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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 15, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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the five tomorrow. good night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> if congress kills this deal, then it's the united states that will be blamed for the failure of diplomacy. >> will congress revolt against president obama's iran nuke negotiations? tonight, we will hear from the senator leading the charge. >> i think that anyone who is thinking about maybe being an atheist, if you read the bible, i believe you will emerge from that as an atheist. >> the insults on religion continue unchecked in america. but john stossel says that's not a problem. he will be here to explain. >> we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal. >> uh-oh. all men are created equal? the federal government saying that part of the
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declaration is sexist. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. a matter of respect. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. release video on the the net depicting a jihadist beheading, president obama. these thugs obviously taunting the president trying to hue mill united him in the eyes of the worlds. we have a policy fox news i'm not showing isis on the air. it's on the fox web site should you choose to see it in moscow, putin has ordered russian missiles be shipped to iran. violating the spirit of the arms embargo. another gross act of disrespect by the tyrant putin. as we discussed last night, the iranian mullahs openly
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contradicting the american president on the terms of the nuke negotiations. disrespecting him. >> and in addition, you may remember president obama asked congress for authorization to conduct military operations against isis. congress will not pass that authorization. why? because some republicans say the president's language could restrict u.s. commanders. while some liberals say the language could lead to open-ended fighting on the ground. so, the commander and chief will not get his military goal. now, you would think barack obama would be angry and would begin punishing those who are humiliating him. doesn't have to be anything dramatic. he can just use his power to make their lives uncomfortable. talking points believes president obama does not gave fig about being disrespected by enemies oversees. he doesn't care. on the isis authorization, the president did very
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little to convince congress it was necessary so again it looks to me it was all a show. he doesn't care much about the authorization to fight isis. as always, i could be wrong, i can't read the president's mind. but one thing is certain. not since jimmy carter has an american president been so diminished throughout the world. there is little fear of president obama. the bad guys are running wild and, of course, this situation lessens the perception of american power. and that's always dangerous in an evil world. today, the senate foreign relations committee voted unanimously 19-0 to compel president obama to bring the iranian nuke treaty to the full congress for approval. the committee's bill now goes to the full senate where it's expected to pass easily. it will also pass the house. the only drama remaining is whether president obama will veto that bill and if that veto will be overridden. the entire situation is
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foolish. president obama should want conscious to approve the treaty. in that way all americans have a voice in the matter through their representatives. few of us want war. so if the deal is beneficial, congress will approve it. but, if it's not, and it empowers the fanatical mullahs, then congress will set it aside. a veto would be a no win for president obama. and today he signaled a compromise might happen. let's hope. so and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining us from washington the chairman of the senate foreign relations committee bob cork from her tennessee. 19-0. that means, what 9 democrats voted so everybody wants approval, right? >> yeah, bill, what happened, i think you know congress put in place sanctions the president indicated he was going to go directly to the u.n. security council and not come through congress. so today on a unanimous basis the senate foreign relations committee sasaid no, you must submit this deal to congress, to the united states senate on behalf of
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the american people the senate will go through every detail. every detail. >> >> it's another humiliation. one humiliation. wait, no, no, no. no spin zone. 19-0? >> yeah. >> 9 democrats? everybody says the same thing. you have to submit it to congress. he is the only holdout. and i guess nancy pelosi and the other fanatics buy, it's another humiliation. >> today at 11:30 bill, secretary kerry in a classified setting was pushing back strongly against this legislation. by 1:00 they realized what was getting ready to happen. this was a run away train. we had significant support. they released their veto threat once they saw that we were way beyond the number of people it would take override a veto. this gives congress the right to disapprove. it's a little bit different process, which is a heavy lift. we understand. but to look at this, to let it lay before congress, give
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us the right to disapprove this if we feel like it's not something that will stand the test of time and to keep americans safe. and that way he would not be able to lift the congressional sanctions that have been put in place. the deal would not happen also, by the way, bill. keeps us involved to be sure that they don't comply. they don't cheat. we know what happened in north korea. this keeps congress involved for the duration if a deal is achieved. >> congress should be involved. that's the people's representative. now, listen this is an opinion question. you have been around for a while. how can a president be so wrong headed? how can he -- you said okay, by 1:00 they knew. they should have known three weeks ago. that this wasn't going to fly. that the american people, i'm actually surprised that not one democrat on your committee dissented. i'm pleased but i'm surprised. surely the president should understand where the winds are going on this thing, but he doesn't seem to.
