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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 5, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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e why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. lupita is playing a good girl. is the outsider road to the white house the inside trek? a surgeon and business woman hopes so. this is "special report." good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. a few washington outsiders, dr. ben carson and business woman carly feeiorina have joined the presidential field. the clintons continue to deny any improprieties regarding their charitable foundation. we have fox coverage. and brit hume is here and mike emanuel.
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we begin with chief political correspondent carl cameron in detroit tonight where the doctor definitely is in. good evening, carl. >> reporter: that's right, bret. more are making it official. by this time tomorrow night, the field of republican presidential candidates would have doubled of officially and formally declared candidates. >> reporter: ben carson launched his campaign in native detroit even though he lives now in florida. >> people will say, who are you? i tell you, i'm ben carson and i'm a candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: dr. carson became an overnight darling of the right at the national prayer breakfast two years ago and sparked a grassroots draft movement. they hope he attracts more minorities to the party. >> stop being loyal to a party or to a man and use your brain to think for yourself. >> reporter: but he's never run
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for elected office before and has had to clarify and apologize for a number of verbal mishaps. he compared homosexuality to pedophilia. >> i'm probably never going to be politically correct because i'm not a politician. politicians do what is politically expedient and i want to do what's right. we are going to change the government into something that looks more like a well-run business. than a bohema of inefficiency. >> he spilled the beans about his candidacy on a local tv last night and had to cancel interviews today to instead visit his ailing mother in texas who was singled out at a white house event when her son received a medal from the president. after spending last week on the trail in new hampshire, former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina kept her announcement
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low-key, announcing on a morning talk show. >> i think i'm the best person for the job because i understand how the world works and who is in it and i understand bur bureaucracies and that's what our government has become. >> reporter: she's the first person to break a glass ceiling and serve in a top fortune 500 company. republicans want her to flourish and help close the gop gender gap disadvantage. she spoke about her ability to counter hillary clinton and the left are waging a war on women. >> she is the personification of the professional political class. she and her husband have been in politics their entire lives. >> reporter: and tomorrow mike huckabee is officially supposed to launch his second white house bid. in 2008 he won the iowa caucus states and ben carson bret also has representatives for his
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new campaign in all 99 iowa counties. >> carl cameron live in detroit tonight, thank you. and later, we'll hear from mike huckabee, my interview with him in our contender series, coming up. on the democratic side hillary clinton remains way out in front according to the polls. but question persists about the clinton's money making and their foundation. mike emanuel has former bill clinton playing defense from halfway around the world. >> reporter: in africa former president bill clinton defended his family's foundation saying it had done nothing, quote, knowingly inappropriate following intense criticism for accepting millions in foreign cash while hillary clinton was secretary of state. >> i don't think there's anything sinister in trying to get wealthy people in countries that are seriously involved in the development to spend their
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money weesisely, i don't think there's anything wrong with that. i think it's good. >> reporter: the president was paid $500,000 or more while his wife was in the secretary cabinet and today he suggested he still needs the money. >> she is running for president, will you continue to give speeches? >> oh yeah. i've got to pay our bills. >> reporter: rick santorum a likely 2016 candidate for president, says that paying our bills argument is out of touch. >> the idea that the president who has a lot of services provided for him because he was a former president, the idea that he needs millions and millions of dollars to pay the bills. >> america rising has released this video suggesting the ongoing controversies concerning foreign and undisclosed donations is a long line of
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unethical actions. as for saudi arabia giving as much as $25 million to the clinton foundation the response was simple. >> i don't think that i did anything that was against the interest of the united states. >> reporter: santorum says the american people deserve better. >> what i think is that -- that bill and hillary clinton owe the american public a lot more than what they are giving them and they owe dignity, they owe to be careful and the perception of how they have used their office and both in the case of secretary of state and former president. >> reporter: it was a few weeks ago that mr. clinton told town & country magazine that his role should be primarily as a backstage adviser to his wife's campaign and yet here he is taking a lead in the money controversy which could suggest serious concern. bret? >> mike, thank you. senior political analyst
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brit hume is here with analysis of the clintons defining their role in american political landscape. >> hi, bret. the political class has had its share of slippery players but hillary and clinton are proving that it when it comes to audacity they are in a class all by themselves. consider the interview about which you've just heard, sure he's going to keep making speeches for whopping fees because, hey, he's got to pay a bill this from a man worth in the neighborhood of $140 million. people that rich tend to fly in private airplanes and the bills mount up but clinton flies private a lot but mostly on somebody else's plane and somebody else's nickel. their foundation and their finances as those things have been making news for weeks, but bill clinton said almost nothing has emerged.
