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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 5, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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two 7 yoelds shared a kiss on the lips. the teacher said it was innocent. don't forget to keep talking about the baltimore charges. go to our facebook page. >> "fox and friends" starts right now. good morning. it is tuesday may 5th. i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, isis has attacked america. the terror group launching its first attack on united states soil claiming responsibility just moments ago for that shootout in texas. we are live with the details for you straight ahead. it is terror. and on the day a new york city police officer shot in the face died the president says this about our brave men in blue. >> too many places in this country black boys and black men, latino boys latino men, they experience being treated differently by law enforcement. >> this as we learn shocking
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statistics about the targeting of our police officers. then we tell our children not to talk to strangers. but do they actually listen? >> i got some more puppies, what to go see the other puppies? >> yeah. >> come on right over here. give me your hand. >> the social media experiment that every single parent needs to see. mornings are better with friends. live from studio e as in ed henry. welcome to "fox and friends." good to have you. >> it's great to be here. >> cooking with friends, that was fun this week. >> i didn't bring my daughter this week she's beautiful. >> it's great to have you today. elizabeth will you explain why we're wearing blue? >> we are wearing blue in a moment to honor those who are here in the nypd. we had a fallen hero yesterday.
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we decided today we would wear blue in solidarity. >> indeed. >> to honor those who served to protect our city right here. first, we're going to get to that fox news alert for you. just moments ago, isis taking credit for that terror attack in texas yesterday. >> casey stegall is live in garland, texas, again with what we're learning this morning. isis is claiming that this is the first terror attack by their organization on american soil. that changes everything. >> it does change everything. this is reported by the afp news agency that isis has claimed responsibility for this attack here in texas and it is doing so over its official radio station. in fact the islamic state claims that this was the terrorist group's first attack on american soil. and they promise there will be more and harsher attacks in the future. however, this is extremely important, as this is developing
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this morning. the feds have not yet verified this. isis is claiming responsibility. but the feds haven't verified it. we are also learning more about the two suspects identified as 30-year-old elton simpson and a 34-year-old. the two men were roommates in phoenix. those who knew him say they are simply shocked, including those at the mosque where simpson worshipped for a decade. >> shocking because he was -- he had a nice positive demeanor and he was very polite. and always had a smile on his face. what took him from that person to what happened i don't know. >> but simpson was no stranger to authorities. in fact court documents show in 2006, he told an fbi informant he wanted to travel to somalia to join radical fighters there. it's not clear how long these
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two men had been here in texas. luggage and extra ammo was found in their vehicle. both were wearing body armor and armed with assault rifles. yet a traffic cop here in garland, texas, took both of them down killing them in this parking lot back here behind me with his service handgun, guys. >> that's right. casey stegall, live in garland with the very latest. we thank you very much. isis over their official radio station -- who knew they had an official radio station -- claims this attack down in garland, texas, was their first isis attack on american soil. they also say that this could be the start of a terror campaign that will be bigger and more bitter. and so far, we have not heard from the president of the united states regarding the shooting yesterday. >> when you look how ready our law enforcement was, we were prepared to deal with this. we have been tracking elton since 2006 under strict surveillance there. he was lying to fbi agents about
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his desire to travel to somalia. he was then convicted of committing terror related offense. the roommate was a medical student. he left without a degree apparently to pursue things like this what we witnessed in the shootout. >> thank goodness for the police or we could have had a situation like the one in paris. isis may or may have not been behind this analysts have been saying before this at the very least it was isis inspired. it's a game changer. >> how social media has played into this. thatnilities twitter account they were looking into. sharia is light was the first one that posted that the knowledge of an attack coming minutes before the shooting actually took place. that account attempted to follow another twitter account which is said to have isis ties and was started by someone who is a member. they're looking into that tie on
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social media. >> here you see some of the images 7:00 p.m. on sunday night down in garland, texas. you know in the crazy upside down world that we live in there are some who are actually blaming the victims for this. clearly, it was a provocative event, but it was a freedom of speech event. keep in mind that the way it works in a democracy, is if there's somebody you don't agree with and you don't like what they're saying you don't try to kill them. >> never. >> you draw another cartoon. >> you know -- >> use your own free speech rights. >> the penalty for being offensive shouldn't be death in this country. that's not what we're about. we have rights and we're protected by them. the winner of the contest spoke out. it was interesting, when -- former muslim himself. >> this is what he had to say. >> i've been drawing for muhammad for years. i took it upon myself to take
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part in it. it's an important thing. it's about the freedom of speech which is important right now. it's under siege by the enemy, by the islamic enemy, by the left, by some on the right. it is on constant attack. we're being told we shouldn't do this or that. we have the right to do that. and we need to express that right. especially right now. >> and once again, it looks like it is terror as isis through their radio station, says yep, we were responsible for that. >> yeah. meanwhile on -- i got to show you the cover of the new york tabloids today. cop killer. this is a gun used to shoot the new york police department hero a fellow by the name of brian moore was 25 years old. that's a picture of him. his official photograph. and then on the cover of the new york daily news this man right there, that's his father? and that woman in tears is his sister. >> brian moore's family served to protect the city and the
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county around it. overall, probably over a decade of time or more he was laid to rest -- you saw the officers here this photo here had, i think, so many choked up seeing his dad saluting him there h. when you look at -- this is the ambulance as it leaves the hospital. >> there is the commissioner right there. he was gunned down a couple days ago. he was shot in the face by a dirt bag by the name of demetrius blackwell. a career criminal when spent time in prison for attempted murder. there is the man who is suspected of killing this guy. >> if you look at the numbers for fatalities for police officers. 2015, 37 already. 2014. 156. 156. i was walking around last night. there was a lot of traffic
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because the president was in town not a lot of traffic over protests for the police officers. >> right. because we have seen -- it's interesting, too, i mean you knew the president was here. and you wondered i did, at least if he would pay respect to the family in person of brian moore. this is a young guy, 25 years old. he basically saw his murder reaching in his waist band and the man shot him in the face. we look at the assault numbers, though he did mention brian moore and say our officers do protect. he went on with his other hand to continue a verbal assault on law enforcement and how we need to curtail our actions there. watch this. >> that sense of unfairness and a powerlessness of people not hearing their voices that's helped fuel some of the protests we've seen in places like
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baltimore and ferguson and right here in new york. the catalysts of those protests were the tragic deaths of young men and the feeling that law is not always applied evenly in this country. and too many places in this country, black boys and black men, latino boys latino men, they experience being treated differently by law enforcement. >> so on the very day that you saw brian moore leaving the hospital dead after being shot while on duty there, the president takes the opportunity to say something like that. what do you think about it? >> there are tragedies like that but there are tragedies involving officers. there are bad apples broader law enforcement -- the president did go on to say the officers deserve our gratitude and our prayers, not just today and every day. >> that is true. he said that. he met with a couple of big whigs on wall street fund raisers and stopped by david letterman to say hello.
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>> absolutely. as a salute to the life of brian moore that is why we're wearing new york city blue here on "fox and friends." it is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. heather nauert joins us with some more news. good morning to you. great to have you in town nice to have you here. new overnight, a terrifying attack on a teenage girl to tell you about in massachusetts. police are warning somebody tried to kidnap a student from a bus stop. a guy in a pickup truck followed her and tried to pull her in. the suspect is said to be driving a older red or brown pickup truck. carly fiorina and ben carson announcing their candidacies touting the fact that they are not d.c. insiders. carson earning cheers and applause saying he's not a politician. and he doesn't want to be one.
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>> i'm not politically correct. and i'm probably never going to be politically correct. because i'm not a politician. i don't want a politician. >> there you go. later today mike huckabee will make his announcement official in his hometown of hope arkansas. he won the caucuses in iowa. the boston marathon bombing shows emotion. dzhokhar tsarnaev breaks down in tears. four of his relatives who travelled to boston from russia took the stand. sharing happy memories of a young dzhokhar. they haven't seen him in more than a decade. they sobbed on the stand as they testified. they didn't agree with the family's islamic extremist views that they picked up once they moved to the united states. i'll see you back here in a
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little bit. now, this coming up back to our top story, isis striking right here in america. two gunmen storm a free speech event in texas. the mayor of that texas town under siege reacts next. heart stopping video you have to see. that is a toddler on the roof of a three story house. how he got there? and the people who jumped in to do something. ♪ let me why don't you babe ♪ ♪ you don't really love me ♪ ♪ you just keep me hanging on ♪ but country style, not without its charms. brown sugar hickory. who says no to hickory? new sweet heat? sure! there are no rules here. bush's beans. what's your favorite flavor?
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a fox news alert. isis striking right here in the heart of america. when two gunmen storm a free speech event in the state of texas. the mayor of that town under siege. he joins us now live from the convention center there in garland. mr. mayor, thank you very much. >> good morning. >> i want to get your take on this news. apparently according to isis through their official radio station, they said that the attack on that free speech event a couple nights ago there in your town was isis' first attack on american soil. i was curious to hear your reaction to that. >> well i think it would be very easy for them to take claim and still have nothing to do with it.
