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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 4, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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suspects had actual explosives. you can log on to the "fox and friends first" facebook page. >> stay right here on the fox news channel for all the breaking details throughout the day. "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning it is monday may 4th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert now. terror in texas. chaos erupts at an event dedicated to free speech. >> get back in the building. >> two gunmen shot done after opening fire as a muhammad art contest. we are live on the ground with breaking details. we will speak to eyewitnesses who were there. following a week of violent protests in baltimore will anyone show an ounce of outrage about this a 25 new york city police officer fighting for his life at this hour after being
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shot in the face. details on how this true blue hero is doing this morning. then in the dark of night. a man sneaks on to the runway and steals a plane right out of the airport. he was in the sky for over an hour. how does that happen? meanwhile, we have a lot to discuss. it's a big week big show. mornings are better with friends. 6:00 in new york city. it's 5:00 now in texas. a fox news alert to start this program. two againmen are dead after opening fire at a free speech event in garland, texas, a dallas suburb. >> one security officer shot as local cops kill the two suspects in a dramatic fire fight.
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>> all right. let's get to casey stegall, he's live in garland. what is the latest on the ground where the shooting took place? >> we're being kept fairly far back from this very active crime scene at this hour. we can tell you the event is sponsored by a group called the american freedom defense initiative. and it was a draw muhammad cartoon contest. in fact organizers of this event were touting a $10,000 top reward top prize. as you know these are very controversial because such drawings can be deemed insulting to followers of islam. police say 200 people were in attend attendance. investigators tell us as the event was nearing an end, two men drove up and opened fire in the parking lot on an unarmed school security officer. officer bruce joyner hit in the ankle.
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treated and released at a local hospital. police shot back at the two armed suspects killing both of them. their names have not been released nor a motive. as word of what happened outside spread to those inside look at this video of the attendees who began holding the american flag and they sang god bless america. those folks eventually moved out of there to safety. bomb squad technicians have been working through the night sweeping the suspects' vehicle and belongings for possible explosive devices. i can tell you we have heard a few muffled concussions since we have been on the scene, but authorities have not confirmed what those sounds were. the fbi and the atf have people here assisting local law enforcement. >> all right. casey stegall live in garland, texas. one of the questions this morning is whether or not this is related to terror.
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apparently an isis fighter tweeted that the shooting was carried out by two proisis individuals in a series of tweets and linked a jihadist name which in intel organization has said was a british isis fighter. two of our brothers just opened fire at the prophet muhammad exhibition in texas. so is there now an isis connection to texas? >> you wonder that twitterfeed that case across at 7:35 at the time of the attacks. that read we have given the commander of the faithful. may allah accept us. ten days earlier that same account tweeted this will they ever learn. they are planning on selecting the best picture drawn in texas. i'm sure they are looking into that. we'll speak now with the tea party leadership fund. she was there at the event when
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the shooting happened. we thank you for being with us today. horrifically scary attack here. tell us what you heard. initially someone was saying shots fired? paint us the picture. >> yes. i'm happy to be here compliments of the garland police department. at the event, it was over. everyone was pretty much saying their good-byes. you could hear somebody in the hall way yelling shots fired. as people made their way to the doors, not running, but just trying to figure out what was going on outside, immediately the police came in they secured all the exits,b told everyone what was going on. there was an active shooter. they wanted everyone to stay in the room because that was the best place for us to be until they could have the perimeter secured. a few moments later, swap came in and they told us just enough to let us know this was a serious event. they told us two people had been
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shot and one was down and one of those being an officer. they proceeded to move us to the inner portions of the building for more safety. it was very interesting because there was not panic in the room. everyone was pretty much sticking together. and i believe you just showed the video of everyone singing god bless america with the american flag. that was followed by chants of usa. and it was just -- it happened so fast. but i think it's important to point out the context of this event, though. this was a response to an event back on january 17th at that garland school district facility that was anti-free speech. this was in direct opposition to that event. >> first off, about the event itself the leadup to the event, did you have any concerns personally this event would be targeted by people who did not want to see it take place because the security was so great and the publicity around it? >> well absolutely.
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i think everyone there in the back of their minds knew that something could potentially happen. which is why there was so much security. there were about 250 people. the event was sold out. but you know what? we are a in our time where americans are going to have to stand up and not live their lives in fear. we have the right to free speech in this country. those of us at that event are going to fight to keep it. >> you should pray at some point, in fact correct, what did you pray for? >> yes, well the main prayer we offered after singing and chanting usa was mainly for the officer that we had heard had been shot. we began to pray for the police department and everyone who was outside putting their lives on the line for those of us on the inside. we prayed for our country and our country's leaders to wake up and take this very seriously. >> what do you mean by that? >> our borders are unsecured. we're doing nothing.
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want we have a president who meets in private with muslim brotherhood and feels the public doesn't need to know what was in that discussion. i think there's evidence they're in the u.s. now. >> especially given the fact like it sounds like these tweets went out and isis sympathizers were involved. this had been controversial. ever since january, they spent an extra $10,000 to have super security there. i know you felt secure going in. why did you have to be there last night when this happened? >> it was important to me because i am a resident of garland, that's my neighborhood. it's important for me as a leader in the community to show people there are those of us out there fighting for our rights even though our elected officials are sitting on the sidelines. it's my neighborhood and it was
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important for us to show support for pamela geller. >> would you do it again given the attack that happened and the danger -- they're actually searching for more potential bombs, would you do it again? would you be there again? >> absolutely. ax. . we will not live in fear in texas. >> she just mentioned pamela geller. she will be us about an hour from right now right here on "fox and friends." >> think about this the shooting that took place, they didn't want to see it take place. there was threats from the twitterfeed if these are anti- -- if these are muslim extremists. we don't know. we know isis you don't have to go to syria and be a member of isis. you can be radicalized on the internet. the clues of those two guys who are now dead as we look back in their timeline and background to find out who or what they may be connected to. >> officials are searching for
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an identity if anything was on them in the car there it brings you back to -- people are drawing comparison to the paris terror attacks in january and the copenhagen cafe. is there a link there. that is a conversation that is now going on. where does freedom of speech meet with disaster when it comes to those who are not tolerant when it goes both way. >> as we look at those images out of paris in january. keep in mind why was "charlie hebdo" targeted? they were targeted because they put a cartoon depicting muhammad on the cover of their magazine. some people didn't like it. is this why that texas event was targeted last night? probably. let's be realistic. we don't know whether or not there is a connection right now. shortly after that there was an attack on the cafe in copenhagen. where the cartoonist who had drawn it simply was in attendance there was all sorts
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of trouble there, too. once again, because of the fact that he had drawn muhammad and many muslims find it offensive to depict muhammad in any fashion. >> right. and one of the keynote speakers is somebody who says i don't hate muslims, but i do hate islam. >> in fact, john kerry himself was asked by keith elson of the great state of minnesota please do not allow this man to come into the united states to speak at this particular event. the keynote speaker was a dutch lawmaker known for being a hard liner against islam. >> we'll keep an eye here in texas. now we'll turn to heather nauert. >> i have some things i want to bring you. nypd officer brian moore remains in serious condition after he was shot point blank in the face. the 25-year-old and his partner were on patrol in queens new york on saturday night when they
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spotted demetrius blackwell and started questioning him about an object in his waist band. he pulled out a gun and shot officer moore in the house. >> he's in the hospital. we're hopeful he'll walk out of that hospital but he's in serious condition. >> he's being held without bail. he previously served five years for attempted murder for a car robbery in 2001. baltimore is trying to get back to normal following a week of violent protests. the mayor and officials lifting the city's curfew. >> i think a lot of the unrest has been settled. settled down in the sense of the protests. what you saw in these last few days were peaceful demonstrations and people coming together to celebrate baltimore that we will get better and get through this. >> that happening two days after the prosecutor announced charges against six police officers who
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arrested freddie gray. the national guard will start to withdraw its troops. those are your headlines. i'll see you back here in just a little bit. we have a lot going on today. >> coming up our top story this morning, who are the suspects. and were they tied to terror? one retired fbi agent weighs in on those details about the shootout in texas last night. wait, what is that? a new outdoor cleaner from scotts - it's powered by oxiclean and it's chlorine bleach-free so it's safe to use around grass and plants. get scotts new outdoor cleaner plus oxiclean. clean your outdoor space. clean it.
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a fox news alert. overnight. two gunmen shot dead after opening fire at an muhammad art contestinse texas. the big question was were the suspects tied to terror. joining us retired fbi agent tim clemente clemente. where do we go from here in the possible tie to this attack to terror? map it out for us please. >> well the first thing we look at is what was the attack. it looks like this attack was very much like the "charlie hebdo" attack. the "charlie hebdo" attack was followed by another attack at the jewish deli in paris. we have to look at the possibility these individuals were not acting alone. if they weren't, who was with them behind them providing support, giving them direction, material or moneyism. that structure is something we have to find out. if this is the first of what they're planning to do not only
3:18 am
in texas and possibly the united states. we need to be aware of this. i guarantee the fbi is pouring throw every aspect of their lives. >> one thing we learned after talking to some of these people like you, is time matters. people will scatter like rats. they will run for the shore, run for the border. what are you thinking in terms of what the federal government can do to help out the local government what do you think is happening? >> the first thing we'll do, obviously if there were any cell phones found or if they're tied to cell phone accounts. they'll track what calls were made. they'll pore through text messaging histories to see who they were communicating with. they will find out the ip addresses they were using and who were they talking to over the internet. >> speaking of that it made me think about this twitter account. ten days prior to the event there was an islamic account,
3:19 am
followed by a tweet just before taking credit for the attack. >> it says there's a connection to islamic extremism. if it's associated with the islamic state or any other islamic extremist organization we have to believe them at face value they're saying this was an attack. there's no reason for us to believe it wasn't. any other individuals associated with that account, finding and tracking down anybody both in the united states and aare broad that was associated with that account or with individuals related to it. very important. that web is going to have to be dug deeper and deeper until we can put a organizational chart together and see what kind of people these are. >> does this remind you of the ft. hood shooter, the guy swinging the ax or does this remind you of "charlie hebdo" which is organized with
3:20 am
assailants that are more trained? >> i don't know what tactics these guys used. there's not a lot of information that been put out by the police as far as how they coordinated their attack. it seems like it's more of a "charlie hebdo" planned attack. they had some kind of preattack surveillance and intelligence on the event to know what time it was closing so they could have the most -- or the largest target possibility with people leaving that venue. they probably thought they were going to be leaving out of one or two doors. if they're outside those doors it's easy to perform an assault in that way. >> thank you for your expertise. we appreciate that. >> especially if it turns out there was bombs outside. that's very similar to some of the attacks we've seen in afghanistan and we did see in react iraq. this is the prosecutor in baltimore too politically motivated? we'll break that down next.
