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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> we will be back in one hour. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered" on a friday. i am andrea tantaros. and look who is visiting today. host of money with melissa francis melissa francis, kirsten powers and ainsley earhardt is here and one lucky guy today we welcome to the couch former intelligent agent chris plante. for the first time you are out numbered. >> yes, i am. >> actually you and i because of
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the blond hair. we are happy too you here. we have big news. mark the calendar. two democratic sources telling fox news hilary clinton will announce her presidential campaign sunday afternoon ending years of speculation about her political ambition. sources say clinton might review her white house run to voters via social media before heading to early primary state. but her stat has fallen in key states including iowa thank do is the e-mail scandal. take a look at polls in colorado virginia, and the hawk eye state find that half of voters say hilary clinton isn't honest and in iowa and virginia her favorability rates has lost.
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not good news for the former first lady but she is plugging away. do you think she is who the republican will face? >> she thinks she is inevitable. and thought he was in 2008. so what she thinks doesn't carry to the day. we will have to see. i bet she gets the nomination and i bet she loses. >> you could argue she was dreaming she was inevitable and playing not to win maybe but not to lose. it seems like she is going to put in hard work announcing in new york and then get on a plane and fly to states like iowa where she came in third to prevent getting stepped on.
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>> i think this time she will have a different approach and it is to not assume she will win. i think they have a different attitude and learned the hard way. they will focus less on the splashy stuff and more on getting out there and spending time with voters going to iowa and building relationship and ing anything for granted. >> i think that is probably smart. melissa, i want to ask you about this, according to "the new york times" here it looks like the hall mark of the campaign is going to be this; it says she is going to address an american public that has stagnant earnings over the 15 years and take that to the middle class to talk about real solutions. two questions for you, how does she do that when we know she is filthy rich and also how does she run against a white house that has further hurt the middle
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class? >> i think she has problems when it comes to money especially the money she has collected. folks are pointing out she is very much in bed with wall street and that is what not the middle class wants to hear. that is who gained ground during the recession. in the speeches last year two for golden sac and they donated to the clinton foundation which is a source of trouble when you look at the money trail. when you look at how much she made and where it came from it makes it hard to make the claim she is in touch with the middle class >> and not only all of that because liberals don't want her in bed with wall street but the image and reputation of not being trustworthy. but she hired a woman, a 45-year-old lady named christina shake to make her softer and
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more accessible to the public. she was hired by michele obama to make her more approachable. she hired this girl and after working with president obama's wife she went on to work for lore el. maybe that is why she changed her hair cut. >> extreme makeover hilary clinton edition. and it says she is going to highlight the fact she is a grandmother and play up the woman's role. she will have to talk about policy at some point. how does she run against a white house that i think further hurt the middle class in the last eight years and how does she make the argument she was part of the administration that was part of the problem? >> she will distance herself from the economic policy and impact and claim she was the foreign policy zar.
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she was the secretary of state not the treasury or something. and she will avoid the truth. and she has allies and friends in the media who are not talking about the negative impacts of these policies. you are not seeing stories on the front page how the middle class is suffering. you are not seeing that because the news media is not reporting it. it will be easier to stay away than you think. >> hilary clinton is facing challenges on the left. martin o'malley is sharpening his talk of wall street and calling for the reinstatement law that separates commercial and business banking. and chasey made an announcement
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about esh mirrorexploring is run and is attacking hilary clinton. and elizabeth warren who vilifies wall street stopped short of embracing a hilary clinton candidate. >> do you think she is the future of the democratic party? >> we have to see if she declares and what she said she want to run on. i think that is the interesting part. >> it is a yes or no answer. >> clearly not. what do you think? it is obvious elizabeth warren is not going to go she is the future because she thinks she is the future. >> exactly. elizabeth warren is the opposite. take a coin and they are on either side. they want the party to go in different directions. elizabeth warren is trying to pull the democratic party
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leftward. a democratic said to me i don't like hilary clinton that much but i am in with her because without here we have a civil war in the democratic party. she is the only one that can keep elizabeth warren out. >> the democratic party does a good job of circling the wagon and making sure there is not a lot of shooting in the tent. republicans should learn that lesson. >> you talk about the media not going after them. a lot of the digging on her money comes from "the new york times." i think a lot of folks on the left would prefer to see elizabeth warren. she is waiting for the call to get in. and i think hilary clinton's threat comes from the left. hilary clinton's quote where she said she doesn't want to turn the clock back and talk about what caused the financial crisis saying you don't have to worry about me and that is the opposite of elizabeth warren.