3:18 am
>> you think just big talkers? >> i have no way of knowing. certainly, i don't know of any evidence that linked them to actually having had a part in this. >> okay. tell us a little bit about behind the scenes. i know there was an event at that hall in january. tell us a little bit about it and the number of protesters that showed up back in january. >> there was an event here in january. about 1,000 protesters showed up. it was very well policed. there were only minor incidents out of it. and the same organization that had a meeting here the year before without any incident at all. >> okay. i understand that there was something like about 1,000 protesters at the january event. and it was largely organized -- the protesters were by pamela geller who sponsored the event on saturday night. when you heard that she wanted to bring the free speech event to garland, what was your
3:19 am
reaction? >> i didn't quite understand the purpose of it. but it's her right to rent facilities. it's her right to have meetings wherever she wants. we have to be prepared for all the eventualities. >> i think she was prepared because she hired a whole bunch of extra security at a cost of $10,000. i think she had 40 extra security personnel on sight there, including a number of garland police officers. who were ready because, you know, these two guys came up with ak-47's and they wanted to kill people. your men and women were ready for them. >> certainly. we try to take in all the eventualities and try to be prepared for them. our officers are constantly training. i would say our officers are among the best anywhere. as far as the security for the event, it was something the
3:20 am
school district and city insisted upon. it wasn't initially offered. but it was made clear that we felt like there needed to be a great deal of security. >> there was plenty of security that night and it paid off. thank you for getting up early. >> it did pay off. >> we thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> all right. coming up on this tuesday, a video every parent needs to see. one man showing how easy it is to abduct your child. >> i got some more puppies, what to go see the other puppies? >> yeah. >> let's go. come on right over here. give me your hand. >> that's a man aghast. the man behind that video and why he did it coming up. proof that he's army strong. a soldier falls to the ground several times but never gives up making it across the finish line. he's going to get up. he's going to finish. ♪ every day america ♪
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welcome back. a look at your headlines. tragedies in paradise. an elderly couple was found stabbed to death in their vacation home in the united states virgin islands. the unidentified victims were staying in a resort at sapphire bay. police are searching for a suspect there. and new details about the death of facebook chief operating officer sheryl sandburg's husband. he died from head trauma and blood loss. he was on vacation with his family in mexico when he
3:25 am
collapsed on a hit his head. terrible. number one rule parents tell their kids. don't talk to strangers. a chilling new video shows how easy it is for them to actually be kidnapped. >> how many times a day do you tell your kid not to talk to strangers? >> i tell my kid every day. she's not going to talk to you. >> all right. which one is your kid? i'm going to put it to the test. you want to go see the other puppies? >> yeah. >> come on right over here. give me your hand. >> heart stopping for sure. believe it or not. that happened two more times. >> it did. that video now viral. more than one million views online. the creator joins us live. you are a comedian essentially, a funny guy. >> a funny guy, yeah. >> you wanted to make a funny video that turned out to have a serious message. >> exactly. i first came up with this video because i wanted to do a child abduction prank. >> a prank? >> it started as a prank.
3:26 am
i'm thinking that's been done plenty of times before. child abduction pranks. i'm thinking let me step it up a bit. how about i abduct real kids and do that. i can't legally do it. i'll get arrested. i thought how easy could it be if i would try to abduct a kid. that's how this whole idea was born. >> when you watch this video -- the kids go with you. i watched it over and over again. you allowed me to teach my kids an important lesson. strangers aren't scary. the moms' reaction did it shock you? >> you don't know who a stranger s. when you say stranger and child abductor you picture a nerdy looking guy. >> not sweet joey. >> what was unique about it you and your approach was back in the old days it was like you
3:27 am
know some stranger is going to try to lure you into a car with a piece of candy. you used a puppy. kids and grownups love puppies. it was diabolical because it worked on everybody. >> yeah. it was actually in between when i was trying to find parents to ask for their kids. there were kids running up to me with the puppy. i could walk away with all these kids. one kid was saying come show my friend the puppy. >> you want an iphone or something? >> free wi-fi that's the big thing. >> what was your take away? what should parents learn from this beyond the obvious part of it when you were interacting them? >> they should learn to show them video, of course. and actually show them the dangers out there l. kids you know they live in a secluded world. every is pampered.
3:28 am
they don't think anything can happen because they're so young. we know they trust a lot of people. because they only have been around their family the majority of the time. now this video shows what could possibly happen and hopefully they could see that. >> with over a million hits right now, it's a great thing for parents to show their friends if they've seen it. it's a great thing for schools would benefit for having this for their teachers and kids there. it's an incredible message you were able to send. unintentionally or not. >> we are going to have the video on our website, in about an hour if you would like to gather your kids and say watch this. it's cute. don't ever do it. thank you very much. >> job well done. you can stay for just another second. now this coming up he never saw this coming. my oh, my. an explosion right on those
3:29 am
tracks. what went wrong and why the police are now involved. today, governor mike huckabee makes his run for the white house official will this crowded gop field help or hurt in a matchup against hillary clinton? i'll sit down with our panel and debate it in. >> happy birthday adelle. she's singing to herself she's got 27 candles on her cake. ♪ i'm one... i am one of the one's who discovered always discreet underwear for sensitive bladders. it makes me feel secure, confident. i feel protected. i mean i feel comfortable to move in them they move with me. i love always discreet underwear because of the fit. the fabric is very soft. i can wear whatever i want to wear. always discreet has made me a very happy woman. join over 500,000 women who've discovered always discreet underwear. for more stories and your free sample go to
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he said he wants to stay out of the spotlight when hillary runs for president. i guess he makes as much as $500,000 a speech. he had this to say.
3:33 am
>> she's running for president will you continue to give speeches? yeah i got to pay our bills. >> got to pay our bills. it still doesn't say why he insisted in getting paid in ones. got to make it rain. >> you know you got to feel in the back of your head that all the comics want hillary clinton to win because just simply because of what a gold mine comedy wise -- >> you're saying huckabee's spouse is not as big comedy gold. >> i know her, and she's a wonderful person. >> there's no strip club jokes ababout the huckabees. >> not that i have heard. >> not that we know of. >> speaking of a lot going on heather nauert is standing by with headlines. a fairifying scene to tell us about in philly. this is a cautionary tale for parents. neighbors notices a toddler
3:34 am
standing on a three story roof inches from the ledge and he's wearing just a diaper. no adults in the hope and the door of the house was locked. witnesses could only call police and wait. >> i'm yelling at him to stay where he is. don't move. everything will be okay. >> luckily help arrives just in time. firefighters raising their ladder. a police officer broke into the home, grabbed the toddler through that windowism that child was not hurt. two women now face child endangerment charges. caught on camera the shocking moment a garbage can causes a massive new york city subway explosion. take a look at this. you can see a subway transit worker trying to remove a metal garb garbage can from the tracks.
3:35 am
it causes a blast. that worker was not injured. police believe that vandals may be responsible for throwing the trash can on the tracks. christians under attack in a small town in georgia. a traditional christian flag flying over cochrane city hall will be taken down. a group felt that the flag violented the first amendment. the only flag that will be flown from city hall will be the u.s. and state flag. one soldier showing off the real meaning of army strong. fighting to complete a grueling 12 mile march. take a look. >> get up. get up. you got it.
3:36 am
>> nice job. she was one of the 46 candidates to earn the army's expert field medical badge that day at ft. dix. the video going viral with 1 . 1.2 million views. it had been to hard and hot down there. >> so many people would give up. you're down i've had enough. >> joey salad wouldn't have made it across the finish line. >> hats off to her. >> i love the support around her. >> they were on the same page. >> talk about team maria molina. on our team telling us what's going on. >> hello everybody at home. i want to share the current temperatures across the nation. they are mild. i left the jacket in my office. 66 degrees in new york city. as we head westward warmer in memphis, 63 degrees for their current temperature. we're talking about high temperatures reaching the 80s
3:37 am
from parts of texas all the way to new york city. another concern though across parts of texas, oklahoma city and new mexico will be severe weather, large hail recollect damaging and damaging winds. let's head over to ed. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee expected to make his white house bid official one day after carly fiorina and retired neurosurgen ben carson threw their hats in the ring. joining marco rubio, and rand paul. gem good to see all of you. >> good morning. >> i'd like to start with you, adam. i wonder whether you think all this competition will be healthy competition or will it be a repeat of 2012 where we saw a lot of republicans after mitt romney survived saying they beat
3:38 am
the heck out of each other. >> i think it's good. this is really the season of first impressions right now. we're getting a good taste of a lot of different people and a lot of good stories that are being seen for the first time in america. carly fiorina getting in you know stanford mit educated very fresh. up from the boot straps. >> ben carson tough childhood got through it. >> can speak to baltimores out there. i think this is what america wants as they look for a conversation about what we're going to be moving forward. >> you see a lot of the republican candidates especially fiorina, as well as carson saying we're not conventional politicians. everybody tries to grab that mantle. barack obama did in 2008. do you see anybody in the republican field that has a shot at hadit? >> i think marco rubio is the best contender to jeb.