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quick look at headlines. relatives of the boston marathon bomber expected to take the stand. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces the death penalty after being convicted in the 2013 attacks. the defense is trying to prove his older brother dragged him into the plot. a nevada man is charged after stealing a plane from an airport runway and flying it for more than an hour. police say evan grant stole it in the middle of the night. they've watched nervously as an air traffic control negotiated with the former student pilot and convinced him to land. he faces grand larceny on auto charges. protesters claiming victory in baltimore, maryland, after six officers were charged on friday in the death of freddie gray. but could the political
3:25 am
ambitions of prosecutor marilyn mosby and her husband influence how she handles the case? let's talk to the vice president of community advocates incorporated who joins us today from los angeles. a lot of people were surprised this happened so quickly and she would level the charges against these six police officers. you say there's a good possibility that politics came into play? >> well i think is a political prosecution here. as you pointed how she had about 30 seconds the report about 30 seconds before she came out, did her very highly charged press conference announcing these charges. and clearly, she overcharged. i'm not a lawyer but a lot of legal minds around the country are looking at this and saying these charges can't be sustained. simply it won't hold. so here again, as we saw in the george zimmerman case, the mob, as it were their expectations
3:26 am
had been raised thinking we're going to get these guys. al then of course they go before a judge and jury and they pitch the whole thing out and back to the street again. if her intent was to calm the mob, it did that with a so-called victory celebration they had on saturday. where are we going to go with this? i think it may be very troubling. this is not all done yet. >> absolutely. let's go ahead and connect some of the dots. let's talk about marilyn mosby's husband. his name is nick. he's a city councilman in baltimore. he represents the areas of baltimore that were on fire. he did dissuade a number of police officers to pull back a couple of blocks. at her press conference on friday morning, she said he creates laws and i enforce the laws. but, still, at the same time, when your husband is a politician you just wonder.
3:27 am
>> well and he's a very volatile figure. it's not as if he's a benign city councilman. he has an aggression racial view of things. he's been all over television pronouncing his views. he's spoken at various rallies. he's a fire brand kind of guy. he's married to who? the prosecutor. what must that pillow talk sound like? >> no kidding. also let's talk about one of the big donors to her campaign a family who also happens to be the gray's family attorney. his name is billy murphy. he donated $5,000 to her campaign. which was the maximum under maryland law. he served on her transition committee. so if there's anybody who want to make sure does well it's the guy who is on -- you know who is partisan in this particular tragedy, unfortunately. >> well yeah.
3:28 am
now, beyond those things you ticked off here this guy, bill murphy has been basically the mentor to this prosecutor. so these are relationships are quite deep and quite long here. it's a very incestuous kind of thing we see developing here. should she recuse herself? a lot of people are saying she should. does she have to? probably not. but it doesn't auger well for how this turns out. >> indeed. joe hicks joining us today from los angeles with his point of view. thank you very much. >> thanks appreciate it. 28 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up more on our top story, a free speech event in texas and two suspects dead. former cia operative had friends inside when the shots went off down in garland texas. he joins us live with the eerie similarities between what happened in texas last night and the attack on "charlie hebdo" magazine offices in france. we'll be right back. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza.
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we are back with a fox news alert. a bomb squad still on the scene in texas after two gunmen opened fire at a muhammad art contest. and are shot dead. >> all this chaos erupting last night when the suspects ambushed security officer bruce joyner who was unarmed. he was outside the event. he gets shot in the ankle. the cops immediately shot back. both these gunmen dead. >> that's right. the gunmen showed up with rifles and back packs. the gunmen's identities and motives unclear. before shots rang out a menacing message were posted on twitter. police and fbi are still investigating that. let's bring in former cia operative. a couple of his friends were at the event. he's been watching the events unfold. what do you think happened? >> people need to put in context the fact you have significant
3:33 am
fundamentalests operating in texas. this has been a problem that the bureau and agency has known about. there was individuals who attacked this event. they showed up with ak-47 rifle and they had significant capacity to fire on the crowd. they were probably looking to do mass casualties. thank goodness for the police. people say we don't need police. that's insanitiment those police are brave. the swat team did a great job in protecting the attendees. >> from what you know in texas, are you allowed to have an ak-47? >> if those weapons were single fire shots, not automatic rifles but an ak-57 that was a
3:34 am
semi automatic would beal like an ar-15 would be legal. the fact is they came with large capacity from what i was told from individuals at the event. and, again, you know kudos to the swat team for protecting those lives. hug a policemen today. >> that's right. you know what -- >> that would be a novel approach. >> especially now. that's the conversation that's brewing is everything in baltimore was just going in riots and violence for so long until protests turned peaceful. let me ask you this when we're talking about texas here connect the dots for us tactically in terms of what you would look for next in tying these suspects to a large terror operation. >> well of course, you know they're going to go back and look at their communications on the internet. cell phones all of that. their histories. we'll see where they're from. you know the huh masorganization, are palestinian jihadists that are bad. isis has already claimed involvement. you don't know whether that's
3:35 am
true or not. this will be an investigation. you don't want to jump the gun. the bureau is quite experienced in dallas. the prosecutors are quite experienced they've been working these issues for over 20 years in dallas texas. i'm pretty confident they'll get to the -- an accurate resolution of this very quickly. >> you got to figure that if these two guys showed up toward the end of this event with these -- your friends say ak-47 with a barrel magazine. if they're outside there toward the end, maybe the intent was as these people come out of the event we're going to kill them right there? >> of course. i mean i think that that's a very reasonable assumption on your part. and it was made public. this event was being streamed also on the internet. and so you know it was not that they -- the event was being hidden. it was a publicized event. it was advertised. you had gert wilders who is a
3:36 am
known dutch politician who has spoken against jihadist. you had pamela geller, three notables there that have spoken about the dangers of islamic fundamentalism. we have to see whether they were targeted at the event or they were specifically looking at individuals. >> something reminded me of the yemeni attack. and there were these bombs that were detonated. people are talking about these smothered charges that are exploding. maybe they're going through some processes, but if there was a planned discharges around that place, that is very isis al qaeda like. that would be something extremely concerning. >> a lot of the groups -- look we've been in an ied device conflict with militant groups for years -- >> in the u.s.? >> -- a signature of this
3:37 am
specifically. bomb squads will use small charges to try to set off other charges if they suspect something is a charge. we'll have to see. this is not good. this is an assault on the first amendment in the united states. these are islamic fundamentalests attempting to -- >> thank you, gary. 23 minutes before the top of the hour h. heather has more news. >> good morning. hope you had a great weekend. great to see you. four people are dead and another is injured after a shooting spree at a popular pedestrian bridge south of green bay, wisconsin. police say the suspects randomly shot on people on the bridge and biking underneath it. it's unclear how the shooter died. police say they believe it was a random act. a back yard pool becomes a scene of a tragic accident when
3:38 am
a swing set snaps and it killed a 7-year-old little girl. this happened yesterday outside of phoenix, arizona when a 14-year-old was swimming from a rope that was attached to the swing set. it hit the 7-year-old in the head and knocked her into the pool. >> the parents inside heard the structure, the swing type structure collapse and they immediately went outside. they found the 7-year-old in the pool at the bottom of the pool. >> that young girl died while she was air lifted to the hospital. the 14-year-old is expected to survive after suffering injuries to her head and her shoulder. it is a chance for women to shatter the glass ceiling. special warfare command prepares to enter uncharted territory. there is nothing to stop women from joining s.e.a.l. teams as long as they can pass the tests. it moith be opened to women in january.