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>> and republicans are always saying this about hillary that the press likes her but they hate her. they always hated her. >> they liked president obama and now there is no alternative they will like her >> no. they don't like the clintons. they never had. it has been a fighting relationship. she will never get the love president obama has received >> if she is the democratic nominee the republican will fayette the love. >> she was once the liberal voice and people accused her of pulling bill clinton. >> and look how left the party went with president obama and warren the author of you didn't build that. you owe us because we built the roads >> the clintons must be excited they are getting attacked by the
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far left because it makes her seem more moderate or mainstream or acceptable. if she can keep up i think the woman message and i think she will have the woman's media on her side i think you will see big time media personality coming out supporting her. >> i think elizabeth warren wants to eventually run. but she is smart enough to know i will hold the campaign dollars to the side and not ask for money until hilary clinton has her time in office. hillary has an extensive resume and has been vying for that for a long time. you agree? >> i think elizabeth warren is going to do what she thinks is best and she is focused on pulling the democratic party in a certain direction. >> i will watch on sunday and
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have all of the news on monday. out out outrage after a third grade teacher thought it would be a good idea to write get well letters to a cop killer. and honoring the victims of the fort hood attack. one victim is still fighting for benefits for his injury. before larry instantly transferred money from his bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account.
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>> a solemn day of remembering the victims of the fort hood massacre finally receiving their purple heart in a ceremony this morning. relatives of the 13 soldiers who died received the honor on behalf of their loved ones and remembering the shooting on november 5th 2009 when the gunman cut so many lives short and changed so many others forever. until february, the obama instruction called it work place violence not terrorism which gave victims the medals and care they need. that has now changed.
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catherine heritage is reporting in one case the government is still denying the benefits. sean manning who was shot six times had this to say: >> it is unheard of to receive the purple heart and not have injuries related to terrorism. you have an al-qaeda-inspired attack we were shot in and that is not terror related it is ridiculous. >> i agree. i think it is ridiculous. these guys and women were injured while on the post. this was an act of terrorism. their injuries are a direct result of the gun shot wounds. >> i covered the military for ten years and worked in the pentagon for ten years.
9:17 am
no win modern history has been awarded the purple heart without the benefits. i am sure people are outraged. >> sergeant sean manning shot six time two bullets in his video lost back pay, ptsd and he submitted paperwork so the army would recognize his injuries happened in that attack and he was denied. >> and this paperwork is so upsetting to read. he appeared to the physical disability and they said we get this isn't a result of armed
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conflict but you were not engaged with a faction force or terrorist organization? really? this bill that gives them this purple heart still does not give benefits for members permanently attacked by foreign terrorist organizations. the question is why. it is disgraceful. this man put his life on the line to fight for freedom now has to fight his own government for health care and by the way after the attack the major nidal was collecting pay from the army and benefits. the man who committed these attacks. it is a disgusting story and the government needs to fix it. >> how can the administration put these families through this? they had to wait for a long time to find out this was classified as terrorism then wait for the
9:19 am
purple heart, and now resubmitting paperwork hoping they get benefits. these people had their lives turned upside down and can't work. >> if it has been declared terrorism i don't think why they have to submit more. >> because it changed. >> this something the white house could fix so easily. >> the fact they even came around to admitting it is terrorism is a big deal but the fact once they have done that it is like -- >> he was e-mailing with anwar on the arabian peninsula who was assassinated by president obama and he is communicating with the head of al-qaeda on the arabian peninsula and commits this attack. there is no mystery here. >> and andrea mentioned he
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collected $300000 waiting for trial and he gave that away to charity. even if the families want to attack and recoop that money it is gone and the surviving families are suing the federal government for a billon saying is this part of what is holding it up? the government is upset about the lawsuit? >> it is such an easy fix. fix the entire problem and get them benefits. >> maybe they will now fox news is doing this story. general jack keane said the purple heart is a promise to the veterans we will take care of grow the rest of our live >> sit down with iran and cuba but snub our own troops? >> the field of republican candidates maybe getting bigger. marco rubio is expected to make it official making him the third
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." the pool of presidential candidates is about to get bigger and we don't just mean hilary clinton. we expect marco rubio to throw his hat in the ring in a big speech on monday in miami. that will make him the fourth republican candidate following rand paul and ted cruz as other senators. but the trio of freshman