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that is not only not true it can't possibly be true since much of what has been recently revealed happened since then. but no one, clinton said should worry about our apparent conflict of interests stemming from the donations and interests around the world with business before hillary clinton's state department. why, he asked her about that and she said quote, no one has ever tried to influence me by helping you. end quote. well, okay then. bret? >> the latest polls out, our latest fox poll about hillary clinton's trustworthiness and it's upside down. things have changed. a.p. came out with a release, four in ten democrats say honest is not the best word for her. does this continue? does this continue long term? >> well it's possible that the people in this country have become so cynical of all politicians that they don't consider any of them to be
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trustworthy and in which case this trust rating may not make much difference. but if that's not true these questions are likely to be baggage for her all the way through the primary season and certainly through a general election. we'll see. >> brit as always, thank you. >> thank you. up next two shooters in texas with possible middle east terror ties taken down by a heroic police officer. fox 11 in green bay, wisconsin, with four people killed and what police are calling a random act of violence. officials say a university student biked to the park and randomly shot four people before turning the gun on himself. he had been in an argument with his former fiancee. two former political allies chris christie pleading not guilty for their alleged involvement in politically motivated bridge land closures in 2013. on friday david wildstein
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pleaded guilty. christie has maintained he had nothing to do with the plan and no, sir been implicated criminal. this is a live look at st. louis from fox 2. the arch there. st. louis. the story there tonight, the city of ferguson reportedly paying an attorney more than $1300 an hour to handle reforms handled by the u.s. justice department. the st. louis dispatch reports that the fee is double missouri's highest attorney billing rate last year. that's a live look "outside the
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chaos and confusion on the streets of baltimore this afternoon after a confrontation with the police and a man with a gun. the pistol went off but no one was shot. he was arrested and taken to the hospital as a precaution leaving
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many on lookers and reporters, including our own, to believe that he had been shot. in the meantime the mayor in baltimore has lifted the curfew imposed during protests last week over last month's death of a man in police custody and maryland governor larry hogan plans to keep a state of emergency in effect for another couple of days. six officers have been charged in freddie gray's death. a 25-year-old new york city police officer has died after being shot in the head saturday evening. a suspect is being held without bail. andrew cuomo called the shooting a deplorable act of violence. he was the fifth new york city cop shot in the last five months. federal agents in phoenix are searching the apartment believed to belong to two gunmen killed in a terror attack last night. it happened at an event intended to celebrate free speech.
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>> reporter: bullet casings littered the ground around the vik vehicle in which the two shooters arrived. the afdi event involved a competition and $10,000 prize for the best comic of the prophet muhammad. the attackers came armed with assault rifles and wearing body armor. opening fire on one security officer who was likely wounded before coming up against one very alert police officer who officials say undoubtedly saved lives. >> the police officer in that car began returning fire and took both men down. >> we heard a whole bunch of gunshots and heard the cops everywhere. >> reporter: the shooters were identified as 25-year-old elton simpson and 34-year-old nadir soofi and an apartment where they lived in phoenix,
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arizona, was searched by fbi agents. simpson was arrested in 2011 about whether he was traveling to somalia and the fbi said he was associated with someone trying to set up a terror cell in arizona but the judge in the case ruled that investigators did not prove a terrorist link. simpson may have been the person who tweeted just before the attack saying #texasattack" and may allah accept us. >> we had a free speech contest and clearly what happened is indicative of how very vital this conference was needed. >> reporter: white house spokesman josh earnest says he
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believes no expression justifies violence. both investigations in phoenix and here in garland are likely to go on for some time yet as officials work to discover a timeline of how this plot came together and whether the shooters had any direct links to known terror groups. bret? >> jonathan thank you. stocks were up today. the dow jumped 46 and s&p 500 gained 6 and nasdaq grew 12. still ahead, he's a preacher and political host. does mike huckabee really want to be president? first, major failings in dealing with terrorists.