3:39 am
what do you think about the first female navy s.e.a.l.? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> i don't want to claim that net. can you disqualify me? >> i would try hard heather. we'll take a look outside to see what's happening with maria molina. good morning to you. >> good morning. we're looking at some very gorgeous weather today across parts of the northeast. we are talking very spring like temperatures finally arriving. take a look at some of the current numbers out there. not bad in new york city you're at 57 degrees. you're in the 60s in chicago, cleveland, all the way down to texas. memphis, you're enjoying some warmth early this morning. this afternoon, take a look at the highs, 80s in new york city cleveland father west in phoenix. a very warm day across the nation. we do have the risk for severe storms across new mexico and texas. a second area we're tracking from kansas to southern parts of iowa. there is a risk for large hail
3:40 am
damaging winds and isolated tornados. heavy rain with storms as well forecast especially across parts of the south central u.s. let's head back inside. >> thank you very much for the heads up on the fox cast. this coming up a 25-year-old cop fighting for his life this morning after being shot in the face. this as anti-police rhetoric continues to rage on. >> baltimore police department your day of justice has come. put them behind bars. lock them up. >> talk like that make cops not want to do their job. former former nypd investigator joins us. >> this new simulator coming to your next flight. we'll explain to you why it's a good thing. ♪
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fighting cancer has given me opportunities to live. i think i chose extremely well. call or go to cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. got a quick monday morning look at your headlines caught on camera. terrifying moments when a san francisco tour bus burst into flames. look at this. people on the street noticed the back of the double decker burning near the engine. they flagged down to driver 40 people on board got off safely. the bus burned up. good samaritans rushed to help a motorcyclists trapped under a pickup truck that dragged him down a freeway after
3:45 am
a crash. >> you're good buddy. >> oh, my goodness. look at that. a firefighter on his way to work used a jack to lift the truck off of the guy who managed to escape the ordeal with just minor injuries. that is a miracle. brian. amazing. an nypd officer fighting for his life after being shot in the head. this as anti-police rhetoric rages. >> we are completely barricaded and we're surrounded by flankings of police officers. in a way we're in prison. we're in a open air prison protesting. >> will continue to be relentless in changing the culture of the police department to insure that everyone in our city is treated equally. under the law. there will be justice for mr. gray there will be justice for his family. and there will be justice for the people of baltimore. >> baltimore police department
3:46 am
you day of justice has come. put them behind bars. lock them up. >> here to react is former nypd detective bo dietl. >> my heart goes out to the new york city cop that was shot in his face. >> brian moore, 25 years old. >> that's the most important thing. you know from listening to what happened and hesitation again, now it's happening with the police officers they're hesitating. the guy says what -- >> you used the quote. brian moore in his car says through the pa i am a police officer, do you have something in your waist band? he said yes and shot him in the face. >> here's your hezitation. normally when you feel like something is up you have your gun and have it at your side and you're ready. now people are complaining they
3:47 am
are taking the gun out. these police officers are on the firing line. you have in baltimore, everybody is jumping ugly with the cops. >> what do you mean? >> you have the bloods and crips and black panthers. how about protecting there were five young african-american kids killed in baltimore? maybe the cops killed them also. they want to throw everything on the police officers. across this country last year there were 200 african-americans killed justifiably on probably 99% of the cases across this country. there were also 400 whites that were killed last year. there's no attack against minorities by the police department. what's happening now is going to swing the other way and the cops -- talk to cops every day. if someone is guilty doing something wrong i'm the first one to say he should be prosecuted. to take on the police department and every cop out there trying to do his job, they got to go home to their family. when their wife and kids say good-bye to them that night if
3:48 am
he's doing 12:00 to 8:00 in the morning, they don't know if they'll see him again. >> this is a third generation of a cop family. they say there were hundreds of cops in the hall ways just holding vigils outside through the hospital staring straight ahead. >> right outside the studios a couple weeks ago. i saw officers coming through a gang of kids they come out -- you put your hands on me you go near me i'm going to have you job. i walked across the streets. the cops walked away. we don't want to get involved. if we do we'll lose our job. it's swinging the other way. i tell you what when you have a problem someone breaking into your house, maybe you should call the bloods and crips to help you out. >> maybe the retraining the mayor is putting everyone through. >> i've got guys with 30 years in the police department. they done pretty damn good. they're very professional. when you take a whole police
3:49 am
department you want to retrain a whole police department. these people here are people that do their job. they're out to protect you. and that's what policing is about. are there bad apples? yeah. should we get rid of them? yes. >> hopefully we get better news with brian moore today. great to see you. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. terror attacks opened up fire at a free speech event. what was it like inside there as shots fired? we'll talk to someone who was there. it's probably the last thing you want to watch midair. ♪ >> the new instruction video of a plane crashing is not the only terrifying tech coming to your next flight. that detail is coming your way. look at that. ♪
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we're back with a fox news alert t. two gunmen shot dead after opening fire at a muhammad art contest. police shot and killed the two suspects after they opened fire on an unarmed security officer. that officer is out of the hospital and will be fine. the gunmen's identities and motives are still unknown. the bomb squad is still on the scene in texas. elizabeth, steve. >> thanks. it's a terrifying scene of your plane crashing playing right before your eyes. can you imagine this? watch. ♪ >> new apps are meant to get you to pay attention to flight safety instructions before they take off.
3:54 am
is scaring passengers with worst case snarecenarios? let's talk to kurt the cyber guy. the way they do it now it's generic and not scary. that's scary. >> i fly all the time and i think i listen to instructions on board for emergency evacuations. i had no idea. i failed this test you're about to take. this video makes it so real that you actually learn. >> sure. >> where is this video being played? >> that one you just saw uses a headset. the one i'm about to show you is incredible. it can be on any smartphone or tablet. not only does it help you with all sorts of emergency, but, i mean whether it's emergency evacuation on the water or if it's just a regular -- >> this app is called learn to brace? >> learn to brace. we're seeing it right now. i want you to go ahead and take this elizabeth, if you will. and you're going to drag the yellow -- we have another shot of that.
3:55 am
>> you drag -- >> drag the yellow things in the position you think you should be in. >> that's where i'd put my hands. >> they said on the aircraft brace for impact. >> i put my feet as far as possible. >> you hit crash. then it will run through this simulation as if you've now hit the ground. >> that didn't go well. >> let's see what happened. >> this is going to grade you now and it says -- >> shows the red on your legs on your forarms and on your waist that you have an arm fracture abdominantal injuries. the position is to have your hands underneath your legs tuck your feet under the seat toward you and lean forward like that. >> so counterer intuitive. >> it is. i thought you would put your hands in front of you. >> brace for impact. >> right. no i failed it. this actually makes it so much more real.
3:56 am
>> okay. >> that you learn. >> something i do wrong all the time. whenever i land i put my foot on the leg on the seat in front of me. >> you're going to brake it right. >> it said i would wind up with a broken leg. >> it's true. there's -- it's amazing. i learned 86% of plane crashes you can walk away from if you know this kind of stuff. >> wow. you attended a flight survival lesson through united. i'm sure you had a ton of information out there. there is also an app called am i going down app. >> the name of that app so people -- >> learn to brace. >> learn to brace. check it out. >> tough love learning right there. thank you. all right. coming up our coverage continues in texas where two gunmen are shot dead after opening fire at a free speech event. critics say this event went too far and even instigated the attack. did it? we'll talk to the event
3:57 am
organizers next. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts ♪ ♪ 800,000 hours of supercomputing time 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ ♪
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good morning, it is monday, mayor may 4th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. terror in texas. >> get back in the building. go in the building. >> chaos erupts at an event dedicated to free speech. >> we heard a whole bunch of gun shots and we see the cops everywhere. >> security officers injured and two gunmen shot dead at a draw muhammad contest. we are live on the ground for you in texas. >> some say the cartoon contest went too far. the people inside say they will not be swayed. they sang god bless america as cops took down the shooters. we have a man who was inside. >> after a week of protests in baltimore, will anybody show an
4:01 am
ounce of outrage over the weekend. a 25-year-old new york city cop shot in the face and he is fighting for his life. details on how he's doing this morning. it's 7:00 in new york city. you're watching "fox and friends." let's get to that fox news alert. two gunmen are dead after opening fire outside muhammad cartoon exhibit in garland, texas. >> get back in the building. >> at this hour an investigation is still underway, right now we are bringing you closer to the scene of this crime. >> casey stegall is live on the ground with the latest.f the suburbs of dallas it's to the north and east of the city center?
4:02 am
>> yeah. it's only about a 20 minute drive. we're now getting closer because police have lifted some of the perimeter and that has allowed us to get closer to the scene. i'll hop out of the way and let you take a live look. we are a few hundred yards from it. on the other side of the flashing lights is the curtis culwell center. the bomb squad has been working throughout the night using a robot to sweep the suspects' vehicle. we've heard a couple of muffled concussions. we don't know if they were detonating something they found there h. a news conference scheduled for later this morning. there was a fear the suspects brought explosives with them to the scene. it was just before 7:00 texas time last night when investigators say two men drove into the parking lot of this center shooting. police returned fire killing both men. inside the center was a draw muhammad cartoon contest hosted
4:03 am
by a group called the american freedom defense initiative. as you know depicting the prophet muhammad in that way is considered blasfemts to many of the islamic faith. this was billed at a free speech event. we do not know a thing about the suspects who were killed. their identities have not been made public. police have not officially said if this was random or if the event was specifically targeted. listen to this there may be a digital trail, if you will before the shooting a tweet showed up on social media from an account called sharia is light. it said something to the effect of may allah accept us as mujahideen. the hashtag texas attack was used. this was before the shooting happened. this is clearly a key piece of evidence that investigators will be looking at in this very fluid and developing situation, guys.