3:39 am
i hope all the candidates become serious candidates. if you can think back to prior elections we had herman cain 999. it was an entertaining side show and nobody took him seriously. fiorina fiorina, carson i hope they add substance to the campaign and it doesn't -- >> do you think hillary clinton is sitting back saying you guys beat each other for a while. i've got it smooth sailing? >> absolutely not. we have seen she's running like she's 50 points behind. she's not taking anything for granted. i don't agree that people want a show though. i think they do want the substance. and unfortunately, the republican primary has become about selling books or getting ratings for television shows. and that's not taking the issues that hillary clinton will be talking about seriously. >> what issues? issues will play a central role.
3:40 am
poverty, how do you see them tackling that? >> we're moving to the issue area from kind of an audition for leadership. those kinds of qualities. there is something else, i think the word that's coming to the thefore is trust. hillary clinton brought that to play when she talked about the reform system. it's not what you say, it's what you do. >> rick on the issue of trust and national security isis is now on american soil. at least they're claiming. these unconventional politicians don't have commander in chief experience. >> it's going to depend what kind of incidents do we have between now and election day. if we don't have any major incidents, the economy will be a top issue. we have people hurting in the middle class. we need a candidate who shows they care and can do something about it.
3:41 am
>> secretary of state clinton hoping to use that experience? >> absolutely. she will be focusing on issue, like she did on baltimore. when it comes to where is isis she will be the first candidate. >> she's splitting on some of those issues with her husband. it will be interesting. >> you go girl. overnight isis hits america. the terror group taking responsibility for the attack on texas. al what are the legal rights for protecting free speech? judge nuapolitano next. this morn sofia vergara is breaking her silence. ♪ i sofia vergara is breaking her silence. ♪ n sofia vergara is breaking her silence. ♪ g sofia vergara is breaking her silence. ♪
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tuesday morning. ups could be overcharging you to send that mother's day gift. it's true. a new report finds some stores are pushing the more expensive air shipping option when package could get there at the same time using ground shipping. and sofia vergara doesn't want to be a mom to her exfeonusaexfeon exfeonsay's baby. they were talking about it on the howard stern show. >> more than a mother. needs a loving relationship of parents. i wouldn't imagine anyone saying to bring to the world, you know kids that are already set up everything wrong for them. you know? it would be so selfish. >> lowe wants to keep the embryos and raise them without her. that is why it's news. kind of. that's right.
3:46 am
a fox news alert, isis now taking credit for that shooting at a muhammad art contest in texas. the two reportedly with terror ties were shot down. how far are police allowed to go to protect us? joining us with the latest judge andrew napolitano. >> there's a lot of different layers here. do the police have the obligation to protect us from crazy people? does the government have the responsibility to protect us from foreign entities? of course it does. does the government have an obligation to protect us when our speech is intentionally incendiary intended to provoke? answer yes. supreme court has been very very clear about that. the whole purpose of government is to preserve our rights. chief among those rights in america is free speech. >> offensive or as provocative as they may be, they are still
3:47 am
precced protected. >> every day speech that inspires us or informed doesn't need protection because we accept it. it's the harsh speech the speech at the fringes, the speech that provokes that requires protection. that's the speech that the framers wrote the first amendment to require the government to protect. so if you are giving a speech and you intentionally arouse the audience and the audience rushes the stage and trashes the place, who gets arrested you or the audience? a very famous case the speaker got arrested and the supreme court reversed the conviction and said you have it wrong. he has the right to speak and you have the obligation to protect him. >> in this particular case pamela geller who has been provocative and hosted this kind of event before apparently in an upside down kind of world, she's being blamed. they're blaming the victim for this. her speech is protected, as much as some people may not like it. other people appreciate is because they're expressing herself. >> she did the right thing.
3:48 am
she paid for protection which she probably didn't need because it's texas. even though two people are dead it's a happy outcome. because the two people that are dead were killers who were there to kill innocent human beings. what is more american than the public square with attitudes clashing and debates over matters of public interest? and what is the obligation of the government to protect that? >> where does the constitution draw the line, then, in terms of speech and when it's not protected and when it is? >> if the speech produces immediate violent lawless action, it's not protected. >> fire in a theater. >> everything else is protected. >> what about protecting americans? isis is at least claiming that they launched an attack on american soil. they were stopped by a traffic cop. congress hasn't passed
3:49 am
authorization for the use of force against isis. >> i can't tell you why they haven't. i don't know why. isis is a state. why don't we just declare war on them and make it all lawful and legal and constitutional? there's that thing, the constitution that i'm hung up on that. >> we're glad you're hung up on the constitution. >> thank you. now this coming up she failed the physical fitness test to become a firefighter, but she's being allowed to become one anyway. is that fair? we're going to debate it for you straight ahead. she's a country superstar, and he's an all pro football player. jesse james decker and eric decker team up with some dogs. ♪ make them all ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ [male announcer] if you've served in the military, certain habits may be hard to shake. for reintegration and adjustment issues big, small and everything in between, visit easter seals dixon jo nes. zero, three, two, six. here to make a deposit. [bell chime] ting
3:53 am
you know them from reality tv country music radio and the football field. now eric decker and his lovely wife jesse james decker are pawing it forward for national pet month. the movement is intended to encourage owners to spend more time with their furry friends. eric and his wife who joined us for our christmas special and they're joining us now. he's been kissing on me since we sat down. >> he has a crush on you. you should take him home. >> i want to tell you -- you and i were sitting here. you are expecting your second baby in september? >> i am in september. >> how excited are you? >> excited. we found out we're having a by. we have a girl and a boy.
3:54 am
>> you have your future wide receiver about to be delivered? >> hopefully a baseball player. >> this is an incredible thing you're doing. with your foundation decker's dogs. what you're doing with the military is pairing them up with pup snz. >> we rescue dogs from shelters and train them. those that pass the training get partnered with a veteran who is in need who has post traumatic disorder. these pets are trained to make their life easier. >> we know the affects they can have as being calming and comforting. from the world of country and the nfl, both of those arms of life has reached out to the military. there's a connection there why did you want to do this? >> my dad is a colonel in the air force, i grew up as a military brat. i lived in 14 different places.
3:55 am
i was born in a military base. i have been around military for years. i was fortunate to go with kid rock and perform for the troops. it's second nature to me. i'm very passionate about our military. >> you have your own foundation. you're teaming up with purina. >> yes. >> specifically with this today, tell us about that. >> we teamed up with purina for the national pet month. it's an initiative called paw it forward, which you know. basically encouraging pet owners to show a lot of love to their pets and to everyone really to encourage them to help dogs that are in need. we just encourage them to go to the website. they can check out more and donate. and find out what we're doing. >> >> keep us posted on the sweet
3:56 am
baby coming that way. baby number two. baby boy decker. >> that's right. now this coming up isis claiming responsibility for that terror attack in texas. but did they really have anything to do with it? or is this just propaganda? we'll have brand new intelligence on that report coming your way. and lieutenant general mcinerey will join us. it's a story we told you about a college protesters stomped on the flag and his disrespect takes a whole new level. >> i'm about to the the eric sheppard challenge. [ bleep ] you play. >> you better believe that medal of honor recipient has a stern message for them coming up at the top of the hour. ♪ miranda: ♪ i got red dirt stains on my boots and jeans. ♪ ♪ calloused fingers from my guitar strings. ♪
3:57 am
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3:59 am
good morning. today is tuesday, may 5th.
4:00 am
i'm elizabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. isis has attacked america. the terror group taking cred for this week's attack at a free speech event in texas and hinting at much more to come. what they are planning straight ahead. one of the new york city's bravest now dead. the police officer who was shot in the face taken off life support on the same day president obama said this. >> too many places in this country. black boys and black men, latino boys latino men, they experience being treated differently by law enforcement. >> here's an idea should there be protests for the men and women who keep us safe? a troubling new trend on the internet. stomping on the american flag like that. >> i'm about to do the eric sheppard challenge. [ bleep ]. >> great. this morning, a man who knows a
4:01 am
thing or two about true sacrifice of freedom has a message for the kids who are stomping on the american flag. you're not going to want to miss it. dakota mayer. >> thank you for joining us on this tuesday because tuesday are better with friends like you. speaking of better with friends, our friend from the white house, ed henry is here. brian is today. he'll be back on thursday. >> it's great to see you here. great to see all of you joining us at this 7:00 a.m. hour. we're glad you're here. >> we're starting this hour off with a fox news alert. because isis is on american soil. the terror group now taking credit on their radio station for sunday night's shooting in texas in garland. >> that's right. now we're learning this might not be the last of the attacks to come. >> casey stegall live in garland, texas, this morning with these chilling new
4:02 am
developments. good morning, casey. >> good morning. isis claiming responsibility but whether or not they were in fact behind this is another thing. we've got to flesh out all of the details because federal intelligence sources have not verified this claim. that is important to point out. we do know all along, they have been digging into the suspects' past to see if there are terrorist ties. isis claiming responsibility for this over their official radio station broadcast out of mosul. adding this is their first attack on u.s. soil and they have plans for more. elton simpson and nadir soofi were shot and killed sunday night here in texas by police when they opened fire in the parking lot of a prophet muhammad cartoon contest here in the dallas suburb of garland. they pair were roommates out of phoenix, arizona. fbi agents swooped in on their
4:03 am
apartment complex searching for trues. simpson had been on the regardadar for some time. he said he wanted to join brothers in somalia. federal agents believe he was involved with another person trying to establish a terror cell in arizona. however, there was really never enough evidence to fully prosecute him. this is a fluid and a developing story we have our eye on this morning, guys. >> all right. now with more on the brand new developments where isis is taking credit for sunday's attack. let's bring in fox news contributor lieutenant general tom mcinerey. isis is taking credit as casey accurately pointed out. the feds have not yet verified it. it sounds plausible. what do you think? >> well it's very plausible.