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i'm a little frightened by that this could have been worked out so long ago. they have been stiff arming cock, the only body as you know that will have the ability to look at the classified annexes that are so important to know that we've got the appropriate access into the covert facilities that iran has been operating. all of us are worried that iran is going to cheat. >> sure. and congress needs to make sure these details are i place. >> you know what he says senator. it says that the presiden doesn't trust congress. you know, he thinks they are going to go get him for political reasons. and i'm sure there are a few senators and congress people who could do that vote against anything he put up there but i believe that the majority of you guys, if the deal is good and it is solid, you'll okay it. but you want to watch it. >> that's right. that's exactly right. >> so, the president has no confidence in congress.
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and he tried to do the end run. and now he is embarrassed again. because i think this is embarrassing. he doesn't get the authorization to fight isis, embarrassing. this is embarrassing. the mullahs contradicting what he says is in the deal embarrassing. putin selling missiles to iran embarrassing. i mean, how much more? last word. >> bill look. this was a great day for the people of the united states and great victory again for the united states senate. i wake up every day understanding what a privilege it is to weigh in on behalf of the american people on these big issues. today we're going to have even greater ability to do so on this iran accord and i thank you for having me on today. >> it's our pleasure, senator. good job and congratulations to your committee. >> thank you. >> your committee today looked out for the folks. next on the rundown, reaction from powers and crowley. then later later, stossel not a lot upset about the continuing attacks
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continuing with lead stored. president obama being disrespected around the world. powers, pretty stunning 19-0. do you disagree with me that the disrespect just keeps on coming toward barack obama? >> i guess if you want to call it disrespect. i think it's disagreement. i think you are right he is out of step with what a lot of people want. he is not very popular right now with the american people, particularly on foreign policy, so i think that probably, you know they there are members of the senate who are more nsync with what americans want on this issue. i think congress should have a say in this and. >> but 19-0 -- >> -- yes. >> you very rarely see that. >> right. >> as i said the president is so out of touch with the sentiment of the country. it is disrespect from putin. i mean,
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how can a president be so out of touch that the committee comes back 19-0 and says you know what? you are not making this decision by yourself. how is that possible? richard nixon, how worked for was out of touch. all right? i think obama may be more out of touch. >> not internationally. none of the adversaries would have ever. >> he thought he was going to survive breaking into the headquarters, that's insane. >> that's a separate issue. look, i think a lot of people if you are talking about members of congress on both sides of the aisle i think over the last six and a half years a lot of people gave barack obama the benefit of the doubt. >> no doubt on that. >> to see what he could do and whether or not he could so-called make peacey our adversaries. at this point we is a long list of our adversaries who are running circles around him from vladimir putin to china to isis running wild. syria engaged in civil war. china is now in the pacific rim. cuba getting everything it wants without any
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concessions. more and more people on both sides of the aisle now, bill, are looking at this thing this world is now increasingly dangerous in large part to a president who has demonstrated weakness for the last six years. >> my question is how could president obama not know that? how could he not know. look. you just heard, this wait. you just heard the senator say kerry up until 1:00 in the afternoon today was still trying and thought he could convince them to allow the president to have unilateral power to do this treaty. how out of touch are they? >> well, i think there are two separate issues. john kerry i think is a little delusional to have believed that late into today. barack obama is a different story bill. and i have said this to you time and again. barack obama is a man of the committed left. he comes out of this tradition of believing that america's grievous sins of the past make her unworthy of super power status. >> that's although rhetoric call. >> it's not theoretical. >> yes it is theoretical.