4:04 am
>> casey stegall there in garland, texas. we should point out that garland police department is going to have a briefing at 10:00 central time. that is 11:00 eastern time. just about 45 minutes ago, the former cia guy who said he has sources there in the police department he said that the guys showed up with ak-47 with barrel magazines. you know that says a lot, but once again, we'll stick around for the press conference to figure out who they were and what they were up to. >> that's right. in the meantime we'll bring in ken emmanuel. a grass roots organizationer and a eyewitness of last night's event. we thank you for being with us first here at "fox and friends." >> thank you. >> what can you describe for us? what did you see? what did you hear? >> well the -- what we saw, really was -- the event had wrapped up and we were finding out way around and some people were talking with the organizers
4:05 am
up near the stage. and then sort of abruptly security escorted out the organizers off to the side. it was pretty quick. in a way that it appeared there was something up. and so i actually found my friends that i was there with and made sure i knew where they were. i went up to the front to ask what was going on and was met by a police officer who toldubs we were on lock down and we were not going to be allowed to leave because there was something going on in the parking lot. >> did you feel going in your security was going to be at risk because of the high profile event? >> well it is something that crosses your mind. i mean if you were to seek to avoid any problems with that you wouldn't go to an event like that. it's on your mind. >> would you do it again? considering this was not just theory it did happen the event did occur, was it worth it being there? >> yes absolutely. it was all about taking a stand. if you're going to stand up and
4:06 am
make a statement and stand up you know yeah, i would do it again. tomorrow i'd go back. >> it was billed as a free speech event, as you know where it was a contest. the winner would get $10,000 for the best cartoon of muhammad which is provocative. some have suggests you're trying to insight people. it went too far. what do you say to those critics? >> i think a lot of the folks that are involved in this had no interest or concern about depicting muhammad until it became a really big issue with free speech. when you're going to threaten to kill people then it's incumbent on the rest of us to stand up and say now we have to do this to show we're not going to be silenced. the fellow that won is a former muslim who has been very out
4:07 am
spoken and very brave. >> indeed. we had gary burnson on earlier who said there was a possibility that the guy showed up with ak-47's. you haven't heard from anybody in law enforcement or anybody who was at that event the nature of the arms these guys showed up with before they started shooting at that cop outside and then were killed themselves? >> i have heard that there were -- i heard last night that they had ak-47 type rifles. i don't know if they were -- >> right. that's what we've heard, too. real quick, i heard that the price of the ticket. they built $50 into the price of the ticket to hire outside security. is that correct? did you know about it? >> i didn't understand the question. >> like how much did you pay for tickets? >> well i didn't. it was $50 for the tickets. the normal ticket price. >> okay. were you one of the individuals there who began singing
4:08 am
patriotic songs, god bless america? if so, why was that important to sing those songs there? >> we began the singing. we had heard that there was a -- at that time we heard a police officer, it turns out it was not a police officer but it was a security officer. we prayed for his safety. we wanted to speak up and show solidarity with the police officers that were there as well as together show solidarity. that's when the prayers and singing began. >> you know i'm sure ken, over the next day or so people are going to be critical that the school district allowed this particular building. it's not a school per se but i believe it is on school property to be used for this event. what's your message to those critics who are going to say, they shouldn't have had it there in the first place? >> well this arose out of a situation a few months ago where the school district actually
4:09 am
allowed the same room actually and same facility to be used for a group that was actually seeking to silence criticism of the prophet muhammad. so they could decide they're not going to do anything but they need to be even handed about it. they had that event, they would need to allow this event. >> that's why they decided to have it there in january. there was a controversy and it went off last night with a hitch. ken emmanuel who was there last night, thank you very much for joining us from our dallas newsroom. >> this is significant, because you remember what happened with paris with the newspaper who came out and they were doing cartoons they not -- islamic extremism was a bad thing. there was reaction within the islamic extremist community and. both those assailants are dead but they had to be gunned down after a few minutes of drama. one of the people who was the
4:10 am
headliners at this event was a guy who spoke up. he says i have nothing against muslims. i have a problem with islam and the koran and sh islamic extremist which he think is poisoning holland and europe. he has to have full time security whenever he goes. what i find most compelling is those guys who are now dead and how they are tied to terror. >> this ended thanks to the swift action by the garland police department. >> pamela geller who organized this event last night after the event in january, is going to be -- there she is last night in garland. she's going to be joining us about 10 or 15 minutes from right now. i know we said she'd be at the top of the hour but we had logistical problems. she'll be with us shortly. it is 7:10 in new york city. time for news in baltimore. >> things trying to get back to normal there in baltimore.
4:11 am
the curfew lifted trying to get back to normal following a week of violent protests. the city decides to lift its curfew. >> over the weekend, we have seen peace. the decision was made to lift the curfew today. our focus is on asking people to continue to be peaceful so we can continue as the police commissioner said yesterday the steps towards normalcy. >> this happening two day kz after the prosecutor announced charges against six police officers who arrested freddie gray. the national guard will begin withdrawing troops. >> fighting for his life this morning. nypd officer brian moore remains in serious condition after he was shot in the face over the weekend. the 25-year-old officer and his partner were on parole in queens when they spotted a suspect. they started questioning him about an object they saw in his waist band. that's when the suspect pulled out a gun and shot officer moore in the face. he has a history of assaulting
4:12 am
police officers and is being held without bail on attempted murder charges. he previously served five years for attempted murder during a car robbery in 2001. those are your headlines. i'll see you in about 30 minutes. >> thank you. he watched the whole investigation take place. unspeakable character. 12 minutes after the top of the hour. the prosecutor called for calm as she announced charges against six baltimore police officers on friday morning. famed attorney alan dershowitz says those charges have nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with crowd control. alan dershowitz live here on the program next. in the dark of night a man sneaks on to a runway and steals a plan off the airport. he was in the sky for an hour. how does that happen? ♪ i hit the ground ♪ ♪ i hit the ground running ♪ ♪ i know exactly what i'm doing ♪
4:13 am
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4:16 am
well the curfew was lifted last night after the riots in baltimore throughout the week. there is a storm of controversy and criticism following a prosecutor's decision to charge six police officers in connection with the death of freddie gray. our next guest says she probably overcharged. joining us now is famed attorney
4:17 am
alan dershowitz, the author of taking the stand, my life in the law. when you take a look -- we'll put up -- among the charges filed against the police officers. it's quite a list. second degree depraved heart murder. involuntary manslaughter. second degree murder. things like that scattered amonging theamong the officers. you say from what you heard there is no murder. >> murder requires an intention to kill. nobody wanted to kill him. or such extreme conduct you know somebody is going to die like shooting at a moving bus without concern if anybody is going to die. what this impresses me as this is a decision made to prevent future riots. that's commendable. you want to make sure there are no riots. a prosecutor shouldn't be listening to the crowd. when i hear some of the crowd saying -- unless there's a conviction we're going to riot
4:18 am
again. you can't have justice by crowd. look there's a serious problem here. there is a lot of police abuse in some cities. but you don't respond to that by scapegoating individual policemen and overcharging them to make the crowd go away. that's not justice. >> and the problem is -- you know this -- if she overcharges, there's a possibility that none of these charges are going to stick. >> that's what happened in florida with angela corery when she overcharged george zimmerman and got an acquittal. what some prosecutors do they mortgage the future to produce a good result in the present. they did stop the riots. >> people calmed down. >> they calmed down. that's not the object of justice. we have to remember the presumption of innocence apply to everybody, including policemen. if these guys took him on a rough ride, deliberately
4:19 am
intending to hurt him and he died. that may be manslaughter. the evidence has to support that. i haven't seen any evidence of a rough ride yet. that may be a surmise. let's treat this case the way our constitution requires that all cases against anybody charged with a crime are treated. presumption of innocence. better for one to go free than one innocent to be wrongly convicted. even the american civil liberties union in its initial statement didn't mention the presumption of innocence, due process or anything relating to the rights of these policemen. >> they were just in a hurry. >> you can understand the hurry, it's not a justification. you can't ever ignore the due process of law and the presumption of innocence. that's the bulwark of our american constitution. >> let's see what happens next. thank you very much. it's 20 minutes after the top of the hour. our coverage continues in garland, texas, where two gunmen
4:20 am
shot dead after they open fire on a cop at a free speech event. critics say this event was over the line and even instigated the attacks. we'll talk to the organizer there. a bus full of tourists bursts into flames in san francisco. the people inside and on the bus had no idea the bus was on fire. they got to safety before it was too late. coming up. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders... awwwwwww!!!!! they have all those warnings on them. might as well say, "you're going to die, jeff". you hired someone to clean the gutters? not just someone. someone from angie's list. but we're not members. we don't have to be to use their new snapfix feature. angie's list helped me find a highly rated service provider to do the work at a fair price. come see what the new angie's list
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4:23 am
glad you're up. quick headlines coming your way. four people are dead another injured after a shooting spree on a popular pedestrian bridge south of green bay, wisconsin. police say the suspect who is among the dead randomly shot at
4:24 am
people walking on the bridge. relatives of the boston marathon bomber expected to take the stand. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces the death penalty. the defense is trying to prove his older brother dragged him into the plot. no oneson is buying it. a fox news alert, overnight two gunmen shot dead after opening fire at a muhammad art contest in texas. the big question is were the suspects tied to terror and where does the investigation go from here? >> that's right. one of the reasons we're wondering whether or not there is a terror connection is apparently a known isis fighter tweeted out the shooting was carried out by two pro isis individuals. another isis supporter claimed on twitter one of the gunmen called himself sharia is light. also we should point out, keep in mind this was an art contest where the winner of the muhammad
4:25 am
cartoon contest, allah "charlie hebdo" will get $10,000. a key note speaker was a dutch lawmaker known for a hard line stance against muslim. he -- islamic. >> 18 minutes before the the shooting there was an isis supporter who said the shooting was about to take place. he hashtaged texas shooting. ten days earlier that same account was tagged for noting and saying that they were -- aggravated this event was going to take place in the first place. 200 people attended the event. the two gunmen were killed. the police officer that was shot in the ankle, seems to be okay. >> it is -- his name is bruce joyner. this guy gert wilders says he's been on fulltime security since 2008. he believes radical islam is a
4:26 am
problem in europe. he's invited there. they new security had to be high. when i think we're trying to unwind and we're successful in doing it. we won't know more sure until 11:00. what was behind the terror attack? how well organized was it? was this a radical like we saw with the guy wielding an ax in brooklyn? is this like ft. hood who kept going on line? or was this something that was organized, an operation, was a cell activated in the u.s. >> a thousand foot radius was shut down according to a facebook page from the town. everyone at the center at the art exhibit was told to find a safe place. we spoke with eyewitnesses there. they were moved to the center of the building they started
4:27 am
singing god bless america. and played for the officers outside. >> we don't know there was a connection to terror. >> we know about these tweets out there we have heard from gary burnson, who has contacts in the law enforcement community there. we also talked to a fellow who was an eyewitness who was inside the hall last night. they both said they had heard that ak-47's with a barrel magazine was there. the big question was, were they out to target the people as they left. >> it seems logical. >> they pulled up at 7:00 central time which was -- they had concluded the event. they had already awarded the guy $12,500 or were they targeting this guy, this girt wilders who is on the al qaeda hit list. we don't know yet. we do know we'll talk to pamela geller the woman who organized this event in texas. she's driving to our studio location. she's going to be with us shortly. >> there's a bomb squad robot
4:28 am
we've seen sweeping the scene and the vehicle there. >> and the car. the thought was -- these guys show up with rifles and backpacks, maybe the car is a bomb. >> they were concerned about explosives. >> this event profiles us something that would bring radicals out of their cave or out of their cell to act. so this could actually be used in the future to try to be provocative enough by law enforcement to bring them out. >> are we looking at the new look of terror? is this another example of that? >> we're going to step aside. pamela pamela pamela geller on the other side of the break.
