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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  May 5, 2015 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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fire at a muhammad cartoon contest. one of the suspects was investigated the fbi for years. good morning, casey. >> good morning to both of you guys. one earnperson had a criminal record, the other did not. i can tell you the scene at the curtis culwell center is very quiet. it has been cleared out. the parking lot is where this shooting all went down last night. the fbi along with other law enforcement agencies spent the better part of yesterday processing the evidence collecting shell casings, trying to piece together the final moments. this as we started learning more about the shooting itself and the suspects who died. garland police say both men were armed with assault rifles and were wearing body protection when they pulled up and opened fire. authorities believe they were trying to get inside the event too do the most damage.
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>> because of the way we were set up we were able to stop those men before they were able to penetrate the area or shoot any one else or attempt to shoot any one else. for that the plan was successful that we set up. >> the two men have been identified, elton simpson and nadier toufi. sichl son simpson is no stranger to authorities. he's the one who had the criminal record. court records show he was investigated in 2006 for his association with a suspect. the the fbi believed to be setting up a terrorist cell in arizona. now authorities are trying to figure out if this incident was inspired a foreign terrorist group. they have a lot of digging into their background that has to be done. >> thank you, casey.
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>> now to our other top story an officer paying the ultimate sacrifice. brian moore has dies just days after being shot in the line of duty. kelly wright is live with those details as the department and country is mourning one of the finest. >> it is a very sad day for the people in new york and the nation. it is said whenever police officers killed in the line of duty a piece of america dies a piece of our nation that he swore to protect. after a short period of time of protecting and serving. 150 arrests, two medals for meritorious service and two medals for excellent police duty. his promising life cut short while he and his partner on saturday were questioning a man suspected of carrying a concealed gun. he allegedly fire twoed shots shots at the officer's car. moore under went surgery and he
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was pronounced dead monday. his family was at his side and now his fellow officers city and the nation mourn his loss. >> great loss to this family and the department and great loss to this profession and to this city. >> he came from a family of police officers. the fellow officers he joined deserve our gratitude and our prayers not just today but every day. they have a tough job. >> moore is the third, the third nypd officer killed in the line of duty in just five months. the commissioner says funeral services for officer moore will be held at the end of this week. by the way the commissioner is also asking for the people of the city to pray for moore and his family for them as you can image this is a devastating loss.
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>> absolutely. our prayers are with them. chief operating cheryl sandburg's husband. we know dave goldburg died from head trauma and blood loss. the ceo was on vacation when he collapsed and passed away at a mexican hospital. the boston marathon bomber shows emotion in court for the first time. tsarnaev breaking down crying during the death penalty phase of his trial. four relatives traveled to boston from russia. they took the stand. they said they have fond memories of a young dzhokhar who they haven't seen since 2002. many were sobbing as they were testifying but said they do not agree with the extremist views the tsarnaev family picked up. >> doubling in if size in the span of 24-hours.
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>> mike huckabee will make his run for presidency official. >> shannon is live with more. great to see you this morning. >> you as well heather and ainsley. the gop field is growing and it is getting more diverse and drawing in candidates who are not politicians and they say that's a good thing. celebrated pediatric neurosurgeon ben carson made it official kicking things off in detroit. he has strong comments on the right. he is not an experienced politician, he says that's exactly why voters should back him. >> i am not politically correct. i probably never -- (applause) >> i am probably never going to be politically correct, because i am not a politician. i don't want to be a politician.