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>> look at the policies. diplomatic downgrade. >> you are totally missing my point. 100% missing it, all right? now, now, barack obama doesn't know or doesn't care that the whole congress has turned against him, which is it? does he not know or does he not care? >> he knows it. he is a very smart man. >> so he he wants to be humiliated? >> he doesn't care. >> he wants to be humiliated? >> bill he doesn't care. this is man for the last six and a half years who has gone around the constitution on everything from obamacare to immigration. >> i have got to get back -- >> -- he doesn't care. >> do you believe that? he has been -- this is a humiliation today, 19-0 is a repudiation and a humiliation. putin humiliated him, the mull also a humiliated him. does he know or as ms. crowley, dr. crowley said so eloquently he doesn't care. which is it? >> first of all the whole congress has not turned against him as you said. >> oh, come on.
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>> having one issue and i think there is disagreement on it and i think that he -- >> -- not in that committee there wasn't. 19-0 is a stunning defeat. >> right. what i meant is that they disagree with him. and so -- >> -- does he not know or does he not care? >> i think that he probably thought and it's impossible for me to know because i'm not inside his head but my guess is he thought he could probably persuade them. >> how wrong you can be? that's unbelievably wrong. >> i think he has actually been able to persuade them to go along with a lot of things if i remember correctly. >> he asked for authorization to fight isis. they said. no that's pretty big. >> he has a history of actually getting democrats to really fall in line with him. >> not for the last two years. >> this is unusual for him. and i think that he was probably, you know, he feels very strongly he doesn't want congress getting involved in this. and so he he was fighting it up until the end. you know, i think he was trying to get what he wanted. >> talk about out of touch. last word, go ahead. >> well i mean, you know, you downgrade the importance of this ideology, bill. but his ideology --
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>> -- i don't downgrade it but it wasn't the question of the day. >> no but it fits into the broader thing that we have seen from this president for the last six and a half years which is entrenchment, policies and retreat. what he is doing with iran going around the congress fits precisely into that approach. >> all right. there they are. and a reminder the book "the silencing how the left is killing free speech by kirsten powers. turning on her own, everyone. >> i am not. you are misselling the book. >> blaming the left. [ laughter ] comes out may 7th. directly ahead, stossel says we should not worry about religion under attack in america. then, since you know the declaration of independence, the constitution and the bible are all sexist that's what the federal government is saying. laura ingraham will deal with it
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stossel matter segment tonight. our pal john has a special report friday evening 9:00 p.m. on the fox business network our sister network entitled church and state. stossel doesn't see a big problem although some of us dissent. >> judeo-christian tradition in this country is under attack. >> america's assault on religion. >> under fire. >> assault on religious liberty. >> government demands that we choose for our caring for the elderly poor and our faith. >> i don't believe in america with a separation of church and state is sleuth. absolute? >> here now is stossel. your take is that religion is not under attack? what is this? >> well, in a few places that nun has something to complain about. but your war on christianity is that you are just a 10-foot tall cry baby. >> i'm crying. >> it's not so bad. christians aren't being killed. >> no not yet not in
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america. >> and they are not going to be. >> they are verbally being killed. >> so what? >> come on stossel, you shouldn't be diminished because you believe a certain way. aren't you outraged by that? >> no. >> you are not? >> 83% of the country says it's -- they are christians. >> yeah. >> you are the majority. you've won. >> well, it's not a matter of winning. it's a matter of respect. look, you may remember a few years ago when some of the big department stores ordered their employees not to say merry christmas, do you remember that? >> that was dumb politically correct. >> we had to bring in a hammer and say. >> you are the hammer and you won. >> it's over with done. >> yes. and that went away to a certain extent. but now we have to fight the crashes -- creshes and all of that. feeling secularist is bad. stands in a way of unfettered abortion. it stands in the way of gay marriage it stands in the way of legalized narcotics and all the things that the secularists want.