4:29 am
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4:32 am
geller. thank you for joining us from our dallas newsroom. first of all, we'll get into the critics out there who now say you shouldn't have had that event in the first place. tell us what happened last night. >> we had a free speech conference. and clearly, what happened is indicative of how very vital this conference was needed. the idea that there's a violent war, a violent assault on freedom of speech clearly was brought home last night. >> sure you know. the contest draw muhammad was at the center of this here. were you concerned you were going to have another "charlie hebdo" on your hands? >> look we -- my colleagues and i have been traveling with armed security for the past ten years. there is a war on free speech. we entered a new era last night. because this wasn't paris or copenhagen this was texas. there were 300 freedom lovers in that audience listening to geert
4:33 am
wilders, and the winner of the drawing contest who was a former muslim. it was an art exhibit showing the pictures of muhammad all throughout the past 1,400 years. >> do you believe that there was another way to go about expressing freedom of speech and your rights that would not have been considered to be offensive? by muslims? >> yeah. inoffensive speech needs no protection. offensive speech needs protection. so are we to believe if something offends you, if something insults you, that we should go out and kill people and that way we can get our way. because that's really the implication here. i'm not responsible for the violence conducted by others. it's outrageous that this would be the morally inverted view of the media. that somehow because we drew a
4:34 am
cartoon that two gunmen with ak-47's tried to storm the building and shoot up innocent people and somehow they're not responsible? it's just incredulous to me. >> pam, when you said you want to fight for freedom of speech who is fighting against freedom of speech? >> the gunmen are fighting against freedom of speech. >> who were they? >> we don't know everything yet. >> you put a conference like this together it's essentially you believe it's the muslim extremists that are fighting against freedom of speech? is that what this is about primarily? >> we see across the world sharia enforcement. by violent jihadists, but we also see it in the media. the media white washes the doctrine. what happened in france could have easily have happened here last night. the idea that in the wake of the
4:35 am
"charlie hebdo" massacre that muslim groups had a conference in the same room standing with the prophet conference in support of the blasphemy laws under the sharia. in support of the idealogy. yes, we had a freedom of speech conference. without freedom of speech peaceful men will have no choice to resort to violence. the first amendment protects all speech not just ideas we like. most particularly political speech. who is to decide what's good and for forbidden? this is free speech. this is the key issue of our age. >> pamela you just brought up the event in the same building in the same room that was in january, where the speakers there were talking about thou there's so many people who are anti-muslim in the country. they had freedom of speech to have their event. you went ahead, you saw that
4:36 am
happening there. you said we're going to have the contrary in the same room. you hired extra security. because you felt it was important to make a statement. and you did. didn't you? >> i did. we did. hundreds of americans did. that conference that you're referring to was against freedom of speech. they had an unindicted co-conspirator speaker who was an unindicted co-conspirator. it wasn't a week after the "charlie hebdo" slaughter. wouldn't it have been wonderful if the american muslim leaders had a conference in defense of free speech. that would have been the way forward. >> i'm not holding my breath after all these years. what can you tell us more about the investigation? i understand security drove you home and one of the security people said to you, one of them tried to get inside the building, correct?
4:37 am
they weren't just -- >> they told a couple witnesses that as well from what i understand. we had the event, it really was quite wonderful. the -- i understand that when the event went into lockdown after the incident you had 300 people singing the star-spangled banner and god bless america, which speaks to the great american spirit. even in the wake of such horror. my family is with -- my thoughts are with the family of the police officer, the brave police officer, kudos to the garland police department. we had to pay an additional $10,000 to the garland police department. and we had our own private security force. again, this speaks to the low state of freedom of speech in this country in order to have a conference on freedom of speech you have to spend upwards of $50,000. >> do you believe you and geert wilders were specifically targeted here or was the event
4:38 am
specifically targeted here? what have you been told? >> i do not believe that geert wilders or myself were targeted. i believe freedom of speech that our right was targeted. this is the war. this is the war and it's here in america now. >> one other thing before you go there are a couple of news reports out there that these guys may connection to isis. and isis -- a known isis fighter tweeted out the shooting was carried out by two pro isis individuals. and another isis supporter claimed on twitter one gunmen called himself sharia is life. another isis connected person. what do you think about that? >> well i'm sure the president kill take to the air waves to asure us the islamic state has nothing to do with islam. the fact of the matter is this is the sharia. they mean to impose it. when hillary clinton, goes after the youtube video and we arrest the maker of a youtube video,
4:39 am
that's sharia enforcement. that was the first political prisoner under sharia in this country. people better wake up and start taking back their freedom. >> you'll do this again? >> yes i i'll do this again? >> in texas? >> i don't know where. we will do this again. we will not abridge our freedom of speech in order to not offend savages. this is why this country was founded. this is our founding fathers, the first amendment. this is crucial. >> you're hearing from the president of the american freedom defense. we thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> 21 minutes before the top of the hour. we'll continue to expand on this story and what happened in baltimore with donald trump. because it's monday. across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar
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4:43 am
garland, texas, hours after a pair of gunmen opened fire outside a free speech event where they hit one police officer who was wounded in the ankle. and then a swap team returned fire. >> their identities and motives are unclear. just as shots rang out. a menacing message was posted on twitter warning of the attack. joining us is to discuss this is a possible presidential candidate himself. donald trump. what's your reaction to this shooting overnight? freedom of speech regardless of what they're talking about? you got to feel you can do it without being shot wouldn't you think? >> i do. i think it's terrible. and we have to act very strongly. i actually think that police if you look at what happened in baltimore, you look at what happened they destroyed the city in one night by acting weakly. you know the weak action was so bad. because that city is just destroyed. i have friends that live there
4:44 am
t. they say what happened there. they won't recover for years because of the people running things. destroyed. but i will say. i watched pam prior, and it looked like she's just taunting everybody. what is she doing? drawing muhammad and it looks like she's taunting people. and it's disgusting that it happened and everything else. why are they doing drawing muhammad? isn't it something else they can draw. >> you're referring to pamela geller who on the grounded therganized the event. we asked her is there another way to express your freedom of speech? she said there wasn't another way. you have to fight back against this war against freedom speech. you say? >> they can't do something else? they have to be in the middle of texas on muhammad it's disgusting what happened. it looks to me like she's
4:45 am
somebody who is taunting them. what is she doing? why is she doing it? and, you know i'm one that believes in free speech. probably more than she does. what's the purpose of this? she's taunting them. she's probably it's very risky for her. i don't know maybe she likes risk. what the hell is she doing is what's the purpose of it? >> mr. trump, i'm sure you saw it looks like ben carson yesterday declared he's running for president on a local affiliate down in florida. carly fiorina declared she's running for president over on good morning america. mike huckabee is probably going to come out shortly. i mentioned fiorina. here she is listen to this. >> yes i am running for president. i think i'm the best person for the job because i understand how the economy actually works. i understand the world. who is in it and how the world works. i understand bure ocacies. that's what our government has
4:46 am
become. i understand technology which is a tool. to reengage citizens in the process of government. i understand executive decision making. which is making a tough call for which you're held accountable. >> you know all about executive decision making. three more republicans this week you want to make it four? we have a live tv camera. >> i look at carly. carly was dismissed, fired, really in a tough manner from hewlett packard. she then ran for the senate and, as you know from california lost in a landslide. now she's running. i wish her luck. i think she's probably a very nice person. >> you look at any three, between carson fiorina or huckabee as top tier contenders? >> let me put it this way, they're all very nice people. >> that's a no? >> who knows what happens. it's a crazy world. we're living in a crazy world.
4:47 am
do i think so no, i don't think so. >> does their presence intimidate them not to run? >> no. >> do they inspire you to run? >> not a all. what inspires me to run is i could do a better job than anybody else. that's how i built up a great company. we'll be talking about that. i like all three, but i don't think they have a great chance at it. >> if you jumped into the political ring and you'll tell us first we hope. you were at one ring, pacquiao and mayweather. tell us about it. >> it was really a downer because it was so exciting everything so was good. then all of a sudden things happened and it just didn't work out the way it was supposed to work out. the fight was not a great one. a lot of people thought, actually that mayweather didn't win because he wasn't aggressive. he was -- he's an excellent boxer, but his matches are not
4:48 am
exciting. he's a defensive boxer. pacquiao is an aggressor. pacquiao i thought he would act with indignation. he really didn't. he accepted his loss easily. i was surprised at that. >> he also said he was hurt. overall -- >> that was a bad thing. supposedly he was hurt. his right shoulder was badly hurt and he couldn't fight. you know everyone is going -- think -- it was really disappointing. it was really disappointing. >> think about other great fights when haggler and hurns fought. these guys are getting $100 million. it didn't seem like either one had to win. >> it wasn't a great fight. the event was so -- going to be one of the great events of all time. it was a little bit of a downer to be honest with you. >> i'm sure you had a good time. >> other than that i had a great time. >> our celebrity stroll we did
4:49 am
outside trump tower, it's going to be later on this week. are you ready for it? >> i'm ready for t. that was a tough stroll we had. i guess they were going crazy because you were there. you're a big star. he's a very big star. i don't know how you two can take it. >> we know. >> he's such a big star. >> i was wear arg new cologne. and that attracted people to me >> we walked down fifth avenue and walked into trump tower. there was a lot of people going crazy because brian was there. we had a great time. >> we'll be watching for that later in the week. >> it will be a lot of fun. >> nice for you to give us that time. >> have a good time thank you very much. >> thanks mr. trump. still ahead, we have an exclusive interview with mitt romney. he says hillary clinton politicized the riots in baltimore? >> are we not going to lock people up who commit crimes? is that what she's suggesting? i thought it was an inappropriate thing for her to do. >> romney's reaction to
4:50 am
baltimore. is the prosecutor in the freddie gray case too politically motivated to be involved. and should is be moved. love making sunday dinners. but when my back hurt, cooking all day... forget about it. tylenol was ok, but it was 6 pills a day. but aleve is just 2 pills all day. and now, i'm back! aleve. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles.