9:26 am
senators could be facing the same learning on the job like we saw from president obama who was a first-time senator was well. >> the characteristic they all share is they are all first term senators. i think that works against all of them. i don't think it is fatal by any means. you have an advantage if your former or current governor. >> y i have to say i have to give created for consistency. i know charles crad hammer has respect for marco rubio but saying we saw what happened and now we don't know if we want to take another chance like that. >> i think it is going to be
9:27 am
tough to run against washington when they are part of washington. that is one of rand paul's biggest reforms. and i think when you hear the whispers that marco rubio doesn't have enough experience i think it will be hard for the left to make that argument when they have a one-term senator sitting in the white house. i want to comment on her timing. it seems like hilary clinton big footed marco rubio with the announcement. it could have something to do with the fact i think he is threatened by marco rubio and rand paul because the polling is showing paul is the only republican candidate beating her. i think she has to worry up for fundraising purposes and get in the race. >> how much of a threat is rand paul to hilary clinton really? he is beating her in some polls but he is not going to be the
9:28 am
name nominee. >> in 2008 president obama was very unlikely also to be the nominee >> that was because of his in experience but ideas were in sync. >> rand paul has the opportunity to steal some from hilary clinton. there are a lot of young people who like what he has. >> he is a libitarian which goes to the youth vote and he is outside of washington. >> i think if she was head-to-head with him yes he could kill off democratic voters but i don't see how he gets out of the republican primary. >> there is another thing skewing the numbers and that is one democrat being put up multiple republicans so you are divideing the republicans. >> i agree. i think it is funny they try to
9:29 am
pretend they are so outside of washington. rand paul talked about doing surgery and being an eye doctor and at one point he said i have been to washington. and i said i sure hope so. if you haven't what am i paying you for. >> it will be interesting in florida if you have marco rubio and jeb bush they are very influential. they have close friends live two and a half miles from each other and marco rubio made a pact i will not run unless you do. >> rand paul is not ted cruz is not marco rubio is not scott walker. so there really is a pretty good selection on the republican side and they will fight it out. i am glad they will. democrats are looking to avoid
9:30 am
the fight. >> i agree with you on the rand paul. he is able to attack hilary clinton in a way that will plant seeds in the young voters and independents. they may not chose her. >> new trouble for president obama nuclear deal with iran. the country's supreme leader of the ayatollah community is speaking about for the first time accusing the administration of lying and deception about the terms of the preliminary framework. he echoed the iranian's president demand that the united states and partnership lift all economic sanctions immediately once the deal is signed. as the senate prepares to vote on a bill seeking congressional approval of the bill one key congressman on the foreign affairs committee is raising doubts. >> i have been critical of the deal president obama has explained because i think that provides and legitmizes iran's
9:31 am
nuclear program. i don't think inspections would be affective and sites would be off limit. it would pave iran's path to the bomb and that is as the white house understand it will go over like a led balloon in congress. >> it is interesting to note if you look at the far say version it said the sanction would be lifted immediately but the united states is saying only after they complete steps. they are on opposite sides of the point. >> that is right so who do we believe in this? >> the ayatollah or the president obama white house? if you like your nuclear program you can keep your nuclear program. >> this isn't a deal. this is a framework and there is questions on what they are agreeing on. i think it is stupid for the white house to continuously
9:32 am
attack benjamin netanyahu which we saw them do again. the white house is poised to be embarrassed and they have by the ayatollah and iranian leadership. >> the white house says this is the rhetoric you hear coming within iran and it would be what you expect. but it seems like what they expect. >> it is typical. i worked in the trade office during the clinton administration and this is what happens. it happened with china so of course it will with iran. you have have the deals coming back and together and falling a part and coming together. it is never a straight line. i think the administration -- and they had their own voters. the other country does. >> and we are the president's back. is this rhetoric we are getting from president obama that they are not going to lift the sanction right away? we are saying don't believe what they are telling their people but believe what you are being told by your leader. >> because we cannot trust the
9:33 am
administration based on things in the past like if you like your plan you can keep the plan i feel like why are we rushing this? why playing hot potato with a country we don't trust: why isn't our president saying really? we cannot go in with inspectors? >> i can guarantee you they are pushing back and they are saying >> i need to see it. >> the idea -- >> the idea negotiations would happen in the public is not whopswhat happens. they are fwhonthmonths away from a bomb and moving to try to stop them.