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hillary clinton is willing to take questions from the house select committee on benghazi as soon as two weeks from today. so says the presidential candidate's lawyer. but clinton is offering to speak only once not twice, as chairman trey gowdy has requested. it's not been decided if the hearing will before the public or behind closed doors. the former acting chief of the cia said they misjudged the severity of the terror threat during much of his tenure. catherine harris looks at what may have been a mea culpa but something else. >> reporter: in his new book, former deputy cia director mike morell says instead of undermining the terrorist group, he writes quote, the arab spring was a boone to islamic
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extremists across both the middle east and north africa." >> i think the administration is -- i don't think the intelligence community misread that. >> reporter: according to book reviews by "the new york times" and "the washington post," morell takes on the republican establishment. he testified before congress at least four times and accused by senate republicans about misleading them over the controversial talking points. david shed the former acting director of the defense intelligence agency had access to the same intelligence agency as morell. >> what struck me about the talking points is it did contribute to a narrative that somehow there was no planning behind this. >> reporter: while the cia operation was shut down morell
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says the attack had little or no advanced planning. >> i talked to the guys that were actually there. they know more than he knows and more than i know. they are fighting a well-trained and organized group of assaulters coming after them. >> reporter: critics say he may be attempting to rewrite history, adding he's always aspired to be the director. and now he may in trouble with the white house for embellishing the talking points. some in the middle east say they cannot take in any more rescued migrants. 7,000 survivors came ashore from overcrowded dinghies. a woman in labor was pulled out of the water and gave birth aboard an italian warship into up next it looks like we'll get
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another presidential contender from a place called hope.
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retired neurosurgeon successful business woman are in along with three republican senators so far but that list is growing fast.
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a preacher and former talk show host is expected to become the sixth republican white house candidate officially tomorrow. former arkansas governor mike huckabee wants it all to start in a place called hope. >> i will announce on may the 5th in my hometown of hope arkansas what my plans are going to be. >> reporter: by all accounts former governor mike huckabee is full steam ahead with his 2016 presidential plans, hoping for a repeat of 2008 in one particular state. >> tonight, i love iowa a whole lot. >> reporter: he won the iowa caucuses back in 2008. how do you paint the path to the nomination? >> we know that iowa is going to be an important path to that. there is going to be an expectation that i do well there. i don't think it's all based on
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one state. but clearly coming out of iowa with momentum is important. >> the joy of knowing jesus christ and what it means to follow him. >> reporter: a former pastor can a social conservative win not only the republican nomination but, more importantly, for republicans they would ask, can they win the general election? >> if a person is only a social conservative and that's all he or she brings to the table, i think the answer is you can't win the general election. you probably won't even win the nomination. so i think from the notion that mike huckabee is a social conservative sound apologetically but i'm a full-body conservative and this is about protecting america and protecting the jobs and the economy for those whom are not recovering and there are a lot of people for whom the economy
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is not recovering right now. >> reporter: huckabee stepped away from his fox weekend show to explore this run. political analysts say huckabee has a loyal following but his candidacy faces challenges. >> he does bring an outsider perspective. he is able to say i'm not part of that mess in washington. but he has a lot more competition for that social conservative vote. being able to raise the money and compete is going to be a challenge for him, i think, given how crowded the field is. >> reporter: the asset, huckabee's experience with hillary and bill clinton in arkansas. >> how do you as a potential gop nominee go up against that machine? >> well, i've gone up against that machine every time i ran, whether for the lieutenant governor governor i ran against the clinton machine and apparatus and, let me tell you
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something, it was ominous. the fact that i repeatedly won is i think, noteworthy for republicans to be thinking about. >> reporter: huckabee will have to face criticism about his own record as governor. there were ads saying that you were a tax and spend liberal. during your ten years as governor state spending did more than double to 16.1 billion. how do you defend that? >> well first of all, they were never all that akccurate about coming up for an assessment of a budget. there was education, incarceration and medicaid. cut taxes 94 times when i was governor made many changes to empower people at the bottom of the economy and families with children. that's not a tax record that i'm ashamed of. >> but you know all of that doesn't fit on the bumper sticker.
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>> no. >> and you did raise taxes 21 times. >> well some of the taxes, for example, i got blamed and i think some will say he raised taxes with a surcharge of income. i didn't. the legislature passed it and in arkansas if the governor doesn't sign the bill it becomes law without a signature. i refused to sign it but i didn't have enough votes to be sustained in a veto as is simple majority would. >> as president huckabee would you raise taxes? >> we don't need to raise taxes. >> you were a proponent of the fair tax. are you still? >> very much so. i think more than ever the fair tax is being looking really palatable to american who is say we've got to get rid of the irs. it's been a criminal enterprise trampling over the rights of citizens. more importantly, why should we punish people for their productivity.
