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tv   Legends Lies The Real West  FOX News  April 19, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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legends and lies starts right now. news is immediate and legends take longer to develop and sometimes based on myth. this fox news series looks at the truth behind the legend.
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>> come on, let's go. ♪ [banging on door] >> sorry to bother you so late at night. can you show us way back to the main by. >> i am always ready to help the union cause. you go down here about half a mile.
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confederacy will never die and neither will the james brothers. come on. ♪ our country tiz of thee. ♪ sweet land of liberty. ♪ ♪ pilgrims provide. ♪ from every mountain side. ♪ let freedom ring.
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>> on the north american plains opportunity called men of courage to settle west in the new frontier. they would shape the nation and lay hold of their destiny and birth a new mythology. but with the passing of time, every man has his record. jesse james was a southern boy, born with a chip on his soldier and a gun in his hand and known as an outlaw. and behind the man and every legend loys the truth. >> many people think of jesse
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james as a robin hood and social bandit and steals from the rich and gives to the poor. he is a civil war rebel and holds a grudge against the union long after the war ends. >> reconstruction effort underway, the country is uniting, but in western missouri, memories are long and bitter. >> good evening, sir, can i trouble you to change this hundred dollar bill. >> we are bold robbers and i am proud of the name. jouluous caesar andna poppion bonapart. rankest of thieves.
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jesse james is a disoiple of william anderson, a federal guerilla fighter and the civil war's most vicious war criminal. when bill is killed in the battle, jesse vows revenge. >> son of a bitch. >> everybody down, now. get down. you killed brother kill. shut up. you know what you did. >> lieutenant samuel cox is the man responsible for killing bloody bill anderson and he may be the reason that the james brother targeted it, but in his
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rage, jesse james kills the wrong man. >> murderer. ♪ cold- blooded killers, frank and jesse james started out as happy church going boys on the farm in clay count, missouri, jesse's father robert james is a baptist minister. robert james is selected by a group of men who want to go out west to california and he's the chaplain on the expedition to go out gold- mining and jesse is a very young child and his
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father dies in california. his mother was a fierce southern woman in a time when women have no rights or property. she refuses to give up and finds a husband in ruben samuel who allows her to take control of the farm and family. she leaned on slave labor to keep control. >> she not only be for the institution of slavery but commit crime in the name of the cause. >> the james' family owns seven slaves and they are brought of it. and western missouri, the jam's family would rather sucede than change. but the slavery is being changed in the nation's capitol.
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u.s. senator stephen douglas proposes a controversial plan. splitting the territory in two. kansas and nebraska. >> the that leaves the decision on whether a new territory would are slave or free to the voters. >> this bill will triumph. and stability for the union. chaos, the voice of reason emerges in abraham lincoln. >> white man takes the slave to america now. who will inform the negro, is free. you don't object to me taking my hog to nebraska, therefore i must not object to you taking your slaves. i admit it is perfectly logical
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if there is no difference between hogs and negros. the kansas- nebraska act is passed and expands slavery. and the vote ignites a fire storm. violence divides nebraska and kansas and spilling over in western missouri and battle lines are drawn in jesse's hometown. and bush whackers face off against the abolitionist. these men on both sides of the divide fighting in a local level and using brutal tactics. on the james' family farm she is busy shaping the next generation of bush whackers and she sos it as her duty to fight for the
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confederacy. >> don't take anything from the yankees. it is every man's responsibility to hang o. >> her coaching is what criminalologist is violence conditioning. we own slaves and no one is taking that away from us. seeing violence as a way of life he absorbs that attitude from her. the family farm is a confederate strong hold. frank and jesse are a force that the north will have to reckon with. on april 12th, 1861. the civil war begins. and frank james is plunging in the battle and fighting with the confederate army.
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she knows that jesse will join him and both sons will be at war for the cause. >> you are going to fight for the confederacy. your way of life. don't let me down. >> the union militia in the area started to look for the bush whackers. and zurledda told everyone that frank was one of them. looking for your brother frank? >> i don't know where he is. >> i believe you do. you little rebel pompus head. [fighting]
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>> at the outbreak of the civil war frank and jesse james are fighting in a war that is personal and political.