4:04 am
it doesn't really matter steve. the fact is is it's radical slam that is attacking us whether it's isis or al qaeda. whether it's al qaeda in iraq whether it's hamas, hezbollah, they're all radical islamists or even the iranian state. they're all radical islamists. until the administration and the western world identifies the threat as radical islam, then we're going -- and they persist in calling it violent extremism. i don't know the idealogy of violent extremism. but i know theideradical islam. >> when the administration does not call radical islam what it is. >> the people don't know what the threat is. they really do they just can't see it. they're still calling major
4:05 am
nudoll hassan workplace violence. that sends the wrong signals. if you identify the threat then you hold islam responsible. where does this ideology come from? from mecca and medina. if they put a fox wuout monthly that says anyone who attacks the west will live in damnation and hell and you don't get 72 virgeens. they will change. islam itself as general al sisi criticized in early january of this year the clerics for not attacking the ideology and addressing it. it is still taught in the mosques in the united states and throughout the world. until that is done. until we in the west and all the western leaders challenge islam to change this ideology nothing -- we're not going to change it. infidels will not change it. it must come from within. that's why it's important that
4:06 am
the administration lead from in front and lead about this radical idealogy. >> what do we have to make? the bottom line is we have isis claiming to be on the soil. but for this traffic cop in texas who took out these two terrorists we could have had a paris style massacre on our soil. what other adjustments do we need to make? >> to identify the ideology. if use violent extremism, do you go to china, japan? no you going to where the ideology comes from. when you identify it then you go to the mosques and you talk to them. but it's from within that they must do it. and that's why our counterinsurgency strategy of winning hearts and minds failed us in iraq because if you have someone in ideology that says if a woman is raped, then she must have four male witnesses and a
4:07 am
host of other things in sharia law. democracy cannot flourish. >> is it time to declare war on the islamic state? >> absolutely. absolutely. it is time to declare war on radical islam. and that's what we ought to call it. the islamic state is just a group that grew out of al qaeda in iraq. it is radical islam and the ideology is the cuquran, the things the prophet and sharia law. that's why what pam geller did and geert wilders is so important. because it is a free speech issue. >> general, there are people in this country who are blaming the victims for hosting the event. >> that is the classic liberal way, steve.
4:08 am
make everybody a victim. or blame them. the fact is is this issue must be addressed like we're addressing it now. please tell me mr. president, what is the ideology of violent extremism? you just had a summit two months ago in the white house. what is that ideology? tell the world. then the world can have a psychological campaign that we can get inside that cycle to defeat it. until we do that then we'll have these kind of problems. >> general mcinerey joining us with the breaking news this morning that isis is taking credit for the hit down in garland. thank you. those two shooters dead. >> they were ready for them. >> the search for more information is ongoing. we'll stay on that for you. we'll turn to heather nauert with all that's going on. let's start out overseas where developing overnight. secretary of state john kerry lands in the war torn country of
4:09 am
somalia. it was an unannounced visit. it makes him the first secretary of state to go to that country. he met with somali leaders reinforcing america's commitment to creating a peaceful democracy there. the three hour visit comes on john kerry's trip to kenya where he told those leaders to take a more active role in fighting somali terrorists. a family was poisoned in the vernalen islands six weeks ago. the parents are in rehabilitation therapy. the resort they were staying in is being investigated by the epa and department of justice for using a pesticide that's banned in the united states. and a latte lawsuit out of north carolina. a police officer is suing star bucks after he spilled a cup of
4:10 am
coffee. it dumped on his lap back in 2012. he claims that incident caused severe stress and aggravated his crone's disease. he wants $50,000 in damages. those are your headlines. when you get a cup of starbucks not only is there a warning on the cup, and also on the sleeve. warning. by the, it's free. >> thanks heather. all right. coming up on this tuesday morning, one of america's and new york city's bravest now dead. the police officer 25 years old who was shot in the face taken off life support yesterday. on the same day president obama said this in the same town. >> too many places in this country, black boys and black men, latino boys latino men, they experience being treated differently by law enforcement. >> should there be protests for the men and women who keep us
4:11 am
safe? >> big rallies for them. >> she just threw her hat into the ring. some say carly fiorina does not have enough political experience to become experience. she'll be here live to respond. >> fantastic, there she is. ♪ we weren't born to follow ♪ come on and get up off your knees ♪ across america people, like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins, are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise.
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4:15 am
okay. joining us now on the curvy couch the first and currently the only republican woman to jump into the 2016 presidential race. the author of rising to the challenge and presidential candidate carly fiorina. >> good to see you. >> what's your reaction to the news that isis is claiming responsibility for that attempted mass murder down in texas? >> whether it's true or not, it's possible they're just being opportunitiestic. it's a disturbing trend, clearly. very disturbing. >> what -- yesterday, yewe were saddened to hear 25-year-old brian moore died from a shot to the face. what is your reaction to police across the nation? and how do you believe the administration should be addressing what they see as a
4:16 am
crisis of police not acting the way they should or in accordance with rules when it comes to black males? >> first, those who serve every day in dangerous situations deserve our unswerving support. secondly this is one of the reasons why i think it's so important that we give all police officers body cams. so there's no confusion about what actually happened after the fact. it's for their protection as much as anyone else's. i'm so tired of this president only talking about the side of the issue he wants to talk about. it lacks perspective and balance. it's not leadership at a critical time when the nation needs to be unified instead of divided. he continues to seek to divide this nation. >> what would you specifically do differently, though in handling isis and the terror threat? you know you'll face the question. you'll play this as i'm not a politician so i'm not conventional. but you also do not have national security credentials. isis claims at least, they got
4:17 am
on to american soil and there was almost a massacre here. what would you do differently? >> i think i have extensive national security credentials. i've met more world leaders than anyone else running with the possible exception of hillary clinton. i stood as close as vladmir putin, bibi netanyahu. many others. on every continent on the planet i served as the chairman of the executive board. >> reporter: what would you do differently? >> very specific things. i would arm the kurds. i would provide what the king of jordan has asked us for, bombs and material. we haven't. third, i will share intelligence with the egyptians. they've asked us to do that. we haven't. here we have a president of egypt who is literally putting himself personally at risk to talk truthfully about what he calls a cancer in the heart of
4:18 am
islam, and this president says when the head of egypt bombs in response to the beheading of 21 coptic christians this president, our president says he can neither condemn or condone his actions. the truth is president obama always provides us with a false choice. if you don't agree with what i'm doing, there's nothing else to do than march off to war. untrue. we have allies all over the world who have asked us for very specific things. stop talking to iran. arm the ukrainians. have exercises in the baltic states. help the australians push back against china. help us in the arab middle east fight isis. this administration has done none of it. meanwhile, they've gotten totally confused about who our ally and our adversaries -- remember hillary clinton called bashar al assad a positive reformer. we're still talking to iran we should be exacting punishing financial sanctions which we can
4:19 am
do unilaterally until they submit to inspections. >> how can you overcome your standing here with the gop field? you're garngarnering 1% particularly when someone went on a website domain of yours and took the opportunity to use the fact that you laid off a number of employees, and use that against you to say this is not a job creator. how do you orvever come the needle? >> a couple months ago i was nowhere in the polls. i'm not a professionacian. i don't have the same name recognition, that's a fact. al i started out as a secretary, as you may know. i'm used to being underestimated. it's the story of my life. the thing about business unlike politics is business has facts in it numbers in it. my track record with hewlett packard is clear.
4:20 am
together with the people of that great company, we took a business dern the worst technology recession in 25 years. the nasdaq has recovered after 15 years. we took a company and doubled it in size to almost $90 billion. we took the growth rate to 9%. we took the invasion to 11 patents a day. we took it to a market leader in every category. we grew jobs because we transformed a company that was falling behind and failing to one that was growing and succeeding. >> i have a hewlett packard at my house, i need a cartridge. >> 100 patents in that little cartridge cartridge. >> good luck. >> thanks for having me. thanks. coming up on this tuesday, could kids soon be allowed to bring medical pot to class? kids. is that a good idea? >> don't let me answer that. she failed the physical fitness test to become a
4:21 am
firefighter. she's being allowed to become one anyway. is that fair? we'll debate it next. when broker chris hill stays at laquinta he fires up the free wifi with a network that's now up to 5 times faster than before! so he can rapidly prepare his presentation. and when he perfects his pitch, do you know what chris can do? and that is my recommendation. let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! he's ready. la quinta inns & suites take care of you, so you can take care of business. book your next stay at! la quinta! i accept that i'm not 21. i accept i'm not the sprinter i was back in college. i even accept that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't accept giving it less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin ...i will.