9:34 am
>> he is saying there is no agreement, no inspectors -- >> he is posturing. >> two key points will be are we allowed to go in and do inspections and when will sanctions be lifted. both sides have opposite answers. i don't how to get out of the gate. >> that is the straw man. >> it is not a straw man. >> you want more sanctions? >> sanctions would bring them back to a position where we have strength in the negotiations. >> the sanctions are why we're having the conversation. more sanctions -- >> they have to give up the enrichment capability. they are enriching not for medical purpose but for developing an arsenal of weapon. >> they need to give us better
9:35 am
access. >> absolutely. >> there is a reason why iran wants the sanction lifted so badly. if they were not hurting hem they would not want them lifted so badly and under this current framework the president is talking about they can build the bombs still. so why are we rushing? >> they can build the bomb; what are the inpectors doing? >> that is true. -- inspectors -- >> i am not sure we solved this. but this happened. an elementary teacher thought it would be a good idea -- to have her students send get well cards to a convicted killer who is serving life in prison n for gunning down a police officer. the outrage growing as some want the teacher fired.
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a new jersey school teacher assigned her third grade students to write get well cards to a convicted cop killer and delivered them to the former black panther who fell ill at a pennsylvania state prison. there are calls to fire the teacher from a group representing fallen police officers and the news just breaking the teacher has been suspended. this broke minutes ago and many folks think this is outrageous. >> they are very impressionable with they are that age and to talk to a criminal in the third grade and for a teacher to advocate that is crazy. kids should be writing to role models but prisoners. they are third graders. what can a prison tell a third grader? >> when you think back to when
9:41 am
he was shot the controversy was huge. it was a national story. so do you think this is the appropriate punishment for the teach teacher? >> my kids are four and eight and this shows you cannot control the environment they are in. i would use this as a teaching lesson and say i am glad you did that. this man san evil killer what he did was so wrong, but jesus teaches us to love your enemy and here is an example of you for giving someone who has done something that is so wrong and isn't it nice you sent this letter to an evil man who did something awful? you want this woman fired now she is suspended, but you cannot always control what happens when your kids are not with you. all you can do afterward is turn it into the lesson you want them to have. >> i see you nodding? >> i think if that was the message. if this was a christian
9:42 am
school -- >> that is not what she meant. >> i know. i am saying if that were the lesson. there a lot of liberals that believe he has been wrongly convicted. but bringing kids in the middle of something controversial is inappropriate. she should be suspended and if it is problematic she can be reinstated. i question her ability and judgment. >> she should be fired. if not just for this classroom but sending a message to other teachers this outrageous behavior is not acceptable. this isn't an isolated interest. ja the left hates cop and they are looking forward to lynching the cop in south carolina even though he is guilty probably.
9:43 am
another hero to the left killed two officers. president obama condemns police officers every time he gets a chance. >> liberals don't hate cops. >> and leonard and the cops -- >> if you just give three people but they hate all cops? >> it is a trend. >> you said he is probably guilty. >> the larger lesson of the story the doctrines that go on in the school. it could be left or right. you don't know what they are saying. you mead to talk to the kids on what they heard at school and shape it how you want it. >> let me get ainsley. this teacher had bad judgment i don't think she should be fired
9:44 am
but they should tell her it wasn't okay. >> maybe we should use the opportunity to teach the students and kids and say you are turning the other cheek and showing loveness and forgiveness to someone but maybe write letters to the officer's family who lost loved ones. and we can say you cannot be political and let me teach you a lesson >> coming up with solutions on "outnumbered." before we deliver the news we deliver answers. incredible video of massive twisters ripping through the heartland overnight. one of them deadly and it is only the beginning of tornado season. plus why are more and more women saying nee having kids and what it could mean for the nations' economy. we will discuss.
