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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  May 2, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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you're looking live at huge crowds in the city of baltimore this hour and growing. welcome to this special edition of america's news headquarters here at the nation's capital. i'm elizabeth prann. >> live on the ground at city hall in baltimore are crowds are kwernlg converging. city hall resembles something like an armed camp. national guardsmen are protecting it reinforced by law enforcement from across the midatlantic that has come in to restore law and order to the city of baltimore over the past week. as we speak, there are crowds
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converging from all areas of this city here on city hall. we will take a live look from above as these crowds come in and they say that they will stay here until the curfew which is 10:00 p.m. tonight. most folks left the streets last night after celebrations broke out around this city. roving parades, taunting the police after six of baltimore's police department's finest were charged in various crimes in connection with the death of freddie gray. the officers three white, three black, all charged with felonies including one officer charged with the murder and depraved heart murder he faces 63 years in jail. this morning, all six of them are it's important to note how this began. a normal morning in baltimore. freddie gray was chased by a few police officers was put into the back of a police wagon, and
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less than an hour later had suffered what would become fatal injuries. we all know about the rioting that then ensued on monday. the city was lawless and since then a lot has changed. to talk about that i want to bring in antonio hayes, a state legislator who actually has a very interesting portfolio. not only do you represent this area where all the violence has happened what they call the penn north area where the cvs did burn but you also represent downtown businesses. what struck me here is especially in the penn north area this is undoubtedly a tragedy, the death of a young man, six baltimore police officers charged with a crime. that's not good. yet there is a feeling of celebration. does that seem appropriate? >> i think, you know it's mixed. like i have seen some of the celebration going on and that's mainly in the places where
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people are kind of congregated. i think that celebration is really not about the six officers because you know it's tragic to be in any city where you have six officers actually charged with some of the things they have been charged with. but the celebration i think is really attributed to the fact that people feel like the criminal justice system hasn't really heard them in a lot of different cases, so they see this as a step forward of opening the dialogue and getting some of -- >> reporter: i still hear the chanting no justice, no peace. so far the justice system is working and albeit pretty quickly. the police even call this a rush to judgment. do you get the feeling in any way that the police are the victims of a political witch hunt by an aggressive and certainly ambitious district attorney rather than a slow, methodical, thoughtful investigation? >> i think sometimes especially when folks are looking for a quick fix, they can easily
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misrepresent any section like the f.o.p. -- >> reporter: fraternal order of police. >> -- is located in my district. >> reporter: they're not very happy right now. >> you know many of those guys work on a constant basis in partnership with many other communities throughout the district for the betterment. but i think more than anything when you have a couple of bad apples or you know most vocal people in the community that are not always acting in their best interest it's unfortunate they get the most attention. >> reporter: the people who got all the attention on monday night were the looters and rioters and it was lawless in the city of baltimore. i was here. it felt like places in the middle east that i had lived with. there was no law and the police were held back. they did nothing. i know that you represent a lot of downtown businesses. because of the looting and now because of the curfew you have lost a lot of businesses. do you think they have been treated fairly in all this? where is justice for them and for the folks who were looted?
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>> i know as -- i serve on the downtown partnership board because i represent so many downtown businesses. i know there are organizations that are reaching out to those businesses. the maryland insurance commissioner has reached out to a certain degree to make -- >> reporter: you think they are going to get help. so far i haven't seen a lot of people charged. i didn't see a lot of people arrested on monday night. >> well -- >> reporter: the mayor told the police to stand down. >> one of the things we're still in the thick of things. i think the police -- >> reporter: you think there's going to be accountability? >> absolutely. i think at some point, at the appropriate time there will be accountability for some of the destruction that's been going on in the city. meanwhile, we need to make sure people are safe that are trying to continue on with their lives. >> reporter: so far, at least it has been peaceful and safe out here. antonio harris state legislator appreciate it -- pardon me antonio hayes, appreciate you joining us. thank you. thank you very much. liz, back to you as we continue to take a look around baltimore. >> thank you. let's continue with our coverage now. the massive march we are talking about now being called the victory rally is set to make its way through the streets of
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baltimore. residents celebrating a decision as we know by the state attorney to charge six police officers in the death of freddie gray. we have the latest on the developing rally with doug m mckelway. >> reporter: we are basically in the thick of the crowd here on the plaza just about 100 yards from city hall right now. i have been here since 5:00 this morning so we have seen pretty dramatic changes in the crowd. at that hour of course almost nobody was here. very very calm. as the morning sort of developed and progressed music started being piped into the area people were dancing. very very festive atmosphere. just about a half hour ago, we sort of followed a crowd, the answers coalition came down from new york a group of about 300 who marched from the northwestern part of baltimore to winchester neighborhood where freddie gray lived into this plaza area. as they come in the tone changed a little bit. it's getting i wouldn't say more militant but we are hearing sort
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of progressive things from the podium right here. let me just point you in the direction of where the podium is. if we go that way right now. some of the talk is a little more aggressive and so the festive atmosphere has changed. people are listening quite intently. we heard one guy quoting winston churchill, we will fight on the shores we will fight on the beaches, we will fight in the hills and the cities we will never surrender. sort of aggressive talk. i heard another guy express something that was very interesting to me. he was saying it's not just shootings or police aggression that people in these neighborhoods are concerned about, it's the little stuff. it's the speed cameras, the faulty registered speed cameras where young people who just got their hands on a used rusted-up toyota corolla, got a job somewhere in town are getting hit by faulty speed cameras. it may not hurt somebody like me who has a good income that can afford the 80 bucks but if you're making minimum wage and you get hit with a couple $80 tickets it is still defensive anger.