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4:24 am
so she failed the physical exam. but gets to be a firefighter anyway. for the first time in history the new york fire department will allow a person who didn't pass the fitness test to join the squad. they claim they're under pressure from city hall to hire more women. does it set a dangerous precedent? here to debate a the senior military advisor with concerned veterans for america. and the executive director of the accountability project. we thank you for being here. let me start with you, is this a move in the right direction for the fire department? >> no. it's not. this sets a dangerous precedent. this is not an office job.
4:25 am
being a firefighter is a multifacetted very physically demanding job. and if you can't meet those physical standards, man or woman, there is no spot for you on the team. it puts the lives of the fellow firefighters and those they are attempting to help and rescue at risk. >> we have a few of those standards for everyone at home to take a look at here.f this is part of the exam. carry up to 50 pounds of gear. climb six flights of stairs. drag dummies, you have to complete in 17 minutes 50 seconds. where do you stand on this? do you believe it's worldth the risk? >> there is no risk here. there is no secret that men and women have different bodies. when you have 10,500 men in the department passing these standards and only 45 women, it's not a question of whether a man is more heroic than a woman. we need to expand this role of
4:26 am
heroism. these standards were set for men. they have a history of discrimination at fdny. they have age discrimination. when women were first allowed at fdy. they changed the standards. they were sued and lost and changed the standards again so they would be open to every day. >> to you think the standards should be lowered for all? >> i think they should be adapt. >> what does that mean adapted? >> women have strengths in different areas. you know for instance women a capable of making decisions quicker. they have better instincts than men. you know that as somebody who has been in a army that women perform in a different way. >> you are missing the point here. it does not matter that there is only 44 women in a team of over 10,000. it has nothing to do with harrowismharrow heroism.
4:27 am
it has something to do with whether you can do the job or not. i worked in a male dominated environment. women do not want special treatment. they do not want lower standards. >> it's not special treatment. you are setting standards -- >> let me jump in just for a second. amber, let me ask you this if you were required to pass less of a test and lower standards, would you want the position that you have? >> absolutely not. it creates -- it weakens the unit as a whole. in these type of work environments where people's lives are on the line it is all about teamwork. you have to rely on your team members. >> we should be inclusive. we should have standards. >> if somebody can't meet the standards -- >> it's not about setting lower standards -- >> no, it's not your ability to do the job. it has never to do with your gender. >> absolutely it does. >> this is obviously -- i want to thank you both. this is a heated debate. no pun intended there h. we want to ask our viewers to weigh in
4:28 am
on it. thank you for your time and your fiery opinions on that. wow. let us know. we're standing by at e-mail and twitter. four americans lost their lives and this is what hillary clinton has to say about benghazi. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> well it could soon make a big difference. it the details on that straight ahead. is that rihanna or big bird. the stars came out for fashion's biggest night. were there more misses and hits. everything going viral next. ♪
4:29 am
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4:32 am
welcome back to "fox and friends." we've got a couple of stories for you on this tuesday that are troubling. and the first is is it appropriate for 7 year-olds to kiss on the lips? >> or illegal. in florida, manatee county the cops were called in after two 7-year-olds kissed on the lips. al they were asked to investigate after whether the students was enough to be called lewd and lascivious behavior. they found no florida law had been broken. this case should be closed. >> i don't think 7-year-olds should be kissing. on the other hand calling in the cops. they have other stuff to do. >> the teacher was asked to look into it. apparently not illegal, maybe not so right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about rutgers
4:33 am
universities university. that is the mascot for the school adopted back in 1955. apparently members of the rutgers student association realized. wait a minute you know what? we need more diversity to that particular mascot because he's too white and has blue eyes. >> the student, a first year student he first noticed the mascot was white. they were bothered by it. they posed a bill and it passed in the association. that's the original. they'll include black, asian -- >> the original looks like frak frakenstein to me. it looks yellow. >> they thought he was only and he needs friends to represent the deiverse population. >> mornings are better with friends. >> i'm going to give you a chance to walk back their mascot looks like frakenstein.
4:34 am
>> my friend went to rutgers. i like to put on rutgers because of him. i don't think it looks like a white mascot. >> a scarlet knight to you? many people see that. others saw it lacked diversity. gender and a bunch of other friends -- >> new jersey is coming after me. >> i'll field your e-mails. >> from new york not new jersey. >> standing by. it's 25 minutes before the top of the hour. and we've got some new -- ed pay attention, because we start with politics which is right up your alley. >> just for you. >> we'll get to you. hope you're off to a greatidate. hillary clinton agreed to return to capitol hill later this month to testify about the deadly terror talk in benghazi and also her private e-mail server. clinton's attorneys saying she will only agree to one appearance and will testify for as long as necessary. the former secretary of state
4:35 am
has already testified about the 2012 attacks that left four americans dead. this will be clinton's first time testifying about those e-mails she deleted. a 22-year-old florida woman who described herself as the pot princess has been sentenced for a deadly dui. she will spend 24 years in prison after pleading guilty for manslaughter for the 2013 deaths of her two friends. she tweeted out this too drunk to care hours before she veered on to the wrong side of the road slam kboog theinto the woman's car. >> i have a heart and it aches every day. >> you took everything i worked so hard to keep her safe and protected. you destroyed it in one careless second. you destroyed it all. >> her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit. there were traces of drugs in her system. marijuana allowed in class?
4:36 am
some colorado lawmakers want to let children who live with seizures and muscle spasms bring medical marijuana to school. the legislature is split on that issue. there are a few days left in this year's legislative session. we'll see what they come to on that one. interesting. celebrities is bringing a full fashion force to this year's met gala in new york. the theme is through the looking glass. beonsay wowed the crowds. look at this sarah jessica parker turned heads with that massive custom made head dress. a lot of people say she looks like the heat miser. the biggest shocker was this look at this big bird dress. rihanna's extravagant yellow robe. she was likened to a giant pepperoni pizza or even a yellow brk road from the wizard of
4:37 am
oz. apparently it took three people to carry that train of that dress. that is something else. those are your headlines. >> that was a mellow yellow dress. >> did she drag that around all night? i'd feel bad if i was at the event. no room because of her train. >> that's a lot of yelling filling the hall. >> a caboose. >> don't mention her caboose. >> let's go outside, maria molina has got the fox cast for this very nice tuesday in new york city. >> we're starting off great across new york city. we're at 66 degrees. we have the sun coming out. and even people starting to plant actually. you want to go ahead and pan and show we have people gardening. memphis, you're at 67 degrees. and 70 in the city of houston. and as we head into this afternoon, you will see the high temperatures 80s. we do have a risk for some
4:38 am
severe storms across texas, new mexico and oklahoma. there is a concern for large hail damaging winds, and even isolated tornados with some of those storms. of course they're going to produce heavy rains. watch out for flash flooding. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. get up on the ledge and help the guy plant the flowers. >> now this a fox news alert for you. isis now taking credit for its first official attack on american soil. the shooting at a free speech event in texas. apparently this is just the start. how do we track these terrorists down? the man who hunted down osuma bin laden joins us next. a disturbing new trend on the internet. stomping on the american flag. really? >> this is the eric sheppard challenge. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> medal of honor recipient
4:39 am
dakota mayer will be here. >> born on this day is a former tennis champ in st. thomas. who is she? we'll get to meet her.
4:40 am
4:41 am
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use. for a free 30-tablet trial go to (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. welcome back. a quick look at headlines for you now. a rocky get away for a robber in oklahoma. he got into the store just fine. take a look at this he didn't know the manager had locked him inside. the robber threatened him until he finally let him go. it's a feet of stupidity.