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>> and the gop field now officially has the first woman in the mex. hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorila. she has emphasized her willingness to take on the presumed democratic frontrunner former senator and secretary of state hillary clinton. here's what fiorina had to say about her before announcing her bid for the white house. >> she is the personification of the professional political class. she and her husband have been in politics their entire lives. >> democrats have been quick to go after fiorina saying her time was marched by layoffs. she was happy to site on it showing a quadruple growth rate during her tenure. former arkansas governor mike huckabee won the 2008 iowa caucuses a key win and he's got a significant ground game already in place there this time
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as well. >> shannon three gop candidates jumping into this race within the last 24-hours as we said. how does doubling the field in one week affect their campaigns, though? >> some will say it's a positive for the gop because we have diversity on that side of the ticket it is good to see that for that party. it draws attention every time there's new announcements. that's good for the party as well. on the other hand there is only a finite amount of money of voters, so there are limits. we have a diluted field with many more we expect to come. >> great to see you this morning. meantime on the democratic side hillary clinton taking a hit in popularity. a brand new wall street journal poll finding 42 percent of voters have a negative view of clinton. that is up 36 percent just last month. 76 percent of democrats still
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support her. the highest gop candidate jeb bush naming him the top choice. he is now agreeing to testify on capitol hill later this month. the deadly terror attack in benghazi libya and her private server. saying she will only agree to one appear rarns. >> -- appearance. >> the nightmare is far from over for the family poisoned by the pesticide on the virgin islands. shawn and ryan are still in critical condition. their parents steven and teresa they are in rehabilitation therapy. the resort being investigated the epa and justice department. in just a few hours president obama plans to name his choice for the new top military advisor. they expected nominee joseph dunne ford jr. as the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. she would replace dempsey.
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the top commander will face tough challenges like fighting isis and troop withdrawal. >> little princess big name days after introducing their newborn prince william finally revealed the name as charlotte, elizabeth diana. the name charlotte is female version of prince charles of wales. elizabeth is the prince's great grandmother the queen of england and diana of course for her late grandmother the princess of whales. >> everyone will be naming their it daughter charlotte now. >> maria molina is tracking severe storms for us. good morning. >> good morning heather and ainsley. it is another day in the plains and we are talking severe weather possible yet again. i want to start out with the current temperatures these mornings are very mild. in new york city 70 degrees.
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you are in the 70's memphis. 60 in dallas and atlanta you are at 62 degrees this morning. very mild out there. it is relatively humid. as we enter this afternoon high temperatures should reach 80 degrees new york, new york and raleigh and memphis and texas. there is race can of severe storms in southwestern parts of oklahoma right now. large hail and damaging winds being the main concern. i want to share you this video. this is the kilauea volcano. an explosion happened. that was triggered by part of the crater wall. you can see it on the screen. heather and ainsley? >> the time now is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. a dramatic rescue at sea. a moment after the mayday call when the coast card pulls three people to safety as the ship sink below. >> don't mess with the vet.
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>> i wouldn't drop my medicine and my cane and jumped them. >> how that 9 the 5-year-old took on a would be robber. chipolte's top secret guacamole recipe. >> you like that? >> i love it. >> taco night tonight.
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>> back now with some brand new fallout from baltimore. we are learning in the rush to charge 6 officers in the death of freddie grave many mistakes were made in the arrest record. good morning, rich. >> good morning, heather, this report coming from his son saying when he was arrested they had incorrect information in the arrest record. that led to a number of reporters calling the wrong people not the officers charged
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in the case. they posted bail in amounts of 250,000 and 350,000 dollars. they are next scheduled for preliminary hearings on may 27th. this is the associated press by the way is reporting that city officials had earlier asked for justice departmentover site of the police department nothing had ever come of that specific case. no certainty if they will call for justice department over site. this has president obama is calling for more investments in urban communities in baltimore. >> rich edison live for us this morning. thank you, rich. >> california's plan to extend healthcare coverage to illegal immigrants is going to cost taxpayers big. a new report predicts the state will spend $740 million a year.