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>> the james boy, grow up in missouri. their mother is a fanatical supporter of the confederacy and the right to own slaves. most historians believe she instills in her boys, a violent hatread. >> she was instrumental in jesse's development. >> guns and you are going to teach them brutality. >> the james brothers mount up with a confederate missouri bush whackers and led by bloody bill
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anderson and a man whose rage is equal to their own. and in the fall of 1864. union troops are gaining ground in western missouri. but anderson's forces fight back. through murder and acts of terror. and here you have a 16-year-old jesse with the guerilla band who are engaging in the most a troshous and killing behind enemy lines. >> their main targets are the railroads and lifeblood of the union advance. but september 27th, 1864, bloody bill and 80 soldiers hijack the train. they find something valuable. this has on board a number of union forces and home guards
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that are on the way home. they are unarmed and they have fallen to bloody bill anderson and his band. >> all union are dying like dogs. [gunshots]. >> bloody bill was not afraid to send the message and it could be pretty brutal. we are talking about cut out tongues and sca lps. and desecrating bodies. james was involved in a lot of behavior and doing what bloody bill did. >> the bush whackers killed four
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civilian and 22 union soldiers. jesse and frank james ride with bloody bill again. until it its ambush by samuel cox and his men. samuel cox was a scout turned military leader and he trailed and tracked bloody bill. jesse, we got to get him out of here. >> bill! and bloody bill dead, the union army hunts down the rest of the bush whackers. jesse splits from the group.
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and shot in the chest. frank is captured and surrendered. and he's forced to take an oath pledging loyalty to the union. i will faithfully support and defend the constitution and the union of the united states there under. jesse is a prisoner of war and must surrender before his wounds are treated. but he has no intention of giving up. even if the confederacy is defeated. >> for jesse james, this is not the end of his conflict. it is the end of someone else's conflict and not jesse and frank james conflict. it is not over.
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it is still going on. with northern interest in power across missouri, frank and jesse join forces with a group of brothers that share hatred for the yankees. the ungers lost their home and family to the union and served under bloody bill anderson. >> the jams and unger ares knew each other well before that civil war and they realized the potential for a fighting force. >> are you ready? >> well, it is just matter of picking the place. >> picking the place. >> they had to do something to strike back against the federal authorities and everything that
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they saw as being oppressors in their lives. >> everyone on the ground now. get down. >> it makes since then to express your outrage by robbing banks. >> put the money in the bag now. come on. >> you rob today we do not kill only in self defense when they refuse we kill. together the james/unger gang is together the james/unger gang is a two weeks later. look, credit karma-- are you talking to websites again? this website says "free credit scores." oh, credit karma! yeah it's actually free. look, you don't have to put in your credit card information. whew! credit karma. really. free. why am i so awake?
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blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglass. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. the gang hits the jackpot equal to 19000 today. railroads are established bite union in the war and a symbol o build its wealth. for jesse and frank they are a perfect target if they don't get caught. >> the pinkerton were the first
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detective agency and precursor of an fbi and their roll was to run down criminals. hands up, easy. >> there is no reason for a man to do anything when an experienced robber gets going. >> down. >> and gives the alarm or resist, you will die. >> your purse. and that pretty little broach. >> we are but warriors for the working day. >> who among you fought for the rebel cause.
9:28 pm
>> you, sir, you paid your debt. thank you. let's go frank. news of the james brothers hold up spread quickly. it is a blow to the northern railroads and a blow to the pinkertons. they take it personally upon himself to bring jesse to justice. >> the nation's most private security forces on the hunt for jesse james. and the attention he receives as an leader of an outlaw gang is an ambegz. >> jesse's ambition to continue the sieveul war is reenforced with the ego.