4:43 am
tourists face charges in itly for damaging a statue. oh me oh, my. steve? thanks elizabeth. it's a fox news alert. the islamic state, isis hitting the air waves this morning on their official radio station taking credit for this weekend's terrorist attack on that free speech event in garland, texas. they're promising more attacks on on the way. this as we learn one of the two suspects as been on the fbi's radar for years. how did we miss him? we have a former assistant director of the counterterrorism of the fbi. he helped hunt down the unibomber. what do you make of this news that apparently isis is claiming credit for that attempted mass
4:44 am
murder down in garland, texas? >> i'm not surprised at all. this is what isis has to do. isis is looking ahead. they want to make sure to get the word out to all the disenfranchised loners that we're out there. you aulds wanted to join the team join ours. they will make sure they get that message out. >> in the last ten minutes, the chairman of the house homeland security committee, a republican from down in texas, says this was terrorism. and at the very least, isis inspired. there was also an fbi and terrorism bulletin put out in advance of this particular weekend. because it had been deemed a threat. so it shouldn't be surprising that somebody said hey, you know what? let's go after them. they're just sitting ducks there in texas. >> well exactly. and you're going to see more of
4:45 am
this. unfortunately. i don't use this lightly. this is kind of probably the new normal. if you look back at just the last few weeks, look beyond or away from texas, and look at what happened a couple weeks ago outside of ft. riley, kansas. another individual named john booker was ready to detonate a car bomb. he had been dealing with the fbi for quite an extended period. that was thwarted. what was he doing this for? he was doing it for isis to be part of the cause. a couple of weeks before that in brooklyn brooklyn. their motive to go out and get propane tanks and turn them into bombs was for isis. one of them made a statement said it's easier to murder a police officer than it is to buy food. this is the mentality of people that isis is trying to reach. >> you take the case of this guy who is trying to kill other
4:46 am
people in texas, elton simpson. he had been on our radar for years. a number of years ago, he lied to the feds. he was convicted. they asked him so were you trying to get over to somalia to join al shabaab. and he said no. he was convicted of lying to the feds. the judge said the government didn't make the air tight case. we're going to give this guy probation. clearly, they should have been watching him a little closer. >> well working terrorism in a free society and trying to be in all of these places at the same time is not always going to work out like we want. we were very fortunate and should all be grateful right now that the garland police and the people even who planned that event -- i don't think we talk about this enough -- had the good judgment to realize that we're going to have to have additional security. they made good calls and that's why we're sitting here today talking about a shooting but not talking about many dozens of
4:47 am
people, perhaps, killed. we should be grateful for what they did. >> absolutely. because it was deemed a target. they had employed 40 extra security and they were waiting. as i think about it whether it's the boston bombing, which these guys were known and they were able to pull it off. or this particular event, there are some who may argue the federal government through the nsa is sucking down all of this information about our phones and our whereabouts and some are saying they're recording our conversations, but it's not working. otherwise they would have stopped somebody like this from getting in the car, driving a thousand miles from phoenix to go down to garland, texas. >> that's a good point. i tell you what we used to talk a lot about in the last few years. all of the nsa wire taps in the world and all of the billions of dollars spent on electronic surveillance to snoop into people's e-mail and everything else would never have helped us
4:48 am
find the unibomber. probably would not have helped us find the centennulate olympic park bomber. we might make an argument that we're hurting ourselves by we're spending so much time looking for things. our strategy needs a lot done to it. i think probably a lot oft people might even argue today whether we have a terrorism strategy. this is more than a criminal justice system. it's a lot more than what we're doing now. i think we need to take a serious look at what we're doing and what's effective and what's not. >> talking about how isis now claiming credit for that attempted murder in texas. thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. 12 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up it's a story we told you about. a college protester stomps on the american flag. that disrespect becoming a
4:49 am
social media trend. look at this. >> i am about to do the eric sheppard challenge. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> what's the statement she's trying to make? medal of honor recipient dakota meyer has a message for her and those who disrespect the flag he fought to defend. michael jackson had the number one song in america in 1983. beat it. ♪ it doesn't matter who's wrong or right ♪ ♪ just beat it ♪ ♪ beat it ♪ you know, just because your bladder is changing it doesn't mean that you have to. ♪ with tena® let yourself go. ♪ be the one with the crazy laugh. ♪ and keep being their favorite playmate.
4:50 am
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4:52 am
and the answer to the trivia question of the day is hannah davis. al our winner is tom from
4:53 am
wyoming. he'll be getting a copy of brian's book. george washington's secret six. i hope it's signed as well. a new online challenge daring americans to damage the very symbol of america. >> i'm about to do the eric sheppard challenge. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> america is upside down. >> you heard it's called the eric sheppard challenge named after a self-proclaimed terrorist and wanted member of the new black panther party. here with reaction. al medal of honor recipient dakota mrieyer good morning. >> good morning. how does this make you feel? >> watching that video of how ignorant she looks it makes me laugh at her. it shows the level of ignorance of people who are doing this challenge. does it make me mad?
4:54 am
it does absolutely. that flag stands for everything this country stands for. that's what it represents. it represents everything this country was founded on. that it stands for. and these ignorant people are stomping on it. i've got an idea. no one keeps you here. no one does. if you don't like what that flag stands for, how about leave? leave. >> let's look at it from another angle. we've been talking about what appears to have been an apparently terror attack in texas it was over the issue of free speech. this video, maybe dumb speech stupid speech but it's still free speech. you also fought for our constitution right? >> you're right. i'm not sitting here saying it's illegal. they got to stop. i mean no one is saying that. go do it. but understand this there's a lot of men and women who died for you to be able to do that. and i tell you what's still sickening is the only people who would stop them from doing
4:55 am
it, is still a veteran. it still shows you that veterans are the only people who are taking up for this country right now. >> what do you want to do about it? we can sit here and say it is dumb speech as i just said. but it's on social media. it's out there as they say. what can you do positively to try to change this? >> i don't know. i mean how about this? let's launch our own campaign. #neveroutgunned and send a picture of your flag and the pride you have. i guarantee you, to show people these are the 10% who are being ignorant out there that we'll start our own media campaign. >> have you already posted that #neveroutgunned? >> i just thought of it, i'll do it when i get off. >> thank you for your service, we appreciate your being here
4:56 am
this morning. coming up a video all parents must see. one man showing how easy it is to abduct your child. >>e puppies, what to go see the other puppies? >> yeah. >> let's go. right over here. give me your hand. that was way too easy. the man behind that video and why he did it. more importantly, what you can do about it next. his story captured the heart of the country. now chris kyle's widow is revealing a side of the american sniper we've never seen. taya kyle here live.
4:57 am
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5:00 am
in the face taken off life support yesterday and he died. this as a wave of anti-police rhetoric spreads across the country. how do police protect themselves? former new york city top cop joins us live this hour. chris kyle's legacy was shown in american sniper his widow is revealing a side of him we've never seen. taya kyle just us live. mornings way better with friends. brian is off today. in his place from the north lawn of the white house, ed henry. >> this is great. how many more hours do we have? i feel like i'm finally getting it. >> boohoo. >> you got it right away. >> will you still be able to go to the white house today and tangle with josh earnest. >> i'm going to stay here. >> you're doing a great job. in the big apple, we're glad to have you and all of you at home.
5:01 am
we'll begin with a fox news alert. we got a big update on the shooting on sunday night down in garland, texas. isis the terror outfit how taking responsibility for that attack. and warning bigger and more bitter strikes on american soil. casey stegall is live from the scene of the shooting with more on these breaking developments. all right. casey, so isis said yep, we did that. >> yeah. in fact this claim was broadcast over the isis official radio station in mosul today. the islamic state said this was the group's first attack on u.s. soil. and warned there are more to come although the feds have yet to verify that. however, our own catherine herridge working her intelligence sources in washington she is now citing a counterterrorism official who has told fox that a link between a twitter handle and one of the gunmen suggests isis operatives
5:02 am
had naunl had knowledge of the attacks before hand and the same fighters mentored or encouraged at least one of the shooters. in the meantime we're learning more about the two suspects. identified a 30-year-old elton simpson and 34-year-old nadir soofi. the two men were roommates in phoenix. those who knew them say they are shocked, including those at the mosque where simpson worshipped for more than a decade. he was no stranger to authorities. in fact court documents revealing he told an fbi informant that he wanted to travel to somalia via south africa to join radical fighters or brothers as he referred to them there. it's not clear how long these two men had been here in texas. police say luggage and extra ammo was found in their vehicle. both were wearing body armor and had assault rifles when they opened fire in the parking lot back here behind me in garland. yet a traffic cop took them out
5:03 am
with a pistol right back here behind me. everything has been cleared. a lot of students walking through here because there is a nearby high school. it is starting to return to business as normal where this was a very active crime scene yesterday when we talked to you guys. >> all right. casey stegall, just outside the hall there in garland. thank you very much. when you look at that holds bulletin joint with the fbi that was circulated and how that led us to the security ramping up in the area. credit to those officials working on those departments there. >> without the traffic cop it could have been a massacre like paris. >> absolutely. there have been many parallels between "charlie hebdo." keep in mind they also had put a cartoon of muhammad on the cover of their magazine and then these people who were self-radicalized claiming credit goes to isis. they went in there and mass murder in that case.
5:04 am
general tom mcinerey was on just about an hour ago. he says there's a problem with the administration right now. they simply have not made a clear that we are at war with this ideology. listen. >> it is time to declare war on radical islam. till the administration and the western world identifies the threat as radical islam, then we're going -- and they persist in calling it violent extremism, i don't know the ideology of violent extremism, but i know the ideology of radical islam. >> yeah. >> you have a terror attack on our soil you have isis taking credit for that attack on our soil for the very first time. is there a better time to ramp up at least the declaration of war when it comes to radical islam? the time would be now. >> the president has said he doesn't want to declare war on them. he doesn't want to raise their profile that isis wants the
5:05 am
attention and to be considered a real state. here they are on our soil now. >> sure. >> they're here. >> will ignoring make them go away? is that his strategy? >> got to take them on one way or another. >> this elton simpson fellow had been on our radar for a number of years. the fbi went and talked to them. he lied to them. >> it was 2006 they were on the radar. >> he was convicted of lying to the feds. he apparently wanted to go join a terror outfit back then. his fellow on the left the guy on the right is his roommate. apparently they found the luggage that these two had travelled from -- in the back of the car from phoenix. it looks like they drove directly from phoenix. >> yeah. >> to this particular facility where they had this ak-47's. >> without a traffic cop doing his job, doing heroic work and taking both of them out. >> dead. >> split second. >> that's right. >> they just pulled up and tried
5:06 am
to engage the two cops who were directing traffic then which was their fatal mistake, thankfully. the cops now in garland were ready for them. >> counterterrorism sources now telling fox they're looking at the striking connection between one of the twitter accounts and the gunmen that he may have established that connection with a twitter handle overseas. suggesting isis operative may have had -- >> social media literally every day to try and spread jihad. >> in this particular case when word that pamela geller was starting -- planning this particular organization and the meeting down there, then on social media it started to bubble up and who is going to go. going to do something about it. apparently somebody did. now we know. luckily they were ready for it. >> on our soil though. a terror attack. >> it's terrifying. it is six minutes after the top of the hour now. heather nauert joins us with some more news.