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that got a big round of applause here. let's talk to some people who have come down here. you guys are with the guardian angels right? you come down from new york did you? >> no. we are actually baltimore guardian angels. >> reporter: what's your purpose in being here today? >> our purpose is to keep in touch with what's going on in the community. we're from baltimore so obviously this affects us as well. one of the things is that when we go into our community, lot of people say hey, what's going on with the protest. there's a lot of people that can't be here. so the guardian angels are here but at the same time we know that these protests or marches are much more than freddie gray now. with all the marches and everything that's going on, everybody has something to say. now all of a sudden the whole world is watching. >> reporter: what is the guardian angels' position when it comes to police brutality, police overaggression as many people here would maintain? do you take the position that that is indeed a problem here in baltimore, or not? >> it's a problem everywhere. now, one of the good things
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about the guardian angels is we have a good relationship with the police department and within the community. our stance is to basically bridge the gap and to help improve the community relations between police and the community. so with everything incidents happen. with any organization you got the bad ones, you got the good ones. as far as the guardian angels going out and saying no you did this you did that we know what's going on. we have to fix it we have to communicate and try to improve what we can. >> reporter: appreciate your perspective. thanks very much. we will toss it back to you as the crowd builds here. back to you. >> -- are now home with their new baby girl. they left the hospital about an hour ago looking radiant and waving to happy well-wishers. amy kellogg was there and joins us on the phone live. amy? >> reporter: it was such a quick
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day. the duchess of cambridge went into the hospital at 6:00 a.m. and left the hospital at 6:00 p.m. looking stunning. i think we were all marveling, the press were all wondering how she could have managed to look so glowing and put together after giving birth to a little girl. a little girl was sound asleep as she was presented on the steps to the world. looked very peaceful. looked very lovely and rosy and she has yet to be named. that we don't expect necessarily tomorrow but we could be surprised within the next few days. that will have to be run by the queen. there will probably be a few and the favorites according to bookies are either charlotte or alice. we saw prince william head out to collect prince george before they all left as a family. of course prince george wasn't part of the leaving shot. he must have been snuck out a side door but he was brought into the hospital to get a first
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glimpse at his little sister before she was brought home this evening. that was kind of a touching shot too, to see prince william with his little boy trying to get the little boy to walk into the hospital but no the boy wanted to be in his father's arms and they stood outside waving happily to the crowd. i think little prince george looked quite surprised to see this mass of flashbulbs and cameras as he would be and that may be one of the reasons they decided not to do a family photo all together at the end, because it may have been a bit much for him. but i have to say, he didn't take his eyes off us and it was impressive, his poise, at the tender age of 20 months. so they have all gone back now to kensington palace which is their city residence, and we understand they will be there for a couple of days then head to norfolk to the sandringham estate where they have a home. it's ten bedrooms i believe, and they have a nanny there. it's be speculated that the
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middletons kate's parents, will be there to help out but they have also got a nanny and probably a pretty well-oiled routine at this point. they will try to keep that little girl out of the spotlight. we probably will not see her in public until she is christened maybe ten months later. again, a very happy day for people here in britain. it's been a momentous couple of weeks because it was their wedding anniversary, the couple's wedding anniversary on the 29th of april and a few days before was the queen's 89th birthday. this is her fifth grandchild fourth in line to the throne a baby girl born this morning, eight pounds three ounces. she will be princess whatever her name is of cambridge. back to you. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your flexibility in this live coverage. we will check in with leland on the streets of baltimore. >> reporter: this crowd
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continues to grow here. interesting thing i am overhearing which is the shout of we only need 12 we only need 12 for freddie. they're referring to 12 jurors and they're trying to rally this crowd up to register to vote. that's because in order to get on jury duty you have to be registered to vote. the question here one many have asked, is can these six police officers get a fair trial in baltimore after all of this publicity and after a prosecutor that many say is far more interested in her political career than being a law enforcement officer. we are going to put that question to ted williams coming up next.