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that hasn't gone away. they are still on the attack. well, i'm a secularist. and i don't want unlimited abortion. i think you paint with too broad a brush. i don't criticize religion. >> not all secularists do. but you are not a secular progressive is what i should have said. is he could you larr progressives. go ahead. >> you imply that the only way to be moral is to get it from your religion. >> no, i don't. i don't make any implication like that at all. i don't criticize atheists. look you are an atheist or ago not stick or what? >> god may exist. i don't want to say i'm an atheist. i look for signs. >> you look for signs. >> pictures of you up there. >> you live on the upper west sign of manhattan, if you think you are going to see signs up there you will be disappointed. >> tell me where to look. i want to believe. >> go over to lowrdz and look. go to a place like that. what i'm trying to tell you is i don't care whether you are confused about the deity or not. that's your right. i don't go after people like what was that guy pen
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teller? what is his name? if he wants to say that that's okay. don't attack religious people and don't say we're bigots because we are gay marriage. we are antiwoman because we don't want tax money used for abortions. i'm going to fight you if do you that. >> you don't have to fight me. i agree with you. that's not religious discrimination. that's big government trampling on. >> they see church going people as morons. they have said it. and opposition to their sacred cows. there is biblical reference there. sacred cows. remember the moses thing where they were worshiping the cow? no because you don't know anything about religion. >> i don't know anything about worshiping the cow. >> half jewish and don't know moses. i'm going to get you a tutorial, all right? when you come out of it you will go to mass with me every sunday. all right, stossel?
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last word. >> the state is attacking individual freedom not just religious freedom. shouldn't have to be religious to say i don't believe in gay marriage. i happen' to think gay marriage is okay. people ought to have a right. >> to say it isn't because of whatever they view. >> and this idea of bake me a cake or i will put you in jail? that's nuts. >> we agree on that. john stossel, everybody. any holy water i can sprinkle on him? >> plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. declaration the constitution, bible are all sexist. good grief. s are, is -- also, is it legal on another illegal immigrant situation. he has been deported 20 ttlwhun+]wúa"l4m3qj@(w?5([(x4c8q6hcy@76luú@=,!h tt:ff@múy"í1;hu'ikp"%3uzú
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personal story segment tonight. is there an epidemic of suicide in the military. in 2014. there were 335 suicides involving military people active. 59 from the air force. 122 army. 34 marines. 53 navy. another 166 suicides among reservist and national guard. so, why is this happening? joining us now from san diego, david watters who served in both the army and the navy. he tried to kill himself a number of times. here in new york city the co-founder of stop soldier suicide. watters, begin with you. why? why did you want to take your own life?
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>> because at the time i had gone through over 20 jobs in about four or five years and i had felt like a failure. and the depression that had started while i was in the navy continued to get worse and i just -- i felt like i had failed at everything in life. >> now, medication for depression. were you taking the medication? >> i have gone through over 26 medications in the past 20 years. >> all right. so that didn't -- >> -- not a single medication has helped, correct. >> what was the essential problem that you couldn't hold a job? what was going on there? >> the effects of the depression, not being -- some days not being able to get out of bed. some days just not being able to interact with other people around me. >> all right. so the depression basically took over your life and you weren't able to conduct
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yourself in the workplace in a way that the employers felt comfortable with. so. >> correct. >> how did you find brian and brian's organization? >> i found brian's organization on the internet and i found that he was doing a ride across america to help bring awareness to suicide and especially this epidemic of 22 a day. and i approached him and asked if i could meet up with him when he went through my home state of utah. and helped ride with him and that's where i first met brian in person. >> okay. so now let's switch over to you, brian. you meet mr. watters and you hear about his depression which i'm sure you heard that story before, okay? what do you do? >> it's what we do with any soldier that reaches out to the organization which is try to talk about the underlying causes of why someone wants to take their
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own life. it's not just about mental healthcare. it's about the catalyst that leads someone to think about taking their own life. and that's what's most important to get to so that you can provide. >> get through mr. watters' depression to find out the root cause of it? >> for mr. watters, it was complex myriad of things that happened over multiple years. something we hear frequently from people who reach out to us for help. that's when we assign a case officer that works at our resource center to actually provide that high touch tailored solution and then do triage and follow-up care. >> you assigned him like a counsel? >> right. someone to follow his case that he could talk to when he had had suicidal thoughts or something like that. now, all walks of life have suicidal people in it. is the military any different than any other concern? >> from the data we have seen and the studies we have seen, the military and more so the veteran component have higher suicide rates.