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4:53 am
well the fraternity order of police asking baltimore state attorney to recuse herself from the gray case. an open letter dressed to mosby says this. i have concerns about the
4:54 am
conflicts of interest presented by your office conducting an investigation in this case. these conflicts involve your personal and professional relations with the gray family attorney. your husband's political future will be directly impacted for better or worse by the outcome of your investigation. so should she step aside? we're going to ask former governor of maryland robert ehrlich that. >> by the way, and the cologne and inwalkthe walk i have to give him a hard time. >> he does sound great. >> brian, i'll talk to you later. i don't want to smell you either. >> let's shift our gears to baltimore. considering what we know about the prosecutor mosby. tiate a should a special prosecutor be appointed? >> a change of venue is more important to the system and these defendants. >> why is that? >> from what you all have been
4:55 am
reporting, for what you've been showing the world from all the video from the temperature, elizabeth, this very high obviously, it's calmed down now as a result of the indictments. but once this trial begins once witnesses are called you can see, you know similar scenes. i hope not. but anything to sort of take that temperature down ratchet it down. i do believe in that respect a change of venue is appropriate. >> some are concerns when she spoke in terms of speaking justice it wasn't for all. >> that was -- struck me. the tone of it struck a lot of people as not what you want to hear from a state attorney. it needs to be balanced. justice is blind. it's not a function of a particular group or a particular series of folks in the streets. it's blind. it is what it s. the evidence is going to show what it shows. as you know we do not know what the evidence will reveal come trial time. >> i want to read a quote.
4:56 am
she said it's been 78 days since michael brown was shot in the street by a police officer. it's one 101 days since garner was choked to death. and 54 days since the new york city medical examiner ruled that incident a homicide. neither has resulted in an indictment. does that indicate to you that she's on a path to seek certain justice, not total justice? >> again, total justice is blind. that tone was not a tone i think the citizens want to hear when it comes to fairness and justice. and that's the bottom line of her job. that's why we pay her. >> ant to thank the former maryland governor robert ehrlich for joining us. coming up officers shoot and kill two gunmen attacking a muhammad cartoon contest in texas. we are live on the ground about the breaking developments about who the suspects may have been. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active.
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i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. terror in texas. chaos erupts at an event dedicated to free speech. >> get back in the building. >> we have an officer down and suspect down. >> two gunmen shot dead after opening fire at a muhammad art contest. we are now learning more about one of those suspects and his ties to terror. the breaking details from texas straight ahead. meanwhile, the organizer of the event under fire as critics say her muhammad cartoon contest went too far. hear how she defends herself and takes those -- takes inside those dramatic moments in texas straight ahead. and mitt romney sitting down for an interview with "fox and friends" saying hillary clinton has politicized the riots in baltimore. >> i thought it was a very
5:01 am
inappropriate thing for her to do. >> more of our interview with the former presidential candidate this hour. because mornings are better with friends. we start immediately with that fox news alert. two gunmen are dead after opening fire outside a muhammad cartoon contest in garland, texas. >> get back in the building. >> at this hour an investigation is still underway and the suspects' identity have not been released. >> casey stegall is in garland with the latest. >> we're getting some reports that are trickling in from local affiliates. that these two suspects may have been roommates and lived together in phoenix.
5:02 am
there are some search warrants being executed out in arizona as we speak. and the fbi has told one news outlet that the two cases are linked. we're working to get that information confirmed. i can tell you this event last night was spotsnsored and it was a draw muhammad cartoon contest. the organizers advertised a $10,000 top prize for the best cartoon, although it's controversial as you well know. such drawings are deemed insulting to many followers of islam. the police say about 200 people were in attendance at the curtis culwell center last night in a dallas suburb of garland, texas where we are. investigators tell us as the event was nearing an end, two men drove up and opened fire in the parking lot on an unarmed school security officer. officer bruce joyner was hit in the ankle. then treated and released at a
5:03 am
local hospital. police then shot back and at the two armed suspects killing both of them. again, their names have not been officially releases nor a motive. we're hearing of a possible arizona connection. as word of what happened outside spread to those inside last night, look at this video of the attendees who began holding an american flag and they said god bless america. those folks moved out of there to safety. no other injuries reported. bomb squad technicians have worked through the night sweeping the suspect's vehicle and they're belongings for possible explosive devices. we heard a couple of concussions in the overnight hours. we don't know if they were detonating something on the scene up there. a lot of unanswered questions right now. as this still very much remains a fluid and developing situation. one we are on top of. >> we thank you very much.
5:04 am
>> huge news. >> he mentioned the abc affiliate in phoenix has information about this guy. they are releasing his name. they identify his as elten simpson. he is believed to have been the fellow behind the twitter message half an hour before the the attack using the hashtag texasattack. about five years ago this elten simpson lying to fbi about flying to africa. the judge said the government could not prove he was out to join a terror group. >> i'd like to add -- >> that's according to 15 abc out in phoenix. >> ten days prior to that he tweeted disdain this event was going to happen. >> we find out overnight the fbi is all over his place. and the -- so is the bomb squad were at simpson's apartment.
5:05 am
it is true possibly his roommate was the other guy. >> let's bring in former nypd officer and secret service agent. we'll start with you. we heard reports from a couple of people with sources close to the investigation that it sounds like these two guys pulled up with back pack and ak-47's with drum magazines. >> this was a mass murder that was prevented. no question in my mind. right now, it's all about putting together and locating that bread crumb trail. credit card history from these individuals, phone call history. internet search history. cash deposits. where they've been any video they can get from places they may have been. that's what they'll have to do from this point. there is no question this was a mass murder in the planning. >> it turns out simpson was well
5:06 am
known to the fbi. five years ago he was convicted to lying to federal agents about his plans to travel to africa. he does have roots outside the country. as we watch this thing unfold if this information is correct, should people at home be saying to themselves isis is here? >> absolutely. i mean as we -- you know in our work that we do at the american islamic forum, we unfortunately, attract theire of those who think we are not muslim and attack us. we have seen twitter accounts here in arizona. this gentleman was probably from here. isis hates america because they want to establish the islamic state based in abolishing free speech based in sharia law. it's not those who want to criticize muhammad. the prisons in saudi arabia and iran are filled with people who questioned islam and the islam government. this provocative speech question is not only about those outside
5:07 am
muslim islam. and we can't give in to the radicals. >> we asked pamela geller if there was another way that wouldn't have to be so provocative or offensive. she said this is war and the war is on free speech. this is what she had to say. >> there is a war on free speech. we entered a new era last night. because this wasn't paris, this wasn't copenhagen this was texas. are we to believe if something offends you, if something in insults you that we should kill people and that way we can get our way. that's the implication there. the first amendment protects all speech not just ideas that we like. most particularly political speech. who is good to determine what is good and what's forbidden? this is free speech. this is the key issue of our age. >> and dr. jaszser, the reason
5:08 am
she scheduled this event is they had something to the contrary in january where they were talking about the spread of islam phobia throughout the united states. >> and the reason they attach so much value to the criticism of the prophet muhammad, they do this because of the islam onationals. we only have the prophet muhammad unique to islam. they want to use it as a rallying cry for the islamic state. i say as a reform minded muslim today's provocation, if we appease them about cartoons tomorrow they'll find some other issue that provokes them. it will be a slippery slope that is never ending. >> it could have been a draw an anti-jesus cartoon contest. people might have been unhappen. but i would be sure there
5:09 am
wouldn't be a shooting. looking back at "charlie hebdo," we know those two assailants will went underground. what does it tell you about this phoenix group, if they were working in conjunction tweeted ahead of time what they were going to do and condemned the conference before they did it what does that tell you about what we are looking at as a threat here at home? >> i've been on this network many times sounding the alarm on what i call sole proprietorship terrorism. some call it loan wolf terror. i don't agree with that term. it's not loanne wolf. they are being inspired by radical islamic terrorists. >> i'm curious to see are they coming back and get -- getting trained and coming back or looking at video? >> it depends. some are and some aren't. that actual training if it was
5:10 am
happening in a terrorist facility would leave a big bread crumb trail. when you look at the boston training the training was in a magazine on how to put explosives in a kettle. it depends on what your definition is. >> does it concern you more so with the proximity of this shooting and the search extended into arizona with its proximity to the border. >> it absolutely should. there's a documented history of people using our southern border. people coming in from the region in south america to use the holes in that southern border to infiltrate our security apparatus and get people into the united states. this should concern every american. this isn't a immigration issue, it's a national security issue. if you had to treaugyour priority. >> we'll give you the final word. >> i think it's important we realize the fbi said isis is in
5:11 am
all 50 states. we need leadership from the white house, congress media, universities. that we have to protect reformers. we have to protect those who push the envelope of free speech. otherwise, as we appease we allow governments of islamic regimes to set the stage of what is islam and what's not. >> thanks so much. he's in the eye of the storm. thanks for joining us. dan, you too. this is two different opinions. you had donald trump 20 minutes ago saying what the hell are they doing having a muhammad drawing contest. and then we have a islamic saying you can do what you want. >> i think the conversation out there, too, what is your right? is it always right to do it? so i think you have to employ a kind heart in all of your actions knowing these things can occur while not forfeiting your
5:12 am