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hall as the rally continues to grow albeit peacefully. they are chanting 12 12 12. we only need 12 for freddie. they are referring of course to 12 jurors and that is who will decide the fate of the six officers three black, three white, charged in the death of freddie gray. there is a lot of controversy already swirling around those charges, charges of conflict of interest as well against the prosecutor charges that she is more a politician than she is a prosecutor and also questions about whether these six officers could even get a fair trial here in baltimore. ted williams joins us now live. he spent a lot of time here this week. ted, what can you glean as a former prosecutor as an attorney from the fact that it sounds like these folks are already trying to recruit a jury pool. everyone that i have talked to so far on the street is convinced these officers are guilty and wish we had gone back to hanging on the courthouse steps. last night would have been just fine with them.
11:18 am
is it possible to get a jury here or is this a guaranteed change of venue? >> -- over the past week by the citizens of baltimore, and also what the state's attorney's representation which was in part i believe a political statement. as a defense attorney i would immediately move for a change of venue in fairness to the officers themselves. >> reporter: as we look at marilyn mosby, the prosecuting attorney she's a very young, ambitious prosecutor she's taken a lot of heat. yesterday when she got up and announced these charges in a big press conference she said we have heard your calls for no justice, no peace, and now i'm providing justice for freddie gray. didn't talk much about justice for the officers. a few other things about her. she's gotten a lot of money from the attorney for the family of freddie gray. her husband a city councilman who has been very outspoken,
11:19 am
shall we say, on this issue. should she have appointed a special prosecutor? has she violated the prosecutorial code of ethics? >> i don't think she violated the prosecutorial code of ethics as there is always a clear debate as to whether she should appoint a special prosecutor or she also has given and received money from the fraternal order of police her family members, her mother and father and grandfather, were police officers. so the biases of this balances both ways. but in order to have transparency and clearness in this and for everybody to include the police officers to feel that they have been treated fairly it is a possibility that a special prosecutor would be in the best interests of all. >> reporter: we will see if and when that happens. ted williams live for us on this
11:20 am
and one of the other real questions here is how is this prosecutor even if she getsore a jury going to prove it because of the amount of folks who are saying she's really overcharged these officers including charging one of them with second degree depraved heart murder. we'll have more on that later. >> thank you very much leland. switching gears now, it's a happy day for britain's royal family as they welcome a new baby girl into the world. we will talk to a top royal watcher up next.
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the world is abuzz about the new royal baby girl born today to prince william and kate in london. joining us on the phone is top
11:24 am
royal watcher, eloise parker. thank you so much for joining us today. >> my pleasure. >> what can you tell us about the new baby girl? >> well i can tell you that it was certainly a swift and straightforward delivery for the duchess of cambridge today. you may remember that when she went into labor with prince george it was almost 12 hours before we had word that she had indeed had a baby boy. this time it was less than three hours from checking into the hospital that the duchess had her baby girl in her arms. they were very thrilled that she has a happy, healthy baby girl. >> when can we anticipate to learn her name? >> well hopefully they will meet with the queen in the next day or two and they will be bringing their name ideas past the queen. once that has been done we should expect an announcement imminently. i would expect they will release the name before they come to
11:25 am
their country home which they are expected to do in two days. i think that we'll have a name by monday. >> all of us are awaiting to see her come out of that hospital today. when can we anticipate seeing this little baby again? will it be some time? >> it may indeed be some time. we may catch a glimpse as the motorcade goes from kensington palace in a couple of days but i think as with prince george they really are going to value their privacy as a new family of four during this time. of course the reason they are going to that country home is to afford them that privacy and that time to bond with their baby. kate a very hands-on mother. she breast fed george and didn't even have a nanny. this time they do have a nanny on staff who will look after prince george as kate and prince william bond with their new daughter. >> have we heard from the queen?
11:26 am
>> the queen has of course said she's delighted. she stepped out today wearing pink and looked extraordinarily happy, and i think we are probably going to be hearing more official word from the queen. i would expect that she's going to visit kensington palace as she did with prince george. kate of course has really been through quite enough for one day and i don't think she will make the trip for buckingham palace. if she did, she would have to make an appointment with the queen. you can't just drop in with the queen. >> thank you so much for joining us and bringing us that wonderful news. thank you. that's all for us on this special edition of america's news headquarters. i'm elizabeth prann. >> reporter: i'm leland vitterd in baltimore. we will take a live look as the speakers are just getting going. the crowd here as swelled and we are told it will continue to
11:27 am
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a fox news alert, demonstrators gathering at this hour in baltimore for what they call a victory rally. thousands converging on city hall for a march through downtown. 24 hours after the city's top prosecutor charged six police officers in the death of freddie gray. this march initially planned as a protest before news broke of the officers' arrest. good afternoon. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'm kelly wright. >> i'm julie banderas. protests spreading to other cities across the country after the announcement triggered celebrations in baltimore and a greater sense of calm there just a few days after violence riots and looting rocked the