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that's as they it is upheld. that order is still blocked by a court injunction. >> a would be robber picked a wrong guy to mess with. veteran arthur panderas walking down the street in new hampshire when someone tries to jump him and take his wallet. he used his cane to fight off that criminal. >> i hit him and i hit him hard. i was afraid i was going to lose my ballwallet with so many valuable pieces in there. he tried awful hard to get in. he didn't get in. i am a tough old bird. >> the suspect took off. police trying to use surveillance video to identify this guy. >> let us know if you know who that is. >> the fcc suiting down a nationwide giant supplement fraud investigation. >> fox business is here now with
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those details. >> the diet supplements using fake celebrity endorsements now shut down by the federal trade commission. the agency says california based sales pitched the weight loss like white could have he fee and kidney bean extract and then created phony new sites to make the celebrity endorsements appear credible. the fcc says some consumers fell for the gimmick and it is working with the company to get the customers back. >> first of all, new cars are very expense iive. kelly blue book says average prices went up 2 percent in the past year to more than 33,000 dollars. the reason for that is there are so many redesigned models are coming out that drivers are paying full price for them. this is happening as other drivers are keeping their cars
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longer than ever. the average age of a car is now almost 11 and a half years old. they are driving the clunkers to the ground. federal law does not require manufacturers to report suspicious accidents in cars that are more than a decade old. >> tomorrow is cinco de mayo. chipotle is in the news again. surprise. they are going to tell us what is in the guacamole. >> two avocados lime juice, cilantro, red onions jalapenos and assault. that's it. it is weird for the company to give you their secret recipe. we have heard a lot from chipotle. secret recipe for the quack. >> they are smart because we are talking about them every morning. >> 18 minutes after the top of the hour. a assault on the first amendment after they opened fire outside of the mohammed cartoon contest.
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>> a terrifying attack on a teenaged girl. a warning someone tried to kidnap a student from her bus stop. a man in a pickup truck started following her and tried to pull her into that vehicle. she managed to fight him off and called police. the suspect is driving an older red or brown four-door truck. >> christians under attack in a small georgia town. a traditional flag flying over cochran city hall will be taken down friday. the group recently threatened
2:23 am
legal action saying the flag violated the first amendment. the city announcing the decision on the web site saying the only flags that will be flown from the flagpole will be the u.s. and state flags. >> two gunmen opening fire at a mohammed cartoon spibt and now defending hz right to free speech. >> it was about freedom of speech which is under siege by the enemy by the islamic enemy by the left. by some up on the right. it is a constant attack. >> did the organizers take the event too far or is it important for americans to pick up on free speech. here to weigh in is attorney general jerry boykin vice president of the family research council. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. glad to be with you. >> what did you think, did the organization that put this
2:24 am
together take it too far? >> let me start by saying there's a brave policeman in garland texas not getting a lot of attention after we have seen weeks and maybe months of criticizing police. this man shoulding more the center of attention than pam geller who put this on. i will say this as a nation more and more of our leaders having the same kind of courage this woman has. she is a very brave woman and i think what she did was upholding and standing for our first amendment rights and i don't think the went too far at all. owe >> we are so grateful for the officer. he saved a lot of lives by stepping in. geller, the organizer of this event she spent 50,000 dollars for security. she went on a bunch of new shows
2:25 am
to defend freedom of speech. does this speak volumes or are people so scared to talk publically because they are afraid of offending other people? >> i think pam said it i saw some of her interviews yesterday. she saw it-- said it eloquently and particularly. when a cartoon stimulates people to kill you, when they believe they are justified in doing so because of their quote religion they are upside down. if we did keep going back to the foundations of this nation and recognize thatwhat the first amendment was designed to do it is not designed to protect us from things that we would agree with. we would accept. it was designed to protect us our ability to be able to speak about things that would be controversial or provocative. i saw this network last week
2:26 am
stomping on american flag. i saw a female veteran trying to take the flag and protect it. i was offended by that as millions of americans. we have no right, no authority to stand with weapons in our hands and say you can't do that. there is such a double standard when it comes to islam. i think it is time for more of our leadership to take the same position and posture to stand up against the evil in america. >> the reaction a stark contrast between the two incidents. i am glad you brought that up. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> attorney general boykin. >> 26 minutes after the top of the hour. he is facing a brand new battle. why he could end up knocked out of boxing.