9:29 pm
he captures the imagination of defeated confederates and that recognition escalates his violent rebellion. in kansas city, the jam jesse james catches the eye of a former major turned newspaperman. >> john edwards was a former confederate callary man. >> it is one of the first and for john edwards it elevates jesse james a herostatus and rallied the disgrunteled confederacy. >> edwards wanted to so them take their political future in their own hands and he thought the james' gang would inspire
9:30 pm
them and he wrote positive reports. he made them the legends that they were. newspaper readers across the country buy in the robin hood myth. and while in truth, he is a greedy vicious killer and now clearly in the seats of the pinkertons who are contracted to catch him. >> jesse, i must admit that was a fairly well run operation. let's have a drink together. >> not bad at all. the pinkertons convince a neighbor to alert them to the james brother presence on the family farm. when the pinkerton throw the
9:31 pm
device through the window. only one that is home is jesse's mother and half brother and stepfather. ruben and zurledda think it is a fire bomb and swoep it in the four place and that turned it to into a bomb. once again. the james brother brought war to the doorstep and the family is the doorstep and the family is ♪ ♪ for the 51 million of us who may need a different kind of underwear, this is new depend silhouette active fit. it's slim and smooth so wearing it is no big deal. get a free sample of depend at
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and all that information feels pretty good. come to transunion.comand get in the know. >> the pinkerton raid on jesse's family maimed his mother and kills half brother. and jesse vows revenge. >> i hope and pray that our heavenly father will deliver you in his hands and his merciful arm has been. and i believe you will continue to ever protect me as long as i serve him. we know the pinkerton used spies.
9:36 pm
jesse thinks that's probably the reason there was an assault on the family home. jesse reverts to the days of a bush whackers and plans an ambush on the man who betrayed his family. this is the for the old woman and little byment after the raid on the farm. pinkerton gives occupy the james brothers but jesse is uncertain about his safety in missouri and looks north for an easy target. >> jesse targets minnesota for a simple reason. overconfidence. he views the northern banks no
9:37 pm
match for the james brother. >> they were in the union. can you promise me on on >> all right. the gang heads 400 miles north and poses as cattle buyers. they began to case towns with banks to rob. >> northfield is a prosperous town and population and economic growth in minnesota. look like a ripe berry to those guys. with their long coats and impressive sidearms. they stand out among the swedish immigrant farmers. >> there is a local bank and most of the banks he robbed were
9:38 pm
filled with local people's money. and the gang arouses the suspensions of the town's people. be dam quick about it. >> the citizens have number among them esteemed because of their battle record and so this soft target is not as soft as they thought. >> i can't open the safe. >> it has a time lock. that is only opened at certain times of day regardless of your
9:39 pm
combination. >> something sha james did not experience at that point. (gunfire) step outside. go. go. go. the bank robbery of northfooled was a disaster. it was an ambush. but it was an ambush of their own making.
9:40 pm
>> come on, jesse. two of jesse's men are killed and the rest are lucky to escape the town's assault but trailing behind them is the largest manhunt in history. a posse of thousand men heads up. and jesse made a costly mistake and his personal war may finally be over.
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>> a decade after the civil war jesse continues and pushing the battle north in minnesota puts him in the cross hairs of the nation's largest manhunt. to increase their chances. the gang up.
9:45 pm
jessy and frank go one way and the ungers are apprehended. what had been a successful gang reached a dead-end. frank and jesse ride 400 getting away with 26.70 and eventually turned home to missouri. >> frank, he ultimately thought the way it is going, it is going to be a bullet or a noose for them. but jesse was diehard. >> too bad the unger boys couldn't keep up. >> we'll get them. >> if we continue down this path, there will not be. nwell, maybe for you, we'll see.