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now the data is a bit sloppy. >> that's okay. that's okay. but why do you think that is? why do military people have higher suicide rates? >> we believe that it has to do with the transition process and it's about getting people to become productive members of society after they serve, whether it's on active duty reserve duty, national guard duty. >> so they feel lost coming out of structure into a world where you don't have that kind of military bearing. >> that could be part of it. there are a lot of different complex things that people go through during their transition process but at the end of the day it takes multiple decades. if it's true that men over the age of 50 comprise the bulk of veteran suicides, we have to think about the people who have just served in the current war situation the 2 plus million people that have gone in and out of war and how that translates over the next couple of decades. >> right and the federal government really doesn't involve itself with this. they are just on a case-by-case v.a. hospital
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basis, right? >> this new secretary of the v.a., secretary mcdonald that was brought in former ceo of fortune 500 company you know, i think he is trying to come in and do something similar to what we have done is how we think -- >> -- you are a private organization? >> well, we are a nonprofit organization but people who run the organization, me included run it like a for profit company. >> low overhead low operating cost. >> american people get in touch? >> stop soldier or our facebook page. >> all right. stop suicide soldier. >> stop soldier >> yes, sir. >> all right. gentlemen, thanks very much. we appreciate it when we come right back, is it legal on another outrageous illegal alien situation. criminal mexican national says he was deported 20 times. legal is next.
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bloirl in the is it legal segment tonight, an outrage jaws illegal situation in arizona. but, first, did former nfl star aaron hernandez commit murder? a jury in massachusetts is having trouble. they have been deliberating six days still no verdict. here now kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl why do you think this is taking so long
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here? a complex case is a complex case. prosecutor will tell you the longer the jury is out the more likely there is acquittal or hung jury. a lot of things to go through. a lot of evidence. d.n.a., witness evidence, just got a lot of things to put together here. what they are really focusing, i believe is intent. now the defense lawyer puts him there at the scene in the closing argument. he is -- yes, he was there the defense lawyer said but he didn't part. well if he there that what the jury needs. now they have got to see is this big hockeying guy going back and saying i can't be involved with this. >> two other guys charged with murder in this case? >> he hasn't been charged yet. >> charged with murder. henders is the first on trial and they are the second two. but six days, i agree with wiehl, that means somebody is holding out for something because you can absorb the casey information in less than six days. >> for sure this is a problem. if i was prosecuting this case. >> you would be nervous?
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>> 100%. i haven't had a jury out six days like this. i think it's a problem. i think you have people saying this is tough. it's a circumstantial evidence case. no one can say that he is the guy that pulled the trigger. however, they don't have to prove that if the prosecution argued the case correctly to show that he was there you don't actually have to be the trigger manual there might be a compromised verdict. they may take a closer look as they have been asking for the weapons charges and perhaps they do a compromise with that gun charges. >> jury comes back with lesser charges. >> those are low -- >> how about first degree? second degree murder? manslaughter. >> first three have premed occasion, second degree. >> what is he charged with. >> premedtative murder. >> he is? so can the jury then come back with second degree murder? >> yeah absolutely. >> they can? >> absolutely. >> manslaughter or whatever? >> right. >> that's all. we can't do anything further than that to lay it out that this is a case that's been going on longer than many people expected. >> smart defense strategy going ahead of the other two that appear to be more
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culpable. >> arizona and texas. not so much new mexico. arizona and texas they have a lot of trouble with illegal aliens being deported and coming back. all right? so there is a guy in arizona who is arrested for transporting illegal aliens into the united states who says he has been deported 20 times. roll the tape. >> a man driving away from a traffic stop leading pinnal county deputies in a high speed chase covering 30 miles. all this happened, the driver finally got off the freeway at rigs road and finally ramming through the entrance of a sun lakes community and from there,he tried to run but he was eventually caught. pin nell county sheriff says the suspect is an illegal immigrant who claimed he has been deported more than 20 times. abc 15 has confirmed he has been removed from the u.s. five times and has no violent criminal conviction. >> all right.