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there are more women in the united states without children than in any other time since the government started tracking. a recent study is finding half of women between 15-44 did not have kids last year and that is up from 46.5% in 2012 to 47.6% in 2014. that is the highest percentage since the bureau started measuring it back in 1976. why? some say the economy is the main reason and others are putting career goals before family and some women don't want to have kids. i think i was giving the discussion since i am the only person on the couch with children. andrea? why do you think that more women are choosing not to have kids? it seems like more people feel
9:50 am
like they have a license to say i don't want it. >> and women do. that is the big difference. we are the first generation after the feminine mystique that opened the doors for opportunities. i think it was my generation that provided us with so many fantastic career opportunities like the ones we have that we were able to put career first. i put career first before personal life and thanks to technology you are able to have children a lot later. this is something they didn't tell you when you were younger but you see women at an amazing clip freezing their eggs so they can have the career family and kids. >> have you ever felt pressure? do you feel pressure when people say do you have kids and you say no? >> no. the reality is i wanted to can have children but didn't want to do it by myself. a lot of people are like i will adopt a baby and i don't know how they do that.
9:51 am
it seems hard to me. i would want to do it and i didn't meet anybody who i felt like i wanted to have a child with and i got married and the marriage didn't work out. i would have liked to have kids. i don't think i am a good example of someone who put their career first then have kids. but i don't feel like a social puryea where as in the past i might have. >> you didn't want to stay n marriage you were not happy in and you have options to do something else >> i could still adopt. it doesn't mean -- the are other options that didn't exist in the past. >> it isn't over yet. you are such a great girl. >> there is still a lot more time left. >> also our parents generation got married at 21 still
9:52 am
together and love each other but they discouraged us from this happening -- thinking about getting married at 21. they discouraged us from doing that and we started following our career and one year leads into another year and in our mid-30s maybe we should start thinking about having a baby. >> that is a great point. the order of things in the minds of young women has changed. it used to be in a young girl you go through high school find man get married and have kids and you have the rest of your life. now we are told get your education, figure out what you want and who you are, and then have a husband and the sacrifice is it may be too late to have a kid. >> let me make money, go to greece central america and have a good time. that is more important to people. we see the world in ways our parent's generation didn't. people want to get out into it
9:53 am
and women expect more from their lives. >> and there is another piece to the equation. the men. and men are opting out of marriage. 18% less men are getting married. they are calling it the marriage strike. as much as there is more options for women there is also less options. i think a lot of women are saying marriage is not a priority. >> i have no kids and have been living in sin for 20 years. >> joe bidden definitely has moments. the recent one was a little shoulder rub with the wife of his friend and defense secretary ash carter. that was very odd. >> the vp -- you have to see this one.
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posted the photo of the vice president holding her son on facebook with this caption -- "what's a boy to do when the your
9:58 am
pacifier?" pacifier?" >> i think the baby said "keep it." probably said "throw out the rest because he looks ridiculous. i'm giving up my pass." >> is it cute or disgusting? >> it's comical, and i don't know why we're spending all this time talking about hillary when the democrats have joe biden. i think joe biden should run for president for the sake of my radio show. >> by the way it was the white house telling the baby it let joe biden keep the bingy in his mouth. they -- binky in his mouth flake. they would have loved to shove the pacifier in his mouth over the years. >> is this like sharing someone's toothbrush? >> a little unsanitary. it's a baby. i mean -- >> not his baby. >> yeah, i don't -- >> i would know it's turned around backwards. it's not like he had the mouth part in his mouth. but the hand part. a baby is touch, touching,
9:59 am
touching, touching, holding the passe, passe passe, putting it in the mouth. >> do you think this was a photo op and -- >> you're making an assumption there. there was a thought process there, and i don't think that's the case with joe biden on your average day. >> we only have a minute left. and you're asking us to break down joe biden's thought process. >> that baby is so cute. that baby is one wealthy kid, right? right? >> how do we become the grandchild -- >> buy many more passies after this. a 45 pack. >> did your kids do the pacifier? >> they did. yes. for a certain period of time. we made them all disappear. that's the only way to quit things with kids. out of nowhere they're gone. the kid's looking everywhere -- it's not me, pal. some people clip the ends, it doesn't work. my older son looked at it and
10:00 am
threw it. oh, goodness. this might be the best way. >> back on tv -- good story. >> thank you. >> monday at noon eastern. have a great weekend, everybody. "happening now" starts right now. and we begin with this fox news alert. president obama set to share the stage with the leader of our cold war enemy. >> that's right, the president will meet with cuban president raul castro at the summit of the americas. we're covering all the news happening now. along life's way, you get a chance to make millions of decisions. some are big like do you run for office. [ laughter ] >> now hillary clinton on sunday will announce she is running for president. is she the inevitable democratic nominee? plus -- >> he's over! he's over! [ bleep ] >> go, go! >> destruction touching down from the sky.


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