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when i hear people say let's get rid of the irs, how are you going to do it? consumption tax. not for what we make but for what we buy. >> you're going to have to explain that. >> this is not just a reform. this is not tinkering with the tax code. this is throwing out the 77,000 page montrocity that everybody hates. this is turning april 15th into another beautiful spring day in america and it's giving the people power how much tax they are going to pay and takes the government and the government's nose out of people's business. >> reporter: and on republican proposals to touch social security -- >> you put it in and trust us with it by gosh you're not going to have it. you don't deserve it. when does the government get to decide what i deserve? i'm sorry. that's not going to happen. >> reporter: the governor if it's 45 or below or somehow -- at some point, the solvency of
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those big problems comes into view that they are worried they are going to fall apart. >> if you want to change that program for people who are 13 and under, people who haven't started paying in yet, well come talk to me about that. but as far as those who entered into for all practical purposes a contractual arrangement with their government and their government didn't give them an option but coerce the money out of their paychecks and now the government is going to change the deal? no. not no but -- no. >> reporter: huckabee is a strong supporter of israel and has made multiple trips to the region. how would you handle an iran negotiation? >> i would tell them we're not going to do any negotiation with them until they acknowledge israel's right to exist and secure borders and no more talk about death to america. you don't negotiate with people who have a gun to your head or somebody else's head.
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this is nonsense. instead of lifting the sanctions, we should have increased the sanctions. >> reporter: it took us about six years to hear the obama doctrine. what would the huckabee doctrine be? >> we're going to have an incredibly strong not only military but national policy. if we say there's a red line, by gosh there's a red line. if you cross it there's going to be consequences. >> reporter: huckabee insists he's ready for the rigors of campaign life again. >> last year alone i traveled 369,000 miles. so over the past eight years, all i've done is travel. i've lived the life of a war warrior. >> reporter: traveling with him, his wife of over 45 years. is your family into this? >> yeah. i wouldn't even think about it if i didn't have the full support of my family. this is hard enough if your family is with you. it is impossible if they are not. >> reporter: it's a long haul. >> it's a long haul.
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it's brutal. i think having been through this process before is a good thing. i believe that it better prepares one to do it. but it also gives you a real sobering understanding of what one must engage in in order to be effective and successful. >> and we'll cover governor's announcement from hope arkansas. and the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general dumford as served as the leader of the marine and will replace martin dempsey. the growing republican 2016 field and the questions p
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i'm running for president. >> our founders never intended us to have a professional
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political class. we know the only way to reimagine our government is to reimagine who is leading it. i'm carely fiorina and i'm running for president. >> i'm not a politician. i don't want to be a politician. people say, who are you? i'll tell you, i'm ben carson. and i'm a candidate for president of the united states. >> dr. ben carson and carly fiorina, former ceo of hewlett-packard are now in. that makes five. as of tomorrow there will be six in the gop field, a field that is expanding by the week. let's brings in our panel. steve hayes, national political correspondent and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. the launch is today. thoughts and some of the challenges they face? >> well i think fiorina and carson face a lot of challenges because they probably won't have the resources or the following to really be contenders.