9:46 pm
frank is concerned with the attention jesse's erratic behavior attracts in the papers. and a small- time bob ford is watching his every move. >> there is no better way to get closer than to join his gang and become a little like him. that's the picture of bob ford we have today. at this point, jesse james is losing his edge. he starts to a bouzing an opium based pain killer. his abuse of laudenum helps to
9:47 pm
trigger a downward spiral. trigger a downward spiral. woa h. afternoon, reverend? >> thirsty. no, thank you son. >> i ain't your son. drink it. frank was kind of running to the end. and jesse is carrying-on a war that no longer has a place in the changed america and believe it or not they are not 19 year
9:48 pm
old bushwhackers and time is catching up and his personal war comes with a heavy price. desperate to keep up the fight, he recruits ford brothers and bob who idolizes jesse and . it is whiskey. >> no problem, jesse. >> we need a job, jesse. we could use bob. >> we'll see. watch what you say in front of
9:49 pm
him. >> the people he surrounded himself with were not professionals. and these were not the ungers. they were amateurs. >> i have been hunted for 21 years and it was one long inexorable vigil and i was tired of an outlaws life. >> seeing new and inexperienced crew frank parts ways with his brother. jesse begins to sink in a dark mood. he wears a holster at all types
9:50 pm
even while sleeping and unbalanced and parinoid and more dangerous. >> he was delusional and as a result of years of engaging in >> jesse's anxious, but for good reason.jess he has a weakness within his inner circle. the ford brothers. >> at this point, the ford brothers, they're living in the same house with jesse. and they're agitated, because they're scared. >> we've got to kill him, or he'll kill us for sure. >> young bob ford, what do you have for me? >> i can kill jesse james if you like. >> in the late 19th century, it is common for governments to
9:51 pm
offer rewards for criminals. but the governor, a former unio officer, it goes much farther.of he offers robert ford $10,000 bt and a full pardon to kill jesse james. >> we have noje moress to talk about. >> it's a government hit on a u.s. turning aze loyal disciple into hired assassin, and a serial uln killer into a target.'tners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. and drinking waterthy just isn't enough to ease my constipation i trust dulcolax tablets. i take dulcolax for dependable overnight relief and in the morning, i am back to myself dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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jesse james is haunted by his violent past. the effects of war, crime, and acts of terror tear away his sanity. his paranoia casts a dark cloud over the ford brothers who have been plotting to kill him for a $10,000 reward. >> charlie and bob were looking for an opportunity. jesse's wife had made breakfast. and they see jesse do something
9:56 pm
that he's never done before. >> how's your family doing, charlie? >> really good, jesse.
9:57 pm
[ gunshot ] >> when the opportunity came for them to get money, reputation, they took advantage of it. >> jesse! >> i didn't do it. >> legend has painted jesse james as a hero of the people.
9:58 pm
the truth is, he's a damaged child, turned soldier and criminal. a violent sociopath, with enough charisma to charm the media. he made his mark while alive, but in death he becomes larger than life. an icon of the real west. >> dozens of photographs are taken of the body to prove it's the notorious outlaw. for millions of americans, the legend of jesse james has lived only in their imaginations. later that year, frank james surrenders to missouri authorities. he's quickly acquitted of his crimes by a pro-confederate jury. >> bob and charlie ford never get their $10,000 bounty. they're forced to settle for a full pardon for murdering jesse. two years later charlie turns the gun on himself, committing
9:59 pm
suicide. bob ford is murdered by a jesse james ameyer aadmirer a decade >> zarelda makes more money from her son's death than the ford brothers. she begins charging tourists 50 cents to see the grave of the country's most famous outlaw. for another 50 cents, she'll even provide a pebble from his grave. >> we're not idolizing jesse james, the man. we're talking about jesse james the myth. jesse was not a benevolent soul who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. he was a psychopath. >> he made his mother proud by going to war for the confederacy, but continued his life long past what was prudent. >> the violence jesse james lived through branded him a rebel and sent him on a path of revenge, leaving behind a legacy of destruction.
10:00 pm
he may be a popular subject for hollywood, but sifting through the legends and lives leaves us with one of the real west's most violent outlaws, and a scar on the face of american history. news is the first draft of history. it is immediate and takes place in realtime. legends take longer to develop, and are sometimes based on myth. this fox news series looks at the truth behind the legend. >> let's take i


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