freedom speech. >> it's illegal to shout fire in a crowded theater. the question is did this cross the line. pamela geller said no come on. it's a test of the freedom speech and freedom of expression. what do you think? e-mail us at we'd like to know what you think. >> we do have a name and we have a second suspect the fbi is -- alleged name according to abc 15 over in phoenix. that's where they are linking it to. the bomb squad and fbi is poring through this guy's background j trying to find his known associates. they are looking for the second accomplice -- >> casey stegall said it sounded like they were roommates in phoenix. the name we gave you earlier, this elten simpson fellow sounds like he and his roommate decided to load up the car, drive to dallas somewhere along the line they wound up with some heavy artillery. and next thing you know they're dead. >> one of them they are linking
5:13 am
to that twitter account that posted just before that haunting post on twitter saying this attack was going to happen. and ten days prior expressed disdain. >> stick to fox news and we'll have all oitf it for you. bill clinton breaking his silence about the "clinton cash" controversy and complaining about their cash troubles. we're live at the white house with that next. >> they have cash troubles? a man steals on to a runway and steals a plane out of the airport. taking to the skies for an hour. he had to be talked down. we'll tell you what he was thinking, if he was thinking. ♪
5:14 am
5:15 am
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5:17 am
a fox news alert. no regrets. this morning former president bill clinton defending the foreign money donated to the clinton foundation saying the charity did nothing wrong. >> will this affect hillary's white house run? chief washington correspondent james rosen is with us. what do we know? >> good morning. democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton is not yet consented to be interviewed
5:18 am
about the tangled finances of her family's foundation. today her husband, the former president of the united states is speaking out. in an interview that aired moments ago on nbc's today show the 42nd president defended his lucrative speaking fees including the $500,000 he received for a speech in moscow not long after his wife granted russia control over the uranium supply. al he said the fees offer him independence to speak his mind and he turns down many lucrative offers. the former president's comments come amid a wave for the book publicity "clinton cash" by peter schweizer. the book details the uranium deal which benefitted large donors to the clinton foundationing and other aspects of the foundations finances which have raised questions of potential conflicts of interest involving the secretary of state. >> if your wife is elected
5:19 am
president, will you step down from the foundation? >> if it's the right thing i do i will. >> why might you step down if she was elected president? >> might do if i was asked to do something to the public interest i have an obligation to do. or i might take less of an executive role. you can see, so i might do that. but, we'll cross that bij when we come to it. >> one other comment from the former president. he said when he and hillary clinton moved into the white house in early 1993 they had the lowest net worth of any presidential family since that of harry truman. that comment recalling the equally controversial comment from hillary clinton last year during her book rollout when she said she and president clinton upon leaving the white house were dead broke. i am neither of these things. i neither receives $500,000 speaking gigs nor dead broke. i steer a comfortable middle
5:20 am
course. >> are you going to use yourself as a primary source? >> i'm good at quoting myself. >> yes you are, very good. >> james rosen, nort lawn of the white house. thank you. >> next up on the rundown, brand new details on the suspect in a texas shooting. the fbi searching their homes right now. brand new video. and a former member of the fbi national joint terrorism task force. joining us live. next. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business.
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5:23 am
months on a bold 2015 camry. offer ends june 1st. for great deals on other toyotas, visit thanks jan. thanks jan. now you both have camrys. yeah! toyota. let's go places. a fox news alert. we're just learning the fbi is now in the process of searching the apartment of one of the suspected gunmen behind last
5:24 am
night's shooting in texas. reportedly one of the apartment belongs to one elton simpson. so what are they looking for there? let's talk to former senior military intel officer on the fbi national task force, steven rogers. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> they're looking through this guy's apartment in phoenix. apparently he is believed to be the guy who had the twitter message hashtag texas attack. >> what they'll do is connect the dots world wide. this information will go to every police department around the world. they'll see who he's connected to and if they were carrying out orders. >> we have a name. two different sources are using, elton simpson. we know they're looking for a second suspect. we had our own casey stegall say, could have been his roommate. >> could have been. the fact of the matter was this is a terrorist attack. there is no playing games with the words. >> what makes you think terror
5:25 am
attack because. >> back packs and ak-47's. and the time associate important. this was supposed to be a -- >> lone wolf attack? >> no, i don't think so. >> what message was sent to the white house. >> i believe last night the message was sent to the president of the united states that message is mr. president, this is how you draw the line in the sand. you use american power whether it be through your police departments or military to destroy this enemy. this is an enemy. i've been on your show many times. we are at war. now the war as we predicted for many months have come to the homeland. they sent that message this is how you fight war. >> it sounds like these particular suspects -- we have one name -- was an american citizen. what's interesting is about five years ago he was convicted of lying to the fbi about his plans to join a terror group. the judge said the government didn't prove their case. he was out on the streets.
5:26 am
>> foreign governments realize it is hard to get their people here. i'm afraid this will be the beginning for troubled time in the homeland. >> something is happening here there's a call to disarm police across the united states. at the same time we're seeing how their efforts averted what could have been a catastrophic mass murder. where do we stand right now and what message should be sent to americans about our police departments? >> the message was sent last night by the garland, texas, police department. very strongly. every police department in this country should be fully armed to deal with terrorist attacks. unfortunately, they're not. let me say -- >> they have a lot of military hardware. >> we're selling back. isis and terrorist organizations are listening to the politicians in baltimore, the ones that are politicizing everything. the president of the united states wanting to disarm the police. the american people better wake up. this may be a sign of the times
5:27 am
to come. >> we thank you for your opinion. >> thank you. we're trying to get more details. straight ahead, mitt romney sitting down with us for an exclusive interview. he talked about hillary clinton politicizing the riots in baltimore. >> are we not going to lock people up who commit crimes? is that what she's suggesting? i thought it was appropriate thing for her to do. >> more of our interview with the former presidential candidate next. the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day...
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5:30 am
your buddy ron is always full of advice. usually bad. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor you knew better. the e series. legendary quality. unexpected low price. got a fox news alert. right now, brand new images show police outside the phoenix apartment of one of the named suspected gunmen from last night's shooting in garland, texas. >> this hour we are learning one of the shooters may have been investigated by the fbi for terror ties. all as police in phoenix investigate the gunman's apartment. the word is they knew them
5:31 am
well. >> casey stegall is live on the ground. what can you tell us right now? >> good morning. it sounds like we have two different states that are working and multiple police agencies collaborating on this. we are hearing local news reports out of phoenix that the two suspects involved in the shooting last night here in texas were roommates. and lived together in arizona. in fact the fbi telling one of the affiliates in phoenix that search warrants are currently being executed at a condominium complex in central phoenix. we're working to get independent confirmation on this. the dallas fbi is leading the investigation, arizona is assisting. according to abc 15 one of the tweets that went out before the shooting one that used the #texasattack is linked to one of these men. police say it was just before 7:00 last night texas time that these two men rolled up in a vehicle at the curtis culwell
5:32 am
center here in garland and began shoot hg at an unarmed school security officer. he was hit in the ankle and not seriously injured before other police engaged the suspects and shot them. both men died. a motive is not clear at this point. still, a very very active scene back there behind me. one that is going to be closed and sealed off for hours. that's the latest back to you. >> casey stegall developing story in texas. and arizona. thank you. >> great work. >> all right. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. after two presidential elections, former presidential candidate mitt romney knows how to take a punch. he's about to take on the fight of his life in a charity boxing match against evander holyfield. we were going through some training. i made a trip out to utah to see him in a great gym for a sneak peek at histraining.
5:33 am
first we sat down for a serious conversation about what's happening in the country and what's happening in politics. listen. >> no justice no peace. no justice no peace. >> what's happening in baltimore and the subsequent unrest in new york and philadelphia and other major cities much like what we saw in ferguson we're seeing a pattern here. >> one story is you've got people across the country that are concerned about circumstances where excessive force has been used. and people are demonstrating their first amendment rights and that's laudable. at the same time you also have some people who are taking advantage of this to do some terrible things. there's no excuse for that. this is really a breakdown of society in many respects. >> is your gut intinct tell you the mayor of baltimore said i'm
5:34 am
going to get justice for freddie gray and not talk about the investigation for the six officer whose have been suspended and possibly end up in jail. do their lives matter? >> i think people who are in a position of authority should stand by the police officers and the justice system and the rights of the accused and they should not jump to conclusions if they possibly can avoid that. at the same time i think it's appropriate for elected officials to be we have problems in our cities. these are things we need to address. here's how i propose to address them. there's no question the president has to be watching this with great concern. i presume he is. and trust there will be changes to our policing systems. >> hillary clinton weighed in on it. >> without the mass incarceration we currently practice millions fewer people would be living in poverty. >> tell me what you think? >> i was concerned that her comments really smacked of politization of the terrible tragedies that are going on there. >> in what way? >> when she said we're not going
5:35 am
to have mass incarcerations in the future. what is she referring to? we don't have mass incarcerations in america. individuals are brought before tribunals and they have counsel. they're given certain rights. are we not going to lock people up who commit crimes? is that awhat she's suggesting? i thought it was inappropriate for her to do and political in nature to get more support in the african-american community. i think it was a big mistake and simply wrong. one thing we know is there was mayhem on the streets of baltimore. that we know. and that scenario we will have to take corrective action. i think the changes i've spoken about to help people with their jobs and discipline two parent families. that is something we have to do. >> i looked at you and i talked to your wife and i thought there was no way there will be a third run for president. something happened a few weeks ago.