1:43 am
so, we also have confirmed it's five times on the federal books he could have been deported at the border and all of this. but the fact remains. this guy may not be a violent guy but he is still a criminal. is he trying -- he is a coyote. he is trying to smuggle people into the u.s.a. >> he felony evading driving at a high rate of speed. absolutely -- thumbs his nose at the system boasting about it saying he has been deported 20 times. >> they have a club who can be deported more down in juarez. it's a little lottery they have boxes kind of like the college basketball tournament. who can win within three years be deported. >> they are on now. they are like hey, call us and we're going to hook him up. >> no but the local authorities in arizona had a-to-hand him back to the 's right. he was on bond now. he made bond. >> he is out on bond now. >> right.
1:44 am
he is only looking at a couple years. as arnold says "he'll be back." in addition he will win that tournament down there. >> he. >> we should have a show. >> a reality show. >> remember the show johnny carson did "who do you trust?" we can do "who is deported? "i will had host that show. it's a joke but it's not a joke because this chaos has been going on since the reagan administration down there. all right, ladies, thanks very much. and a footnote lis wiehl's new thriller lethal beauty. there it is now in bookstores everywhere. laura i can gram on deck. did you know the bible, the constitution and the declaration of independence are all sexist? that's what the department of defense is telling its employees. wow. right back as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all aro
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stitution all foster sexism. they are offering a voluntary sexism learning course to more than 2,000 federal employees have already taken. in that course instructures tell the students there is sexism in the bible, the declaration and the constitution. joining us now from las vegas laura ingraham who has analyzed what is going on. let's take the declaration first. i guess all men are created equal, that's&9nñ the sexist part? >> yeah. they hang it on the word men. i think we)x=ç have to step back, bill, a little bit onti#ñ this and you have talked about this before the sensitivity training that the&a)@u beginning of]wzésq obama administration and the military, that was the
1:49 am
beginning of the main lining of this fanaticism of the secular progressives within our military. they burrowed into education. we know that they have burrowed their way into hollywood. they have been inhabiting that terrain for along time. this is a new for ray for themsl intoztt our military units and military>> when we get caught. >> clockwork99 w wal:ñáhis is moon bat stuff. >>á8nq let me play devil'sbz)d% advocate hear snlwáq: think this is stupid. waste of taxpayer money foolish in every way. if you doni%1 understand the culture of the times, the declaration was written >> how about the beauty of the document.
1:50 am
beauty and grandeur. >> times, there is nothing we can do to help you. but, there is a problem with women in the military, women in policer"r76b3d is a problem with women agencies, it's a relatively newdúah phenomenon that womenr2axv have been given these kind of responsibilities, growing responsibilities in these suggested that women be+uzz treated the same way that men are treated. >> that's fine. oh, that is fine. >>ism absolutely, that's fine. that's quitey2ñ a leap÷a
1:51 am
the idea that this is a bunch of sexist stuff and women are supposed to be only sub serve yen the to men and they're going to take our view of what subservient mines and d?áñ apply it to the time this is ludicrous.8÷ more important lyzñamñn7ñt0ñ . >> i think there's a pile on on stuff like this and we2t laugh at it you and i think it's ñlimñstupid as most of the factor listeners will think it's idiotic, i th-;gz there's something more here, iw?)hñ it's a perpetualhdav xqí our founders purpose. >> theohg purpose is to -- and
1:52 am
that's a very good question. i can tell you what the purpose 'ipf is, they're well on down the road on ityñ world+++ó union. >> you notice they never focus on the koran. they always go right to the bible. right? >> they wouldn't bring in the koran, because 80% of americans call themselves christians they're going to go to that. >> we're encouraging all faiths and introspection of our background. let's spread around this thinking to all faiths. it hammers the christians on
1:53 am
this one. >> we can talk about the tenets of islam. and in saudi arabia women aren't allowed to drive cars. >> all of this should be out of the military. there shouldn't be any conversation about this. >> i want to know how much money goes to these wacky ideas. i'd love to defund that amount. >> factor tip of the day, why baseball players want to look like moses. i cannot figure this out. the tip moments away.