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sday may 5th. a fox news alert. isis is declaring it was behind the attack in texas at the free speech event. we are live on the ground with the breaking details straight ahead. >> the gop field growing by the day with mike huckabee hours from announcing a run. this one day after two more candidates join the fray. we are live in dc with what it does to an already crowded field. a ocala walks into a hospital. it is not a joke. more about this incredible
2:31 am
situation. >> good morning to you and your families who areif you are just joining us. i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. thank you for joining us. we have breaking details about the terror in texas. brand new reports that isis is claiming responsibility for the attack. we are learning once of thee of the suspects has been monitored by the fbi for years. the texas shooting with the disturbing details about the radical roommates. casey? >> good morning ainsley and heather. fox news getting inconfirmation about the attacks. we are learning more about the shooting themselves and the two men who carried it all out. a traffic cop credited with taking them down despite the fact that they were armed with assault rifles and were wearing
2:32 am
body armor. they were both from arizona, roommates. simpson had been on the government's radar for quite sometime. in 2006 he was investigated for involvement with another person the fbi was trying to set up in a terror cell in arizona. he was caught lying about travel plans to africa in an attempt to join the terror group there. all of this according to court paperwork. police in texas originally thought the two suspects had explosives in their vehicle but that was not the case. now they are digging into both men's past to see if the shooting was in fact inspired a torn terrorist organization like isis is now claiming
2:33 am
responsibility for. >> thank you very much casey ceiling, appreciate it. >> an nypd officer paid the ultimate sacrifice. brian moore died days after being shot in the line of duty. this morning the man accused of pulling the trigger, demetrius blackwell is charged with first degree murder. moore questioned blackwell before saturday's shooting because they thought he was carrying a concealed weapon. an ambulance took his body from a queens hospital. >> extraordinary young man. great loss to his family a great loss to his department, and a great loss to this profession and to this city. >> he is the third officer killed in the line of duty. >> heartbreaking new details about the death of facebook chief operating officer cheryl sandburg's husband. we know dave goldburg died from
2:34 am
head trauma and from blood loss. the 47-year-old was ceo of survey monkey and he died with his family in mexico. he collapsed op a dread mill and hit his head. goldburg passed away in a hospital. >> a family severely poisoned by a dangerous pesticide on the u.s. virgin islands six weeks ago. they are still in critical condition. the parents you see there steven and teresa they are in rehab therapy now. the resort is being investigated the epa and the justice department. >> two new candidates enter the race for president. a third will be announced later today. ben carson and carlie fiorna announced and huckabee is hoping the third time is a charm. >> mike huckabee is going to
2:35 am
make his announcement in if arkansas today. he has been down this path before. yesterday we saw the addition of two gop candidates carlie fiorina the former head of hewlett-packard said she is going to run as well as retired neurosurgeon ben carson. >> i think it is knowing what leadership is. it is not the same as management. management is doing the best you can about the status co.quo. leadership is about hangchanging the status quo when it needs changing. >> we are going to change the government into something that looks more like a well run business than a inefficiency. >> the issue that all three of these candidates are going to have when you look at recent polls none of them are polling all that well. but that can change after a big rollout. >> something else that could change with the gop field is
2:36 am
there any one who will announce next? >> the one announcement everyone is waiting for is an official announcement from former florida governor jeb bush. >> doug luzader joining us this morning. thank you, doug. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton taking a hit in popularity. the journal finds 42 percent of voters have a negative view of clinton. that is up 36 percent from last month. despite that drop 76 percent of democrats still support her. the highest gop candidate is jeb bush with 23 percent naming the chop choice. they are taking massive speaking fees. clinton earned half a million dollars or more for 11 speeches while his wife was secretary of state. listen to his defense. >> i worked hard. i spend a couple hours a day just doing the research. >> she is now running for president. will you continue to give speeches? >> oh yeah i got to pay our bills. >> got to pay the bills.