5:07 am
good morning. we hear from time to time about planes landing at the wrong airport. federal officials are trying to end an dangerous and deadly problem in the skies. over the past two and a half years, five planes have accidently landed at the wrong airport. like this boeing remember this one? it landed nine miles away from its intended destination in kansas back in 2013. and it's a pain to move those planes once they land at the wrong spot. aviation experts are recommending controllers hold off on giving pilots clearance to land until planes have passed all other nearby airports. interesting. developing overnight. secretary of state john kerry lands in the war torn country of somalia. it's an unannounced visit. it makes him the first secretary of state to go to the terror hot bed. he met with somali leaders and reinforced america's commitment to creating a peaceful democracy there. that comes on the heels of his
5:08 am
visit to kenya. he told those leaders that they need to take an active role in fighting terrorists. the boston marathon bomber shows emotion in court. dzhokhar tsarnaev breaks down in tears as his relatives testify in his death penalty trial. four aunts and cousins who travelled from russia taking the stand, sharing happy memories of a young dzhokhar. they hadn't seen him in more than a decade. they sobbed as they testified. they also said they didn't agree with the islamic extremist views that the family picked up. a would be robber picked the wrong guy to mess with. a 95-year-old veteran, he was a world war ii veteran was walking in new hampshire when someone tried to jump him and they stole his wallet. well he was having none of it. he used that cane to fight off that criminal. >> i hit him and i hit him hard. you know? i come up and i went like that because i was afraid that i was
5:09 am
going to lose my wallet with so many valuables pictures in there. he tried hard to give in i'm a tough old bird. >> good for him. thal suspect took off. you can see him a great shot of that guy. surveillance video, police trying to find him right now. they're going to catch that guy. i love that veteran. he's great. >> he called himself a tough old buck. >> he sure is. >> what should we call you? >> the tough old buck stops here. now this it's a terrifying moment that he never saw coming. watch. you're looking at an explosion right on the track. what went wrong and why police are now involved? here's one way to teach your kid an important lesson. >> being disrespectful at any
5:10 am
age to anyone now could get you killed. >> she's right. her son was disrespectful. so she called the cops and had him arrested. did she go too far? ablow and the battle of the bald guys next. ♪ i fought the law ♪ ♪ and the law one ♪ thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom, for protecting my future. thank you for being my hero and my
5:11 am
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5:14 am
nypd officer makes the ultimate sacrifice. 25-year-old brian moore taken off life support after being shot in the line of duty. >> we have a reporter joining us live.ourns this fallen hero. thanks for being here. >> good morning. a sense of sadness and loss here at the 105th precinct this is where brian moore worked for nearly five years. you can see the perp and black bunting that's hanging outside the precinct. there are candles and cards set up. one note reads rest in peace officer moore. this 25-year-old officer died yesterday. there was a moving tribute yesterday outside jamaica hospital. it was a sea of blue as fellow
5:15 am
nypd officers showed up to salute officer moore as an ambulance drove by with his body. on saturday night moore and his partier were patrolling a neighborhood when they pulled up behind
5:16 am
5:17 am
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5:24 am
american sniper focuses on the life and legacy of the most successful sniper in american military history. chris kyle. you see him there. now the widow, taya is writing the final chapter of their story. revealing the love and pain of her marriage and a side of chris we've never seen before. joining us the author of a new book, american wife taya kyle. thank you for being here with us today. what an intimate book this is. >> yes. >> you read the words. and we're right there with you during some great times, but during some of the most tough times. why did you want to write this after the film? >> when we would go on book signings and after the film there were so many people that i feel are healing through just getting the raw account. i think we all go through all parts of that book. you know our own battles with love, faith renewal. >> you include a lot.
5:25 am
you leave out very little. including letters that chris wrote to you and expressed how thankful he was, how appreciative he was. one part says one letter you are an extremely strong woman. i don't know anyone else who could put up with everything. >> i hope people see it's not about me it's about him. we have thevhv desire for our spouse to community those things to us. >> what was not communicated in the film that drove you to write this and share with people? >> i think that the film did such a good job of showing what happened in those moments. but it's like everybody else has so much of life that you can't compress it into two hours. and so i the other side to him. had like all warriors have this other side to them too. they do it because they have a big heart. and this is the other side of having that heart. >> you write about the day you found out that he was shot and killed. >> right. >> you write about the day you
5:26 am
moved your ring from your left to your right hand. tell us about that day. >> it's something i struggled with. it's so interesting to me because it's symbolic. i know it doesn't have anything to do with what you feel internally. it's back on my left. i go back and forth. i can't -- i think sometimes when you're married to somebody and you love them so much. you'll always feel married to them. you know it just doesn't -- you can't -- i can't get over that feeling. >> what would chris think about your book? >> i think he would like it honestly. and everything that i did, he supported. and i don't mean that he thought i was right, but he was that type of person. he wanted to let me be me. i feel like that -- i feel like it's something he would be good with. i hope so. >> i think so. >> yeah. >> going through the book and i read part of the letter he wrote are expressing appreciation.
5:27 am
were you nervous to include -- you did include the letters. did you go back and forth with that and whether or not to share them with millions of people? >> i did. i think part of it is our story is so many's people story. i feel like there's this component that is private. but at the same time, it's part of what made him such an amazing one of a kind person. is the things he communicated. i couldn't honestly i couldn't read through them all without sobbing. so i took a stack and sent it to the man who wrote american sniper with us and asked him to pick and choose which ones to put in. i couldn't do it. it's painful in a beautiful way. >> will the kids read it one day? >> one day. i hope they wait a while. they will wait a while. if it's in my power to stop it. it's it's around me i'd like them to wait. >> a lot of people stop and ask you what they can do for you. you have chris's foundation which is amazing.
5:28 am
>> okay. i said pray that i will always here chris's voice and understand his spirit and be able to share it with the world. pray that i will continue crawling forward on my belly if i have to until the day that god anoints me with those you saved. i hope to add to that that people can pay that spirit forward. you know and do good in their own lives for the people around them. the first responders and veterans, to pay that spirit of protection and giving forward. >> just like he did. >> just like he did. >> we thank him for your service and your family for sharing the mostint most most intimate looks into your life. >> i appreciate you having me. get the book. thank you. >> thank you. we tell our children not to talk to strangers. but do they listen? watch this. >> i got some more puppies, what
5:29 am
to go see the other puppies? >> yeah. >> let's go. come on over here give me your hand. >> the social media experiment that every parent needs to see. just ahead. proof that she is army strong. a soldier falls to the ground several times. but she never gives up. making it across the finish line, it's a video going viral. we're going to bring it to you. next.
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
i know.
5:33 am
>> really remarkable. you'll about to see this army captain approaching the end of her grueling 12 mile march. give army strong. it does give army strong a whole new meaning. >> it sure does. >> watch this. >> come on now. keep going. >> get up. >> get÷ >> get up. >> you got it. >> you got it. you got it. you got this. you got it ma'am. >> keep going.
5:34 am
>> i'm not sure -- i know we can't top that. >> i have chills watching that. the crowd around her chanting you got it ma'am. >> fell to her knees near the finish line. with the encouragement from her fellow soldiers he kept going. >> she was one of 46 candidates to earn the expert medical badge there at ft. dix. the inspiring video going viral with more than 1.2 million views. >> no kidding. i mean you know they would all like to give her a hand. but she wants to do it on her own. and she did it. >> she did have it ma'am. right? incredible. >> it was great. >> >> thanks for joining us.
5:35 am
we have ed with us today. we have heather with the news. let's start out in baltimore. we start with a fox news alert today. attorney general loretta lynch head edto baltimore. she'd meet with city leaders and police officials there. lynch has been monitoring the violent protests in the city following the death of freddie gray. she was sworn into office last week. the shocking moment ax garbage can causes a new york city subway explosion. look at this. here's what was happening at the time. an mta worker in new york city was trying to remove a metal garbage can that was on the tracks when he touched the third rail. there was a blast. amazingly that worker wasn't injured. there's a chilling new video sweeping the internet that shows how easy it is for children to
5:36 am
be tricked by a stranger. >> want to go see the other puppies? okay. let's go. right over here. give me your hand. >> the creator of that video joined us earlier on the show to talk about what parents should take away from that experiment. listen. >> they should learn now to show them this video, of course and actually show them the dangers out there. kids they live in a secluded world. everything is pampered. they don't think anything could happen because they're so young. they trust a lot of people because they have only been rond the family the majority of the time. >> that viral video has nearly three million views so far. a california gas station definitely did not get hit with the jockackpot. a clerk handed out $75 for a ticket that was actually worth $75,000. the gas station now releasing the surveillance video over the weekend to try to find the&$ gypped winner. it turns out the guy cashing in
5:37 am
the ticket was an undercover state lotto inspector. the store maintains it was an honest mistake. and those are your headlines. they are in trouble. i bet. let's head outside. >> good time on the plaza this morning. we are celebrating sinko demayo with sanda lee who stopped by with delicious dishes and festive drinks for the occasion. >> it's the only way we could get ed henry up. >> he's been waiting for the moment. >> it's caulkocktail time. it's oneñ of the top five days of the year. in honor of that. about a month ago i came out with a ready to serve cocktails. i want you to taste them. >> there's licker -- liquor.