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mike huckabee i think could be a factor. he has a very strong base social conservative base. i think all together everybody who has gotten insofar, is kind of an anti-establishment elite candidate. and the more there are of those kinds of candidates and the more they split the anti-establishment vote is probably better for jeb bush. >> interesting. agree? >> yeah i think that's probably right. the carly fiorina clip that you played shows what we expect from the candidacy. she's framing herself as the chief antagonist critic. she did that up in her speech and she's doing it here in her release announcement. ben carson is an interesting figure. you know his virtual is his vice in this respect. he isn't a politician as he makes clear. usually that's a good thing. i think people sitting at home and looking at what washington has done to the country over the past several decades like the idea of somebody who is not a
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politician who doesn't speak in political terms or euphamism that we've become accustomed to. it's a problem for him. as carl's piece pointed out, he leans too forward and gets himself in trouble. he has a strong grassroots following among conservatives. i think he could have an impact. >> charles, to watch him today, there was no teleprompter. it was kind of a speech that was clearly thought out though off the cuff. >> that clip was an example of his whole persona, the way he introduced himself. it was charming and disarming and understated. obviously obviously sincere. that's how he talks. he doesn't talk like a politician but this is really hard to do what he's trying to do. i think the reason he stumbled in the last few months over certain issues it's really hard to go from being a top college player to not only being in the
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major leagues but immediately in the world series. it takes a lot of experience. fiorina is similarly from the outside, she's never been in government. she is a nonpolitician. i think she has one advantage, which is because of the social conventions that we have it's very hard for a male candidate to attack a female candidate. and we have seen that over the years. and she has the advantage that she can be sort of unrestrained in her attack. and i think that's going to help her. but together when you look at them you have to realize one thing, since 1953 we have not had a single president who has not already a politician and the last one who wasn't was a guy who won the second world war. so that was a good item. >> she did run in california unsuccessfully. >> against barbara boxer, yes. >> former president bill clinton today addressing some of his
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clinton foundation funding and also the payments of speeches while his wife was secretary of state. just moments ago, he said in an additional part of this interview with nbc that the clinton foundation did disclose all of the foreign governments. the guy that quote, filled out the forms made an error. here he is talking about the speaking fees. >> everybody is saying, well how can hillary possibly relate to the middle class america because now we have money. i mean it's laughable. >> won't working americans say, $500,000 per speech? >> if i had a business relationship with somebody they would have a target on their back from the day they did business with me until the end. any kind of disclosure is a target. and -- but it looks -- there's no fact of course. but it looks bad. >> she's now running for president. will you continue to give speeches? >> oh yeah. i've got to pay our bills.
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>> if you were elected president, would you step down from the foundation? >> well if it's the right thing to do i will. >> what about that steve? we've got to pay our bills. >> it was very interesting. you look at what he said substantively and he did literally nothing to rebut to push back on that successfully in terms of the facts of the case. >> although he did say they did nothing knowingly inappropriate. >> right. exactly. he made an attempt. he made several attempts. he succeeded in none of his attempts and made the problem considering considerably worse. we've got to pay our bills. it was like talking about somebody who is getting paid $500,000 a speech in some cases. in defending the amounts for his speech he said look sometimes i have to do two hours of research. i mean nobody can identify with
1:46 am
that. that's insane to make that comment. and the funniest one was the one that brit hume highlighted earlier where he said well i checked with hillary and she said everything was on the up and up so we're fine. he seems a little rusty for being known as a good politician. >> remember mara this is a guy who said publicly he was not going to take a front-stage moment as she was launching this campaign. he was goinging to to be on the back burner. >> he's on the cover of "town & country," i think. >> what about the explanation of the guy who filled out this form? >> well maybe they did. it's just as sad. the problem with this whole rollout of hillary which has coincided with the "clinton cash" book, it's dampened enthusiasm among the democrats. she's personally diminished. and it's really a problem.
1:47 am
now, the good news for her is it's very early and not very many people are paying attention. the bad news is the people who are paying attention are getting a bad taste in their mouth and getting demoralized. >> i love the phrase knowingly inappropriate. do you know any normal person who says that? i didn't know anything knowingly inappropriate. i didn't know anything inappropriate. this is classic clinton speech. somebody ought to make a dictionary. we ought to have a dictionary of clintonism. this is how they parse and dodge. and then he says there's a limited attempt to take us down. no facts not known in '08? that's absolutely untrue. the allegations are about what has happened since '08 when she was secretary of state. i think you're right. he's rusty, very rusty. next up the cia did not seek the comeback of al qaeda. ♪
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there is no straight line to progress and hardship always accompanies a season of hope. the united states of america was founded on the belief that people should govern themselves. and now we cannot hesitate to stand squarely on the side of those who are reaching for their rights. knowing that their success will bring about a world that is more peaceful, more stable and more just. >> president obama around the time of the so-called arab spring in a new book the former head of the cia mike morell talks about this time and talks about the cia and this is what he writes according to the "the washington post." we thought and told policymakers that this outburst of popular revolt would damage al qaeda by
