get an isis is evil bumper sticker free of charge. if you become a premium member, you get any of the books free of charge. bill, you are right. the fox news is labeled conservative because much of the other media won't accept that point of view. bernie made me mad last night. i'm going to mute him. you should listen to what he has to say. mr. o'reilly your talking points were spin.
5:57 pm
selecting the may 2007 unemployment rate instead of the december 2008 rate was a distortion. maybe i'm speaking too quickly for you, but more than likely you are camped out on the far left websites. the recession of 2008 was caused by bad bank loans and that led to the unemployment rot. it's all in context. kevin college, the key financial meltdown was caused by president clinton's affordable housing act. you can't blame it all on that. in australia it is couple pulsempulsory to vote, but not required. thank you for that
5:58 pm
clarification. the ladies on canterbury were only snooty to you. rob, like stewart and you, bill i have the travel jeangene. i am completely floored by "killing jesus." everybody gets it at 8:00 on the east coast and west coast. you will never forget the movie. i guarantee that. might not like it. i think you will but you'll never forget it. bill i bought my mom vip tickets to meet you and miller
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heb heb hebetud hebetude. thanks for watching us tonight. the spin stops here. breaking tonight new indications the rift between the white house and our greatest ally in the middle east is in fact growing as the obama administration doubles down refusing to accept the israeli prime minister at his word. while it is no secret that president obama and prime minister benjamin netanyahu have had their differences, it appears the rift has grown now. last night in an internet with megyn, the prime minister clarified his remarks. watch this. >> in 2009 you said you supported a peace deal that