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time for tip of the day, insane beard on baseball players. the 150th anniversary of lincoln's assassination. if you really want to know what happened and why it happened my book "killing lincoln" is for you. today is one of the saddest days in our history. i believe abraham lincoln was our greatest president. killing lincoln's first of my killing series has sold about 2 million copies. other books are approaching that this remember hold as well. with the exception of the new book, a truth about the old west, off to a fantastic story. can't thank you guys enough for supporting these history books. if abraham lincoln had lived this country would be very different today especially on race relations. now, the mail david kelly
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louisville, colorado. no fair minded person believes you will be fair to hillary clinton. you attacked her last night and implied that you have something to say if she got mixed up with websites you dislike. was that a threat? put down the kool-aid, dave, and listen up. secretary clinton was not attacked last night on the factor. not even close and i don't imply, i say. if she uses gutter snipes to attack her opponents i will weigh-in. it goes to character. a potential candidate should not be associating with smear merchants. you say you're going to be fair to the person who went along with everything her evil husband did. the person who's avoided barack obama's betrayal. that's your view and you're entitled to it hillary clinton is going to be nominated by the democratic party and we're going to cover her campaign accurately. that's what we do here.
1:56 am
joe brower, you have given a pass to obama with every scandal. you know joe, bainbridge is a beautiful place, you need to get out and save the view much the water, the sky above. take in that fresh air. jack alexander, just once in water's interview, some normal people, talk to the folks jack. they're selected at random. john withholding his last name baton rouge louisiana one of my professors has trashed your books especially killing skbreez us saying they're based on your extreme right wing philosophy. the odds are the prof has not even read the books, john. you can read them knowing they are accurate and fairly represented.
1:57 am
why do you call everyone by their last names but not charles krauthammer. krauthammer is just too long. i would call him hammer but the rapper may sue. we have two lively teams, which for me is terrific, i played baseball for 15 consecutive years from 7 to 22. i love the sport. there's a new book out on billy martin. it's a very lively look by mr. pennington. mr. pennington does not explain the current trend which is baseball players growing humongous beards. because i have a simple man, i have a simple question. why do these guys want to look like moses? put moses in the uniform, he looks just like that guy. growing a beard, does it help you on the field? i mean you're spitting people are spitting on baseball. in order to be in the big
1:58 am
leagues you have to spit every 10 seconds. the beard -- you know so if you know why they're growing beards please tell you. baseball remains america's pastime, like everything else it's changing. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news website, we would like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. o'reilly at word of the day, do not be mendacious when writing to the factor. thank you for watching tonight. miss megyn warming up. please always remember, the spin stops here. as we are definitely looking out. >> it is wednesday, april 15th. a fox news alert. police officers assaulted as protestors block traffic and even the brooklyn bridge. the brand new clashes between citizens and cops.
1:59 am
>> one day into hillary clinton's presidential campaign, a potential new bombshell in the e-mail scandal. what we have just learned about a letter she ignored years ago. >> can money buy happiness? >> i am actually taking my salary down to a minimum salary as well. >> the incredible announcement leaving employees stunned. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us. new overnight two officers assaulted in brooklyn as protests against police brutality erupts all across the country. (chanting) >> hundreds of protestors taking to the streets in new york clogging traffic on the brooklyn bridge. when police tried to intervene
2:00 am
things turned violent. two officers suffering injuries more than 20 protestors arrested, some of them even trying to scale the bridge. anti cop protests happening in other parts of the country, too. hundreds taking to the streets in oakland and chicago. in los angeles, dozens of protestors laid down on the railroad tracks blocking trains from passing. a brand new e-mail problem for hillary clinton as her campaign gets off to a rocky start in okiowa. it turns out clinton was asked more than two years ago in a letter from congress if she ever used a private e-mail account as secretary of state. leland vittert is live with the latest. good morning. >> ainsley. good morning. e-mail scandal just won't go away. the latest issue comes down to a 2012 letter from congressman darrel issa asking the then secretary of state if she was using a personal e-mail address for government