2:37 am
clinton said he would consider stepping down from his foundation if hillary is elected president. that was after the reporter asked him. i will consider it. who knows. >> the florida woman who once described herself as the pot princess sentenced for a deadly dui. she will spend 24 years in prison after pleading guilty of manslaughter. she tweeted out, quote, too drunk to care hours before veering on to the wrong side of the road and slamming into the other women's car. >> i have a heart and it aifshgs ry day. the guilt is overwhelming. >> you took everything that i kept tried toe hard to keep safe. you destroyed it all. >> her blood alcohol content was nearly twice of the legal limit and there were traces of drugs in her system. >> former marine imprisoned in iran for more than four years
2:38 am
had new hope the white house is paying attention to them. joe biden met with the family on sunday told them there's a good atmosphere with the islamic republic to get him released. he was accused of being a spy when he visited his sick grandmother in 2011 and he is awaiting trial. >> another spring like day ahead. warm temperatures in new york. it was a great day to step outside a bit. >> yesterday in the park it is wonderful. there is rest in severe weather in the regions. maria is tracking it all. >> when you walked out the door were you like wow, very mild out. very mild temperatures. not just in new york city but surrounding areas in northeast, midwest and down into parts of the central midwest. they are experiencing spring like temperatures. 60's right now, 70's currently
2:39 am
in the city of memphis. in the afternoon you are in the mid 80's in new orleans and 80's in the city of atlanta and hal haleighrall leigh. with this storm we have a lot of moisture and warmth. some of these storms have the potential for producing severe weather. that specifically includes parts of texas, you can see eastern new mexico included and southwestern parts of oklahoma. the other big concern is flash flooding. heavy vain out here it has been moist this part of the country. we have dry conditions out here so we need the rainfall. with the storm system you have a risk of weather. this has an area of interest. doesn't look like this will be a return or anything like that but watch out for rip current if you
2:40 am
are headed for the beaches. >> thank you so much maria. appreciate it. he lost to floyd mayweather in the ring and now manny pacquiao faces another bout this time with the athletic commission. he entered saturday's big match with a shoulder injury but failed to disclose it with the commission. now he faces a possible fine or even suspension as the state attorney general's office looks into why he didn't disclose the injury. that could effect a lot of folks that bet on the game as well. >> another case of stolen valor caught on camera. >> you are disrespecting the uniform that i wore that i lost friends in. >> wait until you see how that confrontation ends. >> waiting for summer clothes? we have the best and worst byes in may.
2:41 am
(indiscernible) >> the little rascals made it look so innocent. a kindergarten kiss ends up with the cops being called. >> floyd mayweather beat pacquiao to keep his undefeated titles. did any one see the fight? boring? was it boring? is didn't live up to the fight. others said fight of the century. something less traumatic than a fight on real housewives. then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new
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light. liberty mutual insurance. . . .
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>> moments ago sighs sis take isis taking responsibility of the terror attacks. the government said the shooting was the first attack on u.s. soil. they warned it could be the
2:45 am
worst of many bitter and bigger attacks. >> decades of school tradition challenged after students arutgers university mascot is racially insensitive. it started when they took issue to the scarlet nights light skin color and blue eyes. they aim to keep the mascot. but add black, latino and asian gender neutral mascot friends. it was knotted aware of the proposal and will likely need input from the athletic department. >> it's a case of stolen valor caught on camera. this man regretting his position for bumming a cigarette from an eagle eyed veteran. >> did you just join the military. >> yesterday. >> withas that issued? the uniform? >> no. this is my older brother's. >> why are you wearing it? you are disrespecting the uniform that i wore that i lost
2:46 am
friends in. let me let. >> you see the veteran ripping off the patches. he gave them back to the guy. not before warning him they better stay off that uniform. >> don't mess with our vets. >> it is your 5@5:00. the best and worst things to buy in may. ashley webster from our sister network fox business here to break it down for us. good morning, ashley. >> according to savvy shopping experts there are deals to be had in the months of may. there are items you should avoid. computers you will pay full price during graduation season. remember that. don't expect great bargains on bathing suits and summer clothing. same goes for grills patio furniture, lawn mowers. why? it's prime season for those items with a price to match. don't expect any discounts until july and august. so the question is where are the deals at this time of year? you can start with spring
2:47 am
clothing as retailers mark it down to make way for the summer inventory. it is also a good time of year to buy a mattress. that's right. memorial day discounts could reach 70 percent. same for refrigerators as manufacturers often announce new models in may. look for more plugs from your wireless carriers. the competition is really starting to heat up. cook wear is a popular gift for grads going off to college. some retailers by the way will offer an 80 percent discount. now that's what i call a deal. heather? >> go out and buy some cook wear. >> thank you so much ashley. don't miss ashley on the fox business network. log on to it is now 47 minutes after the top of the hour. three fisherman safe from their sinking ship. a desperate search for the ship's captain. >> mint julep horses and jesse waters?