1:52 am
undermining the group's narrative. instead of arab spring was a boone to extremist across the middle estate a and north africa. the arab spring had turned to winter. we're back with the panel. steve? >> well, it's an interesting footnote and, you know, kudos to mike morell for sort of correcting the record or reading back on it it's disengenius. we don't know what he says in the entire book. we just know what he says from "the washington post article and "new york times" article. it's disingenuous if in the book he said no one was making the warning. had you other intelligence agency the. you had folks at the pentagon and you interviewed mike flynn about this who were not only saying look we think there are secondary and tertiary consequences of the arab spring that could end up helping al qaeda had you outside tom who is often on this network saying exactly that had you plenty of people making the argument that the arab spring if not managed properly could in fact be a
1:53 am
boone to al qaeda. i had one defense intelligence agency analyst tell me they were quieted when they made those claims because it didn't fit the narrative of the administration. that's quite a charge. we have now heard it from many people. it will be interesting to see if morell acknowledges that other agencies were saying what his agency was not. >> marah? >> the narrative that al qaeda was on the run and al qaeda was disseminated. the interesting thing about this and it makes a lot of sense. when you take the lid off and get rid of dictators. no democratic parties or little d democratic institutions are extremists and that's what happened. i guess the question is what would the united states have done differently? how could they have managed the arab spring differently? certainly we wouldn't have come in and tried to hang on with every dictator with the skin of our teeth. >> but by turning the back on mubarak at fast as perhaps the u.s. did not only changed the dynamic there but changed the relationship arguably lot of gulf nations. >> right. i would say that the whole -- othe arab spring
1:54 am
has been a tragedy pretty much for the united states interests in the region and what it led to. i think our problem is not that we didn't predict correctly it was hard to predict, there was no way you would know that in tunisia it might succeed but not elsewhere. the real problem is what we did when it became clear that the arab spring had failed. in egypt in a state in what was not in the end moving away from a dictator who couldn't hang on anyway wouldn't have done any good. but elm -- embracing the muslim brotherhood after they won and began destroying democracy. so we ended up with everybody hating us in egypt the brotherhood and, of course, the establishment. and look at syria. that was a place where we don't know. we might not have had a successful arab spring if we had done something at the point where there was a genuine democratic rebellion and a regime teetering. we did nothing and in the vacuum entered iran, entered russia and entered
1:55 am
hezbollah. and they controlled syria today. that was not inevitable. that was a failure of policy. it was not lack of prediction it was a lack of action when the truth and the history of the events became obvious and we did nothing. >> one thing. catherine touched on and the book touches on. i don't know -- we don't want to go into how much, but the talking points and you covered this a lot steve. >> it would be very interesting to see what morell says in the broad are book about his role in the talking points. >> this is the benghazi. >> the benghazi talking points because it was fairly clear at the time that he was not honest that he mislead members of congress and he did so repeatedly. this is not me saying this. this is not idol speculation it sounds like from the "new york times" review that morell tries to spin this as grand conspiracy theory there are five u.s. senators that said on the record that mike morell mislead them about benghazi. that is not a small thing to have to answer for. >> we will cover that coming up. that's it for the panel. stay tune for a budding
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washington finally tonight, president obama took a field trip to the library last week to talk with middle schoolers about reading. but when the president began to ramble a bit the moderator gave him what those of us on live tv know as the hard wrap.
1:58 am
>> everybody here has been learning how to, you know, in your english classes that you write drafts, right? you try something, you write it the first time. listen even the best writers usually it's not that good the first time they write it? >> yeah. and i think you have sort of covered everything about that question. [ laughter ] >> wrap it up. wrap it up, buddy. >> i think have you covered that enough. thanks. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. >> it's tuesday may 5th. ties to terror. breaking developments surrounding the shoot of outside of free speech. the fbi has been tracking one of the suspects for years. the chilling social media
1:59 am
messages and how a traffic cop likely saved dozens of lives. >> they mourn an mypd cop gunned down in cold blood. >> he was an exception shallal young officer. >> how brian moore is being remembered. we learn specifics about the targeting of officers. >> were a black flag has turned into a religious freedom fight. why christians say the first amendment rights will being violated. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this tuesday. i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for waking up early with us. grand brand new details about the radical roommates accused of opening fire at a muhammad
2:00 am
cartoon contest. one of the suspects was investigated the fbi for years. good morning, casey. >> good morning to both of you guys. one earnperson had a criminal record, the other did not. i can tell you the scene at the curtis culwell center is very quiet. it has been cleared out. the parking lot is where this shooting all went down last night. the fbi along with other law enforcement agencies spent the better part of yesterday processing the evidence collecting shell casings, trying to piece together the final moments. this as we started learning more about the shooting itself and the suspects who died. garland police say both men were armed with assault rifles and were wearing body protection when they pulled up and opened fire. authorities believe they were trying to get inside the event too do the most