5:36 am
you thought about it. what brought you possibly back into this thing. >> both ann and i were happy to have people say they would like to see us run again. i think we're very anxious to make sure we win. that we can get someone who can beat the democratic nominee. we wondered if that might be me. we looked at it for two or three week and concluded, it's probably best for someone new to come along. someone is -- in my political generation, someone knew. whether that's jeb or chris christie or carly fiorina, marco rubio, scott walker we got a lot of people who are at the point where they would be new faces. and could potentially bring the kind of energy and passion to a campaign that would make it successful. >> let's talk about hillary clinton. >> i think her campaign launch has been hampered by the reality of her last several years. frankly, her campaign launch has been so quiet because she
5:37 am
doesn't want to talk to people right now. she can't face the media and ask the questions that are being asked. >> would you recommend the republicans go after her and her candidacy or focus on each other and the issues? >> i'd like to see all the people on the race focus on hillary clinton and hugging one another. that's not the reality of politics. these 16 folks will have to describe why they're the right one to get the nomination and the other person is not. that will be part of the process. as well as secretary clinton, she'll get a lot of comment in republican debates. both things are going to occur i think in the process. >> very nice to sit down with you. he's going to be fighting holyfield. that's the first boxing he's ever done. multiround fight. he's working out right now at the gene foaler gym. we will show that tomorrow.
5:38 am
>> let me get this straight mitt romney has never fought before and his opponent is going to be? >> evander holyfield. >> can we place bets on this? >> blame josh. >> his son? >> i love charity, i want to earn some money. dad you want to box. sure, who? holyfield. he will not say anything negative about any republican candidate. my hunch, just my gut feeling is he has an attraction to rubio. i really feel as though -- >> you think he -- >> one on one with jeb bush convinced him not to go forward. he said he needed answers from jeb that he's going to run a campaign that will be successful. >> good job flying out to utah to get that. >> nice of them. you'll hear from ann romney later this week. >> in the meantime we'll hear from heather nauert. >> this is a crazy story coming out of nevada. a guy is charged after he steals
5:39 am
a plane from an airport runway and flies it for more than an hour. police say evan a grant stole it in the middle of the night. they watched nervously as an air traffic control negotiated with the former student pilot and finally convinced him to land the plane. he faced grand larceny charges. terrifying moments to tell you about when a san francisco tour bus bursts into flames. take a look. police on the streets -- people on the streets noticed the back of the double decker bus burning. near the engine. they nagged down the driver who apparently hadn't noticed it. they were able to get off the bus safely. >> talk about hang time. a guy goes up for a dunk he gets stuck upside down in a basketball hoop. nearly a dozen cops tried to get him down. he's shirtless.
5:40 am
he got a hammer. he was trying to free himself. eventually the fire department cut the net and got the guy down. police say they will get him for property destruction or goal tending. jamie foxx is under fire for his rendition of the national anthen. ♪ oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ for the land of the free ♪ >> he performed it before this weekend's flight between mayweather and pacquiao. twitter users not at all impressed with this. jamie foxx killed the national anthem. and by killed it i mean it was like road kill. damon bruce writing, remember jamie foxx sang it well? nope me neither. larry the cable guy tweeting out both boxers should take the
5:41 am
first minute of the first round and knock out jamie foxx for butchering the national anthem. >> i don't remember him being a singer. am i missing something here? >> he was in a movie. >> you know who he was? he was ray charles. he sang in that. >> i had forgotten that. >> i will say this i listened to it i liked it. when he wasden i said to myself. i was surprised they were killing him. maybe i have low standards. >> i think you should sing it. everyone in the park should sing it. >> there is two things that happened. seeing justin bieber walk out with mayweather weird. >> you try to figure that out. now this coming up a 25-year-old cop fighting for his life after being shot in the face. this as anti-police rhetoric rages on.
5:42 am
>> baltimore police department your day of justice has come. put them behind bars. lock them up. >> many asking where is that same outrage when an officer is a victim. congressman peter king has been along the bedside of that injured cop. he'll react live with us next. success starts with the right connections. introducing miracle-gro liquafeed universal feeder. turn any hose connection into a clever feeding system for a well-fed garden. miracle-gro. life starts here. you're driving along, having a perfectly nice day, when out of nowhere a pick-up truck slams into your brand new car. one second it wasn't there and the next second... boom! you've had your first accident. now you have to make your first claim. so you talk to your insurance company and... boom! you're blindsided for a second time. they won't give you enough money to replace your brand new car. don't
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5:45 am
a fox news alert. you are looking at brand new video of police outside the phoenix apartment. phoenix apartment of one of the suspected gunmen from last night's shooting in texas. >> the fbi learning one of the suspects may have had ties to terror. >> joining us now is new york city congressman peter king. he's a member of the homeland security committee. we thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> you know we want to ask you, obviously everything that's been going on. has us commending the officers
5:46 am
there and preventing that from becoming a mass killing there. i want to turn to what's happening in queens. you've been at the bedside of the police officer that's been shot in the face. what can you tell us about that today? >> brian moore lives five minutes from my house, five minutes from brian's house. he's a neighbor of hoursours. it's a strategy, and it's a serious situation. the best thing for everyone to do is pray and hope. to see the way he looks and to see what happened to him is catastrophic. right now, he's clinging to life. it's a tough fight. >> sure. congressman, you know there has been this anti-cop rhetoric out there. and you know look at the two guys who were gunned down here in new york city a couple of months back. it's the same thing. so many people are saying, you know the cops they're just bad, bad, bad. >> steve, this is absolutely disgraceful. first of all, if we're talking
5:47 am
about the african-american community. no one has done more to save lives and put their own lives on the line than the nypd and police departments around the country. in new york alone, there are thousands and thousands of young african-americans alive today because of the efforts of the nypd. and what brian moore was doing the other night, this is what goes on all the time. cops putting their live said on the line. working in plain clothes, trying to find men who are wanted. what he did. he went up to someone and they opened fire on him. i wish "the new york times" and newsday and these other rags would report that. >> tell me what you found when you walked into the hospital yesterday, what was the scene like? >> it was like something out of a bad movie. you had police officers lined up and down the hallway. you saw his family his mother his father. his cousins, many of whom are
5:48 am
cops themselves. they're just staring straight ahead. sorrow and grief was everywhere. i wish some of the people who criticize the cops could spend one night in the shoes of the cops. i would say the next time an editorial writer and some of the commentators the next thing they're in trouble, instead of calling a cop, call al sharpton. these are the cops who do their job day in and day ounce. >> speaking of police officers. i'm sure you've been watching our lead story. last night iptexas there was a free speech event. it was thronewn by the american defense initiative. they were having a muhammad cartoon contest. to many they think it's provocative. apparently a couple of guys pulled up at the end of the event and had ak-47's shot one police officer, they returned fire. both these guys are dead.
5:49 am
it looks like one of them has a tie to terror. taking a look at what we know right now, what are your thoughts? >> it appears, this is a terrorist attack. this is what some of us have been warning for the last several years. there are people living among us a that are willing to carry out attacks. that's why it's important that all our law enforcement agencies be monitoring this. when hillary clinton says the police shouldn't have weapons of war. we're at war with terrorism. we have to have these available. thank god the officer was able to kill those two. we shouldn't be surprised. this is going to be what's going to happen more often than not. we shouldn't be having a debate about whether or not that exhibition was provocative. being in american means you can be provocative. this is the first amendment. we can't sacrifice our constitution to politically correct commentators.
5:50 am
>> peter king is considering a 41 run for president. great to see you. >> good seeing you yesterday, brian. >> great to see you, you were honored by the suffolk county cops by what you do for police and your dad was a police officer, too. coming up it's one of the most exclusive financial events of the year hosted by warren buffett himself. now the billionaire giving fox a look at the retreat. what do they have to retreat from? >> first we'll check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up. >> good show this morning. more on that breaking news out of texas. the fbi is on the case stretching back to phoenix. big week for republicans who want to be president. who is in this morning. what bill clinton just said about speeches big money and paying the bills at home. and will the baltimore charges stick? why some prominent legal experts are in doubt. big news morning here martha and i will see you top of the hour a few minutes away on "america's
5:51 am
newsroom." know your financial plan won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted.
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5:54 am
it is one of the most exclusive financial events of the year. hosted by warren buffet himself. now the billionaire giving us a look at the berkshire hath away retreat. joining us is liz clayman. hello. >> you should have seen this. there's nothing like it in the business world. 40,000 burke sure hath away shareholders come to hear warren buffett. as he walks among the nebraska cheerleaders and the geico gecko, all of these companies he owns. he started this 50 years ago. and now it is is the world's
5:55 am
third largest publicly traded company. what makes this billionaire run? a lot of sugar. >> we have 25,000 either deli bars or orange bars. i'll take it down to 24,999. >> he owns dairy queen. that's one of the many companies. 80 companies. a little bit of controversy. union pilots accusations about clayton homes showing predatory loans. they had live steers walking around because he owns justicen boots. he showed this fake movie about him fighting mayweather. he did this as a tip to warren buffett. listen. >> take your time.
5:56 am
>> it won't go. you got to drink that warren buffett drink. he's a close friend of mine. after a good championship fight, ain't nothing like a cold coca cola. >> okay. i know you guys -- warren buffett is the single largest shareholder of coca cola. he owns $16 billion. 400 million shares. absolutely insane. people want to know how he thinks and how he went from having nothing in omaha to building this gigantic company. tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern fox business has a special. we hope everybody sets the dvr it's called warren buffett's america. he'll talk about things like you were talking about with everybody. the things that matter to americans. stay tuned and watch it on fox business. >> you went out to omaha to get the latest on the oracle of omaha. we thank you very much. >> >> more "fox and friends" moments away.
5:57 am
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a lot of breaking news this morning. the latest and a live report from dallas with the police coming up in an hour. >> run to from the tv run to the radio. don't forget the after the show show. bill: a contest for the best cartoon depicting the prophet muhammad. watch this. that went on for some time unfolding in garland texas. we say good morning. welcome to america's newsroom. martha: one security officer was shot. the two suspects are dead. a s.w.a.t. team descended on that building immediately.


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