2:48 am
>> why are you wearing the funny hat? >> i wanted that hat that required its own zip code. >> the derby edition is up next. >> steve doocy with what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up on "fox & friends" reports that isis is declaring it was behind the attacks in texas at the free speech event. we are live with the latest. more republican candidates jumping into the race. one of them carlie fiorina is here live and we will hear from the wife of american sniper chris kyle.s off in 12 minutes from now on your channel for news fox news channel. we need snacks in here. do you have any? pretzels, granola bars energy bars, trail mix... nuts? cashews, pistachios, pecans, walnuts, almonds... cost a lot? peanuts. [laughs] maybe not your best. no... make on-budget happen. make break-time
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happen. staples. make more happen.
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saved at sea. a dramatic rescue off the coast of washington state.
2:52 am
>> mayday. >> what is your position nature and distress? >> we're taking over water over our stern. >> new video shows the coast guard rescuing three people on board a 52 foot fishing boat but the captain is still missing and the search for him has been called off. rescuers found the survivors in a life raft after the boat capsized. the boston marathon kiss mystery is solved. the tennessee runner dared to lock lips with that handsome stranger said she just heard back from the man's wife. the 55-year-old has been trying to look out for that guy. his wife says the family is enjoying the attention. she promised she's not mad. >> some excitement at the end of the race. derby goers putting away their hats, myself included
2:53 am
until next may after the fastest two minutes in sports. >> what is the kentucky derby all about? jesse waters will to church hill downs to find out. >> what is doing the derby? what does that mean to you? >> the people energy enthusiasm the history. >> dress up to the nine's. drink like you're a freshman in college. >> don't cost nothing. >> what kind of stallion gets your blood pumping? >> my husband. >> what is derby style and fashion? >> you dress up to get messed up. >> i'm glad you dressed up for the derby. why you wearing that funny hat? >> i wanted a hat that required its own zip code. >> nice peacock. size matters. >> go big or go home. >> what dress you got today, dumb and dumber? >> are you going hunting later. >> i'm going hunting on sunday.
2:54 am
did you do that yourself or is it a clip on? >> i tide it. i can undo it. can i smell your hat? >> yes. delicious are you worried about traditions dying? >> you look like you're ready for hillary. >> yeah. >> the war on women, whose side are you on? >> women. hell yeah. >> the bigger the hat, the better. then there's this you have to see this very naughty cuvoila, this is in australia in the middle of the night. he checks out the waiting room and leave as few minutes later. >> maybe he was feeling fluish. he fought for our freedom in iraq and afghanistan. now he's heading for the playing
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you're clean. bam! charmin ultra strong cleans so much better it meets even the highest standards of clean. with a soft duraclean texture, charmin ultra strong is 4 times stronger. and you can use up to 4x less. charmin ultra strong. two minutes before the top of the hour. here's what's happening before you leave the house. a fox news alert, moments ago, isis reportedly claiming responsibility for that terror attack down in texas. one of the suspects had been
2:59 am
monitored for -- by the fbi for years now. an nypd officer dies. fellow officers saluted brian moore as that ambulance was taking his body away from the queens hospital. funeral services are later this week j mr. mike huckabee announcing his gop presidential run in hope arkansas later today. time for the good bad and ugly. the good from the battlefield to the field. he has a new mission. the nfl. he signed with the seahawks. he will talk about his unusual road to the nfl. the bad, a rocky get away for a robber in oklahoma. he got into the store fine but didn't know the manager locked him inside. remember the scene from love actually? puppy love? police called it to a florida school where two 7 yoelds shared
3:00 am
a kiss on the lips. the teacher said it was innocent. don't forget to keep talking about the baltimore charges. go to our facebook page. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning. it is tuesday may 5th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, isis has attacked america. the terror group launching its first attack on united states soil claiming responsibility just moments ago for that shootout in texas. we are live with the details for you straight ahead. it is terror. and on the day a new york city police officer shot in the face died the president says this about our brave men in blue. >> too many places in this country black boys and black men, latino boys latino men, they experience being treated differently by law enforcement. >> t


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