5:38 am
>> this has blue agave triple tequila. it's gluten free. it uses real fruit. fine, i'll give you the strawberry. >> i'll share. >> do you have a couple extra bottles that might travel well? >> there you go. >> it's delicious. al. >> thank you it matches your shirt there, too. >> here's the deal with -- we're going to cook with it. with the margarita, there is also margarita cocktails. a classic margarita goes over ice either lime or strawberry. if you wantç to do a cocktail you use that as your base because the liquor is in it. what we're going to do is make a cause cosmot r rita four ounces of each. >> you're a regular tom cruse.
5:39 am
>> this is lemon line juice. >> the recipes will be on "fox and friends" in about 20 minutes. >> they on the back of the s#@r(t&háhp &hc% bottle. >> to go along with great drinks -- >> drink responsibly is the number one message. taste that. taste it. steve, you're so naughty. >> by the way, the camera is out of focus, it's because all the cameramen are drinking. >> what do we got? >> this is my polenta with white peppers. premade pulenta. you grill it white bean dip or white beans, garlic some rosemary is in there and also olive oil. that's easy. >> you're fantastic. >> this is my strawberry poke cake. this is strawberry cake mix. then instead of one cup of water, with the eggs and oil. you're doing a half a cup of the
5:40 am
margarita lime and a half a cup of the margarita strawberry. >> you are not kidding. >> then the drizzle is strawberry gelatin, strawberry margarita and a little bit of hot water. >> this is why we call it cinco de drinko. >> i can gluten free it. this looks festive. it's full of fun today. >> today is quattro de mayo. >> coming up. the former police commissioner ray kelly will join us live. it's a dream come true for one american hero. he's going from the battlefield05 to the football field. meet the green beret who will be seattle's newest rookie. ♪
5:41 am
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a fox news alert. one of no,'s bravest, 25-year-old brian moore shot in the face by an excon. joining us is rawy kelly. how do you deal with a loss like this? >> it's very difficult. because nypd like most police departments is a family. they've been criticized a little bit. policing in general has been lately, i think it makes it just even more difficult. >> sure. the morale. i know a number of new york city police officers, and, you know, given the anti-cop rhetoric in the country over the last number of months it's hard to be a
5:45 am
cop. >> yeah. it makes them sort of turn inward. it sort)e of -- it's isolating and that's not necessarily a good thing. when there's so much criticism the police tend to band together. you know not communicate. that's a problem. >> it's devastating to hear this officer moore, just 25. his father uncle, cousin all served in the nypd. this is a young man who wanted to do this when he was a young boy. he came and now we understand -- i mean our hearts go out to his family. what's your message in the context of all this to officers out there who may feel they're not able to do what they need to do. >> i have always seen police responds. this is devastating when you have something like this happen. they go back to doing their job. they're not dissuaded from doing their job. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. they're turning out and doing what's expectsed of them.
5:46 am
>> our other big story of course, which was a attempted terror attack in texas. isis claiming, at least, they got on to our soil two terrorists tried to kill a whole bunch of people like we saw in paris. thankfully a police officer in texas, a traffic cop stopped a massacre. what do we need to do everywhere, all cops in america to deal with isis and other terrorists? >> people need to be vigilant. it's a reality. we will have this fight for a long time to come h. if they want to come here come to the united states, want to come to new york city, quite frankly because it's the communication capital. culture capital. we had two major attacks here. i wish there was an easy answer. we see individuals like this radicalized in the strangest ways. a lot of it done just on the enter net. you no longer have to go oeb overseas to be radicalized. if you pay attention to the news, you see something being rolled up by the fbi every week or two. so i think it's increasing in
5:47 am
frequency. i mean it sort of startling how inept they are, which is good for us. that can only last so long. >> tactically are police around the nation, specifically here in new york prepared to deal with the new face of terror? this is a new look. >> new york has made a major investment in counterterrorism. this city does more than any other city i'm aware of. >> there are no guarantees you have 10 million people a day on a work day in new york city. so you know the vulnerability is always going to be there. >> they've taken a number of the tools the police have used in the past away from the police. al. >> well, yeah. that's something that's happening here in new york. and in other places as well. you know, some of the decisions, some of the even decision by local government here i think have not been helpful to police. a lot of signals the police officers are -- back off. don't get involved.
5:48 am
that's a problem. >> this has been one of the safest big cities in america for a long time. thanks to the police policies however. >> yeah i think crime has gone down throughout the country significantly since the 90s. i think that's attribiable to better policing. they want phases of the moon or something or roe v wade or whatever. now they realize it's smart policing. there are efforts to back off from smart policing and that's not a good thing. >> it isn't. all right. commissioner. >> good to see you. thank you. now coming up it's an american dream come true for one of our heroes. he's going from the battlefield to the ballfield. hear his amazing journey. >> let's check in with martha. >> hey, good to see+ ty you on the couch. good morning everybody. so isis claims responsibility
5:49 am
for the texas shooting, at the draw muhammad event. the organizer is here to respond to that breaking news this morning. can congress get some control over the iran deal? we're about to find out. senator is here with us. mike huckabee puts his hat in the ring. we'll take you to the announcement live.
5:50 am
5:51 am
5:52 am
staff sergeant served three tours, but his next mission will be to report to seattle. >> that will be us.
5:53 am
>> awesome. >> it sure is. the seahawks offered boyer as a contract as an undrafted free agent. he joins us now. nate, congratulations. explain for us that moment that we just saw. you get on the phone and you hear you're going to seattle. what's going through your mind and heart? >> i mean i was thrilled. of course. you know that was coach carrol« r(t&háhp &hc% that called. and it was right after the last pick in the draft. it was -- maybe a minute later my phone rings and i pick up and it's him. he's like you know, we'd like to invite you out here. can't wait to see you compete. and we're excited for the opportunity for us and for you. and we'll see what happens. it was unbelievable. you know, you hope for that forever since you were a little kid of course. then the fact it was realized was unbelievable. >> i suspect you bring some other talents and skills along the lines of leadership beyond
5:54 am
just your athletic skills. talk a little bit about what you hope to bring to the team. >> honestly at first, just humility and i want to earn their respect. i'm just another player. granted, if somehow it works out and i make the team i will be the oldest player on the team. but you know i mean i'm going to go in there and keep my mouth shut and work hard. and lead by example. that's all you can really do. i'm still a rookie at the end of the day. i know i have a different background, but you know, those guys are good at what they do. that's the best team in football. and so there's nothing that i'm going to bring football wise that they haven't seen before or done. i want to earn my way into their hearts and develop the bonds of brotherhood. >> you were a walk on for the long horns for three seasons you were their starter. you can do this man.
5:55 am
>> you're right. i can do this. >> you sure can. you know, nate before every game when the national anthem is playing and the players are standing there and about to take the field, it is undoubtedly an emotional moment a committed moment to our nation's greatest. you will be there serving as both, as veteran and as player. describe what it means to you to have this new purpose in light of your purpose serving this nation. >> you know football is important to this country. i know it's just a game. and we're very fortunate to be able to play sports and watch sports and have that be a huge part of our culture and society. but, you know it is important. because it's -- i always talk about when we're overseas serving. during football season, that's all that's on tv. in our down time we're watching games. whether that's watching monday night football at 5:00 in the morning. it's a big part of what you do
5:56 am
when you're over there. it's important toé soldiers. and you know obviously, that flag and that anthem it always brings out emotions every game. you know i was fortunate to be able to run the flag out of the tunnel before every game at texas. and every time i do it you know, you can't help but think about the guys that are over there fighting right now, and gals. the guys that have made the ultimate sacrifice. it gets you every time. >> sure. you've got to report to seattle on thursday. staff sergeant nate boyer, suddenly for many america's favorite seattle seahawk. >> more "fox and friends" moments away. know what he can do? let's see if he's ready. he can swim with the sharks! book your next stay at!
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how cool is this? dakota meyers #neveroutgunned, now trending. bloiing up social media.
6:00 am
people standing up foreign policy the flag and deciding to say they're not going to stop. a lot of people bled for the flag. another by the dawn's early light. great seeing you guys. >> you've been here since dawn. bill: for the first time isis # isis threatening there is more to come. martha: the police are identifying these two gunmen. they say they are roommates elton simpson and nadir soofi. simpson has been on the f.b.i. radar for 10 years. but the chairman of the homeland committee says a direct link to the gro


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